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Poll: What’s the Seahawks’ greatest draft need?

Post by Todd Dybas / The News Tribune on Feb. 10, 2014 at 3:37 pm with 103 Comments »
February 10, 2014 3:49 pm

The combine gets started next week. We’re still a few months from the draft, but it’s never too early to start talking about it, right?

So, let’s start in general with a poll and discussion.

Do you think Marshawn Lynch will actually retire this offseason?

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  1. With three positions manned by guys rated in the bottom 5 of the NFL at their respective positions, I posit that it would be madness to even consider drafting anything other than an Offensive lineman with the 32nd pick.

    But a stud DT sure would be nice.

  2. O-line, WR (depending on who stays), D-line . . .

  3. Southendzone says:

    Tough vote, torn between Other and O-Line. The Other argument is this:

    We need to find our next pass rushing DE to replace Clemons, and a bit further down the road maybe Avril too. Not because they aren’t talented, but Clem’s cap # is too high and there’s some chance he tells the Hawks “No Thanks” if they ask him to restructure.

    O-Line argument: I don’t know anything about any specific players, but finding a new Hutch to dominate in a place of weakness would be great. The thought of Marshawn hitting LBs and Cornerbacks instead of linemen is awesome.

  4. yankinta says:

    We already got a Stud DT. His name is Jordan Hill. This dude will take over for Clinton McDonald, and will wow the Nation. :)

    I’d like a Tall Receiver or TE, please….I’m 90% sure that Zach Miller will be cut, if he refuses a paycut…..

  5. I would like to see the offensive line get better.

    I saw something that said 21 out of the Hawks 53 players are/were undrafted free agents. So it’s not just about the draft.

    “The thought of Marshawn hitting LBs and Cornerbacks instead of linemen is awesome.”

    Yes it is. And not just hitting, sometimes he throws them aside like they are an empty skittles bag.

  6. RDPoulsbo says:

    I’m worried the FO is going to roll the dice and hope Bowie and Bailey develop and call it good. Carp is trash, Sweezy is backup material and Giacomini is too expensive for the production (or lack thereof). This unit will be thin even if both step up and become decent starters. They need some good competition to improve overall.

    DE would be my 2nd choice for biggest need to fill. Irvin was supposed to be that guy for the future, but he’s been moved. This will be a make or break year for him IMO, and he might be tossed into the bust pile like Carp. Avril is just 1 part of the rotation and with Clemons likely on the way out, they have to find someone else to fill that role.

  7. yankinta–Dude, McDonald backs up Mebane at NT lol! He and Hill dont even play the same DT position! If anything, Hill is like Scruggs–a hopeful future replacement for Michael Bennett.

  8. No thanks to 1st round OL picks. Best player available.

  9. enough with the “bottom ranked offensive linemen” bunk. There is no stat that ranks offensive linemen accurately. If there were, then the top 5 O linemen in the nation would be drafted 1-5 every year. It doesn’t happen because stats never tell much about O linemen.

    Our O linemen likely have “poor stats” because our coaches teach our QB to hold the ball much longer than other QBs on other offenses. So he gets a lot of pressure. Its in the game plan. Its not a problem.

    That said, I think we could use a better right OT. But I think we likely already have one in Bailey or Bowie.

  10. Since we just WON THE SUPER BOWL, and we are the GREATEST FOOTBALL TEAM IN THE WORLD, (God, I love saying that) we really don’t have “draft needs” other than replacing starters we might lose.

    #1 Replace Michael Bennett f we lose him. But players like him are extremely hard to find, so we should do whatever it takes to keep him.

    #2 Replacing Sidney Rice and Golden Tate with a tall and tough Split End.

  11. They don’t need an OL in the 1st round. Yeah, I said it!

  12. Not really worried about it. Pete & John will do what they need to keep the Seahawks “competing.” What I am more concerned with is the idea that a front office out there is going to come in and try and poach John Schneider. Right now, he answers to Pete Carroll. Even if they work together, ultimately Pete has final say. John had to sell Pete on Russell Wilson. What happens when a team comes in and offers Schneider complete control. Will he jump ship? Can he be replaced?

  13. doubledink says:

    We are world champs so I don’t see glaring needs. That said, I view it as an issue of where could we least afford a serious injury. That position is Safety. We have plugged OL injury holes well enough. But I doubt that will be the use of the 32nd pick either.

  14. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Time to draft a big tall fast WR in the first round. And O-line in the second round.

    This draft will be deep at WR and O-line according to the so-called experts.

    So what will this FO do? Probably draft a LB to replace Irvin. Lol.

  15. Stevos–So youre telling me you discount my opinion AND sources simply because it disagrees with your own opinion?!

    Thats kinda funny.

    I dont pay for full access for the advanced metric stats put out by ProFootballOutsiders, but the ones they showed throughout the season painted Seattle’s linemen–in particular Sweezy and Carp/McQ–in vibrant colors of suck.

    For your information, they grade on any given play based on whether the play was run/pass, if the player stayed with the block long enough to positively affect the play–ie, if they did their job. They get a positive grade even if they struggled to get the job done, just so long as they did it.

    All three were performing at a negative number late in the year. Those were the last stats I saw. And to me, they quite accurately showed what I was seeing onfield; the two G positions and RT position were very inconsistent, and just plain bad.

    I dont see that the performance of these guys improved dramatically through the playoffs, so I think its reasonable to assume they stayed ranked among the worst at their positions.

