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Seahawks draft, fifth-round reboot

Post by Todd Dybas / The News Tribune on April 20, 2014 at 3:27 pm with 34 Comments »
April 20, 2014 3:27 pm

On to the fifth round of the John Schneider Draft Experience:

SS Kam Chancellor (Virginia Tech)
Overview: The Detroit Lions traded this pick, 133rd overall, and defensive end Robert Henderson to the Seahawks for Sims and a seventh-round pick. Seattle ended up with Chancellor. The Lions picked Willie Young in the seventh round.

Sims has started every game for the Lions since the trade. Chancellor is one of the best safeties in the league.

Willie Young? He just signed a three-year deal with the Chicago Bears after starting 15 games last season for the Lions.

Henderson is out of the league.

CB Richard Sherman (Stanford)
FS Mark LeGree (Appalachian State)
Overview: Getting in position to select Sherman was the result of another swap with Detroit. The Lions sent Seattle their third- and fourth-round picks and flipped slots in the fifth and seventh rounds to acquire a second-round pick. They selected Illinois running back Mikel Leshoure. He has gained 807 yards in two seasons.

LeGree just signed with the Saskatchewan Roughriders of the CFL. He was cut by the Seahawks at the end of the 2011 preseason.

LB Korey Toomer (Idaho)
Overview: Toomer started his rookie season on the practice squad, then finished it on the injured reserve because of shoulder surgery. Toomer spent last season on the reserve/non-injury list. Pete Carroll said after the Super Bowl parade that Toomer is “on his way back.”

DT Jesse Williams (Alabama)
DB Tharold Simon (LSU)
TE Luke Willson (Rice)
Williams and Simon missed all of last season because of injuries. Williams had knee surgery that ended his year in training camp. Carroll said Williams is doing “really well” and Williams is currently back in Seattle after spending time in his native Australia during his rehabilitation.

Simon has had big toe injuries to both feet. Toe surgery put Simon on the PUP list last season. Carroll said after the parade that Simon also needed toe surgery on his other foot. With the departure of Brandon Browner and Walter Thurmond, Simon will have a chance to be in the mix, if he can get healthy.

Willson was a pleasant surprise. He showed good speed and became a matchup problem for linebackers in coverage, particularly the burly San Francisco linebackers. Willson had 20 catches for 272 yards and a touchdown (in San Francisco). He’s a solid backup to Zach Miller. The next steps for Willson will be an increased understanding of the offense and becoming a better blocker.

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  1. SaigonSun says:

    Happy Easter everyone

  2. The Seahawks don’t win the Super Bowl (or make it) if there was no 5th round contributors in the Mr. Happy Era.

  3. Flappy Honkin’ Easter to all of you fellow TNT bloggers. If nothing else I appreciate all of you for the passion you show toward the Superbowl 48 champion Seattle Seahawks. I may not post much worthwhile here and am still learning the in depth X’s and O’s of NFL football (heck, when I started posting here less than 3 years ago I thought Will, Mike and Sam were names of linebackers not positions) but I do know that I’m highly suspicious of and don’t trust people who say they don’t like football. So in other words you are all OK in my book. Here’s to an interesting draft, great summer and hopefully another amazing season of football this year. Go Hawks. Thanks everybody.

  4. Todd when we’re done with all the round-by-round reboots would it be possible for you to put together a summary of the hits, misses, and “jury is still out”?

    And do you (or any bloggers) know if there is anything similar that we could use to compare the Hawks versus other teams over the same time period? Maybe another web site or such? I think it would be really cool to be able to compare overall quality against other teams but I realize that would be a huge undertaking if something isn’t already out there.

  5. Ray_Maines says:

    Charting one teams 5th round choices against another teams 5th round choices would be difficult because it’s hard to measure hopes and potential.

    That said: Damn, the 5th round has been good to the ‘Hawks!! RS, KC & Luke Willson. Wow!!

  6. Ray_Maines says:

    100%, totally, completely and absolutely unrelated to anything even remotely contented to the Seahawks or football:

    My old mouse wasn’t acting right so I bought a new $39.95 Logitech wireless mouse (model M510) and it’s transformed my Internet life. It feels good in my hand and has programmable buttons, but the best thing is the “Smooth Scroll” feature. Now I can roll up or down one pixel at a time rather than three lines at a time. I love the new mouse!!

