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Browner says he didn’t expect to be back with Seahawks

Post by Todd Dybas / The News Tribune on March 18, 2014 at 1:34 am with 71 Comments »
March 18, 2014 1:34 am

Brandon Browner was on a conference call with New England reporters Monday, speaking to the media for the first time since the middle of last season.

He said he didn’t expect to be back with the Seahawks in 2014.

“Yeah I kind of expected to be a free agent and play elsewhere this year,” Browner said. “There are so many good football players up there that are young and I understand it’s a business. They have some guys they have to take care of that are much younger than me that will be around. So there were no hard feelings there. I got a text message from Coach [Pete] Carroll. Those guys have always been good to me, so they’ll always have a place in my heart. They gave me the shot to get back into the league coming out of the CFL anyways.”

Browner was asked about his suspension and chose not to elaborate.

I’ll say a little but I don’t think I want to go into the details for the simple fact that I want to keep that behind me and move on forward from that situation,” Browner said. “Like I said before, I just want to contribute to the Pats and leave that in the past. What I can say is that for the last few months, my future has been in a dark place. I made a few mistakes and that’s one of the mistakes I regret. I look forward to righting my wrongs and I’m blessed at the opportunity to come play in New England and start on a good foot, so to say.”

Not surprisingly, Browner said it was difficult to watch the Super Bowl and not be a part of what was happening.

It was tough to watch my guys out there go get it,” Browner said. “But at the same time, I also enjoyed it as well. It seemed like they had a good bead on Peyton Manning and those guys. They played a little faster than the Broncos did, so it was exciting to see those guys playing like we play ball. It almost looked like a glorified practice, so to say. Not to say anything bad about the Broncos, but watching those guys run and execute the plays we executed all season long, it was awesome to see the game turn out the way it did.”

You can read the full transcript here.

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  1. djbargelt says:

    I wish Brandon the best, and it’s too bad his decision to smoke some pot had such a high price ( no pun intended ). I don’t agree with the NFL’s hard-nose approach about it, but it mirrors the debate we as a country are having on the issue of personal use of marijuana. I smoked it when I was young and a active musician. It was just part of the culture, and pretty much still is. Same with many of our NFL athletes. It is as accepted as drinking alcohol, ( also a “drug”- thank you ! ).

    That said, Brandon knew the NFL policy and he paid the price by his choice.

  2. Screensmoke says:

    I’m ready for September !wake me up when it’s here -later

  3. grizindabox24 says:

    Jason La Canfora ‏@JasonLaCanfora 39s
    Sorry, had a misscommincation – Henry Melton is visiting the Rams today, not Anthony Spencer.

  4. chuck_easton says:

    Thanks griz,

    Sounds like Melton is holding out for a big payday. It also appears that more teams than just Seattle don’t have the same opinion of his price tag that Melton has of himself.

    He’s now walked away from the Bears, the Seahawks, and the Cowboys without signing but having negotiated with all.

  5. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I think now the Seahawks have only one former busted PED/Drug user on the team.

  6. Why doesn’t the NFL offer some drug education or treatment. Maybe they do I have never heard of a player or now an owner going.Browner paid one hell of a price for a dirty pot UA.

  7. chuck_easton says:


    You have never heard about the program because it is clearly stated in the CBA and in the Substance Abuse policy that it is forbidden to release the list of players enrolled in the stages program.

    Every player that either self reports or tests positive for the first time are enrolled in Stage 1.

    Stage 1 encompasses counselling, residential treatment if necessary, follow up treatment and all other help available. Nobody in the public knows what percentage of players are in this program.

    The first we as fans hear about a player having issues with substance abuse is when they get their first suspension. By that time they have already gone through counselling, treatment, and had several failed tests.

  8. Thanks Chuck, you would think even at Browners stage he would be required to go to an inpatient treatment. He clearly had a problem if he continued to use knowing the penalty. It will be very interesting to see what the NFL does with Jim Irsay his actions were far more harmful in my opinion than Browners.

