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Bennett says being comfortable, guaranteed money big factors

Post by Todd Dybas / The News Tribune on March 10, 2014 at 2:05 pm with 50 Comments »
March 10, 2014 3:12 pm

It wasn’t too long ago Michael Bennett was explaining free agency doesn’t work like Costco. Monday, Bennett was explaining why he took less money to re-sign with the Seahawks.

Seattle locked up one of its most effective defensive lineman Monday before he could hit free agency. Bennett said he was offered more money elsewhere, but that the reported four-year, $32-million deal a four-year $28.5 million deal with $16 million guaranteed was plenty for him to come back to the Seahawks. Bennett said the guaranteed money, as it always is in the NFL, was the most important.

“A lot of teams tried to get me to come there,” Bennett said. “Ultimately, I wanted to come back here and get a chance to play with these guys. Just win some more games.

“I wanted to be here. There’s a lot of young guys here and a lot of winning ways; I love the organization and the things that they are about.”

Nobody pushed Bennett harder to sign somewhere else than his brother, Martellus. Michael said Martellus understood why he chose to stay with Seattle and not go to the Chicago Bears.

“It’s all on me, not really him,” Bennett said.

After signing a one-year deal with the Seahawks last year, Bennett had said he was better prepared to deal with free agency this time. Though, that didn’t make it much easier.

“It was like stepping on nails,” Bennett said. “You have to sit there and plan your life in one day. That’s a big job when you have a lot of people depending on you; you have a lot of people checking on you that you’re friends with or your family to make a decision. It’s a big decision you have to make in 48 hours.”

Bennett said he’s not concerned if he has the same role next year, saying he just wants to win games.

“I came here at the beginning of my career,” Bennett said. “To come back here and win a Super Bowl, the fans still remember me from my first year; the fans are one of the biggest reasons I came back.

“At the end of the day, it was about being comfortable and being in a good situation. Sometimes going to a whole ‘nother organization doesn’t work out the way it worked for me coming here and being with these guys. Lot of times people take a lot of money and they go places and the place isn’t what (they thought). I know what this place is and I’m familiar with the staff and the players and it makes it a big deal to be here.”

UPDATE: Here’s Pete Carroll, who was not available to local reporters, on Sirius XM talking about signing Bennett.


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  1. EzraMelech says:

    Despite his costco comment, I’m very pleasantly surprised. That comment may have been about posturing more then anything else. Teams might not have pursued him hard if he was perceived to be ready to give hometown discount from the get-go. That at least let him see what the market would be for him, and then make a decision.

    He is quoted as saying the 12th man, and organization as a whole (along with guaranteed money) is what set him to sign. Supposedly 4yrs at 28.5 million. Thats 7.125 per year. (Nice hometown discount)

    Great Job Front Office, Great Job MB. This truly looks like a Win/Win for both sides.

    Looking forward to see what else Front office can get done. Despite Jet’s rumors is Tate next? *Crossing fingers


  2. Singularitarian says:
  3. MikeFromNewJersey says:

    Thank You Michael Bennett. You are a classy gentleman and a team first guy. Not many players do what you just did and we are all grateful. Here is to your health and we all look forward to you kicking butt next season.

  4. montanamike2 says:

    What MikeFromNewJersey said.

  5. yankinta says:

    lol, do we have the BEST Front Office or what?? The entire nation has no choice but to bow down to our FO… MMS.. :)

  6. I really feel like having PC and the 12th man give the Hawks a substantial advantage of re-signing players, and getting FA. I wasn’t to sure about ol Pete, and his cheerleader act(no offense intended) on the sideline, but the guy treats his players extremely well, and is loved by them. Only more loved players coach might have been Dungy, and I firmly believe PC could coach rings around him.

  7. montanamike2 says:

    I wish ever so badly that i could see the tirade Harbaugh had when he found out.

  8. Panthers trying to trade Steve Smith. At 7 million a year, that aint happening. He had 700 yards last year.

    Something tells me they are gonna jump into the Tate Sweepstakes. They have MAJOR WR needs, and they are very likely to draft at least one WR very high in the draft. I also expect them to sign at least one WR in FA, perhaps two. This is a good year for that.

    C’mon Tate! You’ve made more money than Bennett did till last year, take a cue from him and sign with the home team! Ya know ya wanna!

  9. Dukeshire says:

    Very pleased to have him back. I never really understood why there was a flap over the Costco comment. No matter, glad an important and contributing factor to this great defense has returned.

  10. jawpeace says:

    How sweet it is!

    Just think how loaded the Hawks are; all of us fans are not clamoring over some other teams free agent. We are like resign our guys.

