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Morning Links: Combine is coming

Post by Todd Dybas / The News Tribune on Feb. 19, 2014 at 9:46 am with 59 Comments »
February 19, 2014 9:46 am

Good morning.

I’m off to Indianapolis today for the combine. Here’s the schedule of availability by unit:

>Thursday, Feb. 20: Offensive Linemen, Kickers, Punters, Long Snappers, Tight Ends
>Friday, Feb. 21: Quarterbacks, Running Backs, Wide Receivers
>Saturday, Feb. 22: Defensive Linemen, Linebackers
>Sunday, Feb. 23: Defensive Backs


> Analyst Mike Mayock says teams are in search of a “Seattle-type corner” during the draft.

> A museum artifact now housed in Maine may have inspired the Seahawks’ logo.

> USA Today writes that Richie Incognito may be out of NFL options.

> SI’s Andy Staples talks about style vs. substance when it comes to the combine.

> Serial rape suspect Darren Sharper once promoted women’s safety.

> Peter King with three things to watch at the combine:

> Jeff Fisher says it’s unlikely the NFL will add an in-game review of penalties.

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  1. FleaFlicker says:

    Some decent combine talk on this week’s Rich Eisen NFL Podcast. Daniel Jeremiah of NFL Network (former regional scout for Ravens, national scout for Browns) has some interesting things to say about the scouting process. Good listening while walking the dog this morning.

  2. I watched a Rich Eisen Podcast a few weeks back, right before the Super Bowl. He had Jerry Seinfeld on. Seinfeld predicted the game would be a Broncos blowout at halftime and there would be no need to watch the second half.

    I figured, with analysis like that, there was no reason to ever listen to that again.

  3. FleaFlicker says:

    Pabs, Seinfeld was just a celebrity guest. Eisen brings in different people who aren’t necessarily football gurus. But I agree: Seinfeld is a much better comedian than a football guy. His other guests on that podcast were RW and John Elway. Daniel Jeremiah (current podcast) actually knows real football and did a good job of explaining the scouting process. But to each their own if Eisen’s podcast doesn’t float your boat. Personally, I enjoyed this week’s edition. His post Super Bowl show with Brian Billick was pretty good as well. It’s a nice way to change up the drive to work if you don’t want to listen to college basketball talk on sports radio.

  4. I hope Seattle is watching and sees some o-line they like on February 20th. Here are some possibilities for o-line in round 1 and round 2.

    Round 1

    Round 2

    I like Morgan Moses at RT – a clear upgrade over Breno. Jack Mewhort reminds me of Paul McQuistan (looks wise).

  5. FleaFlicker says:

    Blocis: Love that potential David Yankey pick. Usually rated around #25-#30, he might just be available at #32.

    Let’s hope for some O-Line consistency next year. If McQuistan is still on this team in six months, I’ll need to go to Costco for the mega pack of Pepcid AC.

  6. SandpointHawk says:

    I would love to see David Yankey drafted by the Seahawks…

  7. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I would like some Yankey too.

  8. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Heck I would love to see a straight up trade, Irvin for DeCastro.

  9. The artifact that may have spawned the Seahawks logo is pretty cool. Too bad its in Maine, I’d love to go see it.

    I dont care who they draft on the O-line, so long as they work out better than Carpenter, Moffitt, Sweezy, and Giacomini. I guess Im aiming pretty low…

  10. Next year’s starting 5 OL are already on the roster.

  11. banosser says:

    I tend to agree ^^

  12. Pabs….. I can almost guarantee that next years starting 5 OL are NOT on the roster. So if they draft David Yankey in round #1 he won’t start? There are too many opportunities in the draft, free agency and injuries for it not to happen.

  13. Macabrevity says:

    The Hawks have officially ruined my long-standing love of the draft and all the accompanying hype. I almost don’t care anymore, I know they’ll go in a completely opposite direction than they’re ‘supposed’ to, and their early picks will likely be busts. It should be interesting as the talking heads will almost certainly be praising every unpredictable move they make, but otherwise, I expect us to bring in a handful of late round guys, redshirt them, and reload at positions we can’t re-sign. If had a wishlist I’d go with the top TE, but haven’t seen anyone except ASJ, so don’t really know if guy like Amaro is all he’s billed to be. O-Line can be filled late, and it’s too early to tell if we’ll be needing depth at wideout or not.

  14. Pabs–You keep saying that. Its utterly depressing.

    Im hopeful Bowie can take over LG, and Bailey can take over RT. But that still leaves Sweezy, who while not the Hefty Bag of Garbage he was last year and much of this year any longer, shows no signs over ever being better than mediocre. And that opinion is held by many other than myself, including folks from analyst sites.

