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Thomas remains intense, ambitious

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April 29, 2014 12:37 pm
Pete Carroll, left, Earl Thomas, center and general manager John Schneider smile for the cameras at a press conference announcing Thomas' contract extension. / AP photo
Pete Carroll, left, Earl Thomas, center and general manager John Schneider smile for the cameras at a press conference announcing Thomas’ contract extension. / AP photo

Earl Thomas was late. This makes him mad.

Thomas tried to gather his family and get them moving so he could be on time for his 11 a.m. press conference at the VMAC to announce his contract extension with the Seahawks.

In his rush, he was pulled over up the street from Seahawks headquarters, right next to the sign that says “home of the Super Bowl champions.”

“I didn’t try to bulldog him and say, ‘My name is Earl Thomas,’ ” Thomas said. “He’d be like, ‘This dude is cocky’ and give me a ticket. But, he let me off. That’s the moral of the story.”

Thomas made it in for this press conference about 15 minutes late. He joined head coach Pete Carroll and general manager John Schneider on the stage. He eventually did a group photo that included Kam Chancellor and several defensive coaches.

The free safety, 24, said there was a feeling of relief around signing the four-year, $40 million extension on top of his original five-year deal.

“I wanted a clear conscious going into camp because I take the mental side of football very seriously,” Thomas said. “I don’t like distractions.”

Asked when the negotiations started, Thomas said the process began “out of the blue.” At one point, he texted Schneider a number and said if Schneider could meet that, they would be good. Schneider immediately said afterward he did not text Thomas back. Each laughed about it.

Thomas also said being the highest-paid safety in the league was something he wanted to achieve. In regard to that title, he said it was less about the money and more about separating himself.

The Seahawks have locked up Chancellor and Thomas. Richard Sherman is the logical follow. Thomas said he was pleased to see that “love back.”

“It’s just a commitment,” Thomas said. “I’m very committed to this organization. I told coach Carroll yesterday, I need you to be totally honest. I need you to be real with me, because I’m a realist. You never know what you say to me that might trigger something from my past, bringing me back. It’s like that divine reassurance. Like man, this is why I am who I am.

“I’m excited about this sport, I’m excited about everything. If I can add one more thing: People always say how come Seattle can have fifth-round or sixth-round corners and they can have so much success? Well, 2-9 is right here. I’m pushing that thing, you know?I’m dead serious … I say that as humbly as possible.”

Schneider said the timing of the deal had nothing to do with the draft being right around the corner.

“It was that plan through free agency,” Schneider said. “I think everybody’s seen the discipline we’ve had in order to be able to get some of these things accomplished and try to keep together as many of our core players as we possibly can.”

Thomas did not attend the press conference in pads. He wore a brown suit, with a black shirt. Had he been in uniform, it would not have surprised anyone. Thomas’ passion was a repeated topic at the press conference. He assures the contract, the Super Bowl win, the added celebrity only serve to boost his desire as opposed to slow him down.

“The ultimate goal is how many times you can do it,” Thomas said. “Win something then kind of relax? The challenge is to never relax. I never lost sight of everything. So, I don’t have to recapture what happened last year.

“It’s never enough for me.”

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  1. Singularitarian says:

    Earl Thomas is awesome, so stoked. I also would like to predict a sign and swap with the best corner in the game

  2. Earl down, Sherm to go.

  3. To All Seahawks Fans,, this is a Must Read, if you love LOB… :)

    Much respect is given to LOB and Seahawks,, loved this article…

  4. “If I can add one more thing: People always say how come Seattle can have fifth-round or sixth-round corners and they can have so much success? Well, 2-9 is right here. I’m pushing that thing, you know?I’m dead serious … I say that as humbly as possible.”

    And add FA CBs from Canada to the 5th and 6th round CBs.

  5. HawkfaninMT says:

    Sign and trade? Please people stop under estimating what Richard Sherman does! or keep underestimating him so he continues to do it I suppose!

