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Morning Links: Second-round reboot, plus Kaepernick responds

Post by Todd Dybas / The News Tribune on April 11, 2014 at 12:27 pm with 59 Comments »
April 11, 2014 3:41 pm

Good morning.

We’ll take a look at second-round picks of the John Schneider era today. Let’s get to it:


Golden Tate (60th overall)

Overview: Tate continually improved into last season when he was the team’s leading receiver and a Pro Bowl alternate as a punt returner. He left for the Detroit Lions as a free agent.

To move down, the Seahawks traded the 40th overall pick in 2010 and a 2011 third-round pick to San Diego for Charlie Whitehurst. San Diego went on to draft cornerback Shareece Wright with the 40th pick. Wright, who played for Pete Carroll at USC, did little for the Chargers until last season when he started 13 games and made 56 tackles.


No second-round pick.


Bobby Wagner, 47th overall.

Overview: Another big pick for the Seahawks. Wagner should be their middle linebacker for years to come. They need to figure out how he fits under the cap. He can become an unrestriced free agent in 2016.

This was also another instance where the Seahawks moved down, but still hit. Seattle traded the 43rd overall pick to the New York Jets in exchange for the 47th, a fifth-rounder (No. 154 which became Korey Toomer) and a seventh-rounder (No. 232 which became Greg Scruggs). If Toomer and Scruggs contribute in 2014, that means the Seahawks will have picked Wagner, Toomer and Scruggs in a deal that the Jets ended up with wide receiver Stephen Hill. Hill has 45 career catches.


Christine Michael (62nd overall)

Overview: Michael appears to have the potential to be a dynamic runner. The issue for him is he’s behind Marshawn Lynch and Robert Turbin. Turbin is a very good blocking back, something Michael is not. That is a massive issue in the NFL. He’s not an option to return kicks and is not an option to play special teams (though, this myth he “refused” to play special teams is not accurate. It’s not his first choice, but he certainly never “refused” to do it. At least according to Eric Williams, when I asked him about it, and what I have seen and been told since I took over the beat). There are also maturity questions there.


Second-round pick: 64th overall.


> Colin Kaepernick was the first to speak about yesterday’s news where it came out he, Ricardo Lockette and Quinton Patton were being investigated for a “suspicious incident.”

> Saints’ safety Rafael Bush tweeted that he won his appeal of a fine for hitting Percy Harvin.

> John Clayton says Jeron Johnson restructured his deal, taking a pay cut from the second-round tender of $2.187 million applied to him. Clayton again says Kam Chancellor is having offseason hip surgery.

> A bevy of weekend notes at MMQB from Greg Bedard.

> Also, Jermaine Kearse will be in Lakewood on Saturday.

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  1. bird_spit says:

    This is the post I most agree with from last thread:
    I hope we trade our 1st round pick to some team for their 1st rounder in ’15. Maybe some team with a GM who knows he will be fired if he doesn’t win this upcoming season. It’d be nice going into ’15 with two 1st rounders. You never know but our 32nd pick could turn into a top 10 pick in ’15. That’s a risk I’d like to take. -bobbyk

    Second round on down is where PC/JS make hay…

  2. chrisj122 says:

    The NFL is sending the wrong message by dropping Bush’s fine.

    If the NFL really cared about player safety they would equally apply fines for cheap shots.

    I would bet my last dollar if Harvin happen to play the QB position the fine would not be dropped or even reduced.

  3. Not to give you a hard time Todd, but I don’t see how 12:27 pm qualifies as “morning links”.

    Glad to see the Michael myth about special teams put to rest. These things have a life of their own sometimes.

  4. yankinta says:

    Todd, Did you see my post, about how I lost Respect for Paul Allen and Jody Allen. How is this not a story here??

    There were a couple of TNT bloggers that had Integrity issues (Lack thereof) tried to Defend Paul Allen while turning a blind eye…hope you’re not doing the same…. smh

  5. freedom_X says:

    If someone is disgusted by the Allen family’s corruption, the answer is simple – boycott the Seahawks.

