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Jared Allen update: Multiple reports Seahawks made offer, Allen still deciding

Post by Todd Dybas / The News Tribune on March 20, 2014 at 2:26 pm with 91 Comments »
March 20, 2014 2:26 pm

Both Fox Sports and CBS are reporting that Jared Allen was made an offer by the Seahawks, and will now head home to decide. Allen’s agent, Ken Harris, said Allen is likely to decide this weekend.

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  1. bsinnitt says:

    Wow, this waffling is starting to feel like a Brett Farve decision. Byproduct of the social media age of journalism I guess.

  2. vichawkfan says:

    Clearly not a # he feels is quite right. Stick to ur guns JS!

  3. Southendzone says:

    Why does he even fly out here again? Isn’t the # decided on before he gets on that flight?

    Anyone have insight into how this stuff works? I feel like if they weren’t super close, he just stays home. Instead him and his wife come out for a visit. I Don’t get it.

  4. ospreyLV says:

    Just flew in to say howdy, knock a couple down before dinner.

  5. Actually the only one who reported it was done was Schefter and he was butchering a tweet by Ed Werder in the process. I wonder if he did that on purpose to make Werder look bad.

  6. CDHawkFan says:

    Also wonder if this is to scare another team into signing him/offering him something this weekend. Imagine if San Fran picked him up over the weekend…not that that is going to happen (due to money and current roster of DE).

    This all seems a bit over the top. I just want to know the number, please let it be for less than Bennett.

  7. freedom_X says:

    It’s his life and his career. Why does Jared Allen need to do anything different to cater to hyper-sensitive fans? Like no one here ever wanted to take the weekend to make a major decision about their life?

  8. grizindabox24 says:

    wife wanted to check out the shopping

  9. jawpeace says:

    I hope he is not trying to Abraham us. Remember when he just used the Hawks to drive up his price…..
    I really think he knows this is his last hurray and wants to consider everything before committing.

  10. EzraMelech says:

    Most of this is a result of social media and “reporters wanting to get the jump on a story”. Reporters wanting to be the 1st to report something it’s easy to say “2nd visit done deal” and report as such without solid evidence.

    I do believe this deal gets done, and I can’t blame Allen for wanting to mull it over. It’s a big move/decision. It seems win/win for both sides, but who knows what the numbers are. He’s made good money in his time in Minnesota maybe he is truly mulling retirement vs one more go for a ring *shrug.

    Hoping this gets done if it’s cap friendly, he only adds to our defense. I can easily see him getting 12-15sacks this year, playing with the existing defensive line. 11.5 last year with crappy people around him and a team that was less then motivated.

    Crossing my fingers


  11. Dukeshire says:

    freedom_X – Agreed and thank you for saying it.

  12. It’s simple. “Hey Jared? want a ring to go with those millions in the bank and even make more millions WHILE getting a championship? Then sign here, here and here and initial here and here” if not then good luck and see ya later.

    I’m sorry but at this point it’s only about money with him and that isnt a bad thing.

    I mean he’s seen the amazing facilities here, is aware of playing in front of the 12th man, could be part of a defense that just destroyed the highest scoring offense in history in the Superbowl, has the chance to possibly go down in history as having played for one of the best defenses ever put together, knows 70% of players want to play for Coach Carroll, got to see Seattle on a decent spring day, wouldn’t have to play a ton of snaps and could have fun beating on the 49ers twice a year. If that doesn’t convince him to sign then nothing will.

  13. montanamike2 says:

    Is he really bringing his wife back to visit Seattle?

  14. Think about it. The man AND his family are about to make the biggest decision of his career. He gets an opportunity to choose the team he will finish out his career with. You start pulling up roots and moving across the country, it’s not a decision to be made in haste. doesn’t need the money but he does need his pride. So to take less than what he wants and likely only one or two years, knowing that he may be pulling stakes up again next year…it takes time to make that decision. Let’s cut him some slack and hope he decides to come here.

