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Tweet Link: Tate signs 5-year deal with Detroit

Post by Todd Dybas / The News Tribune on March 12, 2014 at 12:38 pm with 143 Comments »
March 12, 2014 1:06 pm


This from the Lions’ team writer.

And, here’s an update as some other writers dispute the report of a signing being done:

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  1. doubledink says:

    Garafolo saying it is not official yet.

  2. Dukeshire says:

    Not surprised. I’ve always felt, even in his rookie season, that when his deal was up that he’d be signing elsewhere.

    On another note, Detroit passing game is loaded.

  3. I must admit…I am a little disappointed by this news! Gloden was a good receiver and a great punt returner! Sorry to see him go! Now what will the Hawks do? We need another receiver! Alot of good ones out there in Free Agency…the draft is supposed to be loaded as well! Of all the Seahwaks to leave (which isn’t many), this one stings a little!

  4. chuck_easton says:

    It’s been tweeted that Tate has been at Lions HQ all day today. It’s as close to official as can be. Just waiting for the ink to dry and for the contract to be faxed into NFL offices in NY.

    5 years…no word yet on the amount or guarantees.

    So, does this mean STTBM is now a Detroit fan? Just kidding. We love our Hawks. We love our Hawk players. But when they leave, they are dead to us!

    Tate who? Never heard of him. Must not be very good or he’d be a Seahawk. (OK, over the top, but I won’t be rooting for him to have a break out season with Detroit).

  5. From a great team to one not as good. From Seattle to Detroit. Money must buy him happiness. LOL

  6. I dislike losing the punt returner aspect tbh. And as for not rooting for former Seahawks…wrong. I’m not that much of a ridiculous homer. If I like a player, I hope they do well elsewhere. Unless they go to another NFC West team lol. Rooted for Hass in his one starting year for the Titans.

    IN other news, Bucs are dumb. Why’d they give Revis all that money then play mostly zone and then let him go?

  7. It will be interesting to see how much he does there. Lions throw to Calvin a lot, so he might not get as many touches. He will be bummed at the end of every Sunday after another loss, and seeing the Hawks have won yet again…

  8. Good luck Golden.

    We still have Harvin, Baldwin, Kearse and Lockette. Last year at this time, I didn’t think too highly of Kearse or Lockette, but they were very impressive the last half of last season.

    Not too mention Chris Mathews – tall receiver from CFL.

    Expect we will sign a veteran FA WR (Jacoby Jones, anyone?) and draft a WR also.

  9. GeorgiaHawk says:

    It depends on who they are and how they leave chuck. Hasselbeck isn’t dead to me.

    Now let’s lock up Baldwin, sign Steve Smith for a year, Draft a big WR in the first round and maybe, just maybe re-sign Rice for cheap.

  10. Can’t blame any of these guys for signing for as much as they can get-there are no guarantees, and they could be carted off the field tomorrow.

    It will take two guys to replace Tate–he was a pretty good punt returner, don’t forget.

    Plus he was the only guy over the past three years with Rice, Harvin, Baldwin and Kearse, that didn’t miss any time for injuries. He will be missed.

  11. Hasselbeck is still my favorite player in the NFL. I also still like John Carlson. And Red Bryant.

  12. Hasselbeck left the same way Tate did – a mediocre talent who wanted more money than Carroll & Schneider were willing to offer.

  13. OCHawkFan says:

    I thought Tate was supposed to give a discount? I heard we offered him 5yr/$35M. He has to do what best for him, but its unfortunate it had to be like this.

    This will hopefully allows us to target a big boddied SE that can get seperation and give Russ a big target. In the long run, this could be the best thing for the team.

  14. jchawks08 says:

    It’s hard to comments sometimes without coming off as an insensitive @$$. If he got that much money from Detroit, then more power to him. In no way shape or form do I think he’s worth that much even in today’s NFL economics.

  15. FairbanksDoug says:

    Dang it!! Now I have to get a new jersey, and rename my dog.

  16. Dukeshire says:

    Tate’s production will not be difficult to replace. Enjoy Detroit.

  17. HawkfaninMT says:

    @OC: I did not hear anywhere that he Hawks offered that much! I heard they offered 5M per vs Dets 6.25M(ended up being 6.5M). I do not blame Golden one bit.

    He played his rookie contract out, and earned a bigger payday. Honestly going to the Lions probably set him up for another payday because he should get a ton of catches there. Stats will drive up his value. In Seattle his stats would have stayed the same more than likely.

  18. HawkfaninMT says:

    Any thoughts on Hester to simply return Punts? That is the part that I think is lost most here.

    Looking at the draft Beckam would be Tate-like and be able to return punts. Benjamin would not return punts, but has the big body PC/JS seem to be searching for.

  19. Glossman says:

    Good for him. We all knew that these decisions were going to be tough if the core of the team was to be kept together. In this case, the decision was apparently between getting Tate at a substantial discount and keeping Michael Bennett, or paying one of the two a market deal, or close to it.

    At least that’s how I view it. Personally, I’ll miss the toughness that Tate brought to the receiving corp and will be eternally grateful to him and all of the other 2013 Seahawks who brought us our first title.

  20. OCHawkFan says:

    @Hawkfan: You must be right, I had bad information (Twitter).

  21. Good for him. Way more than we should pay. Kearse/Baldwin can return punts and do fine. I’m sure we’ll find someone else in Free Agency and draft who will be a great fit. Just hoping Percy can stay healthy majority of year. Always liked him – exciting player and fun to watch. Enjoyed watching him develop.

