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Morning Links: The march toward cap space

Post by Todd Dybas / The News Tribune on Feb. 5, 2014 at 1:02 am with 69 Comments »
February 5, 2014 1:02 am

Good morning.

First, the parade. Here’s some more info on the overflow situation. If you didn’t act fast yesterday, you could be shut out. The overflow in Safeco Field is filled. The city is going to be packed beyond belief.


A look at the parade route and here are some transit options. The parade starts at 11 a.m. on Denny Way, just south of Seattle Center.

Screen Shot 2014-02-04 at 11.40.24 PM

I wrote about the Seahawks’ free agent situation heading into the offseason. You can read that here.

A couple things of note:

> has a chart showing each team’s projected cap space as currently structured. According to the site, the Seahawks are just $2,201,197 under the cap as constituted for next season.

Here’s a list of the Seahawks’ free agents heading into 2014, along with their age and 2013 cap hit:

PlayerPos.StatusAge2013 cap hit
Michael Bennett DE UFA 28$4,800,000
Breno Giacomini RT UFA 28$4,750,000
Paul McQuistan LGUFA 30$3,375,000
Chris Maragos S UFA 27$955,000
O’Brien Schofield DE UFA 26$900,000
Golden Tate WR UFA 25$880,000
Tarvaris Jackson QB UFA 30$840,000
Brandon Browner CB UFA 29$773,756
Kellen Davis TE UFA 28$672,941
Anthony McCoy TE UFA 26$656,212
Steven Hauschka K UFA 28$620,000
Walter Thurmond CB UFA 26$607,639
Tony McDaniel DT UFA 29$605,000
Clinton McDonald DT UFA 27$592,941
Doug Baldwin WR RFA 25$560,833
Jeron Johnson S RFA 25$560,000
Lemuel Jeanpierre C RFA 26$555,000
Michael Morgan DE RFA 26$555,000
Michael Robinson FB UFA 30$326,470

A lot in the works for the Seahawks, particularly because they have to look ahead to locking up Richard Sherman, Earl Thomas, then, eventually, Russell Wilson.

Here’s what John Schneider said about looking ahead at the cap:

“Probably last spring you know we are looking two to three years ahead so last year we knew we were going to have some things coming and how to handle certain players and to know just where we are headed,” Schneider said. “We put different models together. Matt Thomas does a phenomenal job with it. Figure out the best way to navigate it. They are really good problems to have.”


> Three things we learned from the Seahawks’ Super Bowl win.

> Carroll says on 710 ESPN that they felt they could “knock the crud” out of Denver.

> Golden Tate said on KJR he would take less money to stay in Seattle instead of getting paid more to go to some “crappy” city. His appearance starts around the 22-minute mark.

> Brian Bosworth sent an email to USA Today after the game. He also delivered a postgame tweet.

> The 49ers received a warning, but no fine, for the sideline hit on Jeremy Lane.

> USA today looks at the free agent situation throughout the NFC.


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  1. CDHawkFan says:

    In watching the game again last night, it seemed Denver was the Washington Generals and the Hawks were the Globetrotters. The Hawks just absolutely kicked the living crap out of them and Denver didn’t do anything about it.

    One guy that has been left out of the discuss is Max Unger, while a captain, he sure didn’t seem to play his best ball this year and I will go on record saying he might (might) be the most overrated player (as in being named to Pro-Bowls) on the roster. I am wondering if they ask him to rework his deal which is non guaranteed next year at 4.5 m salary, cap hit of 5.6 m.

  2. HeatherHawk says:

    Safeco is full too?? Wow, it’s going to be so crazy! Wish I could go, but I will settle for snuggling on the couch with sick kids, watching tv coverage and smiling till my face hurts.

  3. montanamike2 says:

    I re watched the game last night and it was enjoyable, best superbowl i’ve ever seen. Not the best game but still my favorite SB. That hit on Lane was dirty as hell. There’s a lot of players we can cut that won’t be impossible to replace so we can lock up the core players. I think that Unger has been playing through a pectoral injury the whole season and it seems to show. Why didn’t any Whiners participate in the pro bowl?
    Sore losers?

  4. pabuwal says:

    $2.2m under the cap when including the 2013 cap numbers of the free agents or excluding them?

    I sure hope it’s including them.

  5. pabuwal says:

    The Seahawks can clear nearly $30m by releasing Rice, Miller, Bryant and Clemons.

  6. SandpointHawk says:

    I walked into a local pub yesterday and the conversation was about the worst SB ever. No Seahawks or Bronco fans mind you. But it’s all a matter of perception, I thought it was the best, most entertaining SB ever..

