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Schneider: ‘We saw value in the trade’

Post by Todd Dybas / The News Tribune on May 9, 2014 at 12:24 am with 71 Comments »
May 9, 2014 12:24 am

Here’s a transcript of our brief meeting with John Schneider Thursday night:

Did it unfold as you expected it with a QB there at the end of the first round? “That’s exactly what we were hoping for. We were talking to an number of teams down there at the end, and Minnesota stayed with it so we did it with them.”

How tempted were you to take a player there at No. 32? “There were some good players there. But we had the opportunity to grab another pick, another fourth-round pick. We saw value in the trade and just excited to pick tomorrow. Now you just have to see how tomorrow goes.”

Did you have a pool of players still at 40? “Oh yeah.”

Seemed like other teams in early the second round that needed QBs. Big market for that pick? “I think we talked to five or six teams.”

Familiarity with Minnesota from previous trades. Does that help? “It definitely helps. We have a great relationship with those guys, Rick and George. Matt Thomas used to work with those guys, and we’ve done several trades with them. That definitely helps. There’s just a lot going on. It just worked out perfect right there at the end because they were just adamant about picking their guy.”

Philosophy on having players left in your pool at 40? Do you still have some on your board you think will be there? “We have a number of players that are suitable for that pick at 32 that we feel would be suitable at 40 as well. There are several guys we hope will be there tomorrow, but if somebody comes tomorrow with something we can’t turn down then we’ll look at that as well.”

Likely scenario for you guys today? “I was hoping so. Just the way our second and third rounds looked, I think you saw all those players at the top that everybody is talking about all the time. We saw all those players leave and just kind of watched them all go. But we had a couple players that were interested in.”

On the feeling of picking last in the first round: “It was awesome, it really was. Like I told everybody in the room before we started, there is a reason this is going to be hard tonight but it’s great. We accomplished a lot this last year and hope to be picking late every year.’’

Thoughts on what the teams in the NFC West did: “Yeah, I thought they all did a great job. You look at St. Louis, and I mean their nickel package now is going to be ridiculous. Got a road grader at tackle, they just did a great job. Arizona, I mean they all did a great job. I told Steve Keim to pick a punter but he didn’t do it.’’

On if they paid attention to the Manziel drama: “We listen to music in there so we don’t have the TV on but when he got picked we turned it up to see what the fans were doing and everything. He’s an exciting guy. It will be interesting to see how it works out. I know they were really excited, talked to those guys right afterward and they were pumped he was there.’’

On if their draft board is changed now based on anything that happened tonight: “No, it hasn’t changed.’

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  1. SandpointHawk says:


  2. CDHawkFan says:

    I guess its a good sign that they feel they can gamble a bit and not have to use the #32 pick to upgrade any one position. I was sure they would go OT and it seems like a big risk to gamble for a 4th round pick. So I assume they feel okay with Bowie and Bailey, that Moses or Bitonio aren’t that much better than what we have to allow them to pick up a 4th rounder.

    Heard that the Hawks war room seemed upset when NE took Easley. That is even more of a bummer when you think that Quinn had him at Florida and must have been super high on him. While DT is a need, I don’t see it like some other positions because we have 3 guys that didn’t play/much last year in Scruggs, Williams, Hill. Would have been nice to cash in on that insider knowledge if he truly was the guy.

    Did not see all the DB coming, seems a lot of experts had that wrong. Maybe following the LOB.

    Hoping someone with more knowledge than me can break down what is in front of the Hawks/what to except the teams sitting 33-39 to do when looking at their needs.

    I still think we go OT, maybe WR with #40, but how many others in front of us need OT/WR?

  3. Kingpear says:

    Nix, Lee, Sua-Filo, Kouandijo, Jernigan, Lawrence, Robinson, Ealy, Moses all left on the board. One of them will be available at 40. Also, there are a lot of good players in the 100 zone. Schofield, abbrederis, Richardson, Hart all should be picked around then. Not as sexy as a first rounder but good value. Nice job JS!

  4. pabuwal says:

    They had 5 or 6 teams looking for a franchise QB under a cheap contract and the fabled 5th year option and that’s all they got?

    Why can’t these guys make Spielman overpay for once? Spielman always gets great value dealing with thr Seahawks.