    I do wonder if any FA are going to call the Hawks and say hey are you interested in me at all? Because I am interested in you guys.

  11. CDHawkFan says:

    Jets just cleared a bunch of cap space, with one cut being a WR. Idzik will be all over Tate. Would be interesting to see Bennett take less but the big lights of NY pull Tate away, wasn’t it Tate saying he would take a home town discount?

  12. montanamike2 says:

    Everyone and their grandmother wants to come here! We could sure shore up the o-line on the cheap.

  13. EzraMelech says:


    I honestly loved PC from the beginning. (That being said I liked the Erickson signing back in the day, which turned out to be horrible). However, I truly believe that the reason so many were skeptical is just plain ole human nature. We as humans are not super fond of “major change”.

    PC has brought an entirely new philosophy to NFL coaching (and it’s working) Despite what most people foresaw. Think back to when Bill Walsh first implemented the West Coast offense. Do you realize how badly he got criticized? EVERYONE thought he was a joke (till it worked). Now he is considered a genius.

    The NFL is such a copycat league, I fully expect in the next 5yrs to see more of PC’s approaches to coaching attempted and/or implemented. What most don’t realize though is how unique Pete is. I seriously doubt his coaching style can be replicated easily.

    He is super young at heart, I only wish he was truly a little younger. I truly believe if he had more time he could become one of the best coaches of all time. (Different philosophy obviously) But he reminds me of many of the great motivators in the NFL Lombardi, Dick Vermeil, Jon Gruden, Bum Phillips, Marty Schottenheimer.

    He treats his players as human beings, with respect, and motivates them in a way that they give him 110%. He gives everyone a chance (even 2nd and 3rd chances). His always compete montra can’t be underestimated.

    Anyway, lets hope he can keep coaching for another decade despite his age.


  14. montanamike2 says:

    Tate would take less to stay if it’s close.

  15. jawpeace–I bet there are lots of guys asking their agents to feel out Seattle for interest (as opposed to feeling them up lol!). Seattle will still have to pay, but we should have a good shot at filling any departures with guys hungry to win and show their stuff.

    Its really great to be a destination team after all these years. Its even better to see them not gutting the team as GB used to do. For years they let damn near every decent lineman they had leave, and WR, and expected Favre to carry the team. Its a travesty he never won another SB after Holmy bailed. Im glad to see Seattle paying the core guys and guys like Bennett who now ARE part of the core.

    Now pay Tate. The guy earned his money, and we can afford to pay him 6 million a year. Hell, the number of terrible to mediocre WR’s making 5-6 million shows Tate to be a far better bet.

  16. compared to what Minny paid Griffen – this is a more than fair deal. Can’t have too many pass rushers – ever – – and this guy graded out as one of the best in the league last year.

    I’d like to see Tate back too, but to me, this was the key re-signing of this off-season. As usual these days, the Hawks are getting it right.

    And on the paranoid tip, I don’t see Pete going anywhere, but I have this worried thought that some team is going to offer Schneider a huge raise and even more authority than he has here, and try to snag him away from us sometime . . .

  17. Singularitarian says:

    I don’t think Carroll is more than a ring or two away from being in the conversation of being one of the best coaches of all time, when you consider how he completely turned around two team and made them champions, one being college, one being pro. Another ring or two and I’ll say it. Whether that makes me a homer or not is another question

  18. montanamike2 says:

    Yesterday my ‘Hawks buddies came over to watch the “real” SB and then the other one 2 weeks later that i had recorded on my DVR. It was a long day/night and plenty of brew, i saw Baldwin rip a couple good returns, then i saw Tate rip a bunch more frequently. Now i’m not sure he stays, even though i want to keep him.

  19. montanamike2 says:

    pdway the man works for Paul Allen! Who could possibly outbid him?

  20. Two or three rings in this age of parity definitely has PC in the conversation, and that’s not even counting what he did at USC. He’s obviously a huge part of football culture, and continues to connect to younger players. I remember reading about PC going into a bad neighborhood, and basically turning BI life around. I wonder how many other stories like that have gone untold.

  21. WiscCory says:

    A huge sigh of relief.

    GREAT news!

    I never felt negative towards Bennett when the news broke last week that he’d test the FA waters. However, now that he re-signed, and knowing the $’s, I have gained a ton of love for him!

    Adda boy, Michael!

