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Seahawks re-sign Hauschka

Post by Todd Dybas / The News Tribune on March 17, 2014 at 9:03 am with 103 Comments »
March 17, 2014 4:03 pm

The News Tribune has confirmed the Seahawks have re-signed Steven Hauschka to a three-year deal.

Hauschka had a tremendous season last year. Hauschka was 41-for-43 on the season (95.4 percent). He had one kick blocked and another he missed following a bad exchange and hold.

Ian Rapoport says the contract is for $9.15 million with $3.35 million guaranteed.

Here’s our story for tomorrow’s paper:

Kicker Steven Hauschka was so accurate last season for the Seattle Seahawks, head coach Pete Carroll labeled him, “Hausch Money.”

Hauschka took some money from the house Monday.

After making 95.4 percent of his field-goal attempts last season, the Seahawks signed Hauschka to a three-year contract, worth a reported $9.15 million, with $3.35 million guaranteed.

Not a bad deal for a man who went to Middlebury College in Vermont to become a dentist. He began kicking his sophomore season at Middlebury after being cut from the soccer team.

Hauschka was 41-for-43 on the season, including the playoffs. He had a kick blocked and returned for a touchdown against Indianapolis. His other miss came at the end of a bad exchange and hold between the long snapper and holder against Arizona.

Outside of the block, Hauschka was 14-for-14 from 40-plus yards. In the NFC Championship game, he took the rare step for a kicker of telling Carroll he didn’t think he could make a 52-yard attempt and thought the Seahawks should go for it instead. Jermaine Kearse caught a 35-yard touchdown on fourth-and-7 to give the Seahawks a 20-17 lead they would not give back to the San Francisco 49ers.

The kicker also had a memorable special teams moment when he attempted to make a tackle on Tennessee Titans kick returner Darius Reynaud. Reynaud lowered his shoulder and blasted Hauschka back, leaving him bloodied and woozy.

Hauschka, 28, will be going into his fourth season with the Seahawks. He’s played six NFL seasons since being undrafted out of NC State, where he transferred to from Middlebury.

He entered the league with the Minnesota Vikings in 2008. Since, he’s played for the Baltimore Ravens, Atlanta Falcons, Detroit Lions, the Las Vegas Locomotives of the now-defunct United Football League, Denver Broncos, then, finally, the Seahawks in 2011.

His re-signing is an important one for the Seahawks’ run- and defense-first approach to controlling the game. In the last two seasons, 18 of the Seahawks’ 32 games have been decided by seven points or less.

The Seahawks have four remaining unrestricted free agents: tight end Kellen Davis, offensive lineman Paul McQuistan, fullback Michael Robinson and rush end/linebacker O’Brien Schofield. Schofield had a deal with the New York Giants prior to failing a physical, which put him back on the free agent market.

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  1. Looking at the cap:
    Started the day @ $17m
    Assuming Hauschka @ $ 3m
    Draft Picks @ $ 5m

    Leaves them with $9m to spend on a FA and an extension. That’s not very much and would seem they can only offer Melton/Allen a 1 year deal @ $5m.

  2. yankinta says:

    Not bad for one of the best, if not the best kicker in the league,,

  3. yankinta says:

    pabuwal,, yup yup, that’s why they gotta rework Okung’s contract. Extend him but push his money out to next year,, so that we can extend Earl and RS.

  4. I wonder if they just let Okung play his deal out and go from there….

  5. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I would like to see Okung’s contract restructured & Avril’s contract extended & restructured. Then cut Carpenter to get an additional 1.5 mil.
    Doing all that could get us about another 10 mil to play with making a total of around 20 mil.

    Then sign Melton and/or Allen and extend Thomas.

    We might even have some left over for a RT/G free agent.

  6. chuck_easton says:

    Great news. This is further evidence that this FO is dealing with the Cap wisely.

    This is a very good contract for Hauschka. He is now the 11 highest paid kicker in the NFL but he has long term stability.

    This is also why Seattle isn’t throwing crazy money at either Melton or Allen. Those guys want that big payday, they can find it elsewhere.

    pabuwal, we are now in the time of off season where only the top 51 contracts are looked at to determine if the team is within the Cap.

    This is why no big offers with huge front loaded 2014 payouts. Those deals move right into the top 51 and would push Seattle towards the Cap.

    The team can have 90 players under contract up to final cut down in September. 51 contracts count towards cap and 39 do not.

    During regular season the team has to ensure that all 53 active contracts, all IR and PUP contracts, and all 8 PS contracts are below the cap. That is why you see big name players cut in the final round. The team can’t get their contract under the cap.

  7. FleaFlicker says:

    I don’t think the cap matters when it comes to Carpenter becuase of his dead money. It’s essentially a $1 million difference whether we keep him or cut him. While Carp might be a back-up, that’s a decent amount of cap space to allocate to a serviceable and versatile guy that can start a few games if needed.

    I’m hoping we don’t sign anymore big FA’s. Roll that cap space forward to next year!

  8. Good point, so that probably gives them another $4m or so to my estimate, leaving them with $13m to spend.

  9. montanamike2 says:

    Restructuring Okung makes sense. He’s a pro bowl LT but this toe thing made him perform at just above average. I respect that he played through his injury to the point of a SB.

  10. Because Okung is in his final year, the only way to restructure him would be to extend him and it would have to be for big money. I’m not convinced the Seahawks are ready to do that just yet.

  11. Pabs –

    As I understand it, I don’t think the rookie contracts will count $5M against the cap. True, there is a rookie pool, but that only dictates what the total of the rookie contracts can be (cap within a cap).

    For the total salary cap, only those rookie contracts that are in the top 51 of players salaries count. The players selected in rounds 4 and lower may very well not count against the cap. And since we select late in the rounds and don’t have a 3rd round pick for Harvin, I’d estimate the rookie impact like this:

    Round 1: 1.3M
    Round 2: 1.0M
    Round 3: No pick
    Round 4: 500
    Round 5+: Likely salary below the top 51 and don’t count towards the cap.

    So, I’d guess the rookie impact will be under $3M for this year.

