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Morning Links: League meetings get started in Orlando

Post by Todd Dybas / The News Tribune on March 24, 2014 at 7:40 am with 23 Comments »
March 24, 2014 7:40 am

Good morning.

Everyone continues to be in Jared Allen Limbo, so we’ll move on for now.

The league meetings are taking place this week in Orlando. We’ll have plenty of rule changes and rumors out of those.


> PFT with a quick post that has a source saying what most thought: The Seahawks have no interest in DeSean Jackson.

> Michael Bennett makes his sales pitch to Allen on this week’s edition of “Bro to Bro.”

> Peter King says NFL officiating will undergo a major overhaul. He doesn’t think the playoffs will be expanded for another season, and that the PAT will not be moved yet.

> Jim Harbaugh tells there was “zero chance” of him leaving the 49ers.

> One change the NFL is making is installing an official’s command center in New York, which will look at calls along with officials on the field. More on that and an overview of the meetings from USA Today.

> Jeff Fisher says the Rams are interested in Mark Sanchez.

> John Clayton with three things he’d like to see from the meetings, including leaving the PAT as is.

> An argument from ESPN Seahawks beat writer Terry Blount to do away with the PAT.

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  1. jchawks08 says:

    As a Seahawks fan, I am happy to hear that the Rams are interested in Mark Sanchez.

  2. vichawkfan says:

    Buddy is at Sea Tac right now….didn’t see JA. That is all.

  3. PAT: Why don’t we change the goalposts to two concentric circles plus the (extended leg) goalposts we already have? The circles would be connected by “U” shaped metal bars that extend on the side of the circle/goals away from the field of play. If the ball hits a connector bar the ball has already gone thru the circle so it doesnt matter if it bounces back out. Make the inner circle a 3 pointer for PATs, with a diameter of 3 ft, the next circle would be 7 ft and be good for 2 points for PATs. If the ball hits one of the circles and dosent go thru that counts for going thru the next outer circle/goalpost, except if you hit the goalposts and the ball doesn’t go thru, then it doesnt count, just like always.

    FG: A field goal that goes thru the regular (or extended leg) goalposts would count for 3 points, like always. A FG going thru the 7 ft circle would be good for 4 points, and a FG going thru the 3 ft circle would be good for 5 points. A ball that hits the circles or connectors and doesn’t go thru would be treated like it goes thru the next outer circle/goalpost.

  4. Oh well, we wont have McQ to kick around anymore…

  5. RDPoulsbo says:

    Whether it’s a formality or not, I think the PAT needs to be left as it is. It’s still a play that has to be executed. So it’s close to automatic, so what? It’s part of the formula coaches look at for whether they want to risk it for a 2 point try. Then you have the snow games like the one in Philly where neither team wanted to risk kicking one. If they keep making special teams less relevant, when will they stop having to call it football?

    Besides, the extra play gives you extra time to go get another beer. :)

  6. Im relieved to see McQ move on. Its time to move forward with younger guys. Im surprised anyone wants him, he’s clearly lost a step and never was an athlete to start. The spirit is willing, but the flesh is washed up…

    That said, the guy was a warrior and gave it his all every snap. If we could put his brain and heart in FatCarps body, he’d lose 30 lbs and be the best LG in the NFL by game 8.

    Let the Michael Bowie era at LG begin…

    Prediction; in four years, Carpenter will be three years out of football, bankrupt, and 400 plus pounds….

  7. yankinta says:

    I’m surprised to see that 73% of the nation think RW is top 5 QB. Although some of us are apart of the 5% people that thought he’d be top 5 QB, initially… :)

  8. HawkfaninMT says:

    So the argument against a PAT is that it is almost automatic…

    I am curious how many snaps there were in the NFL last year, and how many of those resulted in fumbles. I bet the percentage is pretty close the amount of failed PATs. I think snaps are pretty automatic, and the QB should just start with the ball in his hand and say “hike”. Snapping the ball takes so many extra seconds of my life (especially with peyton manning)and those seconds are sooooo much more important than an automatic part of the game. NOT!!

    Leave the game of football alone!

