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News, notes, and quotes: An extended talk with John Schneider

Post by Todd Dybas / The News Tribune on April 30, 2014 at 1:16 pm with 48 Comments »
April 30, 2014 2:08 pm

Seahawks general manager John Schneider spent about an hour with reporters Wednesday talking about the draft, personnel and more.

> Schneider said they have not made a decision yet about picking up James Carpenter’s fifth-year option. The deadline to pick up the option is Saturday.

> Terrelle Pryor will come in as a quarterback. Schneider said they are not averse to having three on the active roster. When asked about Pryor at other positions, Schneider outlined Pryor’s physical talents, but … “I always joke with Pete, is this fantasy football? Right now, (Pryor) is learning how to be a quarterback.”

> Asked if Kam Chancellor had offseason hip surgery, as John Clayton reported was going to happen, Schneider chose not to answer, saying he felt this was not the appropriate time to talk about that. He also did not comment on Russell Okung, who was seen in a walking boot this offseason.

> Schneider said he did not know if Doug Baldwin would sign the second-round tender. The deadline for Baldwin to get other offers is Friday.

> Schneider and Jeff Ireland are friends back to their days together in Kansas City. Schneider said it’s nice to finally be honest with Ireland when they have a conversation about a player, as opposed to trying to sniff out what the other truly thinks while working for different teams. The Seahawks have not decided yet if Ireland will remain with the team after the draft. Schneider said they also have not decided how to handle what was Scot McCloughan’s position of senior personnel executive. He oversaw scouting around the entire country.

> Schneider said VP of football operations Matt Thomas was primarily responsible for negotiating Earl Thomas’ contract. When explaining offers to free agents, he said the Seahawks don’t get into the specifics of other player’s deals, but do map out the cap landscape and try to be as honest as possible when negotiating.

> Schneider said he “absolutely” expects Sidney Rice to be ready for the season (Rice told the TNT he expects to be ready for camp and could participate in mini-camp). Tharold Simon is also expected for camp.

> Jesse Williams is “fine,” according to Schneider. He also said Greg Scruggs was almost good to return last season, so he will be ready this fall.

> Schneider said Michael Bowie will be “first up” to replace Breno Giacomini at right tackle.

> Schneider said one of the keys for them is Pete Carroll’s willingness and ability to work with younger players. The way he framed it made it sound like that’s a large part of their strategy when handing out big money in their models. They are going to retain the same philosophy of bringing in younger guys — either in the draft or UDFA — who can contribute right away.

> Schneider said the Seahawks grade for their team, not for the league, when approaching the draft. Late in the draft, they sometimes see a player they have graded as a fifth- or sixth-round pick likely to fall into free agency. They then consider taking a calculated risk based on what they think other teams will do and the Seahawks’ relationship with the player (as in likelihood he would sign with them).

> One thing to improve when drafting: Getting to know the player’s heart better, Schneider said. “There’s certain guys you spend a lot of time with, because you’re trying to figure out the man,” Schneider said. “What’s in his heart, what his personality’s like, would he fit in in the lockerroom? There’s certain guys that we haven’t done that good of a job with, in my opinion, in the past. That’s something we’ve really focused on this year, just getting to know the person. How would he compete in this lockerroom? This is such a young, competitive group … you saw Earl (Thomas) yesterday. He’s 24 years old. He’s a fairly intense guy. These guys have to have a certain quality about them that enables them to come in and compete with and against guys like that.”


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  1. Southendzone says:

    Todd, any thoughts to the secrecy surrounding Kam & Okung’s health issues? Would commenting on them give away some info on their draft needs?

    Seems it would be pretty easy to just say OH yeah ,Kam had a hip thing and Okung is in a boot on Dr’s orders.

  2. HawkfaninMT says:

    I know this is not a bunch different than in season injury reports…. But could it be a HIPAA violation to talk about that stuff?

    Or is the type of thing that when a contract is signed you give the team rights to medical records and the freedom to disclose as they like?

  3. doubledink says:

    I would think it is just pre-draft caution.

  4. SaigonSun says:

    I wish they gave Sherman a contract first and franchised E.T…. Kind of have me worried about the LOB staying intact. I feel some anxiety about the future

  5. CDHawkFan says:

    If teams hold back during the season on being honest with injuries then why change in the off season? What’s in it for the teams, what benefit do they get? I think they are only obligated to be ‘honest’ up until the last week of the season.