  12. chuck_easton says:

    Only because I’m a contract/cap geek I provide the following for consideration:

    Top 51 Contracts in Order of largest cap hit to smallest

    Percy Harvin, Russell Okung, Cliff Avril, Marshawn Lynch, Max Unger,
    Kam Chancellor, Brandon Mebane, Earl Thomas, Michael Bennett, Bruce Irvin, James Carpenter, Doug Baldwin, Jeron Johnson, Tony McDaniel,
    Heath Farwell, K.J. Wright, Richard Sherman, Jon Ryan, Anthony McCoy,
    Tarvaris Jackson, Bobby Wagner, Lemuel Jeanpierre, Clint Gresham, Russell Wilson, Christine Michael, Robert Turbin, Byron Maxwell,
    Malcolm Smith, Jordan Hill, Jeremy Lane, Greg Scruggs, Travis Beckum, Jermaine Kearse, Ricardo Lockette, Deshawn Shead, D’Anthony Smith, Greg Van Roten, Bryan Walters, Tharold Simon, Luke Willson, Spencer Ware, Michael Bowie, Alvin Bailey, Derrick Coleman, B.J. Daniels,
    Caylin Hauptmann, Benson Mayowa, Jesse Williams, Chris Matthews,
    Kenneth Boatright

    Other players currently under contract, but out of the top 51

    Mike Taylor, Akeem Auguste, Phil Bates, Michael Brooks, Dewayne Cherington, Arceto Clark, Chandler Fenner, Cooper Helfet, Jared Smith, Korey Toomer

    The list does not include either Hauschka or Miller because the details of their new contract are not known so we don’t know where they would slot in. The best guess I can make would be to put them both between Irvin and Carpenter. This would bump Matthews and Boatright out of the top 51.

  13. montanamike2 says:

    I heard a St. Patrick day joke: I am part Irish and part Scottish. The Irish part wants to drink and celebrate. But the Scottish part refuses to pay for it.

  14. chuck_easton says:


    For today go with your IRISH side!!!! Get your Scottish side so drunk he doesn’t remember how much you spent. Problem solved.

  15. I’m amending my prior post. I think the rookie impact will be less than $2M on the overall cap. Maybe less than 1.5M. For instance:

    Sign your first round pick for 1.3M. That bumps someone making 500K out of the top 51, so only counts 800K against cap since you eliminated the 51st guys salary.

    2nd round pick at 900K also bumps someone at ~500K out of the top 51, so cap impact is 400K

    No 3rd round pick

    4th round and lower picks will be very close to bottom of top 51, so not adding much to overall cap (swapping a 550K guy for a 500K guy, etc.)

  16. grizindabox24 says:

    I read that NO and NYJ are in on Rice along with the Hawks

  17. montanamike2 says:

    I don’t trust Rice’s knee to hold up more than half a season if that.

  18. I have been predicting for months that Carpenter will be released. His release would save $1.42m against the cap and free a roster spot. I still believe this will happen, but I am convinced it will not happen until after the draft and much closer to the cut down to 53 in the fall.

  19. Another potential cap casualty I have my eye on is Heath Farwell. He is an important part of special teams, but is 32 years old and seldom used as a LB. He will count for $1.25m against the cap.

  20. Given that they sent Bowie back to the bench after the Saints game, I don’t see how Carpenter gets cut barring a weight disaster.

    I think he and Bowie will compete for the starting LG job and if he loses, he’ll stay as the backup.

  21. Pabs….. it may go the way you say, for sure.

    But each day I think that there is more chance they put Bowie in at RT. Breno has signed with the Jets and the Seahawks haven’t done ANYTHING with the o-line.

    But at the end of the day I think we could draft a kid, pay him a fraction of what Carpenters $1.42m and get better play.

    But you never know how PC/JS will draft or handle the o-line.

  22. I was thinking Bailey is the RT of the future.

  23. wazzulander says:

    In the previous post Todd assumes Bowie is the “clear leader” at RT, but doesn’t say why. I thought they might like Bailey out there more too. They also like Person a lot in the pre-season.

    Phil Bates is an interesting name for WR depth. They obviously like him enough to keep him around a few years on the PS and even try him out at FB. I assume he is back at WR now.

  24. Hausch money baby

  25. Singularitarian says:

    Funny story
    I was living in Denver a few years back, me and a buddy were at a bar downtown hanging out, putting a few beers back. I start talking to this girl, a punk rockish hipster looking girl, obviously not the type of girl who’s into sports. So anyway were BSing, taking a shot or two, whatever. This girl is super cute.

    our friends are over talking to some other people, it’s me and her sitting at a 2 top, when this deuche bag walks in, cuts me off, stands between me and the girl at this little table, facing her, and starts talking to her. I’m not really the type to put up with deuche bags trying to be cool and pick up a girl that’s obviously sitting at a table WITH me, so I stand up, put my arm around the guy shoulder, and join in on the conversation, showing the dude that I’m not intimidated, nor am I going to sit back and be disrespected.

    This young, tall, super skinny, cocky as can be, smug little kid is talking about being the kicker for the Broncos, which the girl (who probably hated sports and this deuche) replied sarcastically “neat”. I paid a little attention to the Broncos, enough to to know that Jason Elam was the kicker.

    I replied “isn’t Jason Elam the kicker for the Broncos?” He says “Jason Elam is hurt, I’m kicking for the Broncos right now”. The smug look on this kid’s face is really irritating me. I reply “Oh, so you’re the back up kicker, that’s cute. But me personally, I wouldn’t even admit that I was a back up kicker for the Broncos, let alone going around bragging about it to try and pick up chicks, cause this girl right here, obviously doesn’t give a @#$%”. She says “I don’t”. Then me and this guy spend the next couple of minutes exchanging insults, I’m ready to skip the tradition of going outside and just knock a cat out in the middle of the bar. My friend comes back and the girl says we should go to the bar next door so we dip out, I’m still kind of hoping this guys makes a move, but he was more interested in talkin snobby trash, and making excuses.

    His name was Steven Hauschka. And now I have to root for him

  26. Why all the concern over Earl Thomas who will be making 5.5 M. Richard Sherman is set to make 1.5 M and is more valuable. Both become free agents 2015. Thomas ends a 21.5 M contract and has seen the money. 2,222,444M for Sherman. Please pay the best corner in the NFL!

  27. vichawkfan says:

    Good story. Kickers are usually knobs for some reason. Apparently the biggest knob of all is Matt Stover. Long story so you’ll have to take my word for it.

