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Morning Links: Closing time

Post by Todd Dybas / The News Tribune on Feb. 6, 2014 at 1:17 am with 83 Comments »
February 6, 2014 1:17 am
CenturyLink Field is closed for Seahawks business until August. / Todd Dybas
CenturyLink Field is closed for Seahawks business until August. / Todd Dybas

Good morning. We’ve officially entered the offseason.

The Seahawks made their way through a swollen downtown packed with fans yesterday. A ceremony at CenturyLink Field followed.

We’re going to be winding it down a bit for a couple days here on the blog. The combine is coming right up at the end of February. Then, we’ll hit free agency in March. Eventually, the draft in May.

For today, we’ll get to the links:

> Dave Boling on the day and ceremony.

> There were long lines, and it was cold, but that didn’t stop anyone from coming out.

> Even the ferries were packed.

> About 700,000 people were estimated to have attended the parade, many from the South Sound.

> Pete Carroll says the team came out healthy, he’s looking to keep it together, and each player needs to have a big offseason.

> Our photo gallery from the day’s festivities.

Other links:

> Danny O’Neil at 710 ESPN writes that retention, not addition, is the Seahawks’ offseason priority.

> Doug Baldwin says he saw the Super Bowl blowout coming.

> Baldwin’s Super Bowl diary, written for Monday Morning Quarterback.

> Art Thiel writes about the Seahawks and the fairy tale.

> CBS will televise eight Thursday night games.

> Seahawks season wrap from ESPN.

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  1. montanamike2 says:

    I’d like to personally thank Chris Carter for stoking the fire in Baldwin. This is the best team and best time to be a Seahawks fan.

  2. Time to clear some cap space and eventually get ET and Sherman signed to extensions prior to the start of training camp. ET is the heart and soul of this defense and Sherman takes an entire half a field away from opponents. What each of them do is truly special. There is no LOB without both of them (thankfully, Kam has already signed his extension). Both are future HOFers at this rate. You don’t allow a HOFer to leave in the prime of their career. We tried that once after the last Super Bowl and it was one of the worst mistakes in the history of this franchise.

  3. Todd – Do we know what the deal is with why Jesse Williams was on IR and how healthy he is? Did he have knee surgery? Or did he simply have a sore knee that needed rest? Or do you not have access to that information?

    My best guess is that he was a rookie who wouldn’t play much and had a minor knee injury in ’13 so they put him on IR to not waste a roster spot while they developed him for ’14.

  4. Southendzone says:

    Also, why does Tharold Simon need toe surgery? What the hell was he doing all season on the IR? You would think the toe surgery would have happened about September.

  5. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Amazing how Chancellor and Mays look now compared to their draft day.

    Who will be the pleasant surprise in this years draft for the Seahawks?

  6. sluggo42 says:

    I am hoping Luke Willson takes a big step up next year, but also hopeful McCoy returns fully healthy. I really liked him so I doubt TE is very high on the draft board. I’m guessing a manster WR is high on the list, along with oline men. Dtackle too.

    I predicted last year that no more than 4 rookies would make the squad, this year I could be lower. A lot depends on the Baily/Bowie boys too. Will they stick next year with a year under their belts? Will they follow fat carps lead! or will they actually go to the gym and understand what’s needed to keep a job in the NFL?

    It’s funny as sure it may be the official “off-season”, but for more than a few of us, it’s all about the draft, FA’s, and the combine now…

    I tell my wife it’s a full time job!

  7. TallyHawk says:

    I’ve got to think it’s going to be almost as hard for anyone from this years draft to make an impact as it was last year. Especially when you consider there should now be some from that class who get a chance to show what they can do. Hopefully we see something from Hill, Williams, Simon and Michael. It’s amazing how well this team is put together. They are essentially now drafting for the following season. They are a young team that is set up to stay young and hungry.

  8. GeorgiaHawk says:

    According to a field gulls article-
    Manning had two passes batted at the line of scrimmage during the game.
    Wilson didn’t have a single batted pass in the postseason.
    In fact, his six batted passes during the regular season was third-fewest in the NFL.)

  9. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Does anyone know when teams can start trading players this season?

