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Hallelujah, brothers and sisters, football is back

Post by Dave Boling / The News Tribune on May 16, 2014 at 8:55 am with 38 Comments »
May 16, 2014 8:55 am

There’s no pads and no hitting (although some get carried away in the moment), but some actual Seahawks will be on the field this afternoon in the first workout of the three-day rookie minicamp at the Renton headquarters.

Here’s the link to my camp preview in the TNT this morning.

A few initial questions: Is receiver Paul Richardson as skinny as he sounds at 6 feet, 175 pounds? How huge is tackle Justin Britt? How fast is linebacker Kevin Pierre-Louis? And is 5-foot-8, 247-pound fullback Kiero Small actually the size and shape of a Smart Car?

A look at the column from last spring’s rookie minicamp wrap-up interview found him most highly touting the efforts of tight end Luke Willson and tackles Michael Bowie and Alvin Bailey. Those three ended up seeing the most action of the rookies during the season.

And when asked if he saw any real surprises in the group, Carroll offered: “The kid from Idaho, Benson Mayowa.” Mayowa showed such a knack for rushing off the edge that he ended up earning a surprise roster spot despite first getting noticed at the cattle call that was the regional combine.

So, it’s clear that rookies can make an important first impression on Carroll during this quick camp.

I particularly want to see if Paul Richardson (6-0, 175) is as spindly as he sounds. When his pick was announced, I immediately thought back to 2009 third-round pick Deon Butler (Penn State), who at times was generously listed at 5-11, 182. He was a burner like Richardson with sub-4.4-second 40-yard-dash times. But with injuries that included a gruesome broken leg, Butler’s four-year career with Seattle ended with 57 total catches and four touchdowns. Worries about his vulnerability to injury were proven valid.

I want to watch the feet of potential right tackle Justin Britt. At 6-6, 325, Britt is similar in size to the man he might replace at right tackle, Breno Giacomini (6-7, 318). Bowie showed enough promise as a rookie when Giacomini was hurt that Britt will have a fight to get a start. But if both prove efficient, one might slide over as an upgrade at one of the guard spots. Early in camp last spring, Bailey showed he was nimble and solid enough to project as a right tackle despite being just a 7th-round pick.

One of the Seahawks scouts said Boston College linebacker Pierre-Louis reminded him of 49er NaVorro Bowman. I’m more interested to see if he looks like Super Bowl MVP Malcolm Smith. He’s a few pounds heavier than Smith, but he’s nearly as speedy. His 4.51 in the 40 was the fastest of linebackers at this year’s combine.

Small, meanwhile, is a human misnomer. Relative to massive safety Kam Chancellor, Small is 15 pounds heavier and 7 inches shorter. Curious if they have to get his jersey made-to-measure.

With so many in the league trying now to emulate Seattle’s big cornerbacks, I’m curious why Eric Pinkins of San Diego State lasted until the 208th pick. Apparently, other teams projected him as a safety rather than corner.

I want to watch how quickly Leo prospect Curtis Marsh gets off on the snap.

It’s likely, too, that a number of the undrafted free agents will perform well enough to earn spots on the 90-man roster and be invited to training camp.

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  1. yankinta says:

    Dave,, Do you have any interest in watching any of the players from UDFA/Workout Agreements Pool?

  2. Ewalters7354 says:

    Kevin Pierre Louis looks like a total steal.Elite speed,can rush,cover,catch,etc.Bruce Irvin going back to LEO(where I think he should be) will save his roster spot.Because the competition at LB is too stiff.

  3. FleaFlicker says:

    Dave, liked the article this morning. My favorite line: “On the play of [Kiero] Small, general manager John Schneider called him ‘a total thumper’ who plays really low. As if he has an option.”

    A well turned phrase, sir.

