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Post-draft depth chart: quarterback

Post by Todd Dybas / The News Tribune on May 24, 2014 at 5:13 pm with 34 Comments »
May 24, 2014 5:13 pm
Russell Wilson has a Super Bowl trophy on his resume just two years into his career. / AP photo
Russell Wilson has a Super Bowl trophy on his resume just two years into his career. / AP photo

The back-end of this group is where the competition is.

Russell Wilson and Tarvaris Jackson appear set as the starter and backup, respectively. The questions are about the three guys behind them, two of which were acquired in the offseason.

Russell Wilson
To me, Wilson’s biggest growth last year came in regard to not fumbling the ball. He had a crucial turnover at Arizona in Week 7 which seemed to change things for him. The Seahawks ended up winning comfortably, 34-22, but the game became tight in the second quarter after Wilson fumbled on his own 6-yard line and Arizona recovered. A play later, Rashard Mendenhall ran it in, and the score was 14-10, Seahawks. Wilson had eight fumbles last year. He threw just nine interceptions. Five of those eight fumbles came in the first seven weeks. After that, Wilson did a much better job of tucking the ball away, whether he was on the run or getting ambushed by pass rushers, losing it only three more times the next nine weeks.

Tarvaris Jackson
Jackson’s guaranteed one-year contract, two years in Seattle and prior five years of experience with Darrell Bevell’s system seem to make him a lock here. Something dramatic would have to happen in camp for Jackson to be displaced.

The outsiders
Terrelle Pryor
A fun name, but it’s unclear where he fits after being acquired from Oakland in the offseason for a seventh-round pick. Pryor’s biggest negative is Pete Carroll’s biggest issue: turnovers. Pryor turned the ball over often last season when he played 11 games for the Oakland Raiders. He had 16 turnovers (11 interceptions, five fumbles) in that span. His interception percentage was 4.0, compared to 2.2 for Wilson. His size (6-4, 233 pounds) and speed (a 4.38 40-yard dash) make him enticing, as they always have. At this point, the Seahawks claim he is fully a quarterback. Though, he seems to fit more of the “athlete” designation and thoughts about Pryor lead to smirk-worthy ideas like him, Percy Harvin and Paul Richardson on the field together. Or, even Pryor on special teams as a gunner or punt returner. Where he gets his reps in camp will be telling.

Keith Price
As someone who covered Price, I think he has a good shot here. Lost a bit in his pleasant demeanor is his internal competitiveness. When he took over for Jake Locker and had a hot start, he became a bit defensive one week with the media. He said he always thought he’d be fine, but it was the media who was questioning that. He was right, and, it turns out, he more than fine and is arguably the best quarterback in UW history. He also often played hurt. In 2012, Price injured one knee and had to wear a brace. By the time that knee was healed, the other was injured, so he just swapped the brace over. He found that amusing.

The main negative for Price was late-game turnovers. He became progressively better at throwing the ball away, and when those incompletions were removed from his totals, his completion percentage moved well into the 70s in 2011 and ’13. His strong rookie minicamp and pre-existing relationship with Russell Wilson are pluses for him at the start. The undrafted free agent will have to continue to prove it through camp.

B.J. Daniels
Like Pryor, the Seahawks insisted Daniels was a quarterback though San Francisco had tried him as a running back, in addition to QB. He has similar physical qualities to Wilson. He also has a year with the Seahawks, which Pryor and Price do not.

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  1. I agree with you Todd that at least for this year, Wilson and Jackson are locked in at 1 and 2 spots.

    As tantalizing as Terrelle Pryor is athletically, I am really hoping for Price to step up and grab a hold of that 3 spot at QB. I believe with him developing along with Wilson, he is our answer long term at backup QB at a bargain price. He doesn’t have NFL experience, unlike Pryor, so no track record and less ego for the Hawks to tolerate from a backup. Yet, I believe he can be a solid player in the NFL and a capable backup to RW.

    Hopefully we can stash BJ on the PS again, if he is still eligible. And as for Pryor, I still have those smirk worthy thoughts about TP playing some kind of joker/wild card role in the offense or ST to make it that much more explosive and unpredictable.

  2. Singularitarian says:

    I was pretty impressed with Terrelle Pryer the few nfl games I actually watched with him starting. Granted I haven’t gone back and rewatched them (good idea tho) but I really think he showed a lot and had nothing to work with, nothing. No recievers, not a great run game, nothing. and a lot of his turnovers were because they were playing from behind and hucking up crazy balls to rally a comeback. not justifying all his turnovers or number. Most of his work was out of the pocket, which is something he’ll need to work on.

    That being said I really like Jackson as a backup. I was very loud about not wanting him as a starter, but in retro he got a pretty raw deal. I honestly think Jackson could keep this team in the playoff hunt if he were starting, and not just because the team is stacked, because I wouldn’t say that about most backups if they were on Seattle.