  22. Pabuwal’s valuation of Tater at $4M/year seemed about right for the Seahawks. The Hawk tree is bearing fruit for the rest of the league to spend on now. We don’t even know if Seattle made an offer do we? Priorities.

  23. With just $13m guaranteed, it wouldn’t surprise me if this was more like a 3 year, $16m deal in disguise.

  24. RDPoulsbo says:

    It’s good to see people aren’t panicking that deals are being made everywhere while the Seattle FO has been relatively quiet. A lot of stupid money is being thrown around and I’m glad JS isn’t joining in to overpay for production.

    That contract is a little more than they should be paying, especially with a deep WR draft and lots of other value receivers left in the FA pool. Edelman is still hanging out there and could be a possible signing when things calm down a little.

  25. TallyHawk says:

    Didn’t Golden say he wanted to stay in Seattle and not go play in some crappy city? Have fun celebrating every first down!

  26. Harvin + Baldwin + Kearse + Lockette > Tate + Baldwin + Kearse + Rice

  27. Anyone know how the compensatory draft selections work? If we lose more guys than we sign we get picks? Right now we may be looking at some picks, Tate was a second round pick. Good Luck Tate I will miss your tough run after the catch yards.

    GO Hawks!!
    Repeat 2014 !!!

  28. HawkfaninMT says:

    I hope that we have a new post up soon explaining the terms of the contract extension for ADB soon!

    I really feel like extending him, and drafting a good WR will keep the offense moving smoothly. I am with Duke in the mindset that Tate’s production will not be hard to replace.

    If Nicks or Smith want to come in on a 1 or 2 year contract, I would not be upset. But I still think our WR corps is fine with what we have plus a rookie

  29. banosser says:

    Good for you GT… Enjoy Detroit..

  30. A little surprised that they wouldn’t come close to matching. A LITTLE. Maybe they did an he just wants to play for a team that chucks the ball a lot? Good luck regardless.

    I really like Kearse. They will sign a vet and or draft a WR in the first half of the draft. Really just need to keep Percy healthy.

  31. HawkfaninMT says:

    Comp picks for this offseason will affect the 2015 NFL Draft. They are handed out based on a relatively unknown formula derived from several factors. these factors include: Cost of the contract, original draft round of player, net loss/gain of team in FA signings, affect lost by team due to player leaving, awards player signed away wins, etc…

    In other words: it is a crap shoot that the Hawks usually have lost because they sign better players than they lose. This should be changing, but it won’t have any affect on this years draft.

  32. thursday says:

    Personally I’ll be tuning into the Lions/Packers games at the very least lol. But like I said, it’s a bit like replacing two players. It’s not easy to get a good punt returner. Not worried about us finding another receiver, but the punt returner…

  33. seaturkeys says:

    Wouldn’t Baldwin be a likely candidate at punt returner?

  34. banosser says:

    Jared Allen says he’ll retire if he doesn’t get what he’s ‘worth’.. if that’s more than $5M/ for 2 yrs with 6 guaranteed.. he won’t be a part of the Hawks back to back..

  35. Plus Golden was a heck of a downfield blocker– just ask Sean Lee!

  36. “Can’t blame any of these guys for signing for as much as they can get-there are no guarantees, and they could be carted off the field tomorrow.”

    Exactly – and those of us on this board saying that we’d pass up $5M extra dollars to stay in a different city for 6 months a year – well, maybe so, but it’s nothing to deride a guy for imo, not when their big earning window is so narrow.

    Tate’s not an irreplaceable talent, but he’ll be missed. He brought a toughness to our WR corps. Got to hope Percy can stay on the field – if he can, we’re fine, but it’s a slim group if he goes down for an extended period again.

  37. jchawks08 says:

    People aren’t panicking here on this blog, but if you’re like me and have Facebook…. HOLY Crap, people are freaking out. You can tell who the new fans are.. Let’s just leave it at that. People just don’t understand how this works. It takes every fiber of my being to ignore the ignorant posts.

  38. I’m “freaking out” over this DL thing if they can’t find a third pass rusher.

  39. montanamike2 says:

    I’ll miss Tate, but i trust the FO enough not to worry. It is strange how Tate said he’d stay if it was close etc etc, but it was Bennett who jumped into a hometown discount after he said he wouldn’t be willing to.
    Would i go to Detroit for a little more? No way, but if he wanted more catches i can understand. I’m glad our talent isn’t leaving us for division rivals.

  40. banosser says:

    Come on Allen… play for a ring.. or is that not what it’s about??

  41. montanamike2 says:

    I wonder what this means for Baldwin?

  42. Carlsonkid says:

    Tate is a magician at sideline catches and a fantastic punt returner , not so sure his production will be all that “easy to replace” ..

  43. Meanwhile….just freed up more cap space. I’d rather go with a cheap talent at #2 WR in this offense…we already have the F-16 of WRs in Harvin…the draft is deep. Don’t need to tie up 1/4 of our cap space at that position…would rather sign a stud OT or a couple of guards than keep Tate.

  44. grizindabox24 says:

    Not sure the reported $5M per is really that close to $6.2M per on average. No one will really know how the guaranteed money compared.

  45. Ray_Maines says:

    It will be funny near the end of next season when Seattles offence is about the same as it was this year and GT’s numbers are way up in Detroit, some of us will be freaking out about how “If we only still had Tate we’d be undefeted…”.

  46. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I never was a big Tate fan,( although he had a very good year last season) and I was saying before last season to trade Tate before it’s to late. That’s how annoying his play was to me before last season.

