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Tweet link: Sherman nearing an extension?

Post by Todd Dybas / The News Tribune on April 22, 2014 at 9:51 am with 76 Comments »
April 22, 2014 9:52 am

Jason La Canfora of CBS is reporting talks between the Seahawks and cornerback Richard Sherman have been productive.

Signing Sherman and free safety Earl Thomas to extensions continues to be among the offseason priorities for the Seahawks.

At $13 million annually, Sherman would be the highest-paid cornerback in the league in average annual salary. Darrelle Revis has a two-year deal with the New England Patriots that calls for him being paid $25 million next season, thanks to a $12.5 million roster bonus. Even then, Revis will average $12 million annually in the two-year deal. Sherman could easily become the highest-paid corner in average salary and total value.

Of course, the thing that matters most is guaranteed money.

The NFLPA says the Seahawks have $14.9 million remaining in salary cap space.


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  1. Singularitarian says:

    ehh. It’s sooooo much money for a corner. Corners seem to grow on trees in Seattle and I wouldn’t be too hurt if Sherman walked. 13 seems like it’s right at the price where it’s a decision. I was hoping for a home town discount of 11 on a longer contract

  2. Dukeshire says:

    It is a lot, but he’s the best in the game.

    And let’s slow down with allowing Sherman to walk: players like him most certainly *do not* grow on trees. He is a cornerstone player on the best defense in the NFL (along with Thomas). He is a must.

  3. Singularitarian says:

    he is without a doubt the best corner in the game

  4. Singularitarian says:

    But I would argue that Thomas is the guy who absolutely can’t be lost. Sherman is probably my favorite Seahawk, I just feel like corner is a hard position to justify spending that much money

  5. I was hoping for $12 mil a year but I guess I’d settle for $13 Mil a year.

    I’m still hoping for $11 mill for Earl and $15 Mil for RW (next year)…

  6. chuck_easton says:

    And lets wait to see the contract details before we start jumping up and down about how much it is.

    Numbers mean nothing. The talent in NFL contracts is to make the player and agent look great by allowing them to be able to point to the overall dollar amount while structuring the actual contract to be as minimal a hit on the cap as possible.

    As Todd said, these days it comes down to guaranteed money, how many years that guaranteed money will be spread out, and what the actual cap hit for this season will be.

    I’m confident the team has crafted an agreement that will, on paper, look like Sherman is being recognized as the elite CB he truly is, while also freeing up necessary cap space to take care of Thomas and Wilson.

    Never believe the numbers that are initially announced.

  7. chuck_easton says:

    And there is no way Thomas gets 11 million per year. The top safety in the league is only at 10. Thomas will be in the 9-10 range.

  8. Cornerback is one of the tougher positions to play well. Sherm is a prototype player, you don’t just let a guy like that walk.

  9. RDPoulsbo says:

    I’m more interested in how the deal would be structured. Let’s see what happens when that comes out.

    As for Earl, there’s still plenty of money to get his deal redone. Thomas is already making good money since his contract came before the new CBA, so it’s plausible that an extension on his part could put off the guaranteed money to future years.

    The cap is set to expand at a faster rate now that the new broadcasting rights contract takes effect this upcoming season, so there will be money there for Wilson as well.

  10. When you draft a superstar, you keep him. Period. Remember Hutch? ET an Wilson are our other core guys we need to keep no matter what.

  11. Singularitarian says:

    Hutch and Sherman is an apples to oranges comparison

  12. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Hutch who?

  13. Southendzone says:

    I think ET could get 11 or damn close to it. I believe Jarius Byrd just got 9/year.

    I was really hoping to hear about Earl getting extended, but this is still great news. It’s imperative to get at LEAST one of them done this year.

  14. GeorgiaHawk says:

    We won a Super Bowl with arguably the worst guards in the NFL.
    We don’t even get there without Sherman.

