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Seahawks sign QB Tarvaris Jackson

Post by Darrin Beene / The News Tribune on March 13, 2014 at 11:33 am with 76 Comments »
March 13, 2014 11:34 am

Tarvaris isn’t going anywhere.

The Seahawks re-signed their backup quarterback, Tarvaris Jackson, in a move reported by The Associated Press Thursday.

The rest of the story:

Jackson is a favorite in the Seahawks locker room and a capable backup to Russell Wilson.

Jackson was part of the three-way quarterback competition that Wilson won during the 2012 preseason. He was later traded to Buffalo but never got into the mix with the Bills. He was released last preseason and immediately brought back to Seattle to serve as Wilson’s backup.

Jackson appeared in three games during the 2013 regular season and even got a few snaps in Seattle’s Super Bowl win over Denver.

Jackson started 14 games for Seattle in 2011 while playing through a chest injury.

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  1. jchawks08 says:

    Well.. It’s something. Something positive even. Funny how (I think) we all LOVE T-Jack as our backup.

  2. Good news.

    Now sign Hauschka.

    And some o-line help.

  3. Looks like Finley will sign with the Seahawks once he’s cleared.

  4. Wonder what Finley’s deal might look like?

  5. Jackson seems to have improved his game dramatically since he went to Buffalo for a year. Maybe he learned something, or maybe RW helped him “get it”, or maybe not having the pressure of trying to win a 3-way qb battle or be “the guy” helped him…whatever it is, when he had the chance to play last year in preseason and regular season, he looked NOTHING like the player he’d been two years before.

    I hope we can keep him as backup longer than just for next year, but regardless I am thrilled to have him back. If the unthinkable happened and RW got hurt, I think we could win the big game with T-Jack now. He’s better and so is the team.

  6. Pabs–Where did you hear that about Finley?

  7. My guess is that Finley’s deal will be less than Miller.

    As far as Jackson, his big improvement came in the second half of the 2011 when he went 5-3, with a QB rating around 88. All 3 of those losses saw the Defense giving up a late game winning drive to the likes of Rex Grossman, Alex Smith and John Skelton. 3 of the starting OL (Okung, Carpenter and Moffitt) and Rice were hurt for a large stretch of those 8 games.

  8. freedom_X says:

    I agree, I don’t think Jackson is materially different now than he was his 1st go around. The big knock on Jackson was that he couldn’t rally the team in the 4th quarter (in stark contrast to Wilson.)

    The only way we’ll really know if Jackson has gotten better is if Wilson goes down and Jackson plays for an extended period of time.

    I’d say Jackson is perceived better because the fan expectations are far different. He was up against a loaded deck the 1st time around.

  9. HawkfaninMT says:

    Tuck to the Raiders… 2 years 11M

    Did that just set the bar for aging pass rushers? i would take Peppers or Allen on that deal in a heartbeat!

  10. RDPoulsbo says:

    I loved the reaction of my Viking fan friends when they saw T-Jack mopping up the Superbowl. Priceless.

  11. Pabs–I remember that. I also remember that Jackson seemed to play better after he hurt his peck, and his play declined once it healed, which was odd. In those losses, he also had the ball in the fourth quarter and couldnt put any more points on the board to seal the deal…

    He just couldnt seem to get anything going with one last shot. It was maddening to watch.

    Now, I think he could do it. He’s no RW, but who is? I hated the idea of him returning as starter, and was happy we signed Flynn, but I was equally happy to get him back last year and this year.

  12. His pec didn’t heal during the season. He played the entire time with that partially torn pec because the alternative was Charlie Whitehurst.

    Like I said at the time, Jackson isn’t going to make that last 2 minute game winning drive against the 49ers (which he ultimately did not). Not many QBs will.

  13. One thing I noticed in his preseason play–and his mopup duty last year–was that he had lost his seeming indecision in the pocket. He stayed longer, but when it was time to book, he BOOKED! No more of his panicking early, or staying so long he may have been cooking a steak, allowing strip-sacks..

    He also looked more measured in his passing, and his touch on deep balls was beautiful–and better than RW’s throws of similar distance. Before he would rifle a ball in the general area at Mach Ten, now he’s got more touch and is choosier and more careful with his throws.

    I did notice a real difference. Of course, our offense is different as well, and we had a good WR corps, its not all T-Jack improving.

    He’s not our starter, but I wont feel devastated if he ever has to play. He can do it now. And unfortunately for Seattle, he may just get one last chance to start elsewhere in 2015; you never know.

