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Sidney Rice is returning

Post by Todd Dybas / The News Tribune on April 16, 2014 at 4:53 pm with 87 Comments »
April 16, 2014 5:35 pm

This tweet just popped, followed by multiple reports that Sidney Rice has agreed to a one-year deal with the Seahawks. I can confirm Rice has agreed to terms with the Seahawks. He still needs to sign his contract.

Screen Shot 2014-04-16 at 4.52.55 PM

Rice received medical clearance Monday to participate in football activities. He played eight games last season before a torn ACL in Week 8 versus the St. Louis Rams ended his season. He was cut during the offseason to save salary cap space.

Wednesday, he was reportedly visiting the New York Jets. That appears to have been enough of a prod to get a deal agreed to with the Seahawks.

The 27-year-old wide receiver signed a five-year, $41 million contract with the Seahawks in 2011. He played just nine games that season because of a shoulder injury, sore knee and multiple concussions.

Rice was effective in 2012 when he caught 50 passes for 748 yards and seven touchdowns, despite the Seahawks’ run-first style of offense.

After being injured last season, Rice was still often around the team during its run to the Super Bowl. Rice was released Feb. 28 to allow the Seahawks to save a significant amount of salary cap space. Rice was due to make $8.5 million in base salary in 2014.

His return could also alter how the Seahawks approach the NFL draft May 8. Draft experts suggested Seattle would be interested in a “big body” receiver to go along with Percy Harvin, Doug Baldwin and Jermaine Kearse. That’s a spot that can now be occupied by the 6-foot-4 Rice, if he is healthy enough to make it through camp.

The Seahawks lost last year’s wide receiver, Golden Tate, during free agency when Tate signed with the Detroit Lions.

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  1. cseahawk says:

    Good news………..this helps a bit ! Welcome back Sidney!

  2. EzraMelech says:

    As long as it’s for reasonable number this is GREAT pickup!!! Glad to have you back Sidney… Now finish getting healthy and STAY that way!!!!!

    Go Hawks

  3. Great receiver and great team guy. This will also give the hawks a bit more freedom in the draft to take the BPA. Happy to have you back Sid.

  4. edstang45 says:

    Good news..glad to hear. ..hopefully he’ll be ready to go

  5. freedom_X says:

    If it’s a minimum salary signing with incentives, I’m happy Rice is back. I always thought Seattle overpaid for Rice, paying for potential instead of proven track record. (i.e. he was rarely healthy.)

    But Rice did offer something good on the field even when lacking health, and seemed to be a good teammate and representative of the franchise. Hopefully the time off lets him get back to 90% of his optimum self (even if he only ends up being able to sustain this for part of the season.)

  6. If you get the 2012 Sidney Rice at a minimum salary, this is a great move.

    Midget QBs need tall WRs To be most effective.

  7. good signing – esp in light of Tate leaving. Rice did seem like a good teammate, they way he stayed connected to the team after he got hurt was not unnoticed.

  8. Now get your fanny to California and work out with the boys.

  9. seatowntp says:

    Pab, I take offense to your midget QB statement. RW is a giant in my book!

  10. I’m sure there are some Seahawk fans here who know more than Wilson and will continue to hate on Rice. Good thing Wilson is happy to have him back. At least someone has a clue!

  11. RDPoulsbo says:

    I liked this re-signing a reasonable 1 year prove it contract that keeps the team from being handcuffed long term. There is risk her gets injured without a capable replacement, but Kearse seems ready to pick up the slack after his lasik surgery. Now they can spend more time focused on other areas of need.

  12. VegasScott says:

    He may have been injured a lot, but Rice is tough and will take punishment to make catches…and he’s made some ones when they were needed. He won’t put up gaudy stats, no one really does in Seattle’s system, but he makes tough catches and is a big target…he can definitely play a role in the offense.

  13. Glossman says:

    Great re-sign. They still need to draft a big receiver, though.

  14. MoSeahawk12 says:

    Agreed Bobby. I think Wilson knows the guys he throws to better than any of us. Rice has always been a class act. He’s a hard worker, great teammate and an anti diva. Ask Doug Baldwin or Golden who they looked up to and respected more than any other teammate. Both said that Sidney taught them how to prepare, play and be a professional. I never understand why guys hate on players after the sign a big contract and then get hurt on the job. It’s not like he signed his deal and blew his knee out getting in a bar fight or crashing his car into a pole. He played tough, made plenty of great catches and helped us win plenty of games. I thought he displayed tremendous leadership by being on the sidelines after he had surgery. He was there to be part of the team and encourage his guys. On a one year deal, this is easy. I can’t imagine anyone would take one dimensional Lockette over Rice.