    Don’t go to the games. Don’t watch them. Don’t talk about them or engage with anyone about them. Pretend they don’t exist.

    That is how you can show Paul Allen & Co. pain for lacking integrity. That’s how you can make a difference.

  6. seatowntp says:

    Or in yankinta’s case, if he wishes to demonstrate his loss of respect for Paul and Jody Allen, he could punish them by NEVER posting another entry on this blog. That would be a huge political statement on your part yankinta – a blog entry strike!

  7. Ray_Maines says:

    TMZ said there was a police report and the report said… blah, blah, blah. I don’t think TMZ made much comment about the story, just reported there was a police report.

    Either TMZ made the whole story up or Kaepernick is whistling in the dark, and TMZ has a pretty good track record. I’d like to hear what part of that report CK thinks is made up.

  8. “Or in yankinta’s case, if he wishes to demonstrate his loss of respect for Paul and Jody Allen, he could punish them by NEVER posting another entry on this blog. That would be a huge political statement on your part yankinta – a blog entry strike!”

    Post of the day.

    I don’t know if I was supposed to be shocked by that article? I don’t condone most of the alleged behavior but, let’s not be naive. I have the biggest problem with forcing employees to sign arbitration agreements, but that is hardly uncommon. I’m not going to stop being a fan because Allen’s sister is an alleged or real sexual harasser.

  9. ” I’d like to hear what part of that report CK thinks is made up.”

    My guess is that he was saying that the stuff in the police report was made up, not necessarily the TMZ story. It wasn’t entirely clear.

  10. Southendzone says:

    Yank, prior to reading that article, how much respect did you have for Jody Allen, and did you even know that a person named Jody Allen existed?

    The whole article only mentions Paul Allen a few times. There are accusations he was party to the bribing/smuggling stuff and maybe marijuana use. 90% of the stuff is workplace harassment stuff against Jody Allen. She’s co-founder of the company with him.

    You’re hearing one side of the story. If PA gets brought up AND CONVICTED oncharges of smuggling animal bones and bribing officials, that’s the day I might lose some respect for him.

  11. seatowntp says:

    Thank you bb!

  12. I still like yantinka by the way. Don’t fall into a hole like Georgia. He keeps us on our toes if nothing else.

    BTW, I put out a APB on Georgia. Does anyone know what’s up with him?

  13. Sarcasticus says:

    I agree trading away the first round pick for someone else’s would be great. I am not going to like whomever they pick at that spot anyway. Though, I am thinking a replacement at RT might be good right there.

    By the way, (since I am too lazy to find it myself) what does “smh” mean and is it meant to imply cleverness?

  14. The draft this year is deep in OL and WR both of which we need pretty badly. Next year’s draft maybe not so rich. Maybe hawks should be trying to get more picks this year rather than next year.

  15. SMH= Shaking My Head

  16. yankinta shakes yankinta’s head a lot.

  17. I have concluded that Georgia’s liver burst and he at least got to see a Seahawks Super Bowl win before he left this world.

  18. Or his lady left him… I hope Georgia comes back; he’s occasionally mental, but I like him. Or at least arguing with him lol!

  19. On a side note, my second child–a daughter–was born last night. Mom and baby are fine, and the world seems brighter.

    (That’s because it is; y’all just haven’t realized it yet because you haven’t met the little one…;) )

  20. I like Georgia and hope he comes back. I honestly wish the best for everyone on here, whether I frequently disagree with you or not. I hope the reason is better than what BobbyK gave. Though I suspect he was joking.

    Congratulations, STTBM. Enjoy and hopefully get some sleep. Family and friends are some of the most important things in life, even though the Hawks are important and primary here. Enjoy it as much as you can. I am in the medical field and had to an x-ray series on a dead 6 month year old a little while back. I say that not to be a bummer, but it reminded me that we all are not promised any time on this spinning rock and we should cherish it.

  21. CDHawkFan says:

    Congrats Slave. Late night bottles and blogs.