  9. PDXCOP80 says:

    Why don’t we ask Romo how automatic they are? (And yes I know it was a field goal attempt, but the same distance as a PAT)

  10. jawpeace says:

    Kim008 that would be interesting, but a pain to explain to your girlfriend or football ignorant friend.
    The only part I think is too rewarding is 5pts for 3ft circle field goal. That is only one point less than a TD. A TD is supposed to be the ultimate victory for an offense. Also a victory for the D is supposed to be holding the opposing team to a field goal or nothing.

  11. jawpiece, it is called “football”, and I’ve been waiting far too long to see a FG kicker get selected in the first round of the draft. =)

  12. What if, if a FG is made from, well, let’s say we count from the LOS, if the ball is snapped from the 45 yard line and the football is kicked more than 60 yards and goes through the 3′ circle, why shouldn’t that count for equal to or even more than a touchdown? There could be rules to change the number of points you get for a FG based on where the FG is kicked from. I hold my breath on FGs that mean winning or losing a game now, maybe the kicking game could be made even more exciting?

  13. HawkfaninMT says:

    @KLM: There has actually been 4… janikowski being the latest

  14. FleaFlicker says:

    Bowie and Bailey: I’m a fan, especially if JS/PC project them as starters. Typically, the biggest improvement for linemen is after the rookie season.

    Have to admit, I was in a state of near panic watching that game @ STL where Bowie got his first start against a monster pass rush. I thought for sure that RW was going to get snapped in half. But, the rookies got better as the season progressed and I’m actually looking forward to seeing their improvement. Remember that pancake block on the 49ers secondary to spring Marshawn for that monster TD in the NFCG? More of that, please!

    Wishlist for 2014: continuity on the line. We don’t have to have superstars, just continuity and consistentcy. Imagine the whole line playing intact for a season…hasn’t been done here in like a decade.

  15. Southendzone says:

    After we build these concentric rings and turn football into a carnival game, can we attach bungee cords to one of the defenders and let him jump up to block the kick like Mel Gibson in Thunderdome?

  16. FleaFlicker says:

    In the sprit of Peter King’s Factoids That Interest Only Me…
    heck out the stat lines for John Elway and Mark Sanchez. Virtually indistinguishable in their first four seasons:

    Except that Sanchez had far superior post season numbers. One guy is on the street and done, other guy has a yellow jacket.

  17. Sanchez is not a competitor. Elway was. Also, Sanchez only had one season as starter in college, and it shows, while Elway simply had trouble making the jump. Also, the Jets had a very good team around Sanchez for several years, and he still couldnt get it done; Elway had a crap team much of his career. Elway was also 100 times the athlete Sachez is, and has a cannon of an arm; Sanchez doesnt.

    Sanchez may end up a decent starter if he sits for a year or more and learns from a qb guru, but he’s not going to be a HOF qb.

    Carrol was dead right; Sanchez should have stayed in school. At least, he should have if he really wanted to be successful in the NFL, not just be rich.

  18. Southendzone says:

    Stat just for STTBM:

    Per PFF, Doug Baldwin was 8th in the NFL in drop rate, missing 2 catchable balls out of 52. Golden Tate was 11th, missing 3 out of 67

  19. South–That is VERY interesting. He dropped three catchable balls in a row vs Indy–at least to my eyes. And Im a big fan of Doug Baldwin. He also dropped another couple passes throughout the year.

    But that is admittedly the problem with the “drops” statistic; its very subjective.

    Plenty on here credited Tate with a bunch of drops because his tremendous leaping ability gave him an opportunity on balls that were badly thrown. It all depends I guess.

    No one will argue that Baldwin doesnt have good hands. But his hands overall arent “much better” than Tate’s, as many claim.

    Regardless, we’re very lucky to have Baldwin at a moderate cost. He’s a great guy, fantastic competitor, and a steady, clutch performer. I hope we sign him to a longterm contract, but my gut tells me he’s right behind Tate and already on his way out of here…

  20. Im pissed I cant even buy the jersey from my second choice–Baldwin–because he might not be here next year. Thats the downside of Always Compete/GB Packers II…

  21. Ray_Maines says:

    And that, Slave, is exactly why I’m so happy the Seattle fans have embraced the number 12. It’s not going away any time soon. I’ve got a blue “12” jersey and think I might get one of the weird green ones next year.

  22. I hear you Ray; I just cant get excited about buying a jersey that costs that much that isnt of a specific player….

    Maybe I’ll make Mo choke and buy a Sweezy one, if the guy can get it together this year…

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