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Carroll, coordinators to have ‘Town Hall’ live on Wednesday

Post by Todd Dybas / The News Tribune on June 3, 2014 at 3:53 pm with 40 Comments »
June 3, 2014 3:55 pm

Pete Carroll, Darrell Bevell and Dan Quinn will take part in a “Town Hall” event Wednesday at 6:30 p.m. It will be streamed live on

A live audience of approximately 500 season-ticket holders will be present. You can also submit questions for the coaches via Twitter using the hashtag #SeahawksTownHall.


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  1. I’m guessing this has already been posted, but pretty impressive videos of Chase Dixon:

  2. Ray_Maines says:

    Hows the knee rehab going Todd? Was any of our encouragement and advice worth anything?

  3. Todd Dybas says:

    Hey, Ray.

    It’s slow going, but getting there. I had the hamstring graft for the ACL reconstruction. I also had a torn Meniscus, of which 40 percent was removed. In addition, they gave me a microfracture in my kneecap because it was discovered during the procedure I have no knee cartilage remaining. So, giving the bone time to heal has made this a longer process than initially thought. Hoping to be cleared to drive and attending OTAs next week. Then, off crutches, finally, by the end of next week.

    I very much appreciated the thoughts and advice. Thanks for asking.

    — Todd

  4. yankinta says:

    lol, the world is finally starting to agree with me. :)

    “Despite struggling to a degree during the team’s Super Bowl run, Wilson clearly established himself as the best young quarterback in the NFL last year. That’s not to say he will always be better than Andrew Luck, but he has taken that mantle after Luck, during his rookie season, established himself as the best QB of the 2012 draft class.”

  5. Hey Todd,

    I hope you have a speedy recovery. Thank you for all the Seahawks OTA coverage, we’re like hungry piranhas just waiting for a nibble of the latest.

    I’m sure someone’s linked this already, but it never gets old.
    Seattle Seahawks, World Champions!

  6. Todd–Sorry to hear things were worse than expected with your knee. Best of luck getting back in the saddle, so to speak. Have fun at OTA’s, I hope the weather is great for you!

  7. montanamike2 says:

    Todd, how come you have no more patella cartilage anymore, what kind of sports did you do?
    Yesterday was tough for me. I know we all have problems and mine are pale compared to some of you. One of my Fundamentalist Christian neighbors shot my last baby bunny while it was eating clover on my property. If you know how timid cottontails are then you’d know how hard it is to have them trust you enough not to run away from you, i can’t pet them or anything but they are sweet and cute. I used to have a bunch of them, but now i’m down to one older male. I’ve seen one neighbor actually shoot one last year as soon as it crossed into his property, he could have chased it back to my yard easily. They’ve approached me saying that when hard times hit that we’d have to stay together, they better not try or times will get much harder than they think. Then the major hailstorm wiped out my garden, hundreds of hard hours for nothing. Tough day indeed.

  8. montanamike2 says:

    I knew that this would happen when we won the Superbowl!

  9. doubledink says:

    So sorry for you montanamike2. There are jerks of every stripe. Hang in there with the garden. They can be pretty resilient. Maybe it will recover to a degree.

  10. montanamike2 says:

    Thanks doubledink, yeah i’ll get about 10-15% back.

  11. Montanamike2–Durn, sorry to hear about your garden. Did the hail annihilate your truck, or did you have it covered? Hail got my old pickup years ago, but the truck had depreciated all it ever would, so I made out like a bandit with the insurance.

    Youre telling me your neighbor shot your rabbit while it was on YOUR property?! If thats true, that HAS to be illegal. Plus, I thought discharging a firearm in City Limits–or even within a half mile of a house–is illegal in Montana?! What a jerk! I hope you called the cops on the guy.

    We spent a crapload on a tiny garden last year; but it made my wife happy. This year we didnt have any time to deal with it, and we cant even manage to grow some Rosemary and Basil…its already dead. My duplex looks like hillbillies are crashing there…

    Eh, next year should be better for both of us…at least the Hawks will repeat as SB Champs, right?!

  12. Southendzone says:

    MM2: not being from over there, I assumed Montana was like Texas and it was pretty much legal to shoot anything at any time.

