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With their second pick of second round, Seahawks select OT Justin Britt

Post by Todd Dybas / The News Tribune on May 9, 2014 at 6:35 pm with 65 Comments »
May 9, 2014 8:18 pm
Offensive lineman Justin Britt from Missouri has joined the Seahawks. / AP photo
Offensive lineman Justin Britt from Missouri has joined the Seahawks. / AP photo

After picking up wide receiver Paul Richardson, the Seahawks addressed the offensive line by selecting offensive tackle Justin Britt out of Missouri. He’s 6-foot-5 7/8 and 325 pounds.

Britt was projected as a fifth-round pick, or later, but the Seahawks grabbed him 64th overall as the final pick of the second round.

“He’ll compete with Michael Bowie at right tackle right from the beginning,” Seahawks offensive line coach Tom Cable said.

Britt redshirted at Missouri in 2009 before getting time as a reserve at both guard positions. In 2010, he started 13 games at left tackle. His junior season, Britt started three times at left tackle and six other times at right tackle. He was an AP All-SEC First-team choice his senior season when he started all 14 games at left tackle.

Missouri gained 3,330 yards on the ground during Britt’s final season, which broke the school record of 3,230 yards by the 1942 Tigers team.

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  1. wrongturn says:

    wow. I hope ACL holds up.

  2. BobbyK says:

    The guy tore his ACL late in ’12 and managed to start at LT all of ’13. You know darn well that he couldn’t have been 100% so in my totally uneducated opinion (I know nothing of him right now) the “genius” scouts were judging him based on his performance without taking into consideration that he was playing at less than 100%.

    I could very well be off base and wrong, but that’s my initial impression. I’m not going to hate on the pick. We all wanted an offensive tackle and we got one. Lets hope he pans out!

  3. Good grief, I fully support this teams personnel decisions…except on OL. Projected as a 5th rounder? Any other position and I would point to the numerous guys on our roster, but now when it comes to OL.

    Hope he can play.

  4. Not when it comes to OL

  5. vichawkfan says:

    Must have been some whispers other org’s wanted him before the next round.

  6. BobbyK says:

    Who are these genius scouts we’re listening to in terms of how he “should have been a 5th round pick?” Do they have a better track record or Mr. Happy and the Duke Boy?

    True, if Cable had any input, I’m a bit skeptical… but they can’t whiff on 3 early round OL in a row, can they? I’m willing to bet not.

  7. SaigonSun says:


  8. yellaman says:

    One of this front office liabilities is drafting serviceable offensive line help in the earlier rounds. Moffitt bust, carp so far a bust and poking has had health issues so I. Hope this guy is different. Go hawks

  9. yellaman says:

    Okung. Has had health issues

  10. DanielleMND says:

    LOL! PC and JS built us a championship team, and now “fans” are coming out of the woodwork to second guess them this year.

  11. banosser says:


    Not an elite athlete; while he is capable of getting to the second level, he rarely finishes his assignment or makes an impact block…A bit of a waist bender at times; leads to some struggles vs. faster defensive ends…Not a “long” player; could end up being a very, very good guard where his compact frame is ideal for the position.

    I came away more impressed than I had expected after watching Britt’s film. He has experience playing at both right and left tackle, and appears as if he could be an ideal guard in the NFL. In fact, Britt has a lot of similarities to Kyle Long, the 20th overall pick of the Chicago Bears in 2013. Now, to be fair, I had Long graded as a late-4th round pick last year, and that’s just about where I see Britt’s value. He’s one of those tough, reliable offensive linemen that has a chance to become a starter sooner than would be expected of a 4th round pick.

  12. Galena says:

    They obviously had him rated higher than Moses or A. Richardson. Fingers crossed because if someone can solidify that RT spot we just might have a decent line.

  13. cerjam says:

    Im a believer the got the positions I wanted but not the players. I know nothing

  14. DisplacedSeahawkFan says:

    Man, so far, this is this most disappointed I’ve ever been in a Seahawks draft. Granted, only time will tell how these draft picks pan out. But so far, I’d grade Seattle at about “D,” because they were better receivers and offensive tackles on the board. What’s worse is that they got little, to no, value for the picks they traded.

  15. baldbandit says:

    Are these the same genius scouts who said Sherman would never be more than a solid backup in the NFL?

  16. bassnw says:

    Seattle senior personnel executive Scot McCloughan is leaving the team for personal reasons….

    Seahawks hire former Dolphins GM Jeff Ireland

  17. DanielleMND says:

    “But so far, I’d grade Seattle at about “D,” because they were better receivers and offensive tackles on the board.”

