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Poll: How do you feel about the offseason?

Post by Todd Dybas / The News Tribune on March 31, 2014 at 11:27 am with 47 Comments »
March 31, 2014 11:42 am

Free agency has quieted down and the Seahawks have made one big move (bringing back Michael Bennett) while seeing several players leave for other teams. According to the NFLPA Web site, the Seahawks have $14,923,737 in cap space remaining.

Do you think Marshawn Lynch will actually retire this offseason?

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  1. Not happy, or mad, or sad, to be honest. I think Tate should have been resigned. I hope Rice comes back. I think we will miss Clemons and Bryant, but Bryant more so.

    The biggest loss this off season is definitely Thurmond, I thought he was a lock to replace Browner, but I suppose they have faith in Maxwell.

  2. Very Good Off Season So Far. YankinTa Loves the fact that we didn’t overpay Allen and Tate.

    For a fraction of the price, We are going to land a very talented player at some point in this draft. If We take a receiver at #32, they’ll be paying around $1.25-2.5m for his services for the next FIVE years. That’s $4-5m less than Tate’s getting in Detroit.


  3. Ask me after the 3rd preseason game once we’ve had a chance to see the young replacements play against starters.

  4. Of course I’m bummed they let Tate walk, but he was expensive. Just as long as they draft a big fast guy with hands…

    I think McDonald will be missed more than Big Red, especially with Clemons gone and no addition at pass rushing DE. Bryants leadership will be missed more than his play.

    Signing Bennett was huge, and McDaniel as well. Thurmond wasn’t going to beat out Maxwell and Lane is cheaper and younger.

    I’m ok with the offseason so far. Let’s hope the Draft is a great one!

  5. They have set themselves up to contend for years because of their disciplined approach to the cap. They draft well, and develop players well. I am very happy and have complete faith in Pete and John.

  6. FleaFlicker says:

    So far so good. Most important part of free agency is not losing your mind and throwing crazy money around. We’ve still got space on the payroll. I’d love to see us renegotiate Earl’s contract and put a monstrous front load on the cap (like $20 million) this year. That would give us a lot of flexibility with regards to RW and RS.

    I think the FO is quietly confident in some rising talent (Hill, Williams, Mayowa). Let’s hope they are right!

  7. freedom_X says:

    If extensions can’t be reached with at least one of Thomas or Sherman, then this will not be a good offseason. They’ve held back to be able to sign those guys. So the jury is still out.

  8. FleaFlicker says:

    And right now the Mariners are tied for first place in baseball! Savor it while it lasts!

  9. Too early to make any judgements but I hope that we are able to make a couple of smart ‘second tier’ free agent acquisitions between now and the draft. Depth is an issue in a number of areas and we still need to see a significant upgrade on the offensive line.

    Given Schneider and Carroll’s record to date, I’m hopeful that the organisation still have some smart moves to make.

    As a matter of interest, what do people think we’ll do with the cap space currently available? How much will we need to commit to extensions for Sherman and Thomas? Does $15m in cap space mean that one or both of those contracts could be front loaded so as to reduce the amount of cap space they’ll take up in later years (or at least during the middle years of their extended contracts)?

  10. I can’t and won’t fault this org for how they’ve handled things. In retrospect, these guys have had a plan, stuck to it, and it proved successful with the SB. Their talent evaluation will make a great documentary one day.

    If there is a weak point, it’s the miss and rare hit of the 1st round selections. After they didn’t select DeCastro, I personnally wished for them to just trade out of all future 1st rounds. If that cat didn’t get injured, he would have grown to be a special player. Still may be.

  11. FleaFlicker says:

    And just for clarification on Earl’s numbers, he’s already $5.5 million committed against the cap, we have just over $14 million available, so a long term deal could feasibly be close to that $20 million number. Still have to sign the draft class, of course, but theoretically we could pull it off.

  12. TallyHawk says:

    They resigned Bennett which was tops on my offseason wishlist so I consider it a success so far. While they haven’t been perfect they turned one of the worst and oldest rosters into one of the youngest and the best. I trust they know what they’re doing.

  13. chuck_easton says:

    Just under 15 million in cap space is the reason that Bryant, Clemons, and Rice were cut. The reason Tate wasn’t offered more than 5M per. The reason Browner, Thurmond, Schoefield, and Macdonald were allowed to walk.

    After all that the team is already up against the CAP. There are currently 62 players on the roster. The team will need to sign their draft choices. That’s another 7 players to sign, or more if Seattle does their usual trade down to obtain more picks. The team also has to find FA’s UDFA’s and such to fill out the roster to 90 prior to camp. That’s an additional 21 bodies after the draft.