  9. Best wishes to Browner, unless we play the Pats.

  10. Hope my fantasy comes true today (Jared Allen to the Seahawks). Or tomorrow. Or this week. Or next.

  11. grizindabox24 says:

    Bobby, I just don’t think the offered Hawk money matches Allen’s wanted money.

  12. ChrisHolmes says:

    Allen and Melton seem to want more money than Seattle is willing to give.

    I say, good for Seattle. Don’t overpay.

  13. ospreyLV says:

    With you BobbyK. We know he was accepting 10M from Denver. Clemons was to make 8. So our offer shouldn’t be far off. Come make us happy in the land of 12, Allen!

  14. Southendzone says:

    I can see Melton shopping, he got a huge franchise payday last year, but thats a single season and he’s young. If I were him and teams were trying to get me on a cheap 1 year deal I’d keep shopping myself too.

    Maybe he finds a team that is willing to look at him long term and hope he keeps getting stronger after his ACL.

  15. Hammajamma says:

    The Allen question comes down to how much they wanted to trim off Clem’s number. Unless they see him as a significant upgrade, which I don’t, Allen has to swallow his pride to play in Sea. Don’t see that happening.

  16. TallyHawk says:

    It’s nice to hear the guys that have left or released recognize its a business and not have any bitterness towards the Hawks. Most have gone out of their way to thank Pete and John for giving them a chance.

    Unless Allen is willing to sign for around 5 mil I can’t see him being a Hawk. And with both peppers and ware getting 3 yrs 30 mil I don’t see that happening.

  17. vichawkfan says:

    Peppers is more of a 1 year 8.5 desk from what I heard on the radio. Team isn’t on the hook. I don’t know Allen who graded out poorly last year vs the run is worth that to be a situational rusher.
    I’m in the rather sign Melton than Allen boat. Interior rush > importance.

  18. vichawkfan says:


    How is possible that Curt Warner turns 53-years old on Tuesday?

    The same way it’s possible that it was 31 years ago the Seahawks traded away their 1983 NFL Draft to move up to the No. 3 spot so they could select the running back from Penn State to put the legs in the “Ground Chuck” offense of new coach Chuck Knox; and 28 years ago that Warner led the AFC in rushing with a career-high 1,481 yards; and 20 years ago that Warner became the fifth person inducted into the Seahawks’ Ring of Honor.

    Time flies when you’re having fun, and few things in the 38-season history of the Seahawks have been more fun than watching Warner start one way only to cut back the other en route to breaking a long run.

    Rather than wonder about an appropriate gift for Warner on his special day, it seems like a good time to reflect on all the gifts he provided the Seahawks and their fans from 1983-89.

    That 60-yard run up the left sideline at Arrowhead Stadium on his first regular-season on Sept. 4, 1983.

    Those 1,449 rushing yards during his rookie season, which included 13 scoring runs – each mark still the franchise rookie record.

    His 207-yard rushing performance against the Chiefs later in the 1983 season, which remained the franchise record until Shaun Alexander ran for 266 yards in a 2001 game against the Oakland Raiders.

    The two touchdown runs in the playoff upset of the Dolphins in Miami to send the Seahawks to the 1983 AFC Championship game.

    Warner coming back from tearing a knee ligament in the 1984 season opener to rush for 1,094 yards and eight touchdowns and also catch a career-high 47 passes in 1985.

    That 1,481-yard season in 1986, which included 13 more scoring runs; and another 1,000-yard season (1,025) in 1988.

    His four-rushing touchdown performance against the Denver Broncos in 1988, which Alexander tied three times but never surpassed.

  19. doubledink says:

    And he did it behind linemen who would’nt even make this team (or the 05 team), much less start.

