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Sweezy leads Seahawks in performance-based pay for last season

Post by Todd Dybas / The News Tribune on March 24, 2014 at 3:33 pm with 101 Comments »
March 24, 2014 3:52 pm

Over at, Jason La Confora detailed and posted the performance-based payouts for each team.

Bringing in $258,414.01, Seahawks guard J.R. Sweezy was 10th in the NFL and tops on the Seahawks in performance-based pay. Sweezy only missed one game and started all others. Only Russell Wilson was on the field more often with the offense last season.

As La Confora points out, low drafts picks or undrafted free agents tend to earn the most.

Doug Baldwin picked up $181,446.80. Richard Sherman made an extra $198,713.56. Wilson scored $169,141.73.

A little extra info: Each team gets $3.46 million in performance-based pay to distribute to players, based on 2013 playing time and salary. The money does not count against the salary cap. The payout is also deferred until 2016.

You can see the full list here.

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  1. Ray_Maines says:

    Does that money count against the CAP?

  2. Sweezy has improved and heads into ’14 as a candidate to be an above average NFL player. He sucked in year one. He sucked a little less this past year in the first half, yet still sucked, but from the Giants game on, when he played… well, you see a guard who became more of an asset than a liability. Moving forward, Sweezy isn’t as bad as he’s made out to be by many on the blog. He’s also going to be better than some of the players drafted in the first few rounds this upcoming year. I, for one, want Sweezy as our starting RG the next few years no matter what.

  3. montanamike2 says:

    Sweezy is improving, a converted D lineman takes time to pan out. Let’s hope year 3 he puts it all together.

  4. MoSeahawk12 says:

    many might be a stretch…..

  5. Heh, if they docked him for blown assignments, sacks, and missed blocks/blocks not held, he’d be back below league minimum, thats for sure…But it doesnt work that way. Cable made sure he played damn near every snap except the game he missed due to concussion, so he gets paid…

    As a backup, I like Sweezy. As a starter, he’s flat sucked for two straight years. Its a disgrace he wasnt riding the pine where he belonged. However, Im desperately hoping it “clicks” for him this offseason, and he comes out playing at least average next year…Im tired of watching him flail, I just want to see him hold his own….

  6. Bobbyk–As much as I malign Sweezy’s play, he HAS improved. I think its a stretch to think he’ll be an ABOVE avg player this year, I would happily settle for avg. Avg is better than we’ve had at G since 2005, so I would be pretty happy with that.

  7. I agree, MontanaMike2. My issue is with Cable, not Sweezy. There’s no way Sweezy should have been left in the starting lineup last year, thats all Cable playing his teachers pet. He should have had three or four years on the bench to learn, not learn by hamstringing our offense for two years, which is what happened.

    Personally, I would like to see Bowie get the chance to take LG from Carpenter, and Bailey get the opportunity to unseat Sweezy. I feel that given half the chances Sweezy’s had, Bailey would be above avg to possibly Pro Bowl level at RG. And of course, that means we need to draft a Pro Ready RT in the first or second round to take over for the departed Big Russian.

    I’ll be ok with it as long as Bowie is at LG, Bailey gets a shot at RT, and Sweezy keeps his slow improvement though. Sigh…

  8. RDPoulsbo says:

    I’m another who has been harsh on Sweezy’s play. He really hasn’t been that good. That said, I’ve also said I really like his potential. The disconnect is he’s been thrown into an impossible situation of never playing o-line before to becoming a starter at the NFL level from the start. He really needed a couple years to develop as a backup before throwing him to the wolves like that.

  9. montanamike2 says:

    Bowie at left guard sounds good, i think we draft a stud right tackle and let him compete with Baily. I’m just relieved MQ has moved on to Cleveland. Keep drafting those o linemen.

  10. mquinn73 says:

    BobbyK – agreed. Sweezy continues to improve with almost every game. Given his inexperience, it’s not unreasonable to assume that he has a lot of headroom to continue to develop into an even better player than he was last season. So much so that RG is not a position of need in the upcoming draft.

    However, we do need to find a quality RT from somewhere. I honestly believe that Carpenter has all the physical attributes to play that position. He’s too big to play guard on my opinion. And it’s too early to proclaim him as a bust given the injury setbacks he’s suffered in his pro career to date.

  11. sluggo42 says:

    It’s like Jared Allen is off the map?

  12. Carpenter is too slow to play RT; he’s proven that–he’s got horribly slow feet. If he cant play well at LG, he’s just not NFL material.

  13. crap – – are we really not going to hear anything at all about Allen today? I was respectful of the need to think about it over the weekend, but come on man, in the age of the internet, we need to know NOW . . . .

  14. Carp and crap go well in the same sentence if we are talking about the play of the Seahawks ‘ OL. Or James and his “ability.”