    The man was the least targeted starting CB in the NFL last year, and he led the NFL in interceptions. That is not just scheme. Other QBs stay away from him and when they don’t, they pay. This is a player you want on your team.

  6. HawkfaninMT,, what’s more incredible is that this Dude Richard Sherman was target the LEAST in the NFL last year,,, Yet he led the NFL in Interceptions. How is That Possible?? That’s like twice as better than Revis. Revis could never do that…

    Let that sink in for a moment… Richard Sherman is a future HOF, imo….

    Having said that, I’m glad to know JS/PC will not over pay him, if he’s asking for somewhere close to 15 Mil a year…. If he is, I’d be okay if we trade him and get back Three 1st round picks for him…

  7. When was the last ‘sign and trade’ in the NFL? I don’t recall one. This isn’t the NBA with all the weird exceptions and rules. And when you trade someone in the NFL the signing bonus accelerates immediately, which is one reason you never see it happen.

  8. GeorgiaHawk says:

    “It’s never enough for me”

    I’ve never seen an NFL team have so much young leadership.

    It’s like a dream come true. A 38 year dream.

  9. Hawks worked out Kevin Williams today, 34 yr old DT formerly of Minnesota

  10. MoSeahawk12 says:

    Grammar police just killed themselves after reading yankers post.
    “that’s like twice as better than Revis.”

    and no, we will not be trading Sherman or getting three first round picks for him. The Hershel Walker trade predates the salary cap.

  11. The idea that you need x amount of dollars to feel appreciated makes me sick. Sherms the same way, and in fact you’d be hard pressed to find many athletes who DONT feel that way.

    At least he didnt say it wasnt about the money. That would have made me sick.

    I have taken less money to work for whom I choose, and to do what I feel is right, all my life. And I know plenty of other people who have made the same choices. I firmly believe athletes could even more easily follow suit, as they make sooo much money–so they dont get let off the hook. Is it easier to take a 100k per year discount when your pay is 8 million a year, or a 7-10k discount when you make less than 50k per year?

    And Sherm and ET talked about taking less money to keep the LOB together. I dont see any evidence that their talk was anything other than posturing.

    But that stuff isnt limited to Sherm and ET, its a Pro Sports thing, and Ive said enough.

    Im very glad to have ET locked up long-term, and at 5 more years 45 million dollars, that is a very fair contract for both sides. I hope Sherm’s doesnt break the bank, but it appears it will have to be at least 12 million a year. There will be no Keep the LOB Together discount…

  12. LVHawk–Not sure how I feel about Williams. He was still effective last year, but clearly he’s lost a step. In our D, he wouldnt play nearly as many snaps, which would be good for him. But on the other hand, he’s 34 and also wouldnt come cheap, as even the league min for guys with his experience is pricey.

    I think I’d rather have Williams (if he can get his knee going) and Brooks from the PS. I like that kid.

    What do you think?

  13. seatowntp says:

    The writing is on the wall. The evidence is clear. Now that ET3 got his BIG payday, he starts showing up late and making claims that ol’ 2-9 is the reason that 5th and 6th round DBs can be successful. Predictable. What’s next? Skipping film study sessions? Ballooning to 3-1-2 lbs? Getting beat in Fly routes by TEs? Dear Seahawks organization, I’ll impart some Free Safety Advice. . . big mistake paying that guy!


  14. seatowntp says:

    Getting beat ON Fly routes by TEs?

  15. SandpointHawk says:

    SMH…yes SMH. ET is the straw that stirs the drink. I’ve got to believe the fools that criticize him don’t really understand football. Sherman is the best corner in the league. Can you say fewest passing yards in the league last year? Sherman can do what he does because ET is covering center field. Can you say fewest passing yards in the league last year? For those that question the money, when have we had money problems with this front office? They have taken a firm grasp of the modern salary cap and run with it. New England was the model franchise for the last decade. The new model is our own Super Bowl Champion Seattle Seahawks. Book it….

  16. chkn_liddle says:


    Considering that you cannot even post to a blog without being a complete a-hole, it’s hard to imagine you would be a stand up guy as a pro athlete. You are insufferably angry, pompous and self-righteous with no talent, imagine what you would be like as a talented person.

