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Morning Links: Franchising out

Post by Todd Dybas / The News Tribune on Feb. 18, 2014 at 11:23 am with 29 Comments »
February 18, 2014 11:23 am

Good morning.


To some links:

> 710 argues Steven Hauchska is likely to get the franchise tag.

> Mark Schlereth compares Johnny Manziel and Russell Wilson:

> ESPN argues the Seahawks are unlikely to use the franchise tag on any player.

> says the Seahawks will franchise Michael Bennett.

Here’s a breakdown of the franchise tag options:

Non-exclusive franchise tender

Team must agree to pay player for one year at the percentage against the current salary cap of the five highest salaries over the previous five seasons. Players can negotiate with any club, but if the player signs with another club, the tag tendering team will receive two first-round draft choices as compensation.

Exclusive franchise tender

Team must agree to pay player for one year at the average of the five largest current-year salaries at his position through the end of the restricted free-agent signing period. It cannot be lower than the non-exclusive franchise tender. The player is not permitted to negotiate with any other team.

Transition player designation

Team must agree to pay player the cap percentage average of the 10 largest prior-year salaries at his position. The player is permitted to negotiate with any other team and such team is not bound by any compensation in signing a transition player.

And, then …

The tendering club has a seven-day waiting period on whether to match for transition or franchise tags. If the franchise tag is used on a player a second time by a team, the base tender goes up to 120 percent of the previous salary calculation.

> Golden Tate was wearing Google glasses throughout the Super Bowl week. This is the resulting video.

> Peter King says the NFL has to  “professionalize” the lockerroom.

> Here is a take from Jason Avant of the Eagles on how to improve the lockerroom culture.

> Tony Gonzalez is in at CBS, Shannon Sharpe and Dan Marino are out.

> A top 25 ranking of free agents. Michael Bennett is all the way down at 20th.

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  1. HawkfaninMT says:

    Well that vacation was short lived…

    I think I am most excited about the WR group at the combine. If they restructure Rice, and re-sign Tate it is moot, but I am interested in several guys if Neither Tate and Rice are back we should have some of those guys in our sights.

    I am particularly keen on Mike Evans and Marquise Lee(hopefully they drop), and Brandon Coleman

  2. chuck_easton says:

    If Seattle uses the Franchise Tag at all it will be on Hauschka. They Franchised a kicker in the past so they have shown they aren’t completely against this step.

    To Franchise Bennett would mean a one year 9.2 million hit. Someone would have to be cut (Clemons?) to free up that kind of room under the Cap.

    I also don’t think Bennett is worth 9+ million a year.

  3. the Franchise for Bennett is 12.6 mill he is listed as a DE and not a DT. Just can’t switch his position to save 3.5 mill. Yes he does play at DT but the team and the NFL list him as a DE. WAY bigger base salary.

    I get the feeling that he will shop around and give the Seahawks a chance to come in and sign him. I think he can be had for less than what Balt just re-uped Suggs for. IF they do that I believe that that Clemons will be gone.

  4. Also – I don’t think you can compare Wilson and Johnny M at all. Just because they may be similar in height but there are MAJOR differences in them as players.

    1. JM is egotistical and looks for the glory – um not so much with RW
    2. JM scrambles and looks to run – RW scrambles to make a pass (although we do think he should run a little more)
    3. JM acts like a party guy most of the time – RW parties in the film room.

    Manziel MAY end up being a good or better NFL QB – he is also a guy that screams, “I can’t handle the NFL” – he REALLY needs to mature. IMO

  5. yankinta says:

    xcman,, lol that’s not it at all…. RW is at another level passing from the Pocket…. Johnny still have a long way to learn. Johnny is closer to RG3 or CK,, when it comes to passing from the Pocket. Not at the Level of RW,, will not be for 2-3 years at least.

    RW is also the most Accurate QB when throwing on the run,, running to left or right. No one comes close to him in the NFL today,, when it comes to throwing on the run,, Aaron Rogers is a distance second. :)

  6. Sherm’s on TV again today.. Queen Latifah show.

  7. HawkfaninMT–Even if Seattle re-signs Tate, I kinda expect them to draft a WR. They try to draft guys one to two years ahead of need. Harper and Durham didnt work out for us, but they were trying to build young cheap depth behind Tate, Rice, and the rest; it just hasnt worked out as well as hoped, though Kearse is young and cheap for at least another year or two.

    Comparing Manziel and RW is lazy. Manziel is more like Krapernick. I wish him well, but he’s really got a lot of maturing to do before he will be successful in the NFL. He really needs not only a steaming helping of Humble Pie, but good coaches to bring him back from his first flop, to help him rebuild the inevitable (IMO) collapse of his ego and confidence. He needs to go to a team that will work with his limitations as Harbarf has done with Krap, hopefully a place where he wont be asked to shoulder the entire team as a rookie. I dont think he can do that. But he’s such an athlete I really hope he pulls his head out and is successful; he’ll be a ton of fun to watch…Hope he goes to the AFC!

  8. i think the Bennett designation is interesting. If he played the majority of his snaps at DT (and I don’t know that that’s true), why can’t we franchise him as a DT?

    And I’d disagree with Chuck – at least for a one-year deal, I think Bennett is worth $9.2M. We will miss what he brings greatly if he leaves. Can’t underestimate the importance of a pass rush, and for the majority of the games this last season, he was the best one we had.

  9. Bennett will fight if Seattle tries to tag him as a DT, and he will likely win. The Franchise Tag rules are badly in need of updating, as they dont fit for the Joker TE, the hybrid DE/DT, etc….but dont look for that happening easily or quickly, the Players Union will fight it tooth and nail…

  10. Pdway–It will be interesting to see. But Bennett will argue he’s a DE first and foremost, its his listed position. IMO, he will have a better case than Graham who wants a WR tag; Graham played much of his snaps as a slot WR or outside WR, but he’s still a TE in my book…just as Bennett is really a DE, though he slides inside on passing downs.