  15. Singularitarian says:

    This artucle is the dumbest thing ive ever read? Sherman, Wagner and Wilson kill him in bang for the buck. Playing time doesn’t mean he’s playing well in his time.

  16. What’s the word on JA?

  17. Ray_Maines says:

    Steve Raible has been the voice of the Seahawks for ten years today, ad I hope he’s around for another ten years. I love his calls.

  18. seatowntp says:

    “In other news from the owner’s meeting, the Seahawks were not awarded any compensatory picks in May’s NFL Draft from free agency activity last year. A total of 32 compensatory choices were awarded to 13 teams, with the Baltimore Ravens and New York Jets receiving four each. The Ravens, Green Bay Packers, Pittsburgh Steelers and San Francisco 49ers each got an extra pick at the end of the third round.”

  19. TheRealDeal says:

    STTBM… are clueless arent you? Do you even watch the Seahawks games? Guess who gave up only 1 sack last year. Sweezy. Guess who played almost 200 snaps more than any other O Lineman. Sweezy. He is one of the better RG in the league. He was arguably the best OL on the team last year and you sit up there and make absurd statements. Its pretty obvious you have zero football IQ, but feel free to keep making yourself look like an idiot (Im sure you have been doing that a long time)

  20. montanamike2 says:

    What is this brette farve imposonation? Leave us hanging to see if we’ll cave for more $. Dude we aren’t the Vikings, if we have to tow the hard line on this i’ll follow Pete and John’s decision. They’re thinking long term and whatever they do i’ll be OK with.

  21. montanamike2 says:


  22. Though I’m not a huge fan of STTBM’s analysis of the o-line, I don’t think that the sack allowed statistic is necessarily very accurate. You have to have a detailed knowledge of the scheme and assignments to reliably track that.

    I think that Sweezy was somewhere close to average at the end of the year. I think he will be good enough at least in 2014. I’m more concerned with RT and LG playing better personally.

    Really hope that JA takes the 6-7 mil to come here. Our pass rush is better than last years with him on the team IMO. That assumes commensurate health on the rest of the line of course.

  23. MoSeahawk12 says:

    I don’t think Sweezy is our biggest problem on the oline. Considering he only missed one game and the starting left tackle missed eight and the starting right tackle missed seven along with the starting center missing half a dozen or so, Sweezy was able to show durability. He also improved as the year went one and was vital in the playoffs. Oh and he had to play next to a rookie tackle for half the season. All things considered, he held up.

    Now I was at his first game against the Cardinals in AZ in 2012 and boy, that was rough. He missed a ton and was blown up plenty. I was shocked that we actually were starting a guy that played D tackle in college. I thought he needed some time to learn the oline. Fast forward to the end of last year and I’d say throwing him to the fire has now helped him and it certainly didn’t hurt us as a Superbowl win followed. He should improve more this season and I’m hopeful one of the rookies that gained a lot of experience last season due to injuries should be an upgrade at right tackle.
    I think our oline will be much improved this season if only they avoid serious injury. Continuity on the oline is more critical than other positions.

  24. Injuries on the o-line in 2013 are something that are under-discussed here, Mo. They were relatively healthy by the playoffs. They played well enough to be SB champs. There’s still plenty of room for improvement, obviously. Though it shows we don’t have to have the 90’s Cowboys o-line to win a SB.

  25. It’s probably just emotion, but I hope they bring Mike Rob back for the min.

  26. Singularitarian says:

    Also of note for the offensive line is that they played the most brutal defensive schedule that a Seahawks line has ever seen. EVER. Seriously brutal. So many top ten defenses it’s not even fair. And it will continue in our division. The mighty Broncos line wasn’t looking so hot when they played a real defense for the first time in an entire season

  27. Breno and McQ are gone – I don’t think we will get much consistency from last year to this year. And I think thats a good thing in this case.

    I would normally respond to any thread regarding Sweezy with “Sweezy sucks”…… but I will defer all “Sweezy sucks” comments until he is playing (and sucking).

    Really hope we draft a RT at #32. I know others are hoping for a WR, but I think that RT is our biggest need – even with Bowie on the roster. Other have mentioned Bailey at RT – I don’t recall seeing that in any game or hearing about it from any practice – so i don’t think thats a likely possibility.

  28. TheRealDeal–Um, dude….you are the one is who magnificently clueless. Yep, Sweezy is one of the better RG’s in the NFL…and Paul McQuistan is going to be a Pro Bowl LT for the Browns right?

    I also think the play of our LG’s is more concerning than Sweezy. But to say that Sweezy is good because he played 200 snaps more than any other lineman is silly; that is not cause and effect. He played so much because 1) He’s durable and 2) He’s Cable’s pet. While he may have given up only one sack–I was sure he gave up more so good to know–I saw plenty of times in every game where his guy got past him, and forced RW to run like hell. With any other qb, he would have given up plenty of sacks. With RW at qb, sacks given up is a misleading stat for grading the offensive line.