    I think Jackson’s shelf life as backup is only a couple years though. and I think Price and Pryor will make a good battle for 3rd qb and eventual backup. I haven’t watched enough price to have an opinion of him, but it’ll be fun watching these guys in preseason. My guess is that Pryor gets cut and Price gets practice squaded, though I feel Seattle could keep Pryor on the 53 and carry Price on PS if they like Pryor’s attitude and he shows up in preseason

  3. For it being the most important position in all of professional sports, we’re pretty rock solid from top to bottom. I like it.

  4. Singularitarian says:

    I just watched two games with Pryor. First was Jacksonville. He played very solid football. made a couple of questionable balls but also had a few drops. His athletic ability was on display and he kept the defense guessing and the Raiders were able to pounce on the ground. Towards the end they were mostly running the clock out. I really liked his play.

    The second game was at Denver. Oakland got owned. That being said I think Pryor played lights out. He was consistently playing backed way up towards the endzone. There was no running game. Denver was scoring at will. Pryor was playing very well, he had one drive stopped by a horrendous offensive PI call, and another by a dropped pass. His throws were on the money and he was playing very well from the pocket. There was nothing he could do to keep the game within reach as Manning had 3tds and 300 yards by halftime, and there was no running game and a plethora of penalties. I really liked his poise and competitiveness in a blowout loss, he played tough all game even though he could have been throwing a fit

    Neither of these games he threw a pick, so I haven’t seen the resal ugly yet, but I am liking what I am seeing through 2 games. He is quite reckless with his body and took too many big hits, including one that knocked him out of the end of the Denver game.

  5. Macabrevity says:

    This is a great problem to have… I really fell like this staff is the key to whether or not Pryor sticks in the NFL. With Price however, I feel like he could make a number of teams and potentially be a better NFL QB than anyone they have on the roster; Cleveland, Minnesota, Oakland (don’t go there Keith) N.Y.Jets, St. Louis (don’t go there either, as long as Brian Schottenheimer remains there, any QB they have will suck).I’m hoping he sticks with Seattle somehow, but not sure how to work out the math. 3 active plus a PS guy? I don’t think so…

  6. Macabrevity says:

    I really felt…

    I really felt the need for an edit button.

  7. jawpeace says:

    The biggest plus I see for Prior making the team is that he can run the scout team and can imitate Krapneck. with his running ability and throw a few ill advised throws it will almost be like playing CK.

  8. seahawkfan97 says:

    I have dreams of kam pasting krapneck as he is running out of the pocket for one of his 20 yard gains and getting himself a concussion…I don’t wish an injury on players…ah …ok…maybe on just one player..a concussion for say 3-4 weeks which would net 2-3-4 losses for the bay area boi’ this wrong of me wishing an injury on an opponent? I don’t wish this on fitz…but he doesn’t run around kissing himself and imitating Justin bieber…with that stupid crooked hat!! Krapneck…another great play on spelling jawpeace

  9. montanamike2 says:

    I have to agree with Singularitarian, Pryor looked pretty good for having absolutely nothing to work with, i was surprised he couldn’t find one team to give him a shot, when there are so many QB desperate teams out there. He is still quite raw but intriguing. Price is another minor steal for the future and i’d see if BJ makes it back to our practice squad. If Pryor would be more flexible, i would keep him and Price, seahawkfan97 has a good idea about keeping Pryor for practicing against Kap and Cam. Good problem to have.

  10. I think Daniels is toast and Price gets a chance on the PS.

    I am less certain about what happens with Pryor – will they use a roster spot on QB #3?

  11. montanamike2 says:

    I also think Daniels is gone, the #3 QB will be a fight between Pryor and Price. I wish we could keep them both as developmental projects and Pryor did cost us a late round pick for 1 year left on his contract, maybe he has to adapt or he’s out of the league next year.

  12. Pryor did get a chance. Seattle traded for him. Not as a Wr, etc. but as a Qb. I don’t know how he will compare to everyone else we have until I see him in this offense.

    OSU ran an offense more like ours than what he was running in Oakland so he may be much better than anyone knows. Better than TJack? It is very possible. Better than Wilson? Not right now for sure but if he were to develop in that direction Russ would have a lot to worry about.

    Has anyone done a “sparq” comp on these Qb’s?

  13. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Wilson has nothing to worry about. Absolutely nothing.

    Slim chance any of his backups would have much of a chance to successfully start for any NFL team.
    Hopefully one of them will play good enough in pre season to get a 7 rounder next year.

  14. Hawks85 says:

    Tavaris is a nice safety blanket should god forbid RW ever gets hurt. I’m not sold on Pryor at all, but hopefully RW can get help him mature as a QB and person. He’s a very good athlete, but still very raw.

