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Morning Links: Seahawks draft, fourth-round reboot

Post by Todd Dybas / The News Tribune on April 18, 2014 at 11:39 am with 50 Comments »
April 18, 2014 11:39 am

Good morning.

On to the fourth round of the John Schneider Drafting Experience.

CB Walter Thurmond (Oregon)
DE E.J. Wilson (North Carolina
Thurmond was skilled when he could get on the field. Trouble was, he was often injured or suspended during his time with the Seahawks. Thurmond played 34 games in four seasons in Seattle. He had one interception. The New York Giants signed him in the offseason.

Wilson is out of the league. He played two games and made a tackle in 2010.

LB K.J. Wright (Miss. St.)
WR Kris Durham (Georgia)
Considering how effective Wright was against the Seahawks’ toughest opponent, the San Francisco 49ers, and in the Super Bowl, it’s fair to call this an exquisite pick. Wright’s length enables him to play in coverage in a way that the other Seahawks linebackers cannot, becoming an excellent partner for Bobby Wagner and Malcolm Smith. Wright can become an unrestricted free agent at the end of the season.

Durham made three catches in three games in 2011. He’s been on the Detroit Lions since. Last season, he caught 38 passes for 490 yards and two touchdowns.

RB Robert Turbin (Utah State)
DT Jaye Howard (Florida)
Turbin was solid as the Seahawks’ backup running back last year. His yards per carry average dipped from 4.4 in 2012 to 3.4 last season (though, it should be noted Marshawn Lynch’s ypc dropped from 5.0 to 4.2 over the same period, so a portion of that can be attributed to poor line play). Turbin continues to be a good blocker.

Howard is now on the Kansas City Chiefs. He played two games for the Seahawks in 2012 and did not make a tackle. He played three games last year for the Chiefs, recording six tackles.

WR Chris Harper (Kansas State)
Harper never contributed to the Seahawks. He was released during final cuts, before being signed off the Seahawks’ practice squad by the San Francisco 49ers, waived by the 49ers, then claimed by the Green Bay Packers. Harper played four games on special teams for Green Bay, and made a tackle.


> ESPN’s Adam Caplan tweeted this morning that Boise State defensive end Demarcus Lawrence will be visit the Seahawks. Lawrence was a talented end for the Broncos who also ran into trouble, at times. Boise State suspended him from the 2012 Las Vegas Bowl against Washington.

> Some of the Seahawks and the Lombardi Trophy made a special trip:

> Adam Schefter is reporting the San Francisco 49ers are “not expected to” pick up the fifth-year option on Aldon Smith. But, says the 49ers do not plan to cut Smith.

> The New Orleans Saints re-signed WR Robert Meacham.

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  1. EJ I believe was the guy they talked about having brains and heart but they regretted overlooking his poor measurables. Regardless, he was useless.

    Thurmond was a bad-luck deal, and is a bit of a punk so low-risk gamble that paid off for part of one year lol! Give him credit, he helped last year.

    Wright was a genius pick. I think we’re gonna lose him after this year, so enjoy him while he’s ours. Durham was a good pick, and has shown he can be a decent rotational player for the Lions. He just took awhile to catch on, and unfortunately he didnt manage that here.

    Turbin was a great pick, but if he’s smart, he leaves when his contract runs out and looks for a team with a power-blocking scheme and takes a crack at starting. All of his big runs were called back due to holding by our inept offensive line.

    Howard showed flashes, was disappointed to see him cut. Wash. Chris Harper was a total disappointment; he looked utterly lost onfield. That guy is a long ways from contributing to an offense in the NFL.

    Since we have no third rounder, I hope we find another Wright as opposed to another Harper/Durham. Besides, enough with drafting WR’s in the fourth. They dont work out. Time to take one of those in the first or second round.

  2. I think thats cool they took the Lombardi to the VA. Thats awesome!

  3. “STTBM-April 18, 2014 at 11:57 am

    I think thats cool they took the Lombardi to the VA. Thats awesome!”

    Agreed 100%. That’s cool.

    I like Turbin but don’t think he’s very good. He’s not even an average NFL RB, IMO. He’s close though so it’s not like I think he sucks.

    KJ and WTIII were good picks, Turbin wasn’t a bad pick, and the rest of them really didn’t pan out for the Seahawks to varying degrees. Then again, nobody ever hits on all their picks so it’s pretty much what you’d expect from a good front office.

