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Tweet link: Bennett to head into free agency

Post by Todd Dybas / The News Tribune on March 6, 2014 at 1:39 pm with 96 Comments »
March 6, 2014 1:41 pm

As Michael Bennett has said, this is not Costco, this is real life.

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  1. chuck_easton says:

    In other words, he wants ALOT and Seattle isn’t prepared to give it to him.

    Good for them. Let him go out and see what the market is. If somebody throws crazy money at him, Bubye and have a good career.

    Seattle doesn’t need to overpay anymore.

  2. More power to him.

    Hopefully it was a good enough offer that if all other offers are similar he would come back here and see if they can work a deal out. and not Too low to offend him

  3. Dukeshire says:

    chuck – Well said and I agree.

  4. Southendzone says:

    Wonder what the Hawks offer was. To me it sounds like testing the market sounds probable he’s leaving. Despite anti-tampering rules, I bet he has a very solid idea of what teams will offer.

  5. He might want to stay but is trying to leverage some other offers from other teams.

    He already took a discount to play here this year. Dont mind him checking his options. Hope he stays but reality appears to be he won’t

  6. With the Bennett situation still very much up in the air, I’m glad Clemons is still on the team.

  7. He knows he will get more elsewhere so now the question is, can they convince Jared Allen to come to Seattle on the cheap to go ring shopping?

  8. Bennett is not the only fish in the sea….. here is a link to a PFF edge rushers ranking (Bennett at the top!).

  9. Southendzone says:

    Bennett > Jared Allen

  10. chuck_easton says:

    Nobody is saying that Bennett isn’t better than Jared Allen. In fact Bennett is probably the best FA DE out there. But if he wants 10+ Million per season, let some other team give it to him.

  11. Would really like to see Bennett re-signed, but would not break the bank on an 8.5 sack guy.

  12. Exactly Chuck. There’s Johnson from Cincy, who might relish the opportunity to compete for a Ring.

    I agree, Bennett likely has some idea of the market for his services, and he’s going to take the best offer; but if he goes only for money–and doesnt factor in other things–and signs with a crappy hopeless team like the Raiders, then Good Riddance…

    He’s smart though; this will drive up the market for his services, and he will maximize his payday. Not that I really think any human needs to insist on getting 10 million a year for four years if Seattle offered 8 (can you really spend that much, or is it just wasting it…?)…Seattle will likely be given a chance to match his best offer. We’ll see what shakes out.

    I wonder if the Niners will try to get him?

  13. Pressure is more important than Sacks. Michael Bennett was very very good at pressuring qb’s and was a force vs the run. In fact, I believe he was one of the best in the NFL at pressures.

    So yes, someone is going to be willing to break the bank on him. I hope its us.

  14. Why pay a QB 18-22 when it really cripples your team . . . but teams do it.

  15. Keep in mind that Bennett could be 100% comfortable with the Seahawks current offer and almost surely wants to play here. He may be using free agency to increase his leverage with Seattle a bit. So I wouldn’t necessarily jump on his case because we don’t know all the facts.

    Or he may be testing to see if there is some Dan Snyder-like fool willing to grossly overpay. If he signs with Seattle a week after free agency starts, then we know he is probably just using the market to get the best deal he can with Seattle. Of course the risk for him is that last year lots of guys expected to be highly paid but the big free agency dollars evaporated almost instantly. Should be interesting…

  16. CDHawkFan says:

    I was wondering what was taking so long for news on Bennett, was hoping it was better news.

    Wonder if Red leaving will cost us a bit in signing Bennett, maybe there are fewer reasons for his to take a little less or even the same $ as say Chicago now that his buddy isn’t in Seattle.

    I hope we get him back as those guys (get the the QB DE/DT) are hard to find. Lets stay away from being too critical on him, its his right to test the waters, but I got to think that the odds are against getting him back now that that its 31 teams vs the Hawks.

  17. Bennett took a “show me” deal last season and showed big time. He will get his deserved payday. We got a title out of it. Seems like it worked out perfectly for everyone.

  18. Had we paid Bennett 8-9 million bucks last year, he would have earned every penny.

  19. GeorgiaHawk says:

    What chuck said.

  20. RDPoulsbo says:

    Sometimes, it’s easier to think of FA as a bidding card game like pinochle. If the bids are too high, then it might just be a better strategy to let the other guy have it and hang them with it, like an Albert Haynesworth or Mario Williams contract. Remember, Bennett’s was saying he might give a discount to Seattle, then he talked to his agent and realized he could be rolling in $100 bills soon.