  10. Bobbyk–Williams knee was so bad, he couldn’t practice two days in a row. After his first scrimmage–where he played well–he was unable to practice for like a week.

    I don’t know if he had another surgery, but he was put on IR because his knee was in terrible shape, it had nothing to do with being a rookie, as he played well–when he was able to practice.

  11. sluggo42 says:

    I was a little disappointed with cristine michaels during the parade up on the grandstand with his pushing to the front, and flashing all his mr T bling…. It just screamed “punk” to me. I mean he never even played. Why stand in front of the men who actually did the job?

    Over reaction I’m sure, as he probably explodes next year and we love the guy…

  12. His knee was bad enough after surgeries in college that we got him in the fifth when he was projected as a first or second rounder. He’s also older than most rookies. Like Thurmond was, he’s a high risk/high reward prospect.

  13. Did Williams have a knee surgery then? I do remember the reports about how he had a sore knee.

    Georgia – I think it’s March 1 (or close to that date).

  14. Sluggo–Duse is not only dumb, he’s immature. I laugh at all the Madden Generation whining that he barely played. There’s a lot more to being a RB in the NFL than just running hard. Even Lynch never really got our scheme till his third year here. It’s not just pass pro issues that kept Michaels on the bench, it’s his lack of understanding of the offense and his role as a whole.

    When he figures it out, the kid will tear it up. Until then, the impatient will probably continue bashing Turbin, squaring their ignorance.

  15. Dude. Wtf autocorrect?! What is Duse?!

  16. Williams had at least one knee surgery in college, maybe two, unless I’m losing it…

  17. FleaFlicker says:

    In person, that parade really was unbelievable. Never felt that much energy from a crowd in my life.

    Some of the pictures and such from the parade are a bit mind-blowing:

    And somebody may have already posted this one, but I first saw it yesterday. (The Frank Caliendo 30-for-30 Mockumentary) Warning: if you’re drinking coffee, put it down before viewing.

  18. I played Hooky from work yesterday and watched the Parade etc on TV with a friend. Awesome! Couldn’t believe how many people turned out!

    That was something I will never forget!

    Seattle Seahawks: 2014 Super Bowl Champions! (I never get tired of that phrase!).

  19. As for the Draft; it’s about building for the future, not instant impact–now that we have such a stacked roster. That’s why we can develop guys like Michaels, Simon, Mayowa, etc, and wait on guys like Williams.

    At some point, we will lose guys to FA, and have to replace them with younger, cheaper players. THAT’S what the draft is for now…

  20. HawkfaninMT says:

    I agree that drafts right now have an eye to the future…

    But, if Miller, Tate, or Rice walk, there is an opening there for ASJ from UW, or Kelvin Benjamin(FSU), or Brandon Coleman(Rutgers) to make some headway onto this team as a first round pick. Not to mention Mike Evans(probably go around pick 10) who would be an absolute monster with RW.

  21. yankinta says:

    I can’t wait for September 4th to come soon enough!!! After taking a closer looking at Possible Opponents.,, I want Either 49ers or Packers!!! :)

  22. Vegas56 says:

    We won the Super Bowl!

    (sorry, it just came over me again)

  23. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Thanks BobbyK.

    What do you folks think about the FO cutting their ties with Carpenter and Irvin via trade to perhaps some interested team for mid to late round picks?
    Much like they did with Curry.

    This may be a good time to do that before they lose all their trade value.
    Who knows we might get lucky and come away with a third rounder for Irvin.

  24. Dukeshire says:

    Carp can kick rocks. Lol

  25. I dont think Irvin has much trade value at the moment, I’d rather see us keep him and continue to develop him. He’s not a Curry–a guy constantly out of position with no fire. He’s playing hard and not making big mistakes, he just needs to make more plays. Personally, I think he will get there by next year Game One.

    Irvin has proven he’s smart enough, he’s just a little light in the pants to play DE right now. But he has speed, which you cant teach. Besides, we’re one injury away from being damned glad to have him, and he’s not all that pricey. If Smith, Wags, or Wright go down, we need him. I cant see the rush in giving up on him by fans, and I would bet money–which I never do–that Seattle will give him at least another year.