    After watching the latest Real Rob Report, I find it interesting that JS talks about getting to know the potential draftees as people, how they would fit in the locker room. Of the couple of times I have seen C Michael on tape in the locker room he seems like a ‘me’ guy. Added to this is the fact he didn’t play much and was beat out for playing time by a guy that trips over his own feet too much, sprinkle in the rumors that he couldn’t block and shied away from special teams.

    I want the guy to work out, but that was a lame year for healthy rookie, now only under contract for 3 more years.

  6. SaigonSun,
    I’m not sure why the order would concern you. Now that ET is signed Seattle has the option to franchise Sherman next year if needed, so that is a little bit of added leverage. Sherman is playing next year for ~1.5 million. They can tag him for 2015 for whatever the going rate will be.

    If Sherman wants to leave he can do so after 1 or 2 years (depending on the tag), but all indications are he wants to stay.

    I imagine Sherman’s deal will be similar to ET’s – a good chunk of guaranteed money on a contract that makes him the highest paid corner in the league (at least for now).

  7. Utterly bummed they intend to try Bowie at RT again…He sucked nearly as bad as Carp! He’s too slow-footed!

    I don’t understand why Cable insists on using oversize, slow-footed G’s at RT. Bowie kicked ass at both RG and LG, but was not good at RT…so of course they will try him at RT…

    Which also means we get the joy of watching a 360 lb fatass struggle at LG once again…And it also means Bailey won’t get a fair chance to compete, and Sweezy will face no real competition for his job. What happened to Always Compete?! SOMETIMES Compete?!

    I’m just sick at heart. This will fail, mark my words; Bowie will never be a good RT, and Carp will never be a good anything. I am really hoping Cable retires soon…

  8. Ok, that’s a bit harsh. But I’ve never liked the zbs, and I’m never gonna. When finally it’s gone, Ima party myself insensible.

  9. Southendzone says:

    Easy now, the sky isn’t falling yet. Hawks are highly likely to get at least 1 OL in the draft. Also, 2 starters from the OL are gone, McQ and Breno, so someone has to fit in there. Saying that Bailey won’t get a chance to compete is probably wrong.

    Also, Carp posted a pic a few weeks back and the dude looked like he was significantly slimmer than we’ve seen in a long time.

    Probably the only locks for next year’s OL starter are Okung & Sweezy at this point. Yes, we know what you think about Sweezy, I’m just stating what’s probable given he took close to 100% of the starting snaps at that position the last 2 years.

  10. Macabrevity says:

    Nice stuff from JS!

    Any of you guys catch that Holmgren interview on Furness from last week? He was talking some serious trash about the Hawks SB win, almost like it burns him that his team folded mentally when they got there; comments about the Hawk D ‘mugging’ Denver WR’s, and how the league should seriously consider re-defining the rules before it’s too late, blah blah blah. Never been a huge fan, but that interview was enough to drop him to the bottom of my list of favorite Hawk coaches.

  11. Ray_Maines says:
  12. Southendzone says:

    oh you’re totally right on that Ray, I forgot him!

  13. Lots of great news. Thank you, Todd.

    CD – I agree with your comment about Michael. I don’t sense anything that Michael’s personality is a reason he was drafted. It’s all about talent, for the most part. I’m sure personality plays a partial role in selecting players, but think that’s an example of it not.

    I’m not happy about Bowie playing RT (or being “first up”) and now hope they draft a tackle in the 1st round to help lessen that chance. He seems like a liability (even based on potential) there, but showed immense potential at guard – where James Carpenter shouldn’t even have his 4th year renewed.

    Lots yet to be decided and the boys have earned the right to be trusted so I’m not a nervous wreck about it like I would have been with every other prior regime. Nice to get some news though.

  14. freedom_X says:

    Holmgren is an offensive coach. So he’s going to have that viewpoint. I’m glad he seems to be speaking his mind as opposed to trying to flatter the local audience.

