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Golden Tate says his departure is ‘bittersweet’

Post by Todd Dybas / The News Tribune on March 13, 2014 at 12:14 am with 106 Comments »
March 13, 2014 12:24 am
Golden Tate will be in a Detroit Lions uniform next year. / AP
Golden Tate will be in a Detroit Lions uniform next year. / AP

After touching down in California late Wednesday night to end a whirlwind day, Golden Tate talked to Pete Carroll.

Carroll, who had worked with Tate’s approach and game since the Seahawks drafted him in the second round in 2010, wished him luck, saying he was happy to have coached Tate. Tate thanked him for his patience and the opportunity to develop as a player, resulting in Tate being the Seahawks’ leading wide receiver last season.

In typical Carroll fashion, he reminded Tate to compete at his next stop. Tate responded, “Isn’t that why you drafted me in the first place, because I’m a competitor?”

Carroll agreed, and that was the end of their final conversation as part of the same effort.

Earlier in the night, Tate had left the only organization he’s known in professional football when he signed a five-year, $31 million contract with the Detroit Lions. He received $13.25 million guaranteed, which was the crucial number.

The Seahawks had made a “really, really, really low” offer 10 days ago, according to Tate, before upping the number significantly Wednesday while his agent negotiated with the Lions. At the Lions’ facility, Tate received what the Seahawks said was their final offer. He signed with Detroit.

“As a player in my situation, nothing is guaranteed,” Tate told the News Tribune. “You’re not guaranteed to play tomorrow, the next day or three years from now. A guarantee, in my mind, is all I really count as my salary. What I was going to get in the first (year with Detroit) was close to what (the Seahawks) were going to give me over a couple years, so I had to jump.

“The number I had in mind was not really similar,” Tate said. “The number didn’t match up to me how I valued myself, and how my agent valued me. The Seahawks tried, I think they tried.”

Which left Tate repeating the word “bittersweet.”

Tate had more time to think during his four-and-half hour flight back to California from Detroit. He was scheduled to leave Wednesday morning, but a snowstorm postponed his flight. He went upstairs to take a nap. When he awoke, his agent and the Lions were figuring out a contract which he later signed.

Tate had often professed his love for the Seahawks and Seattle. He sprawled across the the painted “12th Man” logo on the side of the field after the Seahawks beat the San Francisco 49ers in the NFC title game.

“It’s bittersweet,” Tate said. “I understand the business of NFL football. I understand the money situation and I get that all. My thing is the relationships that I developed in the lockerroom. I don’t even know if I can get that close again with a group. I hope I can.

“It’s tough emotionally to leave the guys that you put so much work in (with) for years, not over a summer, for years to get to one thing and we achieved that and that’s a bond I’ll never forget. If I’m struggling with anything, that’s what I’m struggling with. Because I feel like I had great relationships from top to bottom.”

Tate had hoped that his play, work in the community and ease in the lockerroom would make him indispensable to the Seahawks, though the team is clearly operating on a run- and defense-first structure.

“I was hoping that all those things were going to make a case for me to them: Hey, look, every penny that we’re spending on this guy, even if they felt I was slightly overpaid for the position that they use in Seattle, that I proved that so much, that they would say, ‘We’re going to take care of this guy and we can’t afford to lose him.’

“At the end of the day, it didn’t work out that way.”

Tate heads to Detroit where he will be opposite all-world Calvin Johnson as part of an offense whose starting quarterback, Matthew Stafford, threw 227 more times than Russell Wilson last season. The Lions finished 7-9 last season, losing their final four games.

He knows the focus on his results will shift because of his new contract and the different offensive approach. He’s happy about joining the Lions, where he knows wide receiver Kris Durham (from Durham’s time in Seattle), running back Theo Riddick (Notre Dame), and even Stafford.

“Coming into a situation where I’m considered a highly paid guy, all eyes are going to be on me,” Tate said. “What’s this player like? Is he worth every cent they paid him? Is he going to be healthy? Is he going to catch everything?”

Tate is hoping to take what he learned while with the Seahawks and apply it in Detroit. He said he wouldn’t change anything — from his draft spot to his bumps the first two seasons. He also repeated his affinity for the Seahawks, his teammates and Seattle, saying he’s heard support from disappointed staffers and fans who, like Tate, had hoped he was going to stay. Those interactions, Tate said, were a signal to him he did things the right way in Seattle.

“Bittersweet like I keep saying,” Tate said. “I have a great opportunity to do some special things. I’m excited.

“I’ll just have to take some trips with my guys Russ, (Doug) Baldwin, (Jermaine) Kearse and Sid(ney Rice) and all of those guys. I’m definitely going to be a Seahawk fan for the rest of my life. I’m definitely going to feel like I could walk into the lockerroom six months from now and feel like I fit in.”

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  1. This smells to me like someone screwed the pooch on Tate. Once you allow a player to get to the point of a contract negotiation with another team it is essentially a done deal. It sounds like we low-balled Tate so badly that he was forced to go out and look, and then we made the serious offer when it looked like he might sign. But by then it was too late to halt the momentum of the Lion’s deal. The Hawks should have given him that love up front rather than when he is in the Lions’ office negotiating. Lame.

  2. Carlsonkid says:

    Good luck GT , I for one marveled at your amazing one handed catches along the sideline , the great downfield blocking and terrific punt returns . The man will be sorely missed by the team and the fans . The Sean Lee clothesline hit , the so-called ‘fail-mary’ catch in the end zone to beat the Packers , the amazing Top Pot Donut heist .. You’re already legendary in Seahawk lore .Glad you got paid – now you really are ‘Golden’ !

  3. hope SEA doesnt end up regretting this…

  4. ryanryan says:

    I for one am interested to see the difference in the offer sheets…Tate had a good thing going here in Seattle. I’ve read some stating his production will not be hard to replace – I disagree. He is tough as nails, plays with confidence, stays healthy, clutch punt returner, good run blocker and very hard to tackle. He was the ONLY receiver with half of those traits on the roster.

    Tough loss for the team, but these decisions have to be made…glad it’s not me who makes them.

  5. Southendzone says:

    That is a sad story. They guy was dying to play for us again.

    I don’t understand the ‘really really really low’ offer. Do you even do that if you want to keep the guy?