    His comments are annoying too. Why would he say he would take a home town discount instead of going to a crappy team in a crappy city, and then do exactly the opposite?
    You can’t get much crappier than Detroit.

  47. Golden Tate was a decent player. He’s going to go to Detroit and put up over 1,000 yards per season with Stafford and Megatron and the way they air it out. His stat line is going to be fine.

    For some unexplainable reason, Tate was never able to create separation from CBs like I thought he won but he was a decent WR in spite of it (especially for someone so elusive but it’s obviously a different situation with the ball in your hands vs. without the ball and trying to get open).

    This move, imo, insn’t a big deal. Replacing Clem is a big deal though.

  48. jchawks08 says:

    Also, I wonder if it will take him 3 years to learn Detroit’s playbook?

  49. grizindabox24 says:

    Audible, what stud OT or couple of guards would you be talking about?

  50. jchawks08 says:

    A low, Golden Tate, blow. :D

  51. trout_hound says:

    Got to say I’m kind of bummed to lose Tate. He was a gamer who made plays, especially after the catch. Seemed like a decent guy, even if he was a bit too much of a showboat. Good luck in Detroit, dude. Hopefully we can pick up a decent veteran receiver to add to our core or bring Rice back. I just remember back a couple of years ago when we were signing guys off the street during the season when we got banged up there. Don’t want that to happen again. I don’t have that much faith in Lockette, and keeping PH healthy isn’t a given.

  52. Ray – I agree. Many will look at Tate next season and see over 1,000 yards and more receptions and delusionally think he’d actually have the same numbers in an offense that is not condusive to allowing WRs to put up big numbers like ours.

  53. grizindabox24 says:

    Sounds like the Hawks are signing WR Taylor Price…who they had rated right behind Golden in 2010 draft

  54. Tate like most NFL players has a small window, 3-5 years to make money that should last a lifetime. One million more a years is very much cash, if that’s what he got more than Seattle offered. I don’t second guess him one bit. He played his butt off and helped us to the Super Bowl. The Super Bowl man it sounds good just to say that, still not used to it.

    Thanks Tater !!
    Go for two Hawks!!!!

  55. thursday says:

    Rap reporting we’re signing Taylor Price. Yeah I find it funny that Bennett was acting like he wasn’t going to take a discount and he’d walk while Tate says he really wants to stay and would take a discount. And then who actually takes the discount and who walks?

    Seems like it’s hard to take what these guys say seriously in the end.

  56. CDHawkFan says:

    MTMike, Tate’s comments about taking less to be in a nice town and winning, but doing the opposite shows that he hasn’t matured much since his rookie year. You will see it in his body language in week 10 when Stafford throw another pick because Tate ran a lazy route.

    He shouldn’t have said anything, or remained neutral about taking less and going to a crap city, Detroit, HELLO!

  57. vichawkfan says:

    Door open for Rice to come back for cheap?

  58. I really think if we want to think about back to back titles, the Seahawks need to replenish the DL. Losing Clemons, Bryant and McDonald with only unproven 2nd year players to take up the slack is flat out gambling.

    I hate gambling when success is so close.

  59. grizindabox24 says:

    I am tired of the “Tate said he would take a hometown discount” crap. There is a limit to how much is an acceptable discount, and it seems that the difference between the reported $5M per the Hawks were offering and the $6.2M per he signed for was too much of a discount. I have no problem with that, and to me that seems like a pretty sizable discount. Especially for a guy that was making less than $1M per.

  60. Seahawks signed WR Taylor Price.

  61. CDHawkFan says:

    BTW, Tate averaged 3.8 receptions, 50.4 yards, and 0.24 TD per game last year. As Duke said, it won’t be difficult to replace that, also not worth $6 mill per year to the Hawks for less less than 4 catches and 50 yards per game.

  62. grizindabox24 says:

    Is there a worst basketball coach than Lorenzo Romar?

  63. grizindabox24 says:
  64. MoSeahawk12 says:

    So we no longer have two of our starting wide receivers from last season, Rice and Tate. We no longer have two of our starting D line with Red and Clem. I’d say on most teams that would be more than enough to cause alarms to go off and to greatly reduce the optimism going into next season. However, in the past four years, John and Pete have dismantled a team that was old, slow, weak and void of talent and created a dominant, aggressive, talent rich winner. Staying on top is never easy, but I have to believe these guys know how to do that. I’m sure they will find ways to keep us there.

  65. pabs – So now you’re a fan of Big Red? That’s funny.

  66. banosser says:

    ^^ yep.. and then he’ll be kicked back on his couch watching his old team advance in the play offs.. wondering if it was in fact worth it…

  67. I’m not a fan, but the point is a team on the verge of a Dynasty can’t lose this many contributing players at a position of strength and rely on unproven players.

    I really wouldn’t care about the loss of Bryant if they didn’t turn around and cut Clemons. Now it’s starting to add up.

  68. CDHawkFan says:

    I don’t think you can just take the total money, divide it by the years and then compare the 2 offers. Just a few days ago Bennett talked about it all coming down to the guarantee money, I’ve heard that more and more as most of these deals never get to the end year. So, we will never know what the Hawks were guaranteeing, but the $13 million the Lions did doesn’t seem outrageous, the Hawks couldn’t have been too much off of that. Maybe a mill or two. Then you figure out taxes (michigan is 6%, WA nothing) then the winning, playoff money, etc.

  69. banosser says:

    the ^^yep was to BobbyK’s 1:57 post

  70. The sky is falling!!! The sky is falling!!! Nooooooo!!! Haha. That’s what it is like everywhere but on this blog. Kudos for keeping your heads, y’all.