    And what team would trade us anything for a 350+ lb G who cant even beat out a washed up McQuistan?! I can answer that–nobody. And bad as he is, he’s relatively cheap so I expect to see him competing in camp next year till Game One. Personally, I hope he steps up and plays well. If that doesnt happen, I hope he flops in a big way and Bailey or Bowie cements their hold on the job so we can cut him.

    My big hope is we draft a RT who can actually pass block, and who can seal the edge in run blocking without holding. That should save us from overpaying Giacomini. I also firmly believe we need to stop leaning on McQ and let him go. Its time to ride or die with Carp/Bowie/Bailey/Whoever.

  26. Dukeshire–I think his foot-speed is too slow to actually kick rocks, lol!

  27. pabuwal says:

    Definitely keep Carpenter and Irvin and give them 1 more year to develop on the cheap.

    Think about the collective draft knowledge on this board for a second.

    The 1st round picks everyone cheered when they happened were Okung and Thomas. They were great picks.

    When Irvin, Carpenter and Michael were picked, everyone on this board said “WTF” on the Live Chat. The jury is still out on all 3.

    Collectively this is a pretty smart group we have here.

  28. I am in favor of giving Miami a 5th RD pick for Johnathan Martin, and trading Miller for a3RD pick and then Drafting Jenkins in 1st RD.

  29. I can sum up our entire off season in one word -unpredictable – the twins have constantly surprised us and the entire NFL with what they do. There will be some obvious moves made and others not so obvious. but I am pretty sure at times during this off season the will all be scratching our heads saying – How did that happen?!?!?!

  30. RDPoulsbo says:

    sluggo42, did you not read that banner at the top of the page?
    “Where there is no offseason”
    It is a full year thing!

    I have trashed on picking Michael all year. Until he contributes, I’ll continue to do so. Coleman contributed, Ware contributed, all the RBs contributed except Mopup Michael. I’d rather one of those FBs take the rock as time remaining winds down on a blowout. They deserve a victory lap. His roster spot isn’t safe unless he significantly steps it up.

    Carp’s guaranteed base salary is finally up. Hopefully, they can cheat some other team out of a 7th round pick in the upcoming draft. It’s frustrating that he’d still be a $1 mil cap cost to cut him, but he needs to go. Both guards and RT need upgrading, but I’m uneasy about the idea of changing out 60% of the line at one time. Breno improved down the stretch, so I’d be open to him returning at a lower salary. At the very least, they should draft 2 linemen in the top 4 rounds and put the current starters on notice they need to up their game.

  31. A brief look back at this years team. To make it “perfect” you would add Pete’s big receiver and 3 competent offensive linemen.

    Going forward in our division the O line must improve significantly to keep Russell healthy. Some of that help will come from continued improvement from guys already on the roster. We know Carroll will continue his quest for the big WR. Of all our free agents I feel that Michael Bennett is the must sign guy of the group. Extend Earl and Sherm? Duh!

    This has been an incredible journey through the years and to finally win it all is amazing. Going to watch the game again tonight with my fellow fanatic friend from preschool on. With a Superbowl win I hope I can ease up a bit as far as the amount of time I pour into this and make a little room for some other facets of life… Is that realistic? Probably not. Savor every moment.

  32. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I just made the mistake of checking out some mock drafts. I don’t think I will spend anymore time messing with that.

    xcman is right, unpredictable is a good word to describe the off season.

  33. RDPoulsbo says:

    Irvin was drafted as a raw DE, to say nothing about being a raw LB. He has steadily improved, and remember that the Sam position mostly does the dirty work without the stats. He’s still raw, but there’s been steady improvement. Another offseason will do him good. He’s developing some versatility and if they lose some of the pass rushers on short term contracts, he can move back to DE in passing situations.

  34. Has Williams ever had a knee surgery after having had the sore knee in training camp?

  35. tealskin says:

    They took a flyer on Williams. Doubt if he ever plays a game. This year gotta be O-line and WR in draft or FA. Rice probably finished and Tate? A lot of restructuring needed. Parade one day and the unemployment line the next.