  6. montanamike2 says:

    I really wanted to keep Tate, that’s no secret, but we have so many great players who need to get paid and Tate was not going to get big money here. Best of luck and wish you well, thanks for going to the AFC. Same for all the guys going to Jax to play for Gus.

  7. CDHawkFan says:

    Screwed the pooch? They could have extended him last off-season, or during the season, but they didn’t. The Hawks had weeks to sign him before the FA period started, they then could have done more the last few days, but they didn’t. So unless you think the FO is full of idiots that can’t send a fax on time, then I don’t think they screwed the pooch. They didn’t sign him because they didn’t value him on this team to be worth the $13 mill guaranteed money.

    I said it last night, I can’t believe the Hawks were that far off the $13 million guaranteed. So he gave up all of the above (City, friends, winning) for what, maybe a couple of million (not the difference of $5 million to 6.25 for 5 years), even Tate said its about the guaranteed money. Would the Hawks have offered less than 10 mill in guaranteed money??? Maybe so.

    I also give the Hawks FO the benefit of the doubt, I assume most negotiations happen with a low number at first then ramp it up. Its not like they said they didn’t want him, $5 million year is not a slap in the face for a #2 WR on a run first team.

  8. The writing on the wall for the Seahawks “really really low” offer had been there for a year.

    They probably offered him around $4m a year with their final offer.

    And these guys have shown a willingness to overpay for pass catchers like Harvin, Rice and Miller so they aren’t cheap.

  9. montanamike2 says:

    We need a SE with some height now, i hope Percy can stay on the field for most of the season. I hope we keep Baldwin but my feeling is that he is gone after next season. He seems to be the most informed about the business side of things and he’s worth more than 2 mil and change per year. I’m not freaking out because every time it seems like all is lost, Pete and John put on another magic show.

  10. Hammajamma says:

    I’m sure the calculation came down, in part, to what they expect to get from a healthy Harvin next season, along with confidence in the continued development of Kearse. When Tate disappeared in games, they still prevailed. Clem is the bigger loss.

  11. Southendzone says:

    If Harvin has a healthy strong season, this becomes essentially a non-issue.

    It’s still a crappy day when one of your own draft picks who’s really starting to shine and wants to stay gets a dogsh-t offer from the club and is forced to leave.

    From all indications, the Hawks didn’t want to keep him that badly. Have to assume they know what they are doing.

  12. BeerDrinkingFool says:

    Good luck to Golden. While I’m disappointed we couldn’t bridge the gap, I trust the front office. We could still potentially sign a veteran WR for a lot cheaper. (James Jones anyone?)

    What I’m really curious to see now is if we extend Earl and/or Sherman this offseason once the free agency frenzy dies down a bit more.

  13. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I think it comes down to many factors with Tate.

    1- Harvins big contract and better talent for a WR at a similar size.

    2- The emergence of Kearse.

    3- The steadiness of Baldwin.

    4- A talented and deep WR draft this year.

    The potential to get a big fast and talented WR in this years draft is what Carroll has wanted for years now.

  14. Macabrevity says:

    Would love to see us grab a guy who specializes in PR. I’m not too worried about Baldwin being able to handle the job, but as one of many fans spoiled by success, I’m hoping for a guy who will make opposing coverage teams wince every time he fields the ball.

    As for the WR corps, this makes sense strictly from a team concept pov. We’re built on certain aspects of D and a strong run game, so pumping too much of our total cap into the WR position just doesn’t make sense. It’s not about Tate’s lowball offer as much as it is about how much we can put into that position, especially being a team that doesn’t air it out like the rest of the league.

  15. ChrisHolmes says:

    I think you’re right @GeorgiaHawk. All those reasons you listed.

    Kearse clearly has some potential and made some plays last year and in the playoffs. If you really believe Harvin will stay healthy, then he’s the clear #1. And Baldwin is steady, as you say.

    The reasons I’m disappointed:

    You can’t bank on Harvin being healthy.

    Tate is a playmaker. He’s electric. He has the potential to make a big play every time the ball comes near him. I just don’t think you can have too many of those guys on your team. I was really looking forward to seeing Tate and Harvin on the field at the same time next year, and watching defense attempt to defend both of those guys with Kearse and Baldwin as well.

    And the other thing is: even though the draft is deep at WR this year, the fact remains that very, very few receivers ever make any kind of an impact in their rookie season. So any receiver we draft, I look at it like a dead roster spot this coming year. It’s just space taken up for the future. I’d be happy to be wrong about that, but unless you’re drafting a top-5 guy like AJ Green or Julio Jones, the WR spot just doesn’t contribute.

    So… we’re going into the season with Harvin, Kearse and Baldwin. There’s not a lot of depth behind that. It’s concerning.

  16. Brandon Browner getting interest from Patriots and Redskins……

    09.45: VISIT! More Brandon Browner news courtesy of Pro Football Talk. If the big man should leave New England without signing then the Redskins will host him. The prototypical press corner (from a size perspective) the Seahawks did an excellent job of playing to his strengths and limiting his weaknesses (outside of that time Mike Wallace really made him bad). Anywhere he ends up will need to be just as accommodating in their usage to get the +15.5 coverage grade he’s picked up over the past three years.

  17. surelyyoujest says:

    James Jones certainly doesn’t have Golden’s hands. Not even close.

  18. I agree with those who would have liked for Tate to stay a Seahawk, but I have no doubt that we will be fine at WR without him.

  19. A little sad he’s gone, but I really don’t think we’ll miss a beat without him. What’s done is done, no need to whine about it until it proves to be a factor in us losing games, which I doubt it will. Go Hawks.

  20. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Not sure why the Giants offered Schofield so much to begin with.

    I really didn’t get to see that much of him but I like his potential.

  21. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Baldwin was an undrafted rookie and he produced his first year.

  22. When you as a player go on record saying “i will take a discount to stay”, what do you think is going to happen? If he thought after that statement they would offer up some massive contract, he’s an idiot. IMO, Tate is still an immature person/player who needs to think before he talks.

    I will miss his punt returns and strong hands, but not his immature attitude and loss of yards from running backwards.

    Have fun in Detroit, padding you stats and not winning, Golden.