  4. Very cool to see the players take the trophy to the vet hospital. Makes you kind of proud to see,all the good they are doing with their victory.

  5. Singularitarian says:

    I like some of the Seattle picks, and I understand they have churned out a lot of crazy good mid/late round picks. That being said they sure make some head scratchers, like Durham and especially Harper.

    Harper had let down written all over him, no college production and no real potential. I can’t even understand what they were thinking with that one.

    Durham at least had size and some speed, I could at least understand the pick, yet he never screamed successful nfl football player to me. I would hope that they don’t pick another 4th round head scratcher receiver prospect this year.

    It’s funny cause I liked Lockette, Baldwin and Kearse as walk ons, but Kris Durham and especially Chris Harper made me scratch my head in the 4th

  6. I agree about Turbin – hes not awful, but is definitely not going to replace Lynch. He is still young and cheap.

    Speaking of replacing Lynch….. next season (2015) Marshawn will be 28 years old and scheduled to make $9m. My guess is he won’t see that $9m – he is either cut or is asked to restructure in 2015. I also won’t be surprised if we draft another RB this year.

  7. Dukeshire says:

    Turbin was never though of as an eventual replacement for Lynch, but rather as a compliment to him. And in that role he’s been a very solid contributor.

  8. Hammajamma says:

    Solid but unspectacular. Michael “should” ascend past Turbin to a more prominent back up role this year, and likely will be a more effective counterpunch to Lynch.

  9. Dukeshire–I agree. He’s not ever going to replace Lynch–Michaels will. Turbin runs well with avg blocking; on a power running team with an above avg line, I believe he would shine.

    Remember, he never played in a ZBS before coming to Seattle. He’s not a natural fit for it, either. But he’s still got good speed and is tough. He can also catch, and his pass pro is very good.

    I think if you look at the fact that almost every one of Seattle’s fourth round picks is still on an NFL teams roster, that it proves Seattle has a great FO. Durham wasnt a bad pick, he just couldnt beat out who we had at the time. He was outplaying Sidney Rice last year. Durham is doing pretty well for Detroit. Harper was a reach and a miss for sure, as was Henderson.

    I cant wait to see who we get this year. Not to mention seeing how Simon and Williams do returning from injuries and a redshirt rookie year…

  10. SandpointHawk says:

    Marshawn never ran in a zone blocking system(ZBS) either before he got to Seattle. It took him about half a season to pull his head out and ask Cable for help in understanding the concept. The rest is history… Will Turbin or Michaels make some Seahawk history? Only time will tell…

  11. “Harper had let down written all over him, no college production and no real potential. I can’t even understand what they were thinking with that one.”

    I’d have to disagree with the second half of your first sentence. He had 58 catches for 857 yards in 2012 for a team that didn’t throw the ball a lot.

    He also ran a 4.55 at 230 pounds and showed some explosive jumping skills for that weight. I think it was understood that he was/is going to be a project. Kearse just played much better and beat him out. Whether or not he ever becomes a player is still up in the air.

  12. Actually, it was Williams that probably beat Harper out for that last spot.

  13. PDXCOP80 says:

    blocis we owe Lynch every bit of that 9M for what he did for us last season. How hard he continued to run even with our terrible line. He made losses gains on a regular basis. It shocks me that so many people want players to “renegotiate” because they think they aren’t worth it. Michael will still be on a rookie contract so our overall money to RB’s won’t be that bad.

  14. Micheal is just an injured player from A+M that cannot beat Turbin for the back-up RB slot!

  15. tealskin says:

    Will the inevitable falloff in Marshawn’s production start this season? Will go a long way in determining future with Hawks. He may decide to retire while still healthy. And if they make another SB run that could seal the deal. Seems he made some noise about retirement at some point last season anyway.

  16. PDXC….. I doubt the Seahawks will let what Lynch did in prior years affect how they choose to move forward.

    There are alot of variables at play. Mainly how Lynch plays this year and how ready Michael appears to be.

    Last season Lynch’s production was down: 1,257 yards from 301 carries (4.2 yard average) compared to 1,590 yards from 315 carries (5.0 yard average) in the prior year.

    I love the guy too – but if his production goes down again, there is zero chance (IMO) that he sees a $9m payday in 2015.