    In my opinion Tate was great but came across as a “me first” guy who knew he couldn’t get away with it on this team so he behaved. I don’t know but that is just how I perceived it. Doesn’t mean he didn’t play hard, help the team in many ways and loved his teammates. He just has always come across to me as money is more important than rings. “I’m gonna get paid”

  71. grizindabox24 says:

    Tony McDaniels re-signs with Hawks

  72. grizindabox24 says:

    CDHawk, but we have no idea what the Hawks offered in guaranteed money, but I am not going to rip a guy for taking what he sees as the best offer for him. He must have felt the Hawks wanted to big of a discount.

  73. GeorgiaHawk says:

    pabs- Clemons is old.
    “He ain’t what he used to be many long months ago.”

  74. Did you watch him in the 49ers and Broncos games?

  75. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I think Wilson will thrive now that he doesn’t have to cater to Tater.

  76. montanamike2 says:

    CDHawkFan i’ll give you that one. Tate showed what means the most $.

  77. Clem was good down the stretch, that’s for sure.

    One thing though, we’re losing some, yes, but with Hill – I really think he’s going to replace someone with significant on field production in ’14.

    Maybe Williams can too, but I’m not counting on it the way I think Hill will contribute. His burst is something you can’t coach and with a year of seasoning under his belt – I’m jacked to see him in ’14.

  78. Georgia–Enough with the sign Steve Smith stuff! One, he’s a jerk who fights his own damn teammates when they best him. Two, he’s tiny. Three, he’s washed up. Three, he wants too much money (he’s barely worth league minimum). Four, we have two slot WR’s (Harvin, Baldwin) and a third who can play it (Kearse). What we DONT have is a tall big fast guy, a real number one WR. Smith aint that guy. What would we do with the guy? Line up three WR’s in the slot all the time?!

  79. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Two games is a small sample size for an over paid aging and injury prone DE.

    Perhaps they wanted him back and he wouldn’t restructure. Perhaps they can still get him back cheaper.

  80. montanamike2 says:

    New post up.

  81. blocis–2 catches in 3 games is all Lockette managed on avg. Thats sad. How long has he been in this league? Dude isnt going to get it at WR. His play as gunner was a nice surprise, and will help him play a few more years, but dude cannot be counted on as anything other than wasted space at the WR position.

    And Chris Matthews, the CFL dude, isnt even that fast; he’s tall but skinny; a slower version of Stephen Williams, who did jack here. I woudlnt get too excited about him either. The only scrap-heap WR this regime has salvaged to any effect was Big Mike Williams.

  82. chuck_easton says:

    Tate did exactly what I expected him to do. As he said several times, in his opinion he had done everything he needed to do to prove himself and now he expected to be rewarded for the work he put in.

    No ill will, no feelings of malice, and I only wish him the best.

    It is not for me to say what his motivation was or that he should have stayed in Seattle for whatever price he was offered.

    Except for any games Detroit plays against Seattle I hope he shines.

    Time will tell if he later comes to regret leaving for the money. But that extra 1.2 million per season will likely go a long way to ease any pain he has sitting on his couch watching Seattle in the playoffs.

  83. grizindabox24 says:

    So top draft needs: OL, WR, LEO

  84. Poulsbo–Dude, Edelman is a short slot WR. How many slot WR’s do you think Seattle will sign?! Enough!

    They wont be signing a sub-6′ guy. They now need either a Andre Johsnon/AJ Green type, or a FL type, you know, 6′-1″, 210. 4.45 speed.

    But no way in hell does Seattle go out and pay for a smallish slot WR when we have two guys whose main position is slot WR–Harvin and Baldwin–as well as Kearse, who plays it well, not to mention Brian Walters.

  85. jawpeace says:

    Can’t blame Tate for going for more money. He already got a ring. However guys that the Hawks drafted and never played for another team, really don’t know how good they have it here. M. Bennett though drafted by the Hawks basically only played for Tampa. After coming back he knows how sweet it is here and took a little less money. Tate never has known what it is like to play for another team. He will miss the Hawk franchise.
    I think I will draft Tate mid to late rounds in FF. He will put up better numbers in that pass heavy offense.

  86. grizindabox24 says:

    Hawks did not draft Bennett

  87. jchawks08 says:

    Seriously LMAO at signing Steve Smith. No offense Georgia..

  88. Tate said he’d take a discount; he never said he’d take 6.25 million dollars less over a five year deal. Thats no small chunk of change, and its a damn site different than the 500k per year/2 million dollar discount Bennett gave, not to mention Seattle beat the Bears guaranteed money and we dont know but can assume Seattle didnt match Detroits guaranteed money for Tate.

    Im disappointed, in the Hawks and Tate. I dont believe Kearse or Baldwin is the right guy to return punts, and it would cost us more than 5 million and one roster spot to replace Tate, his production at WR and punt returner. While his stats MIGHT be replaceable, his performance will not be so easy to replace. When they gave him the ball, he made magic. Now they will likely have a dropoff at punt returner and WR, and will have to use two slots to fill them.

    I think Tate was worth what he got, even here, but obviously Carrol and Schneider dont think so. And until Harvin can prove he can be as durable as Tate for three years, then he’s on my spit list as an overpaid player who didnt earn his payday. He better earn it starting next year….and he better not get hurt.

    Schneider and Carrol are risking a lot, betting on Harvin being a 16+ game contributor. I hope their gamble pays off.