    Of course, I would love nothing better than to see Sweezy–and even FatCarp and Breno–succeed beyond our wildest dreams. I just think we’ve seen enough, and the three just arent every going to be better than stop-gap players, backup talents in starter roles.

  15. I think Sweezy’s gonna get beat out as well. There’s no way Carrol is satisfied with his performance, and despite his being the Teachers Pet of Cable, I think Seattle brings in competition in FA and the draft. And I think Sweezy gets sent where he’s belonged all along–to the bench, as an interesting developmental prospect who has no business playing in a game except as a last resort.

  16. MoSeahawk12 says:

    Yes, hopefully they will work out better and we still have have three starting O-lineman in next years Superbowl.

  17. Southendzone says:

    Its carps contract year, he will kill it and make the pro bowl. Stt’s head will explode.

  18. SandpointHawk says:

    Nice visual South…

  19. Southendzone says:

    Hell ya, its gonnabe great next Feb at the tnt blog superbowl party to see STT in his #77 jersey

  20. GeorgiaHawk says:

    STTBM will be eating crow when Sweezy becomes a pro bowler this season.

  21. seahawksteven777 says:

    Yankey is a guy who’s efficient in the Stanford system and then will flop in the NFL. Just like the Wisconsin OL. It’d be a terrible pick if they went Yankey round 1.

  22. sluggo42 says:

    I still think sweeze can play some DT. Of course he’ll be beat out this year, so some reps at DT makes sense… Let him be a monster there

  23. GeorgiaHawk says:

    No way Yankey round one. Round two is more like it.

  24. banosser says:

    Sweezy basically just played every down in a SB championship season… JS/PC may be looking for a LG, but my thoughts are it’s Bowie.. my guess is they are counting on Sweezy at RG next yr and expect him to improve the same amount he did from 1st to 2nd yr… besides he’s basically playing for free.. Unless some top 15 pick falls to 32.. I see that pick being traded down..

  25. That was funny, Georgia.

    Hopefully the Hawks can find some good offensive lineman so they can finally win that first SB in 2015. Oh, wait.

    But seriously, I could definitely see one of their first 3 picks going towards an offensive lineman, but be prepared to be disappointed if you think it’s going to be their first, second, and last priority.

    I think they likely try to trade down or just pick the BPA from amongst a few position groups with their 1st pick.

    P.S. I just hope they don’t pick any dogs like ET or Okung with their first pick.

  26. banosser says:

    Softy (God luv him) yesterday was expounding on how the FO has to dump a boatload of cash into the Oline… I understand his concerns and all, but there is no money to begin dumping into the Oline… not if the FO has any designs on keeping ET or Sherm… and RW for that matter.. this is the last of the ‘free’ yrs for RW… He’s gonna get $15-18M per after ’14…

  27. Projecting forward – I am quite confident in Sweezy helping this team more than hurting it. This always hasn’t been the case in his first two years, but I thought I saw a much improved Sweezy starting with the Giants game in December. He’s not going to be a stud, but I think the days of him sucking are long gone. Moving forward, not looking back, I like Sweezy at RG.

    I also salavate at the prospects of Bowie taking over at LG. This excites me to no end. You don’t simply start your first game ever against Dockett and make him look like an average player unless you’re pretty good yourself. I don’t see Bowie as having the foot quickness for me to want him as our starting RT but I love him to FINALLY be the guy that gives us quality at LG since the ice fisherman left.

    For me, can Bailey take over at RT and do well? If he can, I’m fine with all of our starting OL next year already being on the roster. I’m just not sold that I think Bailey can be a quality and full time performer there. I’m not betting against Bailey, I’m just not sold on him yet there either.

    As long as Carp isn’t starting…

  28. doubledink says:

    Georgia, that was great. Thanks.

  29. Ray_Maines says:

    Paul Allen has enough money to buy the entire Univ. of Maine, so the “Seahawk” wooden mask will be at the VMAC if he wants it, and I hope he does. It would look good right next to the Lombardi Trophy.

  30. I think you guys are still drunk on SuperBowl champagne. What happened to all of the in season hate for the three stooges McQuistan / Carpenter / Sweezy? Win one SuperBowl and everybody can only remember the good…..

    I agree with Macabrevity tho….. there is little chance we can figure out what JC/PC will do in the draft.

  31. Nobody can watch film of Sweezy over the final five games of the year and say he wasn’t substantially improved from his first year and a half in the NFL. The light turned on and he became a functional player who will only get better in his third NFL season. It’s pretty much the same thing as when 95% of people here said how Tate sucked after his second year and then were amazed at how much he improved in year three.

  32. freedom_X says:

    McQuistan was almost unacceptable at left tackle, but palatable at guard (obviously good enough to win a Super Bowl.) If he were a $1 million/yr player he’d certainly still stick with the team, but Seattle really needs a young, inexpensive option at left tackle to backup. Someone who can play the position at an average level at least, hopefully with some upside.