  4. Dave Boling says:

    Oh, yeah, some of these guys always jump out at you, even if you’re not specifically keeping an eye on them. Some guys will make big plays, some show a speed burst, and others just really look the part. From the first time DeShawn Shead got on the field, you kinda had to go “Whoa, who is that guy?” He was an impressive athlete that’s been given some time to see if he can learn to play the position. Phil Bates is another guy who is obviously a gifted athlete who seems to need time to find and learn a position as a converted quarterback.
    As for this year’s UDFAs, I’m most curious about Jackson Jeffcoat out of Texas. Some considered him a mid-round pick. He had a dozen sacks last season, I think.

  5. Here’s the ones I’d especially like to see how they fare relative to each other and get updates on:
    DE/LEO Jeffcoat, Talaat, Woodward
    OL Britt, Scott, Gilliam
    DB Pinkins, Hudson

  6. Macabrevity says:

    I hate the Deon Butler comparison, guy always looked slow in pads.

  7. Other questions – who will return punts? Can Small be effective in special teams? The excitement is already building!

  8. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Agree Macabrevity.

    They may be similar in weight but they don’t look similar in body shape to me.
    And they don’t look similar in the way they play either imo.

  9. Its great to have some Seahawks back on the field, even if their not banging around.

    Interested to see how the d-line works out. We know that the starters are likely to be Avril, Mebane, McDaniel and Bennett. But who will they rotate with? It seems that we will be depending on a number of unproven players like Greg Scruggs, Benson Mayowa, Jesse Williams, Jordan Hill, Kenneth Boatright, Cassius Marsh etc. In my mind, this is our biggest risk.

    Would be terrific to see a roster analysis after this camp.

  10. Dukeshire says:

    Simply because Butler was a failed pick doesn’t mean that Richardson will be, it’s only a physical comparison. One that may prove relevant or not as Richardson’s time goes on. But I don’t think it’s something that can be totally dismissed at this point.

  11. I still wonder why Bailey isn’t the leader to start at RT.

    Richardson said he was up to 183 last week.

    It seemed to me that Jeffcoat was like another Nick Reed, except with some actual upside.

  12. Dave Boling, it’s great to have you on the blog! I’ve been a big fan of your writing style for years.

    Every detail you give us about the new players is much appreciated.

  13. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Richardson is taller & has broader shoulders. He has the frame to play at 190.

    He also appears to be more physical & doesn’t just rely mostly on his speed to get separation like Butler did.

    And he goes after the ball stronger.
    He was targeted 184 times & dropped only 4 balls.

  14. For fun, here is my attempt at a roster analysis for the defence.

    Defensive line: Last year kept 10
    Virtual locks: Brandon Mebane, Tony McDaniel, Cliff Avril, Michael Bennett.
    Looking safe: Jordan Hill, Greg Scruggs, Cassius Marsh
    Longer odds: O’Brian Schofield, D’Anthony Smith, Benson Mayowa, Kenneth Boatright, Michael Brooks, Dewayne Cherrington, Jackson Jeffcoat, Andru Pulu, Jimmy Staten

    Linebackers: Last year kept 7
    Virual locks: K.J. Wright, Bobby Wagner, Bruce Irvin, Malcolm Smith
    Looking safe: Kevin Pierre-Louis, Heath Farwell, Mike Morgan,
    Longer odds: Korey Toomer, Brock Coyle, Mike Taylor

    Defensive backs: Last year kept 9
    Virtual locks: Richard Sherman, Earl Thomas, Kam Chancellor, Byron Maxwell, Jeremy Lane
    Looking safe: De Shawn Shead, Tharold Simon, Eric Pinkins
    Longer odds: Jeron Johnson, Phillip Adams, Akeem Auguste, Dion Bailey, Chandler Fenner, A.J. Jefferson, Jimmy Legree, Terrance Parks

  15. Dave Boling says:

    I’m with you, blocis, there’s some unknown elements at play on the d-line. The thing that I hear is that Scruggs is up to about 312 and looking great as a possible fill-in for Red. I thought he has been impressive when healthy and has a big up-side. I just tossed in the Deon Butler mention as the first thought upon seeing Richardson’s listings — and hearing he played at 158 pounds last season. Stunning to see that the average distance of his 21 TD catches was 40 yards. I’d call that a deep threat.