    Hell, I bet Minny would have been far better off with him than the junk they had the last couple years…

  14. I agree Pabs, his inability to move us downfield in the fourth quarter was his glaring weakness and failure, and its his to own unless and until he finally does it. RW has done it multiple times, though he also threw picks in the fourth quarter when down multiple times last year as well….No one is perfect.

  15. seaturkeys says:

    Great choice for 2nd qb.

  16. ChrisHolmes says:

    “The big knock on Jackson was that he couldn’t rally the team in the 4th quarter (in stark contrast to Wilson.)”

    Yes, that was the effect – the end result – of his deficiencies.

    But that’s kind of like going on a date with a cute girl who has a cold, and saying the knock on her is that she sneezed, coughed and had to blow her nose a lot. Those are just symptoms of a deeper problem (a virus).

    Jackson’s virus is, to my way of thinking, his inability to play the QB position at a high level between his ears.

    He has always had enough physical talent to play at this level, but what happens in his head, with his decision making, is why he’ll never be anything more than a backup.

    Jackson’s biggest deficiency, in my eyes, is his inability to quickly process defenses after the snap of the ball, and to make a quick decision about who is going to be open, and where to go with the ball. When you watch him play, you can almost see the wheels spinning in his head. The information just doesn’t travel quickly with him.

    I’ve read that Jackson is very “smart” about the offense; that he knows the offense and has a high football IQ. But it’s his lack of ability to *quickly* process information and make decisions that kills him. And the reason this manifests as a 4th-quarter flaw is because the pressure increases as the clock winds down. Jackson has shown, time and time again, that as the pressure mounts, his decision making gets worse.

    This is why I’ve always said that what happens between a guy’s ears is way more important than his physical attributes. Sure, you have to be able to throw the ball and “make all the throws”, but to play at a high level as a starter in the NFL, what separates guys is the ability to process information – to determine what a defense is doing – AFTER the snap of the ball, and know where to go with the ball (and to be accurate with the pass, but that’s another story, and something I don’t feel can be taught).

    All of these guys, by the time they reach this level, can read a defense pre-snap. They know what look they are getting, or what the defense wants them to think the look is.

    But it’s what happens after the ball is snapped that counts. Those first two seconds determine the success of the play. If a guy can’t process what the defense is doing in those first two seconds, then the play’s chances of success dwindle. Every second that a QB doesn’t know where he’s going with the ball is one second closer to failure of the play.

    Jackson has just never had that quick-twitch brain matter that allows a guy to make a fast decision and execute a pass. And I don’t think that’s something that can be taught or fixed.

    But hey – he’s our backup. And a good locker room guy by all accounts. I don’t care as long as he’s not starting.

  17. I wonder what Seattle will pay Finley–if they sign him. And I wonder what that means for Zach Miller. Kinda crazy to pay big money to TWO TE’s…especially when they coudlnt cough up an extra million a year or so to keep a home-grown talent like Tate. And it aint like Finley is going to take less than big money, unless the NFL is scared of his spinal fusion and he does a one and done deal…

    Nothings happened yet, so Im not freaking out…but Im a little confused. We’ll see what shakes out…

  18. grizindabox24 says:

    STTBM, you ever consider that letting Tate go was not really about money?

  19. KFFL reports Finley has left seattle without a contract.

  20. grizindabox24 says:

    osbrey, that is because Finley has not been cleared for contact, which will happen before Finley gets any contract offer from anyone.

  21. griz, Im sure they still want that prototypical SE–ie, Big, Strong, Fast; at true number One. But that wasnt the major reason–the major reason was Tate played himself out of Seattle’s finances. They had a budget for what they were willing to spend for him, and he exceeded it so they let him go. Im sure there were other factors, but the simple fact was they were only willing to spend so much, then no more.

    Sounds like they really want to run a lot of two or even three-TE sets, and so are gonna try to sign Finley. Hell, they may actually cut Miller then, who knows? But it looks like they have a plan for that extra million between their offer to Tate and his price in Detroit, and they really needed it…

  22. Screensmoke says:

    Not sure what isconfusing here – pretty obvious what is happening – zack restructure or cut- another outstanding move by Super Bowl champion PC/JS- no Brainer- we have to have money for backbone of team RW/ET/ maybe RS-

  23. I think they drafted Tate all along to be slightly different Harvin. When they were able to get Harvin, and he cost so much, they made the decision then that Tate was only going to get so much and no more, as he isnt as explosive as Harvin and while he’s unique, isnt sufficiently different or explosive as to be irreplaceable.

    They need that tall fast guy to complement the WR corps, and I think they are going to leave no stone unturned to find one.

