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A few notes from the Seahawks’ “Town Hall” event

Post by Todd Dybas / The News Tribune on June 4, 2014 at 9:30 pm with 21 Comments »
June 4, 2014 9:32 pm

Pete Carroll and coordinators Darrell Bevell and Dan Quinn took questions from season-ticket holders last night. Not much new, but here are a few notable items:

> Carroll mentioned linebacker Korey Toomer as one of the standouts at OTAs. It’s interesting to hear that about Toomer, who missed last season because of a knee injury. The Seahawks will have to decide which — if any — of their young linebackers they are going to extend. Toomer’s play could influence that. Carroll also mentioned Tharold Simon as someone who has caught their attention.

> It was not a surprise, but for the first time Carroll said the Seahawks are moving on without fullback Michael Robinson. Carroll said he has talked to Robinson about coaching one day.

> Bevell said Christine Michael has become better at the “details” of being a running back. Bevell even hinted a more of running-back-by-committee approach this season.

> Bevell also said Doug Baldwin will move to the X and Percy Harvin will be the Z. He said Baldwin will play inside at times, too. Bevell also noted they like what they have seen from Sidney Rice thus far.

> Carroll said Earl Thomas was the primary punt return backup last season.

> Quinn again said Bruce Irvin will be at the rush end and that they are hoping to expand his role.

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  1. I hope Irvin has developed some pass rush moves. Actually, I hope he’s gone from a singular move (running up the field as fast as he can) to adding another to his arsenol, which would make two moves he’s learned in this his third season in the NFL. He seems to be a guy who tries to run around tackles and when he can’t – well, he stays blocked the entire time. I guess that’s technically two “moves,” running out of the play and running into a tackle and not doing anything. Irvin reads plenty of comments about himself as you can clearly see on twitter but this is simply a case of saying how it is. Get er done, Bruce. We’re all definitely pulling for you!

    Any status on potentially Lynch getting suspended to start the year?

  2. Having Michael in the rotation is a bit like having an extra 2nd rounder this year. Curious to see the guy play.

  3. Ray_Maines says:

    Would one of you guys that keep track of this sort of thing remind me who stood out in OTA’s last year. I’m really asking if Korey Toomers efforts thus far means anything?

    M-Rob as a coach? Sure.

    If BeastMode gets suspended as I think he will, running-back-by-committee will be a given. If this is the year he gets old and he misses 4-8 games he could be an ex-player this time next year.

    I don’t understand X’s and Z’s. I get wides and slots, tight ends, split ends and that sort of thing but X’s and Z’s don’t work for me. For all it matters, I don’t really understand 2, 3, & 5 technique D-linemen either. In fact, I really don’t understand D-linemen at all. I (sort of) get every other position on the field, but the front three or four guys on defense somehow evade my brain.

    I really have changed my mind. I don’t want ET returning punts.

    I thought last year I might start to understand Bruce Irvin, but it’s starting to look like I was wrong.

  4. Hammajamma says:

    Irvin was frequently filling a rush lane assignment, which was to collapse the pocket from the top. Clem didn’t have moves either.

  5. Clem had power for his size and he most certainly has more (effective) moves than Irvin.

  6. After I finished watching Unfinished Business, I got a better appreciation of the whole season and what stud performances it took to really put a championship year together.

    One thing that stood out: Clem is a beast. His presence on the DL will be missed this year. You need someone kind of mean and nasty, ornery in the trenches. His bull rush is ferocious, he man handled a few LT ( Arizona and Denver’s) to name a few that come to mind right away.

    Even if Bruce only has a couple moves, if he has a bull rush and outside speed rush, he just needs to change it up with a quick swim move or rip once in a while to keep the OL honest. I was hoping we could pick up Dwight Freeney last year so he could school Irv on the unstoppable spin move. If he learned anything from Clem in the past 2 years, I think Bruce should be fine as long as he comes back healthy.

  7. Ryan Clady is a stud.

  8. Dukeshire says:

    So I’m curious then who will be in the slot? Regardless of that, Baldwin to X (presuming Rice is PUPed and/or unable to return to full health) is a great move. His physical style is perfect at split end.

    Also, Toomer’s OTA showing has *zero* influence on who Seattle will decide to extend (Wagner, Wright, Smith, et al). Not until “live bullets” will we or they have any real idea about that. And that’s not a knock on Toomer by any stretch. He may end up influencing the future of the position group. But there is no reasonable way to know that now.

  9. Linebacker coach Ken Norton Jr said on the radio a few days ago that they had Irvin playing at linebacker because they wanted Clemons and Avril to rush the QB. It’s not that Irvin wasn’t good, he just had two better players ahead of him.

    Some of you guys are agonizing over wether or not you should declare Irvin a bust. You need to get over yourselves and let the Seahawks handle it.

