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Report: Kaepernick, Lockette being investigated for ‘suspicious incident’

Post by Todd Dybas / The News Tribune on April 10, 2014 at 11:01 am with 28 Comments »
April 10, 2014 1:47 pm

Seattle Seahawks wide receiver Ricardo Lockette is being investigated along with San Francisco 49ers’ quarterback Colin Kaepernick and wide receiver Quinton Patton in connection with a “suspicious incident” that occurred April 1 in Miami. No charges have been filed and the investigation is in its early stages.

Update, 1:46 p.m.: The Seahawks released a statement: “We are aware of the situation, monitoring it closely and will not have any further comment at this time.”

Matt Barrows of the Sacramento Bee is reporting that the police are using the term “suspicious incident” for what happened at Lockette’s apartment in Miami on April 1. From Barrows:

According to the report, the incident occurred April 1 when a woman went to Lockette’s apartment in Miami at 9 p.m. Kaepernick and Patton were there, and the woman made drinks and served shots to the players. She was also told “to drink the shots she had to ‘hit’ the bong which contained marijuana,” the report said.

The report continues to say that the woman felt light headed and went to a bedroom where she was later joined by Kaepernick, 26, with whom she had a sexual relationship in the past. Kaepernick then left the bedroom. The two did not have sex, she said in the report. The report says that Patton, 23, and Lockette, 27, peeked inside the bedroom and that the woman yelled at them to get out.

According to the report, the woman does not remember anything about the night after that. She woke up in a hospital bed the following morning not knowing how she got there. The woman, whose name is redacted, reported the incident to police on April 3.

Read Barrows’ fulls story here.

Lockette and Kaepernick have been friends since their time together with the 49ers. They previously lived together.

UPDATE: Here’s more from the San Jose Mercury News, which says the police report was taken at the request of the woman. There have been no arrests and no charges.

“There’s no evidence of a crime or a sexual assault,” Miami Police spokesman Rene Pimental said. “This report is simply an incident report taken at the woman’s request.”

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  1. wow,, that and this!!

    I lost a ton of Respect for Paul Allen and Jody Allen. Very very SHADY stuff…. They think they can do whatever they want because they’re Billionaires…. smh

  2. Southendzone says:

    That article sounded MOSTLY like it was about misdeeds of Jody Allen, who I know nothing about.

    Paul Allen is still my hero.

  3. montanamike2 says:

    Poor poor Jim, it keeps getting better and better.

  4. chuck_easton says:

    I agree Southendzone. Jody Allen appears to be the culprit here. In what way does this present Paul Allen in a bad light other than his sister apparently is not a nice person to be around.

    Paul Allen can’t pick his family.

  5. Ummmm who do you think is supporting Jody Allen with his Billions?? If that was you family member, would you not cut of the funds which allows her to continue this Shady Business?? I know, I definitely would stop enabling my family member!!

  6. MoSeahawk12 says:

    I’d try and go with ALL the facts. I agree with Southendzone, this article is mostly about Jody. Who you choose to respect or lose respect for based on one story is pretty funny.

  7. Southendzone says:

    This link from 9’ers nation has the police report. Not a lot of new from what is above, but sometimes it’s nice to read it for yourself

  8. Some of us have integrity. Some don’t. Most people can easily see who does and doesn’t.

  9. Southendzone says:

    Who’s to say that Paul Allen didn’t need those penguin bones from Antarctica to cure his cancer?

    And I do disagree with this:

    “hey think they can do whatever they want because they’re Billionaires…”

    ummm…. isn’t that the reason people become billionaires? If I ever become a billionaire, I’m gonna drink penguin smoothies for breakfast every day.

  10. FleaFlicker says:

    Don’t know if somebody out sick or what, but Insider Alumnus Eric D. Williams writing the Seahawks daily column on ESPN.

    Thank goodness. Terry Blount is the WORST. No insight or analysis whatsoever. Wouldn’t be surprised if his next series is “Top 10 Parking Spots for Century Link” or maybe an update on Jim Mora.

    Anyway, the McShay mock has us going back to back O-Line in the draft. I just don’t see that happening. I know we all want some immediate help on the line, but I think the front office wants to keep watering their 7th round sophomores (Bailey/Bowie) to see if they’ll blossom.

  11. Macabrevity says:

    Kaeper-Berger will end up on my list of most despicable people if he is indeed guilty. What a fak’n moron.

    Good on ya Jim for building a team of up-standing citizens to compete with the cheatin’ Hawks.

    I am disgusted by people like Rapeless-Berger and (if guilty) Kaepernick. Just disgusted, Lockette should be jettisoned period if he was in ANY way involved.

  12. grizindabox24 says:

    NFL drug policy mandates only 1 test between 4/20 and 8/9 for players not in the drug program.

