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  1. Michael Bowie has a role in Star Wars. He’s “The Force.”

  2. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Interview with ESPN?

  3. jawpeace says:

    “Hi I am Jimmy and I got my ass kicked so hard by the Hawks that I am still crapping their foot print in my poo a month later. And now I am going to whine about it some more.”

  4. Anybody with any thoughts if we Franchise Bennett as a DT at 8 million?

  5. They’ll work out a long term cap friendly deal with Bennett and let Clem go. Not too hard to predict looking at how the twins have operated in the past. They also don’t want to go back to the shape of last seasons (RW’s rookie season) D line which is still relatively fresh in their minds.

    The Tate/Baldwin deals are much harder to predict imo.

  6. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Osi knew what was about to go down.

  7. MikeFromNewJersey says:

    ” Hey i’m Jimmy!! ” ” I’m Jimmy!!”
    What a punk that guy is, sour grapes my friends. Another immature punk, he must be related to krapdick..

  8. You can’t Franchise Bennet at DT since he is officially listed as a DE and the DT # is like 9.2 million according to postings on

  9. rramstad says:

    Seahawks Insider

    Where There Is No Offseason

    But We Do Expect A Short Vacation From Time To Time

    Just Sayin’

    LOL yankin’ yer chain, enjoy the time off!

  10. Well Todd could just give me the keys to the Blog for a few days and by the time he was done with Vacation Everyone would know how good he really is . . ..

  11. Ray_Maines says:

    I hope it’s a real vacation, rather than a few unpaid days off.

  12. seatowntp says:

    I despise these diarrhea mouths who think they have some great insight into professional football. HA! To borrow on a quote from “Ringworm” Sherm, “I’m better at life than you.” Also better at predicting the Super Bowl outcome. Bring the hate.

  13. bsinnitt says:

    I hope we address getting a free safety with range to back up Earl and a stout DT that can hold his ground against a double team to backup Mebane. Those are the 2 guys we couldn’t afford to lose with our current defensive roster IMHO.

  14. How many QB could be drafted in the top 5 picks this year with Houston, Jax, Cleveland and Oakland all needed a QB upgrade.

    One of them will draft the feast or famine Manziel. He is either going to do fine or be a major bust in the NFL.

  15. montanamike2 says:

    I’m glad the AFC gets most of the early picks, Rams excluded.

  16. sluggo42 says:

    I hope there is a rush on QB’s early, all 5 of them. That leaves more players for our pick, of a stud WR.

  17. Singularitarian says:

    I like Malcolm Smith’s tweet a lot: “There is no room for bigotry in American sports, it takes courage to change the culture”

  18. montanamike2 says:

    I saw an article yesterday on the P.I. that Tate agreed to a 4 year deal, then i clicked on the link and noticed it was written in 2010! WTF!
    Why do they put up a 4 year old article they know doesn’t apply to now?
    This weekend STTBM was in town with his family and my phone didn’t ring.
    The next day in the afternoon my phone beeped that i missed 2 calls and the other one was from my neighbor across the street. Once again Verizon makes me look like a jerk idiot. Seriously my neighbor lives 150 yards away, if we had walkie talkies it would have gone through instantly. I was doing nothing all day Saturday and would have love to have met up with him, after all we are SB champs!

  19. SandpointHawk says:

    So Todd is on vacation and they assigned no one to take over the blog this time. So we can say whatever we want? Just asking TNT….

  20. Uh-oh….Haha. nice “test”

    Although.. we need to have some level of decorum…

  21. This guy hacks away at the DL and QB depth and the chances of a SB repeat in the FG article.

    Blaine Gabbert as the backup QB? I’d rather the Seahawks trade away three 1sts, three 2nds and three 3rds to bring back a broken down Matt Hasselbeck as the backup QB.

  22. montanamike2 says:

    I wish i could get a job making stuff up and even get paid for it.

  23. Southendzone says:

    Don’t know if that guy from Field Gulls qualifies as having a job. I think those guys just do it as fans, not sure how much money (if any) they make for writing those.

    That one wasn’t terrible though, I thought his 1st round analysis with Rashede Hagemen or a WR was pretty much in line with consensus. Also, letting Tate go is one way the team could go and isn’t too farfetched. The Kenny Britt signing was an interesting angle.

    The Gabbert signing seemed really out of left field. If we can’t bring back TJ, I’m pretty sure BJ Daniels will be around.

  24. Dukeshire says:

    SandpointHawk – I was going to mention that too. There has always been someone tending the light. In addition, the combine starts this week, you’d think there’d be no shortage of items to discuss in advance. Whatever.

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