    So under 15M in Cap and 28 bodies to still sign.

    And there are still the hoped for extensions of ET and Sherman, as well as that 20 million or so elephant that can enter the room after this season disguised as a new contract for Wilson.

    I would say the team has done just fine. They got the one guy they really wanted in Bennett and they have left some wiggle room for the future.

  14. I wasn’t expecting much excitement in free agency, and that’s what I got, so I guess I’d have to rate it good, though I really did wish that one or two of the high profile near retirement guys would have inked here at reasonable prices. That was really just a wish, though, not realistic.

    I think the front office is playing all of this exactly right… we may yet get a free agent or two in the run up to the draft, once the money all dries up for other teams.

  15. Southendzone says:

    Overall it’s looking good. Not re-signing Bennett would have been a serious problem.

    Not bringing back Tate was a choice for more cap flexibility. I liked him but I’m OK that he wasn’t re-signed.

    They really needed that money they freed up by releasing Clemons, but this is the 1 move I would tend to criticize. I wish they would have would have tried to keep him somehow at a lower number.

    At this point I’ll be happy if they get 1 of ET/Sherm extended, and they do a new deal with Baldwin. The DB deal could potentially reduce his 2014 cap number.

  16. montanamike2 says:

    I think Tharold Simon is Maxwell 2.0, Last years and this years draft will shore up some holes and then the 2nd tier FA’s can fill any needs left over. I’m glad they’re sticking with the plan.

  17. What’s Baldwin’s situation?

  18. chuck_easton says:


    Hasn’t signed the RFA Tender as of yet. He is still free to negotiate with other teams up until the end of April. At that time, if no team has signed him to an offer sheet his only options are to sign the Tender or sit out 2014.

    His 2.3M (or so) salary associated with the Tender is already counted in the team’s current CAP.

    So, we have another month to wait.

  19. CDHawkFan says:

    Chuck, that’s a little misleading. The $15 million and 28 bodies needed for camp aren’t related. I think its the 51 highest salaries on the 1st Monday after preseason that determines the cap. So as long as the Hawks already have 50-51 guys from the pool of 61 that will make the open day roster, then another 2-3 from this years draft, then they probably have 11-13 million available in cap space to extend Earl/RS/DB.

  20. I think this FO knows exactly what it is doing and and like the direction it is going towards.

    Like a few others it would have been nice to have kept Tate but not at anywhere near $6.1 Mil/yr. he was paid. The others had run their time or welcome out here and were either older or beginning to show they were not worth what they were being paid.

    Bigger, faster, stronger, and constantly competitive for or in every job, that is now the nature/credo of this organization. there is no doubt some tough and somewhat unpopular decisions were made.

    To me the questions raised here about are actually better raised after the draft and OTAs when we can get some inkling of whether there are any areas of the team that still need bolstering. At this point the questions are very premature. In almost every area of the team where cuts were made or where were players not re-signed there was depth or a logical basis (financial v. actual performance) for each of the personnel moves.

    To me we will likely see more FA moves after June 1st when they won’t affect the possible compensatory picks the team will get for the guys that were signed elsewhere.

    The picture is a long long way from being developed yet.

  21. Baldwin’s 2nd rd. RFA tender is $ 2.187 mil.

  22. Singularitarian says:

    I look at the salary.cap for next year only. Every dollar we spend does not get rolled over, so it’s really on next year. Sherm is the only player who needs to be extended, if he’s in their long term plans. If not we get.another year of an all pro at around a million a year. ET will make his next year and. 5 mill is ok money for this year

  23. Singularitarian says:

    If Seattle doesn’t make any major moves this year they’ll have around 65 mill next year to sign the boys

  24. Singularitarian says:

    Sorry about all the random .periods in my text, I’m on my phone

  25. Southendzone says:

    What players are you all getting excited about for our 1st pick? i’m finally starting to do a bit more reading on the prospects and am liking what I’ve seen about these 3.

    Kony Ealy (Probably won’t be available)
    Odell Beckham Jr (Probably won’t be there)
    Xavier Sua Filo (reasonably could be available)

  26. chuck_easton says:


    You are correct in that only the top 51 of the current 62 players salaries count towards the CAP.