  15. grizindabox24 says:

    Pay them all

    …drops mic

  16. Singularitarian says:

    Earl was already getting 5 mill or so this year

  17. Singularitarian says:

    Georgia, what if we had the best guards and no Sherman? I bet we still get there

  18. Yup, Yup,.. agree that ET would prob get 11 mil a year. If we can get him for 10 Mil, that’d be So great…

    I hope the RW will give us a discount and sign for 15 Mil a year…. is that wishful thinking? He’s already said that he does not care about money much. He just wants to be the greatest QB in the NFL.

  19. HawkFromDay1 says:

    So Earl already counts like $5.5 against the cap this year. An extra 4-5 for him wouldn’t be a cap killer.

    The salary cap hurts my brain.

    I would LOVE a press conference with both of them signing. Of course maybe they each want their own special day. Aww.

  20. Southendzone says:

    that is a sweet idea HFD1. Love the idea of them announcing BOTH of them at the same press conference.

  21. HawkFromDay1,, lol yeah hurting brain is right :), too bad Rice’s negative Cap numbers doesn’t count against his 1 Mil new cap number.. cuz if it did, we’d get refund.. lol

  22. Singularitarian says:

    how much cap room do you think the team has this year?

  23. Macabrevity says:

    Give him 13, get it done…. This is a no-brainer. We have to tie up LoB and RW, then keep re-loading the pieces around them to stay in the SB conversation every year for the rest of the decade.

  24. You pay Wilson, Sherman, and ET. You have to make decisions on others. You can keep some but not them all. But you do not let your legit stars out of town. Glad to hear Sherman May be locked up soon.

  25. chuck_easton says:

    Nobody really knows for sure what the cap room is, but every estimate I’ve seen has the team in the range of 13-14 million under right now.

    Take out at least 3million of that for the rookies (even the 32nd overall pick gets a contract in the neighborhood of 1.2M).

    So, really only about 10 million or so to ‘play with’.

    The difficult part is the team is carrying just over 10 million in ‘dead money’ from players that have been cut.

  26. Singularitarian says:

    I was just asking why people think that they could sign both Sherman AND Thomas THIS year. Can’t be done

  27. GeorgiaHawk says:

    You may be right if we had the two best guards in the NFL for Sherman, however I wouldn’t trade the best guard for the best corner. They are not even close to the same value imo.

  28. chuck_easton says:

    It can be done, but it will require some creative wording of the contracts. Say Sherman gets paid an ‘average’ of 13M per year over the course of the deal, but there are back end escalators then Sherman’s 2014 Cap hit might be in the 2-4M range. There are ways…

  29. chcknlittle says:

    Thomas and Baldwin are locked up as well (news will break before the draft)

  30. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Agree Chuck.

    Thomas is already making around 5 mil this year so it would be easy to structure his contract so he makes around that same amount his first year.

  31. Southendzone says:

    Not only can they do both this year, they can do it relatively easily. Not with monstrously back-loaded contracts impacting future years heavily.

  32. chcknlittle says:

    The Sherman deal was possible because both Thomas and Baldwin are already signed

  33. Both Sherm and ET would be extensions, which means (I think) that this years cap charge is not as extreme as the following years. Same reason Harvin’s cap # is so much more this year than last.

  34. Russell Wilson release on May 7, 2016 is written on the wall. With all this money being allocated to the secondary, there’s no money left for a franchise QB.

    The Defense first formula was proven last season to win Championships. Doesn’t matter who the QB is.

    Now, the Pryor signing makes so much sense!

    (Yes, this post is a joke.)

  35. doubledink says:

    You can sign both ET and RS this year by means of extensions and large signing bonuses that spread it out over the contract length and don’t hit until the following year. That gets them the money now without changing their salary number until their current deal expires. Then do the same for RW and his impact won’t hit until the next year.

  36. I really don’t think they extended Baldwin and Sherman.

  37. Baldwin and Thomas

  38. doubledink says:

    If you HAD to choose between Earl and Sherm, who would you take?

    Sherm could be harder to replace, but Earl elevates the play of the whole LOB with his closing speed and skill. Holmgren has said he thinks Sherm is the rarer talent but realistically he isn’t a top talent athletically, he’s the smartest. So who would you rather replace?

  39. I anticipate Sherman taking a HAIR less than what he’s worth to keep Earl around.

  40. chcknlittle says:

    Just wait Radeon!!!!

