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Seahawks’ preseason schedule released

Post by Todd Dybas / The News Tribune on April 9, 2014 at 12:28 pm with 62 Comments »
April 9, 2014 12:30 pm

The NFL released all the preseason schedules today. Here’s the Seahawks’ schedule:

Seattle will open the preseason against the Denver Broncos in Mile High Stadium in Week 1 of the preseason (Aug. 7-10).

Week 2, the Seahawks host the San Diego Chargers (Aug. 14-18).

Week 3 (Aug. 21-24) the Chicago Bears, Martellus Bennett and Jared Allen come to Seattle.

To wrap the preseason, the Seahawks play at Oakland (Aug. 28).

Specific dates and times will be released later this month. All Seahawks preseason games can be seen on Q13 FOX and heard on 710 AM ESPN Seattle and KIRO Radio 97.3 FM.

Full week-by-week preseason schedule:


NY Giants vs. Buffalo (NBC, 8/3)

WEEK 1 – AUGUST 7-10
Buffalo at Carolina
Cincinnati at Kansas City
Cleveland at Detroit
Dallas at San Diego
Green Bay at Tennessee
Houston at Arizona
Indianapolis at NY Jets
Miami at Atlanta
New England at Washington
New Orleans at St. Louis
Oakland at Minnesota
Philadelphia at Chicago
Pittsburgh at NY Giants
San Francisco at Baltimore
Seattle at Denver
Tampa Bay at Jacksonville

Week 2
Jacksonville at Chicago (ESPN, 8/14)
Kansas City at Carolina (FOX, 8/17)
Cleveland at Washington (ESPN, 8/18)
Arizona at Minnesota
Atlanta at Houston
Baltimore at Dallas
Buffalo at Pittsburgh
Denver at San Francisco
Detroit at Oakland
Green Bay at St. Louis
Miami at Tampa Bay
NY Giants at Indianapolis
NY Jets at Cincinnati
Philadelphia at New England
San Diego at Seattle
Tennessee at New Orleans

Week 3, Aug. 21-24
Oakland at Green Bay (CBS, 8/22)
New Orleans at Indianapolis (CBS, 8/23)
San Diego at San Francisco (FOX, 8/24)
Cincinnati at Arizona (NBC, 8/24)
Pittsburgh at Philadelphia
Jacksonville at Detroit
Tennessee at Atlanta
Chicago at Seattle
Tampa Bay at Buffalo
Dallas at Miami
Carolina at New England
NY Giants at NY Jets
Washington at Baltimore
St. Louis at Cleveland
Houston at Denver
Minnesota at Kansas City

Week 4, Aug. 28
Arizona at San Diego
Atlanta at Jacksonville
Baltimore at New Orleans
Carolina at Pittsburgh
Chicago at Cleveland
Denver at Dallas
Detroit at Buffalo
Indianapolis at Cincinnati
Kansas City at Green Bay
Minnesota at Tennessee
New England at NY Giants
NY Jets at Philadelphia
San Francisco at Houston
Seattle at Oakland
St. Louis at Miami
Washington at Tampa Bay



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  1. Ray_Maines says:

    I haven’t read the pre-season schedule yet, but I’m going to be lived if the defending Superbowl champs play the second and fourth game at home (for what would seem like the 20th year in a row).

  2. Ray_Maines says:

    OK, I’m only semi livid.

  3. ryandaddyo says:

    So, am I reading this right? Do we face both the Broncos and Chargers in the pre-season AND regular season? Did we get migrated back to the AFC West all of a sudden?

  4. Dukeshire says:

    Why does playing the 2nd and 4th preseason games at home matter, let alone make you angry?

  5. OregonHawk says:

    And why is Oakland always on our schedule?

  6. MoSeahawk12 says:

    At least SF has to travel to Houston last week of preseason before they have to play the defending Superbowl Champs on the opening Thursday night game week one. Just a guess.

  7. HawkfaninMT says:

    @Duke: I cant figure out the ire for the 2nd… But if I were a season ticket holder I would prefer to go to the week 3 game in order to see more starters.

    Thats about all I can come up with

  8. We always play Oakland because they try to match up geographically close teams that are not in the same Division. So for us we play the AFC west a lot. That lessens the travel burden, especially since teams are travelling with an extra 25-50 players.

  9. jawpeace says:

    Some people are just pissed and are looking for something to go off on.
    I for one am glad the NFL keeps travel distance in mind for the preseason.