    Plus I picked up Rice’s Wolf Grey jersey at a local sporting good store on clearance for $18.95 about a month ago, so I got that going for me….which is nice.

  15. bird_spit says:

    He still needs a lesson on how to fall without injuring him self.

    Welcome back, and stay healthy.

  16. freedom_X says:

    I’m not hating on Sidney Rice, but he got hurt all the time *before* he signed the contract.

    If I were hating on anybody, it would be the Seattle front office for offering Rice that huge contract knowing his history. But nobody bats 1.0000.

  17. djbargelt says:

    Glad Sidney is back! The guy is very capable and has just had a bad injury steak. Remember Sidney being a bit frustrated during RW’s first season? I remember Sidney being wide open many times while RW was learning the system. Russell just plain didn’t see him. Now that he is in better charge of his game, and with time to practice with a heathy Sidney, I’ve a hunch this might be Rices year to shine. Harvin, Rice, Kearse, and Baldwin makes for a pretty damn decent group!

  18. MoSeahawk12 says:

    Not quite the disaster of the giving up a #1 pick to the Patriots for Branch, when he was near the end or TJ Wousmansada with his cement feet and crap attitude. Of course those were terrible decisions that were made before Pete and John arrived. I’ll take their hit mark any time.

  19. seahawks12thman says:

    A midget with a ring baby! And don’t forget it.

  20. seahawks12thman says:

    A healthy Sidney gains us a foot in height and some nice route running over Golden (showers).

  21. Singularitarian says:

    I bet 1 year 1.8

  22. Yeah, yeeahh!

  23. Still need to get Baldwin to sign that tender!!

  24. Mo, What Sporting goods store?

  25. grizindabox24 says:

    @xcman, no need to get worried about Baldwin

  26. Macabrevity says:

    I like this prove-it contract approach the Hawk’s are using. Despite his injury-ravaged body, this could be SR’s best season since joining the Hawks. Remains to be seen, but I’m optimistic.

  27. DanielleMND says:

    Even with this, we still need to draft a WR. Baldwin may be gone in 2015.

  28. ChrisHolmes says:

    Good sign.

    No question Seattle drafts a WR. Just a matter of which round. Having Sydney on the team might shift their thinking a little bit; they may feel like they can wait until later in the draft to get a guy, because they may feel that having Rice on the team gives them some buffer with regards to the rookie’s development time.

    It takes 2-3 years to develop a receiver, unless you are drafting in the top-10.

  29. RDPoulsbo says:

    They still do need to get another WR, especially with Lockette so high on the depth chart right now. The Rice signing does give them some breathing room to let a lower round guy develop while they focus on more immediate meds like ol or another pass rusher.

  30. HawkFromDay1 says:

    Beautiful. Welcome back Sid! Love this dude’s game. Exactly what we need if he can get back healthy.

    And Russell with a Napoleon Dynamite-esque “YESSSSSSSS!” Love it.

  31. yankinta says:

    I love this Signing for all of those reason above… but I especially love this signing because if he were to sign with another team, we’ve already maxed out our Compensatory Pick (4 total) for 2015 Draft, and we’d get nothing out of him leaving now.

    But if he were to play better this season and sign with another team for a Mid-Level deal next year, we’ll get back a 4th or 5th round compensatory pick next year…. I love these Prove it Deals,, it’s a win win and win situation. :)

    P.S. I’d like us to sign O’Brien Schofield for another Prove it minimum deal…. He’s definitely got the skils and mold (fast LB) of our D…

  32. trout_hound says:

    Love it! Rice is a gamer, glad he’s sticking with the Champs! Now we won’t have to reach for a big receiver in the draft. Great job, John!

  33. Yank, I thought you can’t get comp picks for players who have been cut, or for players released after signing only for one year.

    Either way, I like the signing. We need a proven, savvy tall receiver for the red zone. And we need his leadership for any new WRs we pick up. Harvin is explosive, but more gimmicky. I really don’t want PH running longer routes waiting for the ball and a safety coming in with a bead on him. Too many of those will cut his season short.