  17. Sandpoint–Sherman can do what he does because he’s a great player. Same with ET. Yes, together they are greater than the sum of their parts, but saying Sherm is only this good due to playing with ET is like saying Steve Largent was only that good because he played on teams with great RB’s.

    chkn_liddle–Aside from your magnificent grammar, I would say that you are the one lacking talent.

    And as for insufferable, Im not the one calling other commenters names, like you and Bobbyk and others whose pictures are in the dictionary under words like Angry, Pompous, etc…

    Im sorry if you dont agree that its really irritating to watch athletes behave as if a huge contract suddenly makes them a man, or the money somehow equates with respect. If thats how it is in your world, then I guess I understand how you can be a pot calling the kettle black.

  18. Southendzone says:

    Can’t wait to see the Sherman deal. If it’s a new contract, it should come in below 12M/year because we are giving him a gigantic raise for the current year which he is under contract.

    If it’s just an extension, then the per year of the extension should be around/slightly over 12M.

  19. tealskin says:

    STTBM- As I see it, how much a team is willing to pay is in fact a measure of respect. What others are available? Pats on the back, attaboys, awards? None of those pay the bills. Its a violent game with short careers.

  20. boucherm says:

    Yeah, hope Sherm’s is the same structure as Earl’s, where additional years are tacked on to this low(er) cost year–the signing bonus makes up for the lower year $$.

  21. Im guessing, but I think since they saved so much this year on ET’s contract, its so they can extend RW and/or RS. I could see them pay Sherm a buttload this year (which makes sense, since unlike ET, Sherms made peanuts thus far and likely wants his money NOW), and/or roll some cap over to pay RW a buttload upfront next year.

    If I were to bet, I’d say they are gonna pay Sherm a ton upfront this year, and a ton upfront next year for RW, since as I said they have made peanuts for years and ET made pretty good money already.

    And thats cool. ET was willing to wait to get the money since they guaranteed so much, and he already made a decent pile.

    Of course, I dont know jack about whats really going on, this is just conjecture.

  22. I still remember an athlete saying “I came in to this league a boy; Now, with this new contract, I am a man”. For the life of me, I cannot remember who that was, but it remains one of the stupidest things I can recall an athlete having said.

    So Tom Brady isnt as respected as Joe Flacco? Because Brady makes 14 million a year, but Flacco makes 20 you know…so by your logic, tealskin, then Brady isnt even in the top 5 most respected players in the league…

    I would say it has nothing to do with it. Flacco gets paid more than several qb’s who are vastly superior to him–RW not least of all–BECAUSE he’s determined to compensate for a lack of respect with money, as if the money will catapult him to the level of respect he wants. I think he’s found out that money does not necessarily equal respect.

  23. SandpointHawk says:

    When did I say Sherman wasn’t good? You don’t play tight man to man without a top safety to watch your back. I would ask you how Darrelle Shavar Revis did last year, but why even bother with this nonsense…

  24. Southendzone says:

    I’ve read that they could potentially have pushed some of ET’s current year salary into future years with the extension, I don’t know how that works.

    So, on assumption that current year stays unchanged, all we have is 1/5 of 9.5M signing bonus = $1.9M additional cap hit in 2014. That still leaves us with north of $11-$12M in free cap space not considering rookie contracts.

    If the assumption is also that we will re negotiate RW next year, it almost doesn’t matter if they roll-over cap or take a significant cap hit for Sherm in 2014. It all kind of ends up in the same bucket of 2014 / 2015 cap room.

    If Beast Mode retires after 2014 and the cap goes up at the projected rate for 2015, we will be in fine shape next year.

  25. I love ET’s comments about why “6th round” CB’s can have so much success with us. I’d love to hear Sherman’s response. I’ll bet he’s smiling and thinking of how to respond when he signs his big(ger) deal. Probably something along the lines of “We CB’s get paid more than safeties because we have to do all the dirty work while they make us look good.”.