  28. Southendzone says:

    That is a funny story. Hopefully it occurred before Haushka got married.

  29. Singularitarian says:

    I don’t know I’ve only met the one. Maybe it’s like they are the wimps of the nfl and don’t have a choice in the matter, so they decide that they’ll try and be the tough guys when there aren’t actual real pro athletes there to keep them in check?

  30. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Funny story.

  31. Heard Turbin on the radio during the end of the season and they were clowning around on Hausch, but Turbin did say Hausch was pretty athletic and suprising strong in the gym.

  32. seahawkNJ says:

    Funny story Singularitarian…but how’d you make out with the girl? Are you going to leave us all hanging like that? C’mon man…you’re better than that!

  33. Singularitarian says:

    SeahawkNJ- at one point. She came up and started making out with me in front of Haucshka, at the next bar she kind of went off the deep end.and I’m not into drunken sloppy girls.

  34. bigmike04 says:

    Seattle Seahawks re-signed TE Anthony McCoy to a one-year deal worth $1.35 million. that is the contract number.. do wonder if they keep him if the do signed Finley as don’t see hawks carrying 4 TE

    The Seattle Seahawks re-signed PK Steven Hauschka to a three-year, $9.1 million deal Monday, March 17, according to sources. The deal includes $3.3 million in guarantees. 3.3 guarteed that pretty good..

  35. Southendzone says:

    You’re lucky it wasn’t Efren Hererra, he would have knocked your ass out!

  36. montanamike2 says:

    Good story Singularitarian, i think kickers are like mall cops and want to show off out of insecurities. We just signed a very good mall cop long term. I love stories like that.

  37. Dukeshire says:

    Singularitarian – “His name was Steven Hauschka. And now I have to root for him.” Lol.

  38. Singulatarian–Now THAT was a funny story!

    However, dude is now worth 9 million at least–or will be barring a total meltdown. Doubt he has to worry about impressing chicks too much now. But he sounds like a total douchebag for sure.

    Still having a hard time believing a kicker who struggles to make a 50-yard kick is worth 3 million a year, but Seattle figured Tate wasnt worth 6 million a year…

    He’s clutch inside 50 though.

  39. Singularitarian says:

    I do think he’s pretty money from closer than 50. It’d be nice to have a kicker that could give us a shot at a game winner from 59 yards. Maybe he can, I don’t know. Carroll sure doesn’t seem to trust him outside 50, maybe he’s just conservative, but I gotta think he doesn’t have the leg. Though I haven’t ever been as comfortable with a kicker from 45 for a game winner, outside Josh Brown during his badass stretch

  40. Pabs–I agree. This is another one of Todd’s opinionated one-liners, with nothing backing it up. I think Bailey has a better shot of taking over RT as well–he’s got faster feet and is better at pass pro. Bowie had 7-8 games at RT, and honestly, I was glad to get Breno back…too bad Breno laid an egg out there and regressed last year.

    Bowie has got to be the favorite to win the LG job though–or RG if Cable would EVER let a fair competition happen there. Bowie’s one game at RG was better than any single game from Sweezy, and that dude’s had two full years to pull his head out.

    And of course, many of us are desperately hoping one of our top 2 picks is a RT who actually can pass pro…

  41. Singularitarian says:

    sttbm you stole the words out of my mouth

  42. Carrol said he overruled and benched Bowie vs the Niners and after because he wanted to go with the experience. I guess he preferred a guy who knows what to do–but is either too fat and slow (in Carps case) or too old and washed up (in McQ’s case) to actually block anyone–over a guy who might make some mistakes, but can REALLY block….

    I think with a full training camp and preseason, Bowie and Bailey will carve starting spots out for themselves.

    My prediction is Carp gains another 10 lbs this offseason and eats himself to 370 lbs….

  43. God, I wanna get Carps fat ass on a scale I can trust. There’s no way in hell that dude is under 350 lbs….

  44. Singularitarian says:

    I agree with you about Bowie and Bailey also. I gotta think Carp is gone or close to it and Bowie should gain some experience and trust with this offseason. as long as he doesn’t take one from Carp and show up fat to camp. How can you make a case to start or even be on a team if you can’t keep in reasonable shape during the offseason? I don’t get that one

  45. MontanaMike2–I dont trust Rice’s knee either…or his head…or his hip…or his ankle…The guy is an Almost-Was. Still, if he can be had for less than 3 million a year, I’d be interested in bringing him back.

    Its never a good idea to make your one glaring need in the first round so obvious, nor is it ever good to reach for a position of need; that results in guys like Carpenter and Irvin. Bringing him back would make it less obvious that we’re gonna nab a WR high.

    Still, I think they do that anyhow. We really should have done that last year, getting a guy onboard to replace Tate at least a year before we lost him, but no dice…We spent that pick on Harvin, who hasnt shown he can be a starting SE.

  46. montanamike2 says:

    When i met up with STTBM this year, i told him a story of when i was a kid, i had a pea shooter that was extra long. I used corn instead of peas because the sharp kernel would scratch and cut people and even would sting people with light coats on. I loaded up a mouthful and would ride around on my 3 speed until i found someone suitable to unload on. My friends little brother,(not that little) was walking back from the store with his sister and i sprayed him in the head. He started crying so i stopped and told him to stop being a baby, his name is Paul. I actually apologized and told him i never meant to make him cry and then went on to find my next victim. Paul was a gay kid but anyone who was at that spot at that particular time would’ve gotten it. I didn’t do it because he was gay, it was an equal opportunity hate crime! I forgot about it hours later and went home for dinner. Paul’s mom called and said he was in the ER getting some corn surgically taken out of his ear. I got in trouble again. As we got older and were in junior high, i asked many girls out on dates and received their phone numbers, later when i called them they told me they changed their minds. Paul was popular with all the girls and made me pay for something i did when i was ten years old! STTBM told me the term is #$%& blocked and that described it pretty well. Singularitarian did that to Haushka.

  47. Singulatarian–I just hope Carrol and Cable think Bowie and Bailey have the potential some of us on the blog do…and that Cable opens up a fair competition at BOTH G spots, not just LG. No free starting job for Sweezy or Carrol’s Always Compete mantra is just BS…

  48. You mean Haushka did that to Singulatarian, MontanaMike2!

    Dude, I have to say you have some of the CRAZIEST life stories I have ever heard..and I believe every one! Coming from such a reasonable guy, its so incongruous as to be hysterical, but like I said Im buying it.