  36. Is Martin Tough enough? Does he still want to play?

  37. tealskin says:

    Williams reminds me of Steve Emtman. Very top heavy with weak base. A lot of stress on the knees. There was a reason why everyone else took a pass on him. Inretrospect doubt if FO would do it again.

  38. With a 5th rounder on a loaded team you can afford to take a flyer on a guy like Williams – Can’t do it ever year but you can every so often – On those types of picks they have hit more than they have missed.

  39. tealskin says:

    Can see it if there are character issues or other factors that can be worked out but health issues are different. And knees are a killer for an athlete. Rice probably is finished due to knee. Probably there was some one else in 5 th round who could have had a better shot at contributing.

  40. yankinta says:

    Based on Cap Numbers for 2014,, I am prediction this/would like to see this take place…. :)

    1. Sidney Rice = 7.3 mil cap savings
    2. Chris Clemons = 7.5 mil cap savings
    Renegotiate…., if not, Cut
    1. Red Bryant = 5.5 mil cap savings
    2. Zach Miller = 5 mil cap savings
    That would create 25.3 mil + 2.5 mil (currently available) = $30.3 mil in cap space for 2014.
    Then I would like us to sign in the following priority…
    1. Extend Earl Thomas
    2. Extend Richard Sherman
    3. Michael Bennett
    4. Breno Giacomini (only with discounted price tag)
    5. Walter Thurmond (only with discounted price tag)
    6. Golden Tate (only with discounted price tag)
    7. Steven Hauschka (only with discounted price tag)

  41. FleaFlicker says:

    Let’s keep the C. Michael pick in perspective. The possibility of a multiple game suspension for Marshawn was looming (remember that DUI thing). And since the case is still not resolved, C. Michael may just be our starter for the first four games next year.

    Trust me, with Marshawn in street clothes, we will all be glad to have Christine. That draft pick was an insurance policy for the most important part of our offensive game plan. And that policy may still pay out.

    In PC/JS we trust!

  42. Lets hope none of our guys got DUI’s yesterday – pretty much looked like more than 1 or 2 were having a little drinky drink during the parade

  43. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    still giddy, great to be a hawks fan.

    i really don’t know that they sign sherman, i almost think with this staff’s ability to find talent at CB it would be a waste of money. his contract is likely to be in the 12-14 mill varity and you just can not afford too many players like that. thomas is going to cost us and he is the the key with Kam to making this D work.
    i really would like to see Bennett resigned but at a reasonable price, sounds like he wants a career here so extend him out lower price better guarantee.
    Red needs to restructure as well as Clem and i would be surprised if miller won’t restructure as well. rice is gone along with 1-2 on the o-line.
    tate…great receiver at times disappears too much i would tell him we will give you 2 years at X and guarantee it all and tell him prove you deserve 8-10 million a year. otherwise i say sign baldwin and let him walk.
    going to be an interesting off season

  44. chuck_easton says:

    Yes Michael was a long term draft pick, but I have to agree with sluggo, the kid screamed immature yesterday. What with wearing several thousands of dollars worth of gold around his neck, flashing his golden grill and mugging like he was something and someone got old pretty fast.

    I can see why he was inactive all year. Pete’s not gonna come out and cut him, but you can tell the kid was and likely remains in the team doghouse.

    All the talent in the world isn’t going to get him far on this team. He had better do some serious growing up over the off-season.

    As for Marshawn, I have officially come to the conclusion that the dude is certafiably batsh@t nuts! But he’s having a great time of it and he can still produce on the field. But I now see him more as a perfect fit for the ‘animal house’ crowd than I would envision him as a goodwill ambassador to another country. :)

    Michael should be taking notes from Marshawn. It’s fine to be a ‘little different’ just as long as you are still a team first guy.

  45. chuck_easton says:

    I am still on the fence about Rice. Pete was full of praise for how quickly he’s recovered in his talk yesterday.

    I still think they will have the re-structure talk with Rice and he will jump at the chance to stay. I only see him leaving if it turns out he can’t pass the physical and then he is given an injury settlement.

    I get the feeling he won’t be outright cut.

    Time will tell.