  15. Hammajamma says:

    Pryor should get a lot of work in preseason. It’s easy to say he’ll end up #3 with Price to the PS, but I think it’ll come down to other position players forcing a hard look at a third QB taking a roster spot. He could end up on someone else’s bench if he can’t push TJ out of the backup role.

  16. Todd–Excellent point regarding RW’s huge improvement in turnovers over the second half of the season. However, part of that was due to Seattle dumbing down the offense for 4-6 games, which made some games close that shouldn’t have been. If course, I blame PC and Bevell far more than RW for the ultra-conservative game plan and play calling.

    The awesome thing is that as good as RW has played, he has a lot of room for improvement. That should make every D-Coord in the league worried…

  17. STTBM & montanamike2 – Friday may be the best date to meet (on a birthday too, I see) if that works. We’re either going to Yellowstone Thursday or Saturday but we most likely won’t make that call until Wednesday night. We’ll be staying about a 1/2 mile from B-Dubs in Bozeman if that works and I could simply walk over while the ladies are gossiping? Or if there’s a hole in the ground place nearby, I like those places better (since I can go to any B-Dubs around here, too). Hit me up if it might work:

  18. montanamike2 says:

    Friday works for me Bobby, i could pick you up and drop you off if that works. I live right behind the hot springs at 4 corners, i would highly recommend going there if you have some free time, just don’t go on a Saturday night.

  19. montanamike2 says:

    We do have a few cool hang outs and breweries here too.

  20. montanamike2 says:

    It would be nice to see Slave too, i hope he makes it.

  21. AZBubba71 says:

    With Wilson, Jackson, and Pryor, the Seahawks have three capable QBs when most teams in the NFL are desperately searching around for a decent backup. We are in great shape at this position.

  22. Singularitarian says:

    Watched the Pittsburg game from last year, Pryor threw for 88 yards, O TDs, 2 picks, completed at 52% and had a rating of 25.7. This was his worst statistical game of the season. This is why stats suck. He was the man in this game.

    he opened with a 93 yard TD run on the first play. One of the picks he let float a little, but the receiver could have got his hands on it but just decided to watch it get intercepted instead. Still, not a good throw. He was on the run and put up a dangerous ball (though if it were placed better it would have been beautiful. The second pick was a shot right between the numbers that went through the hands of the receiver and popped up and got picked. should have been an easy completion. He had another beautiful 3rd down conversion that was on the money, and dropped by the receiver. I saw 4 drops total. He drove them to the 5 yardline on one occasion and McFadden got the direct snap wild cat touchdown

    They got a two touchdown lead early and the tempo of the game made the game plan be to milk the clock. He never threw a td but he played solid, ending up in a lot of third and long situations and that was most of his throwing opportunities. He definitely showed a great knack for throwing well placed slant routes, getting the ball out quickly from the pocket on 3rd down accurately.

    They won this game on his back and the on fact that Pittsburg sucked offensively. If the receivers could catch the ball and the game dictated more throwing, I have no doubt he would have put up decent stats. The fact that a qb can get a rating of 25 in a game played so well is disheartening. One of those games you pull your hair out at the mediocracy of the receivers. If Seattle’s receivers are “pedestrian” I don’t know what to call this corps

  23. DFloydd says:

    Yeah. Quite a good thing from a few years ago when the debate was Start Charlie and the next year was Wilson or Flynn as starter. Pretty relaxing and non stressful to debate who the 3rd string and practice squad QBs will be. I can dig it.

    And for the love of all things holy and STTBM’s sanity I only hope for an average to above average o-line this year. Pretty sure the team is set on defense and ST for the most part.

  24. ljarllrajl says:

    I just watched the Oak/@KC game (one of his statistically worst performances), the thing I noticed is that they ran only one sprint out play all game and zero play action roll-outs. Pryor had little help/talent around him, and Alex Smith still sucks.

    TP is a sleeper. He clearly shows playmaking ability “as a quarterback”. I will not be surprised to see him dominate in preseason and will a spot on this roster.

  25. Bobbyk and MontanaMike2–Im planning on heading to Bozeman Friday, taking the family too. I will get ahold of you guys later this week to nail down details. Looking forward to it!

    DFloyd–Im feeling pretty positive regarding the offensive line this year. I think its clear Seattle is looking to find a cheaper LT than Okung, in large part due to his continuing inability to stay healthy. But he’s ours for at least one more year! Carpenter has a chance to at least be competent–at long last–and Sweezy may finally “get it”, and with Bowie and Britt duking it out for RT, Im actually excited to watch the O-line grow this preseason.

    Also, I think our Run D is going to be ridiculous!