    What championship team are you the GM of? Please, I want to know.

  18. cerjam says:

    John Schneider must not read the same blogs and visit the same sites that I do.

  19. The knee injury in 2012 may be part of the reason he was graded a mid-round guy.

    Many of us are still bitter about Carp>Moffit, but they showed some good evaluations on Bowie and Bailey who have a lot of promise.

    Go Hawks.

  20. MNHawk says:

    I just wish John Schneider would have ran these picks by this blog first. Of course we probably wouldn’t have Richard Sherman, Bobby Wagner, Christine Michael or Russell Wilson.

  21. SRVHawk says:

    People never learn. The same drunken, idiotic babble every year on here at the time of the draft. Watch and learn as one poster is so fond of saying.

  22. Sarcasticus says:

    Winning the Super Bowl does not mean they are infallible. Using the term “fans” to describe anyone who questions the pick has me thinking “intelligent” to describe the caster of the aspersion.

    As far as lineman goes, how can anyone say they are impressed with the picks they have made?

  23. Macabrevity says:

    State champ in wrestling, fits the Cable mold here. It’s another classic case of the Hawk’s draft board not matching that of the analysts. I’ve been watching what’s available in terms of youtube tape, and he sure looks slow and stiff to me, but I guess Cable isn’t worried about a RS senior getting smoked by a freshman off the edge and was more interested in getting what looks to me like a Breno clone.

  24. bassnw says:

    Man, remember a few years ago before the “band wagoners” hopped on. There was some actual intelligent discussion and insight with knowledgeable posters. Oh well, the tyros are easy enough to ignore, but I miss the football people that used to post going back to the Sando days instead of the “how dare you question our FO” drones on here trying to be somebody.

  25. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Hopefully things will work out with this pick.
    Like almost all rookie OTs not named Robinson or Mathews he Probably won’t produce much this year.
    Time will tell.

  26. SRVHawk says:

    The people criticizing your posts are no “band wagoners”. If you want intelligent discussion then you might try to provide some. All you have provided is the same crap you could get from helmet-hair Kiper a few years ago. He’s been shamed into reserving judgement about the Hawks’ picks. Sadly you are too clueless to follow suit.

    Post what you want to. We have the right to call it out as garbage though. Keep vociferously criticizing the PC/JS whilst you flip burgers at McDonald’s at a mediocre level.

  27. SRVHawk says:

    BTW, if you’re going to criticize TYPOS, then maybe you shouldn’t call them “tyros”. LOL.

  28. bassnw says:

    Look up TYRO. You should recognize it. LOL

  29. SRVHawk says:

    *PC/JS drafts

  30. SRVHawk says:

    Nice. Never heard of a tyro. You learn something new every day. Too bad you are the tyro, never was, armchair, burger-flipping nobody that couldn’t carry PC’s or JS’s jock. No NFL team cares what you have to say. Especially a SB winning one. Humble yourself.

  31. Skavage says:

    Carp is heading back to RT and Britt is going to be the LG.

  32. pabuwal says:

    I have relied on this board over the years to educate me on the draft prospects, to learn what to look for in the draft, camp and the preseason.

    The folks who come in and say “trust PC or you are an idiot” generally provide nothing else regarding the specific player and in the end provide nothing to furthering the draft knowledge on this board.

  33. GeorgiaHawk says:


    I think you hit the nail on the here.
    It’s easy to get caught up in the pre – draft hype that espn and others spew at us constantly that when things don’t go according to their board some fans will freak out and start blaming the FO of their team.

    I take the wait and see approach now with the picks because the FO is so successful overall with the draft and has made this the model franchise of the NFL.

    Why any intelligent person can’t see this is beyond me.

  34. bassnw says:

    Skavage, is that a report or conjecture? Semi-terrifying if true.

  35. Skavage says:

    LOL…sorry about that. Was just sarcasm on my part. Didn’t mean to cause any heart attacks. :)

    On another note…I’ll hate myself for saying this but do you guys think it’s possible that Yankey will slide to us at 104?

  36. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    pabs although i somewhat agree with that there is always an exception…me.
    i trust the front office completely at this point as i feel we all should, they have made the Hawks champs. i think we forget that at this point they are looking for a guy to fill a role on this team or contribute more later.

    that said richardson put up 1300 yards with a crappy qb

    as was said britt most likely was not 100% senior year but still looked very good at times,a little coaching up and he might surprise.

    for those that think these are bad picks fine maybe they are but until these guys play we won’t know and we have been more often than not happy after the fact.