    In other words, I think he’d say the same thing if he had never spent a day of his life in Seattle. And so I respect him for saying what he thinks, instead of just pushing out a line to give local fans the warm fuzzies. Holmgren’s views are probably the views of 99% of offensive coaches in the league.

  15. MoSeahawk12 says:

    “This will fail, mark my words; Bowie will never be a good RT, and Carp will never be a good anything. I am really hoping Cable retires soon”
    Let’s review…Fail, never, never, retires. Glass have empty or in your case empty, dry and shattered.
    All on April 30th. That has to be a new record. Thank God our coaching staff has a little more faith in the team. I’d say back away from the ledge, but clearly you have a need to be hanging off it.

    No need to freak out about the O-line in April. You’ll have plenty of time to do that during the season. We are months away from training camp and a lot can happen. Do you really think John is going to spill the beans on the entire plan for each position? Of course he’s going to say the team will look at Bowie. That makes sense. He was there last year and gained real game experience. Just because he says they are going to look at a player doesn’t mean the whole always compete mantra is false. Over react much? Maybe they plan on drafting a right tackle and don’t want to broadcast to the world their intentions. It’s April. Nothing is set at all. Damn dude.

  16. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I wonder if he still thinks it was a mistake for the Browns to trade Richardson to the Colts for a first round pick?

    Sad that he had to let foolish pride get in his way at times.

  17. edstang45 says:

    hoped to have a word on Sherm

  18. Anyone remember during the 2009 season when the Seahawks nearly hired Holmgren as team president? We could be watching Brandon Wheeden hand off to Trent Richardson.

    Holmgren was extremely lucky the Seahawks played in a soft division. They never beat a decent team on the road and it’s no surprise Holmgren’s offense folded and his Safeties couldn’t prevent the big play in the Super Bowl. That was a Hallmark of his entire Seahawks tenure.

  19. South–Youre right, the sky is most definitely not falling.

    Actually, I still believe Sweezy will be good some day. I just don’t see that he earned his job, nor do I believe he played well enough to keep it. Bowie played better in his one game there than Sweezy has ever played, and Cable sandbagged him. I just wish Sweezy would get it together, or else Cable would let Bowie or Bailey have a fair shot at competing there.

    On Holmgren; That guy has passed into senility and ego stroking. He has changed his story several times over the last couple years. He’s blaming everyone else for his own failures, just as he did in GB. Nothing is ever his fault. Reminds me of another Seahawk coach who kept using the word Accountability, but obviously didn’t understand what that word meant…

    I was a big Holmgren supporter, and was pissed when we didn’t hire him back. But for a couple years now, Ive admitted to changing my tune. Holmgren in my mind is now the third best coach in Seahawks history, behind Knox and PC.

    Pabs–Blaming the play of the S’s in the SB on Holmgren is utterly retarded. We had third and fourth string guys playing FS and Corner, what did you think would happen?! Holmgren had Marquand Manuel as the backup FS, and he played fantastic all year after DoucheMan Hamlin got hurt, and was playing well in the SB too. How many teams have a backup FS that good? Manuel getting hurt was the death knell for Seattle and assured the loss, never mind the cheating refs.

    No one wins a SB with a third string FS and a corner off the street. Not gonna happen.

  20. Mo–You make some good points. It just really bummed me out to hear they are trying Bowie at RT again, and not at LG, because he is a G, plain and simple, and no amount of coaching or hoping will make him a RT. But he could be such a beast G…

    I really do hope that Bowie gets a shot at G, and someone else (hopefully a stud rookie) plays RT for us. We’ll see what happens.

    And yeah, Im hoping we draft a RT and that Cable has no say in who it is. I will freak if we draft another oversized, slow-footed G with the intention of making him play RT. I just want a real RT.

  21. Mo–To put this in context, Cable has been here what? Four years? And the line was awful last year, plain and simple. With any back other than Lynch, the stats for this line would have been mind-bogglingly bad.

    And we’ve had an O-line perform at a level far below avg for all but one half of one year (2012) since 2005. Ive watched closely each year, and the continual failure of the line has really driven me crazy.

    Ive never really bought in to the ZBS, and I see no reason to do so now. But yeah, I too have some small silly hope that things will click and the zbs will finally work as advertised.

    Again, just so we get a RT that isn’t a bloated behemoth G.

