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Okung had foot surgery, likely not back until training camp

Post by Todd Dybas / The News Tribune on May 9, 2014 at 9:00 pm with 28 Comments »
May 9, 2014 9:19 pm

Pete Carroll confirmed Friday that Russell Okung, who was bothered by a toe injury much of last season that caused him to miss eight games, had offseason foot surgery.

“He’s coming back from foot surgery, so he’s not working with us,” Carroll said. “He’s conditioning as he can right now. It’s going to be a while before we get him back. It’s going to be probably about camp time. It’s stuff that needed to be done. It gives Alvin Bailey a great opportunity for a lot of quality reps with the first group and it will help other guys with opportunities, as well.

“Russell will be fine, and it’s just something we had to do when the season was over. He had a few things, so we’ve taken care of it. We know we’ll have him back for training camp. Maybe a little sooner than that.”

Okung was seen in a walking boot during Oklahoma State’s spring game April 7, first indicating he had a procedure done after the season.

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  1. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Not surprised here.

    Hopefully Okung can overcome his nagging injuries.

  2. Skavage says:

    Wow…good timing. See my comment in the Britt thread. Britt is potentially an excellent insurance policy for Okung. Makes the pick all the better imo.

  3. A little bit Belichecky(application sent to Webster’s to land an official definition in the dictionary) with the “procedures” (i.e. surgeries) lately. Cloak and dagger…? Hmm, how about lab coat and scalpel?

  4. BobbyK says:

    Okung is headed into a contract year so we’ll see what happens. Good to know he’s going to be good to go for camp and nice to know we have just drafted a guy who played well at LT in the SEC (insert Carp joke here).

  5. BobbyK says:

    According to Cable, the best football Carp played was in the play-offs?

    Sounds strange but I happen to agree.

    The best football Carp especially played was against New Orleans in that first play-off game and he was inactive (and Bowie played in his place).

    I’ve never seen Carp any better than that!

  6. SRVHawk says:

    Okung is signed through 2015.

  7. BobbyK says:

    Good call. My bad.

  8. SRVHawk says:

    Yet Bowie was still inactive for the NFC Championship and the SB. Weird.

  9. SRVHawk says:

    BobbyK, I like Bowie more than Carp going forward too. I just have to provide a counterpoint to some of the Bowie insanity. I hope Bowie takes over at LG for numerous reasons in 2014, salary being a significant one.

  10. BobbyK says:

    Yet Carp couldn’t beat out an unwanted Paul McQuistan to play LG most of the time. Weird.

  11. SRVHawk says:

    Okung only has a little over a 7 mil cap figure in 2015 too. This year may be sort of a contract year in that it could be argued that he is playing for an extension. Really like to see him remain healthy. He’s no Walt, but who is?

  12. BobbyK says:

    Oops… you posted before I did (again).

    I’m just giddy that we drafted a tackle and are the defending Super Bowl champs.

    Our guys even said that the reason Bowie didn’t continue to play after the New Orleans game was simply experience. I’m jacked to see what happens moving forward…

  13. BobbyK says:

    I didn’t realize that the final year of the Okung contract was that reasonable ($7 mil). That’s good to know.

    If he’s healthy, he’s certainly worth it. Nice to have some depth though. I don’t think I could have handled more Paul McQuistan at LT for months on end if that’s what it came down to.

  14. SRVHawk says:

    I’m NOT trying to argue that Carp has been good. He has not. But I think it at least says something that they went with him and the aforementioned McQ over him when it counted. That doesn’t mean they are better going forward. Bowie was a rookie.

    I believe that PC will play the best option. That’s what I’ve gleaned from watching him here since 2010. For the most part, he doesn’t play someone on reputation.

  15. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I think that Carp just ran out of gas during games.

    If he can just get in better condition perhaps he will start playing longer in games.

    I just hope he finally turns the corner this year.

  16. SRVHawk says:

    I heard the experience reason as well. Certainly is believable.

    I’d bet on Bowie winning LG over Carp. The only exception is if Carp came into camp in awesome shape since he is in a contract year and then played well. That would make me nervous to sign him past 2014 though. Someone made the Andre Smith comparison already.

    Bowie taking LG and Britt or Bailey taking RT and running with it would be best for the Hawks.

  17. MikeFromNewJersey says:

    What about Unger? He played really bad last year and got bull rushed plenty of times, not to mention his low weak snaps. I always thought he was playing hurt.

  18. banosser says:

    Carp’s feet are way way way too slow to be effective.. I hope he is a back up all season.. Pork Chop Deux

  19. banosser says:

    I believe Unger was playing hurt.. pec I think

  20. doubledink says:

    Cable really thought this guy was about to be snatched up? I guess that is believing in your pick. That is probably the concern that many have had with this pick. Could they have waited 2 rounds and still got him? If they had a 3rd round pick, would they wait 1 more round?

    Many thought Carp would have been there in round 2. If there is an area of positional distrust in draft quality, it is the OL. This FO has been less than stellar selecting O-linemen. This kid looks to have some grit though. Welcome aboard, Justin.

  21. doubledink says:

    Dang. thought I was still on the previous post.

  22. jawpeace says:

    Okung cap hit for 2014 is just over 11 mil and his base salary is 8.7 mil. The last year of his contract 2015 his base salary will be 4.8 mil and a cap hit of 7.2 mil. This year is the biggest hit of all his years on the cap.

    It seems to be the Hawks pattern that when the extend the contract no big signing bonus but guarantee salary. Since Okung seems to be injured more, I think it would it be better for a signing bonus instead of a guarantee.

  23. Sarcasticus says:

    Carp played RT at Bama, not LT.

  24. freedom_X says:

    The Alabama depth charts I’ve looked at for 2009 and 2010 have James Carpenter listed as the starter at LT.

  25. SandpointHawk says:

    Carp played LT two years at Coffeyville Community College after academic problems at Iowa State. He then transferred to Bama and replaced Andre Smith at LT…

  26. Macabrevity says:

    Okung will be back in time for his next injury… I’m predicting ‘sports’ bromhidrosis sidelines him from week 4 to week 8. Then a late onset of tarcel tunnel syndrome which he plays through just when the playoffs roll around.

  27. SandpointHawk says:

    OK Mac, I admit I had to Google that first one but once I did I had a great bout of laughter…Nice post.

  28. piperfeltcher says:

    I want to see how Carp does with a full training camp and being healthy. For reasons that are partly his fault and some bad luck he has not had a full camp healthy to prepare for a season so he has always been rushing to catch up to the other players and that is hard for a young player as once the season starts the starters get all the reps. Do not think he will ever be a star but could still be a good guard.

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