  24. Screensmoke–Not sure dumping Miller for Finley is a genius move. If thats what they do, its risky. Miller has the best hands of any TE in the NFL–bar none. He’s also one of the best blocking TE’s out there, and fast enough to be a threat downfield–IF we could ever field a competent O-line. He’s no burner like Finley, but he is a better receiver and blocker.

    We have Willson as the receiving Joker TE; we need an all-around guy like Miller. With Finley’s suspect blocking, terrible drop percentage, and injury risk with that fused spine, he’s a GIANT risk, especially if we pay him like we’re paying Miller.

  25. grizindabox24 says:

    STTBM, if the Hawks really wanted Tate, they could have ponied up the money…his deal was not so large it was prohibitive. Seems to me the Hawks made a conscious decision to part ways with him unless they got a huge hometown discount, making it to good to pass. I see it more as, the Hawks decided to move on.

  26. AZHawksFan says:

    Golden wasn’t that great. Sign Steve Smith to take his place and you will forget about the maple bar thief who didn’t take the home town discount. No integrity. Smith should be a very viable replacement for Tate.

  27. grizindabox24 says:

    AZ, I can not for the life of me figure out why people want Smith. My point, with Baldwin and Harvin, the Hawks are not looking to replace Tate, they are looking to replace Rice.

  28. AZ–Congrats! That is the single stupidest comment on this blog in quite some time. Smith is washed up and TINY.

    No integrity because he didnt take a HUGE discount of over 1 million a year–plus halved guarantee?! I hope you hold yourself to standards that high.

    In no universe is Smith a replacement for any starting WR. He’s a number three WR now, and thats it.

  29. djbargelt says:

    If Finley takes a one year deal at a lower pay grade, and Zach takes a pay cut, we could have some killer two tight end formation plays dialed-up, not to mention having nice depth at the TE position when you factor in McCoy and Willson.

  30. I bet that stunt Tate pulled on his long TD run didn’t help him. I agree with the immature comments. But I WILL miss his big plays!

  31. Griz–You may be right. I still think that Seattle would not have called Tate one of their two highest priorities if they WANTED to move on. Its less of a stretch–and less speculative–to think they just werent willing to pay him that much.

    The simplest answer is usually the best. But yes, its posssible–though not likely–that they wished to get a different type of player at SE. I just dont see that being the driving force, I think thats a reach.

  32. grizindabox24 says:

    STTBM, I just think that the Hawks put replacing Rice as a higher priority than resigning Tate since they already have Harvin and Baldwin.

  33. If they sign Finley, they aren’t keeping Miller around.

  34. doubledink says:

    Easy on the “best hands in the league” stuff. Word has it that there is a guy south of here who is the best pass catcher ever. lol

  35. grizindabox24 says:

    pabs, I am not so sure about that. I could see them go with Miller, Finley, Willson, Baldwin, Harvin, Rockette, Kearse, and a WR from the draft, especially if Finley doesn’t command a huge number. You will see more 2-3 TE formations and fewer FB formations. I think this is more about next offseason. If Finley holds up this season, Miller will be gone next offseason.

  36. Ray_Maines says:

    I think they draft ASJ at #32

  37. grizindabox24 says:

    Ray, not going to happen. They are looking OL or WR.

  38. Best hands for a TE, not best hands period.

  39. GeorgiaHawk says:

    If wanting to sign Smith is the single stupidest comment on this blog in quite some time the comment that Miller has the best hands of any TE in the NFL–bar none is the single stupidest comment on this blog of all- time.

  40. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Also Smith may be short but there is nothing tiny about the greatest Panther of all-time.

  41. RDPoulsbo says:

    I see Sherman is in a twitter spat with Blount.

    Careful. He just might sucker punch you after a game.

  42. One needs to proceed TJack’s name with “Super Bowl winning Quarterback Tavaris Jackson…”

  43. Georgia–I was referring to his entire comment.

    “Golden wasn’t that great. Sign Steve Smith to take his place and you will forget about the maple bar thief who didn’t take the home town discount. No integrity. Smith should be a very viable replacement for Tate.”

    The idea that Tate wasnt that great is ludicrous. The idea that Smith could take his place is ludicrous. The idea that a tiny, angry, washed up and EXPENSIVE Smith would make anyone without dementia “forget” about Tate is ludicrous. The opinion that Tate lacks integrity because he took 6.25 million more to play for a team that loves him and will help him reach his maximum potential is ludicrous. The opinion that “Smith should be a very viable replacement for Tate” is also ludicrous.

    FIVE ludicrous statements in one short comment: I believe we have a winner here!

    And I stand by my assertion that Miller has perhaps the best hands in the NFL for TE’s.