    At least we have Unger, Okung, and yes, Sweezy, who while admittedly short on skill, is long on talent. I have hope for him, believe it or not. Im just not patient after two years of watching him. Put up or shut up time this year…

  22. Ray_Maines says:

    Mike Holmgren is a perfectly and wonderfully charming man and I love listening to him. That said, he really understands how to play up to an interview.

    His wife and daughters are saints, he would be the best grandfather in the world, blah, blah, blah. But the transcripts of his talks are just painful to read and he can be (charm aside) mean spirited and vindictive.

    Reading (listening) between the lines, he seems to have less than zero regard for Pete Carroll and the current front office. It’s like it was all some sort of weird, unrepeatable, miracle the Seahawks won the Superbowl.

    I love listening to him on KJR, but we have to take everything he says with a grain of salt.

  23. freedom_X says:

    I listen to the same broadcasts and don’t draw any of those negative conclusions at all. All the grandfather and family talk usually is prompted or sustained by the hosts.

    I also don’t hear the mean-spirited comments at all. I hear him praise the Seattle team and front office at least once every time he’s on.

    If he were a mean spirited churl throwing rocks at the current org, I doubt the Seahawk front office would let him into the facilities and use them (such as providing Holmgren and Peter King interview space @Virginia Mason.) As far as I know, Holmgren is quite welcome there.

    This business about Holmgren saying it’s a miracle Seattle won the Super Bowl – I’d like to read or hear it. I’ve never heard him say that at all, and I do believe Holmgren picked Seattle to win the Super Bowl. I know for sure he didn’t think Denver was going to run away with it.

  24. surelyyoujest says:

    Bowie being ‘first up’ means just that. He’ll have to win the job like everybody else. No need to assume he’ll be the opening day starter unless he earns it. Bailey will compete like everybody else, no reason to assume he won’t get that opportunity.

    Having Williams and Scruggs back will certainly boost the d-line come training camp. Fingers crossed the Jessie can stay healthy. He’s an interesting possibility in the middle.

    It will be intersting to see the value this FO puts on the LB position when those dudes start coming to the end of their contracts. If big money goes to Sherm, ET, Cam, and RW, there are some positions that will have to stay modestly valued.

  25. GeorgiaHawk says:

    How dare Cable allow injuries to the o-line.
    And it’s all his fault that the o-line played better in the playoffs and Super Bowl too!

    And if Sweezy, Bowie or Bailey becomes really good this year Cable should be fired immediately for making Chicken salad out of Chicken —-.

    And finally it is All Cables fault that we are not drafting in the top ten every year and having a chance to get the next June’s or Hutch!

    How dare that Cable guy. Who does he think he is anyways?


  26. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Darn phone again.

  27. SandpointHawk says:

    So you must have meant June Jones then?

  28. Southendzone says:

    Bowie is going to play RT and RG both at the same time, so we will be running 6 WR sets. Because he’s Michael Bowie.

  29. Georgia-Even when healthy, the line played badly. Thats a fact. And just because they got better in the playoffs and SB doesnt mean they were even avg–they werent. They blocked for crap in the SB.

    Cable has prevented a fair competition at RG, installing and keeping Sweezy there despite his poor play, and despite Bowie’s excellent play there vs Dockett and the Cards. That is contrary to Carrol’s Always Compete Mantra.

    Denvers line had more and worse injuries, yet they outperformed Seattle’s offensive line all year. Not that they were great, but they were better than Seattle’s, and they had no Lynch, and the least mobile qb in the NFL to block for.

    But what I hold against Cable the most is that he was handed the sixth pick in the Draft (Okung), a high second round pick (Unger), a third round pick (Moffit), a first round pick (Carpenter), and multiple sixth and seventh round picks, not to mention TWO high-priced FA G’s, and only two of those players has played at a level even approaching AVERAGE, and the line as a whole has been in the bottom of the league overall except for half a season in 2012.

    Cable has made chicken crap out of chicken salad.

    And the whole point of the zbs, as I understood it, was to open holes for AVERAGE RB’s and make them look great, and to make cheap, lesser talent linemen look good. What we have here is the second best RB in football (and the toughest player in the NFL) and 3/5 of a line that had high picks devoted to it performing as if it were a second team line for a middling team.