    People can pick apart any offensive lineman by just focusing on the mistakes they make. Some people just get a fixed image in their head on a certain player and can’t get over it.

  33. If you are a Sienfeld fan….. the Seahawks reference is near the end.

  34. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Down down down! The Broncos are going down! Lol.

  35. seahawkfan97 says:

    saw this on S I . com this morning before work but am surprised you all are not discussing it or Todd hasn’t posted I yet..huh?
    champs make cuts…Clemons, miller and rice
    Oh and I haven’t posted for a bit….super bowl champs…..great day to be a hawks fan

  36. seahawkfan97 says:

    went back and reread it as I was rushed this morning and it says in the headline they are cut but in story if and may….wtf…under truth and rumors…I’m new to SI as I bought the champs subscription and ball etc.
    must be a rumor…was thinking all day they were gone…wasn’t surprised except for miller…anyways…go hawks

  37. montanamike2 says:

    Even for the minimum i don’t want McQuistan any more. Now that FA’s want to come here for a ring, i think we can do better, even a good prospect.
    McQuistan almost got RW killed last year.

  38. montanamike2 says:

    This will be Sweezy’s year to put up, he did improve and the Tate argument is good logic for a guy playing a new position in his third year.

  39. sluggo42 says:

    With a weaker oline draftees available this year sweezer will probably stay put, unless they find some magic later on. The more I look, the more confused I get about their direction. But, I’m starting to lean to either a BPA, or a trade down to regain their third round pick. So much depends on FA period that we can only speculate now.

  40. You guys seriously think PC and JS are sitting back, thinking “Who cares how the linemen played individually; they are on a SB winning team, so that means they are good; so we’ll just keep them all, or plan on seventh round and UDFA second year players to back them up. They won one SB with us, they will win more.”?!

    If you do, Ive got some Waterfront Real Estate in Arizona to sell you for a great deal…

    No, just like every other position group, they will analyze cost vs performance, weigh the Pros and Cons of change, and seek to bring in as much competition as they possibly can. Especially since Offensive Line was our most glaring weakness all season long, and YES, also in the SB. Denver stopped Lynch cold and held him to less than 40 yards, and their D wasnt exactly elite, missing their starting CB, starting DT, and rotational DT Vickerson, not to mention others.

    I was one of the first to mention that Sweezy has improved. He had to, he was the worst RG in the NFL last year and part of this year. But improvement doesnt mean he’s playing well; he’s not.

    He still struggles to hold up in pass pro to bullrushes, getting pushed back into the pocket and forcing RW to run. He still whiffs on too many run blocks, though he does occasionally make a pancake block and/or get to the second level. He’s just too inconsistent, and looks exactly like what he is; a heck of an athlete with a mean streak who is still learning the basics of lineplay, and who has no business being onfield as a starter for any team, let alone one with SB aspirations.

    As for money, they can cut McQ who is washed up something fierce, and Giacomini, and they are probably not going to be able to keep Lem Jean-Pierre. Thats about 8 million, give or take. If Tate leaves, and/or Bennett, there’s more money there. They will have to weigh their options carefully, as so many deserve consideration for contract extensions (ET, Sherm, etc).

    But make no mistake; Both through the draft and FA, Seattle will look to improve the line. It may not be in the first couple rounds or big names via FA, but they WILL look to upgrade.

  41. MontanaMike2–THe problem with comparing Sweezy with Tate is Tate had two years of play at WR in college, and he was a fantastic athlete, and he was performing at a very high level at the position he was drafted to play BEFORE going to the NFL.

    Sweezy was a poor to middling DT in college, and hadnt played line since his first year in Pee Wee football. And he’s not in the same league as Tate athletically. Also, Tate made some plays and dropped ZERO passes his second year; he wasnt a full-time starter, but he made plays nonetheless, and was a better player then than Sweezy is now after two years starting.

    To think Sweezy will match Tates level of improvement after two-three years, let alone Tate’s performance level, is a leap of faith of epic proportions IMO.

    But you know what? As I said, nothing would please me more than to see Sweezy and the rest of the losers who made our line a laughingstock for much of this year come out and tear it up next season. I would dearly love to eat a huge helping of steaming crow.

    So far my opinions have proven remarkably prescient; Sweezy sucked most of the year, and never topped mediocre, McQ showed he was utterly washed up, Okung got hurt AGAIN, and Carp was nearly useless. Even Unger played badly all year, hopefully due to injury and not something more.

    So if anyone should be eating crow, its guys like Georgia who kept insisting our line was fine and Sweezy would be so much better his second year. Well, he wasnt. He was worse than last year the first half of the season, and our line was far worse the first half to twothirds of this season as compared to the final 8 games of last year.

