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Richardson: ‘I figured it out when the general manager called me’

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May 11, 2014 12:46 am

Here’s what Paul Richardson had to say:

(On where is he at right now….) “I’m California right now with my family. My parents are here. My aunts and uncles, my cousins, my close friends, my trainers, everyone is here. All of them are having a great time. They are just enjoying each other right now kind of off to the side.”

(On if he knew that Seattle was this interested in him…) “I figured it out when the general manager called me. I was pretty much on the fence about everything just letting everything happen and going with the flow and watching receivers come off the board just waiting on my name to be called.”

(On if he had a visit here in Seattle during the process…) “No. I met with the team psychologist a month or so ago, and that was a great experience. He was just letting me know what the expectations were with their organization and he felt that I would be able to fit in. I had been in contact with Matt Berry, but yeah that’s pretty much the most I’ve been in touch with the Seahawks.”

(On how does he feel heading to the Super Bowl Champion Seattle Seahawks…)
“I’m so appreciative right now, I’m so blessed with this opportunity, I’m still like excited. It hit me, but it hasn’t hit me. I’m just overwhelmed right now in a good way.”

(On if USC had recruited him at all when he was in high school…) “Yeah definitely. My sophomore year in high school Coach Pete Carroll offered me after UCLA, Coach Carroll with a USC offer the next day.”

(On what is the fastest he’s ever been timed in the 40-yard dash…) “The fastest electric time that I have ran was a 4.28.”

(On if he can describe what type of wide receiver he is…) “I think I’m just a play maker. A guy that likes to stretch the defense and likes to make plays underneath and over the top of defenses, and do it consistently.”

(On what is he weighing right now…) “During college I played anywhere from 158 to 161. I weigh 183 right now and I’m a lot heavier than I was when I played my last game November 30.”

(On what has he done to put on his weight…) “You have a better diet. You don’t eat much at my school. We didn’t eat a whole lot, but I’m eating a lot now, I’m eating a lot healthier. My strength coach is on me all of the time. He’s making sure I’m eating properly, and I’m doing it without creatine or anything like that. It’s all natural, so it’s all weights and food.”

(On if he’s been working on some return stuff this offseason…) “Definitely. I really enjoy returning. I did a lot at Colorado and I would love to get the opportunity to do it again at the next level because I enjoyed it and it’s really fun. It’s another way to change the game.”

(On how is he knee now…) “My knee hasn’t been an issue since I took my brace off. I’ve been blessed to be able to bounce back from my injury fairly fast and it’s been serving me well.”

(On who is his favorite professor at Colorado…) “My favorite professor would have to be Chris Ingraham. He was one of my communication professors and he was on me about knowing how to speak well, how to speak under pressure, and how to speak at random times when I don’t know when I’m about to speak to be able to step up, gather myself and be able to present myself well. So I really appreciate him for challenging me.”

(On what areas does he need to improve on as a player…) “I think I definitely could get stronger, and with getting stronger I think that’s going to make me a better blocker and that’s another area of improvement. As a receiver I could always polish my routes and work on how to create space from defenders at the next level because I know it’s not going to be easy as it was in college.”

(On when he made the decision to leave Colorado early was this about where he figured he would go in the draft…) “Yeah definitely. I knew that I wasn’t a top five guy, I wasn’t a top ten guy, but I knew that I brought a lot to the table and my coaches encouraged me that I was making the right decision about taking that next step and to believe in myself and train hard. All of the questions I would be able to answer with my skillset and with my play once I got to the next level starting with the combine.”

(On with all of the different coaching changes at Colorado was he asked to do different things along the way and did that prevent him from doing things he would like to do…) “I think it actually helped me. It was hard to keep those different relationships with the different coaching staffs because when you do get a new coaching staff you kind of look at those guys as uncles and father figures or maybe older brothers if they are young coaches. I was able to play in a pro-style offense, I was able to play in the pistol, I was able to play in the spread so I played in multiple offenses and I think that is going to help me and that is going to carry over in the NFL.”

