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Rounding up where the Seahawks stand in mock drafts

Post by Todd Dybas / The News Tribune on May 6, 2014 at 12:08 am with 45 Comments »
May 7, 2014 8:53 pm

As expected, the projections for the Seahawks at No. 32 are all over the place.

I have them selecting defensive end Demarcus Lawrence out of Boise State in my first mock draft.

Rob Rang — friend of the program and CBS Sports draft guru — also has the Seahawks selecting Lawrence in his latest mock. Rang, like me, thinks the Seahawks may be drafting in preparation for not re-signing Cliff Avril. This would fall under John Schneider’s “draft for the team, not the league” philosophy.

> Peter King has the Seahawks trading the pick to the Browns, whom he then has selecting Xavier Su’a-Filo.

> Mel Kiper has the Seahawks taking DT Stephon Tuitt out of Notre Dame.

> Todd McShay has Seattle selecting defensive end Kony Ealy of Missouri.

> Doug Farrar and Chris Burke at did a joint Twitter mock draft, which ended up with Florida State wide receiver Kelvin Benjamin as Seattle’s selection.

> Pat Kirwan of CBS Sports has the Seahawks selecting Austin Seferian-Jenkins.

>’s mock draft central has the following picks:

Bucky Brooks says the Seahawks take OT Morgan Moses out of Virginia.

Daniel Jeremiah says the Seahawks select Su’a-Filo.

Charley Casserly says tight end Jace Amaro.

And, Charles Davis says Su’a-Filo.

> The Associated Press goes with Benjamin, as well.

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  1. jawpeace says:

    Hmm it seems like Su’a-Filo name came up the most. Well that means one thing you can cross him off the Hawks list. As they never get who everyone thinks they should draft.

  2. CDHawkFan says:

    If they take a guard with 32, then they are basically saying Bowie and Bailey aren’t good enough to start, but then they will have to start one of them at OT to replace BG.

    The talk of WR is fluff. They went into last year with the same crew, substituting Harvin for Tate which even Slave would approve. They will pick one, but not at the top of the draft.

    They won’t subject RW to another year of getting beat-up. Could we still get the playoffs without him, sure, could we get to and win the SB without him…highly unlikely.

    They will pick a OT, something they have very little of (not to mention Okung being injury prone as well). They have plenty of G, not enough OT.

  3. surelyyoujest says:

    O-line and D-line depth will hopefully be addressed, but I would also like to see them take a safety. Behind Earl and Cam, I don’t see a lot. And to state the obvious, injuries happen.

    My guess is we end up not picking in the 1st round. I see JS trading down multiple times during the draft. They hold tight only if someone they feel strongly about falls to them.

  4. SaigonSun says:

    1st round pick ( unless they trade down : OT Bitonio or, Moses
    2nd round pick: Mizzou DE Sam
    4th round pick: a WR nobody heard off b/c he was abducted/planted on Earth by space aliens
    5th round pick: safety
    5th round pick: DB
    6th round pick: a 6’6″ kicker they’ll beef – up and convert to a OG to boost Cable’s over-inflated ego.
    Three undrafted players will be starters this season. They will perform so great, the NFL will enshrine PC in the HOF while still coaching.

  5. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Unless they move up to take Robinson or Mathews they won’t find a Tackle that can help protect Wilson any better than what we have for this year imo.

    Not at 32. So if they do pick a Tackle at 32 ( and I have no problem with that ) hopefully he will develop into a good one after a year or two.

    And if we are really lucky he will be average by playoff time.

  6. pabuwal says:

    More concerning to me about the draft is the Rams realizing that Bradford isn’t the answer and turning around and drafting Manziel.

    I’d rather not see that as the Rams are just a QB away from moving up to the 10 win echelon.

    Then we are left with all of the NFC West teams beating each other up and another team walking into take home field advantage. The Seahawks were fortunate last year that the NFC West was able to beat up on the NFC South last year.