  42. I am mystified by the support on this blog for our o-line. Absolutely mystified. We didn’t win the SuperBowl because of the o-line, we won despite our o-line.

    Okung and Unger can stay (please!) – but Carpenter / McQuistan / Sweezy should be back-ups or be gone as far as I am concerned.

    Go hawks!

  43. GeorgiaHawk says:

    STTBM- I said the line would be good enough,(when it got healthy) to help the Seahawks win the Super Bowl. Remember?

    Great news!
    Perhaps we can sign Bennett and Tate.

  44. montanamike2 says:

    STTBM i whole heartedly agree with you, i only hope Sweezy gets better,(maybe Cable does know how to coach). We definitely need O-line help badly, you’re right about Tate already being a talented WR but lacked discipline his first two years, Sweezy is starting from scratch, 50-50 he becomes more than he showed or else he’s depth or gone. I truly think Unger’s injury is more serious then they let on, hopefully he bounces back. Seems like a short off season after playing so late in the season.
    I can’t wait to see our draft picks, it’s supposed to be deep this year.

  45. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Remember this too, if you want one of the best 0-lines in the NFL,(like the 49ers have) the Seahawks will have to pay more for it, which means we may not be able to keep the LOB together and/or sign some other valuable defensive players.
    I think our o-line is average when healthy, with a few young guys that could surprise us down the road.
    I hope we at least upgrade the LG position this season but so long as we can keep our D intact for years to come I am ok with having an average O-line.
    And I’m ok with winning more Super Bowls with it.

  46. sluggo42 says:

    Okung will be healthy
    Fatcarp will drop 20lbs and be dominant
    Unger will heal and return to allstar form
    Bowie will remove Sweezebag to riding the pine
    Breno will return
    Baily will emerge as a dominant big blocking TE for the run heavy package! like he did last year! but this year he will catch a pass! probably against the 49ers

    DLine who knows…?

  47. montanamike2 says:

    Valid point GeorgiaHawk, we can’t pay everybody. I hope we hit gold again in the draft or bring in cheap FA’s who will take minimum to end their careers with a ring. I still have hope for Bowie and Baily, with another year under their belts and some experience last year they should improve. To keep the LOB together, we have to have cheap players at other spots or else we don’t win more SB’s.

  48. banosser says:

    Carp can lose 40 lbs.. he still won’t be able to move his feet… I’m shocked the dude can ambulate…

    $130M is in deed good news.. they may now be able to offer Bennett a representitive contract.. or now have the means to keep both ET & Sherm.. tho now everybody else just got more $$ to throw at our players

  49. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I would like to see us draft a big strong WR in the first or second round.
    Perhaps Allen Robinson in the first or Davonte Adams in the second?

  50. montanamike2 says:

    We can’t whiff on the first two rounders this year, save the intriguing prospects for the 4th on down. Take proven commodities first and then gamble later on, look what we did with Okung and Thomas, not so much on on Carp. Not only was he a significant reach, but a probable bust as well, much like Sweezy this is a put up year or see you, i’d love to be proven wrong but i’m in agreement with Slave. O-line is too important to overlook on a run first team, what would Lynch have done with SF’s O-line?

  51. Okung has never played in a full season. He’s had an injury (or injuries – multiple) every year he’s been in the league. I don’t expect him to magically turn into Mr. Ironman next year and play in all 16 games (especially when reports after the season indicate his toe is still bothering him and he may or may not have surgery on it).

  52. I’d be fine with our first two picks going on OT and WR or WR and OT.

  53. sluggo42 says:

    Bowie can play LT, and RT at the same time if Okung gets hurt again.

  54. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Sweezy had two very good games in the playoffs, so perhaps he is turning the corner.
    It would be really cool if it all comes together for him this season because No one on this team can block like him. Not even close when he is playing well.

  55. “I’d be fine with our first two picks going on OT and WR or WR and OT.”

    same here

  56. It isnt one or the other: Seattle doesnt have to break the bank to improve the line. There is an ocean between Seattle’s O-line performance and SF’s, and we surely dont have to spend SF money to fall into the middle.

    I would love to see us draft a big fast wr who can actually play–unlike Harper. But it kinda depends on whether we resign Tate, although I would love to see us keep him AND draft another WR.

    Seattle may consider drafting a LT prospect, due to Okung’s injury history and his huge contract. He wont want to take a paycut, but he’s not worth 9-11 million a year. They could put the rookie at RT this year, and once Okung is a FA move him to LT if Okung insists on being overpaid, as he is now.

    Now, at the time his pay was inline with what the going rate was for top LT’s. But considering the flattening of the market, the rookie wage scale, and his inability to stay on the damn field, I say its time to cut bait with him if he wont take MUCH less for his next contract. Let him test the market, he isnt one of the top 5 LT’s in football anyhow.

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