  5. CDHawkFan says:


    AZ went from 20 to 27 and picked up a late 3rd (91).

    We traded back 8 spots from 32 and picked up 108.

    Even if you tack on the 12 spots (20 to 32) to the 91 where AZ landed, that comes in at 103, so that is close on its own. Also facter in the value at 20 is much greater than 32, so 108 seems about right/consistant.

  6. chuck_easton says:

    OK, I’ll be the first to say it now.

    Seattle will trade the 40th pick, move farther back in the 2nd, and get another 5th or 6th rounder.

    My pick is in.

  7. chuck_easton says:

    And Pabs,

    If you go to buy a new car and afterwards find out you overpaid, do you go back to that dealership for your next car?

    Seattle and the Vikings have a good working relationship. That means they both come away with value.

    What that means is in future trades, and there will be trades we know this about Schneider, Seattle can always talk with Minnesota.

  8. pabuwal says:

    The Browns wanted a franchise QB and the Eagles made them pay up. The Eagles far exceeded the draft value chart.

    The Vikings wanted a franchise QB, supposedly had to bid against 5 other teams and actually paid less than the value chart.

    The Eagles traded outside of the conference so they probably won’t get hurt and the Seahawks gift might come back and bite them.

  9. GeorgiaHawk says:

    There were other teams interested however not enough to get in a bidding war with the Vikings.

  10. shoehawks says:

    It is a little disappointing to not have come away with something from the first round; but I have seen too much of Schneider by now to doubt what he does. I remember saying “Who is Richard Sherman, and is he really worth a 5th round pick?” In Schneider we trust…looking forward to 2 (or three) quality picks today.

  11. banosser says:

    NOT Kouandijo please… OU made him look exactly like Carp..

  12. HawkfaninMT says:

    I am still floored that marquise Lee is still on the board! Get that man!

  13. FleaFlicker says:

    Can somebody clarify the terms of that trade?

    Did we get an additional 2nd round pick, or just move from #64 to #40?

  14. yankinta says:

    Man,, when NE took Easley,, I was thinking to myself,, I really hope this isn’t another Richard Seymour,, when NE took him right before our pick several years ago… smh…

    Then I found out we really wanted him!! :(

  15. banosser says:

    We now have both 40 and 64

  16. pabuwal says:

    You must be thinking about Marcus Tubbs and Vince Wolfork. The Seahawks wanted Wolfork and the Pats traded up to grab him right before the Seahawks.

  17. BobbyK says:

    Just because there were 5-6 other teams interested doesn’t mean they were willing to give anything to move up to #32. It’s like shopping at Wal-Mart. If you see a good deal on sale, you might buy it. But if it weren’t on sale, you’d pass. I’d be all for the Seahawks trading their first two picks to Atlanta so we could have taken Matthews but that would have been if the Falcons were willing to get much less value for their pick in return.

  18. BobbyK says:

    Tubbs was absolutely worth the pick. At the time of the draft, the front office knew nothing of his future knee injuries.

  19. pabuwal says:

    When teams like Buffalo and Cleveland overpaid last night, do you think their were other teams offering a similar haul or did their trading partners sense desperation and apply the screws? Kind of like Spielman did to the Seahawks in the Harvin trade?

  20. yankinta says:

    pabuwal,, no I was thinking Richard Seymour. We really needed a DT and Richard was whom we were targeting and whom was top on my wish list…. and NE took him just 3 picks ahead of us…

  21. banosser says:

    Supposedly SF was also in on Harvin.. if in seriousness or to just drive the price up.. I’ll take 3 healthy yrs from Harvin and be totally content

  22. pabuwal says:

    But do you think the 49ers were going to trade the picks AND then pay Harvin that massive contract? They just about never pay for players from other teams.

  23. HawkfaninMT says:

    Easely was the guy I wanted, and mocked, to the Hawks. I was as bummed as anybody when NE took him. I was convinced he was who the Hawks wanted. Then I had a second and some clarity. Its a downer that we missed out on him, but come to find out, the Niners wanted him too. So bummer we missed out on him, but at least he is in the AFC, not the NFCW!

