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NFL sets salary cap at $133 million

Post by Todd Dybas / The News Tribune on Feb. 28, 2014 at 3:30 pm with 83 Comments »
February 28, 2014 3:39 pm

Here’s the rundown:

Update: Thanks to today’s player cuts and the bump in the cap, estimates the Seahawks now have $17,814,553 in cap space. That’s about a $15 million bump from where they were.

What is the 2014 Salary Cap?
The 2014 Salary Cap is set at $133 million per Club, a $10 million increase over the prior year.

How does that number impact each team?

The $133 million is the per Club salary cap. However, each team may, at its own discretion, carry over unused salary cap room from the prior League Year. Most Clubs elected to carry over Salary Cap room from 2013 to 2014. The average carry over for those teams that elected to do so was $6.1 million per Club. Thus, those Clubs have an average of $139.1 million to spend on player salaries in 2014.

How is the Salary Cap calculated?
The Salary Cap is calculated by taking a percentage of all projected NFL revenues, subtracting projected benefits for the upcoming season, and dividing by 32 teams.

What are team minimum cash spends?
Under the current CBA, Clubs have minimum cash spending requirements. For the years 2013-2016, Clubs are required to spend an average of 89% of the Salary Cap over the four-year period. League-wide, Clubs must spend an average of 95% of the Salary Cap over the four-year period.

This creates a cash-spend floor, forcing historically low-spending Clubs to offer overall competitive compensation for packages.

Are player benefits taken out of this $133 million?
The $133 million Salary Cap is the cap on active player salaries. In addition, each Club will spend in excess of $33 million in benefits. This includes pension, severance, workers’ compensation, insurance premiums, disability benefits, etc.

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  1. I thought they were at $25m after the cuts. I guess they must have been over $125m before the cuts. I thought they were under.

  2. Tate will end up with the Packers. Thanks again Big Red & Rice. I’m going to just embrace change and be excited about it since them’s the breaks. This would have happened with a trophy or not so thank El Señior for that.

    Every year I do target a player or two from other teams to sign. Two years ago it was actually J. Jones and Flynn, blew my mind at the time. Last year it was Micheal Johnson. This year I’m hoping for a bargain price on Micheal Oher to be our right tackle.

  3. Speaking of o-line….. interesting overpaid / underpaid article on PFF. A couple of Seahawks making the overvalued lists…..

  4. Kinda surprised to not see lemuel jeanpierre in the undervalued C. I thought he played really well.

  5. Sarcasticus says:

    Not a whole lot in FA that is exciting, although I thought Jermichael Finely was having a monster year till he hurt his neck.

    resign – to quit

    re-sign – what we want Bennett to do

  6. Has anyone else hear noticed that the ‘Pro Football Focus’ crap that gets referenced here so often is written by some British writers who never played or coached American football and who have a completely unrealistic belief in football stats?

    no offense, blocis, I just happen to think that PFF analysis is pure crap. I’ll take the opinion of anyone who has coached an American football team before I would invest a penny in PFF opinions that are based on nothing but a manic over-reading of stats.

  7. I’m a tech guy, and I like the PFF stuff because it brings playing football down to a mathematical equation.

    Having said that, I am a football coach and I get that playing football isn’t a math equation, so I don’t take it as absolute truth. Still, I think they point out some interesting things.

    Its no different than the draft rankings that go around at this time every year….. the 40 times are real but alot of the information is analysts opinion.

  8. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I agree with the first comment about this article.

    “He already has won the big dance.”

  9. Southendzone says:

    When Michael Bowie dances with the stars, they implode and create black holes.

  10. Screensmoke says:

    Pro football focus article is garbage – 2 min of my life I’ll never get back.

  11. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Thanks for the pro football focus links.

  12. If Michael Bowie were on Dancing With The Stars the winner would be his partner even if they weren’t good dancers.

  13. kurtisballard says:

    I don’t really know or care about PFF’s analytical work, but I don’t think anyone would say that Okung or Unger played up to their reputation or their contract this year.

  14. montanamike2 says:

    I think they both were playing through injuries, they still outperormed fat Carp. Hopefully Ungers pects heal, Okung played through that toe injury and i hope it’s not chronic.

  15. Macabrevity says:

    I’ve always felt Unger was way overrated regardless of his pay. I’ve never been a huge fan of heady serviceable centers who do their job but tend to get bullied by more dominant DT’s. Give me a nasty neck breaker every time and I’m happy.