    Winning a SB doesnt change the fact that those three didnt get the job done.

  16. The stats they use also graded Bennett and McDaniels, as well as McDonald and Mebane VERY highly. Bennett got a +24 rating in pass rush situations, one of the best in the NFL.

    The fact that these guys graded out highly, and in line with what the tape showed, makes me a believer in their rating system. It shows how good our D-line was, and how bad our O-line.

    Their articles on Seattle were pretty good throughout the year as well.

  17. doubledink says:

    JS/PC are surely looking at the second string FAs of teams with great starters to pluck another gem like Clem. Will be fun.

  18. Two thoughts…
    1. As far as starting units go, offensive line is by far our most glaring need.
    The interior of the line, in particular, was a major weakness all year. This was demonstrated most glaringly in our short yardage failures and how disruptive it was to play against a team with a dominant DT.

    2. HOWEVER…
    I think that the lack of depth at safety could be the one reason (other than if Russell Wilson gets hurt) that our season could go south.
    Imagine Earl or Kam getting hurt and being out for any length of time.
    Thomas, specifically, is so vital to what we do on defense, that I think obtaining a free safety that could somewhat mimic what he does is a major need.

  19. RW is the only reason three of these linemen are employed in the NFL. His scrambling is what makes them not give up a historic sack record every year. To say the line is made to look worse than it is due to RW being coached to hold the ball too long is utterly hilarious! Thank you for that, Stevos! That is some serious BUNK!

    Check the numbers; RW gets that ball out PDQ.

    Man, that comment is right up there with Pabs saying Tate only shows up vs the Rams….guys, just google it the next time you wanna make up some yourself the embarrassment!

  20. I have no problem with BPA. I WILL have a problem of epic proportions if Carrol goes happily (and stupidly) into next year counting on Carp/McQ, Sweezy, and Giac as anything more than teaching moments/backups.

    Seattle needs to draft at least a RT and a G, high enough to ensure they can contribute something besides mistakes and sacks next year. And hopefully Bailey and Bowie lock up two starting spots on the line next year.

  21. Yes, unless the staff is totally high on Shead and Maragos/Johnson playing all year if something happens to ET/Kam, then we could definitely use a young SS and/or a FS. Im just not sure we need to take one high in the draft. Guess we’ll see…

  22. Stats are interesting, but there are only a handful of stats that really mean much in football. Every team has access to all the same stats. If stats worked in predicting who is a valuable player or not, then 32 teams would have a scouting program equal to the Seahawks’ scouting program. Yet, nothing could be farther from the truth. There are few stats that tell much of anything important to winning football games, offensive line stats being about the most meaningless numbers one could generate.

  23. GeorgiaHawk says:

    STTBM- Give it up! Sweezy isn’t going to be replaced anytime soon, so your constant Sweezy bashing will only drive you more crazy.

    Did you even watch the Super Bowl? How many times did Wilson get sacked?
    How many times did he get hit?

    Like I said to you in the middle of last season when we had all the O-line injuries.
    When everyone gets healthy on the o-line it will be good enough to help us win a Super Bowl.
    And that’s exactly what happened.

  24. I would agree with adding depth as FS and SS. Kam and ET are irreplaceable at this point. Seahawks have been trying to bring in good S talent behind them without much luck.

  25. freedom_X says:

    Best available player is what got Seattle where it is today. No reason so stop doing it. They may not always hit on BPA, but it’s only thing to try. BPA as they see it.

    Need should only be a tiebreaker – so I’d cast my tiebreaker for the offensive line. Walter Jones kept making me think that – would we have had any doubts about the NFC Championship game and the Super Bowl if we had a lineman of Jones’ caliber on it?

    We won’t get another Jones in the draft, but the point if the line were more reliable that would deal with the only question mark that made me worry.

    I don’t believe for a moment that the Seattle offensive staff teaches Russell Wilson to hold onto the ball longer. This is the same guy Wilson who threw for nearly 400 yards last year in the Atlanta playoff game and had a great 7 game stretch ending in the playoffs throwing the ball. What’s the difference? Did Wilson regress? Or was it the O-line? I say it was the O-line as the main cause.

  26. GeorgiaHawk says:

    BTW- Okung and Unger didn’t exactly have a good year, however I don’t hear any bashing from you on them, even though they should be held to a higher standard because of there past credentials.

  27. doubledink says:

    My thoughts on safety include the likelihood of finding quality safeties deeper in the draft. Sure, Kam was a 5th, but chances are the OL could more likely be filled in later rounds than one of the safety positions. That moves them up on my board.

  28. If nothing else – let’s upgrade the back-up Tackle position. Let’s not forget what a total and unmitigated DISASTER McQ was when he had to step in for Okung at LT for a few games there. Basically removed our passing offense, from the offense.

    Just sunk in again . . Super Bowl Champs . . .

  29. chrisj122 says:

    I would say our O-line could use some improvement and is probably the weakest link of the team.
    Even with everyone healthy, Marshawn didn’t exactly have huge holes to run through.

    And using the Broncos D as an example of how good our O-line is distorted.
    There are too many good Defenses in the NFC with really good D-lines.

  30. LT – Good player but not as good as his contract indicates he should be (he’s still on his rookie deal of 6 years at over $58 million). We saw how bad things could be when he was hurt and McTurnstile, I mean McQuistan, replaced him.

    LG – I have full faith Bowie is the LG of the future. He played really well against AZ and their two great DL that he went against and then played fine against NO. No reason to think he can’t take the job next year and play there for a decade.