  24. rbuzby says:

    The Seahawks needed more picks. It makes sense to get an additional pick just for dropping from #32 to #40.

  25. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    will take any of the top 10 prospects left on board with exception of carr.

    nice that we all have trust in FO enough to know they won’t hit them all but enough to keep this team great.

  26. yankinta says:

    HawkfaninMT,, yeah, that’s the same thought that I had which made me feel better… :)

  27. What do guys think of Stephon Tuitt, DT, Notre Dame – seems like a good fit – Run stopper with some athleticism.

  28. grizindabox24 says:

    I am not sure the Hawks would have taken Easley at 32 if he were there, but it probably would have taken a better offer for them to move the pick. Everyone knew how much JS likes to deal down and get more picks, and it would have been more of a shock if they actually did make the pick.

  29. CDHawkFan says:

    This is from an updated mock on (done today)

    33. Houston Texans – Louis Nix, NT, Notre Dame

    34. Washington Redskins – Joel Bitonio, OL, Nevada

    35. Cleveland Browns – Cody Latimer, WR, Indiana

    36. Oakland Raiders – Derek Carr, QB, Fresno State

    37. Atlanta Falcons – Kony Ealy, DE, Missouri

    38. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Cyrus Kouandjio, OT, Alabama

    39. Jacksonville Jaguars – Marqise Lee, WR, USC

    40. Seattle Seahawks – Timmy Jernigan, DT, Florida State

    64. Seattle Seahawks – Stanley Jean-Baptiste, CB, Nebraska

  30. CDHawkFan says:

    I would hope Houston takes a QB
    The Browns might look at RB now that Richardson is gone
    Maybe someone else jumps up to take a QB before our pick

    If those happen, then maybe its possible to grab a Lee, Latimer, or Bitonio at 40.

    Maybe the cbs mock is crap, I don’t see the hawks picking a CB that early.

  31. yankinta says:

    grizindabox24,, then you really need to read my post at 7:05AM and click on that link….

    CDHawkFan,, I would like us to get Cody Latimer or Joel Bitonio with 40th overall pick…. And trade our 64th pick for a 3rd pick and 2015 3rd round pick…..

  32. grizindabox24 says:

    I think the Hawks go OL/DL with 40 and 64…it is all about the trenches

  33. This is the CB I think they get in round 4— Walt Aikens, CB, Liberty (112): 6-foot 5/8, 203 pounds, 4.49 40

  34. grizindabox24 says:

    yank, I read all the Easley-Hawks info, but I am still not sold that they would have made the pick. I agree that Easley is the guy that really intrigued them at 32, but JS still would have looked at moving down. When NEP took Easley, then the decision was made. We will really never know as I doubt you will get anyone from the Hawks to confirm or deny the reports, and as we all know, their is more misinformation about the draft than actual good information.

  35. yankinta says:

    lol,, why would they give out misinformation about that? what purpose would that serve?? smh…

    If you believe that tweet, definitely would have picked him. And I do and I would have loved that pick cuz people were comparing him to Sheldon Richardson (even better than Sheldon Richardson),, btw SR was DROY last year.

  36. grizindabox24 says:

    yank, maybe the Hawks do see DT as the need position and with Easley gone they believe that Sutton is the next highest ranked DT on their board and there is a huge drop after that. If they confirm this, then other teams can see that if they want Sutton, they will have to move ahead of the Hawks. But if the Easley talk is misinformation, the Hawks can use it as an advantage. My point is that the Hawks may have been all over Easley, but it just as well could have been smoke. And even if Easley was a guy that really intrigued them, I can’t see them saying so. If you watched JS after during his presser, he stayed far away from sharing any information…because they don’t want to tip other teams.

  37. FleaFlicker says:

    You have to think that Houston and Oakland still have a need for a QB. Carr is probably a guaranteed pick by either of those two teams. So that leaves us waiting for only six (maybe even five) other non-QB players to come off the board. This is a pretty good place to be for Seattle.

    Just please don’t pick Kouandijo, last thing we need is another Alabama lineman with knee problems.

  38. BobbyK says:

    It’s kind of hard to get a team to overpay when you pick at 32, no?