    And thanks, blueshq, much appreciated.

    I’m off to headquarters. I know, it’s early, but I’m eager.

  16. Southendzone says:

    LEO & LB position competition is going to be the most interesting for me on the defensive side. I’m hoping that a superstar emerges between Jeffcoat, Mawoya, and Schofield.

  17. Hammajamma says:

    The Carpenter story seems to be lurking below the radar. Clearly they thought him a better option than available draft choices and have not indicated moving Bowie to LG is the possibility so many assume. If he breaks through this year and can actually pass pro, the line might show the kind of incremental improvement all are hoping for.

    Integrating Michael and Richardson/Norwood into the attack may get the headlines, but the evolution of the line is the biggest story on Offense.

  18. For even more fun, here is an attempt at a roster analysis for the offence:

    Quarterbacks: Last year kept 2
    Virtual lock: Russell Wilson
    Looking safe: Tarvaris Jackson.
    Longer odds: Terrelle Pryor, Keith Price, B.J. Daniels

    Running backs: Last year kept 5
    Virtual locks: Marshawn Lynch, Robert Turbin, Christine Michael,
    Looking safe: Derrick Coleman.
    Longer odds: Spencer Ware, Kiero Small

    Wide receivers: Last year kept 5
    Virtual locks: Percy Harvin, Doug Baldwin, Paul Richardson
    Looking safe: Jermaine Kearse
    Longer odds: Sidney Rice, Phil Bates, Arceto Clark, Ricardo Lockette, Chris Mathews, Kevin Norwood, Taylor Price, Bryan Walters

    Tight ends: Last year kept 2
    Virtual Locks: Zach Miller, Luke Willson
    Looking safe: Anthony McCoy
    Longer odds: Travis Beckham, Chase Dixon, Cooper Helfet,

    Offensive line: Last year kept 10
    Virtual locks: Russell Okung, Max Unger, J.R. Sweezy, Michael Bowie, Alvin Bailey, Justin Britt
    Looking safe: Lemuel Jeanpierre, James Carpenter
    Longer odds: Stephen Schilling, Garry Gilliam, Caylin Hauptmann, Irwin Bronson, Garrett Scott, Jared Smith, Greg Van Roten

  19. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Wow! 40 yard average on his 21 td catches. I didn’t know that.

    That’s big time play making there!

    Imagine all the possibilities with a healthy Harvin & Richardson.

  20. wazzulander says:

    Pretty cool breakdowns blocis. I would actually think Rice is a lock though, barring injury. I also think Jeron Johnson is pretty safe given they already tagged him. The guy I really like that everyone else seems to discount is Spencer Ware. That guy is a mini-beastmode, he’s a good blocker and a great runner. He can really deliver a hit and he played great on special teams during the preseason.

    Thanks for the preview Dave, I can’t wait for the first report!

  21. Southendzone says:

    I’m gonna disagree a tiny bit with the RB analysis. I’d put Small and Coleman both in the same category with Ware behind them. Coleman and Ware are RB/FB hybrids. Small is a true FB style.

    If Small shows well in camp, the hawks have plenty of RB/FB guys, there’s really no need for Coleman and Ware on the team.

  22. I don’t understand why some people are so down on Kearse – not all on here but in other places as well. He was solid last year! Don’t talk to me about dropped balls in College or rookie year they are irrelevant after the eye procedure.

    MULTIPLE pople would have to play lights out for him to be cut – and money doest play a roll for his position either.

  23. wazzulander says:

    I think Kearse is safe, but you might want to re-check his drop rate xcman. KLM had some interesting #s that showed Wilson had a real high QB rating when targeting Kearse though, despite the drops.

  24. Southendzone says:

    Kearse is uncuttable for eternity based on the 4th down TD catch vs the 49ers.

  25. Kearse shows up when it counts, TD’s and big 1st downs. I always wonder why people still underestimate him, plus he was a DAWG. I’m 99% sure Kearse is a lock.