  22. princeaden says:

    I like what Tate brings, with his toughness and sure hands. But, if I have to choose between him and Baldwin, it’s an easy choice. Doug Baldwin is the second coming of Steve Largent in many ways. If he were the focal point of Zorn and Krieg back in the day, there is no doubt he would be just as productive. Talk about turning CB’s in circles, toe-tap sideline catches and a toughness that goes underrated. DB is next up in my book.

  23. princedean-Wow, now THATs some hyperbole, comparing Doug Baldwin with Largent. He’s not even close!

    A better comparison would be to a young Bobby Engram.

    Baldwin is good, but he’s not HOF good. And his hands arent even as good as Tate’s, let alone the near-sainted Largent.

    But I dont see why Seattle would have to keep one or the other, especially since they dont play the same WR position. Unless Baldwin thinks he’s worth Tate money, because he isnt.

  24. Glossman says:

    Well, I guess it was Costco, after all. You seldom hear a player say “It’s about the money”, then sign for less and tell us that “It really wasn’t about the money.” It’s usually the other way around

    Very refreshing!

  25. edstang45 says:

    This is great news!!! Best part is we didn’t over pay….I was wrong about Bennett, and am glad, thought he was after the big contract and he showed me his class by staying here for all the right reasons!! I’m giddy over this and cheers to the Dline baby….Go Hawks

  26. I think Baldwin works twice as hard as Tate, and love the guy for it, but he’s just not as physically gifted as Tate imho. Tate has made some huge plays for us as well as DBfresh, but Baldwin definitely seems the more mature player.

    Would love to have them both back, but I won’t blame Tate for chasing money, or for wanting to be “The guy” on a team. I definitely feel like he’s the best WR available at this time and is one of the better FA WR to hit the market in the past few years. If he goes I’m hoping Hawks can land a guy like Dexter McCluster.

  27. Southendzone says:

    Wiscory, I almost ordered that a few weeks ago, tell me how you like it after you receive it.

    Isn’t a Costco endorsement for Bennett pretty much a must at this point? The dude is hilarious and has tons of charisma. He makes that Costco comment then takes a discount after all. Please make this happen.

  28. princeaden says:

    STTBM, ok I will give you that DB is closer to Engram than Largent. Mymistake, I admit. But still, if it comes down to one or the other, out of Tate and Baldwin, Angry Doug gets my vote. Just my opinion and we know what that is worth :)

  29. WilliamPercival says:

    There is no doubt this is a good contract for both sides.


    Don’t think for one second this is a ‘Costco Home-Town Discount’. Hawks essentially upped their original guaranteed amount to lock Bennett up. The risk is in the injury potential. Key here is that he has been GUARANTEED $16 mil. Not even Harvin ($14.5 mil) was guaranteed that much. There’s only 1 Hawk guaranteed more money and that would be the Beast.

    Here’s to hoping MB stays healthy. In any case, it’s nice to have more money to spend elsewhere in the books today.

  30. Dukeshire says:

    STTBM – That cracked me up too. Baldwin may be the second coming of Bobby Engram, but not one of the greatest receivers of all time.

  31. RDPoulsbo says:

    I was skeptical that this deal was going to be cap friendly with Bennett wanting top dollar, but this deal was incredibly good. The team wasn’t going to cut him after the end of next season regardless, so the guaranteed money wasn’t really an issue.

    His agent is one of the biggest scumbags in the business, so I’m sure this deal was done purely because Bennett made it happen. We’ll check back after the 2015 season when he can conceivably be cut and get another big contract, but everything is all good right now. Congrats to both sides for making this work out.

  32. Largent ended his career with more receptions and TDs than any WR ever up until that time. Pretty sure Baldwin won’t be able to say the same.

  33. Southendzone says:

    Baldwin isn’t on pace to get to Largent like stats. It would take longevity and significant increase in production to do so. He’d he’d have to play 11 more seasons, and increase his annual receiving yardage from 783 (I excluded his 2012 which seems like a low outlier) to 1,014.

    Then he could retire with 14,039 yards just like #80.

    Not easy by any means, you can see Largent’s stats drop off in his last 2 years, and he was 1 year younger than DB in his 1st year. Would take an enormous effort, but if anyone could do it, it’s Angry Doug.

  34. GeorgiaHawk says:

    “The 12th man is the biggest reason I came back”

    That’s all I needed to hear to warm up to Bennett.

  35. freedom_X says:

    Doug Baldwin == Steve Largent? Hoo-boy.

    When Doug Baldwin is able to consistently beat double and press coverage, or draws the #1 cover man on the other team 90% of the time, then I might begin to even consider the concept.

    That’s what Steve Largent did. He was the #1 WR on a team that virtually never had a good #2, so he drew the top cover guy always and any double team the opposing defense chose to draw up.