    With Bennett as the best pass rusher in the FA field and the teams with money to burn will be looking at him to spend stupid money.

    Lamarr Houston might be a more affordable option. He showed a lot of talent in spite of having to play in Oakland, so he could become more of a pass rushing threat when placed on a line with other guys with better skills.

  21. All Seattle can do is make an offer. Let’s face it…any free agent would be stupid not to see what his value is on the outside. Once this happens, Bennett is going to have to decide if he should take more and go to a crappy team that has no shot at the Super Bowl…or take some less…and get back to the Super Bowl and limelight which he had with the Hawks! Once you make over so much money, you are basically set up for life! Come on Bennett, use some common sense. Stay in Seattle and be happy and win another Super Bowl.

  22. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I would like Bennett to stay but if he goes it could open up other opportunities for the team like perhaps signing a top free agent Guard or two.
    Win win, next man up.

  23. GeorgiaHawk says:

    The only three players on this team that deserve a max contract imo are Thomas, Sherman and Wilson.

  24. hollywoodt says:

    Let him go. Keeping Thomas, Sherman and Wilson are our priorities. Seattle must have made him a good offer and if he wants to play for a non contender, let him.

  25. Thanks for the Taterhead link Georgia. I just hate it when they dont show the entire play…thats some lame-assed editing. Shame on you, Worst highlight film EVER.

    Its still Tate, so its cool.

  26. The Bennett one is cool, just too short.

  27. Southendzone says:

    For anyone thinking that FA’s should take a below market offer to play here, what you’re really asking is for them to make a donation to Paul Allen.

    That’s the effective result of taking less than your market value.

    Now Paul Allen is one my favorite people on the planet, but I don’t make donations to him.

  28. chuck_easton says:


    It has nothing to do with saving Paul Allen any money. He’s the wealthiest NFL owner.

    It’s that nasty Salary Cap issue. No matter how much money our wonderful owner is willing to spend there is an imposed ceiling.

    The team isn’t asking players to play for cheap here. The team is trying to get the best players possible to play here at a price that is manageable under the Cap.

    As I said, if Bennett gets a better offer from some other team, well then good luck to him and god speed. If he wants to play for a winning organization, he may have to lower his demands.

  29. Southendzone says:

    That’s true, for a team that spends to the cap, taking a below market deal is more akin to giving money to a team-mate than giving money to the owner.

  30. DanielleMND says:

    I’m worried about losing Bennett. I don’t think what he brought to the team in 2013 can be easily replaced.

  31. I agree with most posted here, would love to see him stay, but not to the point that it cripples the cap, and makes it so we cant keep others.

    He is probably gone, someone will overpay, and the cap went up for the first time in years. Bummer.

  32. chuck_easton says:


    But does that mean that Seattle pays Bennett so much that they can’t afford to keep Sherman? Thomas? Wilson?

    The pie is only so big. If Bennett wants such a big slice that there isn’t enough to give to other deserving players then there is a problem.

    This is why the team was saying there would have to be tough decisions made this off-season. You can’t pay every player at every position top dollar.

    If the choice comes down to Bennett or Thomas/Sherman then Bennett can go earn his big payday from somewhere else.

    Seattle was looking for D-line help when they found Avril and Bennett. They can replace Bennett, maybe not at the same level, but they will find another younger, cheaper, body to be in that roster spot.

  33. “Pressure is more important than Sacks. Michael Bennett was very very good at pressuring qb’s and was a force vs the run. In fact, I believe he was one of the best in the NFL at pressures.

    So yes, someone is going to be willing to break the bank on him. I hope its us.”

    I agree w/STTBM. he’s easily the most important free agent for us this year. that said, I know we have other (bigger) fish to fry in ’15, and I get that we have to hang onto space for those guys.

    I hope he re-signs, he’s a key cog.

  34. Dukeshire says:

    It’s interesting to me the Bennett, Allen, Clemons discussions. First off, Bennett and Clemons play on opposite sides of the line (Clem weak, Bennett strong), so if Bennett leaves that doesn’t affect Clem DE position. Clem – Allen is reasonable debate since they each play RDE. (I would *much* prefer Clem at this point, but that’s another discussion.) Bennett’s leverage became stronger once Red was released. If he were to resign, it’s reasonable to expect his role to increase from situational to a near 3 down DE. And whoever does sign him will likely use him in that role.