  15. Love to have this guy, but they can’t put resigning Sherm, ET or oviously RW at stake to do it. This team is better than last years with him. Assuming commensurate health and drafting fairly well of course.

  16. *obviously

  17. This is the last time he will choose a team, and he’s been stuck with losers his whole career. He has a family and will have to uproot them. I can understand taking his time to come to a decision on one hand; on the other, I just cant see why it would take so long to agree to terms with Seattle…As far as we know, we’re the best team wanting him and he should fit our D like hand in glove. A chance to cement a HOF career with a huge season or three and likely another SB win or more…

    The guy has made SOOOOO much money its ridiculous. If that amount isnt enough, nothing will ever be enough and you might as well be broke. Take Seattle’s offer since you dont need the damn money anyhow, and help us repeat, locking up the HOF for sure.

  18. Hammajamma says:

    Appears the decision is between retirement and swallowing a little pride. At my scale, I’d retire over a pay cut. It his scale, I’d take a shot at a SB and buy my daughter a house. On an island. Near Fiji.

  19. banosser says:

    At least they had a beautiful sunny day here.. It’s like that all the time here Mrs JA ;)

  20. grizindabox24 says:

    montanamike, he brought his wife with him this time

  21. grizindabox24 says:

    STTBM, just because a guy has MADE a lot of money does not mean he HAS a lot of money.

  22. banosser says:

    Sorry no.. actually to take less $$ to get a legit shot at a ring makes his character increase ten fold and should do more for his pride than saying it “isn’t about the money”.. then signing with the ‘Raiders’ cuz they offered the most cash.. or even retiring.. cuz if he was willing to spend two more seasons away from his family at $10M/ it’s no different from $5M/… Once again it comes down to character and we’ll see what JA’s is, cuz taking less to play for a ring (when it doesn’t matter if you retire with $40M or $50M banked) show’s 10x more character and pride than TURNING DOWN the chance to play for a ring cuz the money wasn’t good enough.. Pride, character, family… there is no reason for JA not to sign at what the Hawks are offering.. unless it is really once again, just about the money.. We’ll soon know

  23. grizindabox24 says:

    banosser, I think you are on the wrong path with your thinking.

  24. banosser says:

    OK.. After having played out a $72M contact, playing for the most money now shows more pride than playing for a ring.. got it.

    We’ll see what JA does

  25. edstang45 says:

    It’s up to J Allen, doesn’t shine a good or bad light on the dude. Wish what ya want, but it’s cool that he needs to take time to make sure…I hope this shows JS is sticking to his guns baby cuz I want Thomas and Sherm, and then Wilson

  26. grizindabox24 says:

    banosser, because pride and money are the only factors that need to be considered…

  27. Are people really doubting Carroll/Schneider at this point? There is no way he is being offered anything too big in terms of years or dollars that will make it so they can’t lock up ET, Sherm, Wilson.

    Look what they paid Bennet both times, Avril. I’d guess they offered a one or two year deal.

  28. grizindabox24 says:

    NWGG, it is probably similar to the deals Peppers signed…do you consider that excessive?

  29. mquinn73 says:

    An offer of 3yrs at $25m with $15m guaranteed, split $7m, $7m and $11m would mean we could sign him at the same cost as Clemons with the likelihood of walking away after 2 years, but where Allen doesn’t lose face by signing at less than a “fair” rate.

    Could this work for us?

  30. “STTBM, just because a guy has MADE a lot of money does not mean he HAS a lot of money.”

    That’s truly sure enough, but he will likely blow whatever contract he signs now if he has truly blown all of the millions before.

  31. Some people just can’t handle millions of dollars. I think I could, but I have yet to have the opportunity. :(

  32. bird_spit says:

    He will make a good addition to the rotation. Paid as such I hope. Hawks better with him at the right dollar amount.

    That knee will hurt in retirement whether he plays 1 or 2 more years or retires now.

    The wife has to leave her bridge club or be willing to come to Seattle for 11 games next season.

  33. ljarllrajl says:

    I feel comfortable in saying…no, actually boasting…that I could handle a single million of dollars.

