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  1. ChrisHolmes says:

    Good news.

  2. great news – – keep the core of this team together for another SB run next year . . .

  3. DreadHawks says:

    If there’s one talking head to NEVER pay attention to, it’s Ian Rappaport. Is the guy ever right? Good news but at what cost? Tate, Baldwin??

  4. Guessing Clem. and Tate.

  5. Losing Clem and Tate aren’t a “cost”.

    Clem is too old to receive a big contract. Tate was already replaced by Harvin.

  6. 4 yrs 32 million. 16 mill guaranteed. Basically slotted in to Bryant’s salary

  7. You guys are kidding yourselves if you think Clemons is going anywhere.

  8. Glad Bennett got his money from us, but now people are going to knock Clem (if he didn’t tear his ACL maybe Hawks beat ATL two seasons ago) and Tate who didn’t miss a game, even though he took hits that would have put Percy into a coma

  9. Tate was not replaced by Harvin. Harvin does not play SE, nor does he take big hits or win at jump balls like Tate. They are not interchangeable or twins.

    But yeah, paying so much for Harvin likely means they wont be willing to pay what Tate costs.

    8 million a year with only two years guaranteed is cheap. They still have money to sign Tate. If they choose. We’ll see tomorrow what kind of money teams are willing to spend on Tate. Hell, we may be able to sign McDonald and/or McDaniels!


  10. trout_hound says:

    I’m sure it was Bennett’s agent that leaked the Chicago news for extra leverage. I’m happy, hard to replace a versatile guy like him. I’m betting we keep Golden too. The dude is a gamer.

  11. I want to see Seattle trade up to get Watkins or Evans. Then I wont cry in my beer so hard if/when we lose Tate…

  12. Singularitarian says:

    great deal if it’s 4 years 32 mill 16 gaur. That’s about what I figured the most Seattle would go was. I knew they wouldn’t be giving 50 mill out.

  13. yankinta says:

    LVHawk,, for real?? I was thinking close to 20 mil guaranteed… 16 mil would be a good deal!! :)

  14. montanamike2 says:

    Great news! I still want to resign Tate badly though. I love that we didn’t lose him to a rival. More SB’s to come?

  15. tealskin says:

    Stevos- Agree that Clem is too old for big $, but he’s still playing well and would be mice to keep. It’s interesting that Bennett didn’t wait longer to see other offers.

  16. montanamike2 says:

    I see the quick resigning to be him wanting to be here.

  17. If the Seahawks can run out and get a Justin Tuck or Jared Allen on the cheap, then I can see them cutting Clemons.

  18. DisplacedSeahawkFan says:

    Tate is our most durable, reliable, receiver. He plays with a similar toughness that Chancellor plays with on defense. Tate is an irreplaceable cog on our offense. It would be terrible if we lost him.

    Moreover, I don’t trust Bennett: since he got his payday, I’m wondering if he’ll still play as hard. I hope that Benett’s contract is performance based, to ensure that he doesn’t disappear for stretches at a time during the season. After all, since he valued a big payday more than another ring, I question his character.

  19. yankinta says:

    tealskin,, remember that’s the mistake Bennett and Cliff made last year,, waiting to see better offers,, and they saw nothing and had to come to Seattle on a Prove it Deal… it’s good that he doesn’t make the same mistake twice,, :)

    If Tate wants to come back for 4 Mil a year,,, then let him, if not, I’d be okay with letting him go.

    Here’s my Off Season Priorities:

    1. Extend Earl
    2. Extend Sherman
    3. Extend Maxwell
    4. Extend Okung (do his deal while his stock is down )
    5. Sign Walter
    6. Extend Clint McDonald

  20. I am guessing that Clem will stay if he takes a pay cut. At his age, he might go for it because he will be on a winning team. He has a couple good years left. But, like Bryant, he is not playing full time on defense!

    Great news on Bryant…glad to have him back and raising havoc for an offense to handle! Will be interesting to see how involved Seattle gets with free agency!

  21. sluggo42 says:

    As the retooling begins…

    Sometimes the best signings are the ones at home…

  22. Yank – don’t think terms have been officially announced yet, but Clayton tweeted $16M guaranteed about a half hour ago. I thought the Griffen deal was going to drive his contract up beyond what SEA was willing to offer, happy to be wrong about that.

    Seahawks just tweeted a pic of MB signing the contract.

  23. Clinton McDonald is a free agent, and Okung restructuring/extending his contract would be huge to free up some cap space

  24. ” since he valued a big payday more than another ring, I question his character.”

    Totally ridiculous.