    As for Okung, honestly one of my favorite LT’s in the current NFL (uniform aside) although his almost false start jab step always makes me nervous. I love the way he somehow morphed from a pure pass protector into a mauling run blocker (juice much?) but we have to face the facts – he cannot dodge the injury bug. He’s tough as nails but those recurring ankle/foot injuries won’t go away. We need someone who can fill in well at LT a lot more than most teams imo.

  16. Macabrevity says:

    Sarcasticus…. maybe after getting low-balled around the league, Red will be resigned to re-signing?

    Probably still doesn’t help much given his ‘dead money’ (proper term?) but I can hope right?

  17. SandpointHawk says:

    Pete was a laughing stock hire not long ago. Guaranteed to be a wash out in the NFL…Oh how the times have changed.

  18. Dukeshire says:

    I wouldn’t be disappointed at all to see Seattle find a LT in the draft to replace Okung, and move him to RT. When he was playing this past season, there were times when he looked “slow” and just not able to keep defenders in front of him. I don’t necessarily see that happening, but as I said, wouldn’t be disapoonted if it did.

  19. I wouldn’t mind one new OT either. I agree Okung could pay LT or RT.

    Funny thing, but I think we have a bunch of O linemen ready to step up next year, with Bailey and Bowie ready to become starters.

    Of course, I’ve been wrong before…

  20. SandpointHawk says:

    PFF is used by every team in the NFL. At least four we know of have special contracts for their information. The fact that the analysts are English is moot. It totally takes fandom out of the dataset. So thanks for the links blocis. I am a great believer in team chemistry but even so you need other factors to win in the NFL these days…

  21. blocis, good points.

    I think I’m finally burned out on “football scout” writers after 25 years of closely following the draft and scouting reports, etc.

    Watching what Carroll, Schneider, and Scot McCloughan did over these past 4 years while going against the opinions of every so-called “scout” sportswriter just puts all those stats and opinions in the trash bin where they belong.

    I still like your guys’ opinions, of course…

  22. Dukeshire says:

    Todd, Can we expect a list of high profile pro days and the regional combine dates being posted, as in years past? Also, will you be reporting on which pro days Seattle attend? Thanks

  23. CDHawkFan says:

    I said it a few months ago, Unger is the most over-rated player on this team…by far. He is going to be a 5 million + cap hit this year, and I believe for the next few years. Does not seem worth it.

  24. Sweezy, Carp and McQuistan are way more of an issue than Unger. And remember Chris Spencer at center? Unger doesn’t seem so bad when you put it in that perspective.

  25. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I agree with Duke, Okung has looked slow at times, and this is a good draft to find a LT at best and perhaps a good G at worst.

  26. montanamike2 says:

    I like Bowie and Baily so far but wouldn’t mind a couple more o-linemen.

  27. Seems reasonable to assume that Okung was slowed this year by a bad toe. Regardless, no way the Hawks move him to RT given his cap number — they would release him instead.

  28. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Thankfully next year his cap number goes way down.

  29. Here’s what the Seahawks will do.

    * Cut Zach Miller and free up $5m in cap this year
    * Sign “I’m Jimmy” Graham for 5 years, $45m. This is higher than Gronk and Vernon Davis’ averages. They can get him in with a $8m cap number this year. His cap number the next 4 years will be $9m each.
    * They have to give up this year’s number 32 overall pick as well as next year’s 32 overall pick.

    BOOM! Michael Bennett will love it.

  30. CD, I would agree with you that Unger might be the most over-rated player on this team. He might be. I can’t think of another player on the team who is over-rated. Most of our guys are under-rated.

    Who else on these Seahawks might be over-rated? Hmmm… Golden Tate might be over-rated, especially with the current charm offensive he’s on as he works the press trying to get a rich contract. I don’t think he’s earned more than the average wide receiver. He clearly hasn’t earned as much as Doug Baldwin is worth. We’ve all seen Golden make some spectacular plays, and we’ve all seen him make a million crap plays where he was covered like a glove on third down and then we were forced to punt. Overall he’s an average WR and not hard to replace. Doug Baldwin, on the other hand, catches every ball thrown near to him, even when his teeth are getting knocked out of his head. That’s the guy I would pay to stay.

    On the O line, Unger is a smart tough guy with a weak base for an interior O lineman. Why did he go to the Pro Bowl? Because Marshawn Lynch makes him look good? I don’t know. But its hard to see Unger as a true Pro Bowl player, and its hard to see Tate as a WR who deserves more than the average WR salary.