    On another note, Bennett’s production was great, but it’s folly to dismiss Seattle’s ability to place him in situations to succeed, as opposed to just lining him up and turning him loose. Seattle will not, nor should they, “break the bank” for a situational player, albeit a solid one.

  35. GeorgiaHawk says:

    OK, Add one more to the deserve a max contract list.

    This is awesome!

  36. edstang45 says:

    Well even though Bennett was a good piece to our Defense he was not the corner stone, the big game break guy every game…8.5 sacks plus his hurries and run game, I don’t believe he rates stupid money. He’s no Reggie…..I am very comfortable with the FO’s approach and hope they don’t over pay anyone….He can be replaced. Hope he returns and is here for 2nd SB run. if not…GoodBye

  37. ChrisHolmes says:

    Well, I had hoped Seattle could re-sign Bennett, but if he’s wanting money that doesn’t make sense, good luck to him elsewhere.

    I kind of figured it would be hard to re-sign him when he made the Costco comment. He just seems like he’s in it for the payday. And he has a ring. Doesn’t strike me as a ring-chaser, more of a money-chaser.

    Tate’s comments seem to be the reverse. He seems to want to win, and knows he can win here for a long time.

    Thing is: who was Michael Bennett before this last season? Yeah, he had some okay numbers, but nothing Earth-shattering, and that was obviously the consensus from the league as well, since no one went out to pay him big dollars last off-season, and Seattle only tendered him a 1-year deal.

    So he has one good year and wants to cash in. Fine – good for him. But the reality of the situation is that quite often these guys see success like this because (a) they are going to enter free agency the next year and (b) the coaching plays to their strengths.

    We’ll see how happy Bennett is on another team that doesn’t have Seattle’s chemistry, coaching staff, players and scheme. Maybe he’ll regret leaving.

    Then again, maybe he won’t.

    At least we got the max out of him while he was here.

  38. Not even one bit worried about this defense. It’ll be just fine. Coach proved he knows what’s up….

  39. SaigonSun says:

    When Ruskell let his buddies at Tampa get Bennett I started to lobby The Seahawks and Vulcan Productions to fire Ruskell {even though I liked Nick Reed much more than Bennett). When we got Bennett back last year, I was ecstatic! He did real well for us. I wish he could stay.
    What I don’t care about is the Costco comment and also ,the fact that if one can’t live on 8-9 mill per year—something is wrong with that picture. Two McDs , Avril, and Bennett all benefited from our defensive schemes as much as from their individual talents . We still have Hill, The Monsta and Scruggs coming back; plus, we are going to get some more gems in this draft,etc.
    Mr. Bennett, no matter how much I like you in Seahawks uniform, you are not Lawrence Taylor or, Reggie White… so, I thank you for the memories and happy sailing to you.

  40. tealskin says:

    Seems to be some dissatisfaction with Bennett in wanting to maximize his payday. This is probably his last chance to hit the lotto. Can’t fault him for testing the waters. I’d say 99% of the rest of us would do likewise in that position. Would love to keep him but the FO knows what they’re doing.

  41. Kingpear says:

    He should shop the market. The first offer isn’t always the best offer. I am sure he has a solid agent, and they are doing their due diligence. If someone overpays and he goes, good luck.

    If he does go, and we sign Lamarr Houston and Everson Griffen for the same money, I would give JSPC a solid B+, maybe even an A-. I personally think Griffen could perform better in more of a rotational mode in Seattle. But WTF do I know?

  42. grizindabox24 says:

    Bennett’s biggest positive is that he can play in the middle and get pressure…this is something that Allen can not do. I do not see Allen as a positive, and if Bennett goes, it would be more important to find interior pass rush than edge rushers.

  43. EzraMelech says:

    I had a feeling Bennett was gone after his Costco comment as well. ChrisHolmes made a valid point Bennett is good, but not Great!! And I fully Trust PC and JS to find someone to fill his shoes admirably if he chooses to take stupid money with some other team. Would I like him back, you bet! But not at a crazy cap number.

    There are other fish in the Sea and others who I think would do just as well as Bennett with our system and our coaches. What I don’t think Michael Realizes is he flourished under our system and his coaching, not because he is some freak talent (i.e. Reggie White)


  44. grizindabox24 says:

    My guess is that the Hawks have a 5yr $40 million deal on the table, with half guaranteed. I don’t blame Bennett one bit for wanting to see what the market looks like.