  7. Todd,

    Are you going to do a Seahawks Draft Contest this year, as past Blog Masters have? I dont know why I enjoy playing the guessing game, as Ive only been able to guess Seahawks picks once…the rest of the time, Im left laughing at myself…

    Also, do you have a link, or could you post, the info on the players Seattle has had in for visits/worked out?

    Thank you.

  8. montanamike2 says:

    I agree that the Su’a-Filo pick is too predictable for us.

  9. If Seattle drafts a G, they will likely draft one they fully intend to move to T. Thats been the way of it with Cable at the helm.

    I dont see them using the 32nd pick on a T, but if they do Im going with Bitonio.

    I still think it will end up being a DE or a WR.

  10. SaigonSun says:

    No need for a Draft Contest. I have won already; just read my prior post. Hehe

  11. montanamike2 says:

    I would move Irvin back to 3rd down specialist this year.

  12. HawkfaninMT says:

    I second the draft contest idea… I even won it once! Back slap!

  13. Has anyone won twice, HawkfaninMT?! I won it once as well, which just goes to show the Apocalypse is nigh…lol!

  14. chuck_easton says:

    Wilson is just doing his church service. He’s ministering to the tragically untalented. You have to keep those Sainthood points accumulating if you want to make the cut!

  15. chuck_easton says:

    Oh, and Canada doesn’t want Bieber back. And you can keep Celine Dion as well.

  16. GeorgiaHawk says:

    No way! They belong to Canada and that’s where they need to stay.


  17. ChrisHolmes says:

    MMQB has this pick today in a column: JOEL BITONIO, OT, NEVADA

    Scouting report from Patriots site:’s scouting report:

    Seems like a Seahawks kind of offensive linemen to me.

  18. pabuwal says:

    On another note, I think Manziel goes number 1 overall. I’m not sure which team does the deed.

  19. Chris–Yeah, it does sound like Bitonio would fit. I wonder if JS and PC are willing to invest more high picks in the line, after failing with Carp and Moffit? Guess we’ll find out.

    Even moreso than most years, this year Im looking at the draft thinking “Damn, I wish we could get a couple of these guys” at the end of round one/first part of round two.

    Im really hoping Seattle can drop down 5-10 slots from 32 and pick up a third or fourth round pick, as I think they can still get a fine player in the second this year.

    Some guys I like (and think would fit): Bitonio, JuWuan James. I dont like Moses, seems funny to have a huge man who isnt great at run blocking and has slow feet picked high to play RT…oh, wait, thats SEattle’es modus operandi…

    DE’s Kony Ealy, Dee Ford (wont be there at 32), Demarcus Lawrence (sounds like a scary tweener like Irvin though), Scott Chrichton.

    WR’s Marquise Lee (wont be there), and the rest of the pack of big fast guys like Martavis Bryant (mancrush!), Kelvin Benjamin, Cody Latimer, Donte Moncrief, Jordan Matthews (a cousin to Jerry Rice!).

    A DT wouldnt be bad, there are a couple good ones that should be available like possibly Jernigan and Easley.

    And while I dont want him, Kevin Norwood from Alabama is Sidney Rice part deux. I want someone bigger and faster.

  20. Audible says:

    I think a “fuzzy draft” format would be more interesting and a lot more fun.

    We could each submit a mini draft board that lists our 3 most likely picks in each round.

    This would enable us to better account for trade scenarios, players being poached early by other teams, etc…more room for error.

    The tie breaker could compare the number of misses it took to get it right.

    For example, all three of your players are still available at #32, but they choose your third get it right, but you had two misses since they passed on your first two choices. You get 5 points if you nail it with your 1st choice, 4 points with your 2nd choice, and 3 points with your third choice.

    Bonus points:

    (2)Get the position correct (WR, DE, etc.) You can miss on the player but get two points, if they choose a different player at the same position.
    (5)If you accurately predict a trade
    (5)If you name the trade partner
    (10)If you get the pick right.

    To score it, you can let us post our own point totals and just verify the winner added correctly.

  21. Southendzone says:

    STT, I’m with you on the OL pick, I think Juwuan James is a good pick for us at 32, and Bitonio would be OK as well.