    I can’t think of another guy on the team I would call ‘over-rated’. I could name about 20 Seahawks who are under-rated, or at least, were.

  31. Screensmoke says:

    For those of you not sold on okung-don’t plan on anything changing anytime soon- when healthy top 3 d tackles in league- when playing on bad toe still top 6 – your incompitent and clueless about what is really going on-unbelievable! Really?

  32. Screensmoke says:

    L tackle not d tackle – looks like I’m incompitent as well:-)

  33. tealskin says:

    Stevos, You focus on Tate’s shortcomings and totally disregard what he brings to the table. Yac, missed tackles, punt returns. Some of the things you cite could be due to poor Oline play, bad play calls. His route running draws many complaints so guess is probably valid. My sense is that he has been underutilized for his skill set. If he goes elsewhere could possibly light it up. Guess we’ll find out what the rest of the league sees.

  34. Sarcasticus says:

    tip o’ the cap to you Mac

    I would like to see Tate go. That money needs to be spent not on redundancy. I prefer Baldwin over Tate and would like to see him or Lane on punt returns. I would prefer not to see Graham in Seattle. Look what the NFC West does to him.

    9/22 vs Arizona 9 catches for 134 yds and two TDs
    11/7 vs SF 6 catches 41 yds
    12/2 vs Seattle 3 catches 42 yds and a TD
    12/15 vs St. Louis 2 catches 25 yds

    In the playoffs vs Philly and Seattle he had 4 catches for 52 yards.

    There is no way I would pay him the kind of money he is looking to pull down. Here’s the other thing. Seattle’s offense is all about the run game. Why would you pay a huge contract to a receiver that isn’t going to really get used. At least with the Harvin signing, you knew he would be used in the run game (when healthy). You might as well lock up the run blockers and focus on a killer D that is going to consistently give the offense great field position.

  35. Speaking of field position, since Harvin is the best KR in the NFL… his team will usually be in great field position on kick-offs, too.

  36. The problem with not paying Tate is he’s been our most durable WR, and the Hawks are still fairly thin at that position. Baldwin, Kearse,and Harvin have all missed games the last two years. The Hawks could draft WR, but it could be another 3 year wait till that player is ready to contribute.

  37. There are plenty of FA WR types who would be fine 1-year stop gap players while money is distributed to more important guys on the team in the future (like Wilson, Sherman, ET, Wagner, etc… I think anyone is a lunatic if they think Tate is more important than any of them).

    If we prioritized Tate with respect to every other starter, I think you’ll find that he’s not irreplaceable, even though we like him and don’t want to see him go.

    My list (which is different from yours)…

    1. Wilson
    2A. ET
    2B. Sherm
    4. Harvin (not that we really “know”)
    5. Kam
    6. Okung (even though I think he’s overpaid vs. his production… but this team truly sucks at LT if he’s not in)
    7. Lynch – He’d be much higher if Michael hadn’t been drafted last year but you have to look at the starter vs. the back-up. That’s the main reason Okung is higher than Lynch even though Lynch is a better football player than Okung.
    8. Mebane (unless you’re okay with crappy run “defense”)
    9A, 9B, 9C… Avril, Bennett, Clem

    Can you really say your double-digit-something most important player is worth $6 million per year? My answer is “no.”

  38. There is that salary cap thing that most people don’t factor in when they talk about “irreplaceable” players.

  39. What do you think about Bailey at LT? He looked good in his very limited reps.

  40. Screensmoke says:

    Let’s not find out – how does okung do against the best d ends in the league – answer – kicks ass – alot of people around here either have very short memories or have no idea what they are talking about.

  41. Graham= PUKE!!!

  42. I tend to think Sherman is more replaceable than to people think. Hawks have the best S combo in the league, and help our elevate our CB play. Avril, and Bennett should just have been let walk after there contracts were up.

    Its a lot easier to find a cheap pass rusher than replace a guy like Tate. Would rather look at guys like Tuck, Ware, J.Allen, and the like when they are released.

    We’d still have plenty of Cap space if Hawks didn’t trade for Percy Harvin, and give him a #1 WR for 15 touches. Ex Viking Wr don’t work and the majority of FA Wr don’t work out. The last good one the Hawks got was Bobby Engram, and Joe Jerivisous.