  22. * to do

    I need to proof-read

  23. Hope not. Obviously. It makes you wonder though because he’d always be here and now he vanished.

  24. COngrsts on the little one!

  25. Does make you wonder if something serious happened. Hopefully not.

  26. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    congrats slave

  27. Thanks guys!

    And yeah, I’ve been worried about Georgia for awhile. I really do like the guy. And as Nate says, I wish everyone on here only the best. Disagreements are part of being human, and nothing to hold grudges over, that’s for sure.

    There isn’t anyone here I wouldn’t buy a beer fore, but maybe a few who would refuse my offer.

    Met a young guy this morning whose newborn boy has a cyst in his brain, and was an hour from getting the MRI results. I hope and pray it was fixable. Two friends (brothers) just lost their mom to cancer 2 weeks from initial diagnosis.

    Never has life seemed so precious or fleeting. I’m doing my best to stay in the moment and just live as hard and pure as I can.

    Y’all have a good night; let’s send some good thoughts Georgia’s way.

  28. On Allen and Yankinta;

    Paul cannot possibly have become as rich as he is by being a Saint, but he’s a great owner. Just because he hasn’t been busted for unethical or illegal things doesn’t mean he’s innocent. But so far nowhere near enough proof has come out to label him so strongly.

    I will neither whitewash nor condemn him on so little. And remember, without Paul Allen, not only is there no Seattle SB appearances, there is likely no Seahawks–at least, not in Seattle.

  29. Agree with that, STTBM. We actually are on the same page here. It happens much more than you think. You don’t hear from me most of the time that we do.

  30. SaigonSun says:

    STTBM , congrats on your new baby. In wish your daughter to have long healthy and happy life.

  31. SandpointHawk says:

    Slave, congratulations on the beautiful baby daughter. What a wonderful gift.

  32. montanamike2 says:

    Slave congrads! That’s awesome a new baby to pose with your SB memorabilia. Yeah i hope the best for Giorgia, i hope he’s OK.

  33. GeorgiaRay says:

    Georgia’s still scraping ice from his windows from our “horrific” 1/8 inch of snow/ice in January…Or he’s just working on a few new songs for us all.

  34. montanamike2 says:

    Still no word on the Kaepernick incident other than it’s still under investigation. Either way i don’t want Lockette on the team anymore, all 3 of the players should face at least a suspension, but i guess that depends on the facts when they come out. The Whiners organization is spiraling downwards more each day.

  35. Congratulations to STTBM. We welcome another Seahawk fan to the world and many years of joy ahead for your family.

  36. SandpointHawk says:

    What do you draft for a team that has everything? Even with the Lombardi in hand, the Seahawks know change happens swiftly in the NFL. That’s why Seattle would be smart to look well into the future come the weekend of May 8-10….

  37. TallyHawk says:

    I think they started looking to the future last draft and will continue to do so. I know it’s natural to wonder if they can keep drafting so well but I don’t see why they can’t. I think Pete’s philosophy and the fact that they put players in position to succeed by playing to their strengths will only help that.

  38. SandpointHawk says:

    Tally I agree. I only put the two day old link up to get some action going on this forgotten blog…

  39. congrats STTBM – I have a wonderful 22 year old daughter – definitely that which I am most proud. Best wishes for a happy and healthy life together.

  40. Todd Dybas says:


    Congratulations and enjoy.

    — Todd

  41. MoSeahawk12 says:

    Congratulations on the new addition to your family. Family is the most important thing in the world. It’s vital, valuable and worth everything. Makes life worth living. Enjoy every day.

  42. Thank you to everyone for the well wishes. I’ve got two kiddoes now, and neither likes to sleep! (at least, not at night!). Kids are the best, and make life fulfilling beyond my wildest dreams.

    I hope both my kids get to see Seattle win another SB or more!

  43. MikeFromNewJersey says:

    So im getting married May 17th.. We had some extra invitations so I decided to invite Pete Carroll , Russell Wilson , Sherman and Baldwin.. I obviously know their is no chance of them coming but I thought who knows, maybe they will sign and send the response card back as a not coming. It would make a cool souvenir… My response cards were back last tuesday and I haven’t received anything. I sent the invites to the HQ bldg.. I guess it was worth a shot but hey I tried.