  20. Nice post vichawk, I was to young back then to remember, but I’ve enjoyed the highlights since.

  21. The Henry Melton back-up plan….. Pat Sims – PFF 9th rated top interior d-line.

    9. Pat Sims

    2013 Grade: +14.7
    2013 Snaps: 694

    Summary: Sims is the one player among this group that I am most looking forward to seeing how he performs next season. The flash-in-the-pan defensive tackle for the Raiders didn’t have one positively graded season his first five years. Then he put up a stretch that few could replicate. In his last nine games of 2013 his grade was +18.1, and in Week 16 he put up a monstrous 10-stop, +7.2 overall performance. Only four other players had single games graded that highly last season and their names are Ndamukong Suh, Gerald McCoy, Randy Starks, and Jurrell Casey. Quite simply you don’t see any average defensive tackle perform at that high a level just out of the blue. It tells me that the talent is there, and he may have just been waiting for the switch to be flipped. At 28 years old, Sims will likely be one of the cheaper options among this group. Some might call it risky to invest in a one-year wonder, but I think Sims has legitimately turned the corner in his production.

  22. Another Melton back-up plan could be Antonio Johnson…..

  23. It seems like Coach and JS are okay going into next season with the DLineman that we have now, unless they can get free agents on one year deals like Bennett got last year.

    They didn’t even try to re-negotiate with Red or Clem. They must feel that Mebane, McDaniel, Bennett, Avril, and Irvin, and the potential of red shirt guys like Hill, Mayowa, Brooks, and Jesse Williams outweigh signing a high priced over the hill FA. They could’ve tried to renegotiate with Bryant or Clemons if that’s what they wanted.

    Let’s talk about something else–WR perhaps?

  24. FA WR….. I am thinking Sidney Rice or Robert Meachem.

    Would prefer Sidney to Meachem, but if Sidneys health is an issue, Meachem could compete for the WR #3 and WR #4 spot. He is under 30 and has decent size 6’2″ 215lbs.

    Lots of great looking WR in the draft.

  25. Allen is so much better than Clem. I don’t think it’s even all that close. People forget that Melton sucked for a month before he tore his ACL.

  26. MoSeahawk12 says:

    It might have worked out…..

  27. grizindabox24 says:

    I don’t necessarily think JS is tied to 1 year offers, I think he is being driven more by the money. I don’t think he has a problem doling out a multi year deal to the right guy, even Allen. I am guessing it has way more to do with the money involved.

  28. The nightmare of SB40 will again be televised on NFLN this week in honor of Steelers dynasty week .. Thurs 11am. Sat midnight. Sun 9am

  29. True Bobby (about Melton) – but he was so good in 2012 that he was franchised. Its a toss up whether you believe the 2012 season or Sept 2013 was ‘the real Henry Melton’. I suspect the truth is somewhere in between.

    I would be pretty happy if they signed Melton, Pat Sims or Antonio Johnson because really, the Seattle DT roster is fairly thin right now.

    Michael Brooks
    Dewayne Cherrington
    Jordan Hill
    Tony McDaniel
    Brandon Mebane
    D’Anthony Smith and
    Jesse Williams

    The only two you can count on are McDaniel and Mebane. Even if you count Greg Scruggs and Michael Bennett (listed at DE, but will take some snaps at DT) you need to add a body or two, hopefully one of which is a veteran.

  30. bigmike04 says:

    I think NFL & NFL players union should find way to get rid of the whole testing for marijuana.. Yes it a drug but think about it from player point of view since, they have games on sunday & the get injury, they go through light work out monday/film day than tuesday is manitory day off per NFL rules than if you got game thursday than only 1 more day to heal up just to be able to play.. Their is the pros & cons to the rule as dont think nfl need light it up on the rule..

  31. I think as soon as some jurisdictions decriminalized pot, the NFL should have lost its ability to test for and penalize players for it. What’s next? Could the NFL test for and penalize for Red Bull?

  32. I think we are in a similar situation for the DE group. On the roster we have

    Cliff Avril
    Michael Bennett
    Kenneth Boatright
    Bruce Irvin (just going by guys!)
    Benson Idontknowya and
    Greg Scruggs

    Other than Avril and Bennett, who else can you trust there? And Bennett will move inside on some downs. So again, I think they need to add a body or two here and hopefully one of those bodies is a veteran.