  44. pope–maybe “Super Bowl winning Backup QB T-Jack…lol!

  45. grizindabox24 says:

    I think STTBM is ludicrous

  46. Annnnnnnnd the blog comments have officially become insanity…. I thought it would take at least a few more days……wow…just, I mean, WOW….Steve Smith? I’d like my only memory of that punk to continue being him crying on the bench when Seattle handed Carolina’s ass to them in the NFC championship game in 2006. And Peppers? Allen? Cutting Miller? Draft ASJ?

    I don’t even know what to say.

  47. Screensmoke says:

    As much as I like miller – as a person and player he is getting long in the tooth – that’s basically my whole point here – he has taken a lot of hits- his days are numbered

  48. GeorgiaHawk says:

    STTBM- Perhaps is more like it.

  49. STTTTTBM- love your game analysis and most comments but once again you’ve got your dead horse beating club out. If it’s not Tate then it’s O-line. I can agree but eventually you must realize at a point that you’re just arguing with yourself. You’re not gonna get any of them here to change their minds. I admire your persistence though… FWIW… I just don’t think a lot of us value Tate as highly as you…

  50. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Smith is a punk but no more of a punk to us than Sherman is to every other teams fan base.

  51. Griz–Care to explain exactly why?

    Georgia–Ok, which TE’s in the NFL have better hands than Miller? Whether or not he is the best is debatable, certainly, but he’s definitely one of the best.

    Screensmoke–I didnt say anything about him aging, and that has nothing to do with his catching ability. But yeah, he’s bound to slow down sometime soon…I just hope it isnt this year.

    DFloydd–Some of them are just yanking chains, others are really that stupid as to think Tate wasnt very good, or that Smith at this point in his career can adequately replace him on a team with 3 of 4 starting WR’s already under 6′.

    I dont take issue with those that believe Tate wasnt worth what Detroit paid him, or those that think we will be ok without him. I think we’ll be ok too. The issue I have is with those who are insulting or saying things that are patently untrue. And those comments are going to get a response from me.

    As for my comments on the line, its the same story. The three most important issues on this team this offseason for me were 1)Re-signing Bennett 2) Tate and 3) the O-line and needed upgrades there. So those are the things Im most interested in discussing/arguing about.

  52. freedom_X says:

    I don’t think Miller is any way, shape, or form, on his last legs. Seattle’s offensive concepts don’t throw to him. They have him block. He plays almost all the offensive snaps, so it’s not as though they’re working around Miller’s limitations.

    Whether Miller is worth what they’re going to pay him this year is a different matter. Unless the offensive line gets a lot better, I don’t see where Finley fits in even if healthy, unless they think McCoy can do all the heavy blocking that this run oriented, conservative offense requires.

    Personally, if Finley is signed, I think he ends up replacing McCoy. Or, as others point out, Miller won’t take a pay cut, so they cut Miller and go look for another blocking tight end. I have to think in that scenario (barring drafting of another TE or another big name TE signing)) that McCoy gets most of the snaps, because he would be the best blocker of the three.

    I actually would speculate that if Miller goes and Finley comes in, that Seattle is indeed looking to draft a TE high, and my bet would be on Seferian-Jenkins, who is the best potential combo blocker/catcher of the top TE prospects.

  53. Georgia–Smith is a dirty player who gets physical and should have been thrown out of multiple games. Sherm is neither dirty nor cheap–he just talks. Ive got a lot more respect for him than I do Smith. And Smith IS washed up. Even says he’s no longer got speed. He’s simply a little worn out slot receiver.

  54. The other thing to consider is that Finley is an idiot. He really truly is. Expecting him to come in and get chemistry with RW and learn our ZBS right away is probably expecting a Dog to be house trained in one day.

    Though perhaps the blocking scheme in GB isnt so much different than ours? I dont know, but I doubt it.

  55. STTBM- at least you make sense. I was a detractor of yours for awhile but you’ve somewhat won me over. You don’t post nonsense. Passionate in your beliefs of team need? Sure and I have to respect that…. even if it drives me a tad buggy at times…

  56. Im happy with Willson, McCoy, and Miller. Hoping Seattle just stands pat. Finley is intriguing, but wont be all that cheap and I dont want to see McCoy go, I want to see a comeback.

    Im also hoping we draft a big fast WR in the first round, and a T in the second, and a G in the fourth or fifth round. Thats it. Thats my wishlist, people…

    And of course, winning yet another SB vs the Broncos or Pats!

  57. DFloydd–You can always post a comment on what exactly drives you buggy. As long as youre not insulting, I will respond calmly.