  34. yankinta says:

    jm4570,, well, actually you’re right. Since we only signed 1 year deal, we’ll get Comp pick for him next year, if he plays well and leave next year. :)

  35. Dukeshire says:

    Hell yeah. Welcome back.

  36. Southendzone says:

    Someone mentioned it in an earlier thread, but it was great how you always/often saw Sid on the sidelines supporting the team after he was hurt. He was tweeting about his injury and recovery the whole time.

    The guy wanted to be back, he’s got the prototypical WR build. If you lined up silhouettes of Rice, AJ Green, and Larry Fitzgerald you probably couldn’t tell who was who.

    Can a 27 year old top flight athlete get over multiple knee injuries? that’s the $64,000 question. It’s not out of the question and if he can, he could dominate this year.

  37. MoSeahawk12 says:

    mocarob, the store is called Just Sports, based in AZ and they have several locations. They do a great job getting Seahawks gear as we have a very nice 12th man presence in AZ. There are tons of Seahawks fans at the game and it’s awesome seeing our colors everywhere. Of course they have more Cardinals stuff, but they always have a ton of Seahawks stuff as well. With baseball season in full swing, they moved most of the football gear to clearance and happened to have a Rice Wolf Grey hanging on the rack for $18.95. I took a chance on it hoping we would resign him. Even if we didn’t, it’s a really cool jersey and the price was right.

  38. Sidney Rice is a good, tall receiver with speed. It would be great if he can stay healthier this coming season and actually play in a Super Bowl. He takes pretty good hits and always seems to fall really hard at the end of plays.

    I don’t know if this is something teachable – he plays so hard.

  39. Thanks Mo. I’ll be in Phoenix next week.. (If I can’t find one off their website)

  40. WOW,, I’m Loving this!!! :)

    “Russell Wilson has 2 turnovers on 42 playoff drives in his career. One was a Hail Mary INT in Atlanta.”

  41. MoSeahawk12 says:

    mocarob, the store I found it was in the Chandler Fashion center mall. They have another location in Gilbert at the SanTan Village and one by the Cardinals stadium in Glendale. May have others, those are just the ones I’ve been to. Haven’t been to one in about a month, so who knows what they have in stock. Good luck, hope you find success.

  42. Dukeshire says:

    jm4570 – You are correct, you cannot.

  43. If healthy, which unfortunately hasn’t been often since he came here, Sidney Rice is a solid and valuable player.

    I frankly thought he was ‘outta here’ after being only available approx 53% of available regular season snaps, but if the FO thinks he’s worth keeping then I’m good with whatever decision they make. His being back may however affect the draft to the degree they now don’t have as big a need at WR anymore. Relying on both Rice and Harvin to stay healthy though is a dangerous situation where an absence of depth could quickly develop if one or the other gets nicked up. Hope his contract wasn’t guaranteed and was cap friendly.

  44. Just wanna echo all the positives above. Good move for Sidney, good for the team. Clutch receiver. Positive influence. Very glad to hear.

  45. HawkFanInAz says:

    How many Hawk fans live in the Phoenix area? And do you guys and girls ever get together to watch the games together? I always get the ticket, as I’m sure you do as well. I know there’s a Seahawk bar in the south Scottsdale area, as well as one in the north. Maybe there’s some others I don’t know about. I’m in Tempe, Rural and Guadalupe, real close to Arizona Mills Mall.

    Would be cool to get a bunch of us together to watch some games this year.

  46. Is it my PC or is this site having Java issues lately?

    For fans around Los Angeles, A bunch of us are getting together at the Hermosa Beach Hennessey’s this afternoon around 330pm for a possible meet n greet with some of the Hawks that are down here working out.. Last year DB, Kearse, Rice, Phil Bates & Sean Mcgrath were there..

  47. I stopped by their workout at a local HS today. Unlike last year, They now have security keeping people off the sidewalk who are watching & taking pictures.. Evidently yesterday they had a group of 9er fans yelling obscenities at them..

  48. I should edit that last one.. The person describing the 9er fans yelling may have used the word ‘derogatory’ instead of ‘obscenities’. I can’t recall.

  49. BTW, there are plenty of Just Sports locations in Washington – from Bellingham to Vancouver. They’re on the web at:

  50. HawkFanInAz,
    Haven’t been there, but my son likes Fibber Magee’s in Chandler for the games. Rabid fans, door prizes, etc. I prefer Directv and my recliner. Their Facebook page is cool…AZ Sea Hawkers.