  33. vichawk–Thanks for the article on Warner. I remember him well, his rookie year was when I started watching football, though I couldnt figure out what the hell a FG was, or why the RB would run into the offensive line instead of around it…lol!

    Such a shame that he blew his knee out, and they didnt have todays technology to heal it properly. Warner would have been a HOF’er for sure had he not blown that knee. He never was quite the same after it, and it surely cost him in longevity.

  34. Draft needs (in order);

    WR, RT, DE, DT…then G, CB, FS.

    Notice I said NEEDS. Not necessarily the order we will draft the positions. We all know JS and PC hate to get stuck looking to fill a specific position, though they have done it when they felt it necessary. Doing that leads to guys like Chris Spencer (UGH!), Bruce Irvin, and James Carpenter, but can also lead to guys like Okung, ET, Wagner…

  35. vichawkfan says:

    STTBM – same year I started watching. 11 years old – just loved the excitement that team brought.

    Bad news:

    @PeteCarroll: Heartfelt thoughts and prayers go out to all affected by the helicopter crash near the Space Needle. Very sad news.

  36. Im really glad BB got paid and on a good team. I wish him well–except when we play him. He’s more than paid for his mistakes.

  37. Whaaat?! Heli crash? No Bueno!

  38. I will always wonder what Chuck Knox could have done with some actual payroll to build the defense he wanted. We lost some key guys because we couldnt pay them. There’s no way to know…

  39. freedom_X says:

    Until Browner and Thurmond washed out in a cloud of smoke, who knew that Maxwell and Lane could play? So if the coaching staff feels good about Mayowa, Irvin, and Williams, that’s good enough for me.

    I didn’t know Seattle didn’t try to renegotiate with Clemons. If they weren’t interested in that, why didn’t they let Clemons go right away, instead of stringing him along for a week?

    Meacham is not a great fit for Seattle. He is a very limited receiver (one route – a go route – in his playbook.) He flopped big time as a free agent signed by the Chargers, and they cut bait after 1 year.

    He can be effective on a team with many other receiving threats and a sophisticated passing game, where others hide his flaws and Meacham plays a specific role. That isn’t Seattle’s offense.

  40. chuck_easton says:

    bigmike and blocis,

    What it comes down to is marijuana is still illegal at the National level.

    The NFL is, in essence, a National corporation. They have to follow the national law, not the law of the States where two of the 32 member organizations reside.

    Once the US decriminalizes marijuana, then the NFL can stop testing for it.

    Even then, a private corporation can make the use of any substance grounds for punishment and/or termination. Your company could ban the eating of chocolate tomorrow and begin testing for its presence. It wouldn’t be illegal in the least.

  41. Singularitarian says:

    Alright I’ve switched my position completely now. to maintain Seattle’s stronghold on the league they must continue to draft well and let those players get a chance to play on sunday. I am no longer in favor of Allen or Melton, as I want to see the guys that Pete, John, and Quinn have drafted play, and play for cheap and earn a big boy contract

  42. Bears WR Earl Bennett could be released today.

  43. Dukeshire says:

    “Once the US decriminalizes marijuana, then the NFL can stop testing for it.”

    They can but don’t have to. But this is the crux of the matter:

    “Even then, a private corporation can make the use of any substance grounds for punishment and/or termination. Your company could ban the eating of chocolate tomorrow and begin testing for its presence. It wouldn’t be illegal in the least.”

  44. DreadHawks says:

    Anyone think J Allen will put his tail between his legs, realize he has a legitimate chance for a ring here and sign? Hope he does, I think this system will benefit him greatly, just my opinion tho.

  45. Ray_Maines says:

    “Once the US decriminalizes marijuana, then the NFL can stop testing for it.”

    “They can but don’t have to. But this is the crux of the matter:”

    And go in a different direction with this. The NFL could simply quit testing for MJ. It doesn’t have to be legal, just no more testing for it.

  46. Dukeshire says:

    And that’s exactly right as well.

