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Morning Links: David Shaw on Doug Baldwin: ‘This kid’s got it from the inside’

Post by Todd Dybas / The News Tribune on March 4, 2014 at 11:40 am with 33 Comments »
March 4, 2014 11:41 am

Good morning.

As we touched on yesterday, Pete Carroll left the door open for a return of Red Bryant and Sidney Rice. Of course, Lloyd Christmas was also predicted to have a shot. Bryant may have a higher chance to return than Christmas did to make it happen with the ladies, but it seems unlikely.

We also again heard thoughtful comments from Doug Baldwin on the NFL’s consideration of penalizing players for derogatory on-field language, notably using the N-word.

Speaking of Baldwin, I had an extended conversation with Stanford’s David Shaw yesterday. Shaw was on the sidelines during pregame of the Super Bowl and received hugs from both Baldwin and Richard Sherman. Defensive tackle Sione Fua, who also went to Stanford, was on Denver’s roster. He watched the game from commissioner Roger Goodell’s box.

The three Stanford players (and the relationship Shaw has with John Elway) were enough to bring Shaw out to the Super Bowl for the first time since 1994. His father, Willie, was the defensive backs coach with the San Diego Chargers then.

Shaw laughed when I first said the phrase “Angry Doug Baldwin.” He explained Baldwin first earned that name at Stanford. Baldwin’s first year was also Shaw’s first in Palo Alto, when Shaw was the OC/WR coach. The leading returning receiver that year? Sherman.

Here’s what Shaw had to say about first meeting Baldwin and what he thinks of his rise from basically not being recruited and undrafted, to Super Bowl champ:

“Here was a guy who was under-sized, under-recruited,” Shaw said. “I went to go on a home visit and he was actually going to have both shoulders operated on between the end of high school and the beginning of college. Here’s a guy that’s going to have double shoulder surgery, who’s short … But, when I went to the home visit, just talking to him, there was a seriousness; there was an intelligence; and there’s a, as he called it, that boulder (on his shoulder).

“He’s not just out to prove people wrong. He has a belief in his ability to play the game of football. I had seen his film. He had played well. I talked to coach (Jim) Harbaugh as I left the home visit. I said, ‘You know what? This kid’s got it from the inside.’ He’s determined. He’s got great athleticism and he is going to outwork people around him.”

After the Super Bowl, Baldwin and Shaw had another conversation.

“You never let accomplishment extinguish your fire,” Shaw said. “He agreed. Great, they won a Super Bowl. He’s going to come back and push himself even harder this offseason and become a better player. Every time he meets a challenge, he’s going to prevail.

“That’s why I love him. I love Doug like family. We refer to each other as family. Because that’s maturity and I love maturity and Doug’s been that way for the long time.”

Last night, Baldwin, a restricted free agent said he signed himself to a large, guaranteed contract in Madden, but hadn’t signed any other contracts.

Baldwin said he signed himself to a fully guaranteed contract at a lower rate to be sure he could stay under the cap and keep the rest of his team together.

“No hidden messages,” Baldwin said with a smile.


> says Lofa Tatupu will be getting a workout with the Broncos.

> Jim Harbaugh insists nothing is wrong in 49ers land, from his perspective.

> The Seahawks debuted their highlight DVD at Cinerama in downtown Seattle at an invite-only event Monday night. You can order it here.

> Russell Wilson was in Texas Rangers camp Monday.

> Mike Mayock now has Bishop Sankey as the top running back available in the draft.

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  1. Southendzone says:

    My main hope for this year’s draft is that Sankey and Yankey get drafted by the same team, and that the team somehow relates them to the line from the movie 16 Candles.

  2. Get it Sankey, UW baby.

  3. jawpeace says:

    I know Monday was the deadline to designate players as franchise or transition players, but when will we find out what tender(1st or 2nd round) the Hawks used on Baldwin?
    I am in the lets keep Baldwin-Wilson’s security blanket on third downs rather than Tate. Keeping both would be nice. But the way the cap is if Tate wants more than 5 million a year than let him go get that. But one thing for sure we can not lose Baldwin and Tate. We need to keep one of the two.

  4. TallyHawk says:

    I agree that only one can be kept. Both would be nice but I can’t see it happening. My guess and hope is that it will be Angry Doug. I’m ok with him kearse and harvin as our top three wrs plus a big bodied one in the draft.

  5. Don’t bother going to the Seahawks pro shop to get the season recap DVD, they don’t have it yet. Maybe in 2 or 3 days, they told me.

  6. MoSeahawk12 says:

    Nice Dumb and Dumber reference Todd.

  7. Southendzone says:

    Just picked up the video at Factoria mall Target store. It was $17 for the DVD version, not sure if they had the Blu-Ray or not.

  8. John Carlson was cut two years into a 5 year deal worth $25 million. While he’s not worth that, he could be on our radar if the team chooses not to pay Zach Miller his scheduled bazillion dollars this upcoming season.

  9. There are some prophetic comments made by yours truly in the link Todd posted above. Its ok guys, hold your applause until after we sign Bennett.

  10. It’s going to be a boring 3-4 days till the action starts!

  11. MoSeahawk12 says:

    Carlson has also had three significant concussions and floated the idea of retiring. I remember the one he got as a Seahawk when his head hit the hard field several years back. Maybe against Green Bay or Chicago? Pretty much knocked him out.

  12. I think the next news from the front office will be re-structuring the contracts of Okung and Miller so they can retire here.

  13. Carlson was one of the most football-stupid players I have ever watched. The guy just couldnt run a route right; if he got bumped off his route, he couldnt adjust. So LB’s just bumped him off his route.