  44. I actually invited Bon Jovi to my wedding 11 years ago. :)

  45. Macabrevity says:

    In an effort to spice things up while there’s not much football news… how about a way-past-our-prime football roster made up of TnT posters?

    What position would you play currently if you could have one last go at it on the gridiron?

    My bad knees and back limit me, but I still have some upper body strength to work with. I’d probably have to be relegated to O-line on offense, although I used to be a decent HB. You don’t want me catching or throwing at this point though, can’t huck it anymore, and can’t get open. Defensively I could probably cover a slower guy if we don’t have O and D lines, otherwise put me at DE and I can get a little containment going. Not going to get any sacks against a scrambling QB though.

  46. Ha! Good question Mac. Hmmm. Well, I’m 6’2″ 193lbs and in “OK shape”. I’d love a shot at CB or WR.

  47. And for clarity I am WAAAAAAAAY past my prime.

  48. juliusvrooder says:

    DE/TE always. Actually played 7-7 until I was 38.

  49. just as in HS Football, Im shortish (5′-8″, was 5′-9″ then) but I make up for it by being really slow lol! I played at 135-150 (I shrank during my Senior season due to too much running/lack of eating), but am a bit bigger now> Like most, Im in ok shape and would lose a few lbs in practice which would be good.

    I played WR and DB, and would like to play WR and SS now, or FS. I miss paying football–worst part about post-HS is no one wants to play flag or tackle FB anymore…

  50. If ts flag FB, I like FS or DE–I can murder qb’s and/or shutdown the deep thid like ET lol! And I can catch and get open, despite my “speed”!

  51. Well let’s see. I’m older than PC. Heavy enough to play D End a little past line backer. About the same height as Efren Hararah (sp?). And with my bad knees any O Lineman could run circles around me. But my heart would be in it! I do have dreams where I somehow find myself in Seahawks training camp.

  52. chuck_easton says:

    OK, I’m in on this all geezer team. I was joking around with our special teams kids at practice one day. They bet me I couldn’t kick a 35 yard field goal. I did it! Didn’t tell them my groin hurt for the next week. :)

    I’m team Place kicker! Anything inside the 30 and I’m money. Outside that range? Ummmm, coach go for the 1st down.

  53. Ray_Maines says:

    I am totally NOT making any whiney excuses for being small, old, fat, or otherwise out of shape or incompetent. In my head I’m a linebacker. Probably your middle LB’er. I want to see little snot bubbles and a dazed look on your face when I smack you. I want to be the driving force behind (actually in front of) the LOB. One of you other guys can throw or catch TD passes, or run for 100 yards per game, I just want to knock you on your butt, separate your shoulder, and laugh at you for being so stupid as to test me. Go ‘Hawks!

  54. Ray_Maines says:

    Concerning Alden Smith:

    Danny O’Neal has a theory that says a girlfriend or sports figure, or pretty much anybody else has to stay above a line on a graph that measures your “Pain In The Ass” quotient along the horizontal line and the “Useful To Me” quotient on the vertical line.

    Terrell Owens is a good example of this. He was really, really good but was a HUGE pain in the butt. He stayed in the league longer than he would have if he weren’t so talented, but got dropped faster than if he had been a good teammate and all around nice guy. In other words, he became unemployed as soon as he fell below the graph line. Kenny Britt is another good example of this theory. A really big talent and a really big pain in the butt. He’s really close to the line and may or may not have a job while other lesser talents, but nicer people find work.

    Alden Smith is seriously talented, but is moving to the right on the Pain In The Ass scale. Sooner or later his skills will diminish and he’ll drop below the line and he’ll be gone even though he can still play.

  55. If we end up cutting Rocket I think our official statement should say that we cut him because was contaminated by contact with the 49rs.

  56. Congrats Slave! Best moment of life was meeting my twin boys and holding them in the hospital. No words to explain that feeling.

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