  23. yankinta says:

    LOVED this!! Happy for Tate and Kudos to our FO for not over-paying him, when we have other priorities to build a Dynasty…. :)

    I think at this price and if Tate plays over 80% of the snaps, we’ll get back 4th or 5th round compensatory pick for him next year… That’s pretty good, imo..

  24. tchristensen says:

    what’s disappointing is that Tate was a product of the system who deserved better. I was totally against the Harvin trade and still am. It cost us Tate, who in my opinion is a more valuable and reliable receiver. This loss sucks.

  25. I am a lost Seahawk fan that lives in Michigan(since 1984). This means that I know a lot about the LieDowns(my name for them). Golden is in it for the money. I wish him well and will actually be able to watch him every Sunday now. He will NEVER get another championship playing on that team. 0-16, 1 playoff win in the SB era(with Sanders), had the greatest RB in the history of the game yet couldn’t win a ring. Megatron-can’t win a ring. When I moved out here in 1984, I stuck with the Hawks. Barry Sanders “almost” got me to jump ship during the awful early 90’s. So glad I didn’t. As a franchise, Seattle is so much better historically is laughable. Golden got his ring and now he will get money. Good for him, Seattle will contend again. I saw the writing on the wall for Tate last year when we signed Harvin(who is elite).

  26. I don’t agree with the screwed the pooch idea at all. Tate is not a core player IMO especially with the draft and other WRs available. Tate is a good player but if you look at his mindset, intelligence etc. it seems to me that it is quite different from core players or very smart players like Baldwin. Almost from day one guys like Baldwin embraced Carroll’s ethic and worked their butt off. Tate needed lots of time and hand-holding to “mature” into a good receiver. At the right price Tate would be great to have on the team. He is extremely tough. I remember one play against the saints when Harvin was on the field.

    It was a broken play and Harvin was in the left flat. As soon as Harvin say Wilson scrambling, he bolted for the end zone. At the same time Tate was on the other side (closer to Wilson) and he just stopped running and made very little effort to get open. It’s a little bit like when you work with someone who is always thinking about the next thing they can do in the job vs. one who has to wait and be told what to do next. Tate is one of the latter.

    Also, if you look at Schneiders “deletions” in letting guys go, for the most part they have been at the end of their career or sort of disappeared when going to another team. In contrast, his “additions” have been guys that weren’t reaching their potention (Clemons for example) and the coaching staff helps them develop to their full potential.

    Finally, Tate made this statement which tells me a lot, “Honestly, I would rather take a little less to be happy and win ballgames than to take way more and go to a crappy city where the fans don’t give a crap about the team… I’d much rather stay in the situation that I have now for a little less than to go and try to break the bank somewhere else.”

  27. Good luck, Golden.

  28. Clemons signed with the Jags

  29. Clemons signed with Jaguars

    10.30: SIGNING! Albert Breer has been on top of this one from moment one, and he’s the one to bring the confirmation that Chris Clemons has completed his inevitable move to the Jacksonville Jaguars. Clemons was released yesterday and was widely tipped to link up with his former defensive coordinator and current Jaguars head coach Gus Bradley. Coming off a January 2013 ACL tear Clemons struggled to produce consistently as the Seahawks marched to the postseason but turned it on as they beat the 49ers and then Broncos with two fantastic outings that showed he’s still got it. He’s not a young man by any stretch but will fit right in with Seattle South D.

  30. Good luck to Golden. At the same time, it seems that teams that stand pat after winning the championship don’t necessarily repeat their success. Tate is good but not irreplaceable. Next man up. By the way, I hope they pay ADB more than the 2 million this year.

  31. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Knucklehead quote from yesterday.

    Tate says-

    “They signed Chris Clemons two or three years ago and released him this week. They signed Red Bryant two or three years ago and released him this week. They released some guys who still had a year or two in their contract to make space for me or whoever. I just felt like, I didn’t want that to happen to me.”

    What kind of twisted logic is this?

    Lol. So Tate thinks by signing with Detroit he won’t get released towards the end of his contract like Clemons and Red?

    No wonder 78% of NFL players lose everything after 2 years of retirement.

  32. Palerydr says:

    Hey Golden, “Bye, don’t let the door hit you on the way out. Oh and thanks for the memories.” He will be missed, until we play our first game without him. Next man up.

  33. chuck_easton says:

    Hope Browner lands with a team and I hope he gets a ‘huge’ contract for this season.

    He’s essentially playing this year at half the price of whatever he gets signed at.

    He’s suspended the first four games (without pay) and he then has to forfeit his next 4 game checks (play for free) so Browner and his agent cut a deal with the NFL to get him back in the league but it was at a high cost.

    This is why I knew there would be some form of suspension/fine this year. The league knew they would win the lawsuit. Browner’s lawyer knew it was a reach. When he lost his emergency application for a stay of enforcement the writing was on the wall. Browner cut the best deal he could to be able to play this year. But he’s getting paid for only 8 games and getting to play in a maximum of 12.

  34. Georgia – wow i did not hear that. But not surprised. Like i said earlier…Tate is an immature kid who just doesn’t get it. Talented? Sure, but he doesn’t have it all upstairs. Especially if he thinks Detroit is not a crappy city. He’ll get his stats, but won’t see any playoff games…unless it’s from his couch.

  35. He’ll be missed. And if Harvin gets hurt early and is out for a big chunk of the year – we’ll regret this move, esp if the $ was close.

    This is a tough stretch for us, I know we need to save the space to keep the core guys – but seeing Tate, Clemons and Giac all gone in the space of a day or so – – is no fun. All very solid contributors to a SB winner.

    Got to trust PC/JS, they’ve earned it.

  36. Looks like my Koran Robinson jersey is due for it’s 4TH name change,but who will be the next unlucky player to were # 81.

  37. snoopy123 says:

    man, surprised so many hawks fans on here are so butt hurt about this. doesn’t PC and JS deserve the benefit of the doubt? Golden Tate seemed to never get great separation when we needed it most. Guy has been in the league four years and hasn’t even had 1,000 yard season. Julian Edelman out produced Tate for god sake!

    When the Hawks traded for Percy Harvin, it was the end of Tate. Tate was supposed to be everything Harvin is and clearly wasn’t. Typical seeing Seattle fans get overly attached to the mediocre players. I remember everyone saying how bad that Daryl Tapp trade was, or how we shouldn’t have traded Josh Wilson.

