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Seahawks sign three to futures contracts

Post by Todd Dybas / The News Tribune on Feb. 11, 2014 at 2:24 am with 123 Comments »
February 11, 2014 2:24 am

The Seahawks officially announced Monday the signing of TE Travis Beckum (Wisconsin), DB Terrance Parks (Florida State) and LB Mike Taylor (Wisconsin) to futures contracts.

Taylor was with the team for a week last season as part of the practice squad. He played with Russell Wilson for one season in college.

The Seahawks have added 12 players since the end of the season (nine practice squad players and these three). They can have up to 90 players when offseason programs begin April 21.

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  1. Macabrevity says:

    Hmmm… is there a Wisconsin connection forming here?

  2. GeorgiaHawk says:
  3. Damn, Ware. Youre not even playing. And we know you can afford a freaking cab/driver. Not smart at all, you think he’d learn from Lynch.

    Beckum seemed to be getting it together in the NFL, and then he got injured along with their other TE, the guy NE stole and rehabbed for a year before giving up on him.

  4. Georgia–That was a great link. I choked up. Yes, Wilson seems too good to be true, but he is the real deal. A born leader who has spent his life thus far focused on being who and what he was meant to be.

    I wish I had his drive and focus, not to mention his talents. I make do with what I have; its got me this far, Im quite sure Im not done yet.

  5. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I wish I was more like Wilson too and less like Moffitt but I’m just too old to change now. Or too stubborn, lol.

    At least I can admire people like Wilson from afar in a bar.

  6. RDPoulsbo says:

    So the Browns just kicked out their front office just as the offseason is starting to really pick up. Quinn better feel quite thankful that he didn’t head for the Mistake on the Lake. Gotta feel bad for Pettine, beginning his tenure as a perceived lame duck.

  7. Sarcasticus says:

    TE / DB / LB the three spots I think have the littlest depth. I would love to see a boss guard picked in the draft or through FA, but I don’t think the club sees things the same way I do.

  8. Pro Football Focus all NFC West team….. no surprise, there are some Seahawks on it.

  9. FleaFlicker says:

    Remember when some of us wanted to draft Gabe Carimi for the OL?

    Drafted #1 by Chicago. Traded to Tampa for a 6th rounder. Now cut.

    This whole personnel thing is a lot harder than we want to admit. Sure, we’ve had a few misses, but the hits more than make up for it with our front office.

  10. FleaFlicker–It wasnt necessarily a talent misjudgement. Carimi trashed his knee his rookie year, and never really came back from it. Im not blaming it all on his knee, but dude looked great right from the get-go, then he injures his knee and when he comes back, he plays like crap. Im more inclined to believe the injury robbed him of his ability than I am that he never was good enough and the scouts all blew it.

  11. jawpeace says:

    So my question is does Taylor get a ring being on the teams practice squad for a week? Or do you actually have to be on the regular roster?

  12. RD – agree that Quinn is lucky he didn’t go to the Browns. Or maybe he was simply to smart to have ended up there.

  13. I don’t have a problem with adding a CB through FA or draft, but I am surprised to see some say we have little CB depth. Whatever may happen with Thurmond, we still have Lane, Simon, Shead and Fenner for depth.

  14. 1. What exactly is a “futures” contract? And why don’t we see more teams using them? (or do they and we just don’t see them)

    2. When is ML trial date now?

    3. Does Ware Beat out Coleman or CM next season

  15. Also it will be interesting how Simon fits into the DB mix next year – since he doesn’t totally fit the mold – but they clearly wanted to keep him around for another season to see it he can make it.

  16. A couple of draftable CB’s that may fit in Seattle……

    I particularly like Baptiste and think he would fit us very well. Both of these guys look like 2nd or 3rd CB’s right now.

  17. Just my opinion, but I dont see Spencer Ware beating anyone out next year. He’s not a FB. He’s just a big slow RB. Coleman is a LOT more versatile. Thats not to say Ware isnt a good player, but he’s a luxury we may not be able to keep.

    I too am intrigued by Simon. We never got to see him play, and its clear to me Seattle wanted to keep him around. It will be interesting to watch him and Shead in camp and preseason next year.

  18. XC….. what about Simon doesn’t fit the Seahawks?

  19. I wasn’t impressed with Coleman or Ware. I think the offence got alot better when Mike Rob came back to the team. Having said that, I think Mike Rob is (or will be very soon) the past FB and we will need to be replaced. Not sure if Coleman or Ware are the guy(s) to do it.

  20. banosser says:

    “Former Bears GM ranks NFL QBs-”

    Georgia.. Now we know why is a former GM…

    Has Cam rated the #4 QB.. elite (but with flaws, needs to grow his fb IQ).. so that constitutes elite?

    Luck is elite.. but he makes some ‘bonehead’ plays & in the playoffs this year, he made some terrible decisions that led to turnovers.. elite..

    Not elite:
    RW & Kaep are tied @ 8th
    RW: size and arm talent limit him (still with the size, sigh.. and arm talent?), savvy, can make plays down field, keeps defenses honest with his play making ability, great leader
    CK: not a comfortable as a pocket passer. His vision is tunneled and relies more on his athleticism, than his reads to make plays when things start to unravel

    and these are after the SB… I wouldn’t trade Russell Wilson for ANY QB out there

    this great tho.. now please rank the LOB as the 3rd best secondary and our D as really the 5th best

  21. blocis–I thought Coleman did well running the ball the few times we gave him the opportunity. He’s much faster than Mike Rob. He also can catch pretty well, and has good football awareness (his TD catch from the Kellen Davis deflection). But yeah, he needs to work on his blocking quite a bit.

