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Sixth annual Seahawks mock draft contest

Post by Todd Dybas / The News Tribune on May 8, 2014 at 12:00 pm with 55 Comments »
May 8, 2014 2:27 pm

Back by (semi) popular demand.

“Welcome to our annual exercise in futility, also known as the sixth annual Seahawks Insider mock draft competition,” as the venerable Eric Williams would say.

I’ll set up a listing here so you can just copy and paste it into the comments, then fill in who you think the Seahawks will select in each round.

My picks:

First round (32): Demarcus Lawrence, DE, Boise State
Second round (64): Antonio Richardson, OT, Tennessee
Fourth round (132): Telvin Smith, LB, Florida State
Fifth round  (146): De’Anthony Thomas, RB, Oregon
Fifth round (172): Colt Lyerla, TE, Oregon
Sixth round (208): Cody Huffman, WR, BYU

All entries must be done by the time of the draft, which is 5 p.m. Pacific on Thursday.

Total number of correct picks wins.

The prize is pride, a chance to tell your wife something else she doesn’t care about, and the ability 24 months from now to be one of six people to claim they won the 2014 draft pick ‘em.

We’ll also put together a bit of a prize package.

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  1. The prize is pride, a chance to tell your wife something else she doesn’t care about, and the ability 24 months from now to be one of six people to claim they won the 2014 draft pick ‘em.

    The best line ever!!!

  2. Macabrevity says:

    First round (32): DE Demarcus Lawrence
    Second round (64): WR Paul Richardson
    Fourth round (132): OT Seantrel Henderson
    Fifth round (146) LB Jordan Zumwalt
    Fifth round (72): CB Chris Davis
    Sixth round (208): G Zach Fulton

    Not my own wish list by any means, and not enough shockers in there to be a PC/JS draft, but those are my best guesses for now.

  3. Kingpear says:

    First round (32): Morgan Moses OT – Virginia
    Second round (64): Martavius Bryant WR – Clemson
    Fourth round (132): Antone Exum CB – Virginia Tech
    Fifth round (146): Brock Coyle LB – Montana
    Fifth round (172): Craig Loston S – LSU
    Sixth round (208): Josh Mauro DE – Stanford

    Totally wrong, but What the Heck!

    Good luck all!

  4. montanamike2 says:

    1st round: Joel Bitino or Morgan Moses
    2nd round: Jaw’uan Jones
    4th round and down: (not realistic): Kareem Martin, Nathan Corely, all surprises.

  5. HawkfaninMT says:

    First round (32): Dominique Easley, DT, Florida
    Second round (64): Brandon Coleman, WR, Rutgers
    Fourth round (132): Kareem Martin, DE, North Carolina
    Fifth round (146): D’Anthony Thomas, WR/RB, Oregon
    Fifth round (172): Laurent Duvernay-Tarif, OT/OG, McGill
    Sixth round (208): Jonathon Dowling, CB/S, Western Kentucky

  6. paulsj says:

    First round (32): Deone Bucannon S
    Second round (64): Antonio Richardson OT
    Fourth round (132): Jordan Tripp LB
    Fifth round (146): Kevin Piere-Louis LB
    Fifth round (72): Kevin Norwood WR
    Sixth round (208): Spencer Long OG

  7. Nickhawk84 says:

    1. Jeremy Jernigan DT
    2. Antonio Richardson OT
    4. Josh Huff WR
    5. Seantrel Henderson OT and Terrance West RB
    6. Brock Coyle LB

  8. HawkFromDay1 says:

    First round (32): Stanley Jean-Baptiste, CB, Nebraska
    Second round (64): Gabe Jackson, OG, Miss St.
    Fourth round (132): CJ Fiedorowicz, TE, Iowa
    Fifth round (146) Will Clarke, DE, WVU
    Fifth round (72): Dezmen Southward, S, Wisconsin
    Sixth round (208): Spencer Long, OL, Nebraska

  9. Palerydr says:

    As one of those guys who can actually claim to have won and verify it here are my best guesses:

    First round (32): Juwan James
    Second round (64): Austin Sefarian Jenkins
    Fourth round (132): Walt Aikens
    Fifth round (146) Russel Bodine
    Fifth round (72): Jay Prosch
    Sixth round (208): Shamar Stephen

    “Tell your wife something else she doesn’t care about” Best quote ever!

    I fully expect some team looking for a QB to trade into their spot in the 1st round as that would give that team an option on 5th year control of the players contract.

  10. Southendzone says:

    I think there’s a small error in the list above. The 2nd pick in the 5th round is 172, not 72.