  13. montanamike2 says:

    Slave my trucks ok, it’s wasn’t golf ball hail like a few years ago, i made out on that one too. One of my neighbors did shoot it illegally on my property with a pellet gun. I didn’t see who did it so there’s no point in calling the cops. I am gonna play all kinds of really, really heavy metal music all summer, real loud too. Gwar and stuff i don’t even like.

  14. doubledink says:

    pellet gun sounds a lot like a kid.

  15. wazzulander says:

    Sorry for your bad day MM2 but I don’t see where bringing up their religion is relevant at all.

  16. montanamike2 says:

    I just mean that they are extremists, not just christian. Killing everything in sight is not what God would want. Last year they built a trap and killed hundreds of birds, legally they are allowed to do this.
    Does that sound Godly?

  17. montanamike2 says:

    I feel like i live next door to the children of the corn!

  18. Wow, man, you have neighbors from hell. I would do something like play GWAR (which I dont like either) real loud too, but my wife–who does Public Health etc has warned me that neighbor wars are a bad deal. Most of her environmental complaints are neighbors trying to screw neighbors…you dont need that aggravation.

    If I were you, I’d go door to door, asking the adults if they or their children owned a pellet gun, then explain why you want to know. Let them know the behavior wont be tolerated, and if you catch someone firing a pellet gun–for any reason–you will a) kick some teenage or adult ass and b)call the Sheriff.

  19. Southendzone says:

    People that kill animals for fun like that are the kind of people that end up with a bunch of human body parts in a freezer out in their workshop.

  20. There is a book out there that has hundreds of ways to get even with crappy neighbors. It tells you to turn in a change of address form for them at the Post Office so their mail gets sent to Abu Dhabi or somesuch place, you can put rotten eggs in their mailbox, etc. Some of the ideas were really good, but Im pretty sure you have to be careful because tampering with mail is a felony!

  21. Back to football, I cant wait for training camp to begin. I hope we stay relatively injury free this year. It would be nice to see Okung truck through a whole season in Pro Bowl form and not have a rotating line…

  22. montanamike2 says:

    Guys i had a brutal day yesterday when you add in the storm caused electrical problems in the house and my satellite dish needs to be re aligned. I have to have an electrician and a tech come over as well as losing my garden and baby bunny. I’m sorry for bringing religion into this, i do think my neighbors are judgmental towards me for not going to church, while they do sick and twisted things. I’m done venting

  23. montanamike2 says:

    I don’t want a neighbor war, i just want them to stop killing all the animals around here, especially on my property. Back to football, sorry.

  24. SandpointHawk says:
  25. Ray_Maines says:

    I expect if RW played for the Jets or Giants things would all be different, but he plays in Seattle and I’m good with our local media not pushing for personal details.

  26. Mike–I wouldnt worry about it. Some people are just touchy about having religion, and freak when anyone says anything less than positive about it. Besides, you clarified your position succinctly. Your neighbors are creeps, and not the kind of people who have any business inside a Church outside Church of Satan, but thats par for the course. Too many think their beliefs rather than their actions make them a good person.

    I was ticked but unsurprised that Kam Chancellor wasnt even in the top 6o or so in’s top 100 players in the NFL. He’s rated the second best SS in the NFL behind Eric Berry, and IMO is the best. I guess because a ton of QB’s will get in the top 50 he got pushed out, but it still irritated me something fierce. I know he’s your favorite guy, what did you think of it?

  27. That Dixon guy looks like a gem. Is he still hurt? If so will he be available this year?

  28. Kaep – 6 years 126 – 60 Guaruanteed

  29. pabuwal says:

    Kaepernick signed for 6 years, $126m with $60m guaranteed.

    If he was actually an NFL QB they would be 2 time Super Bowl Champs right now, but the man only knows to throw to Crabtree.

  30. montanamike2 says:

    Yeah, Kam not making the list when he had such an impact on a SB run is kind of crazy.

  31. montanamike2 says:

    If Kaep gets hurt when he’s running then he seriously hamstrung his team. Agreed Pabs, if he could throw to open players instead of Crabtree then they probably do have 2 rings.