    Look, I dont know the scheme, and I dont have All-22 Coaches Film, but if you watch a player on the line carefully, you can tell if he blows a pass pro or misses his assignment in the run game–most of the time. And Sweezy messed up plenty last season. His biggest problem is still consistency–he will block well one play in the run game, then be unable to stick with his block the next play. He’s better at knowing what to do than actually doing it, but thats a big improvement from his rookie year.

    The only people who think Sweezy is even average are Seahawks fans. Every single article Ive read about him up to today that bothered to analyze his play and every single advanced stat site–like PFF–grades him out in the bottom of the league. Why is that so hard for some to admit? He’s just not a very good player yet. Thats not to say he will never be a good player–I think he will. But he’s just not there yet.

    Some argument can be made that he was approaching mediocre (or average) during the playoffs, but he’s still not there yet. I hope he makes it to average this season, as Ive said. And I think LG is a bigger problem than Sweezy at RG. But to say he’s one of the better RG’s in the NFL is simply laughable. Its just not true.

    But keep saying it; A lie told often enough becomes the truth.

  29. Last year, not one lineman on our line played well. Unger was hurt most if not all of the year, and so was Okung. Both played through injuries and as Ive said, likely were never at 100%, so their diminished play was understandable. Carpenter/McQ werent particularly good, Sweezy was average at best, and Breno had a pretty disappointing year, performance-wise, and missed time due to injury. Bowie struggled at RT, but played very well at RG despite Cable damning him with faint praise.

    Most of us believe Cable sand-bagged Bowie’s performance at RG because he’s determined to keep Sweezy there no matter what. Bowie did better than Sweezy ever has in that game. And Bowie looked pretty good at LG as well, but Carrol said he overruled Cable and started McQ/Carp because he wanted to go with experience.

    Cable did well to field a halfway competent line for much of last season, with all the injuries. But his handpicked guys–McQ, Carp, Sweezy, Breno–all played at a level among the league’s worst for much of the season, and they fell pretty flat in the SB in the run game.

    Hopefully Bowie take the LG spot, Sweezy improves, and we find a good RT either in the Draft or in Bailey. Then we can all stop arguing about whether Sweezy is average or not.

  30. bbmate–We certainly dont have to have an elite offensive line to win; we proved that last season. However, it would be nice to have five competent players, with two of them Pro Bowlers. And that is certainly achievable, as long as we dont blow any more first and third round picks and we let actual competition take place, instead of anointing a guy as starter for two years who isnt ready.

    And you and Mo are correct, the injuries to the line were a major cause of the offensive lines struggles. But Sweezy was the one guy who played almost the entire season, and he wasnt great, so injuries werent the only problem.

  31. Southendzone says:

    Anyone remember this fable?

    A dog with a bone is happily walking across a bridge. He looks over the side and sees another dog with a bone looking back at him. He barks because he wants to get both bones, but of course he drops his bone in the water, and now has none.

    2014 Free Agency: Denver reportedly offers Jared Allen the same $10M/year they offered D.Ware. Jared walks across the bridge to Seattle, Denver signs D.Ware, GB Signs Peppers, and now he’s left with no bone and a sad look on his face.

  32. STTBM-> “Most of us believe Cable sand-bagged Bowie’s performance at RG because he’s determined to keep Sweezy there no matter what”.
    Who is this “us” you speak of?

  33. MoSeahawk12 says:

    Massive o-line injuries forcing late round rookies to play against super tough defenses. Sounds like this team should have lost a lot of games last season. Yet, they only lost three. Yes they played on a team that had the #1 Defense and that will help win many games. Football is the ultimate team sport and this team overcame a ton to win it all. Some would tell you Cable and his group failed miserably. I’d say he did his best job since joining the Seahawks. The fires these guys fought through last year will certainly benefit them this coming season. Real game experience against the best defenses in the league will lead to overall improvement.

  34. MoSeahawk12 says:

    I’ve literally not heard one other person on this blog or any other media source, site or professional football expert use the term sand bagging another player or Cables’s pet when describing Sweezy’s reason for starting. Now that is singular and us is certainly not part of that.

    I once read this….moments ago actually.
    “But keep saying it; A lie told often enough becomes the truth.”
    Maybe, it’s certainly been put to the test on this blog over the past two years.

  35. MNHawk–Plenty of folks have stated they thought Bowie played well at RG and Cable was full of it for his after-game comments that Bowie “Didnt do anything spectacular”. Bobbyk is one.