  46. Agreed Chuck – he has been there for everything – on the sidelines at the VMAC. Rice has bought in hook-line-sinker I believe he would restructure to stay. Possibly even take a cut.

    even if they cut him he might come back for less money!!

  47. tealskin says:

    Is Rice someone you would expect to last a full season? He’s kind of fragile and with the concussion issue it might be time to move on. Seems like a great guy but… We also have Harvin for a fragile, looking-good player. How many are there room for?

  48. montanamike2 says:

    FleaFlicker I agree that Michael is a good insurance policy for a run first team, only i think Turbin would be the #1 if Marshawn was out, and Michael would be #2.

  49. montanamike2 says:

    If Rice was healthy, he’d have to sign cheap to stay on this squad.

  50. pabuwal says:

    Sidney Rice caught 83 passes in 2009 and 114 passes in the 4 seasons after 2009.

  51. chuck_easton says:


    Rice has played the past 4 years for a Seattle team that doesn’t pass a whole lot. Also he played in all 16 games in 2012. He started every game this season until the ACL injury.

    He is a team leader. Every WR including Harvin have talked about how much he means to them and how he is the top of the group. I honestly think Rice played a big role in getting Harvin to consider Seattle.

    I’m not saying Rice is worth the 8 million next season. But I do think he is a team first guy, he loves the organization, and he wants to be here. I could see him agreeing with the team that he has made his money and it’s time to free some up to allow the other guys to get paid.

    If Rice has anything left in the wheels I think it’s better than 50/50 he comes back. I also think the team would give him the chance to retire due to injury rather than cutting him outright.

  52. montanamike2 says:

    I also think Rice was instrumental in getting Harvin here.

  53. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    also mike rob i think will come back at same deal he was on just to try and get another ring and be apart of it.

    chuck, very well could be right on rice. however rice is older slower and coming of a knee injury on a knee that was already an issue. time to get younger at WR IMO. Don’t get me wrong like rice always have but we just won the big game without him and unless he is dirt cheap i just don’t even see them offering to keep him. again thou i could be very wrong on this.

    guys enough on the complaining about picks, good Lord people you can not and will not hit on every pick. it is a risk reward type deal. personally i thought CM was a wasted pick and williams was a great value at that point. my concern with CM is where was this boy’s momma ?
    obviously part of the problem is he has no one telling him to quit acting the fool.

  54. bayareahawkfan says:

    Have been too busy to post in a while, but I’ve been reading off and on. I echo everyone’s sentiments about the pure unadulterated joy Sunday’s result has brought me. I don’t know if it will have sunk in, even when training camp starts.

    Also, didn’t see this link anywhere, but for those who like meaty X’s-and-O’s stuff, I thought Bucky Brooks’ breakdown of the defense through the lens of the Sunday beat-down was enlightening:

  55. Ray_Maines says:

    The first day of the off season seems like a good time to change my log-in name. Same ol’ me though.

    Please, somebody tell me Marshawn Lynch didn’t drive home after the celebration. I don’t think his antics in the parade are going to have a positive affect on the judge in his pending DUI case.

  56. Michaels was annoying, but he’s a young kid enjoying the moment. I dont see that he did anything all that wrong. He’s certainly not the only kid to spend a bunch of money on jewelry upon getting drafted. Yeah, he acts dumb as a rock and immature to boot, but he’s not been in any trouble, and he wasnt doing anything all that bad. Just being a happy kid.

    Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but you guys are coming off like Grouchy Old WASPS, hypercritical of anyone who doesnt adhere to your standards of proper conduct. Heck, Sherm wore dorky sunglasses from 1989 during his speech–now THATS kinda rude and immature. And he neglected to mention BB or Maxwell. Rude! Not one word about that.

    Everyone calls me negative for critiquing the play of losers like Carpenter, then you go and obsess over Christine Michaels acting like a kid in a candy store at our SB parade? Damn.

    He wasnt drafted to play this year. They knew that a) He was dumb b) he was immature and c) he might not play this year. He was an insurance policy behind Turbin, and a brilliant look to the future. He’s going to be our bell-cow back, not Turbin, when Lynch wears down, as is inevitable. They felt he was too good a talent to pass up, and that they could afford to reach and wait.