  26. Skavage says:

    Sometimes I wish this blog were more like a forum instead of a blog. I’d really like to see the participants put up threads of their own to get some fun conversation going.

    Specifically, it feels like there is a really good conversation looming out there about where we’re at and what we might do with the defensive front 7 this year.

    For LB’s we’ve got Wagner, Wright, Smith and Irvin as potential starters and locks to remain on the team. Then you have Farwell a lock because of his experience and ST play. Then you have Pierre-Louis, Toomer, Schofield and a couple others.

    For DE’s you have Avril, Bennett, plus a couple newbies in Marsh and Jeffcoat. A solid looking rotation if the rookies play well.

    For DT’s it’s McDaniel, Mebane and a lot of hope. Several of the young guys and/or rookies could emerge but are mostly unknowns at this point.

    But if you mix all these guys together it starts looking like we’d almost be better off playing a 3-4 (which we already do in a hybrid type of thing). But I really get concerned wondering how we’re going to get the best guys out there together. Mebane, Bennett, McDaniel, Wright, Wagner, Smith, Irvin definitely give us the best rush and best coverage groups. But what about the run? We need more than one guy to step up and fill Red’s shoes and right now I’m not sure we even have one guy that can do it.

    Your thoughts?

  27. teruski says:

    STTBM, your comment

    “Todd–Excellent point regarding RW’s huge improvement in turnovers over the second half of the season. However, part of that was due to Seattle dumbing down the offense for 4-6 games, which made some games close that shouldn’t have been. If course, I blame PC and Bevell far more than RW for the ultra-conservative game plan and play calling.”

    The reason we dumbed down the offense during that stretch was that Russell injured his left shoulder. A person I know in the Seahawks org. confirmed it. The shoulder was bad enough that he had off season surgery (PC has mentioned it a couple times, but the media doesn’t elaborate on why).

    You could see he wasn’t right for a few games. I believe it was the Rams game when he was really late for his after game presser. That’s a huge reason he didn’t take off and run the way he did prior to that game.

    My thoughts on the QB competition, RW will start, Pryor will beat out Jackson for #2, T-Jack will be #3 (or gone), Price to PS, Daniels gone.
    Gonna be fun to see how it shakes out.


  28. teruski says:

    Sorry for the abbreviated thoughts in the last post…way to much twitter.
    Got used to 140 characters. LOL


  29. seahawkfan97 says:

    so a lateral to pryor and they gotta cover him with percy and richardson streaking down the sideline or a crossing route..what to do???? lets leave pryor room to run….dang what a thought…with russ teaching pryor to practice practice practice he can make the throw with his eyes closed or just run baby run!!! I cannot wait to see the offense this year with percy healthy…(holding breath, knocking on wood..etc.etc.etc) My gosh anything less than a second championship will be hard to swallow…incorrect to think that way but what potential…thanks to all the armed forces for making it safe for me to sit on my arse today and do nothing, worry about nothing except football.Especially my brother rich, who was hurt over there..thanks Richard
    thanks to the fan who checked out the cgcac…I want to give that mustang away…

  30. teruski–If what you say is true, improvement on the offensive line is even more crucial than Ive been preaching for years. I also think RW’s propensity for throwing INT’s in the fourth quarter when trailing had something to do with dumbing down the offense as well; he had done it in all four or five games where that happened, though we ended up winning all but the Indy game. After they dumbed the offense down, he barely threw any more picks.

    Man, I hope we can keep RW healthy and hale all season. I hate seeing him get hit like last year…

  31. teruski says:

    What I said is true, my source is in a position to know those kind of things in the Seahawks org, I was sworn to secrecy until after the SB.
    It was killin me knowing and not being able to comment why things looked different.
    I think the O-line is going to be much improved this year, I think Carp is going to finally come around and be the player they thought he would be when they drafted him.
    And…they addressed the O-line in the draft.
    Plus the speed (Percy and Paul) on the outside is going to help spread out the defense.

  32. TechWorlds says:

    I don’t buy the shoulder surgery for Russell unless I see proof. That would have been major news this offseason. We would have known. Your franchise qb does not have shoulder surgery without the press getting wind of it and writing about it. Plus when would he have had time? We went to spring training, went to California to throw with the guys. When was there ever time to secretly have surgery, then secretly rehab?

    I don’t buy it.

  33. Southendzone says:

    Ive heard reference to the shoulder before, but im with Techworld, I will wait for confirmation before believing RW had surgery.

  34. Ewalters7354 says:

    I don’t buy it either.Like STTBM,I think they dumbed the offense down is because Wilson was missing opens receivers all over the field.In reference to him)not running because of his shoulder,a lot of those runs could have went for about 10-15yards and went out of bounds.

    Was that the reason he held the ball for 5 seconds and just let Bouwman whack him?

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