  39. grizindabox24 says:

    I also don’t understand why people would consider picks for next year either. This draft is deep and the Hawks will have more picks next year with comp selections. Any move down this year will be for more picks this year.

  40. Pabuwal is right about the Hawks not getting much value out of the trade.

    Cleveland moved up from 26 to 22, which is a difference of 80 points on the draft value chart. They sent Philly a pick worth 175 points.

    Minnesota moved up from 40 to 32, which is a difference of 90 points on the draft value chart. They sent us a pick worth 78 points.

    Still, if you want to move down all you can do is take the best deal offered. It seems like everyone knew Seattle wanted to move out of that spot, and nobody wanted Bridgewater enough to overpay. I think it’s still a good trade considering the Hawks didn’t see a player that stood out from the group. And there are a lot of depth needs (OL, LB, backup safety, etc).

  41. grizindabox24 says:

    eas, maybe that just demonstrates how poorly managed (desperate) the Browns are?

  42. Southendzone says:

    There’s nothing wrong with this trade. Both teams get what they want. Yeah ideally if we could have gotten our 3rd back from them instead of their 4th that would have been better. No worries, we all knew this would happen.

  43. blocis says:

    The draft value chart is one thing – but even if the chart value is off by a small amount, the Seahawks get the value they wanted – an extra choice. The extra pick might be a home run or might be a dud, but the opportunity to find out is the value.

  44. PugetHawk says:

    I don’t think the Seahawks would have traded #32 if they wanted Marqise Lee because there is a good chance he won’t be there at #40. It seemed like he should have come out last year and been a top 10 pick.

  45. freedom_X says:

    Bob Condotta thinks the story of Seattle being deflated @ losing Easley is a bit overblown. Characterized it as possibly more of a New England plant story to make the pick look even better.

    I doubt Seattle had all these better offers for #32 and chose to take a lesser offer. If there wasn’t a better offer, then they did the best they could. They don’t have anyone who can do a Jedi mind trick to make them pay more.

    Seattle just hasn’t been lucky enough to deal with a desperate, dumb team. The guys that set themselves up for lots of picks are usually getting future picks. That’s something Seattle doesn’t do that much of.

  46. PugetHawk says:

    The value that the Hawks received for trading down is only worth what the market was willing to pay. If the player the Hawks were going to draft at #32 is going to be there at #40 then why not get the free 4th round pick.
    If no one is willing to give the Hawks more than a 4th rounder then that’s what the market says the trade is worth. We don’t know the specific offers that the Hawks were weighing so we have no idea what the market value was.

  47. doubledink says:

    If they wanted Lee they would have taken him. The WR position is so deep they know they will get good value at WR later. The same reason only the cream of the WR crop went first round. Teams took the scarcer trench guys while they were available and are willing to wait for value pick WRs. The dropoff on linemen is greater than on WRs this year.

  48. blocis says:

    There are so many good players available at positions we need, that I know we are going to get excellent picks at #40 and #64.

    In no particular order
    Kony Ealy
    Demarcus Lawrence
    Stephon Tuitt
    Rashede Hageman
    Timmy Jernigan
    Louis Nix
    Xavier S’us Filo
    Gabe Jackson
    Trai Turner
    Morgan Moses
    Jack Mewhort
    Antonio Richardson
    Joel Bitonio
    Allen Robinson
    Marquis Lee
    Cody Latimer
    Jordan Mathews
    Donte Moncrief

    So many in fact, that another trade down would be awesome.

  49. BobbyK says:

    I can’t believe how stupid our front office is. Pabuwal should be running the team. He would have gotten the Vikings to throw in a dozen more high picks in that deal.

  50. blocis says:

    I know WR is a fun pick, but I think with Harvin, Rice, Baldwin, Kearse, Lockette and Mathews, we wait until round 4 to pull the trigger on a WR.

  51. blocis says:

    Who cares about a difference of 12 on the draft value chart?

    We will (likely) get the same player we wanted at #32 AND another pick early in the 4th round.

  52. pabuwal says:

    Who wanted it more – the Vikings getting a franchise QB on the cheap or the Seahawks getting an extra 4th round pick?

    It should have been the Vikings given their QB situation. But it wasn’t. You’d figure at least they could have gotten their 3rd round pick back to come out slightly ahead on the deal.