  45. grizindabox24 says:

    Guess everyone is right about Bennett having success based on system…he was horrible in Tampa

  46. grizindabox24 says:

    I actually would not be surprised that if Bennett is resigned, the Hawks will release Clemons

  47. freedom_X says:

    Bennett and his agent didn’t calculate the market correctly last year, so there’s no assurance they’ve got it right this year.

    A D-lineman who gets top dollar needs to command and demand constant double-teaming (and still produce even if double and triple teamed.) He frees up other guys to make plays.

    I’m not sure Bennett reached that level. He was part of a balanced defensive line that fed off of each other. Bennett did more than his share, but if teams were able to consistently double him, I’m not sure he’d be anything close to as effective as he was.

    One thing that makes him more valuable to Seattle specifically is that he could be moved around in Seattle’s defensive concepts, inside and out. If another team also has the same concepts, they will also find great value in having Bennett. But if they target him at one position (mostly likely end) he may not be as useful and productive.

    Anyway, a guy getting top money should have very few question marks.

  48. Ray_Maines says:

    Every year at this time, and again at roster cut-down time we all tend to overvalue our own guys and undervalue everybody else. I don’t know enough about this sort of thing to have an informed opinion about Bennett, Tate, or anybody else, but I trust this management group and look forward to seeing what they do.

    Having said that and having just watched the SB again, I want to keep Tate, Baldwin and Bennett, then draft two guards and pray hard for Kearse and Lockette to develop.

  49. I think Kearse is already there

  50. Dukeshire says:

    grizindabox – Neither Bennett nor Allen play “in the middle”. They are each ends. In Allen’s case, exclusively. In Bennett’s case, I’d be shocked if he played more than a handful of snaps at 3 tech.

  51. vichawkfan says:

    The back end and the rotation makes the D line formidable. I think Allen coming in and playing 50-60% of snaps would easily make up 8.5 sacks. Don’t know his snap count last yr but my Vikes fan buddy said he was ragged by the 2nd half and played continuously. Seattle is the destination de jour these days. Lock up ET and Sherman. Rest will fall in place. Love to have Bennett back tho, for what we r offering him today. No more.

  52. Dukeshire says:

    Tru – I was thinking that as well. Kearse is at worst serviceable. I’m curious what Ray is hoping he’ll develop into. As for Lockette: Seattle can cut ties with him at any point and I will not bat an eye.

  53. grizindabox24 says:

    My take, PC/JS will not sign Allen because he is older. Seems they like to stay away from players 30+

  54. grizindabox24 says:

    Duke, but Bennett played the middle a lot in Nascar. You usually had Avril, Bennett, McDonald, and Clemons. I do not see Allen as an option. If they do not sign Bennett, you will see someone more like Houston.

  55. montanamike2 says:

    I was taken back with the Costco comment as well, i feel that if you’re only in it for the money, you’re not a team guy. I would like to see Harvin renegotiate his contract in a year or two and keep Tate around as the #2 and punt returner, his upside is huge and Harvin will only make him better. Bennett worries me because he has two torn rotator cuffs that he’s played through for 2 years now and it’s only a matter of time before he goes down because he keeps playing for that payday instead of getting the surgery he needs, but needs a year to rehab after. If he was asking for 5 mil a year then i’d take it but he is part of the scheme and no way do i want to lose a core player because of a rent a player. We can still win SB’s without him, even though he’s playing at a high level right now. My 2 cents.

  56. Dukeshire says:

    Again, to my earlier point: Bennett and Allen have nothing to do with one another. They play different positions on the DL.

    I will have to be proven wrong, because I do not believe Bennett played more than a handful of snaps at 3 tech. “A lot”? No.

    Would you believe Clem is older than Allen?

  57. grizindabox24 says:

    Duke, that is why I think Clem gets released if Bennett is resigned. Hawks are only hanging onto Clem for insurance.

  58. Hammajamma says:

    What Galena said, much earlier.

  59. Dukeshire says:

    griz – Will you please explain how that makes sense? That is, why does re-signing a strong side DE make the weak side DE expendable?

  60. Southendzone says:

    Good points montana. Do we know Bennett will go as hard post contract as he did this yr? With the shoulder issue? With a sb ring already earned?

    He seems like a cool guy, but when a player makes it clear his focus is $, you have to wondr a bit

  61. VNHLNFAN says:

    Right.. this isn’t Costco.. this is the World Champion Seattle Seahawks!