  51. HawkFanInAz says:

    PHXHawk, I (51) and my son (32) prefer to stay home and watch the games as well, but thought it would be nice to go celebrate our first Super Bowl win with other Hawk fans at a game or two this year. How old is your son? We will definitely go check out Fibber Magee’s, it’s only a few miles from us.

  52. Rice is a good dude, a great teammate and a professional. What he isnt is a longer list; he isnt fast, explosive, durable, consistent, or physical.

    On the one hand, Im glad he’s back (since Tate left) to provide insurance and a steady veteran hand. On the other, I think Kearse is already far more valuable and dont want to see Kearse’s snaps diminished by Rice playing, especially since even before his injury Rice was good for about two plays a game. Despite getting fewer snaps, Kearse made a far bigger impact.

    Dont be fooled; Seattle will take a WR in one of the first two rounds. Rice being back just gives us the insurance we need since rookie WR’s rarely contribute a ton. Now we have time to develop a rookie WR properly.

    Its not hating on Rice to point out that outside his tough as nails TD to beat the Bears, he was as likely to drop a pass when hit hard as catch it. He also isnt fast enough to get open deep except on rare occasions, and he’s nowhere near the blocker Tate is. Nor is it hating on him to point out he’s less durable even than Harvin.

    Kinda like T-Jack; love him as a backup, hate him as a starter.

  53. HawkFanInAz,
    My son is 41, and I’m older. Some games in a party atmosphere sound good. Let’s plan on getting together with whoever else–MoSeahawk12?- might be interested closer to the season. If it EVER gets here.

  54. So Rice is slow, Can’t catch and isn’t tough BUT is a good signee for the Hawks.. In your opinion which one of the WRs will have the most catches next season?

  55. Rice is one of the last 2 FA acquisitions I wanted. 1 down Schofield to go. Since his deal was scratched any talk about him disappeared. Seems we might get him on a similar deal as last yr. Given shortage for a pass rushing DE he might come in very handy. Seems Hawks used him quite a bit in SB.

  56. Macabrevity says:

    “This tweet just popped…”

    Hats off to Todd for coining a phrase that forms a strong collocation between a verb and ‘tweet….’ Obviously saying a tweet was just tweeted doesn’t sound right, and making it an irregular verb is even worse… can you ‘twat’ a tweet?

    Get those tweets a poppin’ peeps!

  57. Hammajamma says:

    Sorry, but I can’t get too excited about SR. Favre inflated his stats beyond his talent, and he’s never lived up to the hype as a primary wide out. My impression of him is that he’s decent at splitting zones, but doesn’t have the explosiveness to beat man coverage. Now he’s coming off a torn ACL. There’s a reason other teams weren’t knocking down the door to sign him. I don’t have high expectations. He’s closer to average than good, and no upgrade over Kearse.

  58. joeradio says:

    Glad to see Sid back! Still need a WR, but won’t need to press to pick one in Rd 1.

  59. Rice hasnt even performed up to Nate Burleson levels. Face it, as much of an underachiever as Burleson was, he was still a better player than Rice, and likely still is, even at his advanced age. While both have a tendency to totally disappear in games, Burleson was tougher and more durable. Rice is a below-avg starting WR, but makes sense since we’re now thin at the position, he’s tall and has decent hands, and he knows our system.

    But anyone expecting him to be the lead WR or to stretch defenses is delusional at best.

    That doesnt mean he sucks, he’s just not a great player and he’s injury-prone. Again, that doesnt make him garbage, just not the WOW signing some here seem to believe.

    As for who will lead the team in catches/yards next year, I think it will be Baldwin, in both categories. I also think Kearse will have WAAAY more yards than Rice, and likely more catches.

    I predict Rice will have more catches and yards than Lockette and Walters put together though lol!

  60. One thing I think is very cool: Seattle left Rice’s locker untouched while he was a FA, which makes it plain they wanted him back pretty badly. Its a nice touch, and a strong contrast to the way they handled Golden Tate.

    Makes one wonder, doesnt it?

  61. SaigonSun says:

    his is what I found for you :
    Rice , Largent, Tez ,etc

  62. DisplacedSeahawkFan says:

    For a first round pick how about OG Gabe Jackson? My rationale for this is it seems that Gabe would open up bigger holes Lynch in the running game than Xavier Su’a-Filo. Gabe is a beast.

