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Morning Links: Bradley reaches into lower level of Seahawks coaching staff

Post by Todd Dybas / The News Tribune on Feb. 9, 2014 at 11:32 am with 43 Comments »
February 9, 2014 11:33 am

Good morning.

Enjoying the PNW version of a winter wonderland?


> The Jaguars and Gus Bradley took another dip into Seattle waters by hiring Robert Saleh as the new linebackers coach, according to Ryan O’Halloran of the Florida Times-Union. Saleh was the Seahawks’ defensive quality control coach the last three years.

> Greg Cosell with some film breakdown of how the Seattle defense dominated the Denver offense. Cosell notes the Seahawks blitzed just five times in the game.

> says the Seahawks’ success with a different approach to the draft could influence how the whole thing goes now.

> also writes about how Percy Harvin could be an even bigger influence on the Seattle offense next season when on the field. Pete Carroll says he wants Harvin to be an every-down player.

> Seahawks and 49ers fans get together to help a teenager who is basically homeless.

> The Denver Post wonders if the Broncos can bounce back.

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  1. Cosell almost makes it seem like the Broncos would have picked apart the secondary had the Seahawks had an average pass rush. Heath Evans felt the same against the 49ers.

    Weaken this pass rush at your own risk. Especially for a WR who only shows up against the Rams.

  2. It seems that part of the success of the Seahawks that everyone seems to focus on, is the ability of Pete & John to sign free agents and lower round picks that become successful players. Guys like Baldwin, Sherman, Coleman, Chancellor. All these guys were in college when Carroll was at USC. He coached against, or recruited or at least saw film, of every major high school talent in the country as coach of the best college in the nation. Are we worried that as he gets further and further away from his USC days, are we going to see a drop off of talent? Interesting to watch.

  3. vichawkfan says:

    ^^ what rodman said.

  4. jawpeace says:

    @ Rodman, I have had those thoughts about Pete come across my mind. The one thing will not change is Pete and Snider both have an eye for talent and how that persons talent relates to what they want to do here. For instance they are not going to draft a talented zone coverage kid. As they mainly run press and man here. While just the opposite Cable wants skilled zone blockers not man.
    From what I read it seems JS was the one who was hot on Wilson and convinced PC that this is a guy we need to draft. So John is young and has a good eye for talent.
    So with Pete having a lot of experience as head coach(2nd oldest in NFL) dealing with players, evaluatimg talent and so on; that is not going to go anywhere.
    So with both of these men. Plus all the unheralded scouts across the country I am not too worried.

  5. jawpeace says:

    I did forget to add that the team is uber talented and it is going to be very hard for FA and lower round draft guys to make the team. Based on that when we see a decline in lower round and free agents making the team. It is not because Pete is out of the loop but because the talent and depth we have now is the envy of the league.

  6. CDHawkFan says:

    I don’t think Pete had a tremendous amount of time to see every player when recruiting at USC, he had a lot of other things to do. Also, these guys were still 5th, 6th, and 7th rounders, if Pete liked them that much that he thought they would be Pro-Bowl some day then I think he would have picked them before the late rounds.

    I think more of the homework is done by JS and the scouts than PC. I also think it’s more the system and teaching the Hawks do then talent at draft time.

  7. mocarob says:

    Here’s what I see on the tube for the Hawks this week.

    NFL Films has a SB recap on ESPN2 monday & tuesday
    NFL Films Super Bowl 48 NFLN tuesday (prob same as above)
    NFC Champ Replay NFLN tonight
    SB48 replay nfln tonight
    9ers 12.8 replay tonight
    Jimmy Kimmel Sherm & Malcolm tuesday

  8. Southendzone says:

    top-notch seahawks video someone put together on Youtube. Guaranteed not to disappoint.

  9. I’m getting tired of Gus grabbing on players and coaches.

  10. Oh wah…you should feel flattered! It’s just the beginning. Teams will be raiding our staff and players every chance they get.

    Fear not. As long as we have Pete, Schneider and the crew that makes up the foundation of our players, we’ll be all right.


  11. yellaman says:

    JS is the GM for PC so finding talent in late and FA should continue because of how good our scouts and coaches find and develop this rosters talent

  12. GeorgiaHawk says:

    This tool and/or fool really thinks the Seahawks cheated to get the Super Bowl 48 win. Lol.

  13. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    i really don’t think Tate is a important part of the equation. i understand that he makes plays that he is talented and i understand that more often then not he quits on plays. too many times he just stops where Baldwin keeps moving. i really beleave he is only worth 5 million a year and maybe i am the only one that feels that way about all this. my question is this can kearse fill Tate’s shoes as a receiver and i think the answer is yes. the money saved on tate means we keep maybe one more piece of the defense here. just my two cents on this

  14. Ray_Maines says:

    Joreb says “Fear not…” and I agree.