  26. Southendzone says:

    Notice something about the players that want to be paid and consider it a sign of respect?

    They are at the absolute pinnacle of the game. They are elite of the elite and they didn’t get where they are by luck. They got there with immense drive, hard work, & determination.

    If the biggest contract at their position is the kind of stroke that makes them tick, then fine. They’ve earned every bit of it.

  27. Ray_Maines says:

    SouthEndZone: I heard on the radio today that the last year of ET and RS’s contracts, by CBA rules, can’t be rewritten. The new ET contract doesn’t start until after the end of this season, so right now ET is committed to five more years in Seattle.

  28. Re ET’s contract (or Sherman’s or any NFL contract) it’s all about the guaranteed dollars. Everything else is funny-money-cap-math and can be ignored as it means nothing. RARE is the big-time NFL contract that goes full term. In fact it would be interesting to know when the last one did go full term.

  29. MoSeahawk12 says:

    Flacco makes more than Brady because The Ravens offered a contract that says so and he agreed to it and signed it. His team decided he was worth that amount and the respect that comes with it compared to his peers. Who says he is compensating for anything? Do you know him or what he thinks? Has he told you this? Do you know what level of respect he wants? You understand his team offered him the dollar amount that he agreed to. Did they over pay? I think so. One year a legend does not make.

    That contract has limited what the Ravens can do in regards to signing other core players. Brady should be the highest paid of all the current QBs as he is the only one in this generation that has won three Superbowls, but his team offered him his current deal that he agreed to. Brady is universally respected by team mates, media, fans and non fans because of his accomplishments on the field. Many can’t stand the guy, but he is a winner. Brady has made a ton of money and it seems winning is worth more than the last few pages of his contract. Many teams would show Brady more dollars if they had a chance to. Do they respect him more than the Pats? Every person has their own individual gauge of what is respect and what is disrespect.

  30. South; Again, Flacco isnt even close to the pinnacle. Neither is Krapperpants, yet both want to be among the highest paid players in the NFL, so your logic doesnt hold water.

    And I cant agree with you that any human is worth 20 million a year to play a game, albeit one that causes permanent damage to the players.

    But its nothing personal, we just see things a different way. As long as youre not ragging on me personally or calling me names or implying that my differing opinion demonstrates stupidity or idiocy, then Im fine with it. I’ll argue my side to death, but I respect that you dont agree.

  31. MO–Wow. Ok. Yes, having read quite a few articles on Flacco during his contract negotiation–which was spread out across two seasons–it was obvious the guy wanted very badly to be respected and seen as a top qb in the league. And the team didnt just come along and voluntarily offer to pay him that much, he refused to take less, bet on himself, and won a SB, whereupon he forced the team to cough up too much money…and then he went out the next year and played utterly pedestrian.

    It was also obvious–at least to me–that the guy believes he’s better than he is, and is insecure about the perception that he isnt an elite qb. And the fact remains, he isnt an elite qb. He played at that level for one year, then fell apart. Even Derek Andersen had a Pro Bowl year, but then disaster…

    And that is my point. Brady understands that he has no need for a 20 million a year contract. He cant possibly spend the money he’s already made, he’s already earned the respect of every coach and player in the NFL, and he makes buttloads of money outside the NFL in endorsements etc. Not to mention the fact that he likely would have won more SB’s if his team hadnt been so cheap and refused to pay for WR’s etc, to help him get there. So he saw full well that it would be better to take a mid-level contract and hopefully stay competitive as a team in the salary cap era.

    So Brady is one who understands that if respect is truly important to you, money has little or nothing to do with it.

    I utterly agree; everyone has their own gauge as to what respect is and how to get it. Plenty of people have defective gauges, if you ask me.

  32. STTBM the NFL is a business. The players understand this. The owners understand this. Most fans understand this. People like you, not so much.

    While you count the players money, begging them to take a “hometown” discount, you also root for players to be cut because you think they under perform their contract.

