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Davis signs with Giants

Post by Todd Dybas / The News Tribune on April 4, 2014 at 4:40 pm with 33 Comments »
April 4, 2014 4:51 pm

Also today, free agent tight end Kellen Davis signed with the New York Giants. It’s no surprise he didn’t return to the Seahawks following the re-signing of Anthony McCoy, who will have a shot to be the third-string tight end behind Zach Miller and Luke Willson.

Davis was used almost exclusively as a blocking tight end.

That leaves the Seahawks with two unsigned free agents: fullback Michael Robinson and linebacker O’Brien Schofield.

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  1. HawkfaninMT says:

    I would love to have MRob and OB back!

  2. Davis sucked. McCoy is way better IMO. The TE position battle will be VERY interesting come TC should the Hawks sign Finley once he can pass a physical.

  3. montanamike2 says:

    bbmate i was thinking the same things. Not sure i want Finley.

  4. montanamike, I don’t think it will take much to sign Finley with his heal issues. I assuming that at least. That means they owe him nothing until he makes the squad if they don’t guarantee any money beforehand. So, I don’t see a reason not to? The guy is a very good pass-catching TE if healthy, Better than Willson certainly IMO.

  5. ChrisHolmes says:

    You guys need to go watch some tape on Finley. There’s a reason Seattle is interested.

    I don’t usually buy into “potential” (Jeremy Stevens), but Finley is one of those guys who has shown some really athletic play at the TE position, and he hasn’t tapped his potential yet. He’s one of those TE’s that you can flex-out or play on the line, and he’s just explosive in the seams and has length to make plays. I know Carroll is big on “length” both defensively and offensively; Finley is one of those guys.

    In this offense I am sure Bevell could find a way to use him well. I also think that with him and Miller on the field at the same time, the 2TE set suddenly becomes a nightmare for defenses. You cannot commit to that as a run-only formation then, but if you don’t pull a safety down, then Lynch could hurt you.

    I’m a big fan of the 2TE set when you have TE’s that can really threaten the defense downfield in the seams and in other ways. Any time you can make it difficult for the defense to key on what you are doing, you are winning.

  6. Macabrevity says:

    Davis always made me think of how I would do if forced to suit up for the Hawks… “please don’t throw my way, please don’t throw my way… “

  7. wabubba67 says:

    Finley runs like a deer….bad news is, he also catches like one.

  8. Hammajamma says:

    I think the position is fine with another FA signing or lower round draft pick. But I’m sure they’d like to find a guy with plus skills as blocker. Willson, McCoy, and the fantasy signing of Finley still leave something to be desired in that department.

  9. montanamike2 says:

    I think having a healthy McCoy back in itself is a significant up grade. I hope he studied the playbook a bunch, isn’t he inching up to when he hits FA? He has a lot of potential to be a miller lite.

  10. Screensmoke says:

    McCoy pretty good blocker

  11. Dukeshire says:

    wabubba is right on. Finley is an incredibly gifted athlete but has awful hands. Granted, he has put up impressive numbers despite that, but still, he’s unreliable.

  12. surelyyoujest says:

    Miller, Wilson, & McCoy is very good start to your TE rotation. If we add to it (which I’m sure we will in some form) then great, but like a lot of other positions on the Team it’s already pretty solid. Same at WR, solid now, but they’ll add some pieces. The OL is the key piece on offence. Bring that up to average or a bit above, then we’re off to another SB.

  13. Starting next year, I think Willson is better than Finley. I think Willson is faster too.

  14. Southendzone says:

    Hey don’t bag on Davis, somehow I remember him making 1 good play last season. I can’t remember the specifics, but I’m about 80% sure it actually happened.

  15. vichawkfan says:

    Drops can be worked on. Finley would be nice.

  16. I think the TE situation is very fluid and could be a spot for good competition this training camp.

    I think Luke Willson is abit of a wild card – he could be the #1, #2 or #3 TE.