    For DE, a lot of mock drafts don’t have Ealy in the 1st round lately, I think he could make it, but I think your guy from Boise is more on the mark there, Lawrence is my guess.

    If we get real lucky maybe Martavis Bryant sticks around til 64 and we get him then. I’d be psyched about picking 2 out of any of the above guys.

  22. South–Thats another reason I think we trade down–I think Seattle can still get any one of several guys they are likely interested in, at several positions of need, later than 32. Ealy may be there, and at least one (and maybe more) of the WR’s like Latimer, Bryant, Matthews, Benjamin and Moncrief should be there, not to mention guys at other positions.

    And getting a third/fourth round pick is worth dropping a bit, if that many decent guys at positions of need are still available. Of course, that would imply some team feels the need to trade up to get their man…

  23. One thing I find utterly hilarious is the bashing of Jadeveon Clowney, and the “reports” that scouts and GM’s would draft Kalil Mack over him. Its the same tired subterfuge thats attempted every year, or at least every single time a freakishly talented player comes out…unless that guy is a white qb, in which case they dont get bashed, because no one would buy it.

    They tried the same crap with Suh, and he went high just as everyone knew would happen. Every so often, BS rumors and reports of falling stock among teams WILL cause a guy to fall (Dallas spreading crap on Dez Bryant, Ruskell spreading it thick about Warren Sapp actually caused him to fall), but for the most part its just a truly pathetic attempt to cause a guy to fall.

    Does anyone in their right mind think teams will pass on Clowney, or take Mack above him? With his freakish athleticism, you’d be a total fool not to take him. I get that he wasnt motivated last year, and he may have entitlement issues. But he’s no Ryan Leaf, nor a Rolando McClain; unless he was a total gang-banging, pot-smoking loser, you’d be out of your mind not to draft him.

    And the cheesy “reports” that Mack is preferred are funnier than heck!

    Ok, rant off…

  24. pabuwal says:

    But is Clowney the next Vernon Ghoulston?

  25. Pabs–I dont think there is any comparison. Gholston didnt do much in college, then maxed out the Underwear Olympics. Clowney was the most beastly defensive player since Steve Emtman before last year; its easy to see how being forced to either sit out a year or play another year of college, when everyone knew he was more than ready for the NFL, would result in lessened effort, performance, and stats. Teams gameplanned for him, he HAD to have been scared witless of getting a major injury, and its hard to play well given that amount of worry.

    Ive been wrong before–see Aaron Curry–but I would have no problem taking Clowney first overall. His freakish athleticism translates directly to the football field in a way Ive never before seen. And he didnt get in trouble last year, either. I think the guy blows up the league, and I hope somehow he does fall to pick 3–and Bradley nabs him so fast the mike catches fire…

  26. Southendzone says:

    This is a cool article, check the google-docs link inside it which ranks a ton of prospects and puts the current Hawks roster in with them. Really a great way to view the draft from a Seahawk perspective.

    You can see things like “Where could we realistically grab a guy who’s better than we currently have?”

  27. doubledink says:

    Audible, or anyone else interested in a 1st round mock draft contest.

    I have developed one over the past few years on an Excel spreadsheet that I would be happy to share. email me at and I will send you a copy. The scoring is explained at the top of the sheet. It includes a crude way of predicting trades also by estimating the number of differences in draft position. BTW, Eric Williams scored well last year. He beat McShay and Kiper.

  28. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Johnny Football is a White QB and he is one of the most bashed football players in the draft.

  29. SOuth–That is a cool article. However, I disagree strongly with many of the grades they assigned both players on our team, and players entering the Draft. Ah well, thats what makes Draft Guessing fun!

  30. Johnny Football is also not a traditional qb, nor is he easy to like. He’s not a Bortles. He scares a lot of teams and experts, not just with his scrambling etc, but with his Rich-Boy entitlement issues, his off-field behavior, and his immaturity. Plenty of teams SHOULD be worried about paying this punk a ton of money up front. They should be worried about whether he has what it takes to lead an NFL team. They should be worried about him staying healthy in the NFL, about whether or not he can adapt his game to the Pros.