    A very well spent $40 if you ask me.

    Sorry for the interruption. Back to your regular programming.

  7. @Ray – I’m not so much interested in rating 5th rounders against 5th rounders as I am interested in comparing overall success of drafts. Maybe some kind of scoring system could be used. I need to get my brain wrapped around it better but I think it would be fun to utilize statistics to incorporate a scoring system.

  8. Approach Mike Sando he would be my first pick on such matters.

  9. HawkfaninMT says:

    I know he is getting some bad pub this off season for not being as fast as some wanted him to be…

    But I would love to see De’Anthony Thomas drafted in the 5th round. I get that he is small… I get that he is not running as fast in his underwear… That guy makes plays!

    A 5th round of De’Anthony Thomas and a large athletic freaky sort of CB/S like Dowling from Western Kentucky or Exum from V-Tech would be a nice way to keep this trend of productive 5th rounders going.

  10. I think the scorecard on the success of the drafts read 43-8 a few months back.

  11. Off season workouts start today.

    Trivia….. which Seahawk has the largest workout bonus? Tony McDaniel ($500,000).

  12. FleaFlicker says:

    I know that Toomer was listed last year as “NFI”. But I don’t think anybody every published what that NFI actually was. Did he pull a hamstring shooting hoops? Or still the shoulder? Is so, that’s worrying.

    Any details available?

  13. surelyyoujest says:

    “I think the scorecard on the success of the drafts read 43-8 a few months back.”

    Love it. That IS the only measure that counts. Everything else is interesting irrelevance that helps kill time until football starts again.

  14. WilliamPercival says:

    Sidney Rice signed a 1 year / $1.40 million contract with the Seattle Seahawks, including a $150,000 signing bonus, $150,000 guaranteed, and an annual average salary of $1,400,000.

    Good bargain..

  15. Southendzone says:

    Also, Rice is getting a $15k/game roster bonus for each week he’s active. That 1.4M reflects the max he could possibly make. If for some reason hes injured or cut it will be less.

  16. So much for Rice taking less to come back. Thats an utterly bottom-level contract. Its shows his services were about as in demand with other teams as a bicycle to fish.

    Perhaps the Jets offered him more than that, but somehow I highly doubt it.

    Regardless, with Tate gone Seattle can sure use the depth at WR, and Rice knows the system, has good hands, runs precise routes, and is a great guy and a good role model. A good decision to bring him back for a contract totally inline with his performance and injury history. Its just too bad he wasnt playing for that the last two years…

  17. Yeah, the Rice contract kind of balances out what he got paid over the last few years with what he gets paid now. If he produces a bit this year, or even just acts as a classy veteran helping with the young ‘uns and being a strong backup player, overall the Seahawks did OK with Mr. Rice, not great given his last couple of years, but OK, and that’s a win win for both sides. There’s also the outside chance that he’ll go off this year if he stays healthy and we can get some better pass protection, quicker reads, and so forth. Hell, maybe Harvin will draw so much attention that Sidney catches 60 or 70 balls this year.

  18. The interesting thing about Rice’s contract is the signing bonus/guaranteed money is a mere $150K. If Lockette or a Rookie perform in camp and Rice has not reverted to the 2012 edition, he won’t make the team. He might not make the team if Lockette or a Rookie perform regardless.

  19. Singularitarian says:

    I guessed 1 year/1.8. I was close

  20. Pabs–Excellent point. And if he gets hurt at any point this year, they can dump him and not owe him jack. He’s got to perform AND stay healthy to stay on the team and get paid.

    Either no one else really wanted him, or he REALLY wanted to come back…

  21. If he gets hurt once the season starts, he’ll get to keep that $1.15m in base and bonus plus any per game bonuses he earned. The only protection for the team at that point are the remaining per game bonuses.

  22. Singularitarian says:

    STTBM nobody wants to pay Rice more than that I wouldn’t think. Why would they?

