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Morning Links: As Bennett turns

Post by Todd Dybas / The News Tribune on March 10, 2014 at 11:26 am with 25 Comments »
March 10, 2014 11:26 am

Good morning.

A day after a story out of Chicago saying it’s likely Michael Bennett is signing with the Bears comes a direct contradiction from Adam Schefter.

The same Chicago reporter who wrote yesterday’s story says the offers from the Seahawks and Bears are very close.

And, there’s this:

As for Bennett, he was on NFL AM for a bit with his brother, Martellus, who continues to recruit him.

“You just got to stay tuned, man, like a suspenseful movie,” Michael said. “I got to leave it suspenseful right now.”

If the offer of $8 million from the Seahawks is accurate, that is a very manageable number for Seattle. Stay tuned, free agency starts Tuesday at 1 p.m.


> Peter King says Michael Bennett is “about to be very rich.”

> ESPN says the Steelers will release LB LaMarr Woodley.

> RB Rashard Mendenhall explains why he retired at age 26.

> The Titans may be looking to trade or release running back Chris Johnson.

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  1. vichawkfan says:

    Even 8.5 is a deal given what Griffen just inked for. Bump some guarenteed to close it.

  2. lol, for those that doesn’t know about NFL Contracts… it’s not about able $$ per year. It’s ALL about the Guaranteed Money… 8.5 mil or 8.0 mil don’t mean much… :)

  3. lol, for those that doesn’t know about NFL Contracts… it’s not about the $$ per year. It’s ALL about the Guaranteed Money…

    8.5 mil or 8.0 mil don’t mean much… :)

  4. So funny. Doug Baldwin was right when he said “this isn’t news it’s entertainment. You think it’s news but it’s not”. You nailed it Doug.

    This is manufactured “news” from Bennett’s agent who is obviously doing a good job. I’m surprised there isn’t a third team identified from some hopeful sports reporter as unearthing a “big scoop” that they will outbid the Seahawks and CHicago. I can see the agent now saying to Chicago, “Michael has you guys as definitely his first choice”. Then a new report comes from a sports reporter (who was hand fed the info. from the agent most likely) that Seattle won’t let him go… and on and on it goes. Guess this is how ARod got his ridiculous contract after the M’s. It’s kinda like that crazy-acting guy with the stock market show (can’t remember his name), he drums up the hype for certain stocks or knocks down certain stocks. But if you look behind the scenes it’s all manipulated ahead of time so that the hype drives the stocks in the direction he and his investors want.

  5. aelliott11 says:

    Fortunately, Yankinta is here to tell us all how NFL contracts work. Quiet down, everyone, he’s about to speak…

  6. 343 metres per second , yep…manage the guaranteed and the bonus dollars. Because as they say…it’s a business. And every servicible player you see cut for “cap reasons” are the same players people raved about a couple years ago when they signed for XYZ dollars over XYZ years.

  7. chuck_easton says:

    Great contract negotiation by Bennett’s agent. If it gets out 48 hours prior to the start of FA (Tuesday 1pm PDT) that the Bears have him, there is no further bidding war.

    Now we have a manufactured bidding war. And I agree, by leaking the supposed numbers (that came from the agent, not either team) you just might get some other team to swoop in with a much bigger number.

    Nothing is a done deal until there is a signed contract.

    Stay tuned. I just hope Seattle doesn’t get into crazy mode and overpay.

  8. Im hoping he signs. 8 million a year in Seattle is far more than 8.5 million per year in Chicago, because Chicago is so damned expensive–by some estimates Ive heard, the fourth most expensive city in the World. Regardless, add to that quality of life, playing for Carrol at VMAC, competing for a SB hopefully permanently…

    Why would you even consider Chicago, Bennett?! Even given that the awesomely weird Martellus Bennett is your bro, Seattle is a far better place to be than Chicago–even if they were to offer 10 million a year.

    Now, the AGENT will get a far bigger chunk of change if he goes to Chicago. That alone worries me…

  9. Are we to assume at this point that Chris Clemons and Zach Miller are going to be a part of this team next year? Or is there a different date for those guys to get released?

  10. Minny paid that guy Griffen–whos Just A Guy–all that money because they have new coaches desperate to keep their jobs, and they HAVE to overpay–they are losing Allen and you dont exactly hear about bigtime pass rushers lining up to visit them in FA….

    No one in their right mind wants to play for Minny right now…

    That contract is an outlier, like the ones Al Davis used to sign his guys to just to Fluck with the NFL owners and drive up the price…

    Im not going to be shocked if the Raiders or Pats or someone offers even more than 8.5 million for him. I think he goes with a winning team, regardless. Be awful tough to go from First to nearly Worst in one year just for some dough…

  11. rodman–I think everything is one the table right now. If Seattle re-signs both Tate and Bennett, I would imagine Clemons and others–perhaps Miller–MAY be offered a reduce-or-get-cut deal. If we lose both, look for them to stay pat.

  12. Todd–Off topic, but that History Picture you posted on twitter is absolutely devastating.

  13. chuck_easton says:


    Clemons has no dead money. He can be released right up until the start of the regular season with no Cap implications.

    Miller has a 1 million roster bonus due tomorrow at 1PM. If it isn’t announced that he has either been cut, restructured, or taken a pay cut within the next 24 hours, it is safe to say the team is comfortable going forward with Miller at his current contract salary.

  14. chuck_easton says:

    To clarify, any Cap hit associated with Clemons would be the same if he where released today, tomorrow, next month or on final roster cuts. He has no additional bonuses due this year.

    I can’t see the team paying Miller that additional 1 million roster bonus if they intend to cut him.

  15. Welcome back, M. Bennett!!!

    Rumor is 4 years at $8M a year. As hard as he works every game he’s worth it! This is a huge to bring him back.

    Another rumor is Golden Tate to the Jets. I feel sorry for him if that’s true, but I don’t think he’ll be hard to replace on the cheap.

  16. Stevos–We can replace Tate with a body for cheap, maybe even his production. But we wont so easily replace his knack for making something out of nothing, nor will it be easy or cheap to replace his athleticism. Losing him will hurt.

    Tate better hope the Jets sign Vick if he wants to catch more than 60 passes. Where did you hear Tate to the Jets?

  17. As far as the most expensive cities to live in?
    San Francisco #2
    Seattle #7
    Chicago #14

    But that is really irrelevant – this is as much about ego and bragging rights as anything else.

  18. Pilot–I agree. The “respect” players get from high number deals drives it as much as the actual money, especially since most ex-NFL’ers are bankrupt within 4 years of retirement anyhow. Just ask Mark Brunell, who made 57 million or so in his career and lost it all.

    I had no idea Seattle had become that expensive. My list was OLD, I guess….no wonder I almost never go back even to visit!

  19. Yes! He’s a seahawk! Stoked about that…i thought he’d be gone for sure

  20. 4 yrs $34M being reported.. didn’t hear guaranteed amount

  21. STTBM, Yes, Tate does have a “knack for making something out of nothing”

    But Percy Harvin gives us 3x the knack Golden gave us, on more downs, without Golden’s inconsistency. I want to see them free up that Tate money to start working on a long term deal for ET.

  22. SandpointHawk says:

    If it’s true, it’s great…

  23. Good news indeed.

  24. Stevos–Harvin played in two whole games last year. Tate has proven to be durable and able to take huge hits. Harvin has not. No one would argue Tate is Harvins equal onfield, but he offers a bit different stuff. He’s a fine player on the upswing. Harvin is a star already.

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