    I was disappointed Seattle didnt use Mike Rob more this year. They obviously are fazing out the FB as a regular contributor. I know they like Ware and Coleman, but to me it makes a lot more sense to fix the line so Lynch and Turbo can do it all than it does to keep Mike Rob and two wannabe FB’s, one with potential and one with no clue (Ware), just to run a few short yardage plays a game.

    If I were a betting man, I’d bet we end up with Coleman on the team and Mike Rob and Ware cut.

  22. banosser–I know, right?! What a tool…Luck is “fearless”, but I suppose because Wilson plays the game the way his coach asks, he’s “scared”?! I guess Angelo didnt see the clip of RW urging Coach to let them go deep on fourth down and seven vs the Niners in the Title Game…

    Too many people are blinded by Luck’s white skin and height compared with RW’s blackness and lack of height. When they look at Luck, they see their prototypical Wish-list qb; when they look at RW, they see an aberration. This bias towards preconceived notions means they twist the facts to suit their pre-formed opinion; that Luck is a great qb and Wilson isnt. Stats and what actually happens be-damned, I guess…

    Which is sad. I think Luck is a better qb than Wilson in a lot of ways, and I think he will go down as better long-term; he can make all kinds of deep throws with a touch Wilson can only dream about, and his arm is much stronger. But Wilson is outplaying him to this point; he reads defenses better, makes less mistakes, and understands football better. Luck may catch up, but he hasnt thus far.

    And Wilson’s arm strength–while not in the same league as Kraperpants–is still more than adequate for any system. His height is NOT an issue, and only the foolish, blind, or ignorant think it is.

    Ive been trying to find batted passes stats for 2013, and havent found any. Anyone know where to get them?

  23. Southendzone says:

    FB doesn’t seem like a need. I like what Coleman brings to the table and it seems reasonable that they can bring Mike Rob back if they want. Don’t care about Ware at all.

    This article is a few days old, and may have been linked already, but it was very informative.

  24. Blocis – directly from what you posted, but also heard this after we drafted him:

    Doesn’t use his hands well at the line of scrimmage, poor pressing technique. Not always smooth in coming out of backpedal

    So if he learns the system and can play it well then GREAT!! but he will definitely have to learn the system.

  25. Hey Pabuwal:

    This is from ProFootbalFocus:

    “While another coach in the NFC West has raved about having the “best catcher ever,” the best hands in the NFL today actually belong to Tate. After dropping just three passes this season, he’s caught 144 of the 149 catchable balls thrown his way since 2011. His 3.9% Drop Rate in that span is the lowest of any wide receiver in the NFL with 100 targets.”

    Im still waiting for a response from you regarding your idiotic statement that Tate “only shows up vs the Rams”.

  26. And here’s another quote from PFF:

    “Tate’s 189 yards on scramble plays in the last two seasons is the third-most in the NFL, a testament to his rapport with his quarterback.”

  27. And another:

    “When we named Tate the Seahawks’ Secret Superstar last offseason, we also noted his incredible elusiveness after the catch. He continued that trend in 2013, leading all receivers with 21 forced missed tackles on his receptions. Teammate Percy Harvin is one of the most dangerous players in the league with the ball in his hands, averaging a missed tackle for every 4.7 receptions in the last three seasons. Who is the only player with a better rate on 100 receptions? That would be Tate, who amazingly averages a missed tackle for every 2.8 catches.”

    Thats right. Tate breaks tackles more often than Percy Harvin, the $11 million dollar man.

  28. It would also hurt Carrols credibility to give Bennett a monster deal after one year, and then to let Tate–who’s steadily improved since his rookie year, whose proven his toughness, dependability, and heart, not to mention playmaking ability–go without a contract that compensates him fairly for his past production and likely future impact on the team. Especially in light of them making Harvin the highest paid player on the team before he’d even played a down.

    You can bet players like Sherman, Maxwell, and the LB’ers will be watching closely to see how Seattle treats its homegrown talent.

  29. Seahawkfan78 says:

    True, but the problem is… you cant keep everyone. I think it will all depend on if Rice is cut or takes a paycut in order to keep tate. Just my two cents…

  30. Seahawkfan78 says:

    Does a signing bonus count against the salary cap? Or does it just come out of the oweners budget?

  31. Seahawkfan78 says:


  32. Southendzone says:


    Salary cap is pro-rated over the years of the contract and amortized against the cap annually. So when you release a player before his contract is up, that remaining portion of the salary cap hits you in the year you release him. That’s where the term ‘dead money’ comes from.

  33. Tate was also PFF’s top-rated punt returner of 2013 with an +11.9 rating or something like it. They noted that while he didnt lead the league in avg, he was amazing to watch. He also returned a bunch of punts for 3-8 yards that 90% of punt returners would have just fair-caught, at least in my estimation.

    As they point out, losing Tate would hurt us on two fronts.

    And no, you cant just plug someone in as Punt Returner like its Madden, just cause they are fast. It doesnt work that way. And no, Baldwin isnt quick enough to be a punt or kick returner, despite his awesome kick return late in the season.

  34. RDPoulsbo says:

    Given Bailey was checking in as a tight end during the playoffs in short yardage situations, my bet is he’s the odds on favorite to take over at RT.

