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Seahawks sign CB Adams

Post by Todd Dybas / The News Tribune on March 27, 2014 at 6:14 pm with 73 Comments »
March 27, 2014 6:43 pm

The Seattle Seahawks signed cornerback Phillip Adams on Thursday.

Adams, 25, was in Seahawks training camp in 2012. He signed with Seattle on Dec. 20, 2011 after being released by the New England Patriots. He has played with four teams in his four seasons in the league. The San Francisco 49ers drafted Adams out of South Carolina State in the seventh round in 2010.

In 2012, Adams returned 25 punts for the Oakland Raiders. The Seahawks are looking for a punt returner after Golden Tate signed with the Detroit Lions. Adams has 37 career punt returns for 227 yards.

Adams, 5-foot-11, 195 pounds, has three interceptions in 52 career games. He’ll add depth to the Seahawks’ cornerback group, which lost Walter Thurmond (New York Giants) and Brandon Browner (New England Patriots) to free agency.

He is the third unrestricted free agent to sign with the Seahawks in the offseason. Prior, Seattle signed other role players in offensive lineman Stephen Schilling and wide receiver Taylor Price.

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  1. Yawn.

    We still need a DT.

  2. Ray_Maines says:

    Does this mean we can let Richard Sherman go?

  3. montanamike2 says:

    It’s a long time before draft…

  4. vichawkfan says:

    Punt return ability. Someone mention Ryan Clarke in town ?

  5. juliusvrooder says:

    an explosive 6yd per. I feel better…

  6. DanielleMND says:

    Free agency has been underwhelming.

  7. Better an overwhelming February and underwhelming March than vice versa.

  8. DanielleMND says:

    True that.

  9. Why not Michael as PR?

  10. Percy should get all the returnable opportunities possible. I’m sure with his athleticism, he can pick up catching punts and the closer quarters blocking scheme pretty quickly.

  11. Singularitarian says:

    Nickel corner depth

  12. grizindabox24 says:

    Harvin has never returned a punt in the NFL. PC also seems to like separate return men for punts and kicks.

    Adams is a good no risk signing. Hawks have many unknowns behind Sherm, Max, and Lane.

  13. This is the depth of off-season. Even the draft is far off. Part of signing free agents is finding the holes. If the draft includes a few players at the same positions (OL?), then we may avoid adding a free agent vet at that position, for example.

    What is the hurry? Does camp start next week? No, there is adequate time to find talent, and there is much talent who are waiting until the late time to sign because they are hoping that panic will set in for some teams.

    Can someone provide a timeline of when we signed key players last season? I don’t recall, but I suspect that it was later than this.

  14. Avril signed March 13th
    Bennett signed March 14th

    at least these were the days they were made public…

  15. Phillip Adams, CB, OAK, 5-11/193, drafted 2010, 7th rd #224, last season he played mostly LCB from weeks 1-9, playing from 2 to 9 snaps per game, then played mostly RCB weeks 10-17 playing from 19 to 70 snaps per game, for a total of 348 snaps played. PFF gave his ’13 overall performance a rating of -13.5, and a ranking of 107th of 110. Coverage only he ranked 101st of 110. At pass rush he ranked 89th, and vs the run he ranked 98th.

    In ’10 Phillip Adams played 77 snaps for SF and had an overall performance rating of +1.1.
    In ’11 he played 180 snaps for NE and had an overall performance rating of -2.3.
    In ’12 he played 178 snaps for OAK and had an overall performance rating of +4.7.

  16. Dukeshire says:

    Some people on this blog are really funny. This team has virtually no pressing needs that require them to chase a flashy free agent and yet people are yawning and “underwhelmed” with what they have done. This is exactly where every team in the league strives to be, and yet it’s all a bit to pedestrian for some, eh?