  38. RDPoulsbo says:

    Tate might have broken my theory that Seahawks #81 has been cursed since Tommy Kane wore the number. Go back and see how many Seahawks who took that number were either huge disappointments or landed in jail. Then again, Tate did have that incident at Top Pot…

  39. RDPoulsbo says:

    I think the Lions overpaid, but good for Tate. That’s a huge amount of cap dedicated to the QB and WRs to be able to take their commitment to the running game seriously. I’ve always felt WRs in general are vastly overpaid for the actual production they have on the field. I’m glad the Hawks didn’t get caught up in the bidding war, but good for Tate for getting his payday.

  40. I have family and friends here who are ALL Lions fans. My brother in law is butt hurt by a facebook conversation I was having with fellow Hawk fans. My brother(who lives in Idaho and is still a diehard like me)made the comment that Tate won’t do squat for Detroit yet my BIL made a negative comment at me. Poor dude. He’s such a diehard Lions fan. lol. Anyways, I retorted;how many playoff wins do the LieDowns have in the SB era again? How many does Seattle have?
    Like I expected, crickets. lol.
    I respect the love many Lions fans have for their team but don’t smack talk to a Seahawk fan that KNOWS your team. Also, I would honestly root for the Lions if and ONLY if Seattle has no chance in the playoffs(which I don’t see happening). My BIL is still butt-hurt over Avril leaving.

  41. Or drafting Carpenter?

  42. Can we retire the term “butt hurt”? I immediately dismiss whomever or whatever I’m reading as idiotic…or a 15 year old.

  43. yankinta says:

    lol,, some dude said Tate is better than Harvin,, lol,, that’s like comparing a Ferrari to a Nissan GT-R… not even a competition… LOVED Harvin trade, still do today. :)

  44. CDHawkFan says:

    RD, don’t forget Suh, he is a $22 million cap hit this year.

    They have Stafford, Suh, Megatron, that’s about $51 million in cap space or 38% in 3 players in 2014.

    Seattle RW, MB, PH, = $18 million, or 14% in 3 players.

    Sure that will change in 2 years with RW gets his deal, but not by $30+ million. Those teams with high 1st rounders from the old CBA really are in prison. Good luck fielding a winning team with those contracts. St Louis is still hurting from it.

  45. tealskin says:

    It’s kind of funny how we see Tater in so many different ways. If other players step up and stay healthy he won’t be missed. He has certainly had an impact in his time here. My guess is that if he had matured more personally they may have tried harder to keep him.

  46. A team can never win with a cap structure like Detroit. It must suck rooting for a team like that.

  47. RDPoulsbo says:

    I didn’t add Suh because he’s not part of the passing game, but it does still figure into the overall cap. I like Stafford but he’s injury prone. I see his situation much like Bradford’s in St. Louis. Both very good QBs, but injury prone and inconsistent because thier organizations refuse to get any talent up front to protect them.

  48. In the end it was, as usual, only just all about $. Tate’s moaning doesn’t amount to much and is uncharitable coming from him considering he was ‘developed’ as a WR here, being impossibly raw and thick headed when he came here. The team showed tremendous patience in developing him. He is now a star, or soon will be one and we will miss him here in Seattle.

    I agree with many of the reasons as posted above why we were unprepared to overpay for him. He did have special value though b/c of his returning skill and was a quality WR when he finished his career here. He still has a head that is full of small change b/c he says silly stuff and reacts overly emotionally. Is he worth $6+ Mil/yr. not to JS or to us here b/c of our impending cap requirements. Going forward that contract may actually be a fair deal for him, or in fact fair market value. If we’d paid him that contract I can’t see that he would have any justification for his remarks. Think the FO actually wanted to keep him too and his departure was on him and not on the team.

    We certainly didn’t see any hometown discount from him either.

    I will miss him and thank him for the special moments he gave us 12s.

  49. SandpointHawk says:

    Here is a transcript of Tater’s Interview with Softy on KJR yesterday.
    It’s where the quote GeorgiaHawk shared came from if anyone is interested…
    Thanks GeorgiaHawk…

  50. Super Bowl winning QB Russell Wilson working out in Husky Stadium last week. #Godawgs #Seahawks

    Retweeted by Adam Jude

  51. “what’s disappointing is that Tate was a product of the system who deserved better”

    Couldnt have said it better tchristensen.

    Georgia–The factors you listed are perhaps your best comment this year. Other than the Dance Move Homer.

    ChrisHolmes–I agree, nicely said.

    Tate isnt a Rhodes Scholar, people, but he’s a good kid who did his best every play. You point out one play he ended his route too soon, I can point out 10 where he kept playing, blocked for his teammates, or got open deep only to have RW too chicken hearted to look his way.

    Seattle will miss his playmaking ability. He’s no Harvin, but he’s tough and durable–and anyone who says Harvin is durable should forfeit their HS diploma.

    I dont blame him one bit for feeling hurt. He gave Seattle three years of hard work and dedication, and obviously would have far better stats in a non-Ground Chuck offense, and he got better every year. He made many of the best plays on our team the last three years as well. Yet Seattle low-balled him, then wouldnt close the gap over 1.25 million a year and woudlnt match 13 million guaranteed? For a guy with his talent, after all these years of durability and dedication? But they pay Harvin 11 million with 22 guaranteed?! Really.

    To me, that will be a problem in the locker room. You reward your best players, and Tate is one of them. They overpaid Rice, they overpaid Breno, they overpaid Miller. But they felt the need to underpay Tate by a sizable amount? That doesnt sit well, at least not with me. And it didnt sit well with Tate either.

    He wanted to come back, and was willing to take less from Seattle, even at the last minute. But they didnt come close to matching the guaranteed numbers or the yearly amount, so he left. I dont blame him, though I still cant believe he went to Detroit…

    Make no mistake, I think Tate will light it up in Detroit, and I think its idiotic to imagine otherwise. Will they win? Hard to say; they have talent, but they’ve had it for years and done nothing….

    And before anyone begins to lambast me for thinking Im smarter than the FO, rest assured I have faith in JS and PC. Now they can go get the big fast WR Carrol has always wanted. But they arent perfect, and in this case I think they made a mistake on several levels. A fatal mistake? Not on your life. But its a mistake that didnt need to happen.

