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Sherman signs four-year extension

Post by Todd Dybas / The News Tribune on May 7, 2014 at 10:31 am with 53 Comments »
May 7, 2014 1:04 pm

Richard Sherman has signed a four-year deal worth $14.25 million a year, and $40 million guaranteed, for a total of $57.4 million. That makes him the highest-paid corner in the league.

Details from the press conference are available here.

This will obviously preempt our live chat. We’ll try to get it in later today.

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  1. Perhaps they feared the popularity of the TNT Seahawks Insider live draft chat?

    Always compete

  2. Ray_Maines says:

    I hope RS signs an extention, but I’d also like to see Doug Baldwin ink some sort of contract too.

  3. jchawks08 says:

    Am I the only one that’s kinda ‘Meh’ on Baldwin? There’s something about him I don’t like. Could be just his attitude. IDK. Don’t mind me. We all have that one guy on our beloved sports teams that we don’t love like everyone else. Baldwin is mine.

  4. jchawks08 says:

    But here’s to (clinks beer mug (It’s noon somewhere)) Big Sherm signing a 10 year, 150 Million contract! :)

  5. yankinta says:

    Hoping that it is between 12mil and $13 mil a year for 4 years…. :)

  6. jchawks08 says:

    Yea just looked to my right and saw the Glazer tweet re: a new 4 year deal. Top paid CB in the league.

  7. yankinta says:

    lol,, my prediction of 4 years extension just came true…. now he comes the important part about between 12 and 13 mil a year… :)

  8. yankinta says:

    I like how our FO do not commit for long term deals…. They don’t want them too comfortable and they give them a bite at the pie before the players turn 30… perfect negotiation tactic! :)

  9. hawkdawg says:

    I’m not “meh” on Baldwin at all. Excellent number 2 or 3 guy. Works his ass off. Talented. Driven to excel. Good teammate but plays with a big chip on his shoulder. A true Seahawk mindset. Want him on our team.

  10. Hammajamma says:

    Just passing this along so don’t shoot the messenger, but a friend of a friend of a friend inside the building had this 3 days ago at 4 years, 58.5 million.

  11. Southendzone says:

    One thing I’m unclear on, is it OK now for us to talk about Sherman?


  12. Singularitarian says:

    Don’t see how anybody could be “Meh” on Baldwin. He’s not Jerry Rice but he’s a hard working dude and super clutch

  13. jchawks08 says:

    I agree Baldwin is all of that. Seems like his attitude could reach the point of disrupting the locker room. IDK. I don’t hate him. Just not one of my faves.

  14. chkn_liddle says:

    Yeah JC it is just you. Frankly it is kind of a deal-breaker on fandom. If you don’t get DB, you don’t get the greatness of the Hawks. His ‘tude is completely and utterly channeled to excellence. He sucks up motivation from the environment and efficiently churns it into exquisite athletic performance. Don’t bother responding to my calling out your fandom, it is a deal breaker only for me. I will rename you JC9erwhiner08 in my head whenever I see your posts, unless you retract immediately and declare the DB love!!

  15. Singularitarian says:

    better hope the LoB stays healthy, cause it’s about to be by far the most expensive secondary in the history of the NFL

  16. Is this a 4 year deal all by itself or is it for 4 years after his rookie contract expires, which would mean he is under team control for 5 more years?

    Either way, I’m glad he’s been extended!

    You can’t pay everyone but I’m glad he and ET got their day.

  17. pabuwal says:

    4 year extension for $57.4m

  18. Since the LOB is the best, they are being paid like it. Better that than franchising Trufant and signing Deon Grant and Brian Russell to bloated contracts.

  19. pabuwal says:

    Sherman says

    “The terms of my deal are 4 years for a total of $57.4M with $40M guaranteed.”

  20. Maybe an easier way to ask is if he’s under team control thru 17 or 18?

  21. OregonHawk says:

    Sherman announced it on facebook 4 years
    The terms of my deal are 4 years for a total of $57.4M with $40M guaranteed. There is no other city or team that I would want to play football for.

  22. chuck_easton says:

    $14.25 Million a year. Too rich for my liking, but if the FO thinks they can fit that under the cap, then so be it.

    Again, the meat is in the details and how that $40M guaranteed is really broken down.