  17. Southendzone says:

    God I love that sound FX from the Superbowl. I’ve watched it more than 10 times and each time it is just as awesome.

    Underrated moment of the show: The Seahawk flying out of the tunnel in slow-mo, low to the ground, no sound in the background. EPIC!

  18. Macabrevity says:

    Totally happy with the TE core as is, but won’t argue if PC wants some com-PETE-ition :) I’d just prefer it be a rookie and not an aging injured fading star…

  19. I think Miller (at his reduced salary), Willson, and McCoy is a really great situation as it is heading into ’14. If the offense struggles (which I doubt it will) it won’t be because of the TE situation.

    I really think the offense is going to produce more next season. Even though Wilson is already really good, he’s just naturally going to improve from year two to year three. Pretty much every player does between those year. I think we’ll see more of Michael when Lynch isn’t on the field and, as Schneider said a few weeks ago. I think it’ll be a good thing. And a healthy Percy from the get-go will be huge. The only position I’m really worried about on offense is RT and perhaps depth at WR. Other than that, I really like our offense.

    I disagree that the best off-season signing was resigning Mr. Happy (or MB). I think the best was when McQuistan signed with Cleveland.

  20. Can’t believe GB would let Finley leave in FA and keep Ryan Taylor as their starting TE, unless Finley’s injury is somewhat career-ending(?)

  21. Southendzone says:

    klm, I think most team’s doctors haven’t cleared Finley yet. Hawks have a premier head/neck guy and I think if Finley was ready to play we woulda signed him.

  22. The Seahawks were “lucky” to be as healthy as they were last year.

    I disagree with that statement to a certain degree. Younger players, on average, don’t have as many injury problems. Also, the Seahawks didn’t have many players (like a Finley) who have injury prone history status.

    One way to remain “lucky” with injuries is to stay young and not bring in many “injury prone” players (i.e. Finley).

  23. When we used to have all our injury problems 5-10 years ago, much of that was our own fault. We’d have older players and bring in some injury prone ones, too. Then when our team got more injuries than most, all of us would be flabbergasted that we were so “unlucky” with injuries and blamed much of our failures on that. Now we need to be smart in terms of staying young, keeping the core, and replacing so-so starters when their contracts expire (like M. Smith, KJ, Tate, etc.).

  24. banosser says:

    “Hey don’t bag on Davis, somehow I remember him making 1 good play last season. I can’t remember the specifics, but I’m about 80% sure it actually happened.”

    Two actually, kinda… he had a 1 yd TD catch against the Cards in AZ.. and a drop in the MNF game against NO was subsequently caught by Coleman for the tip TD

  25. vichawkfan says:

    Strength and conditioning program they brought in from USC is probably the biggest difference. And I don’t need PEDs.

  26. Finley is only going into his age 27 season. Willson is going intop his age 24 season for comparison. Not really fair to call him aging. Technically everyone is aging I guess.

  27. I’m not aging, I’m ripening. At age 30 I started counting backward at each birthday. I am now minus 10.

  28. wabubba67 says:

    27 is relatively old in the NFL considering that the average career is less than 4 years (22 when you graduate, 26 and you are no longer playing)…especially when you have had repeated issues with concussions.

  29. “That leaves the Seahawks with two unsigned free agents: fullback Michael Robinson and linebacker O’Brien Schofield.”

    So, does that mean Sidney Rice signed elsewhere?

  30. klm–No, it just means Rice was cut, not a FA. The other guys contracts ran out, but they werent cut.

    Kellen Davis was awful. Chicago fans hated him for his drops. The guy just isnt coordinated enough to run routes and/or catch the ball. Good riddance. Glad to have McCoy back, thats a major upgrade there…

  31. Finley makes some amazing catches. But he’s as likely to drop an easy pass as catch a tough one…utterly unreliable.

  32. Rice is still a free agent, jes sayin’.

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