    Good management makes good teams, and the current Seahawk management team is as good as, or maybe better than, any other franchise. That doesn’t guarantee an endless string of SB wins, but they’ll be competitive.

    And I don’t think we’ve seen all of PC’s cards just yet. In two or three years, when the rest of the league has up to where the ‘Hawks are now, PC& JS will have moved on to something else.

    I’m really drinking the Lime Kool-Aid I guess, but I think PC is so far ahead of the curve that he’ll never get Coach Of The Year because the rest of the league just doesn’t understand how innovative he is.

  15. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Thanks for the video Southendzone. Good stuff!

    And I agree with Ray_Maines post about our FO.
    I believe the sky is the limit with this team because the FO doesn’t limit themselves with regards to thinking they have it all figured out, even after they have won the Super Bowl.

  16. MikeFromNewJersey says:

    Tate is going to be too expensive but thats ok because Kearse is going to be a monster next year.. Baldwin or Chris Michael can return punts. Tates cap space will be used to bring back Bennett. Also i would like Rice back if we can bring him back on the cheap.

  17. banosser says:

    Regarding Tate he does everything the team and FO ask of him.. blocking and YAK.. but he is only worth X$ to the Hawks and if some other team offers x$++.. he’ll be gone.. same as Bennett, same as Baldwin.. same as… He fits at a certain price..

    Extend Sherm now, then franchise Earl (his franchise would be ~$4M less than Sherm’s).. make that happen.. unless Sherm is ok with going into FA and will be reasonable.. which will be asking/risking (bold risking) a lot

  18. banosser says:

    The only other option is.. do basically nothing.. replace those who leave this off season with hungry talent be they inexpensive FAs or young drafted JS/PC players and go for the repeat.. then blow everything up after resigning Wilson

  19. I always thought Pete did have an advantage being familiar with these young guys, but JS is the one in charge of the scouting, along with his team, so I’m not worried. They are on the same page, so JS knows what PC wants and can draft players accordingly. PC can then coach up any player to his exacting specifications, it doesn’t matter if he’s familiar with them. And many times they just accentuate the positives of a certain player and get the best out of them, what they feel they are capable of and what they can do best. In that way they very much think outside of the box and are willing to take a gamble on a player with a unique skill set, rather than follow the herd.

    Besides, PC will be 63 years old this upcoming season, how long is he going to continue coaching anyways? maybe 5 more years, tops.
    But if he can keep his energy up at 70 he can stay as long as he wants.
    He needs to market his own brand of energy drinks.
    Call it L.O.B. – “Lightning Out of a Bottle” – or some such shite.

    Let’s just keep this train rolling and see where it goes.
    Dynasty or not we are going to be damn good for the next 5 years at least. JS has a plan and I trust him 100%. I’m sure it will involve some surprise cuts and some restructures, which may be disappointing at first, but we’ll learn to get over it as we see the big picture.

  20. Ray_Maines says:

    In my Lime Kool-Aid driven world….

    I’m really hoping that six foot two inch Ricardo Lockette figures things out this off season and becomes the “big” receiver we need.

    Can J.R. Sweezy get it together in his third year?

    How about Bowie and Bailey?

    How about Christine and Michael?

    How about all the D-Line guys currently stashed away on the IR and practice squad?

    If everything comes together properly (I agree, fat chance) the Seahawks could be even better next year even without the draft. In JS&PC we trust. Go ‘Hawks.

  21. Thanks for the link Southendzone… that was great!

    This is homemade, but fun.

  22. Bayless and Stephen A. Smith giving it up to the Hawks.


    For the defense, it was the fewest points ever given up in a SB. And it was the First time ever a SB offense has had no turnovers and no sacks. Total domination.
    The Seahawks made history!

  23. Stephen A uses “Aikman” and “astutely” in same sentence, loses even more credibility….

  24. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Is there anyone out there in the media that not only sounds this stupid but actually is this stupid with regards to the NFL?

    How in the hell did Smith ever get this gig?

    I don’t need to watch the comedy channel when I can tune in to first take. Lol.

  25. banosser says:

    “For the defense, it was the fewest points ever given up in a SB”

    Not true.. There have been many games where the D gave up less than 8 pts.. and the ’75 Steelers defense shut out the Vikes (Vikes only score was a blocked punt returned for a TD missed PAT).. and 2000 Ravens defense shut out the NYG (NYG only score came on a kick return)..

    Now those defenses didn’t have to play against the all time scoring offense in the history of the NFL… That is why some are saying it is the best defensive performance ever in a SB… WAS?? who knows.. but I’ll sah will take it!!

  26. banosser says:

    ^^ WAS?? = Was it??