  26. TallyHawk says:

    I think kearse is a lock too. He makes big plays. He had a big TD catch in the Carolina game that I think gets forgotten because it was so early in the year. I don’t know who all was in California last off season with RW but I know kearse was and you can tell RW has a good rapport and a lot of confidence in him.

  27. His drop rate numbers where much improved this year after eye surgery – not perfect but better. At least by my recollection

  28. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Kearse is a lock imo, plus he can contribute on special teams.

    After looking at the top WRs rookie seasons in the NFL I think we will need Baldwin & Kearse to help carry the load until the less experienced WRs get acclimated.
    And we will need Harvin & Rice to stay relatively healthy for most of the season.

    I like all the RBs so it’s a tough call after Lynch. I definitely could see Ware earning a spot but I wouldn’t be surprised if he didn’t either.

    Special teams play may be the deciding factor for the RB depth.

  29. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Looks like Benson Mayowa has gained 15 pounds and is up to 267.
    Willson, has gained a few pounds too according to Carroll.

    Carpenter is at his lightest weight since being drafted.

    Some more good stuff from Carroll here-

  30. My only wish is that James Carpenter started for Rams, 49ers, or Cardinals. That’s the best chance he has to help us, imo.

  31. Barring injuries; I think we keep 1 more QB, TE, & WR than last year.
    QB- Wilson, T-Jack, Pryor
    TE- Miller, Wilson, McCoy
    WR- Harvin, Rice, Balwin, Kearse, Richardson, Norwood.

    In order to keep the 3 extras, I believe they only keep 4 RB and 9 OL and one less Defensive player than last year, keep in mind that most teams now use a TE instead of a FB, no way we keep more than 1, and with 3 good RB no need for duplicates Coleman and Ware. I believe Smalls makes the team unless they feel he can pass thru to PS and then they keep Coleman.
    RB- ML, Turbin, CM, Smalls
    OL- Okung, Carp, Unger, Sweezy, Bowie, Pierre, Bailey, Pierre, ?.
    They’ll then keep 2-3 OL on PS based on who they think will pass thru and are eligible.

  32. I agree with many of your comments about the roster analysis.

    I wanted to put Sidney Rice as “looking safe”, but decided to put him at longer odds because of the uncertainty with his injury. He might start the season on the PUP, which would save us from cutting someone else.

    Similarly, I put Kiero Small as “longer odds” because of where he was drafted, thinking if the Seahawks were high on him he would have been drafted earlier. Having said that, I am hoping he wins the FB competition, because I am not sold on Coleman or Ware.

    I agree the Seahawks will keep Wilson, Jackson and Pryor. I think having Pryon on the roster is huge – he reminds me SO much of Kaepernick I think he is hugely valuable running the scout team on weeks vs. 49ers.

    Despite losing Browner and Thurmond, the DB competition is going to be fierce. Pinkins is very interesting to me. Seems he can be depth at CB and both safety spots – maybe freeing a roster spot.

    Go hawks!

  33. re Jeron Johnson. I like the guy, has made a couple of big plays in limited opportunity. But he doesn’t really show-up on special teams and there are a number of guys who will really challenge for that last DB spot….. I am thinking Phillip Adams and A.J. Jefferson will be fighting with Johnson for that last spot.

  34. Southendzone says:

    Not necessarily should the Hawks have had to draft Small sooner. The 1st FB drafted was at # 211. Small @ # 227 is right in the FB zone.

    Interesting enough, on the draft list I’m working off, Small is listed as RB not FB. I suppose if you combed over the whole draft you might find a listed RB drafted higher than #211 who really is a FB.

    And I’m not saying I know anything about Kiero except for what Schneider said on the press conference. Only that his size fits a different role in the backfield than the Hawks currently have and that Ware/Coleman are duplicative in their skills.

  35. Ray_Maines says:

    and last year the running game got a lot better when Mike Rob was resigned. Kiero Small might not be very good but the bar is pretty low.