  41. Sherman deserves the money. Takes away right side of field which makes it tough on right handed qbs. works hard and wants to win more. In preseason he was saying he would just tip fades to teammates. This thinking lead to the best play I have ever seen. Go look at it again. Should go down as one of best plays in nfl histoty. And he called it.

  42. jchawks08 says:

    As long as Sherman makes $1 more than Revis, I assume he’ll be content. In the back of my mind I assumed we would not be able to keep all 3. Sherman, Thomas, and Wilson. All will demand top Dollar. And all will deserve it. Maybe you can make a case against RW because his numbers will never match Manning, Rodgers, and the like.
    I assumed if we let anyone walk it would be Sherman. I hope the cap shakes out that we can keep all 3. If ever there was a core, that is our core.
    I feel bad for the other studs that we may not be able to keep along the way; Okung, Wagner, and essentially the rest of the D.

  43. chuck_easton says:

    I have to agree. I thought if anybody walked of the big three it would be Sherman. If the team can work out a deal with him I see Thomas following close behind.

    The team can’t even whisper the words ‘contract extension’ in the presence of Wilson until March of 2015 or the start of the 2015 league year. By that time there will be more cap room from 1. a higher cap and 2. over 10 million of ‘dead money’ counted against this years cap being added back next year.

  44. GeorgiaHawk says:

    We will find out soon if there will be a Super Bowl rematch to start the NFL season.

  45. FleaFlicker says:

    If you’re Richard, how can you not demand the highest CB salary. Last year was his first year making $1 million due to his status as a 5th rounder. He’s delivered two All-Pro seasons back to back, led the NFL in interceptions last year (despite being thrown at close to never), and he essentially removes an entire sideline from an offensive game plan. Meanwhile, Revis, Bailey, etc. made more last year than Richard has made in his entire career. The Seahawks have made out like bandits.

    Now, all that above is past tense. The future is what matters. But at the age of 26, Richard Sherman is on pace to make a legitimate run at the all-time career interceptions record. It’s very hard to make the argument that he is not worth the largest CB contract in the league.

    My only hope is that the front office can find a way to pay-as-you-go with cap money. The fact that we have $10 million of dead money is straight up unacceptable. Bite the bullet now and clear the decks for the next season’s negotiations. Seriously, an extra $10 million adds an AJ Green or a Jared Veldheer to the roster.

  46. I do have a serious question for Todd, and I don’t want you to take this the wrong way:

    Do you do any investigative style journalism in terms of finding out cool facts and stuff about the seahawks? All I ever see here is tweets from people that aren’t employed by TNT or anything. I was wondering why I wasn’t frequenting the site as much as I used to, but then I realized the content of the articles is really nothing more than someone’s twitter post with you saying exactly what the tweet says but in longer fashion, with maybe a link under it.

  47. Wilson’s numbers hold up against all qbs . Only lacking in attempts. Needs 90 more throws and will be the 2nd rated qb of all time. Rodgers is first.

  48. jchawks08 says:

    Just wait until Sherman, Thomas, and RW enter their Prime.
    Such an exciting time to be a fan.

  49. jchawks08 says:

    Good point, wigman. Just not sure how that plays into contract negotiations.

  50. wazzulander says:

    That would be a pretty nice deal for Sherm if he can negotiate to be the highest paid CB even when he’s not even a free agent. I’m not sure where there is alot of incentive for the front office to do such a deal because he could easily be franchised for approximately the same amount next year. It probably has a lot to do with his personality. I think Pete Carroll probably loves the leadership and attitude RS brings to the defense/team/locker room – he gives us that brash, cocky, swagger with a huge chip on his shoulder that the entire team can feed off of, while maintaining a very smart, disciplined game.

  51. chuck_easton says:

    Players don’t like the Franchise Tag. They consider it an insult. If you can get a long term deal then that is the route to go. And there is nothing that says the ‘new contract’ won’t have wording that gives Sherman the big guaranteed bonus now but the new contract doesn’t actually kick in until 2015.

  52. GeorgiaHawk says:

    As nate would say – “Thurmond is delusional”.