    Just as GB in a genius move drafted Rogers while Favre was still healthy and playing well, so Seattle saw a chance to nab Lynch’s successor for only a second round pick, at a time they could reach and wait and take a bit of a risk. I think its going to pan out bigtime, and Im glad we drafted him–and I love Turbin. But Turbo needs to leave us after his rookie contract and go to a team with a Power Run scheme where I feel he will be a Pro Bowler.

    We’ve seen what Michaels can do with the ball–he’s explosive AND can pick up short yardage. He’s still learning the offense, and there was no reason to use him–Lynch and Turbo left no room for anyone else.

  57. freedom_X says:

    If Red Bryant is cut, the run defense will take a huge hit. I anticipate that Bryant would do some renegotiation, but it will be a huge gamble by the front office if they cut him loose.

    Unless Sidney Rice looks like he’s 100% (which Seattle has never seen) I think Seattle parts ways with him, unless both Tate and Baldwin end up leaving. I’d say he gets cut then brought back later if there is no depth at WR. Unless he has the prospect of being what he was – he’s occupying a roster slot that might be better devoted to developing a younger, healthier player.

    I liked this article on Seattle’s cap situation.

    Of interest are the estimated comparables on what the Seattle free agents might get on the open market, like Tate.

    Zach Miller is also at more risk of being cut if he doesn’t take a pay cut, but he’s much more important to the org than Rice. Take at look at the snaps he played in the Super Bowl. For whatever reason, Seattle’s offense doesn’t emphasize him and instead throws to the 2nd tight end, but the snaps tell you who is #1. Seattle will bring him back if he trims his 2014 pay down a bit.

  58. The vid of Lynch asking for nd receiving a bottle of booze shouldnt be a big deal. He wasnt the only person in that parade of Seahawks who had a drink, and I dont blame him. He probably made that fans whole year!

    Drinking alcohol does not set a bad example for anyone. Drinking EXCESS amounts of alcohol while behaving badly DOES. I saw no video of any player or fan drinking to excess and behaving badly.

    Just as his spraying a bottle of Dom and then taking a swig from the bottle shouldnt be problem.

    But some idiot will try. And then go out this weekend and drink too much while recanting to their friends how great their written piece/TV commentary was….


  59. chuck_easton says:


    You say Seattle has never seen Rice healthy? Do you forget 2012? Rice started all 16 games. Led the team in receptions, yards, and TD catches.

    Hmmmm, he seemed pretty healthy just a year ago.

  60. Rice may have played every game in 2012, but we never got the Sidney Rice we paid for. His various injuries–in particular the hip injury before he came here–robbed him of some of his athleticism. So no, we never got Rice at 100%, and we never will. It remains to be seen if he has enough left in the tank to keep.

    I believe Kearse is already a better option, and I dont like the idea of Rice taking any snaps away from the other WR’s on this team unless Tate leaves. I dont even really like the idea of him here with Tate gone, as I feel we should bring in a rookie with size and speed to compete with Walters and Lockette for the last spot, not keep a re-tread has-been with injury issues and lousy durability like Rice.

    Rice had 15 catches in 8 games before his injury, despite the fact we played a couple weak teams like Jax. He wasnt getting open more than a couple times a game, and he wasnt getting YAC like Kearse, Baldwin and Tate.

    Yes, his understanding of the offense, his leadership, and his Mr. Seahawk team-first attitude are laudable and appreciated. But unless he can play like he did in 2012, I dont feel there’s any room for him on this team.

  61. chuck_easton says:


    We agree with all the caveats you state above.

    My opinion on Rice’s potential return is based on the following caveats:

    1. Tate takes the money and runs.
    2. Rice comes back from the ACL with at least the speed he showed in 2012.
    3. Kearse, Harvin, Baldwin, and Lockette are the other four receivers.

    With that group I could see Rice taking the elder statesman role. Rice would easily take a backseat to a healthy Harvin, and Baldwin.

    I’m not saying my scenario will happen, I’m just saying I do not feel it is a forgone conclusion that he is already gone.