    Mo–I wont argue that Cable did a poor job coaching the players he had, because I think he’s a good coach. However, the guys he wanted to draft have been duds and he’s stubbornly kept Sweezy in the starting lineup despite evidence that others are more ready to play–like Bowie. So I blame him for poor talent evaluation and a general stubbornness that has cost the team–insisting on huge slow-footed guys to play LG and RT, for instance. Those guys are deliberately chosen for their supposed run blocking prowess despite obvious inability to pass pro at a high level. Yet they werent that great at run blocking! Whats wrong with guys who can pass pro learning to run block better, why not try that?

    Playing endlessly wont make a silk purse out of a sows ear. McQ was getting worse, not better, for instance. I dont think more playing time will help Carpenter either–either he commits to losing weight/getting in shape and learning his craft, or he’s never going to be any good. However, Sweezy should keep improving as he plays; the pace just hasnt been fast enough for my liking.

    The line was just barely good enough. With anyone other than RW at qb, or anyone other than Lynch at RB, the line would have cost us a SB. Heck, without that stifling D we wouldnt have won. It truly took the entire team being awesome–every other position group–to make up for the offensive line’s ineptitude. Somehow, they held it together just enough and we won, and that is something no one can ever take from them. But make no mistake, the offensive line was the weak link and their performance was lacking.

    If we get a real RT and Bowie takes over LG and Sweezy keeps improving, this line could be very good. And Lynch will run for 1500 yards and avg over 5.0 ypc again. It might also prolong his career–I cant see him taking the beating he took last year for more than another season or two at most. Unless we want to burn Lynch out in one more season, they have to get that line performing at a higher level.

    And RW will eventually get hurt if he keeps taking the pounding he took last year. Thats why Im still so concerned with the line. That said, I am still looking forward to seeing who wins the LG and RT spots in preseason and camp–those two positions interest me more than any other on the team. Im cautiously optimistic that the line will finally come together this year, and we will have the best offensive line in Seahawk Blue since 2005.

  36. Mo–I dont think Ive ever seen someone else use the term sand bagging, but several others have stated they thought Cable’s comments about Bowie’s game at RG were BS. Bobbyk has said that MANY times. Several folks have said they thought his performance was very good, and some–like Bobbyk and myself–have said that his performance was better than any single game in Sweezy’s career.

    And plenty of folks have said Sweezy appears to be Cables pet, and used that term. I use it regularly, and since the RG position and how its been handled is one of my pet peaves, I have more comments about it than anyone.

    Just because you either missed those comments–or blocked them out since they didnt fit your preconceived opinion–doesnt mean I made it up and am a liar, and I dont appreciate the insinuation.

    If you disagree with the opinion, then argue against it, but dont call me a liar simply because you disagree with my opinion. You think Bowie didnt play very well at RG? Or you think Cable’s comments about his performance were accurate? Or you think Bowie’s performance at RG wasnt better than Sweezy’s up to that point?

  37. Reading Schneider’s latest comments on on Jared Allen, it doesn’t sound like the Seahawks will get an answer anytime soon. It seems like Allen is waiting for one of the 5 teams to increase their offer and is content just waiting it out if it doesn’t happen.

  38. pabs–Yeah, it sounds like Allen is lacking in the desire department. Im fine with him retiring or playing elsewhere, though his talent would undoubtedly make our D the best in the league once again, and without him that is debatable. We dont know how/if we can replicate last years pass rush without him.

    Still, I look forward to seeing what Quinn can come up with, and how they use the guys we already have like Avril, Mayowa, Hill, Bennett, Irvin, Morgan, etc.

  39. I just hope that the Seahawks aren’t holding $5m – $10m waiting for him, when they could be signing other FA’s – like Sidney Rice, or Pat Sims or whoever.

    I think if we don’t sign Allen (and I hope we do) that we can add DE to our draft needs.

  40. montanamike2 says:

    I was a sandbagger, it’s true. I entered the US ARMY after 3 years of helicopter logging and swinging an axe all day. In basic training there were kids that couldn’t even do 1 push up, i call these kids the nintendo generation. They had drill sergeants all over them, same with the guys who did a bunch. I was working for my uncle in SAC until my due date, the station was in Oakland and i just went with the California kid act where i did just enough to be left alone.

  41. re JA – yeah, sounds like the hawks are being very patient, which I suppose is the right way to play this. As a fan, you want to see more, more, more esp at impact positions, but the guys who run the show have to be more cognizant of the big picture, and the long term.

    The longer he remains w/out another, better offer, the more you have to figure it benefits us, b/c I don’t think there’s a better situation for a defensive player on his last contract looking for a SB ring, than ours.

  42. TallyHawk says:

    I’m not going to argue that Sweezy has been great the past two seasons, he hasn’t. I do think however that he has improved and will continue to do so. My guess is that upon drafting him Cable told Pete that he needs to play and play a lot. He’s changing positions and riding the pine won’t help him develop. We will take some lumps but it will pay off in the long run.