    I am utterly unimpressed with Cable as a talent evaluator, and the overall performance of his lines, even when said line’s were healthy. Injuries are not an excuse for four years of failure, not when team with injuries as bad or worse, with less high picks and less money devoted to the line, consistently outperform his line.

  30. I was really looking forward to Bowie having a chance to compete at LG and RG, and Bailey having a shot at RT, along with whatever rookie we draft. It drives me mad that despite everything we’ve seen from Carpenter and Sweezy the last 2-3 years, it appears Cable will once again prevent fair competition at their respective positions.

    Face it, Carpenter and Sweezy are Cable’s pets, and he will ride or die with them. If they both flop next season, Cable will be out of a job. Thats the only silver lining I see in the potential disaster I see coming.

  31. Georgia-Every team in this league has managed to find decent G’s and starting RT’s that beat the hell out of our sorry collection by drafting outside the Top Ten. Many teams found guys in the third and fourth rounds who have outperformed guys Seattle took in the first and third rounds, and Im not even comparing ZBS teams.

    Saying since we arent drafting in the top ten and so cant be expected to field even an average offensive line is ridiculous, and simply wrong.

    Remember, the whole point of the zbs is to utilize lesser talent athletes on the O-line, and make the sum greater than its parts. What we have is a line lesser than the sum of its parts.

  32. Southendzone says:

    STTBM, no need for homophobic slur in your 8:58 post, 4th paragraph.

  33. That was not what I meant, and you know it Southendzone. Free Agent Guards!

    Say what you want about me, but I am not homophobic.

  34. Now that I wound myself up again thinking about the offensive line, Im gonna let it lie. There is a good chance–regardless of what JS is saying now–that Seattle will not only draft a T and possibly a G, but open up competition at LG as well. Just because they drafted Carpenter high doesnt necessarily mean they are dead set that he plays regardless of performance.

    And I should keep that in mind instead of wigging out just because we’re facing a POTENTIAL ninth year in a row of lousy O-line play…

    Im fascinated with the WR’s in this draft. I cant remember a draft so full of high-level talent. Every type of WR is available at high-talent levels; there are several guys who have it all–size, speed, hands, etc (Watkins, Evans, Latimore, Benjamin, and several others who are 6′-2″ or better and run at least a 4.5), there are polished guys like Marquise Lee, and small insanely fast guys like Cooks. There are developmental projects galore…

    Im hoping for a really big fast guy with hands, like Latimore or maybe a developmental guy like Moncrief, though guys like Lee are intriguing, though it looks like only Moncrief will be there at 32.

    I fully expect Seattle to trade down for more picks this year, trying to get two in the second and pick up a third.

    I would LOVE to see how Seattle has the WR group graded out. Im dying to know, in fact.

  35. MoSeahawk12 says:

    I thought there was going to be a seize fire on the o-line talk until at least training camp. Didn’t you say something about letting it go until the season starts? Right after the Superbowl?
    New season, new line, new players, new starters.
    Four years of failure is a gross exaggeration. But hey, hold onto that for all of time.

  36. Southendzone says:

    yeah, I’m just messing with you. It read funny though the first time I went through it.

  37. Mo–Im trying not to just go off apropos of nothing regarding the line, and to refrain from wigging out (epic fail the past couple days, I know), but if a good discussion gets going Im probably not going to be able to help but join in. And the recent comments regarding Bowie by JS set me off.

    Eh, I shouldnt get all worked up regarding comments from our GM at this stage, as you pointed out. Its not like they speak the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but. And here’s plenty of time before game one for things to sort themselves out.

    But seriously, its been nine years since we had an offensive line that was at least average in run blocking and pass pro the same year. 2012 was a decent year, at least the second half of the season, which made last year all the more disappointing for those like me, who are intensely passionate about our offensive line struggles since 2005.

    As Ive also said numerous times, Im looking forward to watching the offensive line in camp and preseason, and tremendously excited and hopeful that there will finally be real, open competition at the G and RT spots. Let the competition begin!

  38. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    i would think that we can agree the line has got worse not better.

    and rant away STTBM gives me something to read even if i don’t agree on

    all of it.

  39. jchawks08 says:

    Can we release Pryor and sign Locker already?