    Spielman just saved his job. Carroll and Schneider are incredible talent evaluators, even better talent developers but mediocre deal makers and negotiatiors. It’s probably because they are such good guys and don’t feel the need to go for the kill when a fellow executive’s blood is in the water.

    Obviously being the best talent evaluator/developer wins Lombardis while the other quality doesn’t. So all things considered, if being a mediocre deal maker is part of the Lombardi package, that’s not such a bad thing.

  53. They need to hire you and to do all of their negotiating for them and then we’d be unstoppable.

  54. grizindabox24 says:

    I can’t believe how many people are moaning about getting an additional 4th.

  55. yankinta says:

    pabuwal,, I love what we got for our 32nd pick in trade value but you have may a point in our FO not getting the best value out of trading in general… I hated what we gave up for Charlie Whitehurst!!

  56. grizindabox24 says:

    Over the cap seems to like it

    The Trades
    We went over the salary cap considerations that should go into trades the other day so let’s see how these all worked out. We’ll assume that the teams will virtually guarantee the first year salary of the mid round selections to get a better look at those players when calculating the numbers.

    The Knockout
    The Bills traded away two 1s and a 4 to move up 5 slots for WR Sammy Watkins. If we assume that the Browns get the 16th pick next year in the trade Cleveland will be paying $536,261 in guarantees per expected value with the risk diversified over three picks. The Bills will pay $772,698 for Watkins, who plays at one of the riskiest positions to draft. This is a trade that can get a GM fired.

    And the Winner Is…
    The Eagles picked up a third round pick from the Browns to move from 22 to 26 in the first round. Those third rounders have solid value and the Eagles will pay just $358,000 in guarantees per value point compared to $510,000 for the Browns, which assumes Johnny Manziel gets a small guarantee bump because he’s a QB. Its likely because he was taken at 22 he may get his entire contract guaranteed which makes it even more expensive for Cleveland if that occurs.
    The Seahawks seem to have a new trading friend in the Vikings and they gave them their first round pick to drop to 40 while grabbing a mid rounder as well. Assuming a slight QB premium the Vikings will pay, they will be in the ballpark of $470,000 in guarantees per expected value compared to just $248,000 for the Seahawks. Minnesota may not have a had a choice here if they were afraid of the Texans grabbing Bridgewater in the next round, so they need the 5th year option to be exercised to make the trade worthwhile.

    Too Close to Call
    New Orleans moved up seven slots for an additional third rounder sent to Arizona. The position the Saints picked is a bit riskier, but financially this works for both sides. New Orleans pays about $540,000 per expected value while the Cardinals will pay $530,000. That is about as fair as a trade in the NFL can be.
    The Browns moved up one spot with the Vikings and threw in a mid round pick. Cleveland will pay $599,696 in guarantees per value while the Vikings will be at $554,792. That is close enough in value to call it a good trade for both sides.

  57. TallyHawk says:

    With their ability to identify and most importantly develop talent does it really matter that much if it’s a 3rd, 4th or even 5th round pick? To make it out like they got absolutely fleeced seems a bit much IMO. They wanted to add another pick, mission accomplished.

  58. The “draft chart” is pretty out dated now with the rookie salary scale . .

  59. pabuwal says:

    I thought the draft chart was more meaningful because of the rookie scale. Before it, no one wanted a top 10 pick and now they are gold.

    If not going for blood is part of how Schneider and Carroll treat people and live their life than I think that’s great. I think their is room for that in football and not enough good guys like that in the NFL.

    However, when they apply that same principle to Rick Spielman, I hate it. This is a man who has screwed the Seahawks at every opportunity and I would like to see him out of a job. That chance is probably gone now.

    While most of you guys despise Bill Leavy and the Steelers, I don’t. They weren’t looking to purposefully apply the screws. Spielman on the other hand…

  60. grizindabox24 says:

    Guess they should have demanded the Vikes 1st next year…

  61. freedom_X says:

    Seattle had their pick ready to go. How many minutes did Seattle have left on the clock? You can argue Minnesota should have been so desperate, they’d have given us a 2015 #1.