    That is one reason why players ask for the most money they can get. Thomas could get hurt early this season and cut the next. His contract is gone. Because of that, why should players have loyalty and/or take discounts?

    Another reason they want the money sometimes goes beyond seeing how big their bank account can get or how many cars they can buy.

    In Thomas’ case, he is still a huge fixture in his (real) hometown of Orange. I don’t know if you’ve ever been there but I have several times, got friends that live in that area.

    While Orange isn’t third world poor, the city isn’t wiping with $100 bill either.

    For you, him taking $10 instead of $7 or $8 makes him greedy. For Thomas, that extra couple of money does mean respect but it also means more he can do to help others, reward people who helped him and support his family members.

    Thomas has donated a ton of time and money already to help kids in and round his home town but you are right. He’s just greedy.

    Not every athlete does that, but no one says they have to.

    Have you ever worked for a company that had to lay people off? If so, did you tell your boss you would take a pay cut or give up raises for a while in an attempt to keep that from happening?

    If you have gone through layoff and didn’t offer, is it because you are greedy?

    Have you ever received a raise which is more than you were expecting? Did you/would you turn down a portion of it? If not, does that make you greedy?

    Have you ever chosen one job over another based on pay and/or benefits?
    If so, does that make you greedy?

    And please don’t give the excuse of “well, it’s different because I’m not making millions”. That doesn’t work and make you look like a hypocrite. Chances are you also aren’t paying an agent. Supporting your parents. Donating to their college. Traveling on your own dime to attend charity events. Creating, funding and fund raising your own charity. Being taxed at a higher tax bracket.

    It is easy to say things like “I guess money means more than winning” and other stupid things but let me remind you that SB rings don’t cover the doctor bills when these players retire. It doesn’t cover the cost of food or the electric bills. It doesn’t put kids/grand kids through college.

    While I’m sure people like you would tell them to get a job, some players are left physically unable to get one. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting several retired players over the years and more often than not I’m amazed at watching a guy in his 40’s move around like he’s in his 60’s.

    While I don’t expect you to change your “they are all greedy liars” line of thought, I will ask if you live your life the way you expect other’s to live theirs?

  33. Southendzone says:

    I’m really referring to Sherm, ET, Revis, truly the top players around. Flacco isn’t the highest paid, nor has he ever been considered the best at his position by anyone.. ever.

    I guess i don’t know what alternate mindset I’d expect from them.

    “Hey Seahawks, I know my true market value as a FA is around $XM/year, and I work my ass off to be this great, but gee since you have a facility by the lake and you drafted me, I’ll take $X-1M/year”

    Until Vladimir Putin opens the CFL (communist football league) where each player makes the same salary (1 bag of wheat per year), the best players will fight to earn the most money.

    I don’t think ET and Sherm are busting their ass to get a gold star on top of their report cards.

  34. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    STTBM, nice thought out posts nice to see everyone is as rabid as ever on the replies.
    again people i am not saying sherman is not the best i am saying tying up 13 million a year for him is ridiculous. we can not keep everyone but we can keep a lot more key players that make this D great if we trade or let him walk. right now we are saying Bennett, Thomas ,Kam and Sherman are the only indispensable parts to this D. we sign this deal we will lose at least 2 of our LB, lane and maxwell, avril is gone.

    sherman is at least 3 of those people extended if he is not signed.
    sherman is not worth that to me.

  35. MoSeahawk12 says:

    “He bet on himself” yes, he did. He was smart, not greedy. His bet paid off. It easily could have gone the other way and he’s be a backup elsewhere. Wouldn’t you or anyone here? I have always bet on myself when it comes to my career, current and future success. To think he forced the team to pay him that amount is absurd. Teams/owners decide what they will play any player at any time, based on the current market, value and cap among other factors. They also decide when they cut a player and walk away from a player. The owners make vast amounts more than the players, just as most businesses do. Owners have tons of upfront costs, payroll for not only the players, but coaches, trainers, lawyers, office personal and all the workers that help manage the assets of the team. The owners decide what every person connected to the team makes or doesn’t make. The Ravens were not forced to do anything, just as the Seahawks were not forced to offer Earl the four year extension. They chose to do so based on internal discussions and needs.