  10. Toomer has been GREAT in workouts – but has not been as great in games – the few he has played. Rumor has it he has had a harder time picking up the schemes and knowing where he should be/ what his assignments are.

    If he learns that it could be a good thing for the hawks – another quality back up :)

  11. PugetHawk says:

    I’d rather see Jeremy Lane return punts than Earl Thomas. Lane is fast and also NOT a starter.

  12. bird_spit says:

    Punt returner needs great hands, great vision, and incredible toughness.. I think Kearse or DB meet the need very well.

    Looking forward to a great NFCW battle. I have no predictions other than I would not doubt if all four teams are above 500.

  13. Dukeshire says:

    rbuzby – Clearly the Seahawks will “handle it”, but how does that preclude anyone from discussing whether Irvin was/is a 1st round bust?

  14. chuck_easton says:


    Quick Seahawk to English translation:

    X Receiver – Split End. WR farthest out from the TE and tied to the line of scrimmage as the 7th person on the line. Never goes in motion.

    Z Reciever – Flanker plays off the line and can go in motion.

    Slot – in 3 WR sets lines up usually on the same side as the X but has to be off the LOS and can go in motion.

    So, what Bevell said is Baldwin will be the Split End. The Split end position is on the field for pretty much every play.

    Harvin will play flanker in 2 WR sets (Harvin and Baldwin are the starters).

    If they like what they see from Rice it means in 3 WR sets Rice comes in, likely in the X, Baldwin either moves to Z or Slot, and Harvin is either Z or Slot.

    Does that make more sense?

  15. Ray_Maines says:

    Thank you Chuck. When I played HS football we had a QB under center, two guys that would both be described as halfbacks (side by side, not one in front one in back), two ends (one one tight and one wide) and another pass catcher guy that was always split wide opposite side from the split end. We still called him a fullback, but he wasn’t going to ever run the ball.

    Our defence was 4-3-4. On offence I was a pulling guard and a middle LB on defense. I understood the offense pretty well, but didn’t have a clue about the defensive assignments. Actually, I’m not really sure there were defensive assignments. Everything was pretty reactionary. Still, we finished 3-3-2 my senior year and beat our cross town rivals for the first time in something like 99 years. Good clean fun.

  16. Dukeshire-

    I think some people are obsessing about it for no good reason. Agonizing over it even.

    If there is one thing we know, it’s that Pete and John will dump anybody they think is not good enough. Irvin would not be on the team if they didn’t think he was worthy.

    And Norton Jr explained it pretty well. He said Irvin is a linebacker on 1st and 2nd down and sometimes rushes the QB on 3rd downs. They moved him to linebacker because they wanted him on the field and didn’t want to take Clemons or Avril off the field. Makes sense to me.

    But to some posters here, a first rounder should get 10+ sacks a season, and they don’t understand how Irvin is being used, so they want to call him a bust. It’s silly. Even more so because some of the Hawks best players were not even drafted.

    People can talk about whatever they want, but getting too hung up on “did the Hawks make a mistake on a 1st rounder?” is really pointless. The Hawks will answer that question themselves with what they do with Irvin. They won the Superbowl. If Irvin was a mistake, it didn’t stop them from winning a championship. So either way, it isn’t a big deal at all. People are too hung up on the whole “1st round of the draft” thing.

  17. Macabrevity says:

    Bobby K said ” hope Irvin has developed some pass rush moves. Actually, I hope he’s gone from a singular move (running up the field as fast as he can)”

    That sums it up pretty well Bobby.

  18. CaPncHrOniCk says:

    Bruce has more than 1 move… you can watch this video for one of them:
    or a stunt:

    As for Toomer, he did pretty well before freakishly tearing his knee up. If he didn’t flash something, they woulda waived him. Simple as that.

    Lets hope they designate them punt return duties to a WR, possibly Paul Richardson? Don’t know if he has done punt returns, but he’s fast as hell.

    BTW – I doubt Marshawn is going to get suspended.. his DUI case was lowered to a reckless driving charge.

  19. Dukeshire says:

    Chuck – Good general breakdown. Although I do have to clarify your slot designation: The X is never off the LOS. The flanker (z) is off because the TE generally designated the closed side. The slot receiver (y)is off the line if he’s on the open side of the field (to the x), and if on the flanker side, he’s on the line. (A TE can often play this roll.) In any case…

  20. Dukeshire says:

    rbuzby – But there’s nothing new about that. That was Irvin’s roll nearly all of last year.

    And I think that *because* some of the better Seahawks have been undrafted FA that many expect far more productivity from 1st round selections.

  21. ” But there’s nothing new about that. That was Irvin’s roll nearly all of last year.”

    Right. So people can stop thinking he is a bust because he is not rushing the passer all the time. The reason is because there were two even better players ahead of him.

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