  47. SandpointHawk says:

    Marijuana never helped anyone win a game of football. If anything it would only help the opposing team…

  48. I think Seattle is set to stand pat at Defensive Line until the draft unless a Costco like deal presents itself. I’m hoping Rice comes back at a greatly reduced deal, and somehow Melton falls into our laps, but last thing I want Hawks to do is over pay.

    I’m really pumped to get this new draft class and last years to compete over the spots now vacant thanks to FA. Hawks going to win forever

  49. grizindabox24 says:

    Rice is scheduled to visit Pittsburgh

  50. bird_spit says:

    SandPointHawk –

    Your own government is testing medical MJ for PTSD. Good ole Uncle Sam also has a patent on the use of MJ as a neuro-protectant. Med MJ maybe the best way to overcome the symptoms of concussion. Just cause ole Uncle Sam has his head up his ass for the moment (last 60 years) does not mean the facts are against med MJ.

    Med MJ may save this sport someday. Don’t be surprised by that when it happens.

  51. HawkFanInAz says:

    Posted by osbrey “Bears WR Earl Bennett could be released today.”

  52. grizindabox24 says:

    Bennett has been released

  53. Ive always liked Bennett, but he is little. He’s also a slot WR. Unless Seattle is interested in trading Baldwin or JS and PC decide to collect little slot WR’s, we have plenty already.

    Harvin, Baldwin, Walters are all slot WR’s, though Harvin is our new SE I guess. Arceto Clark is small and can play multiple positions, Kearse plays the slot as well as SE and FL…

    We need Bennett like a hole in the head.

  54. Really? MJ will “save” the sport one day?

  55. Niners want DeSean Jackson. Their own Harvin. I hope they dont get him.


    It appears the Seahawks offered him somwhere around $3.5m a year with very little signing bonus. This is around the area ($3-$4m) I had been figuring the Seahawks would offer him.

    I don’t understand why fans are upset at him. He has never been “paid”, the Seahawks clearly didn’t want to do so (the writing was on the wall for 1 year now) and Detroit did. He did what anyone would do.

    He’s no “pig.” Now, Jared Allen on the other hand…

  57. Its unbelievable to me that after 11 years Jared Allen cares more about money than winning and his legacy. What a loser.

  58. SandpointHawk says:

    bird_spit…I was referring to the 60 minutes of the game. I said nothing about medical MJ…

  59. Wow. If thats all Seattle offered–and didnt up it to even come close to Detroits offer, that is just sad.

    Well, it cant be helped. We are minus one Taterhead, for better or worse. They DAMNED well better get Sherm and ET locked up, and SOON!

  60. freedom_X says:

    Well, some fans think Tate would have made up the difference in endorsements. Or it’s worth taking half the pay to live in the wonderful Pacific Northwest for 6 months a year.

  61. Adam Schefter ‏@AdamSchefter 1m
    Cowboys and DT Henry Melton are putting finishing touches on a multi-year deal, according to a source.

  62. GeorgiaHawk says:

    There must have been something else going on behind the scenes, (with regards to the FO offering that amount to Tate) that we just don’t know.

    I would guess that 5 mil may have been enough to sign him,(and that’s not breaking the bank imo) or sacrificing the future. But 3.4 mil?

    Looks like we will lose Baldwin too next with that kind of low ball offer.

    Perhaps the FO has got a big WR or two in the draft that they are targeting and have taken the risk that they will have a healthy Harvin this season.
    Maybe some unforeseen undrafted free agent rookie will step up?

    They have hit it big on Baldwin and Kearse so far.

  63. GeorgiaHawk says:

    “Well, some fans think Tate would have made up the difference in endorsements”

    No fan said that much of a difference that I’m aware of, ( I said a mil difference was possible) but nice exaggeration anyways.