    Here are my crappy guesses.

    First round (32): JuJuan James
    Second round (64): Allen Robinson
    Fourth round (132): Trai Turner
    Fifth round (146): Laurent Devarney-Tenif
    Fifth round (172): Colt Lyerla
    Sixth round (208): Jackson Jeffcoat

  11. seahawkNJ says:

    “a chance to tell your wife something else she doesn’t care about” HAHAHAHA!!

    First round (32): Joel Bitonio – Although I think they trade back and still get him
    Second round (64): Carl Bradford
    Fourth round (132): Jackson Jeffcoat
    Fifth round (146): Kevin Norwood
    Fifth round (172): Dion Bailey
    Sixth round (208): Justin Britt

  12. pope411 says:

    Well lets find a random guy projected to go in the 3rd round and choose him first.

    First round (32): Deone Bucannon, S, Washington State

  13. HawkFromDay1 says:

    I wouldn’t make fun of paulsj’s pick pope411.

    His Spencer Long pick is absolute genius.

  14. chuck_easton says:

    First round (32): Kony Ealy
    Second round (64): Deone Bucannon
    Fourth round (132): Laurent Devarney-Tenif
    Fifth round (146): Shaq Evans
    Fifth round (172): Shane Skov
    Sixth round (208): Wesley Johnson

  15. Sac_94 says:

    First Round (32): Allen Robinson
    Second Round (64): Tiny Richardson
    Fourth Round (132): Kevin Pierre-Louis
    Fifth Round (146): Dontae Johnson
    Fifth Round (172): Loucheiz Purifoy
    Sixt Round (208): Brandon Denmark

    I’d be happy with this draft, but hey – I’m still high on the Super Bowl so we could draft six idiots and I’d still be happy!!

  16. 11 am press conference today. Sherman?

  17. pabuwal says:

    Sherman contract extension is done.

  18. Ray_Maines says:

    The usual talking morons are all saying RS is going to announce a new contract. We’ll all knowin an hour or so.

  19. First round (32): Demarcus Lawrence,DE, Boise State
    Second round (64): Davante Adams WR, Fresno State
    Fourth round (132):Laurent Duvernay-Tardif OT, McGill
    Fifth round (146): Khairi Fortt, OLB, UCLA
    Fifth round (172): Kelcy Quarles, DT, South Carolina
    Sixth round (208): Bennett Jackson, CB, Notre Dame

  20. Sarcasticus says:

    1 – Cyrus Quandijo
    2 – Telvin Smith
    4 – Terrence Brooks
    5 – Jackson Jeffcoat
    5 – Kevin Norwood
    6 – Kaleb Ramsey

  21. boycie99 says:

    First round (32): Demarcus Lawrence
    Second round (64): Allen Robinson
    Fourth round (132): Dakota Dozier
    Fifth round (146): Dezman Southward
    Fifth round (172): Xavier Grimble
    Sixth round (208): Avery Williamson

  22. VicHawk says:

    Guarnteed they will trade back with at least one of these so this will be void before we even start… However here’s my picks.

    First round (32): Joel Bitonio OG
    Second round (64): Donte Moncrief WR
    Fourth round (132): Keith McGill CB
    Fifth round (146): Brent Urban DE
    Fifth round (172): Howard Jones OLB
    Sixth round (208): Marquis Flowers OLB

    Howard Jones, an athletic freak from Shepard is a classic JS and PC guy and my sleeper!

  23. HawkFromDay1 says:

    Vic that looks awesome. Love Keith McGill for sure, and Howard Jones could be this year’s Ty Powell (who of course we learned, probably can’t play… oops).

    Larry Webster – the Bloomsburg kid could be the new Jameson Konz! Of course, not sure we really need another one of those…

  24. VicHawk says:

    HawkFromDay1 – Yes I love McGill however probably a stretch at him falling to the start of the 5th. However, I see them dropping out of the 1st and maybe getting a 3rd to get McGill.

    And you know they like to take the Ty Powell/ Konz’s of the draft. Guys that they can work with and develop as opposed to a guy who has had great coaching and has already hit his ceiling.

    They also like guys like Flowers that have changed positions and still learning/growing. Again high ceiling.

  25. HawkFromDay1 says:

    Oh I think all the guys I listed are 2nd through 4th rounders. Trying to hit on at least 1 that the Hawks will take. If you are playing this game to be 100% right, you have a great chance of getting a big goose egg.

  26. Macabrevity says:

    If I pick Palerdyr to win it this year, do I win something for picking the winner?