  43. Screensmoke says:

    I find it mind boggling at times – last time I checked a fan meant fanatic not crap for brains oh wait it does if your a regular onthe TNT- I guy has an injury -out for half the year- elects not to have surgery so he can help his team win a Super Bowl – the guys known throughout the league as one of the best young if not the best L tackles in league and all if a sudden he’s overpaid and is a has been like bobby k said we would be terrible without him- Wgarcin the hell is the problem – oh wait it’s obvious the bloggers on here are f ing morons – pull head out of rear end and come up with some better B.S because this garbage is embarrassing – alleluia !

  44. Screensmoke says:

    Hawk your still stuck in 85- Really???

  45. Screensmoke says:

    Ya – I’m an ass tonight I know it! My apology – this 2 shall pass

  46. The state of our O Line in 2013/2014.
    Okung not at 100% in the games that he played. I hope he gets over his “deals”.
    Unger… Was it a triceps injury? His shotgun snaps were off and seemed that his overall play was below what we have seen in the past.
    LG. Bowie will have a full off season to win this spot. Unless we bring in more competition for it or he ends up at RT how does he not beat out Carp?
    Sweezy has RG until someone beats him out. He is improving but more competition rarely hurts.
    Lem returning? That would be nice. I always wonder if he was held from competing/starting at one of the guard positions being the only reliable center behind gimpy Unger. If so I hope we add another player that could back up C and free Lem to compete elswhere. He has looked better than in years past with the playing time he got. For now a valuable reserve at 3 positions.
    Bailey looked damn good in pass pro the times I saw him play. Granted that was mostly preseason but he held up during the regular season as well. For now a good swing tackle.
    RT? The big question for now. The Big Russian? FA signing(Oher)? draft? Bowie? Bailey? Player X? We shall see.

    It’s time to address our weakest personnel group. Russell can’t be subjected to the same level of punishment he received this year over the long term. Keep our hero upright.

  47. MoSeahawk12 says:

    I agree with Screensmoke on Okung. Many blog only experts put him in the he’s paid too much and should be cut talk. Fortunately for us, our GM and coach understand talent and the game. There are about 28 teams that would kill to have our left tackle problems. Sure he’s not Walter Jones, but look around. Nobody is. The fact that he came in and started his rookie year after we died what three or four years in a row at left tackle and held his own speaks volumes. So much talk about the worst O-line ever, yet they did something even the very best O-line in team history only read about. Let’s actually find five seconds to respect the job these guys did and worry about how they can improve after the draft. New faces will appear next season, and that should only improve the overall play of the unit. The 9ers have three first round picks on their O-line and yet we have beat them three out of four. Makes you wonder. Being the best at something doesn’t make you a champion. Just ask Payton….

  48. jawpeace says:

    I agree with the Okung supporters. The talk of moving him to RT or that he is not performing good enough-is retarded. While his play last season was not his best, even when not being completely healthy and playing on a hurt big toe, he was superior in every way to PM. PM was BM. Okung tore a ligament in his big toe. I have never done that. Sprained big toe, jammed big toe, yeah those took like a week just to fully recover from. And I am only 165 lbs, Okung 300+ tore his big toe ligament. After the season the Hawks were wondering if he was going to have to have surgery on it. That just shows the dude was playing hurt and is tough as nails and still did a decent job.

  49. montanamike2 says:

    Tate is replaceable, but i would like to keep him around, no need to rehash what i think, but yeah, i don’t want to wait a couple more years to develop someone and then watch them walk. I was in a TKD tournament in the mid 90’s when my big toe was bent sideways until it touched my foot. It was extremely painful and took a few years to get better, it will never be the same and the tendon and ligament damage is way worse than if i broke it instead.

  50. If any of our other CBs are covering Crabtree and get pushed off against like that — he makes that reception and there is no Seahawks Super Bowl win. I’d call that near irreplaceable. While Earl Thomas was busy getting burned by Boldin for that TD in the NFC Championship Game (granted, ET was in good position on Boldin and nearly made the play – heck he touched the ball – but the fact is that Boldin made the catch and scored a TD), Richard Sherman was busy taking an entire side of the field away from SF and then, when it mattered most, made the greatest play in the history of the franchise when you take everything into consideration of how big the moment was (which is why it’s even higher than the Beastquake run). In the Super Bowl, Manning basically eliminated himself from throwing to Decker. That’s impact from Sherm. And Sherman shouldn’t have as many INTs as he does because teams throw at him less than other CBs and yet he still leads the league in picks. That’s impact. I don’t think this should turn into an either/or with Sherm/ET because BOTH are guys who need to remain Seahawks for at least another half decade.