  7. Southendzone says:

    The Boz story and picture of him is pretty awesome. This superbowl win essentially settled all family business for the entire organization just like Michael Corleone did on the day of his nephew’s baptism.

  8. Dukeshire says:

    The two most egregious hits on that list are McQuistan and Giacomini. Just over $8 million…? That will most certainly change.

    Additionally, I have to believe they’ll be asking Miller to restructure along with Rice (although more likely to be released as pab indicates) and at some point restructure Big Red.

  9. pabuwal says:

    I think they will ask Miller, Bryant and Clemons to restructure as well. The probable cap savings from all the players I mentioned is more likely $15m to $20m.

  10. KBrooks says:

    PFT is reporting that the 49’ers were let off with a warning for the sideline hit on Lane during the NFC Championship game.

  11. Miller and Bryant are essential. I don’t see them going anywhere. Tis the season for restructuring contracts for the good of the team? We’ll see.

    Keeping Bennett, and locking up Sherm and Earl long-term are by biggest wishes for the offseason. (don’t you agree that Sherman and Thomas III must play their whole careers and retire as Seahawks??)

    Giacomini, McQ, Maragos, Schofield, Tate… with Mr Schneider running the scouting program, it will not be difficult to move on without them. A couple of them are already as good as replaced, and that includes Tater. (I think Tate will wind up in D.C. catching passes from RGIII).

  12. HerndonVAHawk says:

    It looks as if the victory parade will be well attended. That’s great. I wish I could be there to join in the massive celebration. I’ll have to settle for going through this week with a goofy grin on my face and my 12th man flag flying on my car.

  13. Its obvious to me Seattle is still in good shape, cap-wise. Guys like Miller and Bryant are candidates to be extended/reduced pay, which would lower their cap hit considerably. Rice will play for peanuts or else be cut, and sad to say but guys like Schofield, McDaniels, McDonald SHOULD be available for affordable rates, or else will be replaceable; many players will be like Finley, willing to take a bit of a pay cut to come play here. We should be able to replace those backups with other backups just as talented for a reasonable price.

    There’s even a chance we end up keeping Miller, Tate, Bennett, and the two McD’s. It could happen. Cut Rice/pay him league min, cut McQ, offer Giac what he’s due–bottom 3 RT pay as his play warrants–and extend the contracts of Bryant and Miller so their cap hit is reduced, and there should be enough money to keep most of those guys, if not all.

    And there will be enough to resign ET. Don’t know about Sherm. This defense will work with Thurmond and Lane at corner, with Shead as backup along with Simon. Not to mention we have Maxwell for another year before he bails for big money.

    While Im preparing myself to lose Tate and/or Bennett, there is enough wiggle room with the cap that its not an impossibility that we keep them. Happy Days!

  14. Sherm doesn’t have to be extended. It will piss him off, but he understands the business side. He’s under contract another year, and we could franchise his butt after that. Fact is, only ET, Tate, and Bennett are huge UFA’s. When push comes to shove, Seattle can wait to extend Sherm a year or even two, so they have wiggle room and bargaining power.

    This is going to work out folks. The roster exodus disaster I feared is not happening. It will work out. We may even get some great FA bargains since it appears everyone in the league now wants to be a Seahawk and play for Carrol….

  15. RDPoulsbo says:

    I’ll be at the parade on the north end. Still have to work, so I can’t get down to Safeco with done friends. Still, can’t wait to see the defense riding ducks after watching them hunt Peyton’s.

    Remember that almost 3/4 of the country was rooting for the Broncos. After witnessing that massive horse slaughter, of course they’re going to say it was the worst SB ever.

    I think Rice, Clemons, and Miller will be gone. Maybe restructure Bryant if they can.

  16. We haven’t even had a chance to enjoy the vicoty parade and people are already cutting people who helped this team win the Super Bowl and will be celebrated by many in Seattle today? Good grief.

  17. DisplacedSeahawkFan says:

    What’s going on with Christine Michael? I know that during the season, Pete said that he didn’t get much playing time because he wasn’t good at pass protection. Then, a rumor surfaced that Pete didn’t play him because he refused to participate on special teams.

    Obviously Lynch and Turbin are powerful running backs. However, I though that Pete would utilize Michael as an effective change of pace running back, and get at least a couple of carries per game. But, that wasn’t so. So does anyone know his official story? Are there plans to see more of him next season? Or, is he on his way out?