  23. jchawks08 says:

    That is a bleep ton of guaranteed Money. Happy for him. If 57.4 Million can be deserved, then his is well deserved.

  24. pabuwal says:

    I would guess it’s a $15m singing bonus plus $25m of guaranteed base salaries.

    Sherman is now under contract through 2018.

  25. tazzmann says:

    Great player but way too much money respect is earned not bought

  26. pabuwal says:

    A singing bonus and a signing bonus I should say.

  27. RDPoulsbo says:

    It’s pretty clear that Pete wants to continue leading the way with an elite secondary and with an offense that’s just efficient enough to score when the opportunity arises. Not a knock on Wilson and the offense, but money talks. Tate certainly didn’t get the offer he was expecting. I like that it’s only a 4 year deal. I was worried about some monstrous 7 year one that will be there long after a lot of other integral parts are long gone. It’s a pass happy league with the running game more of an afterthought now, but Seattle has the personnel to stop those offenses dead in their tracks, so it’s good to keep that group together.

    As for Baldwin, don’t expect him to be a #1 WR but he’s nothing but clutch. They still need to keep churning out some more depth at that position, but Doug is a good guy to keep around.

  28. banosser says:

    Holy crap… glad he’s locked up.. 70% guaranteed.. wow.. guess Sherm can feel respected now :)

  29. When you draft great players, you keep them.

    Pete didn’t originally intend to build a dynamic secondary with their investing in everyone in that unit minus ET. He’s invested a heck of a lot more into the OL, it’s just that clowns like Gallery, Carp, and Moffitt busted. If Harvin plays this year, don’t be so quick to say that the offense is destined to tread water.

  30. Singularitarian says:

    Bobby, I’m pretty sure pete carroll is a db guru and had every intention of building a dynamic secondary

  31. yankinta says:

    Well, this truly is a 4 year deal… I guess that’s it for this FO this offseason. No more extensions and no more FA signings even our own FAs.

    We’ll need to focus on Draft and UDFA. Whatever’s left in the cap will be carried over to 2015 to extend RW (The top 3 QB in the NFL). :)

  32. CDHawkFan says:

    I think this is an extension, so tack on this year at a couple of million, then its 5 years at roughly $60 million, or $12 million per year.

    I can’t complain too much about $12 million a year, I mean, what did you expect? If you wanted to pay less, then you might as well trade him.

    If he would have played out his rookie contract, then tag him the following year then you are looking at 15-16 million for the next 2 years. So you get him for 3 more years at $40 million, which is $13 a year with a rising cap/rising CB top salary.

    Guessing P Peterson will get something like this, or more when his time comes.

  33. Ray_Maines says:

    The CBA dictates it’s a brand new contract that begains when the fourth year of the rookie contract expires. RS will still ear 1.8m (or wharever the number is) this year and the new contract kicks in in 2015 and lasts through the 2018 season.

  34. Ray_Maines says:

    Can’t we plaese have a spell check or edit feature?

  35. Ray_Maines says:

    Or I could learn to proofread I suppose.

  36. It’s a ton of money – but I’m gonna trust our guys to work the cap – and just be very happy that Earl and Sherm are locked up. Two of the best defensive players in football, and more than that, two of the guys that make this version of the Seahawks what they are. Would’ve been a huge blow to our talent, and to our team identity, if we lost either one of them.

    It’s a good day to be a Hawks fan.

  37. and just to add – – this management (Carroll, Schneider, and Paul Allen) just takes care of business. We all knew that extension to ET and RS were the biggest points of this off-season — and they got it done, before draft day, as everyone hoped.

    Right now, we’re the best run team in the league. Feels good.

  38. ChrisHolmes says:

    “Or I could learn to proofread I suppose.”

    Use Chrome. It’s installed by default.

    Spell-checking is a function of the browser, not the web page.

  39. ChrisHolmes says:

    So RW gets his next year.

    Normally, I’d fear this much money wrapped up in three guys. But these guys are the best players on our team, and the cornerstones of what we do. And more importantly, the FO has shown an ability to identify, draft, and coach-up young kids to fill the other positions (except OL…).

    So… I feel pretty good about this. We’ll pay our best guys top dollar, and we’ll draft well for the rest.

    On with the show.