    And he did it in an era where bumping and holding all the way down the field was legal (at least for half his career.) And carried a ~16 yard per catch average for his whole career.

  36. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Baldwin is closer to Largent than Engram imo.

    Baldwin will never get the stats of Largent, however Largent will never get the Super Bowl rings that Baldwin will get.

    Largent is the all time greatest Seahawk WR. Baldwin is the best WR we have now.
    I admire Baldwin for reaching out to Largent for advise.
    Both are class acts regardless of talent.

    Baldwin is worth more than 2 mil and hopefully the FO will lock him up long term this season.

  37. RDPoulsbo says:

    Whoa….Baldwin is no Largent. Let’s back off the enthusiasm a few notches there. I’ll buy the 2nd coming of Paul Skansi though. Mr. 3rd down was a hugely clutch slot receiver and fan favorite, but isn’t going to be enshrined in Canton anytime soon.

  38. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Paul Skansi? You must be joking. Lol.

  39. Ray_Maines says:

    As The World Turns…

    I’ve said before that the NFL is the very best reality show on TV. We all know down deep in our hearts that none of this really matters, but it’s so totally compelling.

    Will Michael sign here or go to Chicago to be with with his brother? Will Angry Doug fly the coup or stay with his friends? How much does Richard Sherman and Earl Thomas really love Pete Carroll and the 12th man?

    Stay tuned to the Seahawks Insider Blog where there is no off season.

  40. RDPoulsbo says:

    IMO, Paul Skansi is hands down the most underrated WR in Seahawk history. Sure, he was loved by Seattle fans, but never got the credit he deserved around the rest of the league. Nothing flashy. He just moved the chains in the shadow of bigger stars on the team in the mid 80s. Sound familiar?

  41. Doug Baldwin could beat Largents stats by a mile and he still woudlnt be in his league. Seriously. Stats didnt tell the tale. Some games, he was double or triple covered and had 2 catches, yet won the game for us. Doug is not double covered.

    Largent played for Ground Chuck, who never threw the ball (except in 1984), yet scored 100 TD’s and had eight thousand yard seasons, broken up by the strike year and his final “good” year, where he had 912 yards. Knox ran a gameplan even more conservative than Carrols late-season Martyball.

    Largent was so good, he actually PREFERRED to be double covered. He said it was easier to get open vs two guys, because he could cause doubt over who should do what.

    The man drove HOF corners with size and speed crazy, and he was small and slow. Lester Hayes even praised him, thats how bad Largent was.

    Its insulting to even mention Baldwin in the same breath as Largent. But I get the point; Baldwin is a fine player on the upswing, and he will only get better. He’s going to perfect his craft, the same thing Largent did to extend his career.

    I think Doug plays at least 10 seasons. I dont see him lasting as long as Bobby Engram, but he’s got a shot. But he’s not going to make it to Largent status.

  42. Skansi was a fine player too. Its a shame he never got to play in a WCO, he’d have put the stats up then.

    His no-time-on-the-clock 25 yard Hail Mary TD catch to beat KC after Kreig eluded Derrick Thomas’ grasp to avoid an eight sack is one of the top 5 plays in Seattle Seahawks history.

    And yeah, he was vastly underrated.

    I think Baldwin has a shot to be better than (or at least as good as) Bobby Engram. Thats pretty high praise; Engram was no joke.

  43. I also think Mike Pritchard and Ricky Proehl were also very good WR’s who were underrated by Seattle fans. Proehl kept playing well after Seattle let him go–they never should have.

  44. Georgia–Baldwin is not our best WR. Harvin is. Tate is after him. Tate can do what he does without Baldwin, but the reverse is not true. Tate opens it up deep and clears the safety out for Baldwin on a lot of his catches, and Tate was usually covered by the other teams best CB. Baldwin faced either number 2 corners or the slot corner–much less stiff competition–and yet Tate beat him out in stats.

  45. I can’t remember what all pro corner back speaking of Largent said, if you tried to do the cuts that he did that you would break your ankles and he did not know how Largent could make such drastic cuts.

    Also Largent was so good a following the ball he said that he often practiced just watching the first half of the ball in flight and then close his eyes for the second half and catch it almost every time.

    Doug Baldwin who I like over Tate is no Largent.

  46. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Harvins our best playmaker. Baldwins our best WR imo.

  47. ChrisHolmes says:

    #1 FA priority: signed.

    How’s that for FO work?

    Remember the days when even our 4th or 5th priority couldn’t get done?

    Gotta love this organization, where it is now.

    Now to get Tate back.

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