  37. bassnw says:

    I was thinking of him at our #64. I’d be surprised if he’s there but who knows. It would be nice.

  38. Skavage says:

    Oops. meant 108. Lost count of the moves I guess. But still, you think Yankey could drop to us? I like the kid a lot. And I especially like the idea of us getting another former Harblow recruit. Seems many of his players “hate” him by the time they leave and that little bit of an edge they carry is nice to see twice (or even three) times a year against SF. I mean what’s better than seeing another Doug Baldwin or Richard Sherman attitude? :)

  39. sluggo42 says:

    Blah, blah, blah….

  40. sluggo42 says:

    Well stated Georgia, let’s see after TC how good or bad the picks are…

  41. SRVHawk says:

    Criticizing the team, PC, and JS is fine. Why people don’t think it’s fine to criticize your criticism is beyond me though?

    “Again they try to prove they’re smarter than everyone with the top pick. Ridiculous. Can’t block, felony charges, ACL, drops too many passes. They should have kept trading down till we had every pick in the 7th.” -bassnw

    Insinuating that PC/JS are just trying to prove they are smarter than everyone else is asinine though. Why would they feel a need to conform to people with a website that can’t get hired as an NFL scout or other NFL teams? They took an old, mostly untalented roster and turned it into a SB winner in 4 years. The other teams and talking heads didn’t do that.

    Nobody here could’ve done that. If you truly think that you could’ve then you’re living in delusion. I certainly don’t think I could’ve. This team wouldn’t be a SB winner if it went by the prevailing “wisdom” of draft “experts” or this blog.

  42. bassnw says:

    This isn’t the same front office we had in years past. Our top personnel exec, Scot McCloughan, left a few weeks ago. He was Niners GM when they picked Willis, Bowman, Vernon Davis, Staley, Ahmad Brooks, Justin Smith. Obviously he knew what he was doing. He joined us in 2010.

    To replace him we hired ex-Miami GM Ireland. Generally regarded a failure with horrible drafts – that’s why he’s ex-GM.

    While the Hawks probably had their board pretty much set when McCloughan left, we don’t know how Ireland’s input was incorporated.

    As a Hawk fan since they were first established, I also hope for the best. But there are legitimate concerns and they should be considered before being disregarded “just because”.

  43. tealskin says:

    Think its perfectly fine that people are questioning the picks. What’s a blog for? Tough to watch them pass on higher rated players and then grab unknowns a couple of rounds early. Are Richardson and Britt so special that we should suspend all scepticism? Don’t think so. PC&JS aren’t infallible.

  44. bassnw says:

    Posted the above before reading SRVs post. Not meant to be a rebuttal – couldn’t care less abut his “opinions”.

  45. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I usually don’t respond to Seahawks criticism because I respect all opinions here if they are backed up with logic or reason.

    It’s usually the ridicules ones that I allow myself to get pulled into.

    Past drunk responses don’t count.


  46. freedom_X says:

    Anyone who has actually been on this blog for years knows that the Schneider/Carroll picks almost never align with the draftnik “ratings.” They are always picking people that draftniks have rated 2-4 rounds lower than Seattle actually picks them at.

    Seattle’s 2010 draft was the only one that got good reviews from draftniks and fans, and even then many people here were upset Seattle drafted Earl Thomas instead of Taylor Mays. (after all, Mays was much bigger and just as fast.)

    Last year, there was only one pick that was was acclaimed by fans (Jesse Williams) because he was a big name rated highly by draftniks. Guess which player of the 2013 draft contributed the least (and most of that class was basically getting redshirted.)

    Even the draftniks now moderate their criticism of Seattle’s drafts, unconventional though they may be, because of Seattle’s proven track record.

    I have no problem with people arguing that Seattle should have picked someone else. I just laugh at the “more highly rated” adjective.

    If you’ve done your own scouting and rated them more highly, awesome. Love to hear it and why.

    If you’re regurgitating draftnik “ratings” against the Seattle front office – who has the better track record? Picture Seattle’s roster made up of draftnik selections instead of their own. Then tell me there’s still a Lombardi trophy on display in Renton with the draftnik team.

    Seattle’s roster wasn’t built out of free agent signings, that’s for sure!

  47. SaigonSun says:

    Ok, lets wait and see how fast a 175 lbs receiver recovers after an NFL safety lays the wood on him…. or, how good is this Britt guy is going to protect our RW when Rams or Niners D comes at him. Rams are building an DL dynasty and we are collecting whatever to stop them. Should have moved back some more.
    My joke from few days ago about selecting and beefing up a kicker to play on OL might hold better than this Britt guy. I am very p-off right now. I expected much better than what we got in the ” richest draft in many years”.