  18. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I think we should cut every player and fire the whole coaching staff for overachieving.
    Then we need to bring back Mora and Ruskell just like it was in the good ole Hawk days.

  19. sluggo42 says:

    Is it safe to change my seahawk underwear yet?

  20. RDPoulsbo says:

    On the ferry to work right now and it’s packed like game day and it’s still another 4 hours until the parade.

    This is going to be crazy in downtown. If you’re planning to attend, best to get there as soon as you can. I need to cross 4th Ave. and I’m guessing that will be a feat this early in the day.

  21. SnakeDoctor says:

    God I wish I was there with you at the parade. This has been such a magical year! Living here in Florida, couldn’t get the ok to get there. Be watching on TV.

    Totally agree with the people who say it was a boring game. With most of the country rooting for Denver they would think it was boring.

    I too would like to know what is going on with Christian Michael. Ok Seahawk Insider, this would be a good investigative reporting story to write about. I thought he showed promise in pre-season and then the season starts and ……. crickets

  22. chuck_easton says:

    Right on Georgia!

    But you forgot to include the hiring of Yankster as special assistant to Ruskell. Anyone who is right 95% of the time, even when he’s not, should be getting paid.

  23. SnakeDoctor says:

    My bad, just read my comment. What should have read is “Totally agree with RDPoulsbo, the people who say it was a boring game were actually going for Denver.”

    To me this was the BEST SUPER BOWL EVER !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. chuck_easton says:


    That 2.2 million in cap space Seattle currently has only covers the 45 players currently under contract.

    It does not include the FA’s.

  25. Whats wrong with obsessing over coming roster moves??! And who made y’all God of Fandom?!

    Some people are truly pathetic; their happiness and grasp on reality are so infirm that one dissenting voice shakes it the core.

    I don’t know about you, but after initially freaking out over out slim cap space, I can see that with some restructuring and some needed pay adjustments for aging/underachieving players, this team is in fine shape to resign their impending FA’s, and that makes me REALLY excited.

    Plus, I cant watch the parade on TV, nor can I make it to Seattle. Im stuck working away from home all week instead.

  26. trout_hound says:

    Got to say, we all loved the Boz back in the day, at least until he p’d out and quit. He was brash and badass and stood up to Mr. Ed (I think he even coined that nickname for Elway), so its fun to see him poke some fun at him now.

    The thing that jumps out at me on that cap hit chart (besides how much McQuistan made! Yikes) is how little MRob got paid this year. Well, at least the man got his ring and now he can ride off into the sunset proud. He’s a warrior.

  27. pabuwal says:

    The parade will be broadcast live on NFLN in case you have a DVR.

  28. Bobby and Georgia.. ha! absolutely right….

    Time to start making my way downtown and wading into the happy throng… Maybe bloody mary’s for breakfast today… ha..

  29. Georgia–Dude, don’t even joke about Mora and Ruskell…worst coach and GM in Seattle history…

    Thank God Allen fired that crew of fools and hired Schneider and Carrol! Allen will be in the HOF as owner some day, mark my words!

  30. montanamike2 says:

    I heard that interview with Tate last night, if that mentality is truly teamwide with our group then that’ll go a long way with Sherm and Earl too. My hope is that Harvin restructures so we can lock up more chances at the SB. There’s no denying Tate is a playmaker and creates one more nightmare for teams stretched out at CB, i hope we lock up Baldwin too.

  31. montanamike2 says:

    I think RW will take a little less too because he sees what these mega QB salaries are doing to their teams.

  32. pabuwal says:

    That will be the key to establishing a dynasty. A team rarely wins the Super Bowl with a Pig at QB.

  33. pabuwal says:

    or a Pig at WR for that matter.

  34. montanamike2 says:

    If Sherm and Earl took less for the LOB then it would be hard to bash Sherm as a “Me first” guy.

  35. princeaden says:

    This is a team for the ages. These guys want to be here and play for Pete and Seattle. If they don’t and demand the big $ of the open market, my guess is they can and will be replaced by equal valued and talented FA’s that are lining up to come here. Great problems to have. What a time to be a Seahawk fan.

  36. CDHawkFan says:

    Its my opinion that a lot of you are setting yourself up for a letdown with these guys taking less.

    You often see smiles after a loss, a group prayer, etc. These guys know that in the end its just a game and for most of them family and long-term financial security is #1 (which I am sure most agents remind them about). Add to that that they now have been to the SB and have a ring, plus other teams will probably pay a bit more because of the SB run experience. I think when it comes to discounts, there might only be 10% of the guys that will take a home discount when 2 contracts are on the table.