  25. yankinta says:

    opps,, you’re right Hawks85,, I was multi-tasking,,, lol :)

  26. Macabrevity says:

    Despite the talk, this still looks like a hometown discount to me. Needless to say, very happy.

  27. Dukeshire says:

    Very happy he’s back and back at a reasonable number. Well done all parties.

  28. tylerwyler says:

    Others reporting 4yr, 28.5m, 16 guaranteed. Looks like a home team discount to me.

  29. Great news!

    Would be happy if Tate comes back, but I am satisfied that we would be ok without him.

    Now lets get some o-line help!!!

  30. Singularitarian says:

    Reading about Joel Bitonio. He looks like he could be a decent pickup @32. Here’s a good article with some clips, would make SSTBM happy

  31. Displaced–He took less money to stay. Two teams reportedly offered more money, yet he came back. I’d say that shows character. I guess Seattle is Costco, lol!

    Seattle is now reaping the rewards of being a destination FA stop. Heck, even our own guys take a paycut to stay!

    How much you wanna bet Allen and guys like him are on the phone, begging their agents to get a halfway decent price out of Seattle….But I dont even really want Allen. Another hungry Run-stuffing DT would be nice….and please, a decent G to play RG and a T!!

  32. Singularitarian says:

    see above sstbm

  33. montanamike2 says:

    I thought for sure he was leaving for a monster contract, boy was i wrong. That costco comment sure sounded like he wanted to go get the money.

  34. After tomorrow look for a trade for Johnathan Martin.

  35. I dont really want a LG, certainly not in the first. I think Michael Bowie is the man. Its RG and RT Im worried about. Im not sure Bailey is ready, but I’d love to see him get a fair shot to bounce Sweezy to the bench. He wont get it; Cable will sandbag him, Sweezy’s his pet project and ego stroke.

    But if this guy can play T at an NFL level, why not take him at 32 and try him at RT?

    For the record, I think Bowie’s feet are too slow to be a good RT. I want him instead of McQ/FatCarp. I WANT Bailey to unseat Sweezy and/or take over RT, but I aint holding my breath and I hope Seattle isnt either. Competition! Let em fight it out through preseason!

    If we lose Tate, I want us to do what it takes to get Sammy Watkins or settle for Evans. Either way, they will cost big to land, but they are likely worth it. Watkins could be another Megatron/Andre Johnson, even better than AJ Green. Certainly better than Julio Hangnail Jones…

  36. There is no freaking way Cable wants anything to do with Martin. Martin doesnt have the temperament Cable is looking for, he’s not a run-blocking-first road grader tough guy by any means. He will land somewhere like KC or Indy where they do a lot of passing and appreciate a technician with no nasty streak.

  37. Singularitarian says:

    Are you saying Martin has no mean streak just because he didn’t want to get in a fist fight and be call a n&*^% at his work? Or based on film?

  38. One advantage the Seahawks enjoy in these negotiations is that this state has no income tax. I am not sure how that calculates, but it must be significant.

  39. Martin will either end up in SF and Indy. I really don’t want a grown man who can feel bullied, and not do anything about it. Does anyone think Breno, Unger, Okung or Bowie wouldn’t stand up for themselves? It might result in a fist fight, but more likely a guy like Incognito would fold faster than Superman on laundry day.

  40. Singulatarian–Everything Ive read about the guy says he’s lacks a mean streak. Not that his being bullied was acceptable, so please dont take it that way. The guy may not have the competitive fire to make it in the NFL, and he surely lacks the fire to be a guy Cable would want.

    I would love to have him as our RT. He cant be worse in the run game than Breno, and he’d be a massive upgrade at pass pro. Im just not able to buy the idea that he fits Cable’s mold.

  41. The FO can’t be extending too many people when russell wilson needs an extension after next season. Earl and Sherm should get their extensions. Everyone else – probably not. Maxwell filled in nicely and is the starting CB2 for next season, but I don’t see them extending him. I think they like their depth with Lane and Simon, and they may draft one more in the latter rounds. They will let Maxwell walk if he has a good 2014 and gets big offers.

    As for free agents, Tate first, then McDonald. McDaniels is gone, they can only keep one. Jordan Hill may end up passing either of them on the depth chart. If Tate goes for big money, it will be a loss, but I think Kearse can handle more snaps and a WR in the draft will offset the loss. Baldwin is not leaving…they won’t lose both, and Baldwin will cost any other team a 2nd rounder. With the deep WR’s in the draft, I don’t see anyone willing to give that up along with a bigger salary.

    Funny how everyone was down on Bennett and saying he was as good as gone, but now everyone is happy. The wrath has shifted to Tate now. Just let the FO do what they do.

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