    Here is the current breakdown according to one site:

    2013 Available Cap Rollover – – – 2,845,004
    2014 Adjustment – – – 21,536
    2014 Salary Cap – – – 133,000,000
    2014 Adjusted Salary Cap – – – 135,866,540

    Top 51 Contracts 111,989,942
    Dead Money 8,464,771
    Total Cap as of today 120,454,713

    Cap Space 2,845,004 + 21,536 + 133,000,000 – 120,454,713 = 15,411,827

    That 8.464 Million in Dead Money isn’t going anywhere no matter who else gets signed.

    Also, look at the bottom 10 that make up the 51 (41-51)

    Greg Van Roten G 570,000
    Bryan Walters WR 570,000
    Tharold Simon CB 546,725
    Luke Willson TE 539,633
    Spencer Ware RB 519,358
    Michael Bowie RT,T 506,474
    Alvin Bailey LT,T 497,000
    Derrick Coleman RB 495,000
    B.J. Daniels QB 495,000
    Caylin Hauptmann G 495,000
    Benson Mayowa DE 495,000

    I only see about 3 or 4 names in the 41-51 range that likely won’t make the final 53 active roster.

    Any FA signing over 570,000.00 goes right to the cap and knocks Mayowa off the list of 51 with the calculation of FA Cap hit – $495,000.00.

    Also, let’s look at what the 32nd pick in the 2013 draft got contract wise from the Ravens:

    4 year deal total value of $6,767,002.00.
    Signing Bonus of $3,301,456.00
    2013 Cap hit of $1,230,364.00, 2014 cap hit of $1,537,995.00, 2015 cap hit of $1,845,546.00, 2016 cap hit of $2,153.137.00

    So, whomever Seattle signs with the 32nd position in this draft will likely take about 1 million of the cap even when only the top 51 are counted.

    Seattle had the 64th pick in the Draft last year and they do again this year. Last year with the 64th pick Seattle took Michael. His signing of is 4 year 3.4M contract had a 2013 cap hit of 613K and a cap hit for 2014 of 713K.

    Whomever Seattle takes at 64 this year will go right into that top 51 but their cap hit will likely only reduce the cap by about 200K or so.

    So right there the 15M of cap space Seattle currently has will be reduced by about 1.2M just by drafting and signing the first two guys in rounds 1 and 2.

    So, as I said, after the upcoming draft Seattle’s cap space will be 12.8 million or so.

    Any FA’s signed to a contract that will pay them more than 500K for 2014 go right to the top 51 and will eat into the cap at some rate.

    So, that current 15 million is definitely going to drop by at least 1.2M after the draft, and will likely drop even more with the signing of any 2nd tier FA’s.

    So my point stands. There is only 15 million now. After signing some FA’s and the upcoming drafted players and Seattle will likely only have 6-10M of remaining Cap space.

  27. yankinta says:

    Southendzone,, I’ll give you 2 Scenarios that I would be Extremely happy with… :)

    32nd overall pick -> Martavis Bryant (WR, Clemson)
    64th overall pick -> Antonio Richardson, (OT, Tennessee)


    32nd overall pick -> Joel Bitonio, (G/OT, Nevada)
    64th overall pick -> Cody Latimer (WR, Indiana)

  28. Southendzone says:

    I’ll have to take a look at those guys, however I have heard a bit about Cody Lattimer, supposedly the Hawks had a workout with him and he is a guy starting to get a lot of press.

  29. The most important thing possible for good franchises is to “keep their core” and draft well. We lost some pieces, but we haven’t lost any core and we still have the draft to go to fill in some pieces. Plus, last years draft class is going to positively impact this upcoming season, too.

  30. Besides Earl and Sherm, we also need to look at extending Avril- He’s a very important ingredient in this mix.

    We’re gonna need every cent we can come up with these next couple of years.

  31. ChrisHolmes says:

    In my mind, Bennett was the guy they had to have back. His effort, his ability to make plays defensively, his versatility along the line – I just thought he was a very good defensive weapon and the team’s top offseason priority. And they re-signed him without breaking the bank. So I’m very happy with that.

    I am disappointed they let Tate walk, just because I like all his attributes: tough as nails; doesn’t get hurt, makes tough catches anywhere on the field, cat-quick and has great agility/change-of-direction after the catch. He turned a lot of no-gain passes into positive yards. And he was our own draft pick. I wanted him to stay.

    Everything else: seems about right. The guys we let walk, we had to let walk to maintain our cap discipline. And I’m okay with it. We didn’t lose anyone who could not be replaced.

    When you’re a superbowl winning team, these are the kinds of offseasons you have; you lose guys and you fight to retain core members. Other teams poach your FA’s and you don’t get to draft high.