    I think they’re going to go with Coleman at FB if they even keep that position around. The reduced role of the position will price Mike Rob from coming back. Adding a blocking TE will suffice for most situations, as most other teams have moved in recent years. The offense hasn’t been a WCO that Bevell is known to run since Wilson took over.

  35. Seahawkfan78–No, you cant keep everyone. But I think Seattle has to find a way to keep Tate, and give Bennett at least an offer he can live with. We probably cant outpay everyone, but we can give him something close.

    I cant see Seattle losing Tate because of Rice. They will cut Rice to keep Tate if they have to.

  36. Southendzone says:

    STT, you are right on in your take of Tate’s punt returning. He is fearless but smart at the same time. That is a great point about him getting a few yards when a lot of players could get none.

    I know JS will do the right thing for the team w/o the emotional fan attachment we have, but I’m really hoping we bring back both DB and Tate.

  37. Seriously, Tate breaks a tackle every 2.8 receptions, and Harvin is second IN THE NFL at one every 4.7 catches. Thats an incredible stat!

  38. South–I know. Its hard to take when you lose a well-liked, productive player. Im prepared to lose a couple guys for sure this offseason, but I just dont see any reason they cant keep Tate and make a run at Bennett by cutting Rice (or offering him vet min), and doing some other necessary roster moves like suggesting McQ retire, and either letting Giacomini walk or offering him just above league min.

  39. doubledink says:

    Vet minimum is not realistic for Rice or Breno at this stage of their career. They could command much more than that elsewhere. I seriously doubt JS would even make that offer.

  40. If anybody wants a Blu-Ray of SB48. I’m burning a set of discs now. mocarob at hotmail

  41. Southendzone says:

    mocarob, any chance you have the SoundFX 30 minute (less commercials) special from SB48?

  42. Given Rice’s injury history and his lack of production through the first 8 games this year, I cant see anyone offering him much more than the league min, unless its a desperate team willing to pay for his leadership as if it were a production value, like Jax or the Raiders or the Redskins. Same with Breno. He’s flat bad.

  43. Its more important to retain Tate, but I am ok with keeping Rice at a reduced rate. Having RIce return would completely eliminate the need to use a draft pick on a WR IMO. Doug Baldwin is a RFA so I fully expect him to be back.

  44. Southendzone says:

    DD is right, neither breno or Rice will be playing at or even near league min next season.

    Yeah we hope to save $ on these guys but calling for min contracts isnt being realistic at all.

  45. South–Well, I guess we’ll wait and see. Like I said, some team might be desperate enough to offer Rice half what we are scheduled to pay him–3-4 million–but I cant see Seattle paying him that unless Tate leaves.

    And what team would want Breno? Seriously, only a ZBS team would want him, and there arent very many of those out there. And he’s not even that good in a ZBS.

    Again, time will tell. But I just cant see these guys being “worth” 2 million a year or more. Especially not to Seattle.

  46. South, Yes I have it along with the Turning Point & Inside the NFL version. They’re all slightly different. I like Turning Point the best.
    write me an email.

  47. Southendzone says:

    Well they both are 7th year or more players so their 2014 min is 855,000. This is higher than I thought, but I still think they will both break that threshold in 2014.

  48. Macabrevity says:

    Re: Tate….

    Is it just me? Or does his game seem to go in the tank when Percy is slated to start/play?

    Reminds me somewhat of the (at least perceived by me) effect A Rod had on Griffey’s game, just being in the lineup.

    Whatever you want to call it, I’m sure most of us have experienced, being around a particular person causing you to drop from your A-game to B or C….

  49. I dont think Tate’s play dropped at all. Teams focused on Harvin and him, and that left Baldwin and Kearse open. Carrol was playing Martyball after the first NO game, and wasnt about to take any chances or give Tate the jump balls in one on one situations, like he did earlier in the year.

    Tate got open for TD’s deep twice in a row vs the Niners in the Title game; I was swearing like a raving lunatic at RW for not throwing to him, but to be fair, he had no time as the line wasnt worth a shpit.

    Tate often cleared the safeties out for the underneath routes, and was directly responsible for the two TD’s in the SB. Just as in the Niners game, he got open quite a bit and RW just couldnt get the ball to him. Plus, his blocking was superb. Not to mention he’s one of the premier punt returners in the league. You can bet teams are doing everything they can not to out-kick their coverage; so that leads to shorter punts for us.

    And the catches he did make were boss; he broke tackles to pick up needed first downs several times a game.

    I think he’s playing at the same level. Teams are just choosing to double cover him and not let him get any easy catches–they’d rather chase Kearse or Baldwin in space than Harvin or Tate. And I cant blame them. He is the best WR in the NFL at breaking tackles the last two years, after all; a damned dangerous man with the ball in his hands.

  50. trout_hound says:

    Loved that blog by Earl. Pretty moving stuff. I liked this stat he pulled out: ‘Out of 266 passes this whole season, our opponents only threw it over the middle on us eight times. I feel good about that. I’m going to keep working on my craft, and keep being the best safety and the best leader I can be.’

    L.O.B.! L.O.B.!

  51. South–I assumed Rice was due 1.1 million as an old vet, and Breno close to that. Shows what I know huh!

    Yeah, they can both probably get in the neighborhood of 1-2 million a year, and Rice maybe more if he’s willing to play for a crappy team. But they arent worth 3-4 million a year.