    I cant hardly believe Tate left for Detroit of all places. That town sucks and is cursed. I understand that he will get to shine far brighter there; everyone who is a true competitor wants to achieve their fullest potential, and Tate never would have here with Harvin around. But damn, Detroit?! WTF?!

    I thought the plan was to draft a replacement a year or two ahead of time? Now we show our cards to everyone, we’re looking for a Number One WR to play SE in the draft….

  89. SandpointHawk says:

    Tater…meh, have a good life. You’ll file bankruptcy 5 years after you retire. Hawks will sign someone who can learn the playbook, remember and run his routes and keep moving when the QB is scrambling….Not surprised at all and I agree that he will be surprising easy to replace….

  90. Thems the breaks; Seattle set a value and stuck to it. They were right, tough calls have to be made. I dont like this one, and time will tell if they made the right call.

    They need a big fast guy anyway, now they can clear room and cap space to hopefully draft one in the first round, since other than Decker there really isnt anyone like that available, and he’s not worth it.

    And now Im not buying any jersey. I love Tate, but he’s gone…Baldwin may leave, not buying his jersey yet…and my man Kearse could be leaving in a year or two as well…

    Now I know how GB fans must have felt, feeling safe only to buy Favre or Woodson jerseys because everyone else was subject to be cut/traded…

  91. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I’m Seriously LMAO that some here put so much value on Tate.

  92. Tate is still getting better, and Detroit will show what he can do far better than Seattle’s offense allowed him to. Compare what other WR’s in that price range are doing, and Tate is far more durable, talented, and valuable then most.

    But to Seattle, he wasnt worth the cost, so we move on. No need to de-value him as if he were garbage.

    Its pretty funny that you think a) Smith has much left in his (tiny) tank and that b) he’d fit in here at all. Seattle needs a guy with different attributes than the rest of our guys; hint; Big, Fast, Tough…

  93. Southendzone says:

    It’s unfortunate, I like the guy and think he has untapped potential.

    In the end, we were all pretty correct about his market value which we pegged near 6M/season. What we were wrong about was the Hawk’s willingness to get up to that #.

    One thing that I saw that made me think he wouldn’t be back is in the Sound FX from SB48. Remember when RW tells him “Hey, something we could grow on, is when we’re trying to make first downs, don’t run backwards”?

    Tate didn’t really respond, I felt his body language wasn’t good, like he wasn’t willing to hear this bit of criticism from RW. Maybe I read it wrong, but it looked meaningful to me.

  94. For those who care, Im going to root for all the former Seahawks who left in the offseason; Maragos in Philly, the Jax gang, Schofield in NY, McDonald in TB, etc…even Tate in Detroit. Just not when they play Seattle, of course.

    Not sure I can ever be a real fan of the Lions because of the idiot ownership and cursed craphole city, but I think watching Tate in that offense will be fun. Im sure Megatron will appreciate the slack having Tate opposite will cut him, and so will the backs; You still have to double cover Johnson, but Tate means you may have to use more Cover Two than you’d like, and limit blitzing. I think having Tate will really help their offense dramatically.

    Still shaking my head over it being Detroit though…

  95. South–I dont blame Tate for not wanting to hear it from RW. I woudlnt either. He knew he made a mistake, and it was in the heat of the moment. At least Tate didnt forget what down it was and kill a drive by throwing a low-percentage pass with 20 yards of green in front of him…

    As good as RW has been, he’s made some real head-scratching mistakes himself. I kinda doubt he’d take it too well if Tate told him “You know, something we could grow on…is when its third and two you dont throw the ball out of bounds?” or “…is when Im getting open in the endzone two plays in a row, maybe you could look my way?” lol!

    Regardless, I dont think Tate’s leaving had ANYTHING to do with that play, even if he was PISSED at RW at the time. That would be so far beyond petty its absurd…He left to be a star and to make 6.25 million dollars more in five years than he would have here…

    Lord knows, he didnt leave for better scenery…lol!

  96. GeorgiaHawk says:

    STTBM- Where do you find in any of my posts that I de-value Tate as if he were garbage?

    Just because I say some folks over value him like you do?

    No need to get butt hurt and make things up.

    You probably didn’t really read my post correctly about Smith too. SMH.

  97. CDHawkFan says:

    South, that’s the way I took his body language as well in that clip.

  98. Its obvious I value Tate more than the Seahawks do, that cannot be denied.

    Its not so much what you say as how you say it. Im hardly butthurt, just annoyed.

    SMH, huh?! LOL, youre beginning to pick up bad habits from somebody…


  99. Southendzone says:

    When your own team’s offer seems to be significantly below market, it means something. When Schneider says we had a 1st round grade on Tate, he’s our leading receiver, and they won’t make a more competitive offer to a guy who said he would take a home-town discount, it means something.

    I’m not saying that play is the reason he left. I’m saying the reaction I saw is indicative of something else. An imperfect or strained relationship between the two of them that may have been present at other levels of the organization.

    Just me making my own conclusions based on something small but thats the only thing worth doing on the blog (other than making Michael Bowie jokes).

  100. GeorgiaHawk says:

    The biggest mistake Wilson made was taking Tate under his wing his rookie year.

    Baldwin would have been a better choice and had a much closer work ethic to Wilson.

    Unfortunately Baldwin was already working out that summer with the mighty Flynn.

    But I have to give Tate credit for being smart enough to hook up with Wilson.
    Obviously Wilson’s work ethic rubbed of on Tate much like it has with others.

  101. GeorgiaHawk says:


    Damn Yankster.