    I not happy that just when I was finally going to quit being cheap and buy a real Seahawks jersey of a current player, the Hawks let him go with barely a whimper. And I cant bring myself to buy a Lions jersey…if only he’d gone to Jax, I could have worn THAT with pride…

    To make matters worse, I cant buy a Baldwin jersey either, as it looks like he will leave ASAP too. And not even Kearse is a safe bet, because he’s only here another year or two as well….

    There’s something to be said for being cheap (and broke)!

  49. montanamike2 says:

    STTBM i’m such a slow typer that i didn’t know you were here when i told that story.

  50. Josh Brown, now there is another kicker who is a douche bag extraordinaire.
    Remember when he’d make a special teams tackle and flex and point to the number on his back? That macho act was sort of cool when he was one of us, now that he’s not, he’s a DB.

  51. So what’re you all going to do if Carpenter’s starting opening day?

  52. montanamike2 says:

    Josh the traitor.

  53. No worries man!

    I didnt post much this weekend since I only have my phone. Also, the ridiculous hateful comments toward Thurmond were pissing me off. The guy got paid, he’s had to work hard to get it. He overcame several MAJOR injuries, two in college and a twice-broken leg in the NFL, and his suspension, so Im happy for him. There was no way Seattle could afford him, and he’s good enough to start for the Giants, so more power to him. Plus, we dont have to have him; Lane is good, and we have depth.

    He didnt sell his soul and go be a Niner either. And though we rehabbed him and his suspension sucked, it didnt matter in the end. What was he supposed to do, stay for 1 million a year? Theres no way Seattle even offered him 2 million a year. Considering his age and his injury history, he’s got to get the money while he can; one more injury and he’s a pariah.

    Every year some people on the blog do this. A player leaves–even if they are cut or traded–and suddenly they are Persona Non Grata…they did it with Hasselbeck, and now they are doing it with Thurmond and Tate. Tate certainly never earned the kind of scorn thats been directed at him. It makes me embarrassed for the 12’s to read some of the garbage posted…

  54. If Carp starts opening day? Assuming Bowie outplayed him in preseason–which is what I think happens–I will be pissed, and I will call into question 1) Cable’s ability and integrity and 2) Petes Always Compete Mantra. I guess then he’ll have to amend it to Sometimes Compete…at MOST Positions…

    But I will still root for Carpenter and hope he finally a)loses weight and b) Gets It.

  55. montanamike2 says:

    Thurmond redeemed himself by not joining the Whiners, still sore about losing Tate.

  56. Josh Brown was such an asshat, Im still using my blog handle to mock his idiot self.

    Yes, his macho act was as bad as Ken Hamlin picking off a pass on the five yard line on fourth down–40 yards downfield–and running out of bounds instead of just slapping it down, then patting himself on the back and looking confused when the Home Fans booed his stupid ass…

  57. MontanaMike2-_Yeah, that was cool he went to the Giants. Thurmond and his pimp suits will go down well there. Ive always thought Thurmond was a jackass, but a mostly harmless one. I still wish him well.

    And I guess Tate was pretty much my favorite Seahawk; Im still feeling bummed about losing him. But life goes on, the team is still in great shape, and perhaps when we have a bad game-as is inevitable-I can catch a Lions game and watch Tate tear it up…

    At least we got Bennett back. And Clinton McDonald finally got a starting job and some decent money; he’s a class act.

  58. Dude, STTBM, just get a Wilson jersey or #12 fan jersey.
    Can’t get any safer than that.
    I would never get another team’s jersey, no matter how much I liked the guy. I just couldn’t get myself to wear a jersey that wasn’t a Seattle team’s. It would be like paying for an ex-girlfriend’s dates with her next boyfriend. Even if I liked her a lot, not gonna happen.

  59. CCVI–LOL!

    Im not buying a Wilson jersey. Everyone has one of those. Im partial to WR’s generally, but Ive been thinking about a Malcolm Smith one too. I have to say, I was calling for him to start all season long…and I was not proven wrong!

    But he’s in the same boat with other Blue Collar guys I like–Baldwin, Kearse, etc; they might price themselves off the team by the time I pay off the damned thing!

  60. I think its pretty obvious why Todd said that Bowie is the clear leader right now to start at RT. Only two players started at RT last year, Bowie and a guy who isn’t here any more.

    Assuming that Bailey might play at RT has no basis. Its just a wild guess by some.

    Bowie started 7 games at RT and 1 at RG. Bailey didn’t start any games. He’s clearly behind Bowie on the depth chat.

  61. or depth chart

  62. montanamike2 says:

    I think a Smith jersey would be cool, i’m proud to be the only one in my group to wear a Chancellor jersey.

  63. I’m kinda tweaking you guys on Carpenter, STTBM, though for my money there’s no one on the line who’s been golden. I’ve seen Okung get blown by and Unger get pushed into the runner’s lap. It’s hard for me to tell, too, because I don’t really know what the calls are on the line. Is Carpenter supposed to shoot out and nail the linebacker, which he seems to have done effectively (granted I don’t watch game film for a hobby), or is he supposed to help on a double team? It may be that Bowie outplays Carpenter in camp and preseason, but… we seem to be slotting him in mentally to take Breno’s spot. So it would have to be Bailey who beat him out. Maybe there’s a Mike Iupati clone out there in the first round.

  64. Stevos–Bowie played there, but he didnt exactly look comfortable there, even after 7 games. And even when Breno struggled, he never was put back in at RT. He looked like a slightly better Carpenter at RT.

    Bailey has been used as an extra T playing outside the other linemen. He’s better at Pass Pro than in run blocking, and he’s got much quicker feet than Bowie. And Seattle used him at LT in preseason, where he did well–though he struggled in practice during the regular season, by all accounts. Those things point to him being either a RG or RT with us, rather than a LG.

    Of course, they both have to perform. And they both have to be given a fair shot to win a job. There’s no guarantee that will happen with Cable at the helm.

  65. Sidney Rice is still out there negotiating with the Seahawks, Saints and Jets. When healthy (admitedly not very often) he’s twice the WR Tate is. And he’ll get signed for 1/2 of Tate’s contract. I’d welcome him back at a decent price.