  64. Singularitarian says:

    LOL. You guys just don’t get it. Allen can come here IF HE wants. Talk all the trash about him you want, but he doesn’t have any ties to this team. Going somewhere cheap to get a phony ring does not make you a man or a winner. It makes you a ring chaser and someone who has to go to a winning team to get a ring the easy way. There is nothing honorable about that. The guy who sticks and grinds it out for a losing team his whole life is the real man. GO watch Labron James. I wouldn’t be proud of the Seahawks if they start getting all the cheap deals from aging stars who want to get free rings. A hometown discount from someone we drafted or made relevant? Sure. But I don’t have any aspirations to watch this team become the LA Lakers just cause they got good for a couple years

  65. Dukeshire says:

    Why is there an insinuation Allen is a “pig”? Has Seattle entered serious contract negotiations with him? Do we even know how serious Seattle purported interest is? Moreover, Tate shows his typical self with his “laughable” comments out the door. Do I blame him for leaving for more money? No. Has he consistently displayed himself to be a “pig” (whatever that’s supposed to mean)? Yes.

  66. Singulatarian–So you think its more honorable for Allen to take a big payday to play for another losing team than to take less to sign with a contender? I dont get that…

    There is nothing fake about joining a team and helping them win a SB. If you win, you win.

    I doubt seriously Seattle builds a Dream Team for a year or two and wrecks thier cap and plays older vets at the expense of younger guys. Seattle is just doing their best to field the best team possible, without sacrificing player development.

    However, I must admit I am disappointed that they dont have more faith in their young pass rushers and DT’s. I think Mayowa/Hill/Brooks/Scruggs/Morgan/Irvin have a LOT of potential. Then again, not sure I’d want to count on them just yet either.

    If I had to bet, I’d bet Seattle isnt willing to go over 8 million a year for Allen, and he wants 12 million. Sorry buddy, you suck vs the run and ‘only’ had 11 sacks. That kind of money if for guys who get 15+ regularly. Those days are done for Allen.

  67. Dukeshire–How does Tate calling Seattle’s 3.4 million a year offer laughable make him a pig? He took pains to say he left on good terms with Carrol, but he was hurt, disappointed and confused. I dont blame him one bit, I feel the same way. I think he got screwed by JS and PC and it sucks. At least he was honest and sincere.

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with anything Tate said. He’s still upset about the way his situation was handled, and how low the FO valued him. I am too, but Im not the one who has to go play for Detroit just to get fair pay and a chance to play.

    I just dont get the negative reaction from so many every time Tate speaks. Again, there is NOTHING wrong with anything he said. My mind is blown.

    Laughable is a good word for it. Looking at WR contracts the last few years, Tate is worth far more than 3.4 million a year. Hell, Baldwin is almost worth that on the open market. Look at all the guys making 5-7 million a year; Tate is better than most, if not all of them.

    I guess you expect him to spew corny robo-speak like RW?

  68. ChrisHolmes says:

    I had no problem with what Tate said. When I saw the numbers, “laughable” is what I thought too. I don’t harbor any grudge or ill-will against Tate.

    Here’s the thing: Tat is durable and explosive. He’s home-drafted, coached, and has steady hands. He’s cat-quick and great at turning nothing into something after a catch.

    3.4 million? That’s a slap in the face for a guy as durable as he is. I understand Seattle has other guys to pay and areas of need, but that just wasn’t a good offer from Seattle. And I don’t blame Tate for his reactions.

    And I don’t think it made him a ‘pig’.

  69. Thank you, ChrisHolmes. Finally, some reason and sense.

  70. PC’s WR types are like 6-4/250 4.5-40 with soft hands and the ability to out physical everyone else for the ball, (Mike Williams just got too slow.) Maybe PC and JS have someone else in mind for flanker and SE in FA and/or the draft? Or, maybe Rice comes back, or a less fragile replacement? With Baldwin and PH at slot(?), maybe that still makes Tate a starter, but a #2WR? $3.5M seems about right then, maybe? Or maybe, there’s another SE out there that meets PC’s physical specs, and they don’t want that WR to sit on the bench behind Tate, but play from the get-go?

    SEA was lucky to have Tate while we did, and God Bless him for his effort he gave, playing physical all season, coming down with the critical long-ball, and especially on his STs play. SEA didn’t win the SB without Tate, but I just gotta feeling that we will be forgetful some about losing him, once PC/JSs off-season has played out.

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