  53. Southendzone says:

    Wazzu, that’s not going to work if you go into next season with both Sherm and ET unsigned. Which do you franchise then?

    The incentive for the FO to do it is to lock him up, not have to compete on the open market for him next year, and to show that they reward their top performers (just like Kam).

  54. VegasScott says:

    Without the “Immaculate Deflection” the 49ers would have gone back to the Super Bowl to dismantle the Broncos.

    That pretty much is enough said right there that Sherman is a must-sign.

  55. The facts bear it out…Sherman is THE best CB in the league right now. In 2012 you could argue that he was good because he had so many opportunities to make plays. This past season he was targeted fewer times than any CB and still led the league in passes defensed and INT’s.

    I’d like to see him with a 5 years contract that averages out to 13M per season with 30 mil guaranteed. But the kicker to the deal would be an agreement for the Seahawks to fund the Richard Sherman Foundation for some amount of money that would allow his charitable work to continue long past his playing days. How much that is, how long it lasts, and how it affects the salary cap, I have no idea. But I think the concept is very cool and one that I think Sherman would jump at, given his ideals.

  56. edstang45 says:

    If Thomas is under contract and they extend him for 15 and beyond and keep this year the same it won’t hurt cap right

  57. wazzulander says:

    Yeah, there probably is some front office incentive regarding more maneuvering room with the bonus and guaranteed money, and it keeps the franchise tag available for Earl next year, if necessary. Still, it will be a heck of a deal for Sherm if he can renegotiate to be the highest paid CB in the league while still under contract.

  58. SandpointHawk says:

    (on satire font) So Sherman pulls himself out of the most important game in Seahawk history and walks the sideline in a walking boot and you guys want to make this bozo the highest paid player in Seahawk history? SMH :)
    (off satire font)

  59. Seahawks GM John Schneider said today they haven’t decided yet on if they will try to use Terrelle Pryor in a different position other than QB. That is good news.

    T Jacks deal is guaranteed so he is not going anywhere this season. If Pryor can contribute at another position that would be great. And he could still be the #3 QB that way. But I doubt they will keep 3 pure QBs active all season. 2 QBs and a hybrid QB/whatever might work.

    If the Raiders were about to release him that means they couldn’t get any better than a 7th rounder for him. If he wants to play in the NFL he should do whatever the Seahawks ask of him.

    At 6-6 and super fast, he should be an NFL player, but maybe not as a QB. I hope he realizes that.

  60. GeorgiaHawk says:
  61. Thurmond must be back on the reefer. Watch out for his next suspension.

  62. I prefer “The Tip.” Much more simple, yet the meaning is just as powerful when taken into context of what happened. Sherm himself calls it a “tip” drill, not a “deflection” drill and was saying this before the Whiner game that made him a household name.

    There is no one or the other with Sherm/ET. We can/will keep both. It’s guys like KJ Wright who are going to leave because there won’t be enough money to go around. While I like KJ, he’s not a guy who can say he’s legitimately the best at his position in the NFL either. Good, yes. The best, no.

  63. My only question is how many years will the contract be for? With Sherm 26, he’s got 3 years max before he begins to decline physically. He’s not an elite athlete the way, say,Patrick Petersen is. Which means sooner rather than later his skill and intelligence will begin to fail to make up for his lesser athleticism. So Im betting its a 3 year deal, with another year or two added on to look good that the team and Sherm realize are never intended to happen.

    Im glad they are extending Sherm first. He’s earned it, and a cornerback of his ability is harder to find and more valuable than any FS, especially one who misses tackles, and gives up too many TD’s. Earl Thomas is a great player, but he certainly has room for improvement.

    Im not saying he wont be extended/resigned–he will be; just that he’s not necessarily the best FS in football. He’s up there in the argument with Byrd and Weddle and a couple others, but he’s not hands down the BEST at his position. Sherm on the other hand, is. And as I said, corners are more valuable than FS.

    Still, it wouldnt surprise me one bit to see Seattle make him the highest paid FS in football, in the 10-11 million a year range.