  27. All things considered, the performance of our defense was the best ever in a Super Bowl, imo. They scored a TD and generated three additional turnovers in addition to the INT that was returned for six. They also went against the supposedly greatest offense (it was statistically) in league history. A team like the Dolphins beat the Vikings 24-3 and only gave up a FG but I think it’s much more impressive for the Hawks to do to the Broncos than the Dolphins towards the Vikings. I realize the Ravens never gave up a point (as mentioned above with the kick return) but that Giants offense wasn’t exactly explosive. The TD we gave up last week was essentially garbage time points. On a side note, the undefeated Dolphins team never gave up a defensive TD either. It was their goofy kicker who essentially gave the Redskins a TD.

  28. One of the funniest things ever just happened… my little guy (2 1/2) is drinking milk before bed and we’re watching the replay of the AFC Championship together. Anyway, the Seahawks commercial just came on about being Super Bowl champs and buying the 4-pack of dvd, cap, towell, and t-shirt and one of the clips is of Mebane doing his funny “dance” but mainly the belly roll. Anyway, as soon as Luke saw the belly roll… he got up and started trying to do the belly roll to the best of his ability which was essentially nothing like what Mebane did but funny as heck to try to watch him copy. lol

  29. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Lol BobbyK.

  30. Ray_Maines says:

    What does it matter exactly how good the Seattle defense might be? In the end, the Seahawks have won “A” Superbowl. Like in, you know, ONE.

    Tampa Bay has won “A” Superbowl. Lots of other teams have won “A” Superbowl. Lets put this conversation on hold for a year or two and see how history plays out. Right now, I’m betting on the ‘Hawks but you never know how things might turn out.

  31. Here is the link to Sound FX from the Superbowl. You can watch the whole thing there, if you let it run through some ads.. For those of you who haven’t already seen it on NFL network.

    My favorite line is in the first few seconds, the Denver radio guy says “Let the smack-down begin!”. Indeed.

  32. We will see if these guys are as good as Parcells was and Bellicheck after him – the key is knowing which guys are key – keeping them – and then filling in around them with guys that that fit your scheme!!!

    We don’t know exactly who the guys are in the Locker room who become those key guys beyond the field. For example – they might let a guy like Tate walk and make huge effort to keep Baldwin for those reasons – (NOT SAYING THEY WILL) But we might not see the total reasons why they let a guy go and keep another

  33. DanielleMND says:

    “I’m getting tired of Gus grabbing on players and coaches.”

    What’s unusual about a head coach bringing in assistants and players he’s already familiar with? This guy just went from a quality control coach to a position coach, so of course he was going to take the job offer.

  34. Call me naive, but I believe some of our best players are willing to make this work to keep this thing going. Mind you, I’m not talking about throwing away millions that are on the table, but if they are serious about sacrificing to have a better team, then that’s what they have to do. Just creative structuring of contracts and deferred money.

    I am pretty sure Russell Wilson is smart enough to know that he can’t just make $15-20M/yr and have this kind of team around him.
    Look at what happened to the Ravens after they gave Flacco a monster contract, and also the Falcons, after they opened up the vault for Ryan, even though they had a crazy injury year.

    BTW, Tony G said that Matt Ryan is not elite yet. He is willing to come back for the last couple months next year, but I doubt it will be with the Falcons. Perhaps we could sign him up for the stretch run?
    Can you imagine RW with a huge target like Gonzalez as a safety blanket?

    My hope is that RW becomes a household name like Peyton Manning so he can secure beaucoup endorsement deals. He’s already got a Levi’s deal and Microsoft contract. He may rake in enough dough in endorsements where he can defer a large sum of his contract and make it more feasible to extend our essential guys and keep the core players around him. I trust RW that he will do the right thing for our team.

  35. banosser says:

    I too hope RW will sign for ~$15M/yr.. which would allow for the addition or retention of at least one more key player..

  36. Macabrevity says:

    I guess the Hawks are just bound to make me nervous even after doing the unprecedented and winning it all – but I am going to be sleeping quite poorly until Sherm and ET have new solid deals in place.

  37. JS does the scouting, sure Pete saw these guys in college, but this team clearly has the best scouting department around. I am not worried about PC becoming removed from the college game.

    This team has 19 UFA I think, many will not be retained, especially with the $ Bennett and Tate (Bennet waaaaaaaaaay more important) will command. There will be ample room for rookies to make this team, we will have to restock with cheap even younger talent.

    Also, we should not sleep on the talent we have been developing in practice, we have a great coaching staff, guys on the practice squad, and Jrdan Hill, Jessie Williams, and Tharold Simon have a chance to thrive once they get an opportunity.

  38. Pabs–Your bagging on Tate has become ridiculous. Now youre just making yourself look bad. “Especially for a WR who only shows up against the Rams.” you said.