  17. Phillip Adams is a head scratcher for me. At least he’s got youth going for him. Camp fodder?

  18. edstang45 says:

    Agreed Duke!! Our FO has proven that they know what their doin. I for one am looking forward for the next Rabbit being pulled from JS’s hat

  19. Utterly amazing to me that so many Seahawk fans don’t actually know who calls the shots.

  20. ospreyLV says:

    Lost starting DE Red Bryant, DT McDonald 5.5 sacks, starting DE (LEO) Clemons.
    Added NONE, yet.
    However, Irvin will likely play DE with great potential. Also, Schofield started at DE early last season when Clemons was injured. Last I heard he couldn’t pass a Giant physical. So is he still a Hawk?
    D line thrived on rotation. Where’s the beef!

  21. Fodder? Renton is a good place to sign if you are looking for work. Most players leaving the Hawks get picked up by someone.

  22. CDHawkFan says:

    We were a 20 yard completion at home away from not making the SB. Since the ‘tip’ we have lost 8 starters from the team and have picked up 0, so I can see why people have some (some) concern.

    If there wasn’t a salary cap, then I would assume we would have at least 4 of those guys back which means we aren’t as good now as we were 2 months ago. Doesn’t mean we can’t reload in the draft and see some guys step up, but until they sign Sherm, DB, and ET to long term deals, I would consider this off season so far a bit of a disappointment (unlike last years with the Avril and Bennett and even McDaniel signing’s). A cheap Allen or Melton would have helped ease the concern.

  23. chuck_easton says:


    The team is currently only 15 to 17 million under the 2014 cap. That is with only 45 players signed.

    Baldwin is as good as signed. His 2.3 million RFA tender is already counted into the team’s cap. He can try to get some other team to make an offer which Seattle can then match, or he can sign the tender. He has no other options.

    The draft is May 8th. That means the deadline for another team to try and sign Baldwin away is May 1st. There has to be seven full days before the draft for Seattle to decide to match the offer or take the other team’s 2nd round draft pick this year.

    So put Clemons 7.5 million cap hit back, put Red’s 6 million cap hit back, sign Tate to that 6 million contract he wanted, and there goes 19.5 million this year and Seattle is about 2 million over the cap.

    The people let go had to go for financial reasons.

    And where are you getting 8 starters gone? Let’s see: Clemons (1), Bryant (2), Tate (3), MRob (4), Giacomini (5), McQuistain ( 5 1/2 he split time equally with Carp).

    Who are these other ‘starters’ you are mentioning? Browner had already lost his starting job, Thurmond wasn’t a starter, Schofield wasn’t a starter…

    It’s amazing the perception people have.

  24. CDHawkFan says:

    Chuck, you must be confused. I didn’t say we should keep everyone, or pay them what they wanted. I was just making the point that losing 40% of your starters from the previous year isn’t a typical plan to win back-to-back SB (has any team lost this many starters and won the next year)?. In a perfect world we would have most of them back with no 53 limit, or a slary cap. I understand the cap and future signing of RS/RW/ET have a lot to do with cutting guys and letting others sign elsewhere.

    Anyway, 8 starters are gone which isn’t perception, its fact; 1) Clem, 2) Red, 3) Browner 4) Thurmond, 5) Giacomini, 6) McQ, 7) Tate, and 8) Rice.

    Now you will argue that some of these guys didn’t start in week xx or the SB, but they were starters for much (Much) of the year, during the SB, or were displaced by injury/suspension, but again, that wasn’t my point.

    Not sure whats wrong with my perception, I just think you twisted my words. Of course we had to let guys go due to $, everyone on this blog knows this.

  25. seahawk44 says:

    CD….add Robinson to your list andit is 9 starters gone.

  26. Dukeshire says:

    ospreyLV – Clem played the Leo spot *maybe* a dozen snaps last year. He typically was aligned in a traditional RDE position.

    You also forgot to mention Hill, Williams, and Scruggs who will essentially be additions this coming year, in your search for “the beef”.

  27. Adams looked really goid when he was here. I was disappointed when he git nebbed by Oakland, and Im glad to see him come back for another shot.