    gvineq made so many great points above and many players give back because they can and also choose to. Earl, Kam, Marshawn, Sherman, Wilson and even Flacco. Signing the contract offered doesn’t make the player greedy or elite. Those are two different things. There are plenty of players that are getting paid more than their more successful peers. Romo, Cutler, Stafford, Bradford, Palmer, Flacco, Matt Ryan and so on. These players are making what the teams they play for feel they are worth. That doesn’t make them greedy or feeling they should be considered elite. At the NFL level, most players have the mentality that they are elite and have to prepare accordingly as careers are over fast. Do you really want your QB thinking, “I’m an ok player and might win some times.” You want your QB thinking they are going to take you to the top and are one of the reasons the team is successful. There is nothing wrong with that.

  36. give–I never expected players to take a large hometown discount. In fact, I stood up for Tate leaving for more guaranteed money and a higher yearly salary because he stood to make so much more with Detroit, not to mention having a much better opportunity to show his stuff in that pass-first offense.

    And once I got the actual numbers–he’s under contract for 5 years, 45 million or so–I was quite happy with it. Its a fair contract, in the current market.

    What I have a problem with is players equating money with respect. I think thats a dangerous precedent to set.

    Believe me, Im a Pro-Union guy, I fully understand the need for players to get while the getting is good, what with injuries, etc. But the ever-increasing cost of watching a game is in part driven not only by demand, but by the agents and Union doing their damndest to increase salaries by as much as possible every year. And I have a problem with that. When the majority of the US is not even getting a 2% cost of living increase, how can they speak of feeding their families when a) their wages are so high and b) they are increasing so much over the last decade?

    Im not simply blaming the insane cost increases on players/agents/unions, the owners and Goodells greed are at least as much at fault, but thats another rant…

    Consider this; lost of Seahawks are underpaid, and in order to get even close to fair compensation for their play, will have to leave because ET, SHerm, Harvin, etc will be taking huge bites out of the cap to buy “respect”. So their gain is other teammates pain.

    My point earlier is that deliberately taking a 5k paycut to do whats right when you make less than 50k is a LOT tougher than taking a 100k paycut when youre making 8 million a year. The percentage is no comparison, not to mention that even making 8 million you can pay a lot of agent fees (capped at 3% by the way), parents, etc and still have a lot more than 50k leftover.

    There’s a point when making more money is simply greed. Where that point is located is a personal thing, and I guess we differ on our views in that regard.

    And please dont put words in my mouth; Ive neither thought nor said that all players are greedy or liars.

    I totally understand why guys like Tate leave to get a) an opportunity to showcase their ability and b) waaay more money. In his case, he’s been underpaid for two years and deserved more. Thats also why I dont give RIce much credit for taking a little less to come back to Seattle as opposed to taking a little more to play for a crappy team like the Jets; he already made more than 24 million bucks, so whats a couple hundred grand?

    I think you haven really read my posts during Free Agency, youre simply making assumptions about me from a couple comments today and taking them down the wrong road quite a ways.

    To tie in your excellent point about post-playing days trauma with players taking the money, I dont think Flacco will be any happier at 60 with CTE if he makes 20 million a year than if he made 14 million.

    I took issue with some of ET’s comments, and nothing has changed my mind regarding them. I have a totally different world view than this guy, and Im disappointed in him. However, I think his contract–as I have said repeatedly–was fair for both sides, given the current market.

  37. doubledink says:

    I’m the one who raised the hypothetical question a couple of days ago asking who you would choose, ET or RS, if you HAD to choose between them. It wasn’t disrespecting either. I was curious what would motivate your decision.

    Also, stimulate discussion. Check.

    Incite a good old fashioned off-season, starved-for-football blogger on blogger bloodletting. Check.

    ET extended too and all in all it was a good weeks work. Ha!

  38. GeorgiaHawk says:

    13 million will not be like 13 million with the projected cap increase.