  63. SandpointHawk says:

    Nice, they have Curry, Branch, Mike Williams and Housh jerseys also. Not to mention the short lived Seahawks Black jersey…
    In all seriousness Saigon that was a fun link, thanks…

  64. doubledink says:

    real glad to see Sid back. great guy too.

  65. HawkFanInAz says:

    PHXHawk, my email address is, so we can stay in touch that way. Anyone else in the area? MoSeahawk12, you up for getting together a couple games this coming season to celebrate with other Hawk fans here in AZ?

  66. chuck_easton says:


    The difference between Rice and Tate is Rice wanted to be here and was willing to take less money to get that offer.

    Tate wanted the money. Nuff said. Tate would be here right now if he put his ego aside and took the 5 million instead of the 6 million the Lions offered.

  67. bird_spit says:

    I had a maple bar in Tate’s honor today (or is it dishonor) Tate should have taken the 5 mill..

  68. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Another difference between Rice and Tate is that it didn’t take three years for Rice to learn how to run routes, and Rice (when healthy) because of his height, reach, and ridiculous ability to get deep and make tough catches despite Being a slower WR will give us a different type of receiving and look that we don’t have with out him.

    Good signing imo.

  69. Chuck–Exactly where does it say Rice took less money to come back? Who offered him anything? For all we know the Jets were only interested if he played for the Vet Min. Rice made more than 20 million from us already, I really cant see how you can compare Tate to Rice when Seattle offered Tate WAAAY less guaranteed money and more than a million dollars a year less over 5 years than Detroit gave him.

    Rice was dramatically–even disgustingly–overpaid for three years in Seattle. If things were fair, he’d play two more years for free. Tate was underpaid the last three years, overpaid his rookie year. He would have taken a paycut to stay, but not as big a paycut as Seattle expected him to take.

    No team in the NFL was gonna pay Rice what his contract was due to pay him. He didnt take less to stay, he took all he could get.

    The guaranteed money was a big reason Tate left for Detroit. He got the same guaranteed in one year what Seattle wanted to spread out over two years. Thats a far cry from Rice coming back for more than the league min to play for us, when only a couple teams (crappy ones like the Jets and Jax, and maybe one or two decent teams) were interested in him. Only one brought him in for a visit.

    Apples and oranges.

  70. Im sorry, but taking far less money guaranteed AND taking 6 million dollars less over five years to stay in Seattle vs playing in Detroit where he can play opposite Megatron would have been an idiotic decision.

    He will have more fun, and finally reach his potential there. That wouldnt have happened in Seattle.

    Seattle didnt value him as much as Detroit did, so he left. Nuff said.

  71. SandpointHawk says:

    Welcome back GeorgiaHawk, hope all is well and the time off was by choice…

  72. Georgia-_Welcome back, glad youre not dead!

    Rice make tough catches?! More than Tate?! Now that is truly laughable! Rice is the guy that twice was seriously concussed without even being hit by another player…he simply fell down…like the poor old lady on the commercial “Help, Ive fallen and I cant get up…”.

    Rice was as likely to drop a ball when hit as catch it. The guy is neither tough nor physical, simply lean and tall.

    Tate proved he could take big hit after big hit and stay healthy–something Rice has NEVER done as a Seahawk. Rice had one great year and one decent year in his entire career–Tate has already had a better career in less time, despite having been a RB for half his college career.

    Whats even more laughable is saying Rice has the ability to get open deep. Uh, like 3 times a year?! The guy was never open–he was making two catches a game BEFORE he blew his knee out. After knee, hip, ankle, and head injuries you think Rice scares any defense deep?!

    No defense in the NFL is afraid of Rice. He’s below avg, thats why there wasnt exactly a feeding frenzy for his services.

  73. I predict Brandon Lloyd outplays Rice; has more catches, more yards, and more TD’s for the Niners than Rice does here.

  74. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Thanks Sandpoint and STTBM.

    Not dead yet, but 25 lbs lighter and on the wagon.
    I’ve decided to pass the 25 posts a day torch on to STTBM.

    I will try to post only about 20 times a day instead. Lol, that’s a joke of course.

    Go Hawks!!!

  75. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Btw, I don’t think the Seahawks offense would have struggled so much down the stretch last season if they had a healthy Rice.
    I underestimated his value to the team.
    Not that I think his overall value was elite or better than Tate or Baldwin, just that he added something to the mix that others on the team couldn’t add.