    His performance with the Raiders at CB was underwhelming, but his Special Teams play was fine. I believe his poor play had something to do with the crap coaching staff in Oakland.

    He looked to be getting it together with us, and he seemed a better fit in our system. Just like Will Blackmon–who played very well but was cut anyway, and later did well fir Jax–Adams was good enough to stick, we were just loaded at DB. Now we can use the depth, and hes a giid pickup with a chance to contribute.

    Welcome back Phillip!

  28. Grrr autocorrect! “Got nabbed”. ” for Jax”. “good pickup”.

  29. Screensmoke says:

    Horsecrap -situational players except Clemons – who didn’t do much until playoffs- Bryant turned into situational player this year with snaps cut in half – mike rob-look at his snaps —BOTTOM LINE- who cares about any of this . Not important – guys we signed last year – avril Bennett mcdaniels- (brought us to the promised land)still on team- ship has sailed move on – stay in the pocket and enjoy the moment:-)Golden tante and his ability to totally disappear in games gone – tante good player but 13 million – hasn’t proven he’s even closely worth that -Super Bowl champs -I must be hallucinating – unbelevable

  30. edstang45 says:

    I’m amazed people still finding reason (however trivial) to complain that Hawks screw the pooch!! These guys gave us a World Champion ship. .One of the best Defenses in history. ..why would you not think they can continue??…Just let em do their thing baby and learn from a master…..

  31. edstang45 says:

    Besides Harbarf losing sleep……priceless

  32. CDHawkFan says:

    Edstang, if your ”finding reason to complain” is towards my comments, I guess I need to clarify. My comments are not being critical to PC/JS and their decisions, its about having concern that the Hawks are not as strong as they were last year. That is it, again, I understand what the FO is doing and I don’t disagree with there plan.

    My comments started due to people dismissing others for being concerned about the holes created by guys leaving/getting cut.

  33. seahawk44 says:

    The young DL players are an unknown for what they will do on the field, but potentially, the 2014 defense could be better up front. They did not even risk putting Mayowa on the practice squad this year for fear of another team snagging him away. And that guy sure looked impressive in the preseason. Williams is another potentially great addition to the rotation. Hill and Scruggs also in the rotation with Bennet, Mebane, McDaniel, Avril and possibly Irvin. This defense is not in trouble up front but the LBs and DBs are lacking depth. A couple of injuries there could really hurt the team.

  34. I’m certain that PC and JS are not concerned about
    winning back to back Super Bowls. We must win one game at a time. each of which is a Championship game.

  35. chuck_easton says:

    For everyone complaining about that nasty CAP not allowing Seattle to sign anyone/everyone remember your history. The CAP was specifically put in place to stop Dallas and San Francisco from continuing to buy championships as they had done in the 80’s and 90’s.

    Both those teams have suffered mightily from the cap and in Dallas’ case it took them several years to get themselves out of their own CAP hell that they had created.

    Sure, Seattle now has the wealthiest owner in the NFL. Sure Seattle would be able to buy several more years of championships if there were no limits. So now that the rule is getting in the way of this team it’s bad.

  36. edstang45 says:

    Not singling you out CD just think the Hawks deserve more positive attitudes from all us fans as we never had it this good and as Duke pointed out every other team wish they had it so good

  37. seatowntp says:

    Ed, the reason that Seahawks fans are in such a tizzy is oh so very simple. . . We, as Seahawks fans, are unaccustomed to this level of success. As Seahawks fans we have become conditioned to believe a culture of mediocrity (and just misses) is, unfortunately, our norm and this unparalleled success is fleeting. This mentality is the product of 25+ seasons of conditioning. There is a counter, but, unfortunately, it will mean the Seahawks front office will have to replicate the success that we all enjoyed this year over time. If there ever was a front office chartered with such great expectations that may be able to uphold their end of the bargain. . . in John and Pete I trust.

  38. HawkFanInAz says:

    DeSean Jackson released by Eagles.