    I get the impression that Allen is mulling life more than money. Not football life, but life life. He’s a different kind of dude. There are no life life guarantees so I can understand this long drawn out process.

  34. ChrisHolmes says:

    Just saw a thread on my FB page that says an ESPN reporter is saying Allen signed a deal with Seattle.

    Dunno if that’s true… But it’s what I read.

  35. MoSeahawk12 says:

    I’d certainly take the weekend to decide. If the Seahawks as an organization weren’t cool with that, wouldn’t you question playing for them? Regardless of how much money someone has made, they still get to decide where and how they will make money in the future. Many of us hope he decides to play for us and help meet the repeat. He would add to a stellar D. I’m sure Travaris and Percy can attest to the type of organization they are. I don’t think he’ll find another that is close for his line of work.

  36. It’s especially frustrating this day and age in getting “news” because people break incorrect information all the time. One thing I have learned is that many sites basically spew crap for the sake of hits and leave out any detailed and good news.

  37. I’ll try to never criticize a player for retiring. They sustain much more damage than probably 99% of us will ever know.

  38. bird_spit says:

    All you have to do is read his bio to understand why he will take the weekend to decide. He has a young family. It would be a tough call if I was set like him. He will make a good addition but we would be lucky if he signs.

  39. Anyone know where his wife grew up? I’m hoping Idaho.

  40. Fairly sure this was posted before, but it makes me effin smile every time.

  41. Southendzone says:

    A reporter from minnesota on Kjr earlier this week said that JA has been very smart with his money and is totally comfortable financially.

  42. Allen plays in Seattle and we have a real shot at the best Defense ever!! We are close without him.With the crowd noise he could really get some awesome jump starts

    GO HAWKS!!.

  43. I am thankful that our regime realizes that Allen still can play at a high level (like I do). I am also thankful they won’t give him a crazy offer (there’s are a couple of BOOMers who need to get extended ASAP) like Ruskell would have done. Sounds like they want him, as they should, but won’t go crazy to get him. I like having a FO that I trust. I doesn’t happen all that often.

  44. The only time our FO has been reckless, imo, is when they went after Harvin (it’s not a criticism, it’s an observation). They gave up three picks, including a 1st rounder, AND a zillion dollars and got their man. Other than that incident (where it seemed nobody else would go that high), they have been very restrained such as the courting of Brandon Marshall but wouldn’t go all crazy to get him (even though they clearly wanted him). Even when they traded for Lynch, they wouldn’t go crazy with draft picks (although in hindsight it would have been justified to give up more).

  45. bigmike04 says:

    From what it sounds like from 710 espn that Jared Allen goals is to be in Top 5 DE in Sacks overall in NFL history.. He about turn 32 & if he stays healthy than has another fews years left..

  46. edstang45 says:

    Fox Sports 1 just reported breaking news..Allen signs???? Can’t find any other sites saying anything… Bogus report??? rerun garbage?? Dang the credibility of Fox 1…Can’t trust these guys….arrrrgh

  47. Ray_Maines says:

    20 minutes later, NOBODY is reporting that. No Jared Allen yet, maybe tomorrow, maybe never.

    Go to bed and have a get nights sleep. Have a good day at work tomorrow. Check the Google machine tomorrow afternoon for up dates, but don’t get too hung up on any of this. You and I are not actually Seahawks and our blood pressure shouldn’t be controlled by Jared Allen.

  48. Reckless? In my opinion, the Percy Harvin trade was simply a high risk, high reward move. He is arguably one of the most dynamic and explosive players in the league.

    Injury history? Yes, but he missed a total of 3 games in his first 3 years before his first significant injury (ankle) in 2012. The hip was an unfortunate surprise, but that happened after the trade.

    He signed a 6 year, $64M contract with $14.5M guarranteed ($11M guarranteed in 2014 for injury only, or on the 5th day of waivers), for an average of $10.7M per year…hardly a “zillion” dollars. For reference, the highest paid WR (Megatron) averages $16.2M per year with $48M guarranteed, and a cap hit in 2016 of $24M.