  66. ST – nothing there points to Bailey being at RT. He could play either G spot plus back up at LT next year, which is essentially replacing McQuistan’s role. Bowie is the guy who put in a ton of time practicing at RT, not Bailey.

    And for as down as some people are on our offensive line, starting Bowie at RT is actually an instant upgrade. In Giacomini, we had a guy who wasn’t trusted to start a single NFL game until his third year. In Bowie, we have a guy who started 8 games in two positions as a rookie, and played well. It won’t be long before Bowie makes people forget all about Giac.

  67. montanamike2 says:

    I thought Bowie would compete for LG.

  68. I always thought Bailey looked better than Bowie, personally, but Bowie was the one that got the starts at RT. You’re right on that one, Stevos.

    It would be awesome if the B&B twins could step up and both take hold of starter spots whether LG/RG or RT. I think our line play would not be any worse than last year, if not better, but at a much lower cost.

  69. GeorgiaHawk says:

    How so was Josh Brown such an asshat or for that matter Haushka but Tate and Thurmond don’t deserve any criticism.

    I don’t know any of those players enough to call it either way but I do know that Haushka and Brown produced at a very high level every year they were Seahawks.

    Can’t say the same for Tate and Thurmond.

    Good grief! How many times are we going to hear complaints about Posters saying supposedly ridiculous hateful comments about Tate and Thurmond, ect… only to hear ridiculous hateful comments about Hauska, Brown, Carpenter, Sweezy, Cable ect… by the same poster that complains of others doing it?

    Time to take a step back, look in the mirror and see who is really doing the most complaining. And it isn’t even close.

  70. Southendzone says:

    I think bringing Rice back has a lot of upside potential. I want to believe that the short season and extra rest will have a benefit to his other knee issue (not the ACL). In this world of mine, he becomes a top 5 WR in the league, pulling in all sorts of deep balls and terrorizing defenses.

    In other words, the exact WR we drafted him to be and the one that everyone is hoping we can draft this season.

    “Why Not Us?” -Sidney Rice’s Knees

  71. grizindabox24 says:

    Ian Rapoport ‏@RapSheet 10m
    If there is a Henry Melton signing with the #Cowboys, doesn’t sound like it’ll happen tonight. Vikings in it, Seahawks not as much.

  72. I did not really like what I saw from Bowie the RT last year, even if he was just a R. I loved what I saw of him as a G though, even for a good veteran, which he was clearly not. I hope he ends up as our LG.

  73. CCVI — no doubt the “B&B twins” must have Carpenter looking over his shoulder these days. That dude had better have a seriously productive offseason or (as someone above predicted) he’ll probably be a cap casualty soon.

    What the heck, bring them all in and let them compete to the death. I just hope we don’t see that ‘rotation’ b.s. happening next year. Pick 5 and let them play together for a few years.

  74. BobbyK, I wouldn’t discount the fact that Bowie’s first games played as a raw rook were at RT, while he didn’t play at G until later in the year when he had some experience under his belt. Who knows how it all looks by next August…

    in any case, we do know this… the original black hole at the center of the galaxy was created by a Michael Bowie block.

  75. Im still betting Bowie is nothing more than a below-avg RT talent. However, I think he’s a great candidate at LG or even RG, though Cable likes his RG’s to be quicker and more athletic, as his system requires them to pull more often than the LG.

    Who knows with Bailey, but as I said, he’s more athletic than Bowie, though less of a road grader in the run game.

    Those of us who said Carpenter was too slow to make it at RT after his first 8 games there were right. Im saying the same about Bowie–he’s not quick enough to be a good RT. He’s a G. Nothing wrong with that, its just bound to be frustrating if he’s a square peg pounded into a round hole at RT.

    They put Bowie at RT because he’s the kind of guy Cable wants to play RT–huge road graders. Unfortunately, Cable has not found one single Road Grader who can actually play RT at even an Avg level. Bailey appears to have the athleticism to play T. And I’d love to see him get a shot at RG as well.

    Bailey needed more time to grasp the mental aspect of playing in the NFL, and he’s not as much of a beast run blocker as Bowie is. But thats not to say he wont someday be better than Bowie–as much as I like Bowie, I think Bailey is the greater natural talent.

    Ya’ll were sick of me grousing about our line, now that I have hope for two of our young guys you dont like that either? Sheesh…

    I think those two have a good shot to lock down 2 of the 3 spots on the line that need drastic improvement. And from what I saw, Bowie is what Carpenter is supposed to be–a natural Beast at LG. Bailey is a guy I can see at RG or RT. And it wont hurt my feelings any if Sweezy and/or Carpenter steps up and plays halfway decent next year.

    All I really want is an avg offensive line outside the C/LT. We get that, Lynch will be an MVP candidate; he’s that good.

  76. Right, the rotation idea was novel thinking and outside the box, but
    it doesn’t let a specific group gel. If we could have Okung, Bowie, Unger, Sweezy and Bailey start all 16 games through good and bad, then we’ll really have something when it’s time to Dance.

  77. Singularitarian says:

    I’m at an odd spot with the Melton thing. On one hand I’d like to see him on the team, and if healthy he could take the line to a new level. On the other hand let’s see some of these guys like Scruggs and Hill get some playing time. Seattle has done well at plugging in successful players that they drafted late. Let’s see if these kids can play while saving some money. I think I’d take Melton on a 1 year prover for 4.5 or less. Not sure that gets the ink to the paper tho. So screw it. Let’s roll some money over and get that 7 million cap increase next year and sign OUR studs

  78. Georgia–Tate was a good player, and outside his Donut incident, NEVER got in trouble or did anything to make us lose respect for him. Haushka’s little incident as reported by Singulatarian is funny, but paints him as a total douche. Hard to respect a guy who acts like that. But Im not ragging on him like so many here ragged on Tate and Thurmond.

    Did you listen to Josh Browns interview, the one where he sounded like he was high on coke or something? The stuff he said–the little that made any coherent sense–was pathetic. The guy is a jackass, and got what he deserved–no playoffs and erosion of his skills. To compare what he did, and how he did it, to Tate and Thurmonds situation is illogical at best.