  64. Bobbyk–I agree, we’re likely to lose Wright, who is a fine player but a limited athlete. Some other team–like the Saints or Jags–will pounce the moment he’s a FA. He wont be resigning on the cheap–why should he?

    Im hopeful we can keep Malcolm Smith, but he’s a likely candidate to be lost after his rookie contract as well.

    We will pay Wagner. And as of now, I cant see any team hot to trot for Irvin, so at least we should be able to resign him lol!

  65. And I too prefer “The Tip”, for what its worth…

  66. vichawkfan says:

    ^^ “which means sooner rather than later his skill and intelligence will begin to fail to make up for his lesser athleticism”

    Huh? That’s close to the dumbest thing I’ve read on here. How does he become less intelligent after more experience? How does great athleticism continue to expand after age?

  67. MoSeahawk12 says:

    Sherman’s always had the brains to dominate. He has never been the fastest guy or the most athletic. He is a film rat and studies every receiver and QB until he finds a weakness and attacks that. He may start to slow down physically, although it won’t be in three years. He has never relied on that part of his game. He has plenty of tricks and technique to get by. He certainly won’t become less intelligent as he gains even more game experience.

  68. Guys like Jerry Rice were “too slow” even when they were drafted. He ran a 4.6 40 yard dash but he always ran away from supposedly 4.4 type of guys. Sherm is a stud and will be fine. This isn’t the underwear olympics anymore, he’s a proven NFL commodity who doesn’t have to worry about where’s he’s going to get drafted anymore. He’s the best of the best and deserves to be compensated so. He’s a bigger guy like studs like Albert Lewis and Mike Haynes and they played awesome well into their thirties. Sherm will be the same. I hope it’s a 6-8 year type of deal.

  69. Anyone remember watching Sherm running down Gore in the second 49ers game this past season late in the contest? He was clearly running faster than ET after Gore and yet ET is always supposedly so much “faster” than Sherm.

    Here’s the play where Sherm clearly runs faster than ET if you want to see for yourself:

  70. vichawkfan says:

    Bobby, totally agree that Sherman getting labelled as not an elite athlete is completely comical. This is the freakin NFL and he’s the best at his job…..the BEST. Maybe fans that try to convince themselves otherwise need to stop reading the national expert media folk.
    If Sherman had another 10lbs iof muscle, then maybe he gets credit for being athletic (looking).

  71. MoSeahawk12 says:

    Earl giving up too many TDs is funny. He’s consistently listed as the top safety in the NFL.
    He’s allowed the fewest plays in the middle two years in a row.
    “The deep safety has to play two routes. He has to defend the seam route and the post route. That is all I ask him to play. He has to find the seam route from the number two receiver. If there are two of them then he has to get in the middle and play them both. On the post route he has to stay on top of that route.”

    Thomas must play from the numbers to the numbers (redline to redline), and take away any routes going to the middle of the field. If there are two, he splits the difference until the ball is thrown. His number one priority is to never get beat over the top. Ever. Carroll expounds:

    “Teach your [safeties] to play the deep middle and forget about all the confusing rules. The guy who is playing in the middle of the field has to figure out who can get into the middle. We want our safety to play in the middle of the two receivers that can run the post route. He wants to split the relationship with anyone who can get down the middle.”
    Thomas does exactly that. His rare combination of explosive athleticism, range and natural instincts allow him to cover more ground than what should be humanly possible. More from Kelly:

    Despite very consistently being the only player down the deep middle of the field:

    In 2012, teams only attempted 15 passes to the deep middle — best in the NFL.

    In 2013, teams only attempted 8 passes to the deep middle — best in the NFL.

    The safety position, and the defensive secondary as a whole, has never been more important in the NFL. It’s a natural evolution. To combat the growth and sophistication of passing offenses, teams are using more dollars to put towards the secondary to try to shut them down. Today’s NFL is about finding athletes in the secondary who can cover ground and receivers. There’s nobody better in the game at that than Seattle All-Pro safety Earl Thomas.