  102. I wouldnt call it a mistake. It helped both of them, so how can it be a mistake? The mistake was Baldwin, who didnt warm to RW and chose wrong. It cost him, too. Now they are on the same page and its all cool.

    SOuth–And you very well could be right. That play could have been a window into more dysfunction between Tate and RW and/or the front office, but I dont think so. I think he just wants to be a star, and reach his potential while getting paid. He wasnt going to get that here. And Seattle’s brain trust liked him a lot, or they wouldnt have offered him anything. They just decided his talent didnt justify the cost of keeping him in this offense.

    One of those tough decisions they talked about having to make.

    I believe they will find a replacement, but Im not sure it will happen this year. Losing him will hurt in the short term, especially if Harvin gets hurt as he is wont to do…

  103. Whats funny is someone said the guy Seattle had ranked just behind Tate on their draft board was Taylor Price, our new WR. I wonder if he meant he was the next WR or the next player period?

    That does NOT make me feel good about their draft board, as Price has looked lost in the NFL and been injury prone.

  104. grizindabox24 says:

    Next WR on the Hawks draft board in 2010 is my understanding

  105. grizindabox24 says:

    You can not judge the draft board by a guy that got hurt, which in turn has most definitely put a damper on his development. And if anything now, they got a guy they liked then at low risk. No one is thinking he is the next big thing.

  106. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I’m not that excited about Taylor Price. Actually I’m not excited at all about Taylor Price.

  107. I get it Griz. I hope he turns out though. Its not good that the Pats dumped him after one year–he was taken at pick 60 I think.

    Though I thought the little guys we picked up for awhile last year looked really good in preseason, cant think of their names. One of them is still on the PS here I think.

  108. Southendzone says:

    I am more excited about my commute home in traffic tonight than I am about Taylor Price.

  109. We just need to get Michael Bowie to be excited about Taylor Price. If that happens, Price will become the greatest WR of all time–just because Michael Bowie had faith in him. Thats how strong Michael Bowie’s faith is…

  110. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Maybe undrafted free agent WRs are the way to go. Seems to be working good with Baldwin and Kearse.

  111. I hate to lose Tate and his skill, but he is a very immature adult and it shows on the field. And that said, both his main skills are easily replaced with players we already have.

    Punt returns…I could easily see Doug Baldwin returning punts. He’s got some decent skill in the return game. I could also see Harvin doing it, and we know how explosive he is. But I doubt we’ll want to expose both Baldwin and Harvin to the hazards of returning all kicks. So why not split it up? Harvin kickoff and Baldwin punts.

    Tate’s other main skill is his YAC. When he catches the ball you gotta tackle him like a RB, because that’s how he runs. You can tell he was a RB years ago. It shows. But frankly Baldwin and Kearse both have good YAC also. So not a big loss.

    Best of all this opens up the opportunity for us to go get a big tall WR. I doubt this kid from the Pats is the guy, but he will certainly get every opportunity to prove he is. But honestly I expect JS and PC to find a guy in the draft. Maybe even round 1. I know people think we need O-line help, and I tend to agree. But Cable can coach ‘em up better than anyone else so I think we can find a couple O-linemen later in the draft or other means.

  112. HawkFanInAz says:

    @banosser… I mentioned way earlier that Allen said if he doesn’t get what fair market value is for his position, he would walk, say goodbye to football. So what is fair market value for a player of his status?

    Will he be a Seahawk or will he not, is the question? What is fair market value for Jared Allen? If we give him that, he will be a Seahawk, simple as that.

  113. Southendzone says:

    I swear someone tweeted that the offer Denver signed D. Ware to was the exact same one they offered to Jared Allen.

    Seems strange because if he really turned down $20M guaranteed that would shock me.

  114. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Do you think the 49ers would have won multiple Super Bowls if there was a cap back then?
    I doubt they would have won more than two.

  115. doubledink says:

    It will be all that more satisfying when we repeat. lol

  116. grizindabox24 says:

    HawkFan, I don’t believe Allen and the Hawks will agree upon his market value

    Allen here
    Hawks here

  117. doubledink says:

    As long as Tate doesn’t end up driving around in his car drunk and naked like a certain Lions assistant coach a few years back. That city has been known to do strange things to folks…

  118. grizindabox24 says:

    South, my understanding is that there were discussions between Allen and the Broncos and a number exactly the same as Ware agreed upon was a topic. As soon as Ware was available, the Broncos jumped. Not sure how close the actual deal was to being finalized or even agreed to, but the number was discussed.

  119. grizindabox24 says:

    DD, Tate would mix it up and be covered with maple frosting….

  120. doubledink says:

    I remember laughing ever so hard when I tried to imagine how that traffic stop went down. Totally crazy!

  121. The intended starting WRs last yr were Rice and Harvin. Both got hurt and their back-ups Tate and Baldwin got the job done. But don’t forget how both completely disappeared at times and our “D” had to win the game for us.If we can get Rice back on a lower 2 million deal, I’d be completely comfortable starting the season with Rice and Harvin as starters and Baldwin/Kearse/Lockette backing them up. And I believe Baldwin can be the PR Tate was. I wanted Tate back but am not dying that he left.

  122. DanielleMND says:

    “This isn’t Costco” = “I’ll give a home town discount.”

    “I’ll give a home town discount.” = “This isn’t Costco.”

    Funny how Bennett and Tate did the exact opposite of what they said.

  123. DanielleMND says:

    I wish we could have kept Tate. He has good hands and is a fearless punt returner.