  27. Southendzone says:

    Pretty good guesses so far. I like a lot of the picks people are making above, especially the one where we get Kareem Martin with the 4th rounder. My toughest choice was between OL and DE at pick #32.

  28. Second round OT Jawuan James
    Third round WR Donte Moncrief
    Third round CB Keith Mcgill
    Fifth round OT Billy Turner
    Fifth round DT Will Sutton
    Sixth round TE Colt Lyerla
    Sixth round DE Zach Moore

    Hawks move their 1st round pick for a 2&3. Move one of the 2’s for a 3&6.

  29. had the trade values wrong so here is my real guess, with legit trade values

    #50 Second round OT Jawuan James 55 espn overall ranking
    #71 Third round CB Keith McGill 72
    #81 Third round WR Donte Moncrief 99
    #132 Fourth Round DT Will Sutton 129
    #145 Fifth round OT Billy Turner 145
    #146 Fifth round DE Larry Webster 161
    #172 Fifth round TE Colt Lyerla 179
    #208 Sixth round DE Zach Moore 207

    Hawks move their 1st round pick(32) for a 2&3(50&81?)(Miami). Move the late second(64) for a 3&5(71&145)(Cleveland).

  30. Demarcus Lawrence DE
    JuWuan James OT
    Paul Richardson WR
    Jordan Tripp LB
    Eric Pinkins SS
    Zach Kerr DT

    Of course, this is my best guess. So far, Seattle’s first pick is usually NOT a guy they brought in for a visit. This time, I think it is either Lawrence or James. I hope they trade down and get Martavis Bryant though, I like him much more than Richardson. I just think they value Jame and Lawrence more than Bryant, and when those to are there, they either nab them or trade down and take them, trying to get a high third to get Bryant.

    I wonder if they are looking at Bitonio as well?

  31. Rutgers WR Kevin Norwood is Sidney Rice all over again. It wouldnt surprise me to see them trade down to get more picks at least twice, and end up with this dude later in the draft. And UW Kevin Smith is 5′-11 216–Chris Harper part deux?!

  32. SRVHawk says:

    First round (32): DeMarcus Lawrence, DE Boise State
    Second round (64): Jack Mewhort, OT Ohio State
    Fourth round (132): Brandon Coleman, WR Rutgers
    Fifth round (146): Antone Exum, CB/S Virginia Tech
    Fifth round (172): Devon Kennard, OLB USC
    Sixth round (208): Jay Bromley, DT Syracuse

  33. klm008 says:

    32 *Demarcus Lawrence DE 3 Boise State rJr 6-3/251
    64 Phillip Gaines CB 7 Rice rSr 6-0/193
    132 *Anthony Johnson DT 14 LSU Jr 6-3/308
    146 Laurent Duvernay-Tardif OT 12 McGill Sr 6-5/298
    172 L’Damian Washington WR 25 Missouri rSr 6-4/195
    208 Josh Mauro DE 18 Stanford rSr 6-6 271

  34. chadworth64 says:

    First round (32): Joel Bitonio, OT/G, Nevada
    Second round (64): Jeremiah Attaochu, LB (LEO), Georgia Tech
    Fourth round (132): Devin Street, WR, Pitt
    Fifth round (146): Xaivier Grimble, TE, USC
    Fifth round (172): Kevin Pierre-Louis, LB, Boston College
    Sixth round (208): Lonnie Ballentine, FS, Memphis

  35. mlkemper1 says:

    my picks 32 zack martin 64 allen robinson 132 j.dowling 146 ryan carrethers 172 tyler starr 208 keith price..good luck everybody

  36. Palerydr says:

    While I appreciate the thought Macabrevity trying to guess who John and Pete are gonna draft is like hitting the lotto about a 1 in 70mil chance. What we do know is roughly 1/2 of the draft class will turn into solid contributors on this, or some other team.

    Good Luck Everybody.

  37. I have no clue.

    First round (32): Morgan Moses OT Virginia
    Second round (64): David Yankey OG Stanford
    Fourth round (132): Christian Kirksey LB Iowa
    Fifth round (146): Dontae Johnson DB NC State
    Fifth round (172): Deandre Coleman DT Cal
    Sixth round (208): Jeff Janis WR Saginaw Valley

  38. HawkFromDay1 says:

    So only me and Mike Mayock on the Stanley Jean-Baptiste bandwagon?

  39. hefferous says:

    Here is my annual 1 post of the year with some blind guesses.

    First round (32): Demarcus Lawrence, DE Boisie St
    Second round (64): Donte Moncrief WR Ole Miss
    Fourth round (132): Stephen Tuitt DT ND
    Fifth round (146) David Yankey G Stanford
    Fifth round (172): Kenneth Ladler S Vanderbilt
    Sixth round (208): Brock Coyle LB Montana

  40. seahawkNJ says:

    Just reposting because I didn’t have position or school in my original.