    (the start date is too funny)

    McShay mock has Hawks going O-Line with their first 2 picks

  13. ljarllrajl says:

    You see?! Nothing good can come from hanging with a 49er in the off season.

  14. CDHawkFan says:

    Okay, Lockette needs a raise, but even more if Kap would have already signed for $20 mil/year.

  15. RDPoulsbo says:

    This is something that will be very difficult to prove in a court of law even if it was a sexual assault. The woman was already in a previous relationship with Kaep and voluntarily came over. She was the one serving the drinks, so it’s kind of hard to say she slipped herself a roofie. The logical thing to assume based on the evidence that’s public is she had way too much MJ and alcohol and blacked out on her own, then someone dropped her off at the hospital. Of course the circumstances of that dropoff can’t be disclosed, so we don’t know that happened with all that or any medical tests done.

    In any case, this will be a massive distraction for Kaep and the 49ers to deal with all offseason. On the surface, the MJ might be what gets them in trouble more than the girl since it isn’t WA or CO.

  16. DreadHawks says:

    The leaugue should immediately drug test these 3! If Mary Jane is present in the police report that should be more than enough.

  17. MoSeahawk12 says:

    The woman waking up in a hospital bed the next morning is concerning. The hospital would have security footage to see who dropped her off there. I’m sure Kap was wearing his Dolphins hat and will get off without any actual charges.

  18. Southendzone says:

    Can you put roofies on a bong hit?

  19. chuck_easton says:


    Not as difficult as you might think. Her statement says she was aware when Kaep started kissing her and undressing her. She said nothing happened. The last think she remembers is yelling at Lockette and Patton to get out of the room and asking where Kaep was.

    If there was any type of rape test done at the hospital there would be the potential for DNA. If said DNA is present you have a suspect and this lady does not remember the activity.

    You don’t have to say NO to have not given consent. Being too intoxicated/medicated to give consent is also a no in the eyes of the Court.

    Have to wait to see if there are lab results from the hospital before there can be any determination that something did or did not happen.

    I think the woman’s statement that there was a bong in the room, it was being used by three NFL players, and that she partook will be enough to get all three of these guys into Stage 1 of the program.

    There will be more frequent testing for all three.

  20. Macabrevity says:

    Good point Chuck…. I hope someone had the sense to get the rape test done upon admittance.

  21. Southendzone says:

    Based on what we’ve seen so far, 2 scenarios make sense:

    1) The girl just got too high and passed out or worse, maybe a seizure or stopped breathing. Players freaked out due to the drugs, dropped her off at the hospital and bolted, maybe even got a friend to drop her off.

    2) They really did dose her with something to knock her out. Why are Lock & Patton peeking in the room? Because they are EXPECTING her to pass out cause of something they gave her. Bad things happen, ultimately they still take her to the hospital.

    In the absence of physical evidence, I don’t think they will get charged, at least one of them would have been smart enough to call his agent or lawyer, who had at least a 2 day head start on cleaning up their mess for them.

  22. RDPoulsbo says:

    I did leave a caveat that the hospital has all the relevant information here, but we won’t see it anytime soon, if ever because of medical privacy laws. But based on what’s in the report, there’s nothing one way or other for people to be jumping to conclusions on sexual assault. To girl even exonerates the 3 based on her information.

    Now, if the Miami PD wants to investigate them for possession of marijuana, there’s a lot more to go on for that. If they do get busted, that’s gets them into more hot water than just the NFL Stage 1 Substance Abuse Program. Speaking of which, who’s to say these guys aren’t already in it to begin with since it’s supposed to be confidential. Suspensions and/or fines could still be handed out.

  23. CDHawkFan says:

    What was all that crap Harbaugh saying in reference to having clean guys? You are days/weeks away from making a track star with a cannon, with a like it or not, Kobe B past a $20 mill/year. I guess it didn’t matter for Kobe, but that’s because she took the money. Who knows what this gal will want/expect.

    How are you going to spin this Jimmy?

  24. Meanwhile, RW was studying game film….

  25. “The hospital would have security footage to see who dropped her off there”

    that’s probably true – and got to think TMZ will figure out a way to get their hands on that soon enough . . .they always do.

  26. There’s no evidence of a crime or a sexual assault,” Miami Police spokesman Rene Pimental said. “This report is simply an incident report taken at the woman’s request.”

    No charges…no evidence…incident report…

    Hmmm…I wonder if this woman is putting out the word about this incident to see if this happened to anyone else with these same three football players. Sounds like something someone would do a the advice of a lawyer.

    I’d hate to see three promising young men go down over something this stupid, but this story could get a lot bigger.

  27. juliusvrooder says:

    Wow. Always thought Kaep was gay.

  28. juliusvrooder says:

    Not in a bad way, just surprised.

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