  52. montanamike2 says:

    I think retaining Tate is a must, even more then Bennett and i’d love to keep both. I have no problem cutting Rice to compensate Tate, he’d probably resign for the minimum just to stay with the team and win a ring or two. With Harvin in the fold i don’t think other teams will be able to hammer him all the time thus extending his career. If he moves on, kay sara sara.

  53. Wow, some of the writers at Pro Football Focus are idiots. Its no wonder they are writing a fansite instead of working in the NFL. “best hands in the NFL belong to Tate”? Laughing my ass off. Baldwin has tremendous hands. So does Rice. Tate in inconsistent, but his hands aren’t bad, his worst inconsistencies are his lack of discipline with routes and getting open.

    I like Tate, he’s talented, great leaper, great run-after-catch, and good punt returner. But he’s had some bad drops, embarrassing ones, along with that on-sides kick that doinked off his chest recently. He’s a risk to depend on in the fourth quarter, meanwhile Baldwin, Harvin, Rice, and now Kearse were all clutch this year.

    Golden took a long time (2 years?) to grow up and develop discipline as an NFL player. By the time he did, Baldwin had already accomplished much more than Tate, and Harvin was signed. With a healthy Harvin and Baldwin, Tate has no place on this team.

    I loved ya Golden, but your the first guy I’d let walk way this offseason.

  54. Stevos–Rice cant hold onto the ball when hit. Hell, he gets concussions from the turf without anyone touching him!

    And yeah, Tate dropped three passes this year. He caught everything thrown his way his first three years, with only a couple drops. He has some of the best hands in the NFL, like it or not.

    Obviously, you believe if he can get a finger on it–even if he’s three feet off the ground and the pass is behind him–he should catch it. Like Earl Thomas range, Tate puts himself in position to make plays no one else in the league would make. When he doesnt make the play, everyone blames him but not RW for throwing an uncatchable ball.

    Baldwin dropped three passes in a row his first start this year after Rice went down. Seriously, go watch the tape. Flat out dropped three passes in a row. Tate dropped three all season. And those werent all Baldwin’s drops either.

    Baldwin is a fine player, but he’s not explosive and he drops balls too. The fact is, Tate has better hands. Doug runs better routes, but he cant break tackles like Tate, or jump like Tate, nor does he make one-handed catches like Tate vs the Bucs.

    Saying Rice has tremendous hands is funny. Sure, he made some great catches. But he’s just as likely to drop it as catch it if he gets hit. He’s actually fairly inconsistent. And he doesnt get open deep anymore because he’s lost his speed and agility.

    What proof do you have Tate cant be counted on in the fourth quarter? Did you pull that out of your butt or what? As for the onside kick, he played that whole game concussed and everyone knows it. He got hammered time and time again in that game, and always answered the bell. Harvin took two shots and went out; Tate had three big shots in one quarter, and played the whole game. It was a bad drop, but that happens.

    He dropped three passes this year Stevos. Less than Baldwin and Kearse. Even though he was targeted as much or more than anyone on the team. You cant make those stats say he doesnt have the best hands on the team, no matter how you spin it.

    Saying Tate has no place on this team with a healthy Baldwin and Harvin is flat silly. Baldwin has produced two decent years in three–the same Tate did. Tate wasnt much his rookie year, he was too raw and had attitude issues. But since year two he’s been steadily improving.

    Thank God youre not in charge of personnel decisions! One injury to Harvin, Baldwin or Kearse and Tate becomes hugely important.

  55. montanamike2 says:

    Either way STTBM and Stevos, the twins will do things their way and are very unpredictable. No way we can lose Sherman and Thomas though.

  56. doubledink says:

    3x vet minimum for them is $2.565M. Rice and Breno could each pull that down. I bet JS would keep them for that.

  57. Stevos–I dont get it. Tate really does have great hands–The Fail Mary was proof of that, dude had control of it with ONE HAND!

    You can knock his route running all you want, but the guy has amazing hands.

  58. STTBM – I didn’t say we shouldn’t bring in more WRs. I think our team needs a true split end and I’ve felt this has been missing for years. A good target for the draft.

    I just think that with the current makeup of our WRs, all we need to do is add a good split end and Tate quickly starts looking like an expensive backup.

    Just my opinion. Really tired of the arguing bs on every thread of this blog lately.

  59. I would agree with that, montana. And its not just Schneider and Carroll. They have assembled a crack team of scouts to mine the late rounds of the draft so successfully. Really makes nobody on this team ‘irreplaceable’. Though I would agree that ET and Sherman seem irreplaceable to me.

    Best bet — there will be some unknown 5th rounder in camp next year, stealing some starter’s job, and making us say “holy crap, where did he come from?”. Ha.

  60. Im not sure Seattle can keep ET, Sherm, Tate, and Bennett. Not to mention Baldwin and others. But they need to try like hell.

    Earl may be more important than Sherm, but Sherms been paid crap and he’s been a top corner since Day One here. Earl made some serious money already, he should wait to get his until after Sherm. But thats not whats gonna happen.

    And Stevos, its nothing personal. I vehemently disagree with your take on Tate; hell, I cant even tell where youre coming from. But I dont mind discussing it, its fun, and I generally enjoy your contributions to this blog even the ones I totally disagree with.

    I know, it probably doesnt come across that way, but thats how I genuinely feel.