  49. Do you really think the Lions will allow Megatron to be “paid” (I’ll try to stay away from the word: “zillion”) $24M in ’16?

  50. bird_spit says:

    Harvin money was also defensive..he was going to 9ers if he didn’t land here. I’d say we didn’t overpay . He put the spike in the hearts of the broncos at the start of the second half of the SB,
    Harvin is still young and will light it up this season.

    Money well spent.

  51. That knife-in-the-heart kick return to finish the SB was enough for me. Money well spent. Not to mention the runs and attention payed.

  52. Who is gonna compete at left guard? I tried to answer that question in this short write up. Go Hawks!

  53. I’m not arguing the merit of the Harvin trade at the time, I agree that he was a threat to go to the Niners at that same point in time.
    We made the trade to put us over the top, in PC’s own words, and you can argue that the kickoff return TD in the SB did just that, snuffing out any hope for a comeback for the Mr Eds.
    It’s just that we really should have given Tate 6M/yr and kept him, after all it’s only half of what Percy makes, and Golden has done more for the Seahawks in a cumulative sense, up until now. What does it say to the players in your organization if you don’t reward players that you draft, that are young, dynamic and put it all on the line for you?

    It all hinges on if Percy can stay relatively healthy in 2014-15.
    If he does, I don’t think we will miss Tate that much. Percy’s just a faster, better version of Tate except for punt returns. But if we sign Jared Allen for more than we paid Bennett, it would be the third time we overpay for a Viking, and the first two ( Rice and Harvin ) were paid multiple times what guys we drafted, or brought in from the start, made with us. ( Baldwin, Tate) ADB and GT busted their tails and helped us win the trophy, they deserve to be rewarded for their hard work and loyalty. I still have mixed feelings about the Harvin trade, because I thought JS would work his magic and we’d still be able to retain Tate. Not to mention Clint McDonald and Clem, too.
    Reading what Tate said most recently, I have to agree that Harvin, while much faster and explosive, is not worth 2-3X what Tate is worth.
    It would hurt me too, to give all I had to the team and have them respond like I wasn’t a high priority. You can see that Tate is openly bitter about the Seahawks paying Harvin all that money, and then turning around and offering GT a fraction of what they already gave PH, even though Golden’s been here for 4 years and contributed to the success and what they have accomplished a lot more than PH.

    Like I mentioned, it’s all about potential, what PC and DB feel like Harvin can potentially become in our offense, and he is being paid on his potential as much as what he has accomplished in the league up until now. I feel like the ramifications of the Harvin trade won’t be felt until a year or two from now. If PH stays healthy along with most of the core of our team, we may still end up winning 2 of 3 or 3 of 5 Super Bowls and be called a dynasty. But if we don’t, there will be much written about what could have been, and the turning point will inevitably be the Harvin signing, which led to roster moves and cap casualties due to the excessive burden of his monster deal.

    Consider, that if we didn’t sign Percy, we could’ve resigned Tate and Baldwin to extensions, while at the same time offering more to Melton and Allen, and most likely signing them, too. Now that doesn’t guarantee a title, but I think it keeps the relative salary hierarchy stable within the organization. Signing Harvin for an insane amount you have to admit kind of rattled our salary structure. When Kam is making 6 mil a year, you can’t really argue that PH is worth twice that much. Kam is just as explosive and unique a talent as PH is.

    I promised that I wouldn’t question this deal if we won the Super Bowl, and we did. Percy even contributed significantly to it, so I’m not arguing that point, either. It’s just that his salary is just so out of whack with the rest of the team’s in terms of what he’s contributed so far. And before PH, there was Sidney Rice’s contract, that was not proportionate to the level of his production and how much of a role he played on this team.

    Just like when we had to release Matt Flynn because he was making more than 10 times what Wilson was making, without contributing to the team hardly at all. That kind of imbalance will ultimately end up causing friction and compromising team chemistry. I think Rice ended up winning the WR corps and the team over, more so because he was so generous with them and he had a really laid back, gracious personality. We shall find out soon enough if the PH deal was good, fair, or downright disastrous. Well, I guess helping us win the first Super Bowl in franchise history is actually quite priceless, come to think of it.