  51. I’m not as sold on Bailey at tackle (right or left side) as some. I like him in the jumbo package but that’s different than being a full time starter at tackle. I don’t like Bowie at tackle either (too slow afoot imo), but love him at guard.

  52. Macabrevity says:

    Pab – Zach Miller was a pass-catching threat til he came here, so let’s cut him and bring in Graham at an even bigger cap hit, then turn Graham into his run-blocking replacement?

    Doesn’t add up.

    Besides, if we did that, you guys would have to put up with me whining all off-season about what a stupid move that was.

  53. I like your list of priorities, BobbyK

    (1. Wilson 2. ET 3. Sherm 4. Harvin 5. Kam 6. Okung 7. Lynch, 8 Mebane, 9A Avril, 9B Bennett…)

    And I agree I like Tate too, but now that we have Harvin, Tate’s value to the team will be fairly easily replaced by WRs who will play for less $.

    Only quibble I would have is that Clem needs to be cut and replaced with a cheaper players. But I think your priorities are right on the money. None of the guys on that list can be lost without creating a hole that could take years to replace with the right player.

    Its a little scary how much we agree these days, Bobby. Damn, I better go check my horoscope or something…

  54. yellaman says:

    I would like the hawks to cut Miller and get a cheaper blocking TE, sign Bennett to be future replacenent to Clemons (1 yr left) and sign Tate to 5-6 mil contract. Then extend ET this year so we can use franchise tag next yr on Sherm if we can’t get a contract done. I would like us to draft a O line, TE, CB, and WR because we are thin at those posituons. I hate to see any players go like red but we need to keep the roster youung and competitive to stay with the teams core players.

  55. Do you realize that the franchise cost of Sherm next year is a lot more than franchising ET instead? The franchise number for a safety is much less than it is for a corner.

  56. Palerydr says:

    I had a boss who told me a story once. He said “Pale the most important man in the world was replaced in 15 mns, anyone is replaceable.” The man he was talking about was JFK. Anyone can be replaced however the replacement might not be as good as the person replaced i.e. Lyndon Johnson. Be careful what you wish for.

  57. we are ‘thin’ at CB? I think Therold Simon could surprise people next year, but he might have a hard time getting any time on the field.

  58. yellaman says:

    I think the drafting of Jesse williams and Jordan Hill were telling to red leaving. I’m now going to be more focused on what positions the team drafts to see what players may not be coming back after 2014 season. It could be telling if we draft offensive line heavy or draft a couple of cornerbacks

  59. MikeFromNewJersey says:

    We won the super bowl!!!!!! Holy crap!! Enjoy this time without worrying about next year. You cant wipe this smile off my face.

  60. Palerydr says:

    I would like the Hawks to not cut Miller but instead rework his deal. I would cut Clemons next. I might make an offer to Tate but I’m wary of his personality he’s a “look at me guy” who is prone to stupid impulsive acts on and off the field. I could extend ET and might franchise Sherman but would rather sign him(Sherman) to a cap friendly deal. How are we possibly thin at CB we have 2 guys who started the year as backups who could start, and did, Maxwell and Lane.

  61. Ray_Maines says:

    The NFL is a chess match, right?

    First is was the super men at defensive right tackle to rush the QB, then the left tackle became the second most important player on the offense so as to protect the first most important player.

    I’m wondering if we aren’t seeing a shift of better athletes back to middle of the D-line to rush from the middle to defend/offset the quick passing of teams like NO, NE and Denver. On offence, that would mean a devaluation of left tackles and more of an emphasis on centers and guards.

    If I’m right, it would mean we should be happy enough with the tackles we’ve got on the roster but seriously need to upgrade the middle three positions. I think that would dovetail nicely with Seattle’s commitment to the interior run game too.

    Your thoughts?

  62. tealskin says:

    Yellaman- Read my mind and said it better. If we lose Tate we’re totally dependent on smaller players yet to prove their durability. I like some redundancy at that position. Prioritizing players on long term contracts (Harvin), or probably won’t come up for renewal (Lynch), seems beside the point. Injuries can make or break, and I don’t want to have to depend on some desperation measure like SF did last season.

  63. Ray_Maines I agree The center and guards need to be upgraded.It may have been injury related but Unger is slipping a bit. I think we need to at least start looking for his successor.