    When you run down a persons onfield performance simply because they went to another team, THATS hateful. Thats what folks are doing to Tate and Thurmond. Both were pretty good players for us–Tate was better than that, and he did it for three straight years.

    Tate performed at a high level for 2-3 years. His rookie year was a wash. To say he never performed at a high level is just not true.

    As for Carpenter and Sweezy, those guys SUCK. Theyve sucked all along, and IM pretty sure they will always suck. Carpenter compounded it by gaining at least 30 lbs since college, where he was already fat. His laziness, poor conditioning and poor performance open him up for any and all criticism, at least in my book. He deserves everything he gets, and then some.

    As for Sweezy, Ive said a thousand times I dont blame him; he’s giving it all he has, but like McQ, shouldnt be starting. Cable deserves what he gets too; given a second round Pro Bowl talent C, the sixth pick in the draft, the 25th pick in the draft, two high-priced FA’s, and several sixth/seventh round picks, NOT TO MENTION four years to whip them into shape, he produces a bottom-5 offensive line. Yay?!

    Thurmond is not a traitor for leaving for a starting job and 3.5 million per year. Seattle couldnt pay him much, it was his time to move on. Tate OBVIOUSLY wanted to stay, and would have taken a paycut to do it. But Seattle lowballed him and equally obviously doesnt value him the way I do.

    Some of those saying stupid things about Thurmond and Tate seemed to like those guys just fine when they were on our team. Suddenly they change their mind because the FO couldnt/woudlnt pay them anything close to market rate? Thats stupid.

    Its not who is doing the most complaining, its that some are saying a player who was pretty damn good sucked, simply because they arent on the team any more.

    No matter how you slice it, Georgia, Carpenter is waaay out of shape and has not performed at even an avg level. Neither has Sweezy or McQ or the dear departed Giacomini (he was decent in 2012). And when they leave, Im not going to get suddenly hateful to them–it will probably cause me to simply ignore them, just as with guys we cut or traded who sucked–Rob Sims, Gallery, Wahle, etc. Nor will I suddenly get all nostalgic, and forget how bad they really were.

  79. Brown not only left for the same or less money–depending on how you look at taxes etc–he said a BUNCH of really stupid and selfish stuff on his way out. THATS why I loathe the little rat.

    THurmond may be a bit of a jackass, but he never dogged Seattle or the fans on his way out the door. Neither did Tate. Tate was very sincere in his sadness at leaving, but the FO left him little choice. I still think he should have stayed, but I understand why he left, and he was pretty classy about it, whether you want to admit it or not.

    Brown has no class whatsoever.

  80. grizindabox24 says:

    STTBM…let the Tate thing go, you are beating a dead horse

  81. I get that Thurmond was a fool for smoking and getting busted. He let his teammates down. In the end, it didnt cost us much, and we won a SB and found out Maxwell was the stud you predicted him to be. I get that people are angry with him for that. Me too. But I cant see trashing him or his play here. He was a good player who battled back from serious injury setbacks. He should be fairly compensated for his skill level, and Seattle coudlnt do that. So he’s a Giant. Big deal, we dont need him that badly.

    I just cant get on board with saying he never was any good, or he’s a punk, or Good Riddance. He’s not the most mature kid in the world, but he’s always kept his nose clean except for his piss test. Im glad we dont have to worry about him and BB getting high anymore, so I wish them both well.

    Browner is another guy some are saying never was any good. And thats not true. He’s an idiot who paid a high price for his stupid decisions, but he’s not a bad guy or a bad player. And he’s another guy we wont miss too much, since he’s far too expensive for what we need him for.

    I was right about Tate and Kearse, you were right about Maxwell. I do have to eat some crow there–and its tasty!

  82. Griz–Im really not even worked up about losing Tate. He’s gone, and Im ok with that. What bothers me is the folks saying he was a jerk, or an idiot, or wasnt any good anyway. Thats BS revisionist history. Im just as ticked about those saying BB and Thurmond werent any good. They were. They just cant be retained for a reasonable price now, and so are gone.

    But I think it sucks how some turn on a guy like Tate after coaches decided to let him walk. He deserves better. Thats all.

    And as I said, current player who really are crappy–like Carpenter and Sweezy–deserve to be called out for it, at least in my book. But yes, Horse Dead and Beaten to a Pulp.

  83. I cant see Seattle signing Melton or Allen. They cant offer anything close to fair market value for them. What happened last year with Bennett and Avril wont be repeated, with salaries rebounding and the cap increasing.

    And it kinda bums me out that our Coaches dont have more faith in Irvin/Scruggs/Morgan/Schofield/Hill etc that they need to chase big OLD fish like these guys.

    But I figure if they think we need them, then we damn sure must need them.

  84. grizindabox24 says:

    Adam Schefter ‏@AdamSchefter 2m
    Titans WR Kenny Britt had completed visit with New England, now will travel to Washington. Panthers, Seahawks, Rams are interested as well.

  85. grizindabox24 says:

    STTBM, you keep throwing out Schofield’s name, but what are the chances he even gets re-signed? My guess, slim.

  86. MoSeahawk12 says:

    JCIB is still available. Just sayin.

  87. I wonder what STTBM is thinking today. Anyone heard from him?


  88. Bowie started at RT in week 10 and didn’t look good even after starting there 8 weeks in a row. He wasn’t quick enough, IMO. But he could and did brawl with Dockett at guard in week 16 and looked good. He was better than Carp ever was at LG in in his playoff game against the Saints too. Who knows, maybe they move Carp to RT like it’s his rookie year all over again? In that scenario, I think the line would be better off that way because at least Bowie will be good at LG while Carp sucks at RT. It’s better than having Carp suck at LG and Bowie sucking at RT.

  89. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Yes, delusional opinions about players and constantly shooting the Horse Dead and then Beaten to a Pulp, over and over and over again.

  90. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Why do every time I see STTBM post I think of one flew over the Cuckoo’s nest?
    Maybe I’m on the right blog after all. Lol.

  91. MoSeahawk12 says:

    That poor run and pass blocking horse…

    Forth best in rushing last season, just twelve yards behind the gold standard O-line of the 9ers. All those #1 picks and years together and all. Twenty eight other teams would love to trade places with our run blocking stats and results.