  40. jchawks08 says:

    Also, STTBM, just because you state something as fact doesn’t mean it’s fact. Ok cool, so you watch a lot of O-Line play. That makes you an expert? I appreciate your insight, but friggin’ chillax man. Unless you have NCAA or NFL OL coaching experience that I’m not aware of? Just my $.02.

  41. jc–I dont think you have to be a rocket scientist or a high-level coach to fairly critique the line, to notice they are far below avg and played worse in 2013 than they did in 2012 (the second half of 2012 was decent).

    hawkfaninoklahoma–Exactly, this blog would be boring if we all agreed all the time. We just need to work on disagreeing CIVILLY.

    But I really cant see how anyone could think or argue that the 2013 line outperformed the 2012 line. Lynch’s ypc went down a full yard, and he didnt look to have lost THAT much of a step. Turbins ypc also went down, yet I felt he was one block from breaking it quite often, or else had no blocking at all. RW went through a stretch where he was getting pounded and hounded, and his completion percentage went down accordingly.

  42. jchawks08 says:

    No denying your passion for OL play, STTBM.
    I reckon this year will be no different, with the losses we’ve had. We will likely continue to see inconsistent line play.
    Just try not to lose your mind!!

  43. actually, I think we will see a much improved line, as long as two things happen. One, we open up competition at the LG position as well as RT, and Two, we draft a T prospect who can actually pass pro (ie, quick feet).

    Giacomini regressed last season, and Im glad he’s gone. Its actually exciting to think of Sweezy improving, and the LG and RT spot being open for competition…hope springs eternal, eh?!

  44. Southendzone says:

    I disagree with STT on this:

    “I dont think you have to be a rocket scientist or a high-level coach to fairly critique the line”

    I think the average viewer with the shots we see on tv isn’t going to pick up most nuances of O-Line play and be able to credibly assign a grade to the O-Line.

    When it’s McQuistan at LT vs Aldon Smith or Robert Quinn, yeah you can see him having only taken like 1 step and the DE is already past his shoulder, but interior play and run blocking in general you won’t be a good judge of what’s going on.

    Now if you tell me you played HS & College ball and that you watch all-32 tapes of Hawk games after they’re done, fine I will assign some credibility to your criticism of the O-Line. If not, you’re just a fan with an opinion that you state louder and more often than most.

  45. South–I may be one of the few on here who date stick to his guns and roundly denounce our line–especially our G’s and RT–but I’m far from the only person who believes they are in the bottom tier of the NFL. Sites like ProFootballFocus even break it down and analyze the crap out of both individuals and the line as a whole, using some very advanced stats.

    But if you’re determined to polish a turd, feel free.

    And yeah, I played HS ball, and my buddy was a lineman, so I’m not just a casual fan. But neither will I claim to be an expert. I don’t believe it takes all 22 film to spot consistently poor play at G.

    And don’t join a discussion if you aren’t into it. And leave me the option of answering any comments I disagree with; it’s what blogs are for, not just for backslapping agreement.

  46. Dare. Autocorrect sucks.

    And I respect your opinions, even when I disagree. I have no animosity towards you, just to be clear. Blogs don’t always lend themselves to clear understanding…

  47. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I can’t recall anyone saying the o-line was better this year.

    Who said that?

    I do recall many saying that injuries played a major roll with the o-line taking a step back this year.

    Thank goodness Cable was there to hold things together until the starters came back for the stretch run.

    “When injuries disable we call on Cable”

  48. akmac61 says:

    Not being a football expert, I would like to offer some unasked-for non-football advice. First, try living in today, not making assumptions about the rather far future that are based on personal negative expectations. Second, assuming to know what another person is thinking or doing, without first-hand knowledge of same is at best disingenuous if not dishonest, especially when those assumptions are based on personal bias, not provable fact. Third, having been a person who typically saw tiny imperfections before seeing the positive, overall picture, I have learned that it is not an endearing trait, nor is it a fair view of the world.
    None of us have a 20/20 resolution crystal ball. Relax and enjoy what is. Doing that does not mean being a “homer” or a pollyanna, it just means not beating up ourselves or those around us over things that haven’t even happened yet.
    Sorry for the essay, I used to be a counselor.

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