  36. I am hoping Small can return punts because I would pay to watch that! lol

  37. imashiah says:


    Active-Roster Prognostications (see below for the 43 likely locks)

    QB: Should we even consider Tavaris Jackson losing his lock? If Tavaris is secure and they keep 3, besides BJ who we can presume will fall out, will it be Terrelle Pryor or Keith Price that falls out?

    RB: 3 likely locks. Last year they kept 5. Will Kiero Small emerge as featured FB, making Derrick Coleman exclusively a special-teamer? Will Spencer Ware fall to practice squad again?

    O-Line: 8 likely locks. Last year they kept 9. Who takes the final position? Remaining prospects: Scott Garrett (’14 draft) , Gilliam Garry UFA, Irwin Bronson UFA, Schilling Stephen, Van Roten Greg, Smith Jared, Hauptmann Caylin

    TE: 3 likely locks. If they go with 4, will it be because they want to keep Beckham? Does Chase Dixon UFA really have a shot? Will they acquire Jermichael Finley?

    WR: Interesting; 6 likely locks, yet last year they kept 5. If they stick with 5, which lock will fall? If for argument sake they go with 7, whom among Taylor Price, R. Lockette or C. Matthews will make it?

    D-Line: Interesting; 6 likely locks and last year they kept 11, so the field is wide open for the remaining 5 spots among 10 competitors. Schofield, Marsh and Mayowa seem to be ahead of the that field of 10.
    Remaining prospects: DT: Williams Jesse, Staten Jimmy, Smith D’Anthony, Brooks Michael, Cherrington Dewayne, Pulu Andru UFA DE: Boatright Kenneth, Jeffcoat Jackson UFA

    LB: 5 likely locks and last year they kept 6. Mike Morgan could lose his spot to Kevin Pierre-Louis (’14 draft) and/or Mike Taylor and/or Korey Toomer. Could Farwell lose his lock and fairly large contract? Does Brock Coyle UFA really have a shot?

    CB: 4 Likely locks and last year they kept 5. Will Shead lose his lock? Phillip Adams and AJ Jefferson also both look like they can deliver. Will T. Simon or Pinkins emerge??

    Safety: 3 likely locks and last year they kept 4. Will Jeron Johnson lose his lock? Will Terrance Parks (UFA ’12) emerge as Kam’s backup?? Other than Dion Bailey UFA, there are no other options here, unless a

    CB prospect is developed in a dual role. There is a chance they see fit to revert Pinkins back to safety.

    The 43 Likely Locks
    ST Hauschka, Steven
    ST Gresham, Clint
    ST Ryan, Jon
    QB Jackson, Tarvaris
    QB Wilson, Russell
    RB Lynch, Marshawn
    RB Turbin, Robert
    RB Michael, Christine
    O-Line Unger, Max
    O-Line Jeanpierre, Lemuel
    O-Line Carpenter, James
    O-Line Sweezy, J.R.
    O-Line Okung, Russell
    O-Line Bailey, Alvin
    O-Line Bowie, Michael
    O-Line Britt, Justin (’14 draft)
    TE Miller, Zach
    TE McCoy, Anthony
    TE Willson, Luke
    WR Rice, Sidney
    WR Harvin, Percy
    WR Baldwin, Doug
    WR Kearse, Jermaine
    WR Richardson, Paul (’14 draft)
    WR Norwood, Kevin (’14 draft)
    D-Line McDaniel, Tony
    D-Line Avril, Cliff
    D-Line Bennett, Michael
    D-Line Scruggs, Greg
    D-Line Mebane, Brandon
    D-Line Hill, Jordan
    LB Farwell, Heath
    LB Wagner, Bobby
    LB Irvin, Bruce
    LB Wright, K.J.
    LB Smith, Malcolm
    CB Maxwell, Byron
    CB Sherman, Richard
    CB Lane, Jeremy
    CB Shead, DeShawn
    Safety Thomas, Earl
    Safety Chancellor, Kam
    Safety Johnson, Jeron

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