  32. MoSeahawk12 says:

    Stupid 9ers…….this is another way they get to inflate our salary numbers next season for Wilson. Let’s see, Russell Wilson has won a Superbowl and is 4-1 in playoffs. I’m guessing he gets more than Kraper. The 9ers can start kissing their O-line goodbye as by overpaying Krap, they won’t be in a great position to redo their all pro stud guard Iupati and some of the other guys coming due. Without that line, Kraper will look even worse in the passing game. That, I’m all for.

  33. HawkfaninMT says:

    I am so interested to see the next contract for RW. Seems like the ultimate team guy that would not hamstring his team like that. By the same token, I do not think anyone would blame him for wanting more than Kaep.

    Just curious to see how it plays out!

  34. montanamike2 says:

    How do these guys make so many more millions than the QB’s who’ve won Superbowl’s?

  35. Ray_Maines says:

    My two favorite comments from Santa Clara fans are :

    “Let’s make some noise in 2014 niner fans.” I’m thinking THUD will be the noise we all hear. And…

    “welcome haters…we dont care…two seasons a starter and has a SB and NFC Title game appearance…and thats before he has even figured out reads and defenses…” Like ten years before he figures out reads and defenses, me thinks… and apparently a little before the poster learns to type.

    Anyway, good for CK. Good for Andrew Luck, good for RG-Me, and good for RW. As The World Turns.

  36. DFloydd says:

    Montana Mike: been in a similar situation with neighbors: three things that will work for sure

    #1 Slayer Reign in Blood on repeat every morning

    #2 loop the “Do do do do doot doot do do do do do” part of the Crosby Stills Nash and Young song Suite Judy Blue Eyes for 24 hours straight.

    #3 Use the words Jesus Tap Dancing Christ whenever you talk to or see them “Jesus Tap Dancing Christ it’s great to see you neighbor!”

  37. Hammajamma says:

    Kaep may dress like a 16 year old, but he’s a franchise QB to be sure. He has uncommon skills and runs like a deer, which is the scariest part of his game. I’m glad there is another franchise player locked up in this division. Rivalries make game day much more interesting and anticipated. Good for SF.

    If Seattle takes the SB next year, RW will top that contract when his turn comes up.

  38. Back from a 4-night treck to Bozeman and 9-days of being gone from home…

    MontantaMike – Just got your voice message from the day after we met (FINALLY)… Had a great time meeting you, too! Sorry about your crappy day.

    I will say that Slave is nothing like some of his rants. If any of you could have seen him holding his 7 week old little girl and his little guy the other night, you’d gain a whole new appreciation for what a good/genuine dude he is (and his wife was awesome/nice, too). I guarantee that he is “richer” than many people who make millions, yet may hate their jobs/lives (even though, like many, life isn’t always easy as he alluded to the other day – I just haven’t had much time to post but have kept up on most comments).

    Thankful Baldwin is a Seahawk for at least a few more years.

    Don’t think too highly of the Holmgren bashing.

    Scared to death of an OL that doesn’t have Michael Bowie starting at LG.

    Was in Rapid City, SD, the other night and took my 7-year old daughter to play mini-golf while my little guy (2) and Mom were back at the hotel. We went to a restaurant afterwards for some cake before going to bed and I had a Seahawks shirt on (and cap). All of a sudden, instead of a normal piece of cake – we got the gigantic dessert and found out that the manager was a huge Hawks fan and ordered us to get a gigantic treat (for the price of a small piece of cake). Cool stuff.

  39. DFloydd–Durn, that was FUNNY!

    I cant wait to see the details of Kaep’s ACTUAL numbers, both the floor and the “guaranteed” money, not to mention what the escalators to reach the 126 million are.

    He still is a mostly one-read and run qb, but he has had games where he’s on fire. Not to mention he nearly beat us in the Title game with a chicken-little gameplan and despite making some bad throws/reads because he’s the fastest damned qb since a young Michael Vick. Time will tell if the Whiners made a wise investment or just bought the farm…

    Bobbyk–Thanks for the kind words; its appreciated. Thanks again for your kindness, and for agreeing to meet. It was fun, and I hope we get together next year. Maybe we’ll have a bit more time to talk Hawks…and it would be cool to meet your family! Wherever we end up moving to, you and your family are welcome!

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