    It cant be helped. Im sorry to see him go, he was fun to watch. I havent like a guy that much since the days of Darrel Jackson and Bobby Engram. Guess I’ll have to watch some Lions games this year…

  52. ChrisHolmes says:

    13 million guaranteed – for a guy who is very durable at a position where many are not.

    Detroit is getting a solid player. I’d have given up 13 million guaranteed for Tate’s durability and playmaking skills, no question.

    We’re all going to have different opinions on this move and others. Myself: I’m just disappointed. Tate was our draft choice, our home-grown kid. We picked him, we raised him. He got better every year, and his playmaking ability was genuine.

    We’re going to miss his explosiveness, his cat-quick cutting and juking, his ability to make guys miss after a catch. Tate turned a lot of zero-yard passes and would-be zero-yard passes into gains when he had no right to get anything at all. He’s just very quick and agile… He works well in this offense.

    Good luck to him. I think Detroit is getting a special receiver.

    Now I look to the draft to see who we can land to add to our roster at the WR position (notice I didn’t say “replace” – you don’t replace guys like Tate, but you can reload your guns).

    I sure as hell hope Percy can stay healthy next season.

  53. I’d be surprised if Tate’s deal with Detroit wasn’t really a 3 year, $15m deal in disguise.

  54. Tate also said the Niners showed interest, and he blew them off. He said it would have been disrespectful to Seattle.

    Talk about a discount. While I doubt San Fran would have paid him what Detroit did, to blow off the second best team in the NFL due to rivalry issues with the team that elected to let you walk is pretty amazing. I dont think Ive ever heard of such a thing.

    Favre sure as hell would have made a beeline for Chicago or Minny, thats why GB traded him to the Jets.

  55. yankinta says:

    STTBM,, lol, It’s obvious I think differently than you. To me, that means, he does not want to play against Tough Defenses in the NFC West,, Especially LOB!! Who wouldn’t be scared of Bam Bam,, especially a 5’9″ WR…I understand and I don’t blame him for not wanting to play in the NFC West,, but that’s just me,,

  56. tealskin says:

    STTBM-Bottom line, like or not, the Harvin signing probably made Golden a goner. If Percy delivers next season, all is forgiven. We’ll have to exercise some patience and trust. It’s the same process every offseason seems like.

  57. MNHawk, sorry that my comment offended you. I am not 15(laughing). I guess slang terms of talk are not allowed here((shrugging)).
    Back to topic at hand:
    I have read rumors that the Lions are still going to draft a WR anyways, which would relegate Tate to a 3rd receiver.
    IMO the Lions organization is a head scratcher. They should have splurged on a safety like Byrd and any of the very good DBs. This draft is loaded with solid receivers. The Lions need defensive back help BAD.
    I have a feeling that Seattle already knows who they want in this deep WR class. I can’t wait to see what happens next in FA when the players get cheaper and then the draft. I am sure the front office will also grab an offensive lineman too.

  58. And these guys have shown a willingness to overpay for pass catchers like Harvin, Rice and Miller so they aren’t cheap.

    But they didn’t Have Cap issues then and lest we all forget RW, ET, RS are all WAY WAY WAY more important than Tate. This is not do we want Tate or not in a Vacuum. I wanted the guy back but giving him even close to what he got in Detroit would make signing those 3 guys a VERY difficult task.

    He will do better in Detroit – they have a passing offense we don’t he won’t command doubles there .. . . but the point is in OUR offense can we afford to pay him what he is worth on the open market for the production he would give us in THIS offense.

    I really liked the guy but even after 4 years I think he is a immature player/person in terms of football stuff. If he doesn’t like being talked to about mistakes then don’t make any!!!!

  59. grizindabox24 says:

    Hawks inquired on Decker but decided price tag was too high

  60. CDHawkFan says:

    I think that comment is more window dressing, sure San Fran might have called, but they probably call 70% of the FA. I think he talked a bit too much (again) when walking out the door. Say whatever the fans what to hear…I tried, I wanted to come back, they low balled me…

    The Hawks took the high road when Moffitt was traded, he said he wasn’t given a fair shake at the starting job and no coach took a shot at him. Tate is no different, he is 25 years old going on 16, he is trying to win over the fans on his way out…just go dude and drop those offside kicks, or stop your route, or blow off your QB somewhere else.

  61. freedom_X says:

    About the winning – Tate has got a Super Bowl ring.

    About being idiotic to join a non-winning team – by that logic, no one should have joined Seattle as a free agent 4 years ago. Seattle was in worse shape than the Lions back then.

    About the hometown discount – Tate didn’t say he’d take a 25% discount. And when you consider Eric Decker signed for about $7 million, Tate clearly got an offer too good to ignore. Probably more than he’s worth to Seattle.

    If Tate is getting $13 million guaranteed, it’s hard to see how it can be structured to really be a 3 year/$15 million one.

  62. doubledink says:

    Don’t retreat. Reload.

    That game tying TD in Chicago in ’12 was amazing. But Tate could make me scratch my head at times. Good luck to him. They viewed him as expendable when they signed Harvin. Now if he can stay healthy.

    I’m curious to see how they backfill Tate’s WR and PR duties.

  63. I have to give PCJS the benefit of the doubt. They have turned this franchise into something we could only dream of. If they didn’t value Tate that high, they obviously have something planned, or are comfortable letting him go, knowing he will shine in a pass heavy offense. They have their expensive WR in Harvin. They have to hope he stays healthy, but i imagine they go out and find that tall, speedy WR that PC covets and has yet to find. By the time OTA’s and camp come along this summer, we will see the plan unfolding. Tate will be forgotten soon, just as every other player has this FO has let go of. It may hurt now, but in no time, we will be saying that it was the right move. And once the Lions continue to stay in the basement, Tate will be regretting taking more money and heading to a crappy city

  64. Southendzone says:

    STTBM, your long post above was very accurate. Yank, if you listened to the interview on KJR yesterday, you’d have heard that Tate sounded VERY geniune, and VERY honest.

    The guy wanted to be here. He loved his teammates. He said something like “I don’t know if I’ll ever find type of locker room friendship I had in Seattle”.

    This wasn’t a RW robotic answer, he was speaking from the heart. I believe him 100% when he says he was reluctant to go to SF due to the rivalry.