  92. nighthawk stopped posting after the Hawks started winning. I kind of miss his rants, except our FO has now earned the right not to be bashed. I think they can be questioned from time to time, but not bashed. You can’t bash a group who has done what they have done.

    I only mentioned him b/c of the “One Flew Over…” comment. lol

  93. Bobbyk–I agree. I miss nighthawk too, but at the end he was pretty crazy and didnt make much sense. I also agree that PC and JS have done so well that they have earned a few screw ups–no one is perfect after all–so some questioning is fine, but bashing is just stupid.

    I question letting Tate go then chasing after guys with neither guts nor loyalty like Jame Jones and Kenny Britt, just to save two million a year, but Im certainly not bashing them. Im not privy to the final cap space dollars, nor to their overall plan. Nor do I have Coaches All-22 film nor the Seahawks playbook, both of which are needed to have a truly informed opinion of Tates value to the team.

  94. Mo–You are cherry picking your stats, and ignoring most of them while choosing one that suits your Big Picture views. While Seattle had the fourth most yards, they had more attempts running than anyone. Lynch’s YPC went down what? A full yard per carry since last year! That wasnt because he lost a step, it was because the line underperformed.

    The line’s effectiveness is not simply measured by yards gained. YPC, and YAA (Yards against average) are two stats that more accurately gauge the actual EFFECTIVENESS of the line, and if you look at THOSE stats, our line is not particularly good.

    Seriously, my high school line could get Lynch 1,000 yards. Even the Pats line could have got Lynch 1,500 yards–look what LaGarrette Blount did in the last third of the season–you think he’s better than Lynch?! No, he just had a better line and faced lesser Defenses.

    Every decent writer and stat site shows Seattle’s line to be in the bottom third of the league, despite a huge investment in money at three positions and three high draft picks. This line is a model for over-drafting and spending for little reward. We won a SB in SPITE of them, not because of them.

    Moving forward, I expect Okung and Unger to return to health, and for that to help immensely. Add to that Bowie and Bailey and hopefully a rookie high draft pick RT, and I think we have a bright future for our line. Now tell me again how that makes me a pessimist?

  95. Georgia–The difference is you denigrate players you have an illogical dislike of, while I do not.

    If the men with butterfly nets come calling, I think they go after the resident drunk.

    The resident Unpopular Guy? Ill still be here, annoying those with no ability to be analytical…

  96. Georgia–Which opinions do I have that are delusional, and in what way?

    I would posit that your stated opinions of Tates relative lack of worth are delusional. Which player have I undervalued, since you claim Im negative?

    YOu may say I overvalued Tate, and thats probably accurate since JS and Pc let him walk. But if thats true, then YOU are the one who is negative and not me. Think about it.

    And say what you want, Sweezy is still one of the worst three or four RG in the NFL despite two full years starting. Of course he improved–there was nowhere to go but up. While I want him benched, its not because I think he will never be good, its just that I feel others are better and he isnt ready yet.

  97. MoSeahawk12 says:

    Right, you are the king of cherry picking stats to support your singular view. At least get your facts right when. Seattle did NOT lead the league in rushing attempts. That would be Buffalo.

    “Seriously, my high school line could get Lynch 1,000 yards.” Now this is delusional, disrespectful and kills any credibility you think you have. This type of statement reveals major personal bias towards the group. Completely ridiculous statement. Stupid actually. Typical.

    “Every decent writer and stat site shows Seattle’s line to be in the bottom third of the league, despite a huge investment in money at three positions and three high draft picks. This line is a model for over-drafting and spending for little reward. We won a SB in SPITE of them, not because of them.” You mean the line that was missing it’s starting left tackle, starting center and starting right tackle for half the season? They also lost the starting tight end that is a major factor in the run game for another couple of games. The line that had to throw two rookies into the starting lineup for half the season, playing next to an older, overmatched guard playing left tackle? That line? You always bag on Cable, but that line with massive injuries and rookies playing against the NFL West won thirteen regular season games and three playoff games. They still rushed for the forth most yards and won 19 games. Name one other team that suffered even half the injuries that our line did and won as many games. You can’t because they don’t exist.

    Cable probably did his best coaching job with what he had to work with. You clearly don’t understand oline play. Which brings me to your next statement.
    “Im not privy to the final cap space dollars, nor to their overall plan. Nor do I have Coaches All-22 film nor the Seahawks playbook, both of which are needed to have a truly informed opinion of Tates value to the team.”
    This also applies to any player or position of the team, yes even the awful oline. You don’t have any of those, yet you keep throwing your uniformed opinion about a group that overcame ridiculous obstacles to win it all. Did they underperform? Sure, how could they not missing three starters for half the season and starting two rookies at the most important position on the field. You have stats that say so, but stats without results are just stats. Winning is the stat that trumps all. This group won more than any Seahawk team ever.

    By the way, you might have missed the stats that show Lynch lead all players in rushing yards during the playoffs. Despite going against two of the toughest defenses in the Saints and 9ers. He was also the only player to go over 100 yards against the 9ers all season. There’s some stats for you. Your high school line wouldn’t have done that.

    Let’s just disagree to agree. I think many are as tired as I.

  98. MO–The Denver Broncos line lost their top TWO Centers, plus their starting LT for the entire season, and I believe they also lost a G or two for at least part of the season (but dont quote me on that). They outperformed Seattle’s O-line and had just as many injuries, and for longer term, and won a lot of games as well.

    Well, they got hammered by our D in the SB, but our D is awesome, and our O-line couldnt block for squat vs the Denver D. And the Denver D was missing their top CB, Top DE pass rusher, second string DT Vickerson, Starting DT Wolfe and one or two others. That mangled backup hodgepodge D-line eabsolutely stuffed our offensive line in the run game.

    Obviously I dont believe that my HS line could block any D-line in the NFL. I was making an outrageous exaggeration to make a point. For the record, our largest linemen was 235 lbs.

    I just cant understand how you can gloss over the offensive line’s failures and ignore them completely just because the team won a SB. The other coaches and players made up for the inadequacy of the line. They did just enough for us to win–with LYNCH, the toughest RB in the world. I shudder to think what this line would have looked like with an average back like Turbin all year.

    I agree, I dont have the same insight into the the line as the staff of the Seahawks. But I do know something about line play, and I am very analytical and I paid attention to them closely, and have for years. So despite my opinions angering you, they are not uninformed or stupid, as you claim.