  40. MikePDX says:

    Re “Angry Doug” Baldwin, PS lets people be themselves and as PS said in one interview, Doug is self-motivated, “and you just have to kind of stay out of his way”. So the planet-sized chip on his shoulder is o.k with PS and the team by all appearances anyway.

    Certainly Baldwin has pointed out some things about the NFL that won’t sit well with many. But I haven’t seen evidence of any back biting of the team or similar. It’s one thing to criticize the NFL system (his rants concerning the NFL that I have seen seem reasonable to me), but it’s another to be a disruptive influence in the locker room. For example, I remember that his criticism of the penalty for using the N word was in tandem with Sherman(and again to me they were making a valid point about how the rule makers are so far removed from the day to day reality of the players, that the rule doesn’t make sense).

    I do share a little bit of the concerns mentioned above though in the sense that I worry he may go too far. No question about his work ethic, desire to prove everyone wrong, and to be the best he can. On another team he would be a problem possibly but PS respects who he is and allows him to be himself (same with Lynch who obviously has social anxiety, Sherm., and really everyone else). Players who are a locker room cancer or who don’t buy in to what the Seahawks about are gone immediately, period (f.e. TJ HOush. at the price of paying him $7 milllion to go away). With Baldwin you get the full “Angry Doug” package I think…

  41. pabuwal says:

    I think you’re right about the Angry Doug Baldwin package. After he won the Super Bowl and came back on the field, he had the whole angry look going. He looked like Bill Leavy took a TD catch from him.

    He was nice enough to give the guy next to me wearing the 89 jersey his gloves so he’s certainly a nice guy when it comes to fans.

  42. MikeFromNewJersey says:

    Congrads Sherm!! Now you can afford to attend my wedding on May 17th for which you never RSV’P too!!

    Joking aside well deserved! He helped put our Hawks back on the map and I am forever thankful for it all.

    I think i’m gonna go home tonight and watch that Malcolm Smith INT and postgame interview again. It never gets old.

  43. Sherman Sucks and this contract will kill the team ;)

  44. TallyHawk says:

    3 for 3 in off season resignings! Very happy with the front office work so far this off season now let’s restock over the next couple days!

  45. So they planned to have to sign free agents on the DL because they planned to draft crappy ones like Wilson in the 4th, Howard in the 4th, and Davis in the 7th?

    Let’s be clear, they draft every player in hopes they can be awesome. I’m pretty sure there was no master plan of taking crappy OL early because they banked on greatness in the secondary late in the draft. If they were so certain that players like Sherman and Maxwell could easily be had late in every draft, they wouldn’t have given Sherman so much to resign.

  46. EAT your heart out REVIS!

  47. Ray_Maines says:

    Very nice paper on Field Gulls tellin us why JS&PC are so good in the draft:

  48. jchawks08 says:

    MikePDX, well said about Angry DB.

  49. chkn_liddle says:

    re: Great player but way too much money respect is earned not bought

    Uggh! The money=respect thing is not an example of misplaced values, it is the way we are hard wired. When people claim that they would do something different, they are not being honest with us or themselves, in my opinion.

    I remember being livid when I was 15 and working at Arby’s and found out that some snot nose kid was making $3.40 an hour to my $3.35! That .05 mattered about as much to me as an extra 1.5 mil matters to Sherm, but it is the freakin’ principle. I busted my ass frying potato cakes and was soooo much better than Javier! I deserved $3.45 and anything else was disrespect! It is not rocket science people and it is not only human nature but applies to lower mammals as well.

  50. SandpointHawk says:

    Well put chkn_liddle…well put indeed…

  51. VegasScott says:

    Well, Sherm made the greatest play in Seahawk history, the Immaculate Deflection…one of the all time great plays in football history in my humble opinion. And that one play made everything that happened after – the next two weeks culminating in a world championship – possible.

    How in the Wide Wide World of Sports could Sherm not be given a contract extension? In many ways he’s the heart and soul of today’s franchise…at least he’s one of few who could be called that.

  52. BobbyK says:

    Yes, The Tip is the greatest play in franchise history.

  53. VegasScott says:

    How many times have we seen “The Catch”, Montana to Dwight Clark…it’s not even in the ballpark with Sherman’s tip to Malcolm Smith. Sherman’s play is just breathtaking.

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