    I hope he makes great friends in DET, captures some magic, and brings them a Superbowl (in a season down the road when somehow we don’t make the playoffs).

  65. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Agree CDHawkFan.

    If the 49ers offered the same as the Lions did Tate would be a 49er right now regardless of their rivalry with Seattle.

    I think we all wanted Tate to stay for the right price but the FO just can’t pay every player they have at fair market value if they want to continue being a Super Bowl contender.

    I think Tate was insulted that he wasn’t viewed as one of the core players on the team.
    And perhaps he was a bit insulted by the signing of Harvin last season.

    I think Tate was very solid last year and it would have been nice to have him this year.
    He chose to leave for more money and that’s all fine.

    I just think he looks like a jerk,(at worst) the way he’s handled this, or a knucklehead at least.

    No need to make things up to get Sympathy from the fans, just take the high road to Detroit and be happy in a city that is crappy.

  66. At some point last season Rice went down and Kearse emerged and we didn’t seem to miss Rice that much. Then our recievers primarily Tate and Baldwin could NOT get separation. Our best passes were broken plays. Just after the breat my buddies and I all agreed we missed Rice because he was the only WR on the team that could get separation. Our WR were not great but just good enough to get us where we needed to go given we were a running team and letting the defense win most games for us. I wanted to keep Tate as I’m not fond of the talent or the price paid in FA and most WR taken in the draft take 2-3 years to make any kind of impact. We are in win now mode and I hoped Tate would continue to improve and the seahawks continue to win. He is gone and we will miss him but not that much. In fact if Harvin stays on the field all year our WR will be an improvement over last year. Tate would only take time away from Kearse who might be better than tate by yrs end. Now that said Harvin has the IR bug and so I’d be more comfortable with signing Rice to a low ball contract say 1-2 million incentive deal. My hope is that only one of rice or harvin go down at a time and that if both go down it is of short duration that we can get by with Bakldwin/Kearse/Locketter for a game or 2. I’m sure a drafted wr will not help next yr and we have too many OL and TE woes to take a WR in the first 2 rounds. Just my opinion and feelings.

  67. Southendzone says:

    SO Georgia, you essentially don’t believe any of what Tate said? He’s making it up for sympathy?

    He said it was based on financial reasons, The same thing you are saying!

    He’s lying about the amount of the Seahawks offer? I wonder how many of you actually heard the interview. The guy sounded truly sad that he couldn’t stay here and he handled the whole thing with honesty and class.

    So say he wasn’t worth 6.25M, or say the Hawks will do better by moving on and spending elsewhere, but calling him a liar who’s looking for sympathy is the most dog-crap opinion on this entire thread.

  68. freedom_X, 4 years ago the Lions were 6-10 and the Hawks were 7-9 Divisional winners with a playoff win to boot. Seattle was not worse than Detroit back then. In fact, Seattle was a team on the rise with a new coach and a lot of upside.

    In the SB era as franchises Detroit has been in 11 playoff games winning only one. PATHETIC for an old franchise
    Seattle by comparison, a much younger team, has been in 24 playoff games winning 12 which as we all know includes 1 SB and 2 NFC championships.
    I don’t know about you but which franchise is more appealing from that perspective. I feel so sorry for Barry Sanders and Calvin Johnson. I really do. Tate already has a ring and he will likely never get another one playing for that pathetic franchise.

  69. If anyone is being a jerk and making things up, its YOU, Georgia. You are twisting his words to fit your preconceived ideas, and Im calling you out for it. Your logic and opinion on this one are lame. Youre dirtying Tate’s character out of spite, and I think thats sad.

    I dont have a problem with the opinion that Tate wasnt 6.25 million a year valuable in our offense; I disagree, but that opinion seems to be in line with JS and PC’s and they should know best.

    What I have a problem with is making up lies about someone who gave his heart and soul to this team for years. Youre saying the guy is a flaming liar on multiple levels, and I think that stinks.

    Stay classy.

  70. Id like to see Detroit win a SB too, especially now that Tate is there. But damn, that seems a pipe dream…

    Like us managing to get Sammy Watkins!

  71. chuck_easton says:

    OK Southendzone, he wasn’t worth $6.25M. I don’t think for one minute he was given an insulting offer by Seattle. They gave him the offer they felt he was rated at. Seattle even attempted to raise their offer when they saw what Detroit was offering.

    It sounds more like Tate was hurt that Seattle didn’t view him as a must keep at any price type of guy. That’s understandable. But it’s clear that is how he was viewed.

    We move on. Every time a player doesn’t get his big payday from the Seahawks and leaves for another team we all hear how we will rue the day the team didn’t ‘pay the man’. Let me throw some names at you.

    Darryl Jackson
    Nate Burleson
    D.J. Hackett

    Each of those guys left Seattle to go for more money. Each and every one of the was going to come back and bite us. Didn’t happen.

    Tate made his choice. He can live with that. Seattle made its choice not to pay above their comfort level. They will live with that.

    Tate’s leaving isn’t going ruin the Seahawks, and Tate’s leaving isn’t going to kill his career.

  72. Tate is not perfect but he is a known quantity. He worked well in PC’s system. They might be able to get a replacement for cheaper, but like anything else in the draft, it is a crap shoot. I would have at least made a more serious attempt to keep the known rather than risk the unknown. But I assume PC and JS know what they’re doing.

  73. Yeah, Rice got separation; exactly twice a game. The rest of the time he looked totally washed up, which he is.

    The problems with the WR’s getting separation are more to do with having a crappy predictable gameplan and running the same plays week after week than the fault of the WR’s. Sure, Baldwin isnt a burner and neither is Kearse, and Tate wasnt the most precise route runner. But they are all fast enough to get open; when we had our dry spell, it was due to conservative playcalling and gameplanning.

    Even ESPN geeks were remarking that the NFL had figured out our offense–yet we continued to run the same gameplan. Things didnt get better until Bevell finally changed it up a little bit. They kept trying to run twice, then throw deeper passes to get chunk plays–and teams were waiting for it. When they finally put traditional WCO plays like the slant back in, guys got open like crazy.

    Not that our WR’s dont need to improve; they do, and they will–especially Kearse, who is so young. But to say Rice was the only WR getting consistent separation is simply not true; he wasnt getting separation, and thats why Seattle cut his broke-down ass.