    I think it would be foolish to take a discount, a few million here or there is the difference of you being able to set up multiple generations with school, car, 1st homes, travel, etc.

    Again, they have their ring, now it time to cash in for 90% + of them.

  37. wazzulander says:

    Man, I’m so jealous of all you going to the parade today but I’ll be there in spirit! Soak it up and savor it, what a day!

    I know the city/region is just bursting with positive vibes right now. Makes me wonder what all those anti-sonics citizens for more important things are saying now about sports not bringing any cultural value? What else besides sports can bring the community together like this?

  38. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I’m not expecting players to take a discount however I wouldn’t be surprised if they do.

    Sure the players want financial security but with winning comes more opportunities for that.
    Just look at what Coleman and Lynch has got now in endorsements because of winning.
    And that’s just the tip of the iceberg for a lot of players on this team.

    Tedy Bruschi Was saying the other day that players for New England took discounts because they wanted to play for a winner.

  39. RDPoulsbo says:

    They’re expecting 500k to be at the parade? They are way underestimating from everything I can see. 2.5 hour backup from Everett to Seattle at 7:30a, a full CLink and Safeco are well over 100k alone. It was already 4 deep around 8a in Belltown and that’s where the fewest people are expected to be.

  40. RDPoulsbo says:

    I expect lots of FAs to give Seattle a discount, but it’s not going to be something like taking half the pay another team would offer or anything. Add them all up, and you might be able to get 1 more moderate priced FA. That in itself is huge, but don’t expect crazy low contracts.

  41. trout_hound says:

    I hope the guys that really love Carroll and the city and the 12 will stick around for a bit less. What’s a couple of million, anyway? Ha. Yeah, realistically, if they got their goal, a ring, then yeah, its all about security after that. Give em a nice signing bonus, but make the salaries cap friendly.

    On another note, apparent San Fran is still butt-hurt over their loss, and now those homers are crying CONSPIRACY:

  42. SlickToxic21 says:

    Totally agree with you BobbyK! Let’s enjoy this at least through the victory parade…before we start cutting folks.
    37 years in the making……so many ups and downs….mostly downs…we deserve to bask in it as long as possible!!
    That said, it’s human nature for some of us to start figuring out what next year holds. Just imagine if we could repeat!! Holy crap!!

  43. chuck_easton says:

    I don’t think even the most rose coloured glasses wearers on here think the Seahawks are suddenly going to get players to be here on the cheap. It’s a business and it’s how these guys make their living. Careers are short so they need to get as much as they can when they can.

    But what I do honestly believe is that the days of Seattle having to pay above top dollar to even have an upper level FA consider making a trip to Seattle are over.

    No more will Seattle have to outbid and overpay like they did in the Wistrom, Branch, Houshmanzadah, Rice (he was likely the last, and if he wants to stay he has to accept that nobody else is going to pay him 8 million), and many others in the past.

    Players do want to come to this team. What I see in the future are situations where a player can make 1.5 in Seattle or 2.5 in Cleveland. The chance to play for a top notch winning organization can and will lure some for lesser money.

    As for our guys, we’d all love for them to want to stay. But in all honesty if Seattle can only offer Tate 4-6 per year and some other team not up against the cap as we are can offer 8-10 per year, what is in it for Tate to stay? a million less a year, maybe. When you are talking 4 million less…

    Same with Sherman. He wants to be known as the best CB in the game. He’s shown that on the field. He’s talked his way into the collective consious of the National scene. He’s not dumb and he knows what he’s doing. Now if Revis is getting 13 million per season, why would Sherman think he should get anything significantly less? I saw someone say offer Sherman 7 million a year. ????? He’s going to want at least 10 per or he will walk. It won’t be that Seattle doesn’t WANT to pay him, it will be can they AFFORD to pay him and keep a quality team together?

    The days of 2,3 or 4 high paid superstars and then a bunch of 2nd tier players are coming to an end in the NFL. Call it collusion. Call it smart business. Call it a violation of the anti-trust laws…but it was clear that the owners have made a decision to bring player salaries down. We saw that last year. The big FA paydays didn’t materialize. As long as the owners can keep Danny boy in D.C. from breaking ranks now that Upper Potomic Indiginious Persons are no longer in Cap hell, I see the same thing happening this year where players are going to find the days of the Haynsworth mega FA contracts are done.

  44. bigmike04 says:

    Will be watching the parade on tv, I so wanted to go but allergies were kicking my butt on super bowl sunday & past 2 days after getting over sore throat before super bowl sunday..