    But he’s such an electric player! It would be a shame to see him end up with some old-school coach; I’d like to see him land somewhere like Philly, or Denver, or anywhere else with adaptable, smart coaches on teams that can afford to sit him for a year or two. I think its in his best interest if he does fall, but I think someone takes him high; he’s no Tebow.

  31. Clowney has waay less issues, both from a personality/maturity standpoint, and from a Does-his-talent-transfer-to-the-NFL standpoint, than Manziel.

  32. pabuwal says:

    Manziel and Bridgewater will be studs when it’s all said and done. Bortles is a project and Carr just won’t make it as a starter.

    Manziel throws a lot more from the pocket than people think.

  33. Southendzone says:

    What? You don’t agree with each of the 416 player rankings in the spreadsheet?

    Well that’s one of the coolest things about a spreadsheet, you could easily customize it to your liking and make it into STTBM’s big board (STTBMSBB)

    Visually it does a great job showing where we could use help. OG needs quality, and OT needs depth & quality.

    To flash back to yesterday’s topic, I thought it was a GENIUS way to organize it!

  34. ChrisHolmes says:

    “But is Clowney the next Vernon Ghoulston?”

    IMO, yes.

  35. EzraMelech says:

    Take what i’m saying with a “grain of salt” However, I have a buddy who works at VMAC and told me this afternoon that he has overheard Pat Ruel (one of the assistant coaches I guess) talking with both Cable and PC about a player named Antonio Richardson.

    Apparently Ruel was really animated about the guy… again take this with a grain of salt. My friend does work there and he’s given me good info before, but I also think he blows smoke my way a lot as well.

    We are in a mock draft pool together so he may be trying to throw me offtrack as well anythings possible.


  36. Southendzone says:

    Note to self: Never tell any secrets to Ezra or his VMAC working buddy.

  37. EzraMelech says:

    LOL @ South

    Hey he never told me to keep what he said secret =P I can keep a secret as well as the next guy (that isn’t saying much is it?)

    Ok maybe your right don’t tell me any secrets! LOL

  38. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Johnny Football had something like around a 72% completion rate from the pocket in College.

    Wilson was around 76% in College.

  39. Carlsonkid says:

    I’m with STTBM ; pray the Rams don’t take Clowney at 2 ! That defense is already enough of a pain in the butt ..

    As for the Hawks , I personally think they’ll trade the 32 pick and move out of round one . Lots of depth in this draft at WR and the O-line to be had , and they’ll probably grab a couple of linemen we’ve never heard of , cause that’s how they roll . If they don’t get what cherry want in trade and stay at 32 , my guess is defensive tackle ..

  40. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Johnny Football is the next Russell Wilson with a little touch of Moffitt in him.

    That’s probably not a good thing but it may be a less boring thing.

  41. Southendzone says:

    LOL Georgia, the size of the ‘touch of Moffitt’ is the key.

    Is it a “Peeing outdoors in Bellevue” amount of Moffitt, or a
    “Beating up a guy in a bar with cocaine in your pocket” amount of Moffitt?

  42. klm008 says:

    SEA ’14 draft picks:
    32 *Demarcus Lawrence DE 3 Boise State rJr 6-3/251 (for lost RDE Chris Clemons)
    64 Phillip Gaines CB 7 Rice rSr 6-0/193 (for lost RCB Brandon Browner or NCB Walter Thurmond)
    132 *Anthony Johnson DT 14 LSU Jr 6-3/308 (for lost 3-tech DT Clinton McDonald)
    146 Laurent Duvernay-Tardif OT 12 McGill Sr 6-5/298 (for lost RT B.Giacomini)

    172 L’Damian Washington WR 25 Missouri rSr 6-4/195 (for lost ‘X’ WR G.Tate)
    208 Josh Mauro DE 18 Stanford rSr 6-6 271 (for lost LDE Red Bryant)

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