    C – Unger. I’ll be nice to get the “real” Unger back. Do we have confirmation that he had a “pec injury” that he played through because I can’t imagine him sucking as bad as he did after having as good of a year as he had last year.

    RG – Sweezy. I’m not worried about Sweezy moving forward even though there has been reason to complain about his production in the past. He’s entering his third year and I think he’s fine moving forward. He’s done nothing but improve his first two years. Granted, he’s had nowhere to go but up but he’s fine, imo, in this system.

    RT – I’m okay bringing Breno back as long as it’s for less than what he made this past season. If he doesn’t come back, this is the only position on the OL that I genuinely worry about.

    As much as there’s been “our OL sucks” talk (and, yes, much of it has been justified because the team won many weeks especially in the middle of the season in spite of the OL, not because of it).

    I will give credit to the OL for playing well in the Super Bowl, but they don’t have the luxary of going against a defense as pathetic as the Broncos most weeks (especially considering they lost 5 starters since November).

    I think it’s foolish to say now what they should draft because we don’t know who is coming back and who is leaving. Our #1 priority based on the off-season up to the draft could emerge as RT, WR, TE, DE, DT, or something unforseen.

  31. The best player available makes the most sense to me. I agree that the O line is our weakest unit, but very few of them are ready to play as rookies. We have a couple of promising linemen from last year (Bowie and Bailey) who could add a lot in the coming season.

    Also, there is only a few sure things in the drafting offensive linemen (see Carpenter and Moffitt), and those sure things are usually taken early, not with the last pick in the first. PC/JS can find quality in later rounds, and I expect that there will be a couple OL taken. If he is a first, then it is good for me, as it is likely the BPA.

  32. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I totally agree that the O-line can use more talent, however they performed good enough when they were all healthy.

    Unger,(despite his All-pro status) is not a very good run blocker imo.

  33. I think we should expect an upgrade at every single offensive line position next season. Some by upgrading the player, some by improved play from guys already on the team.
    I think both Okung and Unger are better than they played last year… however, they both have been hurt almost as much as they’ve been healthy during their careers.
    Difficult decisions may need to be made on them both soon.
    This coming year will be essential for them both to remain healthy and productive for the majority of the year.
    Unger, in particular, is replaceable. He just may not be strong enough to stand up to the beating that a center takes over the course of a season.
    Okung is such a physical specimen. I’m inclined to give him the benefit of the doubt that his injuries are more fluky than persistent.

  34. RDPoulsbo says:

    To say the o-line doesn’t need significant improvement us just foolish. Just look at the d-lines they have to face in the rest of the division and its only going to be tougher.

    Make no mistake, the Cards win at the CLink was no fluke. That’s a viscous front 7 that’s only getting better. Now throw in Carolina and the Chiefs next year and you can easily see they need to fix the problems up front if they intend to repeat.

  35. Macabrevity says:

    Let’s draft a couple of busts in rounds 1 and 2, then knock it out of the park with some late picks! How about a 6’6″ QB with a 4th round grade with our 1st round pick and a pot bellied short-armed C with our 2nd?

    That would be good enough to shock the Kipers of the world…..

    Let’s talk what we want with our late round picks, the ones that will turn out….

    Priorities for me are:
    Top: OL (starter at G, Depth at LT, Replacement at RT)
    Medium: Replacements for salary casualties at WR and D-Line
    Low: Safety depth, blocking TE

  36. I don’t think it makes sense to say we shouldn’t draft an OL in the early rounds because Carp sucks and Moffitt busted, it’s the same regime did well by taking Okung in the first round and organization that drafted HOF guys like Walt, Hutch, and Mawae early in the draft.

    We didn’t pass on Mawae in the second round because we once took Joe Tofflemire in the 2nd round and he wasn’t a Pro Bowler.

    Good players can be found, as our regime has proven, all over but I don’t think you say “we can’t draft this now because we can find a Pro Bowler at that position in the 7th round.”

    I have more faith in these guys to do their jobs, so if they take a RT, DT, DE, LB, OL, TE, whatever, in the first round, I’m not going to get too worked up about it.

    About the only way I’ll go “WTF?” is if they draft a QB, RB, or Safety in the 1st round (aside from a long snapper, punter, or kicker).

  37. GeorgiaHawk says:

    We may have to draft a kicker if we lose ours to free agency.

    I think we will trade out of the first round and the second round so we can stock pile up on multiple 5th rounder’s. That’s where the FO will do some damage, lol.

  38. chrisj122 says:

    This is one of the few years I will not question, under or over react to any personnel decisions made by the F.O.

    Regardless of who they draft, sign or release I will trust their judgement.
    Pete and John have taken this team to the promise land, something that had never before been accomplished.

    After one sorry season I will back to second guessing very decision they make!

  39. The funny thing with the track record of our regime is that they could now make the dumbest picks possible in the first two rounds and nobody will dare criticize them. It’s true, too.

    I think it’s silly to not expect LT to play better next season than this season so long as Okung is healthy, like he was in ’12. I also think it’s silly to assume LG won’t get better with Bowie, as I assume is the direction. Same for Sweezy at RG… he’s getting better. Just because he sucked as a rookie, doesn’t mean he’s going to suck as a third year player. Heck, Sweezy improved as this season wore on. He wasn’t good at the start of the season but starting around December you could definitely see improvement from him. I saw it at least. It’s common sense to know that he’ll be better as a third year player than he was as a second year player. That’s three positions that will get better. Period. If Unger was dinged, as has been expected/reported, that’s another position on the OL to expect will get better.