  39. CD, I think you’re the one that is confused.

    BB was long gone when they went on the SB run. Nobody that follows the team should be surprised that he’s gone.

    Thurmond, not a starter. He started 3 games in 2013. He didn’t start over Maxwell after coming back. He didn’t start over BB. You can’t logically call them both starters. If they were, which one started over Sherm?

    McQ was a part-time starter. And a crappy one at that.

    Not staying up nights worrying about replacing Breno personally.

    It’s also nonsense to call both Tate and Rice starters. They both were going to play more than Harvin if he was healthy? I think not. Rice was not playing well and long gone by the SB run. And both Rice and Mike Rob have at least a decent chance to be back. Rice didn’t play at all and Mike Rob played 19.3 % of the snaps in the playoffs.

    Talking about starters on the defensive line is a bit misleading. Red played about 50 % of the snaps I believe. I can’t find it. Clemons played more and was coming on at the end of the year, but he wasn’t worth the 7.5 mil they saved.

  40. Deshawn Jackson is now a free agent.

  41. HawkFanInAz says:

    Seahawks were interested but the money is too tight. Now that he’s free to talk to any team, would the Seahawks make him an offer?

    an article from 6 days ago

  42. DeSean (sp?) Sorry HawkfaninAZ, didn’t see your post…

  43. Don’t hold your breath on him coming here.

  44. It’s the glass half-full/empty argument. Both sides are right, but not. We have lost some key players, and it may not be a problem. Seems a lot depends on where you are on the trust scale. It may be a down season, as designed. Or the FO can do an even better job in spite of all the uncertainties. Should be exciting watching the next evolution of the team develop. PC/JS and staff, have spent 100hrs. preparing for this moment

  45. HawkFanInAz says:

    Just seen it on NFL AM at 9:50. No problem.

  46. Compared to my minute worrying about it.

  47. kind of crazy that Desean was just plain released – a 27 y.o. receiver coming off a 1300 yd 9 TD season. has that ever happened before?

  48. Good punt-returner(?)

  49. TallyHawk says:

    The team as it stands today is weaker than the one a couple months ago that lifted the trophy. The team that takes the field in September will be stronger than it is today. They’ve lost some pieces but you would have a hard time convincing me they’ve lost anyone that can’t be replaced.

  50. ’13 PFF CB Run ‘Stops': A DB’s impact in the running game is sometimes based on just the total volume of tackles made. Maybe that number includes tackles on passing plays? Was their tackle effective, did it help the defense or hurt it? Stops constitute a “loss” for the offense, so the percentage of stops in run defense per snap played kinda gives the idea how well the CB flows to the ball and sticks his nose in to make the play, as opposed to getting boxed out by the WR. Also, most of SEA’s CBs weren’t too involved with making run-stops because they played on a good run defense who typically stopped the runners before they got into the secondary.

    SEA’s CB with the highest run stop percent was Jeremy Lane with 3.2 percent. Lane played 32 run-snaps, made 2 solo tackles and one was a ‘stop’. He didn’t miss any tackles.

    Richard Sherman was SEA’s next highest rated CB at run-stops with 1.6 percent. Sherm played 375 run-snaps, made 14 solo tackles, 4 assists, missed 2 tackles and made 6 run stops.

    WT3 was next with 0.8%, played 123 run-snaps, made 4 solo tackles, didnt miss any tackles and made one run stop.

    Maxwell was next with 0.7%, played 151 run-snaps, made 3 solo tackles, didnt miss any tackles and made one run stop.

    BB was next with 0.6%, played 123 run-snaps, made 3 solo tackles, 2 assists, didnt miss any tackles and made one run stop.

    Deshawn Shead played in 3 run-snaps and didn’t make any tackles, Perrish Cox played one run-snap, no tackles. Both are 0.0% run-stops.

    OAK’s CB with the highest run stop percent was Tracy Porter with 3.9 percent.

    Phillip Adams was their next highest rated CB at run-stops with 2.9 percent. Adams played 103 run-snaps, made 9 solo tackles, 2 assists, missed three tackles and made three stops.