    I will argue a point to death, and argue with almost everything I disagree with if I see a flaw in logic or fact. And I do obsess over the flaws I see on this team–the lack of a real SE, the O-line, etc…

    And occasionally, I get too worked up and go off. Ive even behaved like a troll before, though I always apologize. So I can understand if I drive you nuts sometimes. In person Im not quite as intense, ask MontanaMike. Im actually a fairly positive, engaging person.

    On here after a rough day? Eh, not so much…

  58. Dukeshire says:

    Finley is far less an inline TE than Miller, so relying on him to learn Seattle’s blocking scheme isn’t necessarily a huge issue.

    And even if I were, they wouldn’t expect him to learn it “in one day”.

  59. I’d like to see a Superbowl win against the Colts…would love to read Yankinta comment on that for months. Ha! Now I’m just being a d*ck. When does camp start again?

  60. SandpointHawk says:

    Charlie has made a fortune because he looks like a NFL Quarterback…Up to 8 million for two years?????

  61. grizindabox24 says:

    Golden Tate five year deal $31 million, $13.25 million, $8 million bonus; salaries $1.5 million, $3.75M, $4.75M, $6M, $7M

  62. DFloyd–The other thing is that Adults rarely change their mind about anything, even when confronted with irrefutable proof. Its a fact. The only way they change their mind is 1) if they are forced to or 2) they were looking to learn the truth or have their opinion changed to begin with.

    Which I suppose means arguing with people on here is silly; but its fun!

    I just try to correct what I see as untruths, lies, or illogical suppositions. The rest I try not to get too worked up about.

  63. Dukeshire–My point was it may take him more than a year (not just a day)to get comfortable in our offense, kind of like trying to housetrain a dog in one day.

    And thats another thing; Finley is a different kind of TE than Miller or Willson; he’s in between.

  64. GeorgiaHawk says:

    STTBM- How could Smith get physical when he is tiny?

    I love me some Sherman but if you took a national poll or for that matter a world poll Sherman would be at the top or close to the top as the dirtiest player in the NFL.

  65. grizindabox24 says:

    I am even more sure the Hawks did not really see Tate as a need after seeing the contract breakdown

  66. vichawkfan says:

    Isn’t Miller due a 1 mill roster bonus or something in a few days? And isn’t his contract front heavy enough that he’s reasonable this year and would count enough dead money if he’s cut to not make it worth cutting him?
    Finley is only going to be 1 or 2 year deal with little guarenteed and probably around 2-3 mill at most per year.

  67. HeinieHunter says:

    I think the main problem with Tate was he saw himself as a “Core” player and the FO did not. Golden was a good player, a true playmaker, but hardly irreplaceable. ET, RS, Kam, Beast, Russ, Bennett, Wagner, Harvin, and a couple of others are all players that would be very difficult to replace. Tough to be irreplaceable at WR but not impossible, Fitzgerald and Julio Jones come to mind.
    That said, he made enough big plays this year to be a big part of the path to the Super Bowl. He will ALWAYS be a Hawk to me just based on that.

  68. GeorgiaHawk says:

    SandpointHawk- Lol, 8 mil for Whitehurst? Unbelievable!

  69. wazzulander says:

    So far is been pretty easy for me to parrot the “don’t worry, just trust John and Pete” mantra, because I haven’t really had issue with any of their moves, but if we bring in a Jeremy Stevens clone like Jermichael Finley I will really need to heed that advice, because its going to be hard for me to get behind picking up a pass catching tight end with hands of stone.

    Georgia – Smith gets in fights with his teammates, Sherman is loved by his.

  70. Dukeshire says:

    I disagree about the Willson comparison, he’s a lot like him. Style-wise.

    Personally, I don’t see how Seattle’s fairly simplified zone system would be difficult for him to pick up. Again, he won’t be called on to block in-line on the closed side. My concern with him is that he has terrible hands.

  71. ChrisHolmes says:

    “My concern with him is that he has terrible hands.”


  72. Screensmoke says:

    How much money for miller this year?

  73. grizindabox24 says:

    Miller $7M

  74. chuck_easton says:


    Miller’s cap hit is 7 million this year.

    His base pay for 2014 is 4.8 million. He also has a 1 million roster bonus due on March 21st. and he has 200k in workout bonuses.

    Cutting Miller drops his cap hit from 7 million to 2 million so there is only a savings of 5 million.

    As I have said repeatedly, all will be known about Miller’s status with the team on or before March 21st. The team won’t pay him that 1M roster bonus if they intend to cut him.

  75. grizindabox24 says:

    I was wrong stating Miller was a $7M cap hit?

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