    That leaves improving to RT… and if it’s another year of Breno at a reduced rate, I’m okay with that but it would be nice to add another young guy with talent, whether it’s in an early, mid, or late round (or even UFA). You never know, maybe Jordan Gross, being from the Pacific NW wants to win a Super Bowl and will want to sign a 1 year deal with the Hawks (instead of the Panthers) at a reduced rate while a young guy develops. It could happen. Afterall, we didn’t see Bennett or Avril coming to Seattle on the cheap last year (and Gross at his age will be ALOT cheaper on a 1 year deal than they were).

  40. If we trade down a couple of spots from #32 – we basically lose the right to sign our 1st rounder to a 5 year contract. When you trade into the 2nd round, then you only have them under team control for 4 years. For this reason, I’d be hesitant to trade down a few spots into the second round.

    If ET or Okung would have been taken in the 2nd round or later, they would be free agents next month (if they hadn’t already been extended like Kam). I like the fact they were 1st rounders and are under team control for an extra year.

    That alone makes me a bit hesitant about trading our 1st rounder even at the prospect of adding a 5th rounder (for example).

  41. 1. OL- Our biggest need is at the OL, where if honest with ourselves 3 of the 5 OL are really wide open.
    2. TE- If miller had gone down this yr as good a receiver as he is, is in fact an awful blocking TE on a Run First team.
    3. S- after Cam and Thomas our depth is not starter level.

    Our biggest needs are not WR or DL.
    wr- 1st we could reduce Rice and sign GT and Baldy to go with Harvin, Kearse, and Lockette. The wr house would be full and we won the super bowl with less. Lets take worst case and Rice and GT are gone; we still have Harvin, Baldwin, Kearse, and Lockette. There is not way wr is as thin as OL,TE, and S above.
    DL- Even if we lost both Bennett, McDaniel, and McDonald our DL would still have Bryant, Clemons, Avril, Mebane, Hill, the monster, and Tapp. That’s loosing 3 big names and still having a 7 man rotation which like wr is no where near as thin as OL,TE, S.

    Summary- truth is we won’t loose even half of Rice GT, Bennett, McDonald, or McDaniel, and our DL/WR are good enough to dominate and take us to the super bowl the next 2-3 yrs as is our depth at LB, CB, and RB. The answer is obvious; we need to concentrate on OL, TE, and S.

  42. Who is Tapp? They guy we traded to the Eagles for Clem and a pick?

    Guys like Mebane and Big Red are not every down players. You need more than simply your starters on the DL (and you did mention more than 4).

    You always hear the phrase that a team can never have too many good pass rushers.

    While I agree that safety depth is of concern, I think they could address it differently than a first or second round pick.

    Avril may leave after next year and Clem will be in his mid-30s… if we don’t get a young DE type and they both leave, where will we be? I like the Jordan HIll pick this past year because he’s going to be ready to rock, IMO, in ’14. We need to make sure we have a DE type on hand to draft in ’14 and be ready in ’15, IMO.

  43. Okung and Unger have proven they belong, and can play at a high level consistently–the others have not. Plus, both played despite injuries. Infer had a tricep injury in preseason that he players through, and Okung also played at less than 100% all year. I have faith in them.

    I have been hard on them, but I also understand why they struggled. I would have benched Unger early and gave the job to Jean-Pierre, letting Lem learn on the job, because Unger had no strength in one arm. But Coach felt different. And McQ just couldn’t play LT…

  44. I see a bunch of mock drafts having us take Kelvin Benjamin but I don’t see where he’s still going to be available when we pick. I’d be fine/happy taking him.

  45. DanielleMND says:

    O-line, but don’t let Tom Cable have a say in the pick.

    We already have Clem’s replacement. His name is Irvin. He was decent enough at LB (but really a backup there going forward), but I think his future is still at DE.

  46. hollywoodt says:

    No more first round offensive lineman. Walter Jones is the exception. Bowie seems to have good potential and the jury is out on Bailey due to a lack of playing time. Let John and Pete work their magic. Best available talent. There is free agency, undrafted players and June 1 cuts to get specific. Let Clemons, Rice and Miller go (unless Miller takes a huge pay cut).

  47. OregonHawk says:

    I do not think Irvin is slated for DE, Did not Pete say he envisioned him like Mathews?

    Are there any WR or O linemen that would be worth picking in FA? Acknowledging the $ factor ….IE we can’t afford to spend a lot on any FA.

    What about swapping with Miami our #1 for their #2 and Jonathan Martin?

    Really intriguing the fact that 1st rounders carry a 5 year contract and second rounders only a 4 year contract… that is something to consider …

    Like a few have mentioned, I like our IR depth and wonder if they will be a factor moving forward.

    Will Locket be that tall wide receiver that Pete likes? Is he big enough?

  48. DanielleMND says:

    “I do not think Irvin is slated for DE, Did not Pete say he envisioned him like Mathews?”

    Unless we switch to a 3-4, Smith-Wagner-Wright is our best lineup at LB. I don’t want to see Smith or Wright lose snaps, and I don’t recall Irvin being used much like Matthews during the season.

  49. Why can’t Bailey challenge Giacomini at RT?

  50. Kingpear says:

    Amazingly enough I say a Center. Unger is due to make 6 million over the next 3 years. I am pretty sure he was playing hurt but defenses were able to bring a lot of pressure up the middle. Especially with mediocre guard play. Breno is probably gone as I see Bailey moving into that role. Besides, he is on he cheap.

