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Tweet Link: Report: Browner to join Revis on Patriots, or does he?

Post by Todd Dybas / The News Tribune on March 13, 2014 at 7:12 pm with 25 Comments »
March 13, 2014 8:19 pm

Brandon Browner has reportedly made it all the way back from his suspension to join a serious contender in the New England Patriots, who also signed cornerback Darrelle Revis. Browner will be suspended the first four games of next season.

That tweet was immediately followed by conflicting reports about a deal with the Pats:

Finally, some posturing and a full denial from Browner’s agent, Peter Schaffer, who always speaks in bombastic terms.

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  1. I hate to see Browner go elsewhere. He was a great corner and a great teammate. But that said I actually think both Thurmund and Maxwell are better cover guys.

    But I can only wish Browner well and I hope we see him against us in the SB next year.

  2. MadSweeney42 says:

    I think most people agree that Maxwell and Thurmond are better cover guys. Browner’s physicality was his asset with ET3 behind him to mnake up for coverage lapses. Definitely a trend setter for the LoB but ultimately he put himself in front of the team with 12 games missed due to suspensions in the last 2 years, plus 4 to come. Even for the people who believe the Browner issue was an outrageous misappropriation of justice, he still would’ve been nailed with 4 games this past year, still 25% of the last two years missed. It worked out so I don’t have hard feelings towards him, but I don’t see how he can be trusted to keep his nose clean if he’s willing to gamble away (and lose) his well earned giant payday on top of hurting the team.

  3. vichawkfan says:

    @RapSheet: This is an interesting twist. I’m told the #Seahawks are now interested in re-signing WR Sidney Rice, a salary cap casualty.

  4. Dukeshire says:

    I’d Seattle let’s BB walk they need to make a play at Thurmond. I like Lane and Maxwell enough, but the secondary’s just got *much* thinner without them.

  5. Strategicdust says:

    I’m hoping Seattle takes a close look at bringing in Edelman to replace Tate. If nothing else, drive up the price for SF. We need WR depth as much as they do.

  6. Soggybuc says:

    Maxwell is far better and Lane is ready for an expanded role if WT III
    Bails. Yet to see what Simon can do not mention who they dig out of
    The sand at the bottom of the draft this year.
    Never forget that except for ET every member of the LOB was an unknown till pudding time.

  7. vichawkfan says:

    Thurmond brings more risk which most other teams might discount more than us. Apart from last year injury prone. One positive away from year long. He thinks he’s worth more than what they value him at, no shocker.

    Edlman is shorter than Wilson. They would need jump passes to connect on inside routes. Doubt they pursue him for 4 mill per to return punts. I said yesterday the door opened for Rice when Tate left. Good signing if they can bring him back. The Wrs all look up to him in the room and when healthy…..

  8. MikeFromNewJersey says:

    CB- Sherm, Max, Lane, Simon and probably a couple of angry draft picks with chips on their shoulders…S- Earl , Kam , JJ , Snead… No worries we are still loaded in the secondary.. L.O.B.!!!

  9. jamielarrydon says:

    Can’t we just sign BB as a backup corner ss hybrid?

  10. rramstad says:

    So let’s state the obvious.

    Here again is someone who works for one of the NFL media properties, reporting totally incorrect information.

    When will this end?

    It’s ludicrous.

    I totally understand the desire to be first, I get that, but if you work for the NFL, and your byline says “NFL”, when you report on the NFL, you BETTER BE RIGHT.


  11. HonHawksLSB says:

    Hawks are so stacked we could not sign another player and be just fine.

    Harvin replaces Tate and our WR core is automatically an upgrade. Baldwin can return punts.

    Irvin goes back to natural Leo spot and will get double digit sacks. Emergence of Malcolm Smith at lb allows that.

    Browner & Thurmond are 1 & 2 strikes away from very long suspensions. Maxwell and Lane are almost as good if not better plus younger and cheaper. Lets also not forget Johnson had a tendency to make big plays 2 years ago before getting hurt. Him and Shead should compete for dime duties.

    What am I missing? I think we got stronger. Our rookie class last year basically was afforded the chance to redshirt. Those boys can play and are going to surprise some people, not me but some people.

  12. Dukeshire says:

    I would argue that Seattle cannot count on Harvin for a full season, so that’s a potentially big issue. I would also note that Irvin’s time at DE, especially the weak side, he’s been invisible.

  13. IN my mind Harvin and Rice together might total 16 games and that with Baldwin and Kearse is a full WR corp

  14. We haven’t gotten better (yet). When you take Irvin from LB… you essentially take away any quality depth we had at the position. Sure, I like our three starters, but the depth is bad. Terrible, in fact. We were lucky we had 4 good LBs this past year because people missed time and we had players to fill in. When Wagner went down with the high ankle sprain, KJ moved in at MLB and did well as he was flanked by Irvin and Smith. When KJ went down, we had Smith and Irvin still both at OLB. As much as some have been disappointed by Irvin, he’s still a lot better than any of the other LB depth. Now we have no depth.