  74. Agree Chuck. Im still going to miss him. And unlike the other WR’s you mention, Tate is only in his fifth year and not leaving due to degenerative injury issues, as was the case with Jackson and Hackett. Burleson was a terribly inconsistent WR who was showing his age, and he got a HUGE offer from the Lions. Jackson was being a pain in the butt, and was also suffering from a degenerative knee injury and old age. Hackett was always hurt, and re-injured his high ankle the next year and it permanently stole his speed.

    Tate is on the upswing, young and healthy. Not a particularly accurate comparison, but I agree with your larger point; Coach didnt value him any higher than their final offer, which wasnt close enough to Detroits, and so we move on.

    But unlike those other WR’s, Tate will certainly put up far better stats in Detroit and it wont look good. If Harvin continues his injury problems, it will look very bad indeed. Of course, if we can find that prototypical SE we’ve not had since EVER, and Harvin stays healthy, it will work out fine–except we gave a talented NFC team a free player of great value. But this wont be the only loss that hurts, its the first of many.

  75. Losing Tate could be more like losing Ken Lucas to the Panthers than losing those WR’s you mention. It really hurt us badly to lose Lucas because we never replaced him with anyone even half as good until we got BB all these years later, and it really trashed our secondary.

  76. I think I might get a Kearse jersey if I buy one at all. I think he’s going to stay, especially if Baldwin leaves this year or next like it appears will happen. I probably should, considering Ive been insisting all along this kid would be our Flanker of the future, and could play all the positions.

    Heh, he makes me look good..I owe him one!

  77. freedom_X says:

    Detroit today is better than Seattle was 4 years ago. That’s why Schwartz was fired – the talent on that team should have been able to win their division.

    Speed doesn’t get receivers open. See Largent, Steve.

    Scheme might get players open, but not playcalling. i.e. running pick plays or throwing to spots or “throwing receivers open” might help the receivers get loose. But changing the composition of calls won’t magically get people open.

    I don’t remember Seattle’s passing offense going wild in the last quarter of the year, and in the playoffs. It had some good moments and was enough to win it all, but I doubt anyone thought Seattle was lighting it up in the air in December and January.

  78. STTBM The loss of Golden might come back to bite but don’t think it’s time to go off the deep end just yet. The wound is fresh and understandable. Still early in the process of retooling for next season.

  79. GeorgiaHawk says:

    It’s very classy to say you don’t want go to a crappy team in a crappy city and then when that crappy team in that crappy city pays you more money it’s now suddenly fine to play for that crappy team in that crappy city?

    That’s really going to help the fans in Detroit warm up to him don’t you think?

    Then he further insults the fans intelligence by saying-

    “They released some guys who still had a year or two in their contract to make space for me or whoever. I just felt like, I didn’t want that to happen to me.”

    That’s a really classy thing to say about the Seahawks organization, when all NFL teams do the same thing don’t you think?

    And what was this so-called interest in him from San Francisco? How much was it?

    Do you actually believe that Tate would turn down playing for San Francisco if they offered the same contract to him as Detroit did?

    I think there is good reason not to believe everything Tate says.

    But go ahead and twist it into I don’t believe anything Tate says if it makes you feel better.

  80. freedom_x, I was just responding to what you actually wrote;” by that logic, no one should have joined Seattle as a free agent 4 years ago. Seattle was in worse shape than the Lions back then”.

    However, I don’t understand the logic in stating that a 7-9 team that didn’t win a playoff game and has a new coach is better than a 7-9 team that did with a new coach.(they were both 7-9 in the years you are using).

    I do agree that firing Schwartz was a good move however. I don’t know much about Caldwell as a HC. The Lions biggest problem is their FO. They really need defensive back help NOW. Hopefully the new coach will realize that they have really explosive potential with the 2 RBs they have and get away from throwing it all the time.

    Oh, and also, are you a Lions fan?

  81. “I think there is good reason not to believe everything Tate says.”

    “But go ahead and twist it into I don’t believe anything Tate says if it makes you feel better.”

    Georgia, thats some Yogi Berra stuff right there! That is FUNNY!

    Like I said, stay classy, and keep making sense lol!

  82. And I will be reminding you of this when the Sainted Doug Baldwin leaves for a million a year more to go to some team with a poor record but has talent next year…

    As Tate said, its mostly about the money. He admitted it, the only player I can ever remember saying that after leaving a team for more cash. Its the GUARANTEED money that maters most, and Tate gets his mostly upfront, while Seattle wanted to guarantee far less and spread it out.

    Detroit has lots of talent, they arent a garbage team, they just had a garbage coach. But yeah, Detroit…whoo, what a hole!

    Listen to him and tell me he’s lying or didnt want to stay. And no, I think the Niners showed interest and he blew them off; they never got that far. No, I dont think the Niners would have paid him as much as Detroit did, but they may have come close..and its cool Tate wasnt interested.

    He’s dead right about not wanting to count on his money four years down the line…you never know. Thats why the guaranteed money is so important. I didnt take his comments the way you did. Whats wrong with pointing out Seattle cut guys 3 years into longer contracts? They DID. Yeah, they were guys who were declining, but they were also team leaders like Big Red…you can see his point.

    Dude is a bonehead, but he made the right decision for him, I guess. Seattle wasnt going to pay him fairly, and now he gets paid and gets to max out his potential, which never would have happened here.

    This business of kissing FO ass every time they cut a player, while ragging on the players who leave is pretty silly. Its a business. Tate took care of himself and found himself a team that will utilize him better. I just wish it was an AFC team…

  83. GeorgiaHawk says:

    STTBM- You’re simply making an argument out of something that doesn’t exist in my posts.

    Re-read my posts and take sometime to understand what I’m saying.

    I’m saying pretty much the same thing is you.
    You are right Tate is a bonehead, and you’re right that he has the right to get as much money as he can.
    (All players have the right to get is much as they can)

    In fact I posted this earlier-

    “I think we all wanted Tate to stay for the right price but the FO just can’t pay every player they have at fair market value if they want to continue being a Super Bowl contender.”

    To me Tate is a better player than Decker, and Decker got something like 7 mil a year.
    Like I said before I don’t have a problem with Tate leaving for more money, or the FO not offering him more money so they can continue being Super Bowl contenders.