    Unless a stud at another position falls to them t 32, I see o line all the way. They could even draft another tackle. Okung has an 11.2 hit this year and another 7 next and no one says he has to restructure. Get a solid developmental like Morgan Moses or RT like Mewhort from The Ohio State (could probably move into the early second round and get Mewhort)

  51. oldtallguy says:

    For some of you, a reminder. This is the NFL, an organization that is well designed through the draft, the salary cap and the schedule format for parity. Every team with all thing being equal should finish with 8 wins and 8 losses. My team won 13 regular season games and won the super bowl in a rout. To beat the NFL you need a great organization, great coaches who can coach up. We have the best players in all of football that make the best TEAM. Not all of them are all stars or even the best 50 percent in football, bit they are the best TEAM. Carp, Bowie etc GO HAWKS

  52. farthestnorth says:

    STTBM< He is correct as far as the Offensive line goes here is where the Seahawks stack up against Run Blocking:

    Team: Seattle
    Adj. Line Yards: 4.05 yds
    RB Yards: 4.03 yds
    Power Success: 49%
    Power Rank: 32nd
    Stuffed: 19%
    Stuffed Rank: 15th
    2nd Level Yards: 1.17 yds
    2nd Level Rank: 13th
    Open Field Yards: 0.59yds
    Open Field Rank: 23rd

    This is pretty much self explanatory to the layman or armchair QB, lol

  53. farthestnorth says:

    STTBM< He is correct as far as the Offensive line goes here is where the Seahawks stack up against Pass Protection:

    Team: Seattle
    Rank: 32nd in the NFL
    Sacks: 44
    Adjusted Sack Rate: 9.6% Of Snaps

    Once again our Offensive line appears to be the worst in the league when it comes to prtecting our future in QB Russell Wilson!
    Stats do not lie and neither does the play of our Offensive Line, we need depth and core strength on our Offensive Line this draft, it would be stupid to think we are even close to being able to protect out most valued asset: Russell Wilson~~~~~~!!!

  54. MikeFromNewJersey says:

    Don’t forget about Benson Mayowa. We kept him on the 53 all season like a red shirt for a reason, I think they like his potential at DE and feared losing him if subject to waivers if forced to move him to the PS. He could potentially move up the depth chart if Clems gone.. Im sure we will draft another pass rusher as well. So no need to move Irvin back to Leo, we need 4 capable starters at LB, also Mike Morgan is a decent backup too.

    We are about competition anc depth here. JS/PC will continue to bring in talent, this freight train won’g stop!

  55. sluggo42 says:

    It will be an OG first. That big kid outta miss st. Gabe something. 6-4, 340 lbs. Good feet, mauler, excellent pass blocker. I think they kinda like Baily playing the big TE slot. Carp and sleeze can fight it out for ROG. Hopefully unger is ok, or we might go center, or center via FA…
    But, we need help on the oline bad. I don’t think using the Denver defense as a comparison to what we will see this year is realistic at all. We need some help big time. Fortunately there should be a blue chip guard available at 32

  56. DanielleMND says:

    Didn’t Irvin lead all rookie DLs in sacks in 2012? He’s a competent LB for sure, but we got more big play production out of Smith in a few games than from Irvin all season. If in his third year he’s only our 4th best LB in a 4-3, then he was a waste of a first round pick. I think he can have a larger impact as a rushing DE.

  57. sluggo42 says:

    Irvin’s role at DE depends on his ability to add weight. He will need to add 15-20 lbs to be able to hold point against run. Clem is pretty darned good and isn’t an easy guy to replace, especially with a smaller guy. We have a very special blend on defense right now that isn’t easy to replicate. It will be very interesting to see what changes occur, and how they play next year.

  58. SandpointHawk says:

    Clemons is 6’3″ 254lbs. , Irvin is 6’3″ 248lbs

  59. Sluggo–We expect RG to pull much of the time. That means we look for different athletes at LG and RG; ie, Carp is too fat and slow to play RG, which is why he’s never played there. The RG in our offense is actually a better athlete than the RT. Bowie is even too big/slow for RG in our offense; Cable doesnt want him there, even though Bobbyk and I thought he was far better than Sweezy.

    DanielleMND–Agree utterly; Cable should not be allowed to have final say on linemen. Just give him some guys and let him coach them up–I trust the scouts far more than him. Enough with huge slow linemen who cant pass pro already…

    Irvin is only ten pounds lighter than Aldon Smith. He’s just skinny in the legs. Not sure if they try him at DE this year or keep him at LB. But I do think they will find a way to utilize him. Hell, he was pretty damn good in coverage all year–perhaps he could learn to play SS?! Dude is wicked fast, he just needs to learn how to control that speed.

    Quinn found a way to make Red Bryant a star rather than cut him. He made this D instantly better after Bradley left, and he figured out how to best utilize our plethora of talent along the D-line and in the LB corps, which was no small task. I have faith that Quinn will find a way to maximize Irvin’s potential.

  60. Wow, BobbyK making all kinds of sense. Who knew? Just kidding. Cheers, bud.

  61. Pabs, I would think Bailey or Bowie absolutely will challenge Giac at RT. i think he struggles to make the team next year and might be wise to move on to a team with less talent if he wants to keep starting.