  124. I’m certainly not worried about loosing Thurmond, Schofield, Maragos. I’m not sad about loosing Red or Rice as their value was nowhere near their salary. Clemons bothers me a bit unless Allen is brought in to replace him then I think we have made overall improvement. 2 yrs ago the starting DL was Red/Clemons/Mebane/Branch and was upgraded last yr when we dropped Branch but brought in Bennett/Avril/MacDaniel. That led to a rotation of 7 but for which the majority of the reps went to Clemons, Bennett, Mebane, and Avril/Bryant, with MacDaniel/McDonald in the rotation. we have retained the top 3 of the 5 most important and 1 of the 2 backups. MacDanial can certainly replace Bryant in the starting 4 and we still have Hill, Williams, Scruggs, and Amyowa as the 4 back ups.

  125. Sarcasticus says:

    Good Luck!

  126. Tate will be soon forgotten once the Seahawks draft a true Split End early in this year’s draft.

  127. Attention Detroit —


  128. freedom_X says:

    Baldwin will be a “pedestrian” punt returner. He doesn’t have the change of direction, power, and instincts that Tate had. Baldwin will do well if the return is blocked well, but top returners create when the blocking isn’t there.

    Really, talk about being ingrates. If a player leaves, they’re villainous scum. Even if he’s going to a place where he he’ll be paid more, and will have a better career opportunity. How? Because Tate is going to a team that emphasizes pass first, and is really effective in doing so. It’s a great personal chance to grow his career. Why would people insult him for that?

    Tate already won a Super Bowl ring, which many excellent players will never get. If I had just won a ring with a team and scratched off that career goal, I might be tempted to try and do that somewhere else, especially if that other place also offers other opportunities (more money, chance to grow in what I do for a living.)

    Winning the ring actually makes it easier to leave, not harder. People jump from established companies all the time to join startups and up-and-coming firms that aren’t as rock solid stable. Why? Are they being disloyal too? If you think you’re the best, why would you refuse a chance to take on more responsibility and earn the rewards that come with it?

  129. Slave, Why Detroit of all places? Because Stafford throws for damn near 5000 yards every year. He’s almost guaranteed to get 70-80 catches and over 1000 yards. Do that 2-3 years in a row and presto! monster payday. He chose Detroit because he’s thinking long term. Even if he doesn’t stay all 5 years, there’s a good chance he can make more down the road on his 3rd contract if he blows up and has crazy numbers. We know catches and yards don’t really mean crap, it’s all about TD’s, YPC, and YAC. But those crazy reception and yard numbers are what get you the mega bucks, and it’s something he would never have gotten here due to our run heavy offense. And he said as much in one of his tweets.

    Duke, you’re right his production won’t be hard to replace, since almost any decent receiver in this offense is pre-destined to get those type numbers. But he was pretty damn explosive and exciting to watch. I, for one, will miss watching him play. And he had that “grit” that they talk about. GT brought that ferocity and toughness to our WR corps. Oh well, it is what it is, he ain’t a Seahawk no more. I will still be in awe of his exploits on the field, and imagine what could have been, but won’t really root for him much.

    Skavage, ADB might end up with the exact same Y/PR, but something about Golden Tate’s slightly out of control, helter skelter, spinning tazmanian devil return style thrilled the hell out of me. You’re right though, I think he is kind of goofy and immature. Bennett had to pretend he would listen to offers because he needed leverage to get the right amount of guaranteed money. After all, he has 3 daughters to feed.

    GT, on the other hand, talked about giving “hometown discounts” carelessly without thinking about it evidently, or consulting his agent, then reconsidered and changed his mind.

  130. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Tate is already forgotten Stevos! Long time over due.

    No sour grapes here. Good for him that he can get more money in a crappy city on a crappy team.

    Good for us that we can now draft a true #1 WR.

  131. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Carroll has been wanting a true #1 WR since he came here. And a big one too. Now he has the opportunity to do that in this draft.

    This FO is smart, their not going to overpay Tate when they can draft a bigger and better WR in this years draft.

  132. DJammmer says:

    One huge bonus to losing all of these FAs to teams as big(ger) money contracts where they will start (Tate, Bryant, McDonald, Breno, even the overpaid schofield)… is that with those contracts, if they start and get playing time for their new teams… Then the seahawks can FINALLY get on COMPESATORY PICK treadmill. If you believe Clayton, a team can only afford six 6 MIL+ players… And for the seahawks, that is Wilson, Thomas, Sherm, Percy, Bennett, Okung (or other future probowl LT) And we still have young talent coming up off their rookie deals (3 starting LBs, Maxwell, Baldwin).

    If you commit that those are the 6 best players you have to keep… then you’re going to lose the 7-12th best players on the team when they hit FA.

    But if you get COMPESATORY PICKs for them, and with Carrol/Schnied – you backfill them with rookies, on rookie pay scale. Then you can keep a playoff caliber team on the field for longer… longer superbowl window. How long since Seahawks have been awarded comp picks?!?!? (Been along time since our FAs got big money deals other places) Imagine what Pete & Schnied will do with extra 3rd & 5th rounders every year!

  133. juliusvrooder says:

    Michael Bennett pays for maple bars because he understands that economics is not the same as payroll. Golden Tate, on the other hand, is choosing to move to Hell. When they are both 50,one of them will understand what happened to him. (hint: envision a big, ring-encrusted hand lifting a legally-purchased maple bar to his smiling face.)

    As for the other one? No longer my concern. My gratitude for Golden extends this far and no further: Dear Golden, thanks for the memories, and I am relieved to know that, given you play for a pack of idiots, you will not have to return to the CLink to get your ass handed to you because the Lions have sucked since before I was born (and I am so old that I fully understand how stupid you got today.)