    We’re in good shape. Our core is awesome and I trust the FO to choose wisely in the draft. And guys we haven’t seen much from yet – I expect some of them to step up this year and make an impact (especially guys along the OL and CB positions).

    I think we’re in great shape.

  32. Future Hall of Famer Kenny Britt just signed with the Rams.

    That’s OK, because it’s time for future Pro Bowler Ricardo Lockette to step up.

  33. “So under 15M in Cap and 28 bodies to still sign.”

    CD is right. That is misleading. Top 51 players. Overall, I agree with you, Chuck. You have to set aside approx. 5 mil to sign their draft picks. So they have approx. 10 mil in space. They could use that towards future large extensions for the aforementioned big three. And they will still look to add some vets such as Sidney Rice and possibly someone to the d-line.

    Anyone who wanted to keep Thurmond, Tate, etc. at the salaries they got has to think about which one of ET, Sherm, or RW were they willing to lose to do it. Or you could’ve signed Tate instead of Bennett. I certainly wouldn’t make that trade.

    P.S. It’s good to know that Yankinta refers to himself in the third person.

  34. Had Browner and Thurmond kept off the weed these last 2 years, Maxwell, Lane, and Thurmond would still be unknowns except to us and require 500k to a million to resign and we’d keep our depth. As it was they were forced into action and reality was both Maxwell and Lane outplayed both Browner and Thurmond. IN the end because of this our starters have become better but our depth suffered.

  35. Most teams can’t afford to keep all their starters and retain part starters and let backups play into starting roles. They loose depth just like Hawks but also are counting on unknown and most times unproven back ups to play well as starters. Hawks difference is we kept all our starters and only our reserve depth is the unknown commodity. Last yr we had the depth to play through injuries and suspensions to our OL, WR, DL, LB, and DBs. This yr we only have very limited known and proven depth at each of those positions. We have enough to dominate if we stay healthy all season, but only time will tell if we stay healthy and then if we have effective players coming up on the depth chart.

    We have the makings for good depth at all positions but still un proven. OL has Bowie, Piere, Bailey, 2 FA pick ups and the draft. Our WRs have Kearse, Lockette, 2 FA, and draft behind Harvin, Baldwin. LBs were not hit in FA. DB’s have Johnson, Snead, Simon, and Lane and any drafts behind best 4 DBs in the NFL. DL has Williams, Hill, Scruggs, Mayowa and any draft behind Bennett, Avril, McDaniael, and Mebane.

    We have the horses to win and the money to extend all necessary pieces both this and next yr. And better yet we have the management and coaching staff to identify, draft, and prepare another waive of depth to back up and even improve what we already had in a 35 margin SB champ.

  36. grizindabox24 says:

    I am not sure it will require $5M to sign draft picks. Also, even if it did take exactly $5M, it would not lessen the Hawks available cap by $5M.

  37. The biggest loss this off season is definitely Thurmond, I thought he was a lock to replace Browner, but I suppose they have faith in Maxwell.

    Thurmond couldn’t even get his job back after suspension this year. He was by no means a “lock” to beat out Maxwell. Maxwell moved right past him and never looked back.

  38. Maxwell was already known before Thurmond got suspended for the weed. And a team was willing to give Thurmond 3.5 mil even with his being one toke from being suspended for a year. That makes me think there’s no way he’s only getting 500K to 1 mil if he didn’t have the suspension hanging over him. Not sure about your train of logic here.

    griz, you’re right. Picking as late as they do and with no 3rd, it’s highly unlikely that the rookies count for 5 mil versus the cap in 2014 unless they do some trading up. I wouldn’t expect it. I’d guess around 3 mil off the cap from the 1st and 2nd picks and counting 53 once the season starts unlike only 51 being counted now.

  39. At the start of the offseason, SEA was in the 3rd worst cap-shape in the league, at $850K over. Cutting Clem, Rice, and Red, etc., left SEA now in 10th best shape in the league, with $15.4M under the team cap limit (including the total dead cap.) As everybody knows, SEA has big future re-signing needs for elite and high quality starters, equals SEA HAS needs for much increased cap space.