  17. I agree Tealskin – but the $9m salary is a bigger issue (IMO) than his production. His $9m would be in the top 5 RB salary’s in the league. At 28, will he be a 2015 top 5 RB? Will we have still have to sign Sherman or Thomas to long term deals?

  18. blocis:
    Micheal cannot beat Turbin PERIOD!

  19. ” doubt the Seahawks will let what Lynch did in prior years affect how they choose to move forward.

    No doubt. Which is why I don’t understand when fans get mad when players want to get paid when they are obviously underpaid, i.e. someone like Sherm. Teams don’t throw money at you after you’ve been injured even though you’ve earned it in the past.

  20. Hammajamma says:

    Not sure why some are down on Michael when Schneider has paired him with Harvin as the two most explosive players on the team. I’m interested in seeing what they have in him this year.

  21. Michael needs to show he’s ready to pass protect and play a little ST IMO. Obviously the ST component goes out the window if Lynch is let go before 2015. And he has an injury past. I don’t have much doubt that he can run the ball well in Seattle if healthy.

  22. CDN_C_Hawk says:

    Lynch has A LOT of hard yard on those legs and body, but could his career, be extended on a not so run heavy offense, I believe it could, and this might be the time to look at what a trade might bring, while he is a top 3 RB in the league right now.

    Think maybe Gus and the Jags might like to rid themselves of J.Blackmon, this years 3rd round, and a conditional 2nd next year, turning into a 1st if Marshawn hits 1200 yds, or is on the field for 65% of the offensive snaps, and we send Lynch and one of our 5th rounders this year. This could be a reach deal, but you catch my drift.

    I think Turbin and Michael just need more playing time and this would force that issue, plus we in part get 2 extra picks this year, since we wouldn’t have to grab a WR.

    Hey, it’s my day dream… can have your own, *S*

  23. rramstad says:

    There were absolutely rumors that Lynch had told teammates that if they won the Super Bowl, he’d retire. He actually had to take it back around the time of the NFC Championship game as he realized from talking to Sherman (fairly sure about that) and Mike Rob that it was anti-motivation for his fellow players i.e. we win but Beast Mode retires? That sucks! Kind of a deal.

    I do think that his production this year, and how Michael comes on, will determine 90% of if he sees the $9 million next year. The other 10% is the possibility of a rookie RB really opening our eyes…

  24. Sarcasticus says:

    “Micheal cannot beat Turbin PERIOD!”

    I really think he is going to be a good back. He needs to get his blocking in order, but he can tote the rock.

    Oh, and the use of the word “period” only works when speaking. When typing, you actually just type it.<—There it is to signify the end of my point!)

  25. Let’s just enjoy Beast Mode for 2014 and forget about this BS.

  26. Don’t quite get why people are so ready to discuss losing their best offensive player. Though RW will probably take that role in 2014.

  27. Saying Michael can’t beat out Turbin is like saying that Max Unger couldn’t beat out Chris Spencer. Unger was a rookie who “couldn’t beat out” Spencer and that’s the only reason he wasn’t “good enough.”

    Unger was always the better player if one projected them into the future, just as Michael is the better player moving forward.

    Richard Sherman wasn’t good enough to beat out Trufant or WTIII his rookie year, but he’s turned out okay. The only reason he started is because they got hurt in front of him.

  28. Sarcasticus says:

    I don’t think folks are trying to usher Lynch out the door, but I think we can all agree he is not getting another big contract. In the era of the new CBA, you just cannot keep everyone. The stars will get paid if they are young enough, productive enough, and don’t have a cheaper replacement (with near ability) on roster. Running backs with contracts that take them in to their 30’s tend not to work out well.

    I don’t think Turbin is Lynch’s replacement, but I have seen enough of Michael to think he has the ability. Whether or not he puts in the work to make himself viable in the passing game (catching and blocking) is pretty much up to him. I think it will be telling if another back is picked up in the draft.

  29. PDXCOP80 says:

    Did Lynch’s numbers decline or did the O-line suck? Sometimes you so pay a guy for what they’ve done in the past. I remember our old FO rewarding a RB for what he did in the past (and was probably underpaid in the past). I guess my biggest thing is fans quick to suggest players needing to restructure rather than realizing they might have been underpaid in previous years i.e. Sherman, Wilson etc

  30. TallyHawk says:

    I can’t see lynch getting 9 mil. As good as he is that’s too much to pay a running back these days. You can find good backs for much cheaper. You also have to consider right now they have at least 3 players in RW RS and ET who will all be making 9 mil plus real soon. You can only have so many of those on the team. Also lynch and Running backs in general have little trade value.