  48. Rubydog says:

    Personal pissing matches on here are boring.

  49. SRVHawk says:

    I seem to disagree with you fairly frequently if memory serves freedom-x, but I think you just made the post of the night. Excellent.

  50. SRVHawk says:

    And I apologize to the blog for posting both perceived and real personal slights previously.

    I like to play armchair scout/GM and set up a draft for the Hawks as much as the next person on here. It just boggles my mind that people will still go crazy about the picks that Petey and Half Pint make. Every pick is surely not a winner, but if they haven’t earned your trust by now then they never will. At least wait until halfway through TC to wig out about the picks. We haven’t even seen them put on a NFL helmet yet.

  51. DanielleMND says:

    JC and PC aren’t infallible, but by now their track record should earn them the benefit of the doubt. They built a championship team by drafting their own way, not how experts or fans thought they should.

  52. DanielleMND says:

    *JS, but you knew who I meant.

  53. tealskin says:

    It would be a very boring site if everyone just rolled over and congratulated the FO about their decisions. They’ve made enough poor draft choices to remain open to being doubted on occasion. All the other talent evaluaters aren’t fools and can devote a lot more time to the job than I, or most of the rest of us. So I’m left to find experts that seem to know their stuff. I’m very appreciative of what the team has accomplished and value the freedom to doubt.

  54. Ray_Maines says:

    I’m OK with everybody that thinks JS&PC get a free pass for everything and I’m OK with the unclean infidels that don’t trust the brain trust for anything.

    I get a little frustrated with the goofballs that can’t seem to tolarate any differing opinion though. Come on guys, this is supposed to be a friendly give and take conversation. ‘K? Relax, it’s only football, it isn’t real life.

  55. doubledink says:

    When I consider the whole board I wonder how many prospects could actually win a starting job on this team? 20 or 25? No QB, RB, TE, CB or S could, not in this class. Several OL, and WR some DL, LB, but that wouldn’t be lots of guys. Some who could start elsewhere could not unseat a starter here due to talent or scheme.

    Thinking like that, I realize we are drafting backups and depth to compete for a starting roles of the future. Maybe that is some perspective needed.

  56. doubledink says:

    so true Ray, thanks

  57. doubledink says:

    watch NFL Network’s video clip with Mayock’s comments on Britt. He nods the cap to PC/JS. Pretty funny

  58. The Twins have built their draft reputation on the Defense – they have been mediocre at drafting on the offensive side of the ball and the guys that “Cable really liked” scare me to death – One is already out of football and they other is eating his way out and not getting a cheap team option picked up. Where are the rest of the hits on offense??

    RW – Big hit
    and. . . . .. . chirp chirp waiting for those offensive draft picks that are busting out for us . . . .. .

    I trust they are going to put a good team on the field but the margin of error is so thin and they have been on the wrong side of that margin alot when they draft on the offensive side of the ball.

    As far as the defense goes – it will be interesting to see now that other teams are trying to copy the hawks style, will they be able to get those guys that just FIT here but maybe not in other places. .. or will they be playing on other teams now.

  59. For me, the main concern is that they addressed both the offensive line and the wide receiver positions with the first two picks.

    I haven’t heard of either of them, but I have since learned that Britt was the SEC all star at left tackle. The wide out can return kicks. Both are at positions of need. Are they good? Or are the draft analysis’s smarter than our front office? Good question. We will see.

  60. Southendzone says:

    ugh… i’m not saying I know better than the fron office, but this draft sucks balls from a fans perspective.

  61. snoopy123 says:

    i wish they would have drafted Joel Pitonio w/ 32 and waited for Richardson at 64. I bet they could have got Richardson at 64 if they waited.

    It seems very clear to me that coaches think very highly of Benson Mayowa, Scruggs, and Irvin. DeMarcus Lawrence was right on the board and he could have definitely been viable replacement for Chris Clemons.

    I’d be very curious to see who is in that pass rush rotation next year.

  62. snoopy123 says:

    xcman, you could say Okung was a good pickup. Luke Willson was good too. Michael looks really good. I wouldn’t say they are bad at evaluating talent, i would say they are so so. Carp and Moffit alone are both really good reasons to be skeptical though. lol

  63. Okung was good – but unfortunately injury risk – Willson is still a role player we will see how it progresses

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