  62. Dukeshire says:

    I think it’s a bit naive to think nearly every player in the league isn’t trying to get every dime they possibly can, whether they admit it or not. It’s not as though these contracts are guaranteed line baseball or basketball. You don’t perform, you get broken off.

  63. bsinnitt says:

    GrizindBox – you’re missing what Duke was pointing out earlier, Bennet and Clem play opposite one another so what happens at one position has little bearing on the other.

    I’d like to point out what Saigon said earlier, if Ruskell would have had a plan to replace big Walt at tackle, Bennet would have been a Hawk prior to last season and would likely be on a cap friendly contract already.

    His presence at DE is replaceable but his ability to get pressure up the middle on 3rd down isn’t. I hope he re-signs but if he doesn’t hopefully Jordan Hill will make us quickly forget.

  64. bsinnitt says:

    In my opinion, the two guys on our defense that we don’t have serviceable replacements for are Earl and Mebane. With that in mid I’m hoping we draft a speed safety and a stout at the point D tackle in addition to more O line depth and a true split end receiver.

  65. Can’t blame Bennett, he got his ring, and now is obviously chasing the money. I’m glad Hawks didn’t break the bank on him, save that money, and see if Hawks luck into same deals like last season. Clinton McDonald was almost as valuable inside.

    I really feel like a lot of NFL players would flock to what PC/JS have built. Hawks are the Alpha’s of the NFL. It seems like a really close group too, a lot closer than other teams, and like everyone is having fun.

  66. bigmike04 says:

    I think 12th mans fans need to take step back & look at the situation with Bennett.. You have to look at the contract than take count what comes out of his contract: he got to pay his agent, taxes, their was book out their that, I read that gave example of NFL player contract & what is taken out, fans tend to think, that the NFL players are rich yet, explain why their are some players out their that are broke & filled for bankruptcy…

    I think what Michael Bennett comment with his costco logic is that, he not going to give any team a discount.. He not from Seattle people so this isn’t his home town.. I mean their isn’t many players out their that would do that.. Most NFL career don’t last long so it best for guys who play, the tough position OL & Defensive guys to get all money they can get because, they will need it for long term since, they will be dealing with all their injuries & posiblity surgeries later in life when, they will need a body part replacement..

    The Seattle Seahawks may show interest in free-agent DE Will Smith (Saints) if they are not able to re-sign impending free-agent DE Michael Bennett. – See more at:

    Dont want a player who was part of bounty system with Saints that just me as those guys should been banned from NFL for doing that & the coach should be banned also..

  67. guywhothinksheknowsitall says:

    If he wants to make more money let him go. Clemons and Avril will do just fine, and I would be happy to see Irvin back at DE instead of linebacker.

  68. mquinn73 says:

    A lot of posters making very valid points on this topic. Also, good to see that nearly all comments are reasonable in their understanding that Bennett is due a pay-day after he essentially took an educated gamble on himself last year (i.e. to accept a one-year deal at a lower-than-market rate with a contender where he could show case his talents) – and it paid off for him (and the Seahawks!) big time.

    However…. how sure can any of us be that Bennett will have the same hunger to ‘prove himself’ next season when he has his multi-year deal?Will he be as dominant as an every-down player as he was as a situational interior pass-rusher? From a purely ‘value for money’ perspective, can Seattle spend the ‘Bennett money’ more effectively (either on a replacement or on another area of the team)?

    I think there’s enough questionable answers to those questions which will result in Seattle letting him walk… someone else will be blinded by his performance on a winning team to overpay for Bennett.

    As Hawks85, Dukeshire, Galena, Kingpear and others have said, if he leaves, good luck and thanks for the memories!

  69. Bennett took a huge risk playing on a one year deal. Go get your money, Michael!

    Pete and John will adapt.

    For sure, however, Bennett has no peers in the NFL. His versatility, coupled with excellence in that versatility, makes him a vastly unique player.

    Godspeed, Michael!

    Go Hawks!

  70. I think they lined up Irvin at Leo during the SB and he was pretty much invisible.

  71. Dukeshire says:

    They did and he was.

  72. My house is like the Seahawks organization, just on a much smaller scale. My wife and I invested heavily in our college education and left school with plenty of debt. We have a house that we’re going to be paying on for another 20 years. And between us, we try to have a reliable family vehicle and one of us (me) has the old beater that gets us by so we don’t have an extra payment. With that being said, we still spend money on other things during the year. We may take a small vacation together (the four of us), we may go out to eat once a month, etc.