    I think Tate has earned more respect and love than the fans are giving him, and it ticks me off. Pardon my freakout.

  61. Southendzone says:

    Damn that Sound FX, reminds me that the 3rd down run by RW on our 1st drive should have been a 1st down. That was BS spot, and a BS review!

  62. Im not sure we should expect Seattle to keep finding guys like Maxwell, Sherm, Lane, and Smith in the late rounds. Even JS said if they’d known how good these guys were gonna be, they’d have drafted them higher.

    And we have guys like Carp, Moffitt, Henderson, Whitehurst, LenWhale White, Kris Durham, Harper, Legree, and even Irvin to show us they arent invincible or all-knowing.

    We didnt have any late rounders from last year bust out. Mayowa the UDFA was the closest thing, and he rode the pine all year.

    I wonder if Schofield comes back next year or moves on? He got his ring, but he’s too good a player to sit on the bench.

  63. chuck_easton says:

    Baldwin will be re-signed. He’s 3rd down clutch and has a great connection with Wilson. Plus he’s an RFA and can be had for a $2.8 million tender.

    Tate will likely think 5-6 million a year is an ‘insult’ and go elsewhere.

    Rice…who knows? Either he’s released outright or he’s asked to re-structure/pay-cut.

    I think Bennett is looking to parlay this season into the big payday he expected and didn’t get in FA last year. I don’t think Seattle can or will be willing to offer him enough.

    Thomas will be extended. The team may talk with Sherman, but I wouldn’t be surprised to hear that there is a difference of opinion as to what is acceptable that will be in the 4 to 5 million per season range.

    So, I’m not being overly optimistic that Seattle can keep any of the big name FA’s. But I’m hoping very much to be proven wrong.

    Can’t blame Bennett for looking for the big paycheck. He already said that the 5 million he got this season was well below his true value and he’s not willing to go another season being underpaid. How much is enough? 6M? 7M? 8M?

    I see Tate wanting that 8-10 million per season. Not sure if he can get that here or anywhere else, but he’s going to go looking.

    My bet on Sherman is the team doesn’t extend him this year. The team slaps the Franchise Tag on him for 2015. They then either come to a long term agreement or he walks in 2016.

  64. GeorgiaHawk says:

    STTBM- How do you really feel about Tate?

  65. Cool, ST. I’ve come to really like Tate. Its hard to say goodbye to a guy who helped us get to the super bowl, but the Seahawks will find ways to save money, and Tate looks like a good first move to me.

    He’s a good WR, but I don’t think he’s developed into the split end Carroll wanted him to become. I think Tate is really a slot WR, and we have two total studs who can both kill the slot position, both of them are more dependable playmakers than Tate, and I think Tate looks like a wasted talent as the third-best slot WR on this team.

    I think Tate ought to go ask the Redskins for a monster contract and get rich playing with RGIII. Those two would be fun to watch play together.

  66. And I agree, it would be cool to have a prototypical SE, a big fast guy like AJ Green. But I think the thing that makes our WR corps special is that none of them fit the mold, and they can all play pretty much every position.

    Kearse can play every position equally well. Baldwin may not be as fast as Tate, but his route-running is first rate, and he can play SE as well as slot and FL. Tate can play all the positions as well. Harvin is a guy you can line up anywhere, though he will do most of his damage at FL or in the slot. But he’s so fast, why not use him to clear out the safety deep as a SE to get the ball to Kearse or Tate as a Fl/Slot?!

    Having guys you can line up anywhere to get favorable matchups vs the defense is huge. Thats what Bevell and Carrol want. They dont want guys that are pigeonholed in one position. Thats why they work so hard to make the top two WR’s have the same TD’s; so the D never can key on any one player, without exposing themselves elsewhere.

    I know Tate can put up much better numbers elsewhere. But I think this WR corps can be unbeatable if they keep it together.

  67. chuck_easton says:


    Let me put it this way. Go into your man cave and look at all your Wilson monuments, posters, and the shrine you have built.

    Now change all the references from Wilson to Tate and you’d magically be in STTBM’s man cave!

  68. Georgia, lol. cheers, bud.

  69. GeorgiaHawk says:

    chuck- When you have Wilson who needs Luck?

    BTW- I don’t have any monuments, posters, and shrines of Wilson built.
    I’m not worthy enough to do that because of his greatness.
    I only admire him from afar.

  70. I think Tate would make a better FL than a SE, once he gets a little more precise in his routes. Baldwin just isnt fast enough to be a consistent defense-stretcher, but he’s too good to play only on third down.

    I think Seattle needs to work on throwing the ball more, using shorter timing routes like Holmgren’s offense, to take advantage of Tate, Harvin, Baldwin, and Kearse’s run after catch ability. You can wear a defense down with lots of short passes, just like running the ball at them. We did that in the SB once it became clear our line couldnt hang with Denver’s front 7 in the run game.

    If Tate gets a huge contract and leaves, I wont be pissed. Just bummed. I love that kid, have since college. I just want him to get what I feel is his due from fans. As he said, he’s done everything asked of him and more.

    I think together our WR corps has become far greater than just the sum of its parts.

  71. chuck_easton says:

    It is this time of year that I remember why I root for the Uniform and not the players in the Uniform.

    My favorite Seattle Seahawks will still take the field in 2014. Some of the names on the back of the jerseys may have changed but they will still be the Seattle Seahawks, Superbowl XXVIII Champions.