(On what does he remember about the game against the Huskies…) “I remember we got beat pretty bad. It was upsetting, especially for the young quarterback, and all I could do on the sideline and every time I got a chance is tell him that they’re not going to pull him and just continue to play. That’s all I was worried about. Most of the time when we were losing in the second half of the season I would always try to talk to the young guy and make sure his head was in the game.”

(On when did he run his 4.28…) “I ran that on January 3 out here in California the first day of my combine training when they were getting evaluations.”

(On how does he feel the extra weight has affected his speed…) “I don’t think it has really affected my speed because I have been getting stronger as well as with gaining weight. I didn’t run as well as I would’ve liked to at the combine with the four days off because I was so used to training every day, every day and then you don’t get that same training. Doing starts in the hallway isn’t the same as being on the field so I didn’t have very good carryover, but I’m proud of what I was able to do and I’m proud of my training. I did run a 4.33 I wanted it to be a lot faster.”

(On his thoughts about going against Richard Sherman in practice…) “I can’t wait, I’m looking forward to it. He’s the best in the league and he’s going to continue to be that guy for years to come. I plan on challenging myself and I know he wants to challenge me each and every day. That’s going to make our team better going against and challenging each other every day. That’s going to help me grow.”

(On if he talked to John Schneider or Pete Carroll at the combine…) “No I didn’t talk to them at the combine.”

(On if he sees similarities in himself and Percy Harvin…)
“Definitely. I think Percy is very, very gifted and I think I bring similar dynamics to the game. I’m not as big as Percy is, but I’m very explosive well and like to make plays just as he does.”

(On if he played outside mostly at Colorado…)
“I played outside and inside and I think that’s another thing that is going to help me.”

(On what kind of communication has he had with Marquis Lee and Robert Woods…)
“We have a friendly rivalry. Robert and I grew up together, we’ve been playing sports together since we were seven, baseball and football. Marquis and I played basketball with and against each other since we were young kids in AAU. As soon as Marqise drafted I tweeted him and he got back to me, and as soon as I got drafted he called me and congratulated me and he’s getting back in town in the morning. We have a really good relationship, we like to challenge each other, and since Marqise finished with the combine training he just started working out with my personal receiver coach down her in Orange County right outside of Los Angeles. So we train together now.”

(On his thought on working with Russell Wilson…)
“Man he’s such a dynamic quarterback. I can’t wait to start catching passes with him. I know he’s a very smart quarterback. He can make plays and make throws from the pocket and he can use his legs to improvise a little bit and make plays down the field still, or if he needs to he’ll run. So I like the way he plays, I like that he’s a dual threat quarterback, but I know he’s a pass first type of guy and I appreciate that.”

(On if he was told that he needed to gain weight to play in the NFL…)
“I definitely realized that I needed to gain weight from my coaches in college and then in my training. Once I started gaining weight I noticed how much more confident I was becoming with gaining weight and how comfortable I was with my body. It’s been fluid for me.”

(On if there are any concerns at all about his durability in the NFL…)
“I don’t have any concerns. I never had any issues with an injury because of lack of size or anything. The one thing that I did have was a freak accident. I’m looking forward to having a healthy and durable career in the NFL.”

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  1. BobbyK says:

    I’m certainly looking forward to watching this guy make plays. I do hope he can take over as the PR because that’s an area where a superfast dude like this can have an impact as a rookie. I expect him to make a few nice plays this season, but also expect him to not be much of a factor in the passing game for weeks on end but am definitely looking forward to him at WR in ’15. You can’t teach/coach speed like his and I’m glad Wilson now has a guy who can get deep. And, please, nobody post how Harvin is fast so that makes him a deep threat (he’s got a proven track record that he’s not a “deep threat” even though he’s about as fast as they come).

  2. BobbyK says:

    From watching what I’ve seen of him since we took him a few hours ago (not knowing much prior to it), it’s comforting to see him seem to play a lot faster with that speed than Deon Butler did from his Penn State and Seahawks days since they are both kind of tall but skinny and fast guys. Butler was the slowest yet supposedly fast guy I’ve about ever seen.

