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Morning Links: Seahawks host several area players, including Crichton

Post by Todd Dybas / The News Tribune on April 24, 2014 at 7:55 am with 46 Comments »
April 24, 2014 7:55 am

Good morning.

The Seahawks put out a list of “local” players who worked out for or met with them at the VMAC on Wednesday. Included in the list is Tacoma’s Scott Crichton and Washington’s Bishop Sankey and Keith Price. The report from said Sankey and Crichton just watched, however.

Here’s the rundown of who was there:

DT Deandre Coleman (Garfield HS)

Eastern Washington
CB Ronald Baines
RB Demitrius Bronson
CB T.J. Lee
DT Andru Pulu

SS D’Mario Carter (Kennedy HS)

Idaho State
DB Jon Davidson (Skyline HS)
LB Jake Pele (Auburn-Riverside HS)

LB J.P. Kanongata’a (Bellevue HS)

Oregon State
DL Scott Crichton (Foss HS)

K Travis Coons
LB Princeton Fuimaono
SS Sean Parker
DT Sione Potoa’e
QB Keith Price
RB Bishop Sankey
WR Kevin Smith
LB Thomas Tutogi
CB Tre Watson

Links after yesterday’s schedule release:

> 710 focuses on the back end of the schedule, saying the Seahawks will “need a finishing touch” in 2014.

> Richard Sherman tells that money is a sign of “respect” when asked about the possibility of a new contract.

> Russell Wilson talked up Terrelle Pryor.

> The NFL can flex games as early as Week 5 next season.

> Five games to watch from John Clayton.

> MMQB explains how the schedule was made.

> A really good story from MMQB about how an on-field stroke last season has ended Russell Allen’s career. He thought he had merely had his bell run and kept playing.

> Premature predictions from USA Today following the schedule release.

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  1. Re Wilson on Pryor article, it would be cool to see Wilson, Pryor, and Harvin all on the field at the same time. Can you imagine a defense trying to account for all 3 of them? Could be a touchdown on pretty much any play where those three were on the field. I hope Pryor is not locked into “I am a QB only” mode ala Tim Tebow. Should be fun to watch assuming they get Pryor on the field and not an inactive 3rd QB for each game or whatever.

  2. Ray_Maines says:

    This Pryor thing is a complete mystery to me. Sometimes I think I’ve got PC half way figured out, but I really don’t have a clue what they plan to do with this guy. I would think if anyone can make something out of this it would be the Seahawks, so I’m looking forward to seeing how it turns out.

  3. Macabrevity says:

    Crichton is one of my favorite D-line prospects this year. Glad to see we had him stop by for a visit…

  4. yankinta says:

    Ray_Maines,, I would love it if Pryor beats out T-Jack in Camp and we trade Jackson for a late round pick…. One thing we all know for sure is that Pryor’s ceiling is a lot higher than T-Jack… :)

  5. But is BJ Daniels still an NFL QB?

  6. pabuwal, I think BJ will remain on the practice squad, unless he has improved a lot in the offseason.

  7. BJ Daniels doesn’t belong in the NFL.

  8. TallyHawk says:

    You are correct pabs. He does not!

    Interesting article on how the schedule comes about.

  9. Ray_Maines says:

    A previously asked question that got lost in the shuffle:

    What did the Seahawks get from the Raiders in last April’s Matt Flynn trade? I’m thinking the ‘Hawks are a little ahead in this exchange of QB’s.

  10. HawkfaninMT says:

    Seahawks have given: Flynn, 7th Rounder
    Raiders have given: Pryor, 5th Rounder

  11. chuck_easton says:

    Here we go again with ‘let’s just trade PLAYER X for a late round draft choice’.

    In this case the scenario is that Pryor is going to beat out TJack and his 1.4 million guaranteed contract in camp. Then some team is just going to call up and say ‘well, we just finished our full camp but hey, send Jackson and that 1.4 million over and we will give you a pick in 2015’s draft’.

    It may happen, but there is this little thing in trades where it requires two parties to complete them.

    Seattle may very well want to trade Pryor or TJack after the end of the backup QB competition but there has to be some other team out there that just can’t live without the guy you want to trade. And that team has to be so in love with the loser of the backup QB competition that they can’t afford to just wait until the loser is released.

  12. HawkfaninMT says:

    @ Chuck: While I agree with you that it does not usually happen… You have to find it a little funny that your example is exactly what happened to the exact player in your example just a couple years ago. T-Jack being traded to the Bills after he was beaten out by Flynn and Wilson.

    I doubt another team trades for him, and unless Pryor has an amazing camp, T-Jack will be the back up. I just thought it was funny.

  13. Re: Pryor beating TJack for 2nd string.

    We don’t want this. Tavaris is an established veteran. We know what we are getting with him we already know what he’s worth and we already know what his trade value is.