    If Tate, Bennett, Sherman, and others want to use this magical season to their benefit and get paid, well then good on them. Good luck and godspeed.

    I’ll just root for a different #81, #72, and #25.

    Sure, while those guys are wearing the uniform of MY TEAM I’ll root like hell for them. But I’m not going to suddenly become a Bears fan because Bennett is on their team, a Washington fan because Tate is catching balls there, or a Cleveland fan because Sherman took the money and is playing in the Orange and Brown.

    Nope I root for the Seahawks.

  72. Chuck–lol!

    Actually, I dont own a single piece of Tate memorabilia. He was on last years Seahawks Calendar; thats as close as I got.

    I promised myself that if we won the SB and he got a contract, I’d buy his jersey. If he leaves, I guess I better buy Kearse’s, since I was the touting him from before he even signed as a FA with us…

    Hard to choose between Kearse, Tate, Baldwin, and guys like MikeRob, or Coleman. And I cant afford to buy multiple jerseys. I guess I’ll let the offseason sort it out.

    PFF’s stats are pretty cool. Some are junk, but the ones highlighting Tate’s value to me are very relevant, even eye-opening.

  73. I will probably buy Tate’s jersey wherever he ends up. Unless its to the Pats or some awful team like that. And I will root for his team. Ive done that for a few players, but only a select few. Krieg in Detroit and KC, John L when he was in Pittsburgh, Eugene Robinson in ATl (until his um, Incident), guys I really liked and admired. Tate will be one of those if he leaves.

    Ive always liked Bennett, and its cool he came back. I moaned about Ruskell cutting him for years. But if he leaves, I wont be buying his jersey. He wasnt here long enough.

    And I wont be buying a Harvin jersey. Not for years, if ever. Thank you for your play in the SB, you got paid too much for it. You still owe us, Percy.

    So I guess I root for the players too, and if they started all over from scratch, the team would lose a lot of luster in my eyes.

  74. GeorgiaHawk says:

    STTBM- Did you put those PFF’s stats of Tate into context? Just checking. Lol.
    You did notice,(like myself) that Tates career started taking off after the great Wilson took him under his wing.

    You need to factor that in to put Tates stats into context.

  75. I think Bennett will get at least 9 million a year. He’s probably looking for over 10, but we cant pay him that. I think ET gets paid more than Kam, but how much more I cant say.

    Gonna be kinda a tense offseason waiting for players to sign.

  76. Georgia–Tate did pretty well with old Tarvaris too. That has more to do with Tate than T-Jack lol!

    Lol, I think those stats speak for themselves. Drops are always a judgement call, as are catchable balls.

    Wilson also limits him because he never sees when Tate gets open deep. Like I said, Tate was open deep–once in the end zone–on consecutive plays vs the Niners in the TItle game, and Wilson never saw him. That game did show that sometimes RW’s lack of height costs us. Plus, the line was blocking like a seive…

  77. Southendzone says:

    Bennett is likely looking at the 8M range. I don’t think 5-6M/year is an insult to Tate. It’s fairly in line with other recent deals.

    The problem is that one outlier club with $ to spend that wants him so bad and is willing to drop 8M on him. It’s like the M’s, there could be a desperate crappy franchise out there that will overpay free agents to bring them in. The Hawks can fit him in at 6M I think.

  78. Georgia–I just think he has trouble seeing 40 or more yards downfield with 300 lbs bearing down on him…most qb’s would. But yeah, there are times when he’s gonna miss stuff cause he’s short. But far more often, Russell being Russell will bail us out of a jam, so its well worth it…

  79. I would pay Tate 6 million a year all day long. If you look at some of the recent deals number 2 or 3 WR’s have signed, Tate is worth more than that. Some pretty avg guys who havent even put up stats like Tate are making 5-6 million a year. And we all know Tate’s stats are limited by our offense.

    But damn, it would be nice to get him for that. Im thinking he gets offers around 6-7 million, but it only takes one Redskins to foul it all up…

  80. Nice links Georgia!

  81. montanamike2 says:

    STTBM did you guys get hammered with snow today?

  82. Nah, it rained some here. My folks outside Missoula got dumped on though! How about Bozeman?

  83. montanamike2 says:

    We got hit for a while but it passed.

  84. HawkfaninMT says:

    Yep… Bout 18 inches in my front yard. It’s gotten above 0 degrees though so I’m happy enough

  85. I wish the snow would stay, but its gonna warm up and ruin it. Lame, I havent even been able to go snowboarding or cross country skiing yet…one hour in crappy snow doesnt count!

    Cant wait for Seattle to start resigning their players…hashtag pins and needles!

  86. rramstad says:

    Yeah, while the endless rehashing of the same stuff gets a bit old, it’s rather exciting to know that we’re probably going to get a few of our free agents resigned over the next couple of weeks, and it’ll be great to see that happen… and get a better sense of who is going to likely walk.

    I love this team, but I cheer for the Seahawks

  87. If it’s a choice – and I’m not saying/knowing that it is – – I sign Bennett over Tate. I like both players, but I think it’s tougher to find an equal replacement for Bennett.

    Agree w/a lot of what STTBM says though – Tate is a very solid player, who was hugely important to us in some key games this year. And, the guy stays on the field. Percy still has to prove that he can do that for us.