  10. So we open at the stadium of the team we beat for the SB title? I know it’s just preseason but that is some garbage scheduling. WE won…first game of the season should be with Denver in OUR house. Preseason taints that a bit IMO. Helen Keller could have made a better schedule…

  11. Southendzone says:

    Most boring day of the NFL calendar year? I say YES!

    In case any of you really look forward to learning the pre-season schedule, let me hype you up with these future year tidbits:

    2015 preseason: raiders, chargers, 2 others
    2016 preseason: raiders, chargers, 2 others.
    Only thing that might change is when the Raiders are in LA instead of Oakland.

  12. CDHawkFan says:

    Mo, I think I heard a good reason why we won’t open vs the 9ers. I think it was because they are opening a new stadium. San Fran is likely to open at home on Sunday.

  13. freedom_X says:

    The AFC West matchup is also a homage to Seattle’s previous connection to that division. Ever since Seattle left the AFC West the NFL has been putting AFC West teams on the preseason schedule (including Kansas City, which isn’t that close to Seattle.)

  14. Ray_Maines says:

    Because I want the FIRST game to also be the home opener, and the fourth preseason game is total garbage.

  15. Actually I look forward to the matchups with the AFC West teams, it brings back memories of the rivalries that we all enjoyed for 20 years. Helped make the SB win extra sweet.

  16. chuck_easton says:

    It’s just nice to see Seattle having the 3rd pre-season game at home. That is the one pre-season game that really has any potential bearing on the season since the starters play the entire 1st half and into the 3rd Qtr.

    Good news for you Ray_Maines. The talk is if the league and union agree to the extra playoff games the give back would likely be only 3 pre-season games.

  17. Dukeshire says:

    When one considers that players are fighting for a roster spot, it makes the 3rd preseason game the least meaningful. Sure, it’s fun to get a sense of the regular season, but the fact is the other games are more important, (albeit less fun for most because the “starts” see such limited action.)

  18. seahawkNJ says:

    I was hopin to open the regular season vs Denver. Playing them in the preseason makes that seem less likely. Doubt it will be the 9ers. Who else is a big draw? Giants or Packers I guess.

  19. WiscCory says:

    Full price tickets for an organized practice.

  20. Screensmoke says:

    Who frickin cares about the preseason scedule-REALLY

  21. Glossman says:

    Yup…What Freedom-X said…

    When the Seahawks moved from the AFC to the NFC in 2002, one of the conditions of the move was that the Seahawks would play 3 of their preseason games against the AFC West. So, they get a double-dose whenever they have to play that division in the regular season.

  22. chuck_easton says:

    We are still a ways from the regular season schedule being announced but what we can pretty much predict is:

    1. As the SB champions Seattle will open at home on Thursday night (well unless the Mariners have a home game that night and refuse to move it like the Orioles did to the Ravens last year).

    2. If the Mariners pull an Orioles Seattle will still open on Thursday night, but on the road.

    3. The NFL will want the first game to be a ratings bonanza so it will be a matchup the whole country will want to tune in to watch.

    a. Obvious choice is a re-match of the SB so Denver at Seattle.
    b. Second most obvious choice would be the hated rival 49rs coming in.
    c. If a and b are not available it will be an NFC East team (Seattle plays both the Cowboys and Giants at home this season…)
    d. Packers…replay of the controversial Fail Mary…but no Tate.
    e. Rams or Cardinals…division rivalry
    f. Oakland…

    Those are Seattle’s 8 home games for 2014. Has to be one of those eight and I can’t see any other order of preference that would be of interest to the part of the Country that isn’t in Alaska.

  23. bird_spit says:

    Wake me when they announce the 32nd pick.

  24. Ray_Maines says:

    Somebody, please check the M’s schedule.

  25. rramstad says:

    Mariners aren’t going to be playing at home. We will have a home opener on the Thursday night.

    I believe that Denver would bitch long and loud to the league if they had to play us the first game. Not to mention there will be great ratings regardless of who the opponent is, pretty much, as long as they are recognizable.

    I would be virtually certain that it won’t be the Broncos or the 49ers.

    I would suspect either Dallas or Green Bay. They have big enough fan bases that the game would take on pretty huge dimensions.

    I’d put the Giants as next on the list.

    I strongly doubt the league would try to feed the nation with the Rams or Cardinals for the opener. Yes, we know they are good, but the rest of the country thinks they are irrelevant.