    Tate caught 13 passes for 222 yards and 3 TD’s vs the Rams–mostly against their best corner, Janoris Jenkins. In comparison, Doug Baldwin caught 1 pass for 12 yards in two games vs the Rams. Kearse did not catch a pass vs the Rams in two games.

    Tate caught at least 4 passes in 10 of 16 regular season games. He caught at least 50 yards in 8 games. He caught 5 passes or more in 7 games.

    Baldwin caught at least 4 passes in a game 7 times, caught 50 yards plus 8 times, and caught 5 passes plus in 5 games.

    Kearse has never caught more than 3 passes in a game.

    Baldwin had 1 or less catches in a game 7 times this year, while Tate only had that happen twice. Baldwin was skunked in the final Rams game, while Tate caught a ball in every single game. Kearse was skunked 4 times plus another game he missed due to injury.

    Tate had 5 catches for 88 yards vs Jax. I’d call that showing up. Baldwin and Kearse each had only one catch that game. Tate had 5 catches for 61 yards vs Indy, and a TD. Baldwin also had 5 catches, for 80 yards, and Kearse had one catch, but it was for a TD.

    Tate had 4 catches for 77 yards vs Arizona. Is that not showing up? Nah, thats not showing up…you must mean Baldwin and Kearse showed up…they combined for 2 catches that day.

    Tate had 6 catches for 106 yards and a TD vs Atlanta. Remember that catch? Yeah, thats only avg play, right?!

    Tate caught 6 catches for 65 yards in our loss to the Niners. And he finished the regular season with 8 catches for 129 yards and a TD vs a team he’d already trashed earlier in the year; they still couldnt stop him. He even caught his TD on the same play he burned them for a TD on in the first game.

    You want to think about your statement again, Pabs?!

    “Especially for a WR who only shows up against the Rams.”–Pabuwal.

    You oughtta frame that one, dude. Its a classic!

  39. I cant wait to see what new lies Pabs comes up with to justify his insane hatred of Tate. This should be fun…Ima make some popcorn!

  40. Yeah, we’re gonna lose some players. Thats how it goes with a salary cap. And we stand a good chance of losing Tate to a team willing to pay him big bucks.

    But to say Tate isnt a fine player, or to say he deserves only half what we’ve been paying Sidney Rice, is just sad. Even looking at his stats alone–which dont tell the whole story since our offense artificially waters those down–he’s worth at least 4-5 million. So many WR’s of lesser talent and accomplishment are making that much or more, its pathetic to say he’s not worth that.

    He’s worth that and likely a hell of alot more to other teams, and he’s worth at least that to Carrol and PC, wait and see.

    Tate is not a Megatron or Fitzgerald or AJ Green or Andre Johnson, but he’s no Greg Jennings either. He has demonstrated toughness, durability, and playmaking ability. He can carry the team when needed, as he did vs several teams this year when no one else was getting open, like vs the Rams.

    And all it will take is one injury to Baldwin, Kearse, or Harvin next year and Tate will be sorely needed.

  41. SeventiesHawksFan says:

    Completely agree STTBM,

    The talk about letting Golden go here is completely and utterly clueless, astonishing and puzzling to me.

    This team’s very best and dream scenario outcome at the wide receiver postion and group after this offseason is to have Golden, Balwin and Harvin locked up for the next four years at minimum. And draft a tall, bigger bodied project WR of the future. With Lockette and Kearse also still with us for at least one more season.

    And if THAT happens, then we are loaded and good for the next four seasons in the receiver group. Drafts can focus O Line, D Line, replacing departing LB’s and DB’s. But the skill positions, which are generally SO MUCH HARDER to land when you are drafting 32 every year (which would be awesome haha), are locked and loaded.

    And every twelve should be damn thankful and once again singing the praises of JS / PC mastery when we have Tate and Balwin locked up for the next five prime years they are just now entering.

  42. Seventies–Thats another thing. We cant just replace a WR instantly. It takes even great ones awhile to get into the rhythm on offense in the NFL. To adequately replace Tate, we need to draft a replacement and give them a year or two minimum before letting Tate go.

    Seattle has been very good at drafting a replacement before a star player slows down or leaves for more money, but they havent always drafted the right guy. Irvin was supposed to replace Clem one day, yet two years in shows no sign of that working out. Kearse is a fine WR in training, and just might be able to step into Rice’s shoes next year without missing a beat. The DB’s all stepped up making guys like Browner expendable…

    So its been a mixed bag there. But you cant just let Tate walk and expect it not to hurt the team in the short term.

    Obviously, we have hope that guys like Scruggs and Hill can become the new Michael Bennett, but we’d be smart to get Bennett signed to at least a three year deal rather than leap head first with nothing but a prayer into finding out if they can do that immediately…

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