    No way Irvin, even for ’14, is better than Clem. He’s not stout in run defense and he only has his speed as a pass rusher. If you watched him rush the passer this year he either runs around the tackle and usually doesn’t make a play or he runs into the tackle with no wiggle/moves and doesn’t do anything. His sacks last year were mainly due to pure speed against RTs and now he’s going to move to Leo and go against better LTs and get double digit sacks when he’s shown no evidence yet of any pass rush moves? I hope you’re right, but I don’t buy it. And, sure, Red was overpaid, but losing him on run downs is going to hurt no matter how much Williams/Hill develops in year two (and I like Hill moving forward).

    Losing WTIII is fine, but depth is hurt again. Remember, we lost 2 starting CBs this past season (first Browner and then WTIII). We aren’t going to have the luxary to have two great CBs to replace starters this upcoming season, imo (Lane may be fine as he continues to develop, but that’s only one).

    We may be fine on paper in relation to our starters but our depth has certainly taken a hit. All our starters aren’t going to stay healthy (most likely) in ’14 and we saw there were plenty players who missed games at CB and LB this past season to know we’re going to need to build up that depth moving forward.

    I’m not too worried right now because it’s early March and I know Mr. Happy and crew will fill in some spots nicely (as they always have) but at this point – we are not a better team than we were a few weeks ago. Not yet.

  15. thursday says:

    Rap said that Browner himself told people close to him that he was agreeing with the Pats deal. That’s why he said what he did. Sherm even congratulated him on Twitter. Him and Revis really helps the Pats imo.

    I think we’ll get a full season from Harvin.

    I also think we’ll get a hungry WR in the draft.

    Bottom line: I trust this FO.

  16. I think we all trust this FO but that doesn’t mean they are always going to be perfect (Carpenter, James) and, as fans, we like to talk about the team and analyze stuff for the fun of it. It’d be pretty boring if we just quit following the team from Feb. 2 until the three days of the draft and then not again until training camp started. I trust Wilson but that doesn’t mean he’s never going to throw an interception ever again. While the in-season is more fun, it’s still fun to follow and speculate during the off-season. One thing I will say for this FO that I admire (besides drafting studs late like Sherm, Kam, Smith, The Mighty Michael Bowie, etc.) is that the compete thing is usually real (not when Moffpender were drafted though) and if you’re not good enough – you don’t play or make the team like when they cut 4th round picks like Wilson and Harper in their rookie seasons and cut another 4th rounder after just one year (or got rid of a 3rd rounder like Moffitt after 2 years). It’s pretty cool when they walk the walk and don’t keep a guy just because they were a higher pick.

  17. The first memorable move the FO made was trading for Whitehurst. Good gads I thought they were imbeciles. Well they made amends for that one. Something we have to consider is that we may have just witnessed the best Seahawks team that we will ever see. We just blew the doors off of our Superbowl opponent. All the stars have to align for what we just witnessed to happen. An amazing and magical season. After waiting my entire life, I do not take it for granted nor count on a repeat. But changes always happen and it’s fun to take on a new challenge.

    I got what I NEED with a first Superbowl win. Now it is about WANT which is much more relaxing.

  18. Remember that we were the 4th youngest team to win the Super Bowl.
    These moves are necessary, because PC/JS want a dynasty in terms of competing at a high level forever, and to do that you have to stay young, build through the draft and keep the cap manageable.
    So, we will have some backup guys be starters/play starter snaps this year ( Willson – TE, Scruggs – 5 tech, Hill – 3 tech, Lane – nickel, Smith WLB)
    We will have some practice squad guys and draft picks be good quality depth ( Simon – CB, Shead – FS, Mayowa – LEO, Boatright – RDE ) and some low draft picks and undrafted free agents with huge chips on their shoulders be surprise practice squad and 53 man additions. That’s how you keep this thing going.

    If we had kept Clemons, McDonald, Bryant, Maragos, and Browner, we might be better for the next year or two, but also getting a lot older and we’d be maxing out the cap every year.
    This way, it makes it feasible for us to keep Earl, Sherm, and Wilson, while also staying competitive and getting/staying younger.

    Still, I wouldn’t mind seeing Jared Allen doing his calf-roping celebrations at Century Link for a year. With our

  19. With our 12′s bringing the noise, and Allen’s get-off and relentless motor, fugeddaboutit.

  20. Well said CCV. If Pete and John can turn over the entire team in short order, I trust them to address a few gaps with new young players year to year. I’m most excited to watch the development of Mayowa, Scruggs, J. Hill and Christine Michael.

  21. CDHawkFan says:

    For those of you who had problems with Browner and Thurmond and their ”stupid” pot ways, I hope you aren’t wanting to sign J Allen.

    Did you know that he has been busted 3 times for DUI? How much of a problem with booze (and being stupid) do you need to have to get busted 3 times?

  22. djbargelt says:

    Perhaps this years Seahawks edition improves the offense, and the defense steps back a bit, ( if we indeed draft with the O-line in mind, and perhaps a WR or two). The possible addition of Jermichael Finley and perhaps keeping Zach for killer two TE formation packages, a healthy Harvin, an improving Kearse, RW’s continued growth, and a better O-line. That could mean very good things for the offense. If our Defense is not quite as perfect as last year, we are still going to be a handful for other teams.

    And considering the rookies we already have in the stable, plus JS & PC’s past draft performance, I think we will be even a better, more balanced team that last years SB winners.

  23. bulldog80 says:

    Two different suspensions and who knows how many total positive tests and you’re going to say that BB is a good teammate? Give me a break, he’s a selfish ass. Go be the Patriots problem.

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