    Golden Tate (WR) to DET: 5-year, $31m with $13.25m guaranteed.
    Solid starter and valuable role player, just cost too much for SEA to keep, but will make a big difference for DET opposite Megatron and returning punts. SEA has PH, DB, Kearse and Lockett, and maybe they can re-sign Rice for less(?)
    Chris Clemons (DE) to JAX: 4-year, $17.5m with $5.8m guaranteed.
    Another solid starter and valuable role player, cost too much for SEA to keep, but will make a big improvement to JAX’s pass-rush. SEA has Bennett, Avril, and maybe Irvin to replace Clem’s role with.
    Red Bryant (DL) to JAX: 4-year, $17m with $5.25m guaranteed.
    Another solid starter and valuable role player, cost too much for SEA to keep, but will make a big improvement to JAX’s run-D. Does Jesse Williams or Jordan Hill replace Red on run-downs? Unknown…
    Branden Browner (CB) to NEP: 3-year, $16.8m with $1m guaranteed.
    Another solid starter and valuable role player, BB was made a luxury for SEA by Byron Maxwell’s play in BBs absence.
    Breno Giacomini (OT) to NYJ: 4-year, $18m with $7m guaranteed.
    Adequate starter and solid role player, Breno was more valuable to the Jets who have bigger OL needs than SEA. Breno will now play in a man blkg scheme, which might improve his performance(?) Like Byron Maxwell for BB at RCB, Michael Bowie outplayed Breno at RT, especially at run-blocking.
    Clinton McDonald (DL) to TB: 4-year, $12m with $4.75m guaranteed.
    Another adequate starter and solid role player, SEA could not afford to meet TBs price for Clinton. I believe Jordan Hill replaces McDonald.
    Walter Thurman III (CB) to NYG: 1-year, $3m with $2m guaranteed.
    Adequate starter and solid role player, WT3 will be adequately replaced by Jeremy Lane at nickle cornerback.

    Michael Bennett (DL) to SEA: 4-year, $28.5m with $16m guaranteed.
    Very glad SEA got him back. SEA’s pass-rush would’ve taken a big hit by losing Bennett.
    Tony McDaniel (DT) to SEA: 2-year, $5.75m with $1.25m guaranteed. McDaniel provides solid rotation for high quality starter Brandon Mebane.

    I don’t see how SEA’s offseason realistically could have been better…

  40. Macabrevity says:

    I like our non-moves, locking up LoB and RW are our priorities…. not bringing in big-name guys at top dollar.

    In the NFC West arms race we’re looking pretty good in my opinion.

    49ers; seem to be standing pat more or less, minor shuffle in the secondary, lots of draft picks, they look to be aiming for the long term as well.

    Cards; Tough team, a bit long in the tooth at certain positions, but great coach.

    Rams; As long as they have Brian Schottenheimer, they’ll have QB problems. Am I the only guy to see how bad his record is with QBs?

    It’ll be a slugfest out west again. I really just wish the Rams and Cards would stop consistently playing their best vs us and their worst vs the 49ers :P

  41. ChrisHolmes says:

    @Macabrevity You are not. I don’t know why anyone would get excited about Schottenheimer as an OC.

    Rams DL will keep them in a lot of games. And they are gradually adding skill players again, after losing pretty much everyone.

    I’d fear them if they get a legit QB piece.

  42. yankinta says:

    lol Cards got a great Coach?? smh… That dude is overrated and will fall on his face very soon. He inherited a very good team and was able to get an average QB instead of some 3rd stringer who started for them the year before…. kind of like the whole Luck argument again…

  43. Dukeshire says:

    How do I fee about the offseason? I like to see far fewer tweets and replaced with original content, of any kind. Oh wait, about the Seahawks offseason? Impressed. They’ve been fiscally responsible because they realize without glaring holes to fill, the future is still ahead of them.

  44. WiscCory says:

    I’d feel better if McDonald and Thurmond were still Seahawks.

    Besides that, no concerns with the offseson moves.

    BTW, I watched the Seahawks 2013 season review, and was reminded on the great impact Kearse had, and look forward to his role in 2014.

  45. Hawks won SB by 35 points with the only weakness being OL which is best addressed in the draft. Hawks goal was to maintain the STARTERS and wait for the draft to bolster the role players lost in FA. With Harvin Baldwin Kearse, hard to say Tate was even the 2nd best of that group. With Bennett Avril Mebane and McDaniel its hard to say that Clemons and Red are one of the 4 best DL. Thurmond might have been the nickel back but Lane may be as good and splitting hairs. Bottom line is we kept the starters and will have OL help in draft which with the other backups should have plenty of depth. I can see a Sidney Rice and possibly the TE from GB if he ever receives medical clearance as the last 2 moves.

    Hawks get an A and lets get ready fro draft!

  46. ljarllrajl says:

    The way things are going, we should get a bundle of compensatory picks next year.

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