    Next season I predict we see the results and Sweezy becomes a solid pro.

  43. Hammajamma says:


    It takes a little more than middle school insults to create a post worthy of anyone’s time. You don’t have to agree with anyone. Try not to be a punk.

  44. DreadHawks says:

    Trade for Fairley??? Thoughts??? Clearly he will be unhappy at the recent Detroit move. Wouldnt take much to motivate anyone from Detroit, ala Cliff Avril. Certainly not comparing Avril and Fairly other than the fact they played in Detroit. If JA falls through MIGHT be an option for the right price.

  45. HawkfaninMT says:

    What is the right price? He owuld obviously have to sign an extension… He was a first round pick not too long ago…

    I am guessing it would cost a 3rd and a bunch of money. He would probably be Mebane’s replacement, but I don’t see it happening. They could sign him without loss of draft picks next year if they really want him

  46. SaigonSun says:

    Did B. J. Raji go back to GB? He is an FA, right?

  47. seatowntp says:

    I know I need to get a life, but I am getting really tired of checking in to this blog to see if there have been any new developments with JA and seeing “Sweezy leads Seahawks in performance-based pay for last season.”

  48. TallyHawk says:

    Interesting article about compensation picks. Details why the hawks got none but stand to get quite a few the next couple years.

  49. banosser says:

    Raji re-signed with GB.. don’t know the numbers

  50. Saigon–yes, GB resigned Raji. They are moving him back to NT.

    On Fairley; Detroit is tired of him taking whole games off and is giving him an incentive to step up his play, to be the guy they thought they were drafting. They chose not to exercise the fifth year team option on his contract, but that doesnt mean they are interested in trading him.

    Its a double-edged sword; if he plays well this year, he hits FA and earns a much bigger payday–and Detroit will either lose him or pay him much more than they would have. If he plays inconsistently or poorly, he will likely be allowed to leave and he wont make nearly what he would have under the fifth year option. So the team is banking on this lighting a fire under his butt, which will give them far more bang for their buck this year, and they hope it will turn him into the kind of player they envisioned him being. Then they will have to pay him, as I said…

    Again, I think they just want him to step up, then they will tag him or give him a big contract. I dont think they would trade him.

  51. HammaJamma–Thank you. I am aware my opinions often go against the grain and are just as often unpopular, but I get tired of the namecalling and insults.

  52. Sounds like we might see some movement on the JA situation this afternoon or tomorrow morning. It of course, comes down to money. But there seems to be a heartfelt appreciation for the honesty both sides have expressed. I think you might just see some good news before long….you heard it (rumored) here first. :)

  53. TallyHawk says:

    Is FatCarp not an insult or name calling?

  54. Noted Skavage.

    With Allen on board I feel like we remain at least co-favorites to win next year’s SB. Without him that would leave a large question mark on our pass rushing front.

    I’m still so damn happy and thankful that we got one(SB). Don’t think it will ever go away.

  55. MoSeahawk12 says:

    thats different…..

  56. MoSeahawk12 says:

    More of an expert insult really.

  57. TallyHawk–FatCarp IS fat! He’s out of shape and sloppy, not just big boned. And despite being overdrafted, overpaid, and having access to trainers and healthy food at VMAC, he’s gotten fatter over the last three years and always seems to be “working into shape”.

    And yeah, there is a huge difference between insulting a player whose performance is directly related to their lack of stamina and obvious weight issues (ie, laziness), and insulting a fellow blogger simply because you disagree with their opinions.

    Its no worse than the jokes that went around about Jamarcus Russel having a Lethargy Addiction.

  58. MoSeahawk12 says:

    From a guy that says, “Look, I don’t know the scheme, and I don’t have All-22 Coaches Film”
    Disrespect apparently is a one way street.

  59. wazzulander says:

    Evaluating interior line play is real difficult for fans, so to hear people acting like experts who think they can evaluate those players better than the coaches is a joke. And yes, nobody is perfect and everyone is open to criticism including Cable, Schneider and Carrol. But go ahead and leave a little room in your opinions for information you do not know, because there is a lot of it – e.g. blocking assignments on a particular play, what happens in practice/film room, nuances regarding technique, etc. The idea someone is playing because they are a coaches pet or because someone else is being sandbagged, are, as Golden Tate would say, laughable.

  60. Mo–Do some reading on Passive Aggression. It might do you some good, help you chill out.

  61. MoSeahawk12 says:

    +1 for wazzulander

  62. I have no respect for Carpenter. If you do, thats idiotic in my opinion, but totally ok. The guy has shown he’s unwilling to get in shape–let alone peak physical shape–despite being paid millions of dollars to do so. His poor play is directly related to his being so overweight and out of shape.