    For more info on this matter see chuck. He had a good post about our projected salary cap and how it relates to us signing the big three moving forward.

  39. Mo–Yes, they were forced–leveraged–into paying Flacco 20 million a year, and yes he is one of the highest paid players in the NFL. And no, I wouldnt demand the 20. They were offering 18 per year, which is still far more than he really deserves to be paid. I would have taken the Tom Brady route, because I understand that pay doesnt equal respect, and winning to me is more important than making 20 million instead of 14.

    But Im not Flacco, and Im damn sure not an NFL athlete.

    He forced the team to either pay him what he wanted or let him walk, just as surely as SA forced Seattle to pay him big bucks and Lynch did the same. Only in Flacco’s case, he made more than twice what the others did, and hamstrung his team far worse in the process. The Ravens got stuck between a rock and a hard place, and they caved. And you can bet the Agent did his best to craft a contract that made it far too punitive cap-wise for the team to cut Flacco in a year or two if he fell flat on his face…which he did. The team did not voluntarily just offer 20 million to him, figuring that was his worth. They paid him that because they bluffed and lost, and their other options–cutting him and starting over–seemed even worse than overpaying him. So they overpaid him.

    And the same goes for Chicago. They know damn well Cutler isnt worth that money, but he kinda had them by the balls and they are hoping the huge vote of confidence brings out the best in him. It surely didnt work out that way for Flacco and the Ravens.

    And anyway, Im more bothered by the equating money with respect, and using money to buy said respect, than I am by players in the NFL getting the most money they can as soon as they can. That I can fully understand, for many of the reasons give mentioned.

  40. doubledink–Hell, I probably would have chosen ET over Sherm a week ago. And next week I might do the same…or not. Its that close. The problem I have is not which you would choose (if the Devil made you), but the insults and attacks lobbed at those who dare disagree with the Trib GroupThink led by the usual suspects.

  41. Whats funny is within a year or two, ET wont be the highest paid FS in football, more than likely! Salary inflation will go back on its crazy increase along with the ballooning cap next year…

  42. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I just can’t wait for the Draft to be here.

    This Sterling Silver stuff is never ending it seems.

  43. @ Georgia – Agreed. I hate the draft being slide two weeks. Too much time for us to all bitch at each other instead of telling Mel Kiper he’s being an idiot again. :)

  44. VegasScott says:

    I think what Sherm brings in talent, tangibles and the intangibles, is worth the money. JS will not destroy the roster to keep him, he won’t have to but Sherm IS worth the cap hit. He may need to replace some other parts with cheaper parts, like he had to this year. The Seahawks would not have been in the Super Bowl, let alone win it, without Sherm. That cannot be said of many other players on the roster. Roster depth is not worth losing a superstar…the best player at an important position.

  45. I agree, it sucks to have the Draft pushed back, and Goodells efforts to drag it out are ridiculous. Whats next? One pick every hour? Each round a different day? Enough! Let the damn draft proceed!

  46. The Seahawks don’t have Sherman signed through 2016 but they control his services through 2016. 2014 is the final year of his rookie deal.

    The Franchise Tag allows the Seahawks to keep Sherman for 2015 around $12m and 2016 around $14m or the same $13m a year average that is being discussed.

  47. Ian Rapoport just said he expects the Sherman deal to get done next week, before the draft.

  48. Kevin Williams has 1 more year of productivity in him. I would absolutely LOVE this signing (b/c it’d be at minimal cost, too).

    I love ET but disagree that he’s the reason crappy draft picks look good because of him. He helps them, yes, but he’s not the sole reason they go from crappy to All Pro solely because of Area 29. I never thought he could either be so arrogant or utterly stupid to make such a ‘stoopid’ statement. He should know better not to say it (even if he thinks it). I am disappointed in him for this (but will happily be chearing him on when it counts b/c every person on this blog, including me, has said something stupid from time to time… it’s too bad that we hold these human beings to a higher standard than ourselves, because, really, they are simply kids to some of us).