    The Raiders could be a blowout and again I don’t think the league would do that… though it could be a nice AFC West rival game, I suppose, if they wanted to play that angle up.

    So, I expect Packers, Cowboys or Giants, I think in that order.

  26. Ray_Maines says:

    Duke: I totally agree this is a weakness of mine but, although I’m mildly interested, I really don’t care who makes the final roster as I pretty much only cheer for the laundry. The third pre-season game is the most like a real game and the fourth game is just garbage. If I were to attend a preseason game I would want it to be either the first or third game.

    rramstad: I’d love for the ‘Hawks to open against GB., Dallas, or NYG. Big name teams! I vote for week two to be @ AZ and week three to be @ SF, then two or three home games.

  27. It’s called Geography. You will hardly ever (if ever) see the Hawks play the Dolphins, Patriots, Jets, Eagles, Panthers, etc. in the pre-season. You will ALWAYS see the Seahawks play some combination of teams in their “area” though. Since the Hawks are kind of isolated, you will see them occasionally play a far away team like the Titans. But for the most part, they will play the Raiders, Broncos, Vikings, Chargers, etc. (i.e. the closest non-division teams). It has to work out for everyone (limited travel in the pre-season – that’s why you get a weird situation like us playing the Titans here and there). I’m mad because I wanted the Hawks to play the Vikings in Minnesota this pre-season so I could go to the game.

  28. I’m hoping den@sea is the league opener.

  29. Why not the Cardinals? They were the ONLY team to beat Seattle IN Seattle since Russell Wilson arrived. That could be a good story.

  30. CDHawkFan says:

    I’m not in a rush for this season. We are currently on top, why rush away from that position. That is still the best football game I have watched as a fan. Not even close, and the best part, we all knew they could play like that last year, but they didn’t…until the last game of the year.

    I have wondered a few times how it must be to be a Bronco fan. You got killed, absolutely beat up, so what’s the difference this year, what’s going to help overcome a 35 point difference? Oh, a little roster move here and there. Sorry, don’t even show up. I mean, unless the Hawks fly their plane into a mountain side, how could you renew your season tickets?

    Same goes for the 9ers, they had so many lucky breaks during the CC game. You aren’t going to get that lucky again, your luck/window has closed. This opinion was formed with the help of a 9er fan who feels they have had their best shot and won’t overcome the Hawks anytime soon.

  31. surelyyoujest says:

    I could care less who we play in the preseason. By then I’ll just be happy to be able to watch a football game I haven’t watch 50 times off of my DVR (although the SB game is still as enjoyable as ever). Which reminds me, I need to figure out a way to get those recordings off of the DVR before I lose them.

  32. I agree about not wanting to rush through the off-season. I like being the defending champion.

    CD-I agree about some of those breaks from that cc game. Whenever the 49ers fumbled or whatever the ball bounced straight back to them, as with the ball bouncing to pin us back in our 1 yard line.

  33. chuck_easton says:


    Seattle will always be SB 48 champs no matter what happens this season.

    I’m itching to get the season going because I want to see what magic PC/JS are planning to put the team in a position to repeat.

    Back to back SB wins are not easy as evidenced by how few times the feat has been accomplished. But Seattle’s window is now. It won’t last forever but while the window is open I want to watch this team perform.

    Denver has made it clear what they plan for this year. It’s SB win or bust. They have gone all in as they don’t know how much longer Manning will be able to play. They’ve made improvements to their team in the off-season. Mainly on defence because that is where they needed to improve.

    SF has stood pat and that is their potential undoing. My baseball coach drilled it in to my head at a very young age the following:

    “You never stay the same level in sports. You are either improving or you are declining”.

    SF thinks they have all the pieces and they just need to show up to make it to their third NFC Conference game in three years.

  34. yeah, no matter what happens, we are kind of playing with house money for awhile now – – no one and nothing can take away the SB championship.

    But, like Chuck, I’m excited to see them take a run at back-to-back, which would be something really special as well.

    Plus, I miss watching the games and being passionate about a sport — w/no basketball team to root for, it’s always a long off-season for me these days.

  35. grizindabox24 says:

    Per TMZ, Miami law enforcement officials have opened a sexual assault investigation on Colin Kaepernick

  36. Holy . . .

  37. Southendzone says:

    Come on now. Things are already too great for Seahawk fans. Could the Kapernick sexual assault thing really be true?