    Again, insulting a player by referencing their refusal to get in shape is a far cry from insulting a fellow blogger simply because you disagree with them on an opinion.

  63. CDHawkFan says:


    Knowshon Moreno is arrested for trespassing in Metlife Stadium. He tried to explain to the Police that he was still waiting for Manning’s tip pass to fall in his lap.

    Oh man, the wife is out so I just had to watch it again.

  64. Wazzu–Thats fine. If you think Bowie and everyone else had a fair shot to unseat Sweezy at RG, then I have a bridge to sell you in Brooklyn.

    You guys seem to think that no one should have an opinion on the line play at all unless they are a coach or on the team. Thats ridiculous! Thats even more ridiculous than those insisting Sweezy is an above average G and that our line is average to above average.

    I am fully aware that there are plenty of nuances to the game that I cannot see from my TV, but even a blind man could see this line is below average. When Lynch is getting hit so often that 3/4 of his yards came after contact–often within 1 yard of the LOS–and RW is running for his life, I’d say its pretty clear the line isnt performing at a very high level. You dont have to be Offensive Line Coach to see that.

    Its ridiculous to assert that Sweezy is an above average G right now. Anyone can see by watching him that isnt true. Its just not.

    I consider myself a fairly knowledgeable fan, and just because you dont share my opinion on the line doesnt mean my opinion is utterly wrong. A couple of you have even less understanding of line performance and play than I do, and its obvious.

  65. TallyHawk says:

    Most lineman are fat but I get the point you’re making. Thanks for the rules clarification.

  66. Tally–No problem. If the Trib bans using insulting nicknames for players, I will certainly stop.

    Carpenter is the only player on this team that I have such a low opinion of. It really burns my that he keeps getting fatter rather than get himself into real shape in order to live up to his job requirements. The guy is a third year player drafted in the first round, and has not only been demoted from RT to LG, but was DEACTIVATED for a playoff game and replaced by a rookie late round pick!

    Carpenter is making Moffitt’s conditioning look like Charles Atlas’. I have no respect at all for that man.

  67. STTBM- Carp eats because he’s unhappy, and he’s unhappy because he eats. Give him a break! It’s a vicious cycle!

  68. MNHawk–lol!

    I have no idea what his issues are. But he’s a grown-assed man, and supposedly a professional; yet he refuses to get himself in professional shape. He’s like a car salesmen who knows nothing about cars and refuses to read up on them…

  69. Southendzone says:

    He’s a superbowl winning grown ass man who played in most or maybe all of the games last season.

    So in that respect, he’s a legendary member of the Seahawks. Maybe if he didn’t eat so much, there was like 15 extra pounds, and that 15pounds made the difference on a crucial play that we never know about. The dude helped us win the superbowl!

    Butterfly effect, chaos theory, etc…. etc….

  70. South–Well, thats an optimistic take for sure!

    Um, if Carpenter has extra weight, its more like 30 lbs at least! He’s got 15 extra pounds on his butt at least!

    I’d be shocked if he was less than 350 lbs, he looked 360 to me. And far too much of it was fat, as you can plainly see.

    I keep hoping he will lose his Jamarcus-like Lethargy Addiction and show up to camp at 330 and in good shape. I would LOVE to see him be the stud LG we all hoped he’d be.

  71. Screensmoke says:

    Mo hawk 8:52 am post -only thing accurate on blog today -you ladies need some football- I assume u all must be woman ( except for mo hawk)by the way u have ! been bickering and acting like a bunch of school girls- Judas Priest – our team that just won the superbowl has a below average line – LAY OFF THE GREEN STUFF- WOW. I could accept average but below?- The smoke has been clouding the eyes brother – unreal – bring on the draft – this is getting ridiculous!

  72. SandpointHawk says:

    Thanks Screensmoke for a touch of fresh air…

  73. Winning the SB does not in itself make our offensive line suddenly rise to average. They simply werent average at all last year–that would mean we were near the middle of the pack, performance-wise, in the NFL. We werent. I can only think of a small handful of lines that performed worse overall.

    You want to argue that we were 20th in the league, I might buy that. But saying only about 15 teams had better performing lines? Thats funny! Talk about smoking green stuff!

  74. montanamike2 says:

    If wilson wasn’t so elusive the stats would be completely different, SF’s line is a lot better than ours. We can’t count on Wilson being able to outrun everyone and he’s a lot better in the pocket if he’s able to stay and make a play the way it was drawn up. I think our most pressing need is a RT now, hopefully Unger’s pect has healed and Okung doesn’t have to deal with his toe issues all season. We have to upgrade where possible because we can’t count on Wilson’s magic every game.