  64. tealskin says:

    If Tate is a look at me, is it any worse than Sherman? Looks to me like both are fun loving and sometimes get a little carried away. Tate has only gotten better every year, and now we dump on him and call him ordinary. Just casting my vote.

  65. Palerydr says:

    Sherman is under a much more focused microscope in comparison to Tate. I’m not keen on the way Sherman runs his mouth but understand that’s his motivation to be the player he is. IMO it’s how he makes plays, take away his bravado and you have an ordinary player. I do dislike Tate and have stated so on more than one occasion, however I didn’t say he was ordinary and have even complimented him, grudgingly, on his improved play on the field. I could live with signing him but not at an avg over 4mil a year.

  66. tealskin says:

    If 4 mil. is Hawk’s best offer we’ll probably find out how some other team utilizes him.

  67. I was questioning the statement “we are ‘thin’ at CB”. I couldn’t disagree more. We are stacked at CB.

    And as good as this team is at developing CBs, they might decide they can replace Richard Sherman and won’t need to pay him. Don’t be too surprised.

  68. The next milestone is tag day tomorrow.

    I do not think we will use any!

  69. Tate is a “Look At Me getting covered by average CBs” guy.

  70. John Schneider don’t need no stinking franchise tags.

  71. Players that do not get tagged tomorrow become FREE AGENTS and are fair game March 8,2014!

  72. Dukeshire says:

    March 11 new contracts can be signed.

  73. These player, draft and roster comments are so bottom of the barrel it’s silly. Okung now isn’t a great LT? Tate is average, “me first” and basically should be cut? Cut Zach Miller? Sign “I’m Jimmy” Graham? And on and on and on? Geeeeeeez! I’m being dumbed down by this blog. We just win the Superbowl and this is the garbage I read? Sounds like people who want “their guy” playing at all costs or their “expert analysis” makes more sense than the Seahawks executives in charge. I mean the blog is here to say what you want about the team so carry on with whatever you believe or would like to see team wise but in my opinion (which means nothing, like most player/ team comments lately) the last few days of comments have been horrible. Embarrassing really. Proves we’re just blog readers because if the team did what half the people here mention the Seahawks would be awful in no time. Again, Just won the Superbowl, y’all. Enjoy it and trust the organization to build another great team. And I’m sorry but Bowie and Bailey aren’t THAT good.

  74. I like the line of being careful what you wish for.

  75. “And I’m sorry but Bowie and Bailey aren’t THAT good.”

    DFloydd, you had me until that last statement. Ha. Seems like a perfect example of the uninformed comments you’re complaining about. Remember, there was a time when Richard Sherman wasn’t THAT good and didn’t even play during the first half of his rookie season. There was a time when Byron Maxwell and Malcom Smith weren’t THAT good. Nobody on this blog knows how good Bowie and Bailey might become.

    I think most of us are very interested in keeping our GREAT team together as much as possible. But we all know that several of our favorite high-priced players must be sacrificed, and those are strategic decisions. I think the conversation here has been pretty sharp.

  76. We don’t know that Maxwell, Thurmond or Lane wouldn’t tip that ball and the Hawks defense sure dropped off when Sherman got hurt in the SB huh. Besides if Smith isn’t trailing that play SF gets three more shots at scoring.

    Earl Thomas is the reason Hawks cam play bump n run. He’s way more important than Sherman.

    3.Russel Wilson

  77. EzraMelech says:

    One things all of us have to remember is what we see (as bloggers) or evaluators is extremely limited. We watch the games like any avid fan, but very few if any of us really “analyze film”. And even if we did it’s still looking thru a glass darkly.

    The coaches are who see these players day in and day out. They know whether or not they are improving or slipping. They know much better then us their intangibles. Whether they are a team first or me first type of player? Do you honestly think Carroll misses any of that? He’s been evaluating players for how many years?

    I for one fully trust his and JS’s decisions. Are they or will they be perfect? Heck no, NOBODY IS. That being said after what they have done with this team in the short time they have had control I’ll take their judgement over anything that I might or might not see watch limited film.


  78. Stevos. That’s why I said it. Sounds silly right? I hope they’re both awesome next year. Sorry for such a negative post earlier. I’m just an eternal optimist and think things will work out fine. I guess I just take some of the comments to seriously and that’s on me. It really is just people voicing their thoughts, wants and opinions and there’s nothing wrong with that….

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