  62. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Even if we draft a guard or tackle in the 1st round (and he has better talent) he won’t be starting right away.
    He may not start contributing effectively until later in the season or perhaps until the following season.

    Plugging a rookie O-lineman into the line from the get go would be a big mistake imo. Unless he is someone like Decastro but even he had to pay his dues.

    I would rather see Bowie and/or Bailey start before Cable plugs a rookie in like he did with Carp and Moffitt.

  63. GeorgiaHawk says:

    The one good thing about all those injuries to the O-line last season is we got to see what Bowie could do.

    It will be fun to watch Bowie and Baily battle for a starting spot this season.

  64. I think Bowie and Bailey have plenty of upside, and got some good experience. I still think we need to draft more OL depth. MacQ and Breno will be gone. Heck Unger could be a cap causality really, he didnt even have a good year, probably his worst, is on the decline from health issues?

  65. sluggo42 says:

    Wow, I thought Clem was about 275, I guess he just plays at that weight, where Irvin plays at 250 haha. That just goes to show how good Clem is!

  66. sluggo42 says:

    Well if fat carp is too fat for RG, he will just be a back up for the new guy at LG. I think they will put more emphasis on the blindside guard, because at least when Sweezy whiffs, RW can see it coming.
    I know there is a lotta love for the Baily/ Bowie boys, but you need to remember they were late pick fliers. A good first round blue chip guard will instantly make the team. Hard to say which side they would replace first…

  67. Bowie will be playing in a Pro Bowl as a LG in the next few years except the Hawks will be in the Super Bowl so he won’t actually get to play.

  68. hawkfan777 says:

    I just realized that STTBM is either aaroncuryisabust or he is his twin.

  69. hawkfan777 says:

    For a team that just won the Superbowl it appears there is an awful lot of complaining about the quality of this team. It is ridiculous.

  70. yankinta says:

    STTBM,, I know McDonald backs up Mebane. But he also played a ton of snaps at the 3 Technique…. When Jordan Hill comes back from the injury,, he will get playing time from McDonald being gone….. let’s just say he’s not any taking snaps away from Bennett,,, yes I assume he will be resigned…. :)

  71. I agree with those who think we need to add some o-line talent, through the draft or FA. Here is a link to a player that I think would be a real upgrade at RT.

  72. He isn’t a bust, but I don’t think that Irvin will ever play up to his 1st round status. I agree with those that think that Irvin may be best suited to be a 3rd down pass rush DE.

    If Clemons is not back it makes sense to move Irvin back to DE.

  73. Seahawkfan78 says:

    Wasnt Carimi the one a lot of people wanted, instead of Carpenter??? He just got cut by the bucs. Bring him in here and kick the tires to see if he can play in the Tom Cable Zone Blocking scheme.

  74. I would love for us to resign Bennett. To a lesser degree, McDaniel also.

    We have alot of d-line reinforcements on the way – Scruggs, Williams and Hill all all young players who played very little this season but should be available in 2014.

    CB Tharold Simon is another young player who played not a snap in 2013 but hopefully can compete for a spot in 2014.

  75. yankinta says:

    blocis,, me too. But it may come down to having choose between Bennett and Red Bryant. Whom would you choose? :)

  76. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    i take bennett hands down

  77. hawkfan77–I think you are aaroncurryisbust.

    Noting how badly the line performed all year long, and specifically Carp/McQ, Sweezy, and Giac, is hardly ridiculous. Whats ridiculous is a) Telling people what they can and can not discuss on this blog, even though they are well within blog rules (I guess you havent read them), b) Ignoring position groups that underperformed, and individuals who struggled, just because we won a SB. I suppose you think we should just stand pat and not try to improve the team? We can just repeat as Champs every year with that line? If so, you are either a) insane b) stupid, c) ignorant or d)all of the above.

    Its obvious you didnt read all my comments, or even all of one comment.

    God save us from the strident opinions of the uninformed.

  78. seahawkfan78–Carimi injured his knee badly early in his rookie year, and never returned to his early season form after that. I think his knee injury ruined him. If he cant cut it on the bucs, I cant see him making it here. Also, Cable’s scheme is not easy to learn, so it would take him a year or two just to get comfortable.

  79. yankinta says:

    For those of you that think our O-Line is fine, here’s a link for you…. We finished 32nd on Pass Protection,,, Thank God we have RW….

    If you look at which teams finished in the Top 10, in Pass protection,, you’ll see a lot of Overrated QBs for those team,, these QB couldn’t do much, even with Top 10 O-Line giving them plenty of time…..

  80. Yankinta–We dont have to have a top-5 line in pass pro; RW ensures that with his savvy and scrambling ability. But being dead last is a mortal sin, in my mind. How bad would our line be with Hasselbeck back there?! Several of those guys would be unemployed in weeks…

    The worst thing is not that this line is so awful at pass pro, but that even with MARSHAWN LYNCH, the toughest man in the NFL running the ball, they dont rank very high in run blocking either.

    And total rushing yards dont mean squat. You look at how often Seattle ran the ball, and Lynch’s ypc as well as Turbins, and even a blind man can see a problem.

    Cable has had three years and multiple high draft picks and expensive FA, yet has fielded a line that overall is in the bottom 1/4 of the league, especially when you consider how RW and Lynch make their poor play look better than it is.

  81. They also show that we were stuffed 19% of the time on short yardage. Thats sad. For a power running team that is inexcusable. We couldnt pick up third and one or two yards on the ground until late in the year; we made it look so hard.