    I think Seattle will be lucky to sign one of the Big Three; Bennett, Tate, Sherman. They will lock up ET first, then try to keep two of those Big Three; I cant see them keeping them all, and I think even two of three may be more than we should expect.

    And thats just the way it goes when youre up against that cap…

  11. i haven’t watched all that much of Manziel, but with his playing style and body frame, I’d be worried about injuries in his future . . .

  12. Hey Todd;

    Hope you had a good vacation!

    ProFootballTalk’s Mike Florio gave you credit when he borrowed a quote from one of the players that you posted on here. At least he’s giving credit where due, some of the other online media act like they got the scoop when all they are really doing is parroting someone else’s story.

  13. re Bennett – yeah, and I’m not the Seahawks cap guru, but that difference in price between the DE and DT franchise numbers makes all the difference to me on a gut level. $9.2M seems like the high side of what we should pay him (though, as I said, I’d do it), but $12.6M/year seems like it should only go to your true franchise-type guys (who are the DE’s that got the average number so high? Mario Williams and who else?) – – and I’d reluctantly let him walk before paying quite so much.

  14. Excuse me but I think McDonald and Bennett were the DT’s on the first play of the SB!

  15. I don’t have a problem with the idea of franchising Bennett or Hauschka.

    The team has one more year before they have to break the bank for Wilson, so a one year deal makes some sense. The other point is that franchising Bennett doesn’t preclude us from signing him to a long term deal, in fact, franchising him provides leverage to do just that.

  16. osbrey–Yes, they were, you are right. Seattle did not do that most of the year though. Regardless of where Bennett got 51% or more of his snaps, he’s first and foremost a DE. Teams shouldnt have to chart where a guy lines up in order to keep track of how to pay them. But again, thats a flaw in the Franchise Tag rules and needs to be addressed.

    Even halfway between DT and DE would be prohibitively expensive for Seattle to afford, so its likely Bennett is gone unless Seattle is willing to offer him a longer contract with lots up front.

  17. pdway–The Franchise Tags are still screwed up from contracts for guys like Williams, whom you mentioned, and Julius Peppers, among others, from a couple years ago when the market for DE’s went nuts and teams spent way more than was feasible. The rookie wage scale, as well as what to me looks like blatant collusion between teams to drive down the cost of Free Agents at positions like DE, WR, Corner etc seems to be putting salaries back in the realm of non-insanity, but the long-term contracts of a few are still screwing up the Franchise Tag amounts, and will for several more years.

  18. Blocis,

  19. Todd Dybas says:

    Hey, STTBM.

    Thanks for pointing that out. I had not noticed since I was trying to stay off the computer for a couple days.

    — Todd

  20. STTBM,
    If NO TE Jimmy Graham gets franchised as a TE instead of a WR,that will settle the Bennett DT tag!

  21. Todd–No problem. I thought it was cool that PFT credited you. They are usually good about that, though they’ve poached news before. Florio gets all ticked off when ESPN or other Media sited pirate news from his site without due credit, so he’s been pretty good about not shafting other writers.

    When you move on up, as seems inevitable for Seahawks Insider blog guys, we can say we knew you when lol!

  22. osbrey–Yeah, wouldnt that be nice! I could see Seattle potentially tagging Bennett if they can use the DT tag, but not as a DE. The way I see it, if Graham gets tagged as a TE and he loses his suit, that means Seattle will have to admit Bennett is a DE even though he plays a lot of the time at DT. If the NFL rules that because Graham took 51%+ of his snaps as a WR, then he’s a WR despite his position designation of TE, THEN Seattle could claim that while designated as a DE, Bennett is really a DT…

    Or am I just confusing myself lol?!

  23. SandpointHawk says:

    Look at the roster, Bennett is listed as a DE…end of story…

  24. Todd, the post which references your piece that was on PFT was:

    “Super Bowl MVP explains his “bigotry” tweet” was Posted by Mike Florio on February 16, 2014, 6:22 PM EST on PFT.

    As of now, the link is:

    Mike Florio saying anything good about Seattle is rare. He’s still butthurt we fired that azzclown Mora, because Florio met him at an airport and Mora was nice to him. And Florio HATES Richard Sherman…

    But he seems to like Malcolm Smith. Who doesnt?!

  25. STTBN,
    You are not cofused ,that was exactly my point.

  26. SeventiesHawksFan says:

    I see no reason to poison the water with a guy we are trying to re-sign by tagging Bennett as a DT.

    He’ll be back if we can get him the contract he’s looking for, which currently sounds like it will cost around $8 million per year for at least 3 years.

  27. If NO TE Jimmy Graham gets franchised as a TE instead of a WR,that will settle the Bennett DT tag!

    Not even CLOSE – Graham is listed as a TE and therefore tagging him as a TE is easy – they are not moving a position.

    for Bennett they would have to CHANGE his position – not an easy task – They players association and the NFL will fight hard one way or the other.

  28. banosser says:

    Jimmy Graham weighs 260 lbs… end of discussion

  29. wabubba67 says:

    In the Graham situation, the NFLPA and the Saints will look at every snap taken when Graham was on the field and where he lined up. If he was next to a tackle, he was a TE on that play. If outside the hashmarks, a WR. Where he took the majority of his snaps will determine his designation as either a TE or WR with regard to the franchise tag.

    It seems plausible that the Seahawks and the NFLPA will likely look at whether or not Bennett played the majority of his snaps as either a DT or DE to determine the same thing.

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