    Wilson, ET, and Sherman are the core, imo. They are the superstars you keep or invest in when it’s all said and done. They are like investing in education, buying a house, or spending to have a reliable vehicle.

    Bennett and Tate are luxaries that are nice to have but that, ultimately, you can live without. Sure, I’d like to hop in the car this weekend and take a long weekend trip to a warm city. We could, too. However, there’s no way we could afford to do that every weekend. You have to pick your spots because there’s only so much you can do with what you have (salary cap, or household budget).

    I get a kick out of the “pay the man” people with respect to most players. You can’t pay everyone. You can’t. Lets say you drive an ’04 Chevy and it’s paid for but you’d really rather have a brand new Jaguar. The Chevy is reliable and paid for but it’d be nice to have the Jag, right? However, how is the rest of your life going to be affected by having the Jag? Yes. I’m pretty sure your eating habits are going to change (i.e. cheap meals). I’m pretty sure you aren’t going to have much money for the little luxaries as often (if you’re like a normal family that isn’t excessively rich). The list goes on and on.

    I love Bennett and Tate and hope they come back, but there’s no way you can pay everyone the way they want to be paid.

    I still wish there was an app salary cap type of game that would show people the trade-offs of paying this person this or that. Then maybe some would realize you can’t pay everyone like crazy. It’s easier to say keep everyone and pay everyone though.

  73. The one variable we can’t speculate on is who will play what position when they sign FA’s or resign our own guys. Last year I think it was what? 6 starters were asked to play different positions? Totally against the norm in the league. You never know what Quinn and Pete will do next season. One of the reasons I enjoy the Seattle defense so much. It’s very Forrest Gump. “Ya never know what yer gonna get”. It gives other teams fits. Seattle doesn’t disguise much. They just line up and play. That’s intimidating if you ask me….

  74. mquinn73 says:

    BobbyK – nice analogy.

    My only question is… do alimony payments to an ex-wife count against the cap?

  75. Yes, its called “Dead Money.”

  76. yankinta says:

    I love Bennett but the dude is 28. This is probably his last chance to get paid. It’s good for him to get paid. I’m happy, we should be happy for him.

    It’s good for us too, because this ensures that we’ll get a 3rd round compensatory pick for him. He’ll definitely sign a huge contract and play a ton of snaps for his new team….

    Now I want us to go after Allen and Tuck. Let’s see who is willing to come here for 4 Mil a year and win a ring…. :)

  77. ChrisHolmes says:

    “My only question is… do alimony payments to an ex-wife count against the cap?”

    Yes. So does child support.

    Just ask any banker attempting to give you a home loan.

  78. ChrisHolmes says:

    “I’d say 99% of the rest of us would do likewise in that position”

    I dunno. Maybe.

    Our jobs are different man.

    I don’t get to “win” at my job. My job satisfaction has absolutely nothing to do with “winning”. How do you factor that into the equation? How much is winning worth to you?

    I’ll give you a (really bad) analogy:

    I work from home as a software developer. In my jammies every day. I have a flexible work schedule, so if I need to get away from work in the middle of the day for an appointment, or to pickup my kids from school when they’re sick, or whatever – I can do that. I work some weird hours sometime to makeup, or just because I’m inspired (working when inspired is a big deal to me).

    How much do you think that is worth in a dollar amount?

    I get recruiting calls and emails every week. Some jobs look really, really nice and are willing to pay me upwards of 40% more than my current base pay.

    But they want me to come into work in an office 9-to-5.

    I can’t put a dollar figure on working from home with flexible hours. I just can’t. I don’t know what that figure is, or how much money it would take to get me to swap jobs, but thus far no offer has reached it.

    It’s like my version of “winning”. It’s a non-compensation based perk of my job that I don’t want to give up.

    I don’t make nearly as much money as someone with my professional experience and resume should be making. My boss knows this; he knows I should be paid more. I’m worth more. Other companies offer more.

    But no one offers me the perk of working from home with flexible hours.

    If I played a sport professionally, like football, and given my own competitive nature in the sports I have played, winning would count for a lot for me. I’d go to work at someplace like Seattle for less money if it meant a chance year-in and year-out to win.

    So… 99% seems kinda high to me, because you can’t factor in the non-monetary stuff. Sure, if every team were equal, you test the waters and go to the highest bidder.