    The point is that guys like Sweezy, Carpenter/McQ and Breno played badly even when healthy. They played WORSE at the end of this year than they did last year, and it wasnt due to injuries or a lack of cohesion. Face facts, those guys just werent any good. Unger and Okung played poorly because they played through injuries all year, and likely werent even close to 100%.

    The fact still remains that Carpenter is a first round pick who performs below the undrafted free agent level, McQuistan is washed up and needs to retire, Breno regressed and Seattle let him walk because of it, and Sweezy is one of the worst performing G’s in the NFL and is in no way, shape or form ready to start in the NFL.

    You and Georgia keep saying Sweezy and Breno and Carp/McQ are average, but that would mean they fall between the 13th and 25th best players at their position. They dont. Any way you slice it, these guys are much closer to the bottom. Its arguable exactly where they fit near the bottom, but there’s no way in hell you can say they are in the middle of the pack performance-wise for their position in the NFL. They just arent that good.

    The offensive line did not win more than any Seahawk team ever. The TEAM won more than any Seahawk team ever. They went along for the ride, and barely held their own water.

    There’s no mistaking that Lynch is a beast. And make no mistake, the credit for our success running the ball is mostly on his broad shoulders. I did think the line performed better in the playoffs, though not in the SB. There is still a real need for improvement there though.

    Have you noticed how many yards Lynch gets after contact?! Several games he got 65 out of 80 some yards after contact. Any other back would have done less than half that, and the line would have been exposed for what it is–one of the worst units in the NFL.

    I will say that Lynch going over 100 yards vs the Niners was a high point for the line, and I appreciated it. But that still doesnt make up for their deficiencies in performance across an entire season, and in fact Cable’s entire tenure here.

    I guess if you want to utterly ignore the individual and group performance of the line by glossing over it and focusing on the SB, thats fine. Im still just as happy as you are about the win–maybe moreso because I was worried the line would cost us a SB victory, and they didnt. But I am a much more analytical person than you–obviously–so I will continue to see things differently. And I will back up my opinions. If you dont wish to discuss the line, then dont. Feel free to avoid talking about them.

    And really, its okay that you are a lumper and Im a splitter–you look at the big picture and ignore the rest, and while Im aware of that big picture, the little stuff–like the performance of one position or position group–is what I tend to focus on. There’s nothing really wrong with being one or the other–I dont really think either of us is stupid. We just see the world differently.

    I am focused on moving forward and improving the one glaring weakness on this team. I dont think we need an offensive line of total studliness like the 2005 Hawks, but what we’ve had since then–especially last season–just wont cut it either. What we need is a line that is avg or just below in pass pro, and above avg in run blocking, and hopefully we get there soon. Right now, we are not even close in pass pro, and struggling at run blocking consistency.

  99. confucious says:

    Holy crap. That’s not a post, that’s a short story!

  100. MoSeahawk12 says:

    “You and Georgia keep saying Sweezy and Breno and Carp/McQ are average”
    I have never said that. That would be Georgia.

    I have stated that the line had massive injuries and started two rookies at two of the most difficult positions on the line. I don’t gloss over the inadequacies of the line. I just don’t rail on them every day in every thread for years on end. They certainly gave up too many sacks and there were games where Lynch was getting hit in the backfield and not gaining many yards. Lynch also saw more nine man defensive fronts than most backs. Why? He plays on a team with a second year QB throwing to a group of receivers that lack deep speed. Teams have stacked the line to slow Lynch as he’s been our most lethal treat. For the record, Lynch is my favorite running back ever, behind only Curt Warner and Walter Payton. He plays like a man that is living out his last day on earth each time he touches the ball. His combination of power, toughness, heart, balance and desire are unmatched in the NFL.

    I certainly understand what he brings and how he gains yards after contact. He still needs a line to block and the line he plays behind has enabled him to have the three best years of his career. They can and need to improve, but to imply he does all this alone is inaccurate at best.

    One of my biggest concerns is the sheer amount of penalties committed by the offense. They committed almost 700 yards in penalties. The most by a lot considering the next closest was the Saints at 562 and then the Bucs at 523 yards. Marshawn had many long runs called back due to penalties. He could have been over 1500 yards based on the type of penalties enforced. Many of these were on the oline. I credit this to lack of experience and injury more than talent. When you have rookies playing half the season at the tackle positions, they are going to get beat. When they lack experience they get beat and they hold. Remember, these guys were not drafted this season to start. Throw in the major injuries and now you have guys unable to perform at the highest levels playing next to guys with little to no experience. Sure these are excuses, but they are the reality of the season. A season that regardless of how bad you think they are with all your stats that put them near the bottom overall, they performed well enough to finish with the forth most rushing yards last year and had the number one rusher in the playoffs going against two of the top teams in The Saints and 9ers.

    I tend to look at more than stats to see a full picture of each group. Stats are relevant when used in context. Stats often leave out results. Peyton Manning had the most completions ever in a Superbowl. His receiver, Demaryius Thomas caught the most passes even in a Superbowl. On the surface these stats sound impressive unless you watched the game. These all time great stats accounted for a grand total of eight points in a blowout loss.

    Stats can be misleading and interpreted differently by individuals. You put a lot of weight in the stats based on the oline. I put more weight in the context of those stats and the impact of the results. Stats say they are bottom third in the league, but the results show they are top four. I’ve been around football for over thirty years as a player, member of the media and viewer. We both know the line, let alone any player or group fall somewhere between the stats and results. They are clearly not as horrible and “epic fail” as you say and not as good as I think they can be. Regardless, they still deserve respect for what they accomplished and the constant name calling should be below you and doesn’t make your argument any stronger. It actually weakens your stance in my opinion. Many other posters have lightly called you out on this front over the past few weeks. I’m far from the only one that mentions your constant assault on the oline.

    We know we will see a different group playing oline this season. I’m hopeful that the experience they gained as rookies will benefit them this year. They have room to improve and I expect them to play at a higher level than last season. I certainly don’t think it realistic to have the #1 Defense and also have money to field the #1 offense. With the cap, you have to pick and perform. I’ll take the #1 D every time to go along with a top fifteen offense. That will win many Superbowls.

  101. MoSeahawk12 says:

    Followed by another short story.

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