  72. Do you guys know how to read?! I never said Sherm will become less intelligent! Good God, people! READ! I said his film study/smarts will eventually not be enough to compensate for the fact that he isnt a freak athlete like Patrick Peterson. In other words, eventually he will begin to decline physically, and despite being brilliant and a film rat, he will become less effective because Brains and skills and tricks will only mask/compensate for fading physical abilities for a short while, especially at cornerback (where reflexes and athleticism are so important).

    Now, who in hell knows when Sherms inevitable physical decline will reduce in less effectiveness? One can guess, since like RB’s, CB’s tend to slow down around 29-30. Sure, some guys can keep playing at a high level into their mid 30’s, but thats rare and its often guys with ridiculous athleticism that manage that. Im not convinced Sherm is that kind of an athlete.

    Whether he relies on athleticism or not, a certain amount of speed/agility is necessary to do his job, and at some point he will lose it, whether that happens at 29, 30, or 35 remains to be seen.

    Sherm is a very good athlete, but he’s no freak. He’s even said as much himself, so stating it is no knock on him. So insist he’s faster than he is all you want, but even Sherm knows it isnt so. There’s no way ET is slower than Sherm. Its not even close. ET might be the fastest Defensive player in pads in the NFL; Sherm is just not even close, though as of now he’s plenty fast enough to do his job.

    Bobbyk–As for that play or any other, its not going to convince anyone that Sherm is even close to being as fast as ET. Its football–Ive seen guys who run a 4.4 get caught from behind by 300 lbs linemen, if the WR hesitated or got caught flat footed for an instant and the big boy had a head of steam.

  73. Mo–More from Kelly? Who is Kelly? Is he a professional writer, an ex-player, or just a fan like the two of us?

    Im curious because I found the quotes very interesting, likewise the stats.

    All I can say is 3-4 games last year I watched ET get caught out of position and give up TD’s over the top when he had deep contain. Whether those throws were counted in the “over the middle” throws or not, I cant say. But he gave up TD’s vs Indy, TB, Houston, and at least one other game where it was undoubtedly his fault. You could tell not only because Kam was playing up and you could tell ET had deep contain, but because of ET’s body language when it happened. He knew damn well he screwed up.

    Plenty of talking heads, analysts, and ex-players and coaches believe ET is the best S in the NFL. But plenty of others arent convinced, and list him as merely one of the best. Regardless, there is not clear consensus outside Seahawks fans on blogs that ET is the best, bar none. I think he’s damned close, especially over the last 6 games of the season and the playoffs/SB. He may not have made quite as many big plays, but he made less mistakes, wasnt beaten deep much if at all, and wasnt whiffing on as many tackles when RB’s broke into the second level.

    To make it clear, for our scheme I wouldnt trade him for any other S in the NFL. As others have said, he covers more ground than any S in the history of the NFL. If he cleans up his fundamentals–as I believe he already has over the last part of the season–he can be not only the best S in the NFL, but the best in history. He’s that talented.

  74. Bobbyk–Id be thrilled if Sherm can remain effective into his mid-thirties just like Haynes and others before him. But its not exactly likely. We’ll see how it shakes out. Man, there would be nothing better than watching Sherm kick ass and destroy the Niners for another 8 years or more!

  75. freedom_X says:

    Everson Walls played 14 years, was a 4-time Pro Bowler and 3-time All Pro. He ran 4.72 in the 40, which is why he went undrafted. He did what he did with intelligence and tremendous study.

    The player who can perform at a high level relying on brains will typically last longer than a player who relies on elite athleticism, especially if that brainy player *is also* a solid athlete. There are many more 14 year brainy players than 14 year elite athletes.

  76. freedom–Not going to argue with you on that. It takes brains to play that long, and hard work. But being a crazy athlete WITH brains really helps.

    Lofa Tatupu is a great example of a guy with a huge heart, big brain, and a fantastic work ethic who flamed out due to being too small and getting injured. It only took a little over three years for his athleticism to decline enough to where no amount of brains or preparation could keep him in the league.

    Even Steve Largent–and Rice–were eventually rendered obsolete when their already below-avg athleticism declined enough to where their skill and heart couldnt overcome it.

    Like I said, it would be great if Sherman had a long career and played well into his mid-thirties. But its not the norm. The avg NFL career is 4 years or so for good reason.

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