  31. EzraMelech says:

    One of the great things about our front office is how they are always “looking and thinking ahead”. Is Lynch done? I don’t think so, but just because he is isn’t done “yet” does that mean we don’t have an eye on the future? Of course not!

    I believe the front office looks at Michael being the “future”. That being said, a lot depends on him. He’s got talent and physical skills, but does he take a clue from Russell Wilson and other members of the team and put in the work to get better at his weak area’s. That is yet to be determined.

    Our front office is one of the best in the league at not “ONLY” making the most of what we have now, but of thinking and working towards the future. Lynch has a couple good years left in him I believe, but I also think now he may take more of an active role grooming his replacement then necessarily trying to stay on top. I think Lynch himself knows he hasn’t got a lot of time left as a premier RB, as suggested by himself and the retirement talk. Can he still contribute though… YOU BET!!


  32. Lynch looked to be in decline last year and he masked it with 2 great, long runs in the playoffs.

    I think Schneider made the comment about his expectations on Michael for 2014 with Lynch’s decline and 2015 salary cap number in mind.

  33. Ray_Maines says:

    There is an interesting piece up at Field Gulls suggesting the ‘Hawks may (or may not) run an Oregon Duck “Read Sweep” type play next year. RW is certainly smart enough and Percy Harvin is fast enough to make it work, but here’s my question:

    Are the current group of O-Linemen athletic to make it work?

    Actually, now that I think for a second about James Carpenter pulling for any sort of sweep play, I think I’ve answered my own question, but I’ve done all this typing so I’m going to ask the question anyway.

    Here is a link to the Field Gull article:

    And a link directly to the Oregon video:

  34. Screensmoke says:

    I wouldn’t sat lynch is in the decline yet- too early- strictly speculation but as a running back his YAC raiting has to be at top or damn close to it. The guys is an animal. His window will close but not yet- He is showing no signs of that .In my opinion he is one of the major reasons we made it to the promised land- thank you marshawn.

  35. SandpointHawk says:

    Thanks Ray_Maines…nice link…

  36. You guy,s are drones Micheal is a player that has not developed mentaly to the NFL game. this can be confirmed by an article in the seattle times published in the seattle section of:

  37. Ray_Maines says:

    osbrey, that link didn’t work out as well as you hoped it would.

    And don’t be such a piss head. We’re not drones. At least not compared to a guy that can’t make a proper link.

  38. Love Lynch but he won’t see $9M/yr. He’ll either restructure or be cut. Fortunately it’s still another year out. I like the potential of Michael but he won’t ever bring the same contagious toughness that Lynch does. Few backs ever have. Michael brings an explosive burst though that we haven’t had for a while. If we do go to more of a college style offense with Harvin, Michael looks to have the speed to make the safeties pay for cheating toward Percy.

    That being said, I feel very fortunate to have Lynch on our team andI hope he’s the feature back as long as possible.

  39. SandpointHawk says:

    The link worked, just need to scroll to the bottom of the page to the Seahawks section…..

  40. Happy Easter and Happy 4/20 to all who celebrate either holiday or both. Rumor has it that this year’s Easter baskets are being delivered not by Peter Cottontail but by Peter Cottonmouth! (ha, bad joke, I know but silly nonetheless).

    I thought I’d share a fun story with you all this morning as it is a feel good tale for all Seahawks fans. It is entitled: HOW THE SEAHAWKS SUPERBOWL WIN HUMBLED AN ARROGANT, TRASH TALKING BRONCOS FAN VIA TWITTER:

    So, last season when the Seahawks were sitting at a 5-1 record I decided to join twitter for the fun of it. I almost never tweet but I follow a few musicians and athletes. One of those being Richard Sherman. Now mind you this whole thing started prior to his supposed “outburst” at the end of the NFC championship game. About once a week I would read Sherm’s tweets and scroll through some of the responses from fans. Well, haters and fans of other teams posting on an athlete’s twitter page is pretty normal but after one game a particular Broncos fan decided to call Sherman all kinds of names, called him an ignorant thug and basically the guy was just clueless as to who Sherman really is and the good he does. That is fine as you will never get fans of other teams to say anything nice but for some reason this guy’s incessant harassment of Sherm really chapped my hide. Not that Sherm couldn’t handle himself or respond if he felt like it but as most of us have had to be Seahawks apologists for years during the horrible seasons I just couldn’t take it anymore and so in a respectful way I called this guy out for basically posting nonsense about Sherman.