  76. Well, welcome to the wagon, man!

    Well put, Georgia–Rice does add something none of our other WR’s have. His length and route-running precision are useful. I do think that Kearse will take a giant leap forward this year, and become a starter-caliber WR.

    Its nice to have Rice back to serve as a security blanket, but I hope Carrol wont relegate better younger players to the bench just to have an aging player with experience struggle. I only say that because I strongly feel Bowie should have been given the opportunity to play at either RG or LG down the stretch, but Carrol sat him to go with lesser players who had more experience, so Im afraid of that situation repeating itself.

    If Rice can come back and look as good as he did a couple years ago, I will be thrilled. If not, I hope he’s a rotational player that doesnt take reps from Kearse and Baldwin and whatever rookie we draft.

    Im really hoping for a 6′-3″ or better 220 lbs 4.4 40 guy! Now we can get one that may take a couple years to develop since we have RiceInsurance LOL!

  77. Heh, Ive been busy with a new baby and other stuff so havent been posting here as often, but I see I have a reputation to uphold so I better get crackin’, lol!

  78. Welcome back, Georgia.

    Have to agree with STTBM here for the most part, except for the physicality and catching ability. Rice never was a fast receiver while with the Hawks. Now he’s coming off of an ACL, so I don’t see that changing in a positive direction. I also wouldn’t want him taking significant time from Kearse at this point.

    I like the signing though. Vet presence, insurance, and a good guy in the locker room. If healthy he can provide some tough catches and a good red zone target if nothing else IMO.

    P.S. This is bbnate. My account must’ve been blocked for following a “gentleman” over on the M’s blog into the gutter. Just if anyone wanted to know.

  79. SRV–Bummer about being banned! I cant imagine getting that worked up over the Mariners, they’ve sucked so long its got to be expected and normal now….

  80. It wasn’t even really about the M’s and he has followed me over here to talk smack as well, though I didn’t really respond here. There isn’t much commenting going on on the M’s blog to disrupt, and it was amusing for awhile to respond to the nonsense. Should’ve just started ignoring him awhile ago. I will in the future if he comes back with a new handle.

  81. SandpointHawk says:

    SRV…BBNate….420? I’m so confused

  82. I assume it was sarcasm, but I was bbnate420. I changed that due to Dave Boling accidentally calling me bbmate, liking that tag, and wanting to get rid of the 420. I explained the change to SRVHawk, SRV = Stevie Ray Vaughan. Now we’re all caught up. :-)

  83. GeorgiaHawk says:

    How about this player for our #1 pick this year if he is still there at 32?

    He recently ran a 4.37 at his pro day and looks to have very good football instincts.

  84. Georgia. Welcome back. As much as you can drive me a tad kooky at times I’ve missed your posts. You and STTBM do entertain the heck out of me with your passionate posts. Congrats on the weight loss and good luck on the wagon. It’s a bumpy ride so I wish you well.

    As far as Rice. I’m glad to have him back. We need depth at WR because if any combination of Kearse, Baldwin or Harvin getting injured and it could spell big trouble for the offense. Not that Rice is a saviour but he knows the offense, is tall with long arms and has history catching passes from Wilson. So even if he’s #4 or #5 on depth chart that’s great. I could think of a lot worse.

    On another note, I’m no longer concerned with the 49ers. Seattle is thoroughly in their heads and their off season troubles have them on the verge of implosion. The team I’m worried about is the Cardinals. They beat Seattle at home last year and their defense is nasty. And I guarantee they are still not over the 58-0 whipping from a few years ago. That kind of embarrassment doesn’t die easily. Rams are coming together too. NFC West should be an all out war of the worlds between the 4 teams this season. I am sure every other NFL team cringes at the sight of any NFCW games on their schedule.

  85. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Thanks nate and DFloyd.
    I am now at my daily (self set) limit for posting for a day, lol.

    Go Hawks.

  86. Welcome back Georgia, been sober all of 38 years, minus one foolish night. It is an easier way to live, for sure. STTBM, good luck and many happy years with your kid, that is a life-changer for sure. Stay positive, man.
    There are several new WR’s already on the team with potential, although they were not big names. Hopefully, with Rice and others mentoring them plus competition (maybe) from a hot draft pick, someone will step forward like Tate finally did.
    There seem to be several OL “sleepers” available in the draft. If Bailey and Bowie step up, there is a need for more depth.
    The draft and training camp can’t happen soon enough.

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