    Yes, Pete and Schneider have shown they are merciless in their willingness to make the tough call and jetison a player that isn’t cutting it. If Rice doesn’t come back at least at his 2012 ability he will be gone.

  62. Macabrevity says:

    I wish Steve Sabol was still around to make one of those awesome 30 minute season highlight videos….

  63. Chuck–No worries. If he can come back in camp and look like the 2012 model and Tate leaves, we could use a 6′-2″ guy with long arms who excels at tip-toe catches. As long as he’s cheap!

    Im still hoping for a rookie 6′-3″ or taller over 220 lbs who can run a 4.4. Im sure Carrol is too!

  64. Macabrevity–Yes!! I agree. Sabol was masterful.

    I told my friend during the live telecast I wished Pete Gross had lived to see this day. He would have been so proud. I still remember when they inducted him into the Ring of Honor. Still chokes me up remembering his speech that day.

  65. I am in favor of keeping Rice , but with NO Guarenties. No Play No Pay!

  66. RDPoulsbo says:

    I’m starting to move off the idea that Rice will be cut loose to go elsewhere. Still, he has to take a huge paycut to return. He has his money and his ring. What he doesn’t have is the experience of playing in a Superbowl. That might be enough to take the discount.

    Still, there are teams like the Raiders and Redskins that will be spending money like drunken sailors this offseason, so any of Seattle’s FAs could be lured away with crazy bad contracts. If that’s the case, then fine, there are other below the radar FAs that will be hungry to play for a winning team that will want to come to Seattle.

  67. Hey!

    PFT says Bobby Engram has been hired to be the Wide Receivers Coach for the Ravens! He was at the U of Pitt the last two years, and an assistant with the Niners before that.

    Go Bobby!

  68. Southendzone says:

    With the talk above about C.Michael, what expectation is there for him to crack the starting lineup next year?

    Does anyone think Lynch is losing a step, or will lose a step next season? I don’t, and unless Lynch is a HUGE surprise cut for cap reasons, C.Mike isn’t going to get a start.

    That leaves him trying to beat Turbin for 2nd string. This team really likes Turbin. It feels like if you added back all the yards Turb loses on penalties, he’d be the league leading rusher!

  69. freedom_X says:

    I know Rice played in all 16 games in 2012. He wasn’t healthy. The “healthy” Sidney Rice is the 2009 edition. Seattle has never seen this version, and IMHO never will. The current version is a $1million/yr player at best, and only if Seattle has no promising young prospects at WR.

  70. freedom_X says:

    Unless Marshawn Lynch is hurt (or gets a long suspension due to his DUI incident) there is no chance Christine Michael starts next year. If Michael learns to pass block, he’ll definitely get a lot more playing time.

  71. RDPoulsbo says:

    The problem I have with the developing a RB for the long term idea is that RB is one of the positions with the smallest learning curve coming out of college. Instead of going o-line last year, where there were glaring holes at draft time, they instead went to a position where Turbin was already playing well in a backup role. That would have been 1 less need taken care of, even going into this year’s draft while picking up a value guy with a lower round pick if they absolutely were looking for an insurance policy.

  72. freedom_X says:

    It may be that the Seattle front office didn’t have anybody on their 2013 draft board they thought would fill a “need.” If Michael was far and away the highest value player on their board, and the team is pretty loaded at most positions – it’s absolutely the right thing to draft the value player.

    With more sophisticated passing attacks and blocking schemes, even RB takes time now to learn. There aren’t many teams, not even the run-1st Seahawks or 49ers, that can afford to have a back that can’t pass-block. Mainly because pulling the RB for a pass play tells today’s D exactly what your’re doing. Michael won’t go stale waiting his turn. If you look at the top backs the past couple years, almost all of them have had injuries that called for the backup (Arian Foster, Adrian Peterson, Jamaal Charles, etc.)

    Drafting for value is how good teams stay good. We can argue if there was a offensive lineman that they should have rated higher, but I’m very glad they didn’t reach to fill a need. The depth of the team was such that they went for value in almost all their picks, which is one reason they didn’t have a lot of immediate contributors. Those guys are futures picks.