    This encounter led to this particular Broncos fan to start harassing me after every game. Seahawks would win and he would just post how Sherman is overrated, he sucks, Sea-chickens will never win a Superbowl, they will choke like they always have in the past, etc. etc. etc. And of course he used very colorful language. I would just respectfully answer with “Well, the Broncos offense is good but they have yet to play a defense as good as Seattle’s. Then he would come back with how Seattle sucks, Seattle fans are wimps, blah blah blah, I mean the guy was just over the top in his hatred on twitter towards Seattle. All of this prior to the Playoffs beginning. Seattle loses to the Cards at home and this clown just kept it up with how great Manning is, Broncos have the best offense ever and Seattle won’t make it past the first round and on and on and on.

    The playoffs arrive and he keeps it rolling (without any provoking from me) about Denver will win it all, Manning will win 3 Superbowls and the “Sea Chickens” will never amount to anything. I mean, this guy is your classic “meat head” fan. Even going so far as to wish injury to Sherman, Lynch and Wilson. So, I just would respond with the fact that Seattle had the same record as the Broncos and that I hoped for a Broncos/Seahawks Superbowl. He comes back with typical “You don’t wish that. Your stupid Seahawks will get destroyed by Manning and that Pete Carroll is overrated and if they get lucky with the help of the “refs” and do actually make it to the game that we should spare ourselves as Seattle fans and not watch the Superbowl as it is going to be embarrassing. (This guy was just out of control with his disdain and I wish you could have seen a lot of his tweets as they were just the most arrogant, ignorant, mean spirited comments about the Hawks). I continued to keep my cool and just told him after the NFC Championship game that I wished his Broncos good luck in the big game and win or lose I just hope it is a good game not decided by referees or anything controversial. He of course has no sportsmanship and just kept firing away with the insults but then got personal and called me every name in the book and used the classic racist taunts toward Sherman and the rest of the team.

    Superbowl Sunday arrives and he tweets again about how I should get some tissues for my tears and be prepared for the biggest ass-whipping I’ve ever seen in a Superbowl and that Lord Manning was about to make a mockery of the Seattle secondary and will set all kinds of records. Once again I held my tongue (as I wanted to just unload on the guy for all of the abuse he fired my way on twitter all season long BUT I have to admit I was a bit nervous about the game being that it was the most prolific offense ever to play the game and Seattle had to find a way to stop them). So I just responded “Good Luck in the game today and win or lose each of us should agree to at least respond to one another. (trust me, I know I could have just ignored this guy from the start but earlier in the season his uninformed opinion of Sherman and his taunts on Twitter even on some of Sherman’s most positive tweets about charity, helping others, etc. really made me feel like I needed to have the back of my home town team and players).

    Well, we all know how the Superbowl turned out and this guy completely disappeared from Twitter, didn’t hear anything, he wouldn’t answer anything I posted. So I saved up all of my disdain for this guy all season long and started to bombard him with every single thing I could find about the game, Pics of the first snap of the game for a safety, pics of a Broncos Fan’s truck where someone had written 43-8 on the window in the snow, pics of the hit Chancellor laid on D. Thomas’ first catch, etc. etc. etc. I just let this dummy have it for basically a month after the game had ended. No response, nothing. He just hid away and wouldn’t respond so I just kept it up.

    Finally, by end of March I figured the guy was never going to respond and if so was just going to try and make excuses (which c’mon with how perfect that game was by Seattle there was ABSOLUTELY nothing a Broncos fan could point to as far as an excuse as to why Denver lost unfairly). After my last tweet to him in Mid March that just said “Hey man, come on, you talked SOOOOO much garbage all season long about Seattle and how they were chokers and would never win it all you know you have to eat some crow, apologize and admit your team got absolutely annihilated in every facet of the game”. I am proud to end this story with the fact that this fellow finally did respond last week and his tone had completely changed. He said, “Congratulations on the win. I had no idea Seattle’s Defense was that amazing and I do owe you as a fan, the Seahawks and Richard Sherman an apology, I was arrogant and rude and I have been thoroughly humbled by how Denver had no answer for the Seahawks whatsoever.” “Enjoy the off season and please stop tweeting me as I cannot take it anymore but I know I deserve it.” HAHAHAHA! and yes, I reveled in it!