  3. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    really like this kid, think he fits a mold for who they want. really like that he is up to 183 already

  4. grizindabox24 says:

    JS stated that Richardson would have been the pick at 32

  5. Screensmoke says:

    He truly does remind me exactly of Dashawn Jackson – Amazing under the Radar- PH and little rich on the field together – options= speed speed SPEED-Nice!!

  6. Audible says:

    Check out his highlights on Youtube….love the pick!

    I disagree and think he has a chance to contribute on offense right away. Great separation, YAC, elusiveness, hands…He also provides some insurance so we don’t necessarily have to change a game plan if Percy can’t go….

    Wow, only a 4.33 at the combine…no wonder so many readers on here are ticked off. Can’t wait to see our rocket package with Percy, C. Michael, and Richardson.

    Especially in the 4th quarter after we’ve beaten the donkey dung out of an opponent by playing smash-mouth ball for three quarters.

  7. BobbyK says:

    Audible – Many have said that he’s a bit like DeSean Jackson and Jackson is one of the rare WRs that actually had an impact in his rookie year. I hope you’re right.

  8. Stevos says:

    On film, he reminds me of Deion Butler. Not the Deion Butler at Penn State, Richardson is much better than that. I’m thinking of the Deion Butler who was just starting to break out in his third year with the Seahawks, about to become a star, tremendous speed, moves no CB can deal with… and then shattered his leg and he was never the same. Richardson has everything Butler had and probably more.

  9. Stevos says:

    The 49ers defense is in no way prepared for Percy Harvin and Richardson on the field at the same time. Way too much speed for them to handle.

  10. doubledink says:

    (On if there are any concerns at all about his durability in the NFL…) “I don’t have any concerns.

    Lol, that’s why the Marines like young men. “What could possibly go wrong?”

    This kid is special fast. I hope he is durable.

  11. doubledink says:

    This kid will do our punt return team good.

  12. jawpeace says:

    his thoughts about going against Richard Sherman in practice…

    “I am ready to hear some trash talk. Sherm will say something like, “Your sorry ass is wasting my time. Wasting my time. Now rook this is what you need to do better….”

  13. freedom_X says:

    I don’t remember any of Deon Butler’s moves (at least the ones no corner could handle.) I remember he was starting to do some things, but I have to admit I didn’t see a burgeoning superstar whose wings were clipped.

    I am suspicious that he can put on that much weight in a short time and retain his speed and agility. His combine weight was about 175, so he’s added 8+ more lbs since then. The drain of a season might cause him to lose the weight again.

    But then, what does DeShawn Jackson weigh? Joey Galloway was 185lb. max (though he had a very sturdy build.)

    If Richardson is the deep threat for this team, he won’t need to be 200+ lbs. It would be great if he becomes a complete receiver who can go over the middle and be a red-zone threat, but if he can just back the secondary 5 more yards off the line of scrimmage, in respect of his ability to run deep routes, Richardson will pay off.

    I’ve heard Seattle would really love to throw deep much more often – they do it all the time in practice – but they do it by holding the ball to let the pattern develop. For that to work, they need the receiver(s) who can get open deep and the O-line to give Wilson time to hold the ball. Seattle has had neither consistently, and certainly not last year.

  14. Ray_Maines says:

    I’ve read a thousand posts. All I can really say at this point is …

    Go ‘Hawks!

  15. VicHawk says:

    PURE PURE SPEED! Really after I had my WTF moment, I checked this guy out and… should we we surprised at all?

    This is exactly what the Seahawks like… Explosiveness… Uniqueness… Speed… Earl, Irvin, Michael, Richardson.

    They see him as having rare speed and will put him in a position to maximize that trait. Look at his stats with a crappy QB on a crappy team? What is his ceiling with RW’s acuracy and ability to extend plays?

    LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!

  16. banosser says:

    Vic… I’m starting agree… at first I saw Deon Butler II when there were excellent DEs OTs & TEs still on the board.. but this kid must have heart for JS/PC to take him… and averaging 47 yds/TD doesn’t hurt either..

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