  51. I’m not saying that the Hawks haven’t lost talent this off-season. They have. But nobody I didn’t expect to be gone and that they can’t be fine without IMO. This is the deal when you’re successful. Other teams sign your players. You have to draft well and have young players step up. Check in both areas so far.

  52. klm, could you give up snap counts for the defense last year?

  53. grizindabox24 says:

    The Sky is falling, the sky is falling…

  54. bbmate, how would you like that, per game for each player? How many snaps vs the run, vs the pass, etc?

  55. Dukeshire says:

    klm – Just go back and compile the counts posted here. (If you’re so inclined.)

  56. freedom_X says:

    It’s said the Eagles are worried about his off-field activities and associates – think Aaron Hernandez.

    I doubt Jackson will “take a discount” to join “a winner”, though anything is possible. Jackson was actually pressing the Eagles to give him a raise – another issue which didn’t endear Jackson to Chip Kelly.

  57. SandpointHawk says:

    bbmate just make klm008 a very happy man it seems. Now if the blog would let us paste an excel spreadsheet here it would help immensely…

  58. klm, I was just hoping for the total 2013 snap counts and the percentage of the total overall snaps if you can do that. Thank you.

  59. grizindabox24 says:

    John Clayton ‏@ClaytonESPN 2m
    The interesting part of Jared Allen’s contract is he makes only $3 million this year. Next year he makes $12.5 million.

    Take it for what its worth…it is Clayton

  60. Jackson was due to make 10 million and he wanted to renew his contract for more money only a couple of years after signing. The guy is not going to come here for less money than some other team will throw at him.

  61. Maybe I am not reading enough comments, but I don’t see anybody acting like the sky is falling.

    Still – its easy to think we could use help at some positions – DT, O-line, WR, PR would be on my list. I am a little uncomfortable with the idea that we can count on production for these spots from the draft.

  62. Thanks for the link, Todd. I actually found that site, but they didn’t have the snap counts when I clicked on the team. I didn’t look closely enough at that page to realize they had the snap counts for every team there. I figured it was just a list of the players with the top snap counts. Thanks again.

  63. grizindabox24 says:

    blocis, not much left at any of those positions in FA.

  64. blocis, they’ll be counting on players they drafted in 2013 to produce as well. Not just the 2014 draft. Other young players that take on a bigger role as well.

  65. So there you go. Red played a whopping 46.2 % of the defensive snaps. Less than McDaniel and Irvin. Not trying to hate on what Red did, but he was a highly situational player. I’m not overly concerned with McDaniel replacing him. I’m more concerned with keeping the pass rush strong.

  66. And Maxwell played more snaps than either BB or Thurmond.

  67. Carp was 5th on offense with 75.1 % of the snaps played. Who would’ve guessed that?

    P.S. I think I hear BobbyK, STTBM, RDPoulso, etc. barfing in the corner.

  68. freedom_X says:

    Bryant also to an extent is a “victim of his success.” If the defense clamps down on the run and gets a good lead from the offense, then teams are going to throw more. Then Bryant gets pulled for pass-rushers.

    But if the defense is getting gashed for runs consistently, then the need for a run-stopper increases. The key will be whether Bryant’s replacement can hold up against the run as well for at least a half of football. Long enough to push the opposing offense into one-dimensional mode. (or Seattle’s offense becomes explosive and makes opposing teams throw more.)

    Granted though, the tendency for teams to throw is much higher. We’ll see if Seattle’s success prompts more teams to start building run-based attacks. What were Bryant’s snap counts in the 49er games?

  69. I don’t think McDaniel will be as good against the run as Red, but he will be fine IMO. A healthy Williams would also be massively helpful in that department.