    What’s next? Am I going to wake up tomorrow with a new Porsche in my garage and have lost 10 pounds overnight while I slept? Is Harbaugh going to be traded to the Calgary Stampeders for a curling broom and a box of those delicious maple leaf cookies?

    To quote Steve Raible “It is… the Seahawks Time”

  38. thursday says:

    It’s funny how Seahawks haters like to bring up the PED thing while totally ignoring teams like the Whiners that are full of criminals lol

  39. wow. . . .could be complete BS . . .but still, a reminder to be grateful to have our guy.

    not much chance of seeing Russell’s name in a TMZ headline.

  40. grizindabox24 says:

    You never want to be investigated for sexual assault, but unless charges are actually filed….

  41. grizindabox24 says:

    Ann Killion ‏@annkillion 7m
    Report originated out of TMZ. But has been confirmed by Miami Police.

  42. chuck_easton says:

    Even if this turns out to be a money grab shakedown by some ‘gold digger’ why would he even have put himself in that position? He’s supposed to be the leader of the team.

    This is my problem with Kaepernick. He’s too involved in the whole ‘I’m the man’ thing. He tries to come off very ‘back to the hood’ and ‘just keepin it real’. I have no problem with guys like Lynch and Sherman who really ARE from the hood, because those are their roots.

    Kaepernick was adopted at birth. He was raised by white parents in an upper middle class neighborhood. He’s not from the bad side of town. He didn’t grow up with the same issues some of the guys have.

    But he is determined to go down that path with his style of dress, with his demeanor, with his talk, and apparently with how he is choosing to conduct his personal life.

    Just another reason we should be grateful we have Wilson.

  43. Southendzone says:

    Do you think his red headphones will drown out all the things he doesn’t want to hear as he’s dragged to jail in handcuffs?

  44. Southendzone says:

    Oops, Lockette might be involved too!

  45. chuck_easton says:

    And with the #32nd pick in the draft the Seahawks select WHATEVER WR IS LEFT!!!!!

    Sorry to hear that Lockette might be involved, but he’s more easily replaced than Kaep would be for SF.

  46. MoSeahawk12 says:

    Wilson poses for photos with sick kids at hospitals. Krapernick poses with drunk party people.
    I think we know which guy has and will have a longer, better career. Glad we got our guy.

  47. grizindabox24 says:

    @mattbarrows: 49ers WR Quinton Patton and Seahawks WR Ricardo Lockette also are part of the investigation by Miami Police.

  48. chuck_easton says:

    Lockette being mentioned adds some traction to the story. He and Kaep were besties at 9r camp last year until Lockette got cut.

    Love how Lockette played for Seattle last year, but if he is still choosing to hang out with his 9r buddies he can find another team.

  49. @surelyyoujest

    Buy an external hard drive and down load from your dvr.

  50. grizindabox24 says:

    chuck, is that bad because no player hangs out with players from another team? LOL

  51. grizindabox24 says:

    Matt Barrows ‏@mattbarrows 14m
    According to a Miami PD report, the incident in question occurred April 1 at Ricardo Lockette’s apartment in Miami. Story coming:

  52. surelyyoujest, I am with DISH and I paid a one time $50 fee and Maybe $5 a month for their software the gives me the option to off load to external hard drives anytime I want.

  53. chuck_easton says:


    Just the Seahawks/49rs can’t hang out! It’s breaking the code. :)

    Lockette can be friends with any player from any of the other 30 teams. Just no 9rs!

  54. Southendzone says:

    I heard about that Lockette/Kap friendship after the season. Don’t know if I can trust Lock any more. Just like I never trusted Perrish Cox when he was on the team.

    I think they are SF deep cover moles that will betray the Hawks at a critical moment.

  55. HawkFromDay1 says:

    I always thought they were just trying to somewhat limit the travel for preseason…

  56. Get Real Rob to investigate this spy ring.

  57. grizindabox24 says:

    @HawkFromDay1, you are correct on limiting travel during preseason

    @Southendzone, I actually thought Lockette did a good job with limited opportunities…and he almost beheaded a few return men

  58. MoSeahawk12 says:

    They were room mates. Lockett lived with Kap.

  59. Southendzone says:

    Agree Grindz, Lock was pretty great in his time with us last season. But I’d be worried about him in games vs SF in the future.

  60. montanamike2 says:

    Agree that losing Lockette is a good trade off for the Whiners losing Kaep. Isn’t he asking top 5 pay now?, good luck with that.

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