  75. ChrisHolmes says:

    You don’t need to know blocking assignments to know Carpenter is terrible. I *did* have access to the All-22 tape this year, and he was abysmal when I watched him. He was a turnstile. It was an embarrassment.

    That’s just my opinion.

    I’d like to see a clear upgrade at both guard spots and RT. And I think the rookie B’s have earned a shot to start two of those spots.

  76. montanamike2 says:

    ChrisHolmes agreed! If Carp doesn’t show great improvement by the cuts he will be a casualty. I have no doubt Sweezy will improve and i think Bowie should get a shot at LG. We still need a RT though, whoever it is should battle Baily for that spot.

  77. Well before the season ended, I predicted that Carpenter ($1.42m) would be cut on or before the cut down to 53.

    My other cut candidate is Heath Farwell ($1.25m) – again on or before cut down to 53.

  78. I’m truly tired of hearing about the o-line, but I’d say it’s massive hyperbole and exaggeration to say that most people here think that Cable plays Sweezy simply because he’s his pet. And you did say that. I can’t think of more than a couple of posters that possibly believe that. There may be more, but there is zero evidence to suggest that it is most of us.

    I think Wazzu’s point was not that you couldn’t have whatever opinion of the line that you want to have. But maybe that you consider that you don’t know as much about it as you think you do. That there may be other reasons that players are starting that you don’t like besides machinations and conspiracies. Just a thought.

    To preface, I think that Bowie has potential and was not a real big fan of Breno. That said, many here say that Breno was complete garbage and act as if Bowie is the next coming. Yet Bowie was riding the pine and a NFL team recently paid Breno 4.5 mil a year to be their starting RT. It seems that many in the NFL don’t hold the opinion of many here on the blog. For what it’s worth.

  79. Screensmoke says:

    Tasty waves and a cool buzz- That’s all u need MR Hand

  80. WR Drop rate stats. Baldwin is rated 8th best. Some guy named Tate is 11th.

  81. wazzulander says:

    Exactly, bbnate. And I think its a bit of a strawman to say a bunch of people are arguing that Sweezy and the line were above average. However, Brooklyn bridge offer aside, I think a case can be made that they weren’t awful when Okung was healthy and you consider that they had the misfortune to go against elite d-lines in half of their games.


    Kam Chancellor is having hip surgery.

  83. bbmate–Seattle drastically overpaid Giacomini last year, expecting him to improve on his performance from 2012. Instead, he played poorly and missed games due to injury. He’s now making 4.5 million over TWO years for the Jets, or something like that. Just as we drastically overpaid T-jack for a year, we paid them based on their expected worth and they didnt deliver. Now they are making their actual market rate.

    I dont think the only reason Sweezy keeps his job is because he’s Cable’s pet. Cable truly believes in him. But you cant convince me that at no point in the last two seasons was anyone on the team more deserving of a starting shot. I think there was. I think its pretty obvious that the Always Compete mantra had the RG position excluded from it. And it irks me immensely.

    I dont have a problem with you or anyone else believing that Sweezy won and kept his job fair and square, but I dont see that at all.

  84. Thank you Chris Holmes. What did you see on the All-22 film when watching Sweezy? I thought he did better this year not blowing his assignment, but I felt he still struggled in one-on-one pass pro, and with consistency in his run blocking–ie, he couldnt always hold his block. Am I all wet?

    You dont have to be an O-line coach to watch Sweezy double team the RT’s guy in pass pro, only to let a delayed blitz LB through unblocked, as he did numerous times in 2012. You dont have to be an O-line coach to see him and Carp struggle and fail to block their man on run plays either, and there was a lot of that last season.

    As Ive said repeatedly, Im just hoping Bowie and Bailey and anyone else they bring in get a fair shot to take the LG, RG, and RT spots. Nothing would make me happier than to see Carpenter and Sweezy step it up and play well. I just dont believe Carpenter will ever be any good, and I think Sweezy still has a couple years to go before he’s decent and consistent, and Im tired of waiting.

    But I am looking forward to watching the competition, and to an actual NFL RT talent coming in the draft to lock that position up if Bailey doesnt.

  85. Man, Im also really hoping Chancellor’s hip is no big deal. That dude has played hurt every year, I wish he could make it through a season without having surgery!

  86. montanamike2 says:

    Yep the Chancellor news is real #$%$! I hope it’s just cleaning some loose debris out from his previous surgery. Kam’s my man

  87. Huh? No surgery here. Ready to Win

    — Kameron (@Kam_Chancellor) March 26, 2014

  88. montanamike2 says:

    That is confusing.

  89. STTBM, I already linked Breno’s contract details. 4 years and 18 mil for 4.5 mil per year. 7 mil guaranteed. So no, he’s not getting 4.5 mil for 2 years.