  73. While RB often has the quickest learning curve among the skill positions, that is not always the case. A lot depends on the complexity of the offense and blocking schemes. Seattle runs a fairly complicated offense and blocking scheme.

    Also, it depends on the offense the RB had in college, the complexity that they are used to, and also that its difficult for non-ZBS RB’s to fully grasp the ZBS one-cut-and-go for a couple years.

    Plus, pass protection is very important in Seattle, and is often hard for some backs to learn quickly. Turbin is a very smart, tough guy. He picked it up like nothing, but that is highly unusual, and is one big reason why the Seahawks coaches have so much faith and trust in him.

    Michaels has the talent and toughness to be a great back, not just a good one. He’s far more explosive than Lynch ever was. He’s gonna be worth the wait.

    And no, I dont expect him to start next year. I dont expect him to beat out Turbo as the third down back. I do hope that by midseason he can spell Lynch on first and second down, offering a more explosive Lynch. But as others have pointed out, Lynch’s DUI case and looming suspension, as well as the ugly specter of injury, make me damned glad to have a player of Michaels caliber on the bench.

    Yes, I do think Lynch has lost a bit of his speed. He is beginning to slow down, and he could slow down even more in the offseason or during the regular season. Eventually it will happen, whether its next year or three years from now; BeastMode will eventually wear down. Nothing lasts forever.

  74. Southendzone says:

    STTBM, you’re wrong about 1 thing

    Something does last forever, it’s the awesomeness of this superbowl win!

    YEAAAAHHHHH! The glow will never fade on this season.

  75. Michael’s Draft Bio.

    Seattle Pick #62.
    Had Rough Combine,where he was ill and missed some interviews with teams. Has injury history,including major knee problems. Never produced the way the Aggies projected and didn’t start in 2012.

  76. yankinta says:

    The only reason Christine Michael didn’t get any carries this season was because we wanted to Keep Michael Robinson and Derrick Coleman (for his special team plays)…. Now that we will be not resigning Michael Robinson,, Christine Michael will become active on game days and possibly compete for 2nd RB spot this upcoming season….

    And He will WOW the nation, and people will praise JS/PC again,, just like some of us has been praising them since year 2….. :)

  77. Osbrey–You’ve seen him run. Seattle had him rated as a first round talent, and the best RB in the draft. Dude’s electric.

    Look at Luke Willson’s college stats. He caught 9 passes his Senior Year. Draft bio’s on him offered scant info. He’s gonna be a good one, he’s so fast.

    He’s an immature bonehead, to be sure. But he’ll come around, and when he does its gonna be awesome.

    Southendzone–Right you are!

  78. STTBM,
    He did look good in PRE_SEASON, He reminds me of a RB named Harry Sydney,he led the hawks in rushing at the end of pre-season and all the fans were shocked that he was that he was cut.Coach Patera explained that he could have run through holes that Harry ran through and Harry never BROKE one tackle.

  79. He had a couple BIG runs called back due to unnecessary holds in the regular season as well.

    What Patera knew about offense you could fit on the head of a pin. That guy was so stupid he thought forcing players to practice 2-a-days in Cheney without any water made them tougher. The guy was a jackass of a coach, whatever he did with the Purple People Eaters.

    But yeah, I remember a guy named Elroy Harris, who did so good in preseason two years in a row but we never kept him. Still think he could have been really good. Coaches cut guys who could have been great all the time. Miami had Welker for a couple years, yet never saw that NE flat couldnt cover him in preseason every year. So they dumped him to NE for peanuts. Belicheat is still laughing his ass off over that…

    And if you’ve watched Michaels, you know breaking tackles isnt something he shies away from. The guy can run around or through you, and he always falls forwards.

    If you cant see his potential, youre either blind or biased.

  80. Michael has potential but he will not beat out Lynch or Turbin any time soon.

  81. stantak says:

    Thanks for another great year on the blog! You guys always go well beyond the call of duty to deliver accurate and timely Seahawks news. With the draft and OTAs not too far away, you all deserve some vacation time. Then it’s time to start the Seahawks defense of their first Super Bowl Championship – I love the sound of that!

  82. Osbrey–Agreed.

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