  54. Nate, awesome link BTW. Best Seahawks Super Bowl video I’ve seen yet.

  55. Seahawks defense allowed just 3.19 Adjusted Net Passing Yards per Attempt (ANY/A) in the ’13 regular season, which was 1.20 ANY/A better than any other defense. To me, that was the biggest stat strength explaining why SEA won the SB.

    Losing Red probably didn’t change that particular stat very much (SEA still needs to find really good run-D from LDE.) Losing BB may have effected the ’14 ANY/A if Maxwell should get hurt (God forbid), but also probably not so much if he stays healthy. Maxwell’s stats were actually better than BBs. There’s maybe a slight dropoff in slot coverage effecting ANY/A between WT3 and Lane, but not much, again assuming Lane stays healthy (maybe possibly improves – higher ceiling?) Clem is slightly older than JA, but is set to come back clean from ACL doubts. Based on his prior play, JA should be a statistical improvement over Clem in every DE performance parameter except coverage. That includes run-D.

    Depending how healthy Jesse Williams is, and how well J.Hill plays, and assuming Mebane is healthy, if JA wears SEA blue in ’14, SEA has the best DL in the NFL, and will have the best ANY/A in the league again – by far.

  56. Thanks, CCVI. I was also somewhat surprised that they didn’t bring Tate back for approx. 6 mil a year, but I trust PC/JS almost completely at this point. It really comes down to whether or not Percy is healthy, as you said.

  57. The SB makes it hard to question PC/JS. Though they certainly still make mistakes like anyone. I’m still just happy that we won. I’ve only followed since 92. It was a bad year. I know many here have been fans from the beginning.

  58. BTW, Terry Porter just found his jock strap from the Beast Quake Run.

  59. HawkFanInAz says:

    My opinion is….Allen knows our cap situation, and what we need to keep our up coming FA’s. If he doesn’t sign with us, it’s a matter of him not caring about a really good chance at a ring, and just retiring. He knows we can’t break the bank on signing him, so why does he need to go think about it? Either sign, or don’t sign. Will signing mean he needs to move his family? I can see that being something to think about. But rainy weather sure beats the cold ass winters in Minnesota. Not to mention the humid summers with mosquitos the size of small hummingbirds. :)

    For what it’s worth, I hope he signs with us. Our defense would be sooooo goood.

  60. montanamike2 says:

    I think Allen going home means that he’s still hoping to leverage his value over the weekend, hopefully no one bites and he decides to move away from Minny.

  61. chuck_easton says:

    Allen has not been flashy with his money. Apparently he has invested/saved it wisely. He and his family are set for life financially.

    What it comes down to is he is deciding if Seattle’s (or other offers) are high enough for him to continue to take the pounding on his body. If he doesn’t think the money is good enough he will just retire and live comfortably.

    It’s sort of like the ‘missing link’ between a player only playing for the money and going to the highest bidder regardless of how bad the team might be, and a player that wants to play for a ‘winner’ regardless of what the pay is.

    Allen isn’t going to a team like the Raiders just because they can pay him a truck load of money. He doesn’t need it. Allen wants to play for a winner or he won’t play at all.

    But Allen also wants to ensure that if he is going to put his body through one or more years of physical beating that the compensation had better be worth the beating his body will take.

    I don’t see the problem here. Seattle wants him, at their price or nothing. Allen wants to play for Seattle, at his price or retirement.
    Neither side is desperate. Allen takes the Seattle offer or he takes on the roll of stay at home dad.

  62. vichawkfan says:

    ^ what Chuck said

  63. Sarcasticus says:

    Way too much hand-wringing going on here. His addition doesn’t make this a superbowl team. It already is. It would be nice if he joined, but it is not enough for all this drama.

    I realize the NFL has spread things out across the calendar (like moving the draft to May) to keep excitement going year-round, but the days of freaking out over free-agency are for teams with desperate needs.