  88. The Seahawks have 2 players who can say they are the best at what they do in the NFL.

    ET at FS

    Sherm at CB

    Although we have plenty of other good and great players, none of them can say they are the best at what they do. Lynch can’t say he’s the best RB because of guys like AP; Wilson because of guys like Rodgers; Bennett or Avril because of guys like Watt, etc.

    I want ET and Sherm both locked up as soon as possible and so be it if it’s at the expense of guys we’d all like to keep like Tate, Miller, etc.

  89. Southendzone says:

    bk, great point which i heard made today on kjr by davis hsu speaking on the cap situation. He said you gotta sign your top notch talent, so sherm, et, rw.

    I disagree with u a tiny bit on marshawn tho, i think he puts his name in the arena of best rb in the league with no excuses.

  90. DanielleMND says:

    I want both Bennett and Tate back, but if I had to pick only one to bring back, it would be Bennett.

  91. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I’m getting tired of the media constantly asking Bennett if he will give the Seahawks a home town discount.

    I’m also afraid some team will come out and make him a ridiculous offer that we can’t match.

    My gut feeling is Bennett won’t be back. I hope I am wrong.

  92. I don’t see Bennett coming back either. It’s a good thing I have a lot of faith in Jordan Hill for ’14.

  93. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Here are some teams that will be in good shape,(cap wise) to make Bennett an offer he won’t refuse.

  94. Seahawkfan78 says:

    Ok, all you football guru’s out there… How much is Bennett and Tate worth in todays supply and demand market? I like them both and want them to stay. The way rookie contracts are now, I dont see any team going out there and paying either of them 8+ million a year. What’s your take?

  95. Tate isn’t worth anywhere near as much as most on this board think. He’s the new Josh Wilson for Seahawks fans.

  96. SandpointHawk says:

    With the cap basically frozen their only hope is the Jacksonville’s and Oakland’s who have tons of room this year. But I don’t think we are going to see the big bucks thrown at the free agents until the new TV contract kicks in. Contracts seemed to have started leveling off last year… Of course it I could be totally wrong it wouldn’t be the first time.

  97. chuck_easton says:

    Montana and STTBM,

    No snow here in Calgary and a Chinook is coming in today. Yay!!!!

    The temps are supposed to go from -27c (-16f) yesterday to +8c (46F) today. We’ve been in a deep freeze for two full weeks.

    Tate is very much worth a 5-6 million contract range. I don’t think that is sufficient for him to not feel ‘insulted’. I think he’s expecting a contract offer in the 8 million range. I don’t think Seattle can afford that under the CAP.

    Bennett is going to want 9-10. He might settle for 8M, but that would be after he goes out and finds his market value.

    My biggest fear is the Upper Potomic Indiginious Peoples are no longer in Cap hell so Danny boy can once again go out and spend like a drunk sailor and drive up the FA market to a range where Seattle won’t be able to be a big player.

  98. chuck_easton says:


    As I just mentioned both Washington and Dallas are over their CAP penalties this coming season. Washington just got 36 million to spend that they didn’t have last year.

  99. HawkfaninMT says:

    Just my opinion:

    Tate is worth more to someone else… I do not see him back
    Bennett is going to get paid large by someone… I do not see him back

    Rice, Miller, Clem all restructure to come back…

    We get a bunch of extra money between the restructures and not re-signing Tate and Bennett. With that extra money we re-sign some of the more role player type UFAs(Haushka, McDaniel, Thurmond), Baldwin gets signed long term, and extend ET, Sherm and Avril.

  100. MikeFromNewJersey says:

    If Bennett wants 10 million then we say goodbye and keep Clem around.. Scruggs is back with something to prove and im sure we will find a few hidden gems on the DLine in the draft.
    Like it or not but Bennett was a role player and not worth 8-10 million. To me he is worth 6-7 for 4 years. We cant overpay role players.. PC/JS will find talent when some of these guys leave, I have total faith in them.

  101. chuck_easton says:

    I’d go with that scenario HawkfaninMT. I pretty much have the same opionion with one noted exception.

    Clem held out while still under contract because he wanted to get paid. He got paid. Apparently he’s still an angry guy. I think Clem will likely tell the team they can take their paycut/restructure and put it where the sun don’t shine. The team will then be left with either paying him that 7.5 or cutting him outright.

    Interesting couple of weeks leading up to the Draft ahead of us.

    But no matter what. SEATTLE SEAHAWKS 2014 SB XXVIII CHAMPIONS!!!!!

    I still can’t type and say that enough! :)

  102. montanamike2 says:

    I tend to agree that we can’t overpay if it doesn’t help us long term. After sleeping on it,(sleeping good these days thanks to a SB win) i think we have to stick to the long term plan and that definitely includes the LOB. I believe we can keep winning out even without either Tate or Bennett, that said i really value punt returns, field position can really tilt the field and he’s really good.

  103. The lack of pass rush in 2012 was the reason the Seahawks didn’t make the Super Bowl. They couldn’t close a late lead.

    In 2013 they got that pass rush and closed 2 late leads.

    Every Super Bowl Champ closes 1 or more late leads. No team wins 3-4 playoff games in a row comfortably.

    The Seahawks have to keep the pass rush by any means necessary. All the good pass rushers they have were drafted by other teams. It’s not easy to find these guys in the draft.

  104. chuck_easton says:


    I would agree with you to an extent. But if Bennett wants 9-10 million, Clem won’t take a paycut, and Sherm wants that Revis contract there just aren’t many ways to divide up the pie.