    But football isn’t like that. Teams aren’t equal.

    You telling me you want to play for the Raiders for $10 million per year, or Seattle for $6 million per year?

    How many millions does a guy really need? When do the millions override winning and being happy? Being in a great locker room with a great coach, in a great organization that is clearly solid from top to bottom? Being in a workplace environment that lets you be yourself and maximizes your potential?

    I get to work in a place where I can maximize my potential by working weird hours – working when I am at my best. I take naps in the afternoon. I go to the gym at 2pm because there is hardly anyone there and the squat rack and deadlift mats are free. If I had a 9-to-5 job I couldn’t do that.

    So… my point is: winning has to factor in somewhere, for some people, somehow. All of the perks and fringe benefits have to factor in.

    Besides, we’ve seen guys in the past, go off in free agency for the big payday and then disappear into obscurity, because the team sucked, the front office sucked, the scheme didn’t play to their strengths, and they were mired in losing and misery and then their career was over.

    Anyway, that’s my 2 cents.

  79. We already broke the bank for Percy – we have a number of guys that are going to push the limits soon. We are going to see a BUNCH of guys move on in the next few years. They will have to – we won’t be able to give them the money that other teams will be able to do.

    i.e. Maxwell, if we are paying Sherman/Thomas huge we won’t be able to spread a ton of money around to the other DB’s – I feel it will be difficult to get him beyond his rookie deal since some team, say Jax, will want him and be able to offer him more.

  80. vichawkfan says:


    @ProFootballTalk: An NFC West bidding war could be coming between the 49ers and Seahawks for DE Michael Bennett. Story coming at PFT.

  81. Yeah how many millions does any guy NEED – well not many but ask anybody who has a ton of money and they always want more. Look at CEO’s of big companies they always want more – why do you think we had to bail out all of the banks.. they gave terrible loans to people who couldn’t afford them and then the tax payers had to bail them out. They knew it was bad business, did it anyway…….

    I work with HS kids and deal with families who are VERY comfortable but they complain about coming up with $30 for something, but my poor students just go about trying to make it work, just saying that once you have it doesn’t mean they don’t want more

  82. CDHawkFan says:

    Chris H, good explanation.

    I do think that winning and family are 2 different examples of what makes most people tick. Don’t underestimate that a lot of players know this is just a game, once the game is over you often see guys laughing, shaking hands and catching up. Once the game is over they go back to their families, their free time is catching up with friends and probably discussing business (as I assume a lot of these guys have helped friends start small businesses, or are approached by many business opportunities).

    My point is, I don’t think these guys will put winning in front of the money as the money takes care of their family/friends. I think winning is a luxury, nice to have as Bobby would say, maybe 4 or 5th on the list after pay, playing time, location (close to family/friends), organization, winning. A few players might move winning up the list, but usually at the end of their career. The guys know its just a game, their window is limited to make money, and they have friends and family who they spend more time with and will be around their entire life, who could always use financial help.

    If going to a winner was that important to players, places like Detroit, Cleveland, Buffalo would never get a FA.

  83. yankinta says:

    vichawkfan,, I wouldn’t worry about that. Looks like 49ers are going to sign CK for close to 20 Mil a year,, I seriously doubt they can pay another guy $10 mil a year. They also have to extend Aldon Smith.

  84. Southendzone says:

    that 49’er rumor is because the 9ers try to mess with EVERY ONE of our former players, FA’s or whatever.

    In some cases they might have an interest, in others they are just trying to screw with us or bid up the price. Did they do it on Percy Harvin? Maybe. Did they really want Chris Harper? Probably not.

    Schneider is too smart to get pulled into that kind of BS pissing match with the 49ers.

    We do our thing, while the 49ers hang on everything we do.

    It’s called an inferiority complex, look it up Baalke.

  85. RDPoulsbo says:

    Bennett is a very poor fit for a 3-4 defense, so if somehow he did go to SF, I’d love it because they’d handcuff themselves for the forseeable future and get very little production in return.

    We really do have to take a step back from the current contract talks and look at what it is. Last year, the FO got a relatively cheap contract that paid off with a SB victory. He got his prove it contract and it’s about to pay off. Everyone’s happy.

    He’s good, but there’s less motivation than he had last year now that he also has a ring. This team was built on youth and will continue to be. Instead of chasing after Bennett’s payday, JS should be looking for the next guy hungry to prove himself.