    I’m sure you’d argue that the Jets overpaid. I would tend to agree, but a NFL team paid it. He started while he was here. He can’t be complete crap. I am hoping that we have an upgrade in 2014 through the draft or with Bowie/Bailey though. He wasn’t very good in pass protection.

    I agree with Wazzu that it is a bit of a straw man argument to act like many are saying the line was above average last year. I don’t see that at least. Most just aren’t as consistently and loudly down on the line as you. Which is fine. I think the line was approaching average by the SB. I think it can be a good line in 2014 with health and the right player drafted.

  90. Moving forward, I am fine with Sweezy at RG.

    Moving forward, I think Michael Bowie is our best guard and I don’t think it’s even close.

    When Sweezy missed the Cardinals game with the concussion, Bowie stepped in and played better than Sweezy had against Dockett in any of this prior experience.

    I really don’t see a need for a guard to be drafted high if we go with Bowie at LG and Sweezy at RG. I think that’s a pretty good situation.

    That does leave RT as a pretty big problem area though. I love Bowie at LG, but really don’t like him at RT. I just don’t think he has the footspeed/quickness to get the job done there, but I love his skills as our LG of the future.

  91. Ray_Maines says:

    My humble opinion about JA: I’m not in his head, so what do I know, but I think he’s wondering if he has enough passion left (Low-T?) to totally buy into the the Seahawk program.

    He knows he’s 32 and kind of beat up, and doesn’t know for sure if he can muster the energy compete for his job every single week of the season. I think he would love to be a part of a winning program, and certainly wouldn’t mind having a ring, but just doesn’t know how much the risk/reward/benefit might be worth.

    And conversely: from the Seahawks point of view, how much is a 32 year old, hugely talented D-Lineman that maybe doesn’t totally buy into the program worth? Maybe two first contract guys offer better total value? Maybe he’s worth the price on the field, but screws up the locker room?

    I’ve said before and will probably say again, the NFL is the best reality show on TV. As The NFL World Turns…. Stay tuned.

  92. Allen was offered $30 million over 3 years from the Broncos. His agent peed his leverage away when the Broncos signed Ware. I don’t care how much you have made in your career, when it comes to lots of millions of dollars – it’s still a big deal. People like us can’t really comprehend that much money, but it’s not like he’s pocketed that much money. Sure, he’s probably cleared over $40 million bit I get a kick out of the people who think he’s made $75 million so that means that what’s he’s had to spend all these years. He, and probably everyone on the blog, would probably be ticked at losing out on as many millions as he did when his agent screwed the pooch in not accepting the Broncos offer. If anything, Allen WANTS to play for the Hawks, all things being equal because he wants to be on a winner. It’s just how much less is he going to be willing to accept to do it vs. not playing. If some crap team offered $30 million over three years, he’d probably now take it, but if some crap team offered more than a million more than the Hawks over a couple of years – it seems he’d definitely have a price that winning trumps money… but we all have a price on most things in life. Every single one of us does. Allen is no different, regardless of how much he’s made up to this point.

  93. Scientists have discovered that the black hole at the center of the universe was caused by a Michael Bowie block.

  94. This is what I heard on ESPN a while ago – that when Seahawks play in other states they have to pay income tax to that state for the pro-rated amount they earned for that game. For the 8 games that are played in SEA, they are not charged income tax, and neither are the visiting teams’ players. For JA, if he’d signed with DEN he would have to pay the Colorado flat rate of 4.63% for 8 games, or half the regular season salary. Not sure if Denver has a city income tax to go along with their state income tax like NYC does (3.648%), but it’s possible. (NY State income tax is 8.82%).

  95. Suppose JA has $40M sitting in investments earning interest income for him (and hasn’t spent it all on relatives and friends/entourage, lost it in get-rich quick schemes from unscrupulous investor-types, like most NFL players who’ve gone bankrupt within 3 years of ending their careers.) Suppose JA has his money in tax-free municipals earning 4%+ interest compounded daily, he would be pretty much netting like $200K/mn in retirement, not counting any NFL retirement nor 401K plans nor social security income, etc. Assuming he doesn’t touch the principle, his descendants should be safely taken care of forever.

    JA’s 32 yo, already had a 10-yr career, and can do anything, go anywhere, be anything he wants for the next 50+ years, assuming he doesn’t die early from CTE, or have to walk with crutches or a walker everywhere he goes, or suffer chronic pain from injuries he’s already incurred and die early from side effects of the pain meds needed to remain ambulatory day to day.

    Probable HoFer, the one thing JA doesn’t have is a SB ring. Right now the team with the highest statistical chance of getting a SB ring is SEA. If JA signed with SEA for 3 years, his odds of winning a ring – even though it’s no sure-thing – are still best with SEA:

  96. Exactly, Bobbyk.

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