    You don’t want someone on your bench with a high ceiling when you haven’t even met your ceiling with your starting quarterback. Pryor would be a development project. A development project is not someone that you want in relief of your QB when your starter hasn’t reached his potential.

    The best we can hope for if Pryor remains at QB is that he is showcased early and parlayed for a higher draft pick next year.

  14. Thanks HawkfaninMT, you said it much better than I could have. :)

    Surprise Surprise,, Colts have the easiest Schedule. This is 3rd year in a row they’ve had the top 3 easiest Schedule….Andrew Luck is definitely the luckiest QB in the league. But Luck will definitely and eventually run out.

  15. The Seahawks might be the only top 10 team where they can get by with a short-term injury to their starting QB. Carroll isn’t stupid enough to change that by inserting Pryor at number 2.

  16. HawkfaninMT says:

    If Pryor beats him then that is what I want. I would hate for Pryor to beat Tj then Pryor is cut strictly for monetary reasons

  17. yankinta says:

    HawkfaninMT,, yup yup. Couldn’t agree with you more. The Best Player via Competition. That’s what I want. I don’t care if T-Jack or Mike Rob have been with the team a long time, nor how much they get paid…. gotta let the competition decide. That’s why I love this JS/PC FO!! That’s why we will be a Dynasty….

  18. Southendzone says:

    Yank, is the way you said Surprise Surprise meant to insinuate that the Colts get preferential scheduling treatment?

    If so, you need to dig a little deeper on that “easiest schedule” for the Colts.

    It’s not their fault that JAX has sucked for 3 or 4 years, and not their fault that Schaub threw about nine hundred pick-sixes last year to sink the Texans.

    Things like having an early vs late BYE, playing a tough opponent where you’re coming off a short week and they are not are, those are indicators of the NFL trying to give you a break with the schedule.

    I mean look at the cupcakes they lined up for the 49ers at the beginning of the season! They will be either 5/2, 6/1, or 7/0 going into their week 8 BYE.

    Denver has the early BYE, but overall they have a super favorable schedule too. They even get their toughest game of the year (vs SF) on Sunday Night @ home with SF coming off a Monday Night road game.

    The NFL is dying for Old Man Manning to get a ring this year. I hope his fused neck snaps like a dry twig in the desert.

  19. yankinta says:

    Southendzone, not at all. I was only saying how lucky Andrew Luck is. He continues to face the bottom of the league competition since day 1, while RW continues to face Top Competition from Day 1. :)

    As for Seahawks Schedule, I don’t like the wk 4 bye. that’s my only thing. Otherwise I’m fine with it. Why doesn’t NFL eliminate WK 4 and WK 5 byes?? Why do we need them to begin with. I know they want to satisfy their biggest customers (TV Networks) but Early Byes are huge disadvantage to teams…

  20. The Seahawks gave up the last regular pick in the draft for Pryor. That is essentially giving up nothing. They will still be able to sign whoever they would have taken with that pick, as an undrafted free agent.

    If there is any player teams want badly, they do not wait until the last pick in the 7th round. There are no players left at that point that teams are competing over. This will cost the Seahawks almost nothing, and if it works it will be a big deal to get a guy who is 6-6 and super fast. If it doesn’t work, they can dump him with no harm done.

  21. Southendzone says:

    Ya that is true then. It’s nice for Luck to be in the division with 2 terrible teams, and a borderline bad team.

    if JAX could get their QB figured out, I think they could take 2nd place in that division this season, and compete for #1 by next year.

  22. Anyone remember when the Seahawks won all those 9-7 NFC West Division “Titles” in a fairly weak division? Very few Seahawks fan apologized for that back in the day and I’m sure Colts fans (and Andrew Luck) feel the same about their division and playoff berths.

  23. chuck_easton says:


    Yes, I thought about the trade of TJack to the Bills when I wrote that.

    There are two differences now that I factored into this.

    1. TJack was traded right after the 3rd game of the pre-season in 2012. By that time it was clear that Wilson was going to be the starter. He had no guaranteed salary so Buffalo could have cut him and owed nothing.

    2. If Pryor were to beat out Jackson this camp that decision likely wouldn’t be made until final cuts. Any team that would trade for Jackson this year would be agreeing to take on his salary without him playing a single pre-season game.

    3.Seattle only got a 7th rounder for Jackson in that trade and he had entered camp as the starter from the previous year. Jackson hasn’t started a game since 2011. Big difference now.

    I just don’t see it happening. Jackson has several years with the team and knows the system. Pryor does not. I don’t see any way Pryor beats out Jackson for the #2 this year. Next year is different as Jackson will be a FA.

  24. Hammajamma says:

    As I recall, Luck faced the top defense in the league last season and carved them up pretty good.