  70. bbmate & TD, the computer I’m on right now can’t get into the info from the URLs you’ve posted for snap counts. Really want to check them out when I get on a windows 7/8 computer. These are reg season plus post season counts from PFF, I think they’ll do, and they are in descending order:
    Total snaps played/Run Def. snaps/Pass Rush snaps/Pass Cov. snaps
    FS Earl Thomas: 1236/483/2/751
    SS Kam Chancellor: 1227/482/10/735
    CB Richard Sherman: 1194/472/4/718
    LB Bobby Wagner: 1082/444/54/584
    LB K.J. Wright: 824/316/54/454
    DE Michael Bennett: 759/242/512/5
    DE Chris Clemons: 726/235/470/21
    DB Byron Maxwell: 694/233/0/461
    DE Cliff Avril: 687/206/449/32
    DT Clinton McDonald: 670/241/406/23
    DT Brandon Mebane: 634/324/306/4
    LB Malcolm Smith: 631/278/34/319
    DT Tony McDaniel: 622/309/313/0
    LB Bruce Irvin: 600/272/137/191
    CB Walter Thurmond: 585/156/15/414
    DL Red Bryant: 561/302/257/2
    CB Brandon Browner: 462/185/0/277
    CB Jeremy Lane: 208/49/2/157
    DE O’Brien Schofield: 171/49/103/19
    LB Michael Morgan: 90/37/9/44
    DT Jordan Hill: 65/23/42/0
    DB Chris Maragos: 53/9/0/44
    LB Heath Farwell: 49/17/5/27
    DL D’Anthony Smith: 47/16/31/0
    DB Jeron Johnson: 29/8/1/20
    DL Benson Mayowa: 24/7/15/2
    LB John Lotulelei: 17/5/2/10
    DB DeShawn Shead: 16/5/0/11
    DL Michael Brooks: 15/5/10/0
    DB Perrish Cox: 11/1/0/10

    Nobody played all possible snaps. PC played starters the fewest snaps vs MIN, and also sub’d in backups at every position at least a few snaps in many games.

  71. Earl Thomas S Sea 16 1,008 1,042 96.7%
    821 Kam Chancellor S Sea 16 1,006 1,042 96.6%
    822 Richard Sherman CB Sea 16 979 1,042 94.0%
    823 Bobby Wagner LB Sea 14 860 1,042 82.5%
    824 K.J. Wright LB Sea 13 739 1,042 70.9%
    825 Michael Bennett DE Sea 16 598 1,042 57.4%
    826 Chris Clemons DE Sea 14 568 1,042 54.5%
    827 Cliff Avril DE Sea 15 554 1,042 53.2%
    828 Brandon Mebane DT Sea 16 532 1,042 51.1%
    829 Clinton McDonald DT Sea 15 531 1,042 51.0%
    830 Tony McDaniel DT Sea 16 527 1,042 50.6%
    831 Bruce Irvin LB Sea 12 499 1,042 47.9%
    832 Byron Maxwell CB Sea 16 482 1,042 46.3%
    833 Red Bryant DE Sea 15 481 1,042 46.2%
    834 Malcolm Smith LB Sea 15 480 1,042 46.1%
    835 Walter Thurmond CB Sea 12 469 1,042 45.0%
    836 Brandon Browner CB Sea 8 453 1,042 43.5%
    837 Jeremy Lane CB Sea 15 159 1,042 15.3%
    838 O’Brien Schofield LB Sea 15 145 1,042 13.9%
    839 Mike Morgan LB Sea 16 83 1,042 8.0%
    840 Jordan Hill DT Sea 4 64 1,042 6.1%
    841 Chris Maragos S Sea 16 51 1,042 4.9%
    842 D’Anthony Smith DT Sea 2 46 1,042 4.4%
    843 Heath Farwell LB Sea 16 42 1,042 4.0%
    844 Jeron Johnson S Sea 7 28 1,042 2.7%
    845 Benson Mayowa DE Sea 2 24 1,042 2.3%
    846 Michael Brooks DT Sea 1 15 1,042 1.4%
    847 Deshawn Shead CB Sea 5 8 1,042 0.8%
    848 Michael Robinson

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