  23. Singularitarian–Well, some on here suggested Rice took less money to play here, and compared his re-signing with Tate leaving for 1.1 million per year and more guaranteed money. As I said, its apples and oranges.

    I get tired of all the insinuating that Rice is somehow noble for playing here another year, while Tate has no integrity. IMO, Rice came back because its nearly his only option, and Tate isnt the one lacking integrity. He gave us all he had, and the FO decided it wasnt enough. Detroit felt it was. He’s gone, and thats fine…I just wish the usual parade of insta-haters that coalesces within minutes of a player leaving the team would just can it…

  24. Pabs–Of course. But we wont be on the hook for the rest of the years pay if he’s hurt and they want to move on. Thats a good deal for the FO, especially in light of his numerous injuries over the last three years.

    This way, if he plays the whole season, he gets a bit over league min. If he gets injured, we can move on painlessly. Same if he gets outplayed by the rookie and the others.

    Im not holding my breath on Walters or Lockette making any progress, but it would be welcome.

  25. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I’m not so concerned with some players getting overpaid like Rice did last year because we have had far more players underpaid for their performances last year if that’s the way it is viewed.

  26. If Rice makes the opening day roster and tears his knee in the very first game, he is due $1.165m of the $1.4m max value of his contract.

    Is that the real GeorgiaHawk or some two bit imposter?

  27. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I’m not going to get on your case STTBM with regards to not letting your love for Tate go because I have this feeling that I may be doing the same thing with Baldwin next year. Lol.

  28. Per another blog (the source for the rest of the Rice numbers), there is a split salary in case of injury. 1 million base but only 500k base if injured. I’m not sure I’ve seen another contract like that, but it looks like both sides got some of what they wanted. Seahawks get a cheap contract for a proven (if injury prone) vet, with some injury protection. Rice gets some guaranteed money and a chance to show he still has ‘it’ on a one year contract.

    I still think the Seahawks draft another ‘big’ receiver if the value is there. It’s unlikely Rice will be around for more than one year. If he has a big year other teams will be offering more money. If he has a poor year the Hawks are probably not interesed – time to go younger. The only way he stays is if he has a statistically mediocre year but makes big timely plays, then I can see Seattle offering him another relatively inexpensive contract to stay – ala Tony McDaniel.

  29. ok that explains STTBM’s position. I didn’t realize the salary had that type of in-season injury protection.

  30. vichawkfan says:

    @710ESPNSeattle: WR @sidneyrice says he had the opportunity to make more money with he #Jets but decided to stay in Seattle for his teammates, 12th Man

  31. Singularitarian says:

    Sttbm: Plus the fact that Tate has never sniffed nfl money and Rice has already been well paid if not overpaid by Seattle. I won’t ever understand any Tate hate either.

  32. Exactly. Rice has made what? 30 million bucks? Tate’s made a few million on his rookie contract, yet was making peanuts compared to what other WR’s of his performance level were making the past couple years.

    Im ok with Tate leaving–it took awhile, but Im there. What Im not okay with is those who want to bash him simply because he’s gone. Its what happens every single time a player leaves, even when–like Tate–the player really wanted to stay. It even happened with Hasselbeck, who suddenly was a crappy washed up qb who didnt deserve to have made the Pro Bowl 3 times the instant he was let go by Seattle….

    I just dont get that attitude.

    I will be watching some Lions games this year, just to see Tate do his thing. I like how he runs, and the crazy catches he makes. I could care if they win or lose, but I am looking forward to seeing Tate perform. Heck, since Im not really emotionally involved, I may actually have more fun watching Lions games…

    Georgia–Yeah, and thats another thing. I cant even buy a jersey, because most if not all my favorite players on the team arent locked in long enough for me to take that risk. And Im not buying a 12 jersey. I guess I’ll just keep my D-Jack jersey and old Largent practice jersey…

  33. While there’s nothing wrong with a team having underpaid players–in fact, its a necessity with the cap–there is also nothing wrong with a player leaving for good money if the old team cant/wont pay up.

    Had Seattle come as close to Detroit’s offer as they did to the competing offers for Bennett, Tate would still be a Hawk. Seattle–for whatever reason(s)–just didnt value Tate the way other teams did. Now we gotta draft a WR or two.

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