  25. Well, more like TY Hilton to be specific. And short, shifty WRs are the LoB’s Kryptonite.

  26. SandpointHawk says:

    The Colts were just got Lucky last year…They will be Lucky again this year, has nothing to do with the quarterback…It’s just Luck…

  27. yankinta says:

    Hammajamma,, I agree with you. Except the inept crew led by Ron Winter is a Huge Flaw to your argument….smh no wonder that crew didn’t even get to work a single playoff game….

  28. HawkfaninMT says:

    @chuck: I agree with you. I think if Pryor beats out T-Jack then he will be released. I don’t see it…

    I was just pointing out the funny side of using T-Jack in you example

  29. doubledink says:

    Why do some of you keep repeating that Pryor is 6’6″?
    He is 6’4″.

  30. SandpointHawk says:

    He seems to be listed as both 6’4″ and 6’6″. It depends on the site you go to. Interesting in this day and age of info overload….

  31. MoSeahawk12 says:

    I don’t think the team trades TJack away again after preseason. That wasn’t really pretty, but it worked out as TJack returned last year and just signed another one year guaranteed deal. He is one of the guys well liked by the team and you start jacking guys around every couple of years could look poor to the vets of the team. I mean you already cut Red, Clem and still need other leaders to step up. TJack is better than most back up QBs anyway.

  32. sometimes the league plays no real part in strength of All 8 are from either the AFC or NFC west. The west division is the strongest division in both conferences and it just happens that this year the NFC west plays the AFC west. Thus 10 of the 16 games are against each other. The AFC west has 3 good teams with the patsy raiders, so is slightly easier than NFC west who has 4 teams that will all go over .500 and 3 who might win 12-13 in it. I doubt any team in afc west wins more than 10 except the broncos.

  33. My only 2 complaints is that the Bronco Hawk rematch isn’t prime time and it can’t be changed since it isn’t week 5 or later. Guess the league wanted to hide the broncos biggest embarrassment of the 2014 season, something they couldn’t do for the SB.

    My 2nd complaint is the week 4 bye, simply too early for any teams to get bye weeks. But it sure helped the panthers last yr who started terrible.

    It might help us too in that we play GB and Denver at home and Bolts on road. Good tests where we can give our main starters lots of PT while we figure out where this years new depth will come from. Then we get to middle of schedule which is easier than the end or the start. Young depth will develop and get PT, so we are ready for that last 7 game stretch where 6 of the 7 games are our own division.

  34. freedom_X says:

    Tarvaris Jackson has no trade value. If a team had wanted him they could have signed him as a free agent. The only possible scenario for getting anything from him is if lots of QBs get hurt in preseason. And I mean lots of them.

    The backup QB is an insurance policy. And if we have to cash Terrell Pryor in as that policy because Wilson is out, then Seattle’s season is finished. However, I’m not too worried about that because I don’t think Pryor has even a remote shot of beating out Jackson.

    Jackson would have to get hurt or otherwise be unavailable to play, and I feel that even if that happened, Seattle would go fishing for a veteran QB to be the backup. Either that or Bevell introduces the wishbone to the Seattle offensive playbook.

  35. Todd,

    Why wasn’t James Johnson WR U-DUB , Invited to the local Seahawk Party?

  36. Andrew Luck talk? Really?

  37. Bobby K :
    Kindly explain that.

  38. How about we talk about Seahawk players? Or at least players in our own division. Or own conference? Or free agents we could still sign? Or players we could draft? Wouldn’t that make more sense?

  39. The Topic of this tread is LOCAL SEAHAWK TRYOUTS. I want to know why a WR from UW named James Johnson who ran a 4.4 forty at UW’s Pro-day and caught everything Price threw at him was not invited to the tryouts!

  40. You make too much sense. Some would rather ramble about the Andrew Luck thread that “started” some months ago and hasn’t stopped.

  41. freedom_X says:

    Was Johnson not invited? Or did he choose not to attend? (workout with some other team, for example?)

  42. yankinta says:

    lol, it will never stop until no one questions me when I say Andrew Luck is an average QB like Jay Cutler or Matthew Stafford… and RW is on a much higher level,, we’re talking about Top 3 QB in the League, TODAY! :)

  43. MoSeahawk12 says:

    Even one trick ponies can learn new tricks. wanker is not able to.

  44. With the state of our O line in recent past few years, I felt they would take a run at Pryor. Do you not remember TJack getting pummeled on every other play? It was obvious to me why Payton wouldn’t speak to the twins that day. His career would be over already.

    I don’t think its that much of a stretch to see Pryor beat out TJack, but the competition will sort that out. And I’ve always been a TJack supporter. The O line we have limits the type of QB that can be successful here and the twins are well aware of that.

  45. MoSeahawk12 says:

    Oh and yank, there will never be a day when no one questions you. On this blog and in life. Get used to it. It gets more difficult after high school. The more you know…..

  46. yankinta says:

    Jusjamn,, totall agreed!! :)

    Mo, you make me smile. :)

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