    You can also infer some interesting things from those stats. For instance, it would appear Okung is pretty good at drive blocking on Off-tackle runs, but has trouble sealing the edge on End-runs. I woudlnt have thought that would be the case. In my mind, after watching him and checking out his stats, he’s at best the 12th rated LT in football. Yet he’s making a pile of money. Dont get me wrong, I like the kid and dont want to lose him; but he’s making way too much money for a guy who isnt durable and who doesnt rank in the top 10 LT’s in football.

    One can also see that while we avg very little up the gut, that is where we ran the ball the most. Isnt one definition of insanity doing something repeatedly and expecting a different outcome every time?

  82. I would definitely keep Bennett over Red. While both are technically DE’s, they do not fill the same roles. Red is a two gap run down DE while Bennett is a one gap DE and 3rd down DT.

    Because he fills multiple roles, bringing back Bennett would provide the team alot of flexibility moving forward.

    I also wonder if Jesse Williams can stay healthy and compete for Reds role.

  83. Our o-line is not fine – its a clear weakness. I realize that we just won the Superbowl, but we didn’t get to the Superbowl or win the Superbowl because of the o-line, we did it DESPITE the o-line. Both guard positions are weak and our RT is a free agent. I would not be surprised to see three new starters on the o-line.

  84. yankinta says:

    STTBM,, sounds like you’re thinking the priorities to resign/extend RS, Earl and RW ranks wayyy higher than Okung… If so, I agree completely with that. The question is do we extend Okung for a good price, while his stock his down??

    I think/hope we get a Stud Guard in the second or 4th round. That 4th round Pick that Detroit got from last year is a Stud with Probowl/All Pro Potential,,

    I would love us to trade down from 32nd pick for 2015 pick or if not trade down to 2nd round and pick up Brandon Coleman…. :)

  85. STTBM: “To say the line is made to look worse than it is due to RW being coached to hold the ball too long is utterly hilarious! Thank you for that, Stevos! That is some serious BUNK! Check the numbers; RW gets that ball out PDQ!”

    Umm, well STTBM, you don’t really need numbers, You just need eyes. I think every defense in the NFL knows by now that Russell Wilson holds the ball a long time, and moves around to allow receivers to get receivers open down field. Its something he did in college as well. Its a talent and a style he has. And Coach Carroll has made the most of it and clearly said this is what he coaches Wilson to do.

    Not really sure what you’re talking about, dude, if you can’t see that Wilson holds the ball a long time and that naturally generates additional pressure on himself since O linemen only sustain blocks for so long… and that Wilson is happy to accept that pressure because it freezes and confuses defenders and opens up his opportunities to pass or run… not sure what to tell you if you can’t see that’s how our offense works.

    But if you want numbers, of course there are numbers also…

  86. EzraMelech says:

    If it isn’t broke, don’t try to fix it. PC and JS’s philosophy up to this point in time has been to draft the BPA (factoring in their own scouting) They don’t draft players to fill needs and to fit our scheme. They draft players that they can use the players strength and get the most out of them.

    Obviously they have to be mindful of “area’s of need” and I’m positive they are. But those 2 have rebuilt this team from the ground up, and it’s worked. I trust PC and JS to grab the BPA at our draft position. Don’t change NOW. Keep doing what you guys are best at…. I can handle our coaches and GM’s weaknesses (not that they have many) because they excel at what they do best. (getting the most out of players we have)


  87. Stevos–Those numbers were current as of November 2012 lol!

    Again, I like stats, but they require interpretation and analysis and context. They also need to be from the current year, preferably late in the season, at the least.

    Last years line helped Lynch to over five yards a carry (2012); this years line wasnt as effective and he barely cleared 4.

    RW is coached to hold the ball as long as necessary/practical, and they run some 5-step drops; but much of the time, he’s having to scramble far sooner than he should, due to the line.

    I used my eyes, and much of the year what I saw was an offensive line so inept–especially at the G positions–that within 1-1.5 seconds, there was already significant pressure on Wilson, often forcing him to scramble or hurry a throw.

    I saw very few instances where RW scrambled too early, or where he had plenty of time in the pocket, or where he scrambled early and made the line look bad.

  88. snoopy123 says:

    Interior o-line could go a long way. Maybe a stud LG. Trade or cut Carpenter if he loses competition in camp. Maybe demote Sweezy if he doesn’t show more improvement. I know they like Baley and Bowie, but i would think a 1st or 2nd round guard or RT could outperform those two. Breno has been serviceable, but I think you could replace his production with a rookie for way cheaper. He’ll probably command 3-4 million.

  89. Southendzone says:

    I think there’s a good chance we already have our stud replacement on the O-Line. McQ is UFA now I think, and all that experience they gave to Bowie & Bailey are going to come up big this year. One of those 2 guys is going to be a starter and he’s going to be a marked improvement.

    It’s going to be an open competition and if Sweezy gets beat by a rookie or 2nd year guy so be it. I’m fine with Breno though, I’d like to see him back if possible under the cap.

  90. ChrisHolmes says:

    OL is clearly the most glaring “need”, specifically OG, but it totally depends on the value available at the 32nd pick.

    When a team is this deep, as Seattle is, I think you have to draft in a different manner.

    I don’t think the “best available player” tactic works here. Because the best player on your board might be a RB, and we’re already three deep at the position. Do you draft a RB in the first round knowing the guy will never start and may not even make the roster? Doesn’t seem like a smart play to me.