  86. Can’t the 9ers just give Aldon more Cars, Guns & Weed?

  87. Getting top dollar is symbolic of the respect in which they are regarded. The more you make, the better you must be. It’s not just the money, it’s a way of keeping score.

  88. The issue w/your analogy ChrisHolmes, is that these guys get a much, much shorter period of time in which they can make this kind of compensation. Most are done before 30, and the money they make in that short window dramatically impacts the choices they will have (and the lifestyle they get to live) for the rest of their lives.

    I never ever gripe about football players wanting to maximize their earnings, it’s the most cutthroat of all the professional sports. Guys get hurt every game, and guys get cut the moment they’re not better than the next player.

    I think I place a bit more value on Bennett than most on here – and that’s because the skill he brings – ability to rush the passer – is not only hugely important (esp late in close games), but also not all that easy to find. Bennett and Avril are the reason we were able to get pressure with 4-man rushes, and for a team as stacked in the defensive backfield as we are – – that’s a big part of what makes our D dominant. Maybe we can replace him, and I’m not saying we pay him so much that we can’t re-sign the big 3 (RW, ET, RS) — but I’d much rather keep him than Tate/Miller, if that’s any part of the choice.

  89. ChrisHolmes says:

    I’m not griping about a guy trying to maximize his dollars. Don’t get me wrong.

    I just think it’s folly to say that if we were in their position, 99% of us would do the same thing.

    We wouldn’t. We’re all wired differently. And for a lot of people, money isn’t the most important thing.

    I understand the math behind the scenarios; the average 3-year career, the 30-year-old age barrier, trying to make what you can while you can.

    In a lot of ways, these guys are like the dudes who go work the oil rigs. They make insane money for a very short period of time, work their tails off, then go home and hope they’ve banked enough for a while (in the NFL case – early retirement).

    People want to take care of their families. I get it. We all do. I have four kids. I know.

    But if I take a job that pays 40% more salary, and yet all my perks are gon – I can’t pickup my kids from school, I can’t be there for events, I’m locked into a 9-to-5 workflow, I’m not as happy as I am with a flexible schedule, or with being able to work on applications I enjoy – then is that a good trade off?

    If I’m an NFL player, all of that stuff factors in. Maybe playing for Seattle and winning makes me really happy. So I make a few million less, but I’m a happier guy for my family to be around. I hit FA, go to Chicago, they don’t use me the same way, we don’t win as much, I don’t perform as well because I’m not in as awesome of an environment as I was in, and I’m more grumpy around the house.

    You think my kids really care about an extra 2million dollars?

    No way. They care about dad not being cranky when he gets home.

    Anyway – it’s all moot. Just dialog for the sake of dialog. Bennett will go his separate way and Seattle’s FO will attempt to hit on another key roleplayer for a stellar defense. It’s all good.

  90. Southendzone says:

    I don’t remember what NFL Agents get, I think it’s 5%, top tax bracket next year for over 400k range is just under 40%.

    So for every additional guaranteed $, Bennett gets around 55 cents in his pocket, not withstanding any impact of potential state income tax (which is federally deductible anyways).

    Given this, I’d agree with Chris that other factors have to come into play. Like location, does MB want to be somewhere closer to home? does he want to play with his brother on the Bears? Does he want to go to a garbage team?

  91. CDHawkFan says:

    See I don’t believe these guys get grumpy at home because they are losing. I think for the most part, once the game is over, they shake hands, shower and think of their family and other relationships.

    Sure they would like to win, but once they get in their car I think they are thinking of other things. Not true for all of them, but most of them as long as they are seeing the field.

    You hear the talk that guys want to win, but I haven’t seen many guys leave a team because of losing, they usually bitch, moan, and leave because the aren’t seeing the field. Meaning they can’t compete and possibly showcase their talents for the next contract.

  92. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I agree with ChrisHolmes. Not everyone wants to be the richest man in the cemetery.

    And the majority,( 78% ) will lose it all within two years of retirement. Who knows what the percentage is after 10 years of retirement.
    So for most NFL players it really doesn’t matter if they make $1 mil or $10 mil a year when it comes down to saving for their future.

    That’s why I shake my head when I hear talk of players holding out for as much as they can get to better take care of their families.

    The reality is that a small percentage of them will learn to take care of their future.,190555

  93. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I forgot to add this part.

    I agree with ChrisHolmes. Not everyone wants to be the richest man in the cemetery, however that doesn’t apply to most NFL players.

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