    But hey! No hard feelings! I am sure that, given the opportunity, Jerry Rice would have bolted for Buffalo, given the chance. Instead, he had to languish in SF, dealing with the Joe Montana’s and Steve Young’s of the world. Poor Bastard! You get the big bucks, and he has to settle for multiple rings and the hall of fame. And big bucks.

    If you find yourself in a Men’s Warehouse in Detroit (good luck finding one not gutted by arson committed by your new fans) and you decide to steal the yellow blazer you will never have the character to actually deserve, try to grab a 50-long for me. Not Michael Bennett. Me. Michael Bennett has a much better shot at EARNING one than you ever will. Which is why he pays for maple bars.

    But I am not bitter…


  134. freedom_X says:

    Funny how Michael Bennett is lionized as the idealist who scorned riches to re-sign with Seattle and Tate is reviled as the money-grubber.

    Based on what people are saying about the offers – Bennett took a 6% “hometown discount” ($34 million from Chicago vs, $32 million from Seattle.)

    Tate would have had to take about a 25% hometown discount ($31 million from Detroit vs. $25 million from Seattle.)

    I’d bet, if Seattle’s offer were within 6% of Detroit’s, Tate would have signed. Apparently to some people, Bennett is the person who made a huge sacrifice.

  135. juliusvrooder says:

    I don’t think Bennett made a huge sacrifice, or any sacrifice. I just think he made a more intelligent choice. Illinois has a state income tax that would cost another 1m on Michaels contract. I do not know what Michigan’s tax structure is, but at this level, its a thing to think about.

    I have been to Detroit. Offer me an 80% pay raise in my profession to go to Detroit, and my answer is hell no. Make it 180%, and hell no. Will Golden get more targets? Yes, but who cares? They will not be here in any of the next five January’s, because they epically suck.

    I firmly believe that Michael will win more rings here, and will enjoy the ride way more. He has been in a lesser organization, and knows what a good deal this is. That is not a sacrifice at all. It is just good thinking.

    The other night, my brother and I talked about Tate as a Jet. We thought that was a good fit, because he is a ‘big stage’ guy, and would enjoy NY. We wished him well. But Detroit?

    Seattle is love. New York is hooking up with a hot supermodel, cuz she’s hot, and a supermodel, and you crave the red carpet. Detroit is swallowing a trucker for a 20-spot and a ‘free’ maple bar

    We all got our values…

  136. May I swear? I am not happy. We’d best resign Baldwin & pray Harvin makes it through an entire season.

  137. juliusvrooder says:

    You may only swear if you speak cow.

    Oh. Right. Swear away…

  138. freedom_X says:

    If you had only 10 more years (at most) in your earnings career, you might choose differently when it comes to cities vs. salary.

    If Seattle had offered Bennett 25% less, he’d most likely be a Bear. Would taking 25% less have been the “intelligent” choice?

  139. juliusvrooder says:

    X, my point is that Bennett was looking at the whole picture. The tax thing is just one piece. Smart guys have pointed out that Golden will catch a lot of balls in a pass-wacky offense, and improve his stat line to cash in later. I think that being a nationally renowned quarterbacks go-to guy in a budding dynasty that is revolutionizing the game at an organizational level will also set up a great third contract in a much more gratifying way.

    I do not begrudge a guy wanting to get paid. I do not get mad at guys for leaving Seattle. The only NFL jersey I own is Dave Krieg’s. It is red and yellow, and I wore it to the Kingdome when ‘Bone came back for the first time as the Chiefs quarterback, because I was mad at the FO for letting him go. I still have it, and wear it for the big games.

    Happy for OB. Happy for Breno. Hope Walter finally gets to start. Happy for Clem. Hated losing Red, but glad he is with friends. Look forward to seeing them in SB LI.

    Detroit? Good God, Detroit? There is more to life than money X, and while my career has a longer shelf-life, its not by much. (I am 49) and I do not command FU money that can set me for life in a decade. But hear me dude: I will never live or work in Detroit.

  140. HawkFanInAz says:

    griz, so you don’t think Allen will lower his value to be on a proven team? I know that was not the earlier question, but I think it’s pertinent to the situation. I guess we’ll have to wait and see what he’s offered by us, and other teams that are looking at him. I’m still guessing the Seahawks will offer at least 6 million for him, which in todays market is fair value. At least a one year to see if he’s still got it, then go from there.

    GO HAWKS!!!

  141. CDHawkFan says:

    I thought Bennett numbers were $32 Bears, $28.5 Hawks, which is a 12.3% difference.

    Tate $31 Detroit, $25 Hawks, which is 24% difference.

    BUT, as Bennett pointed out (Golden too), its all about the guaranteed money. For Golden it was $13 million in Detroit, not sure about the Hawks. Good chance he would have made close to a million more in the playoffs for the Hawks ($200k-250k per year), no income tax compared to MI at 6%.

    He should have

  142. juliusvrooder–What the hell are you talking about?! Jerry Rice was paid more by the Niners than anyone else could have paid him, as were most of the players on the those teams. Why? Because Jed York laundered money for the Mob, and used those profits to bankroll a huge payroll for a decade, when there was no salary cap to stop him. His mob money laundering was what got him kicked out of NFL ownership.

    To compare Rice to Tate is insane. Rice didnt take a 1.25 million a year paycut to stay! He got WELL PAID to stay.

  143. freedom_x, CCVI–Well said.

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