  64. HawkfaninMT says:

    When on the “NFL Nation” page on ESPN, does anyone else click on the SuperBowl recap on the right sometimes? … Or is that just me?

  65. Sarcasticus says:

    I have the superbowl on the dvr and whenever I am spending time in the livingroom, it is on. I think right now I am in the third quarter.

  66. “NWGG, it is probably similar to the deals Peppers signed…do you consider that excessive?”

    Yeah, I do think that would be excessive, but I cant sit here and pretend I know what the cap the #s are for the next few years, or what the structure of the deal would be. It seems the first year would have to be less than what they would be paying Clemmons.

    But in the end, I just dont see this team doing anything too expensive or long term on a 31 year old player, it would seem so out of character for them to do that.

    I do think Allen still has several years left of high productivity, especially since his snap count will go way down.

  67. TallyHawk says:

    Don’t know if this has been posted yet. Short but nice interview of Marshawn.

  68. ChrisHolmes says:

    Oh come on now. The hand-wringing is fun :)

    Seriously – this beats the hell out of the days of old, when we’re waiting with baited breath to see how badly our FO can mess our team up.

    If Allen signs, great. If not, fine.

    I’m ready for the draft though. I wish Goodell would quit screwing things up. The April draft was ideal. May? Not so much… already moving into Summer then.

  69. grizindabox24 says:

    I think Chuck is correct in his assumption about JA.

    I think CCVI is wrong in his assumption that without the PH deal, the Hawks would have extended Tate and signed Melton and JA already…nothing makes me think that JS/PC would have offered a ton more for any of them.

    @NWGG, a deal similar to Peppers for JA would not hinder the Hawks from extending ET, Sherm, and RW

  70. TallyHawk says:

    Agreed griz. Tate was given a value by JS and Detroit placed a higher value which he took. I realize many on here liked Tate but think his value to the team is more than the team did. Perhaps his poor route running is a bigger deal than we know.

  71. doubledink says:

    Is it too early to start picking potential draft picks?
    I’ll jump in then on the first two.

    1-32 WR, Kelvin Benjamin, 6-5, 240. Florida St
    2-64 G, Cyril Richardson, 6-5, 329. Baylor

  72. I think Tate’s attitude and immaturity were the reasons PC/JS were not fully on board.

  73. HawkfaninMT says:

    That wouldn’t be too bad doubledink, but I worry that Benjamin will be gone by our pick. To the Niners at the latest in my opinion unfortunately. But WR/OL seems likely to me.

    At this point I would take a stab at:
    1-Marquise Lee, WR
    2-Joel Bitonio, OG/OT

  74. chuck_easton says:

    Although I do still wish Tate only the best of luck in his future career, I must admit some of his post signing comments about how he was ‘treated’ by Seattle are grating at best.

    To say that Seattle was completely disrespectful to him and ‘everything he did for them’ is just garbage.

    What about the first 2 years of the contract when Seattle patiently waited for Tate to grow up, patiently waited for Tate to learn how to run the designed route, patiently waited for Tate to start to show what he could do?

    Don’t forget Tate’s first game as a rookie he was made inactive due to his immaturity and his sense of entitlement. It would appear that though Tate may have made some strides in this area of his life he still has a ways to go.

  75. HawkFromDay1 says:

    I’m in your head Werder.

  76. HawkFaninAZ…. “My opinion is… Allen knows our cap situation, and what we need to keep our up coming FA’s. If he doesn’t sign with us, it’s a matter of him not caring about a really good chance at a ring”

    100% correct imo too

    Moving his family.. he supposedly was considering a move to Denver or Dallas so that is really a moot point..

    As for the need to maximize his contract.. He supposedly has been very frugal with the $72 million dollar contract he just finished in Minny.. so he and his family are financially set for life regardless of what his next contract is or isn’t.. In reality this allows him the opportunity to do just this..