    I think you have to be very aware of your current roster makeup and make sure you account for all factors. Guys who get drafted by the Seahawks are going to have to play special teams, for instance, in order to make the roster….

    I can see Seattle drafting a number if positions with the 1st rounder. I could see them taking a CB, for instance, given that Browner is gone and Thurmond may not get resigned. I could see Seattle taking an OG, as there’s a clear need, if a guy has the right grade in the right spot. I could see Seattle picking a TE, a WR, a DE, etc… Not necessarily positions of need, but guys at spots where we could accumulate some depth and also get some special teams guys.

    Anyway… should be a fun draft, as always. Media will flunk us on grades, as usual, and yet we fans will hope for another Wagner or Sherman or Wilson. Good times.

  91. ChrisHolmes–Excellent points.

    Carrol and Schneider have said they dont approach the draft as BPA regardless of need or depth. They take EVERYTHING into consideration when making a selection. They may choose a player at one position over another player at a position of real need, if the disparity in talent is great enough. But they DO take their roster into consideration.

    For instance, I dont see them taking a RB now that we have Michaels and the three FB’s and Turbo. No matter how good the backs are at 32 and below, I cant see us taking one.

    But yeah, they like to load up on the hard to get positions like DE, DT, CB, FS, WR, T, and even qb.

    Wouldnt surprise me if they take a qb either, just not real high. Unless they really like BJ Daniels.

  92. ChrisHolmes says:

    So much of this is hard to predict right now because of Free Agency.

    We’ll probably have a much better idea by the time May 1st rolls around.

    Right now, I’m more interested to see what the FO does with extensions and re-signing core guys.

    I really don’t want to lose Bennett or Tate.

  93. Exactly, Chris. RE-signing core guys like Tate and Bennett is paramount. Tate has paid his dues, and deserves to be brought back with a nice extension. Bennett is just so awesome, we have to keep him even if he has only been here a year.

    Who knows how things will shake out? We could lose them both, or end up getting Tate for a decent price. Bennett will cost big bucks, there’s no way he doesnt have 10 teams after him.

  94. As has been said, it’s kind of pointless to say where they should draft before free agency. I think BPA should be the most important factor in drafting, with a slight bias towards needs. You don’t reach to fill a need, but you don’t ignore one when you have a few players with similar grades.

    I would guess right now that offensive and defensive line will be 2 of the biggest “needs”. Possibly WR. Depends on FA. I don’t think they need to draft a WR high if Tate comes back. I believe Kearse is very capable of being a significant contributor in 2014.

  95. “Who knows how things will shake out? We could lose them both, or end up getting Tate for a decent price. Bennett will cost big bucks, there’s no way he doesnt have 10 teams after him.”

    Don’t forget about that shoulder. Teams will be looking at it closely.

  96. ljarllrajl says:

    AGAIN with the OG in the first round?! What’s with the people on this blog? Waste of a pick to take a Guard in the first round. Get the best athletes in the draft and maximize their ability.

  97. CDHawkFan says:

    I get the sense PC and JS are drafting for 1-2 years from now. They filled RB last year in hopes that CM is ready to go when ML slows down. They went with Williams and Hill on DL because they know Red and Bane have just a few years left. Picked up Simon as they knew Browner was going to be a FA after this year, etc.

    If that is the case, I could see them addressing TE (no depth and Miller just has a few years left), CB (Sherman aint going to be cheap), and LB (those guys will need to be paid in a few years).
    Again, I think they will draft this year for guys to be starters or pusing to start in 2-3 years.

    If they don’t take this mindset, then yes, they will go OL. That is if they don’t think Bowie or Bailey or a FA will solve this issue.

  98. ChrisHolmes says:

    “Get the best athletes in the draft and maximize their ability.”

    That’s old-school thinking, and it’s the kind of thinking that would doom this franchise. It’s too narrow-minded and simplistic.

    I don’t know how the guards are rated this year – I haven’t looked at the draft prospects yet – but if there was a road-grader, mean-streak guard like Hutchinson that you could put at LG and let play for 10 years without issue, then you’d want to consider taking that guy with the 32nd pick.

    Remember, our pick is way far back in the 1st round. Our pick more like the first pick in the 2nd round, and that’s as good of value as you’re going to get.

    You can’t just draft the “best athlete”. That’s just not good strategy. It doesn’t take into account current personnel, scheme, depth or need. In order to draft successfully, you have to take into account all of those things as they relate to your team.

    If you just want to “pick the best athlete”, well, I have a team that’s historically done that, and you can go root for them. Welcome to Raider Nation!

  99. ljarllrajl says:

    What do you think PC and JS have been doing the last four years? There entire 2012 draft was best athlete available. And you left off the last part that the Raiders didn’t do, “…and maximize their abilities.”

    I feel confident in saying that there is no Hutchinson in this years draft. Even if there was and you had a 10 year player, that would mean you’re spending a chunk of your salary cap on a guard. Most starting guards in the NFL are mid to late round pics. There is just not much value in using a first round pic on a guard.

  100. coachsavage5 says:

    One thing that ya’ll have to understand is that the Seahawks organization creates great talent by getting the most out of every single player. What I loved about the SB was there wasn’t a clear cut MVP. Most of these players are nobodies. However you put a nobody in a situation to be successful all of a sudden that nobody is now something special. Don’t draft the BPA but the “right” player for Seattle not the “Best”. The “Right Guy” always beats out the “Best Guy”. 11 guys on the field have to their 1 job…. and that is actually a lot easier.


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