    First round (32): Joel Bitonio, G, Nevada
    Second round (64): Carl Bradford, OLB Arizona State
    Fourth round (132): Jackson Jeffcoat, DE, Texas
    Fifth round (146): Kevin Norwood, WR, Alabama
    Fifth round (172): Dion Bailey, S, USC
    Sixth round (208): Justin Britt, T, Missouri

  41. schlede says:

    Second round: Antonio Richardson OT
    Third round: Jordan Matthews WR
    Fourth round: Ego Ferguson DT
    Fifth round: Trai Turner OG
    Fifth round: Kevin Pierre-Louis OLB
    Sixth round: Bennett Jackson CB

  42. ballgame says:

    First round (32): Moses
    Second round (64): Attaochu
    Fourth round (132):Bucannon
    Fifth round (146): Exum
    Fifth round (172): L’Damian Washington
    Sixth round (208): Coyle

  43. doubledink says:

    something to line the bird cage with.

    First round (32): Xavier Su’a-Filo OG
    Second round (64): Scott Crichton DE
    Fourth round (132): Brandon Coleman WR
    Fifth round (146): Seantrel Henderson OT
    Fifth round (172): Michael Sam LB
    Sixth round (208): Ed Reynolds S

  44. CDHawkFan says:

    Joel B – OT
    Antonio R – OT
    Brandon C – WR
    Jeremy G – WR
    Cryil R – G
    Brent U – DT

    And they do what they can to keep Avril beyond next year, especially in no one steps up this year.

  45. Galena says:

    Marcus Smith, DE, Louisville
    Jack Mewhort, OT, Ohio State
    Walt Aikens, CB, Liberty
    Cody Hoffman, WR, BYU
    Taylor Hart, DE, Oregon
    Jay Bromley, DT, Syracuse

  46. Screensmoke says:

    I have know idea- except I like colt lyera late rounds- really like will sutton 4 round possibly 3 rd via trade- Shane Skove is an animal ( huge heart/ smart)- type of player u want on your team- first round if they keep will be surprise best player available who fell through cracks and 2 good to pass up like Petes reciever from USC or cooks- my guess would be they trade down?libebacker is a big need this year for depth and future – should be interesting

  47. TruBlu says:

    They are going to trade back a couple of times and end up with at least 8 picks which will be these future Hawks;

    Cody Latimer WR
    Kareem Martin DE
    Cyril Richardson OG
    Kevin Norwood WR
    Ethan Westbrooks DE
    David Yankey OG
    Ahmad Dixon SS
    Dontae Johnson CB

  48. Todd Dybas says:

    Just FYI, I posted my picks above. A little off the reservation, but why not?

    — Todd

  49. HawkfaninMT says:

    @todd: I would love your 5th round!

  50. wazzulander says:

    First round (32): Xavier Su’a-Filo – OL
    Second round (64): Deon Buchannon – S
    Fourth round (132): Trent Murphy – DE
    Fifth round (146): Colt Lyerla – TE
    Fifth round (172): Chandler Jones – WR
    Sixth round (208): The dude from SD st. who God told would be a Seahawk…

  51. GeorgiaHawk says:

    32 – Ryan Shazier-LB
    64 – Allen Robinson-WR
    132- Jackson Jeffcoat-DE
    146- Dakota Dozier-G
    172- Walt Aikens-CB
    208- Marqueston Huff-S

  52. Singularitarian says:

    I’m going cody latimere in round 1

  53. CDN_C_Hawk says:

    2-(40) D.Bucannon /S
    2-(64) K.McGill /CB
    3-(96) K.Martin /DE
    5-(146)B.Coleman /WR
    5-(148)T.Turner /OG
    5-(172)J.Ellis /DT
    6-(208)L.Taliaferro /RB

    TRADE, sent 1-(32) and 4-(132) to Minn, for 2-(40),3-(96),5-(148) per value chart

  54. Stevos says:

    Hello Twelfth Men,

    Another mock draft contest? Wow, some of us will never learn! lol!

    Here’s my predictions:

    2013: Christine Michael
    2013: Bruce Irvin
    2011: KJ Wright
    2010: Walter Thurmond

    Notice the pattern? That’s right! We’re wrong every year!!

    Enjoy the draft, fellas!

  55. boucherm says:

    1-Kony Ealy DE
    2-David Yankey OG
    4-Jordan Tripp LB

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