    Pride and character.. Is playing on potentially one of the greatest defenses ever and for a seriously legitimate shot at a Championship Ring outweighed by the need to play for say an additional $3-4 million/yr…?? JA can prove to all just what his character is.. that he is willing to sacrifice some money in order to pursue his game’s ultimate goal.. and in doing so demonstrate more real pride than the VAST majority of whom he competes against.

    JA has the opportunity to pursue the ultimate goal and whether he chooses to or not is completely up to him.. imo he will choose to compete like the warrior he is..

    Come and play in front of the 12s JA… a 15 sack season and ring awaits!

  77. EzraMelech says:

    For those of you lamenting over the loss of Tate (Which I don’t think is as much of a loss as many think) Here is an Article on bleacher report that might some find interesting. Tate Article

    In some ways I wish he had resigned him, but I trust JS/PC and truly believe they didn’t value him as high as he did himself for a reason. Value over replacement might have been a factor. Remember we don’t see much of what happens on the inside…. so Tate’s locker room presence, work ethic, or other factors might have played a roll


  78. HawkFromDay1 says:

    Tate’s a pretty immature guy – I think that’s pretty obvious. And paying your #2 receiver $8M a year in a run first offense would have been goofy.

    I like the kid – really did – now lets go draft another one of him.

    Odell Beckham anyone?

  79. grizindabox24 says:

    Hawks are in no position to draft Beckham…long gone

  80. doubledink says:

    Either Benjamin or Yankey with that first pick would suit me fine. Benjamin could slip further than you think with his poor combine 40. But either one of those guys would fill a need.

  81. grizindabox24 says:

    I am not a big fan of Yankey

  82. HawkfaninMT says:

    I would rather draft Bitonio than Yankey for sure…

    What is the consensus on number of WRs drafted in the 1st?

    I could see:

    No explanation why, but I see Lee dropping to us out of that bunch. The only two that would surprise me to drop to us would be Watkins and Evans. Other than that I would say they are all in play. I would prefer Benjamin, but Lee would be next on my list I think

  83. freedom_X says:

    I heard an interview with some fellow from USA Today (don’t know the name unfortunately) who said he’s known Jared Allen for a long time. (heard this on 710 KIRO.)

    According to this person, Jared Allen has always said he will not end his career “chasing a ring”. He doesn’t want to ride a team’s back to get a championship. He wants to help build a team to be a winning, championship team and be an important part of the same. Allen doesn’t (or didn’t) want to be a part time specialty player.

    This isn’t an attitude Allen just adopted – the person said this is what Allen has been saying for a long, long time. Based on those statements, I would have said there’s little chance that Allen would come to Seattle. So the fact he’s seriously considering it is a big change from his previous thinking – perhaps a great job of salesmanship from Carroll and Schneider.

  84. doubledink says:

    Don’t overlook Jordan Matthews either. He has size and decent speed. Don’t know how good his hands are tho.

  85. Southendzone says:

    Hey freedom, that’s interesting info, thanks for posting I didn’t hear the 710 interview. Werder also tweeted this morning that JA has a walk away # in mind and will definitely retire if he can’t get it.

    For others above that say Allen knows our cap situation and if he doesn’t take less to accomodate those he is somehow selfish. I disagree completely.

    A team’s salary cap issues and future player signings are 100% the responsibility of that team’s management. Especially for an outside free agent. It’s great when a current player might re-sign for a discount knowing that some of the $ he sacrificed are going to be used to re-sign one of his friends on the team, but why should JA be doing anything like that?

  86. banosser says:

    ^^ Well, because if he doesn’t he won’t be a part of the Seahawks chase for a SB repeat this coming year and won’t be a part of what could potentially be one of the greatest defenses of all time.. Guess he has to decide what that is worth..

  87. juliusvrooder says:

    Got no beef with the cat. Decision like this? What guy here wouldn’t take the weekend, think things through, and consult with the fam? He is just being a guy here, and that makes me think we could be onto something good. I wish Goldina Tate had half the class… (I mean, Detroit? Really?)

  88. skystyler says:

    dunno why we didn’t just keep Clem.

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