    That my friends was completely satisfying. just wanted to share that story to hopefully make you laugh, feel proud to be a Hawks fan and brighten your Easter Sunday a little bit more. :)

  41. I heard a funny line on tv. With Easter coinciding with 420 there might be an event called “Joints for Jesus”.

  42. CDN_C_Hawk says:

    DFloydd….thanks for sharing the kewl story. I always let karma do its magic with those type people. You handled it with class and confidence.

    @Ribir22 if you want to follow

    Happy Easter

  43. Cool story. Thanks for sharing. Unfortunately, every franchise has moron fans like that, too (and every team also has good fans). It’s just that some franchises have more than their fair share of clowns (like Philadelphia). Actually, I take that back, because I don’t think Jacksonville has enough fan”s” to be plural outside of family members and those employed by the organization.

  44. “Lynch looked to be in decline last year and he masked it with 2 great, long runs in the playoffs.”

    Not sure how you “mask” declining play by making “great, long” runs??????? That’s just nonsensical. I guess Michael Jordan masked his lack of skill at basketball by making all of those baskets????????? Though it kind of makes sense coming from someone that said he sucked when he was traded here.

    I certainly don’t expect Lynch to get another big contract, but he is going into his age 28 season. He could easily be a top notch back the next 2 years, his age 28 and 29 seasons. He would’ve been worth every penny of that 9 mil in 2013. I expect the same for at least 2014. This offense is built around him. The offensive line was mediocre at best in 2013 and a dumpster fire for much of it. Lynch could become expendable if Michael shows major improvement in 2014, but we haven’t seen it yet.

  45. I would love for you find where I ever said Lynch “Sucked.” What I did say in 2010/early 2011 was that he didn’t read the correct hole and was slow to hit the hole he did find.

    He admitted as much when he stated his improvement between 2010 and 2011 was due to him trusting Cable and learning how to run in the ZBS. Losing the 10 pounds and adding quickness certainly helped as well.

  46. Screensmoke says:

    Pabs- it’s all going to be ok! We know you don’t think lynch sucks – your much smarter than that!

  47. Okay, maybe you didn’t say that he sucked. You didn’t seem to be a fan anyways. I know I’m not the only one that has said that. I also doubt he would say he was slow to hit the holes he did find. His learning the ZBS is legitimate.

    Regardless, you still haven’t explained how you disguise declining play by making great runs???? You’re certainly entitled to think he is declining. I don’t see it in any significant way. I don’t understand your assessment of some players, like Chancellor for example, but that’s okay.

  48. Well, I wasnt happy when it was reported Seattle was trying to trade for Lynch. His attitude and off-field idiocy were enough to make me more than wary. However, Im one of the happiest fans since Day One vs the Raiders. I think he had 44 yards on 20-some carries that day, and Ive never seen a more impressive and tough performance from a running back; that team sucked so hard, and Lynch was getting drilled by more than one defender in the backfield, yet still got positive yards.

    Im sure glad he’s ours now! And Im pleased he’s (mostly) kept his nose clean as well.

    As for his supposed decline, I admit he looked a touch slower last season. However, our offensive line was terrible and regressed badly, and the offensive scheme was stifled nearly to suffocation by Carrol during the last third of the regular season, so I think its pretty silly to blame much of the lower ypc on the RB. Lynch still got so many Yards After Contact it was unreal. Any other back-and I include AP in that–would have been LUCKY to run for 1,000 yards behind our crap line.

    For the record, I think Lynch has two good years left being a bell-cow back. However, I fully expect Seattle to insert Michaels into games this year, and if they do, he’s going to flat explode. If only he can get his brain in gear and learn to pass pro…I think he becomes the bell cow back by 2015, at least splitting carries with Lynch and likely unseating him.

    As awesome as Lynch is, there’s no way JS and PC want to have 9 million tied up in a back in 2015, not even a one-of-a-kind player and leader-by-example like Lynch. Not when that position has become so fungible.

    Im hoping Lynch stays strong, Michaels busts out, and the team works out another contract with Lynch to keep him here for the long haul. We’ll be luck if one of those three things actually happens…

    Its the nature of the beast, now that we’re GB of the West Coast…and churning a team every four years…

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