    Steve Atwater never had Earl Thomas next to him and he turned out okay (Chancellor, Kan). Mike Haynes and Albert Lewis (Sherman, Richard) never had ET at FS and they turned out fine. Kam and Sherm would be still be considered greats if they had Brian Russell at FS, too. I’m convinced of it (although the secondary would be in much worse shape overall b/c Russell was so bad).

    If he’s so much better than Sherman, I wonder how he’s going to feel making millions less than Sherm (as he should)?

    I happen to think a crappy draft pick like Tom Brady has made others look better because of him than high picks like Chad Jackson made Brady look good.

  49. (Chancellor, Ka*M*)

  50. Rufus Porter sucked as an UFA. He was only good b/c the Hawks took Brian Bosworth with a #1 pick and he made a crappy player like Porter (he had to be crappy if he was never good enough to be drafted) look good. LOL.

  51. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I think Thomas was being a bit facetious.

    Sherman will probably a dress his comments soon.

  52. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Darn phone changed the word.

  53. GeorgiaHawk says:

    It changed another word to darn.

    I give up

  54. Ray_Maines says:

    Are we living in good times or what!

    Remember how lost in space / dazed / confused the secondary looked (talent issues aside) when Jim Mora was coaching them? The current group works together seamlessly, almost like they all share one big brain. They totally know what their responsibilities are and what the other three or four guys are responsible for. It’s fun to be at a game and watch them in action. TV doesn’t show them properly.

    Richard Sherman has to be next, but Byron Maxwell is an unrestricted free agent in 2015 too. Jeremy Lane is signed through 2015.

  55. Kingpear says:

    Simply this…. If you don’t think it’s about the money….Remember, it’s ALWAYS about the money!

  56. lol…

    Either way, I like/love ET. I love Sherm, too.

    Players like KJ are going to have to be allowed to leave because you can’t affort everyone, but you have to prioritize in life. That’s the way it is.

    Guys like Wilson, ET, and Sherm are “must have” guys and you need to do your best to keep a good/great team around them in FA but, mainly, through the draft to keep this train rolling…

  57. montanamike2 says:

    I’d love to keep Maxwell as well and worry about Wagner and KJ coming due too, Irvin not so much of a worry. I think Slaves analogy with Brady and Flacco are fair, A dominant “D” won Dilfer a SB too and he’s not Elite. Kap will kill the cap!

  58. montanamike2 says:

    It blows my mind how Baseball players like Cano can get 1/4 billion guaranteed. He’s awesome but c’mon 1/4 billion Bucks!

  59. There is no one singular blueprint to win a Super Bowl. When the Steelers beat the Cardinals, they did it with one of the worst OLs I’ve ever seen.

    When the ‘Boys won 3-4 Super Bowls, they did it with the best OL I’ve ever seen.

    The Ravens won a Super Bowl with Trent “what’s-a” Dilfer? The Dolphins could never win one with Dan Marino.

    Timmy Smith has rushed for more yards in one Super Bowl than Barry Sanders did in a career (zero) or Shaun Alexander did in the season in which he won MVP.

    Golden Tate has won more Super Bowls than his “sidekick” now in Detroit in Megatron.

    You clearly need stars, but you need to align them properly with other pieces, too.

  60. confucious says:

    Sherman is good. There is no doubt. But it seems to me that Pete can throw just about anybody at corner and make them look like a genius. Thanks ET.

  61. Agreed Bobbyk. You have to change the blueprint, at least a little, every year. Teams adjust. And there’s more than one way to skin a cat, so to speak.

    This year is shaping up to be a fun one! I cant wait for the draft.

  62. ChrisHolmes says:

    “You clearly need stars, but you need to align them properly with other pieces, too.”

    Hence why football is the ultimate “team” sport, and why I love it so much compared to every other sport out there.

    Pete seems to have the pulse on how to do this thing. I have a hard time imagining this is going to be our only Superbowl under him. If it is – well hey, we got one, finally. We all die happy.

    But I just feel like this organization has put it together for a serious run of ‘em.

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