    He never could figure out that with our porous offensive line, the ball was likely coming early. I remember yelling at him to turn his head (yes, if you yell loud enough at the TV, they CAN hear you!), or Hass was gonna get pissed and drill him in the back of the head, because the line wasnt giving him time to wait till Carlson completed his route…Not TWO plays later, Carlson ran his route like he was counting his steps, head down, and the rush came hard…and Hass nailed him in the back of the head…

    Not to mention he isnt even as durable as Sidney Rice.

    I cant see us bringing him back.

  14. “Just picked up the video at Factoria mall Target store. It was $17 for the DVD version, not sure if they had the Blu-Ray or not.”

    Target has it? I better go there tomorrow then. I was at Fred Meyer today but didn’t even look for it. I figured if the Hawks store didn’t have it no other retail would. Doh!

  15. jawpeace says:

    Thanks Todd.

    MoHawk12 it was the Chicago playoff game. Losing him in that game hurt but the Hawks were outmatched and out-manned and really did not have much of a chance with or with out him.

  16. That was the game Morrah was our only TE left standing, and on third and long he dropped a 30 yard pass over the middle that would have went for at least 40 yards that hit him (in stride) in the hands…that pretty much sealed our fate that day. That play ended it.

    That game sucked. I still think had the weather been less severe, we would have had a chance. Losing Carlson was bad, even though that guy drove me nuts sometimes, he was all we had.

  17. FleaFlicker says:

    STTBM, I painfully remember that game as well. Hass was on that day, putting balls right into catchable space and we kept dropping them. Carlson knocked cold on the sideline in the first series. Could you have imagined that 7-9 team going to the NFC Championship game that year? Would have played Packers. And the Pittsburgh in the Super Bowl….

    I think Carlson going down got the O-coordinator (Jeremy Bates) fired as well, as I swear I read afterwards that almost the entire game plan was double TE sets.

  18. I would have flat died if we made it to the SB only to lose to Shitsburgh. In a way, Im glad we lost that game. We were overmatched. And yeah, Matt was playing well but the team around him just wasnt good enough yet. I wonder what we’d have done vs the Pack though? We would have had them at Home I believe, had we beat Da Bears…

    Matt never had a WR corps as good as the one we have now, though he had a better offensive line much of the time. He could have thrown for 4k yards easy with this bunch, not even including Harvin.

    I hate the Stealers even more than I hated the Raiders when Seattle was in the AFC West.

    I think Carrol just didnt mesh with Bates overall philosophy. Bates could see we couldnt run, so he wanted to throw all the time. I never blamed him for that, but the fly route passes on third down to a single covered WR that never were completed got old fast…But who knows what REALLY happened there…

    I dont think he ever got a job in the NFL as OC after that, did he? Or is he reunited with Cutler in Chicago?

  19. FleaFlicker says:

    STTBM: you are correct. Pack were a wild card seed that year. We would have hosted the next game.

    I looked up Bates on Wikipedia. He landed in Chicago, but was let go when Trestman took over. I don’t think he’s currently coaching.

  20. This Bears playoff game you were referring to from back in 2010 – the Seahawks were down 28-0 before tacking on some garbage points.

    If you want to reason Morrah’s drop finished the Seahawks or “Hasselbeck was on that day”, then don’t laugh when Broncos fans talk about how they might have had a chance if not for that early safety or that Pick 6 Manning threw. Or if the bounce went forward on the Percy Harvin kickoff return TD instead of right to Harvin.

    Jackson was far superior to any WRs the Seahawks have had since he left. And Engram and Baldwin are washes in the comparison. So I have no idea how this group is much better than the group the Seahawks had from 2001-2006. Hasselbeck also operated in an offense that believed in throwing on 1st down in the red zone. How often do the Seahawks ever throw inside the 10 yard line now on 1st down? Never?

  21. The “you” in my last post wasn’t referring to anyone specific, just the group of posters discussing that game.

  22. banosser says:

    Brandon Browner reinstated by NFL…

    How bout that…

    Guess a lot of us were correct calling bs on how the NFL had handled his situation

  23. banosser says:

    Per BB Twiiter

    I received wonderful news today. The NFL has reinstated me, and I now have the opportunity to prove to the fans and my teammates how important this sport is to me. I realize now more than ever that being part of the NFL is not a right, but a privilege. I am grateful that Commissioner Goodell and my agent were able to resolve this issue in a positive, productive manner so I can continue my career, provide for my family, and help my team win a Super Bowl. Thank you to all who have gone out of their way to show their support. I will live up to your expectations of me.

    Congrats BB!!


  24. Southendzone says:


  25. Ray_Maines says:

    Is there really any functional difference between DVD and BluRay? I know you have to have a BluRay player to play BluRay disks, but is it like the difference between HD and regular TV?

  26. Ray – yes, the Blu Ray will be HD quality and the DVD will be SD quality. I still have yet to pop my copy in but hope to watch some tonight.

  27. MoSeahawk12 says:

    Yes, Ray_Maines DVD is only standard definition and BluRay is encoded at HD. Much higher quality and resolution going with Bluray.

  28. Ray_Maines says:

    Thanks for the DVD/BluRay answers.

    I don’t know for sure if I’m really happy for BB, or just glad the NFL got it’s nose tweaked. I guess it’s a win/win.

  29. Ray_Maines says:

    Well, it seems that Target had the BluRay yesterday but are currently sold out. I went next door to the Walmart and talked to the nicest man who wasn’t much of a sports fan and didn’t really know exactly what I was talking about. So I ordered it from Amazon. $29.99 grand total including sales tax and shipping. It will be in my hot little hands next Monday.

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