    I do have problems though with some of his bonehead remarks.

    I also never said Tate didn’t want to stay, in fact I think it’s starting to sink into him that he made a big mistake.

    I’m sure when he’s broke in ten years he will be doing a lot of would ifs.

  84. The problem I have is that youre putting words in Tate’s mouth and basically called him a liar, when he pretty much poured out his heart to the media. Not the smartest thing to do, but I think he was honest and sincere.

    He wants to be valued. Detroit values him more than Seattle, and will not only pay him, but give him the opportunity to be the best he can be. Seattle would never help him reach his full potential.

    I took a paycut to take my job to get in with the place I work for, and Im going to take a paycut to get into a job that suits me better first chance I get. But I cant take a 25% paycut! And to take that job, Im going to have live in an area I dont like as much. However, this job (if I get it) will enable me to maximize my potential and be the person I know Im meant to be. That to me is worth taking a paycut for and worth moving to a place that isnt as cool.

    Tate has to move to a place that sucks, but he’s going where he’s truly appreciated and where they will help him reach his potential. AND he gets paid a LOT more, not just a little.

  85. freedom_X says:

    I wrote that sentence badly –

    ” by that logic, no one should have joined Seattle as a free agent 4 years ago. Seattle was in worse shape than the Lions back then”.

    I should have written “the Lions now are in far better shape than Seattle 4 years ago.” My apologies.

    However, take a look at the rosters. The Lions of 2014 have far more to work with than the Seahawks 4 years ago. The NFC West in 2010 was even weaker than the NFC North in 2013.

    The point being, if jumping on a winning bandwagon is the #1 reason for a player to sign, then Seattle should have had no chance of getting any free agents to sign back in 2009-2010, and 75% of the teams in the NFL should just thrown in the towel and go for draft picks. Not.

    And no, I am not a Lions fan. Though I’m not prolific, I’ve regularly posted here on this blog for 6+ years. I don’t have to be a Lions fan to know that they have accumlated a good deal of elite talent – and so do plenty of professional analysts.

    The Lions job has great potential, but they’ve misfired with their front office hirings. Their ownership isn’t bad, unlike the Bengals or the Browns, but hasn’t made the right hiring decisions. For that alone, Paul Allen gets enormous credit (having to guts to pull the plug on Mora, push Holmgren aside as a front office candidate and totally revamp it.) That’s a bold and smart call that most owners won’t have the guts to do.

  86. freedom_X says:

    On Tate:

    “I’m sure when he’s broke in ten years he will be doing a lot of would ifs.”

    Would you make have made that comment if Tate had re-signed for less money in Seattle?

  87. Southendzone says:

    Now in addition to calling him a liar, you’re calling him stupid because in 10 years he will be broke according to you.

    But somehow in this view of yours, he will think back and say “What if I took that smaller deal, for LESS money?? If only I could go back in time and take LESS MONEY,I WOULDN’T BE BROKE!”

    again, for anyone that did in fact hear his interview yesterday, he mentioned that specifically. He knows that some players aren’t smart with their money and go broke. He mentioned spending some of his money on fees to a financial adviser.

    I will assume that Georgia Hawk is NOT his financial adviser.

  88. GeorgiaHawk says:

    The part about him being broke I would. The part about him doing a lot of would ifs I wouldn’t.

  89. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Sign me up because unfortunately Tate has only a 22% chance to not end up in bankruptcy court 2 years from now.

    BTW -Southendzone, What exactly did I say or post that you are accusing me of calling Tate a liar? Be specific.

  90. GeorgiaHawk says:

    “Two years from retirement”

  91. Southendzone says:

    “No need to make things up to get Sympathy from the fans”

    making things up = lying in the context you used it. I assume you didn’t mean he was writing a new fiction novel.

  92. trustsatan says:

    At least he’s still playing the Packers every year. Good luck, Golden.

  93. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Southendzone- You actually believe Tate wouldn’t sign with the 49ers if he was offered the same contract from the 49ers that the Detroit Lions gave him out of loyalty to the Seahawks?

    That my friend is making things up imo.

    Explain what you think this comment by Tate means-

    “They released some guys who still had a year or two in their contract to make space for me or whoever. I just felt like, I didn’t want that to happen to me.”

  94. TAXEXPERT says:

    Money>loyalty now matter what Tate says. We already have 3 really good receivers and will get another one in the draft. He has already been replaced.

  95. Southendzone says:

    Yep, I do believe him when he says he didn’t want to sign with the 49ers.

    I think that statement by him was another comparison of the earnings potential he would realize in DET vs SEA contracts. We now know his guar $ for year 1 in DET is 9.5M which he said was about what SEA had over 2 years. He felt the 3rd year unguaranteed portion of the SEA contract was at risk.

  96. ShakaTec says:

    Seattles offer was probably low cause he said he would take less to stay in Seattle and maybe that comment was interpreted by Seattle as him not valuing himself as much as he really is worth. It makes me wonder if had he not said that, maybe Seattle would have initially gave him a higher offer. Tate also has commented that he wants to be a part of a pass heavy team, which the hawks are not, they are much more interested in running and defen

  97. GeorgiaHawk says:

    The 49ers never offered Tate the deal that Detroit offered but if they did you honestly think Tate would choose Detroit over the 49ers?

  98. Southendzone says:

    yes. In fact I believe if he had to choose only from the Seattle crappy offer and a SF offer that matched what Detroit gave him, he might have taken the crappy Seattle $.

    But definitely believe that SF was last on his list, and between equal offers at DET / SF, he takes DET every time.

  99. Thanks for your answer freedom_X.

    The hawks now have 17 million in cap space after the cuts. I think, and really hope they are preparing to set up extensions for Earl Thomas and Richard Sherman. They are elite and need to be kept in the BOOM core. We could land some really talented rookies too.
    I am not throwing out the possibility of a FA signing but I hope they don’t do too much in that regard.
    Get at least one of them guys secured!!!
    One last thing; I have no problem with Tate doing what he did. I wish him well. I know it’s a business, but he is not elite like Calvin or even Percy is.

  100. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Well if you believe that Southendzone I have some land in Florida for sale. Are you interested?

  101. confucious says:

    I would leave my company for 1 million dollars in a hot second. Losing Tate stings a bit. But it’s understandable on both sides.

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