    Where I agree with you is the top retention priority should be Bennett. But Seattle will handle it smartly. I think they put a contract on the table, Bennett will balk at the number, they’ll tell him to go shop around, and either he realizes he isn’t going to get much better or he possibly gives Seattle an opportunity to match.

    The team can’t pay Okung 11 million, ET 8 million, Sherm 13 million, Bennett 10 million, Wilson 16 million, Tate 8 million, Clem 7.5 million…

    That puts 73.5 million of a 126 million cap in the pockets of 7 players.

    Even if you subtract Tate from the equation and say the only offensive guy that is going to get paid is Wilson and the rest goes to the D that is still 65.5 million of a 126 million cap in the pockets of 6 players.

    How does the team fill out the remaining 47 roster spots?

    Throw in Percy’s 11 million that will be guaranteed effective March 11th and you now have 75.5 million with 7 players.

    How can a team stay competitive if nearly 60% of the available cap is in the hands of 7 players?

  105. montanamike2 says:

    Pabs totally agree about the Atlanta game, pass rush is important. How do we keep everyone?

  106. chuck_easton says:

    Tough calls are going to have to be made in the next year or two. The team can’t pay every player top dollar and stay under the cap.

    Either players are going to have to take less to stay with a winner or they are going to go elsewhere.

    I trust the FO to stay competitive, stay under the cap, and make the smart decisions on which guys get paid and which guys get replaced.

  107. seahawkNJ says:

    I won’t blame any of these guys that walk away for more $. PC/JS have stressed from day 1 that they have a plan in place, and so far so goooood! We will definitely lose some key players that we like. I think that Tate is gone. I don’t see how we can keep 4 WR’s with similar/smaller builds. He wants to be paid and he’ll get it. I think the key for Bennett will be years on his deal. I assume he’d take $8/4yr vs $10.5/3yr that another club is likely to offer…with guaranteed $ roughly equal.

  108. Is Tate worth 8 Million a year I think so.

    If they had a Golden Hands award it would be Tates.

    After dropping 3 passes this year,tate has caught 144 of 149 catchable passes since 2011.

    He also this year broke 21 tackles after a catch and is one the best punt returners in the league!

  109. Ray_Maines says:

    Here’s a Cap Room list of teams:

    Seattle has the least amount of room without already being over.

  110. I dont see how Seattle can keep Tate or Bennett, and resign ET and Sherm and the rest. Some will leave, thems the breaks.

    Clemons is a conundrum, one JS and PC have to get right. If he can play at the level he was at in 2012 and his first 4 games back this year, he’s well worth the 7.5 million he’s due to earn. If he plays like he did after the SF loss, then he isnt worth half that, IMO. He’s coming off major surgery and is old; he’s in that danger zone where he could lose a step at any time.

    One way they might keep him is to extend his contract two-three more years but cut the avg pay drastically–IF he agrees to that. They could pay him a good chunk up front and spread it over the life of the contract. Of course, that would require strong faith that he can perform well enough to play a lot for three more years. Its not unprecedented–John Abraham, Freeney, and Mathis are all aging players that still bring the heat. But its risky.

    I think they take Clems money and offer it plus a little to get Bennett. He can play two positions and is really effective–he’s well worth 9 million a year.

    Rice’s money can go to pay Tate, hopefully with a little left over to sweeten the deal for Bennett. Miller gets extended and has his per-year pay cut. That money goes to help pay ET. Breno gets a paycut and that money also goes to pay ET. Perhaps Bryant will be extended and have his pay cut somewhat as well. More money to pay ET.

    And if Tate leaves, we keep Rice for drastically reduced numbers, and there’s the rest of the money to pay ET. Now we just have to figure out how to get Sherm, the McD twins, and the rest paid…

    Its gonna be interesting.

  111. Pabs–Totally agree with you re the pass rush and its importance.

    But we have guys like Scruggs, Hill, Mayowa, and Schofield who have potential and are really cheap. True, Schofield may be pissed at his lack of playing time and leave, but he’s a low-cost option to keep in our back pocket.

    I could see Seattle moving on without Tate or Bennett. I dont like that scenario, but its possible. That would give them plenty of money to extend ET and possibly Sherm, as long as they reduce the pay for guys like Rice, Miller, and Giac.

  112. Michael Bennett, in my humble opinion is far too valuable to lose. Losing him will lose a critical piece of this defense.

    For years, we’ve searched for this guy. Remember Jason Jones? He was supposed to be the guy. Never gave us close to what Bennett gave us, and couldn’t stay healthy. Gregg Scruggs? Jordan Hill? Haven’t proved anything yet.

    Remember Marcus Tubbs? He was the last dominant inside pass rusher we had before Bennett in 2013. And that was 8 years ago. COINCIDENTALLY, THAT WAS THE LAST TIME WE GOT TO THE SUPER BOWL.

    Inside pass rushers who truly produce – like Bennett – don’t come along very often. He may be irreplaceable.

  113. Yes we need Bennett but Jacksonville has $50K cap space.

  114. “Super Bowl MVP explains his “bigotry” tweet” was Posted by Mike Florio on February 16, 2014, 6:22 PM EST on PFT.

    As of now, the link is:

    Mike Florio saying anything good about Seattle is rare. He’s still butthurt we fired that azzclown Mora, because Florio met him at an airport and Mora was nice to him. And Florio HATES Richard Sherman…

    But he seems to like Malcolm Smith. Who doesnt?!

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