    But like our own team, there’s a max value they set on a player. I doubt Bridgewater was so highly valued they could have squeezed a ransom from Minnesota. If Minnesota had loved him that much as a QB, they would have either picked him with their original 1st rounder or traded down from their #8 spot. Lots of opportunities to do that.

    That tells you how “vital” Bridgewater was to their planning.

  62. pabuwal says:

    Kind of like when the Seahawks waited all the way to the third round to draft Russell Wilson, right?

  63. HawkfaninMT says:

    I agree with the trade as long as whomever they would have taken at 32 is still there at 40. Anything gotten beyond that is gravy. A 1st would have been great! A 4th works too!

  64. Mr. Happy got him in the third. Stupid Schneider wanted him earlier.

  65. FleaFlicker says:

    We’ll know if this is a great pick in about six months.

    If that extra fourth rounder is a stud, this is a great trade. If not, it’s just another roll of the dice, which is all the draft is anyway. I like having more rolls than less. In JS I trust!

  66. You don’t think Schneider took the best offer he had? I did hear he had 2 phones up to his ear at the same time. My impression was that he took the best offer he had. His other option was going ahead with the 32nd pick but I think he felt the 40th was just about as good and he was also able to add 108. Its hard to 2nd guess when you don’t have all the details.

  67. freedom_X says:

    Yes, exactly the way Seattle waited until the 3rd round to draft Russell Wilson. If Seattle *knew* Wilson was going to be as good as he was, and they *knew* someone was going to take Wilson in the 2nd or even the 1st, then Seattle would have had to make a blockbuster move which would have been ridiculed at the time.

    But Seattle set the value on Wilson and let him fall. That’s what a good front office does. They know the market value and have a excellent notion of what other teams can do.

    The Vikings did the same thing. If Minnesota valued Bridgewater so highly that they would have paid more, then Seattle didn’t know about it. Nor does anyone on this blog, BTW.

    Minnesota calculated his market value accurately and knew no one else was going to grab him before the 32nd pick. So they paid the standard price.

    If anyone knew Minnesota was in love with Bridgewater and would have paid double the price, make a prediction before the draft. That seems to be the popular thing to do lately.

  68. Audible says:

    I’d love to spend a day in the war room with Carroll and Schneider and company…

    I seriously doubt they pay much attention to the draft value chart, mock drafts, etc…because there are far too many variables for it to be an accurate predictor of player success.

    Take any of those players selected in the top 10…

    What if they had chosen a different college program, different coaches, players around them, a totally different vibe…what if they had selected a school based on on-campus fast-food or family tradition…or chosen a team with the wrong scheme to maximize their potential…Most of the guys in the draft have some pretty outlandish physical talent…but they need to be in the right environment with the right coaching staff, scheme, discipline, supporting players, chemistry, timing, etc for things to fall together so they make headlines and attract national attention.

    Would Mathews and Evans have gone at #6 and #7 if it weren’t for Manziel? Your coaching and teammates can make or break you…What if Marqise Lee, Allen Robinson, or Cody Latimer had chosen Texas A&M – Would they still be on the board?

    That’s why it doesn’t matter if we gave up 70 points to add another pick…it means we have another shot at finding a Sherman, Wilson, Bennett, Tate, etc…

    The draft is a numbers game…and the number of players you draft is every bit as important, if not more so, as the order in which you pick them.

    In order for natural selection (I mean competition) to work, you gotta have enough players. I hope they trade down some more.

  69. grizindabox24 says:

    Niners just dealt for Stevie Johnson

  70. CDN_C_Hawk says:

    Since its the team wanting to move up, will usually pay a little extra for for moving up, I think the Hawks should have got their original 3rd round pick back (96). Pick 32 is worth 590 ,and for that we got (40) worth 500 pts and (108) 78 points. We concede 12 points, but (96) is 116 points , which would have had Hawks plus 26 pts. Vikings move up 7 picks, but the difference is 11 picks (comp picks) from (96) to (108)

    One kid that keeps impressing me more and more, that I think will, be “Steve Largent” like is Jared Abberdaris…sneaky fast, sure hands, smart route runner. ask Russell.

  71. SandpointHawk says:

    @Audible, oh yes you nailed that one. “I’d love to spend a day in the war room with Carroll and Schneider and company…”

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