    Cutting Sidney Rice will create 7.3 in cap space.. Their is no way, you resigned a guy who will get better offer with another team because of dept, you have on this team.. If tate get resigned than you don’t need Rice..

    Thurman will be losing money after his suspension & their is always a chance, that he might get suspsended again.. So his big pay day that he hopin for might not be the one that team offer.

    What is cap room for cutting james carptner??

  45. “I don’t think even the most rose coloured glasses wearers on here think the Seahawks are suddenly going to get players to be here on the cheap. It’s a business and it’s how these guys make their living. Careers are short so they need to get as much as they can when they can.

    But what I do honestly believe is that the days of Seattle having to pay above top dollar to even have an upper level FA consider making a trip to Seattle are over.”

    I think both points are well made. Re the hometown discount, maybe we’ll get a slight one, b/c it’s a winning team, and a great atmosphere – but Chuck is right, NFL careers are short, these guys need to make what they can in the short window of oppty they get. and I never blame them.

    the 2nd point is a good one too – and I totally agree – I do remember how much we had to overpay to get guys like Chad Brown to come out to the Siberia of the NFL. I think Carroll, the fanbase, and of course, the SB win, have changed that perception completely.

    The way I see it shaking out long term is that RW and ET aren’t going anywhere, period. Sherman – we will see. I think he’s going to demand and deserve top-dollar, but if we get ET signed, and w/Kam signed, I do think Sherman has affection for the LOB.

    Othewise, PC/JS have earned my trust that they’ll be smart about how they spend the cap.

  46. SlickToxic21 says:

    I’m sure it must have happened at some point in the past….but I don’t recall the last report of a Seahawks player re-working his contract to help out with the cap. I know Big Walt did it to try and help out the Hutchinson fiasco….but I wonder if we will hear of Seahawk players reworking to help keep guys like Bennett, Tate, Baldwin, etc.
    Hopefully it comes from the guys that have either really underachieved, or have already made some good $$ in their careers.

  47. chuck_easton says:


    Cutting Carpenter only saves 1.478 million in cap room. He’s here next year. He makes less than McQ and Breno now. Only Sweezy gets paid less than him on the starting 0-line. And for the O-line as a whole only Bowie, Bailey, and Sweezy make less than Carp.

  48. yankinta says:

    Based on Cap Numbers for 2014,, I am prediction this/would like to see this take place….

    1. Sidney Rice = 7.3 mil cap savings
    2. Chris Clemons = 7.5 mil cap savings

    Renegotiate…., if not, Cut
    1. Red Bryant = 5.5 mil cap savings
    2. Zach Miller = 5 mil cap savings

    That would create 25.3 mil + 2.5 mil (currently available) = $30.3 mil in cap space for 2014.

    Then I would like us to sign in the following priority…
    1. Extend Earl Thomas
    2. Extend Richard Sherman
    3. Michael Bennett
    4. Breno Giacomini (only with discounted price tag)
    5. Walter Thurmond (only with discounted price tag)
    6. Golden Tate (only with discounted price tag)
    7. Steven Hauschka (only with discounted price tag)

  49. Pre-Parade on KIROTV.COM right now

  50. chuck_easton says:

    For all the talk this year about the 0-line (looking at STTBM) and why certain players were out there and the thought that Carp is a 1st round bust…

    Here’s the total pay and cap hit for the O-line this season:

    Okung Pay: 8.72 million Cap: 9.340 million (2014 8.76M P 11.24M Cap)
    Unger Pay: 4.8 million Cap: 6 million (2014 4.9M pay 6.1M Cap)
    Giacomini Pay: 3.5 million Cap: 4.75 million (2014 FA no cap hit)
    McQuistain Pay: 3.375 million Cap: 3.375 million (2014 FA no cap hit)
    Carpenter: Pay 1.064 Cap: 2.084 million (2014 2.431M Cap 1.417 pay)
    Sweezy Pay: 480K Cap: $491K (2014 570K pay 584K Cap)
    Bowie Pay: 405K Cap: 416K (2014 495K pay 506K Cap)
    Bailie Pay: 405K Cap: 407K (2014 495K pay 497K Cap)

    Now you see why Carpenter is here. His pay wasn’t as much as people think and it was fully guaranteed in 2013. Cutting Carpenter in 2014 only saves his 1.417 from the Cap. He will be here another year.

  51. Wow…love being able to stream the celebration on my iPad on Kiro…wearing my Seahawk colors to work here in Vegas today.

    As great as the celebration is and for the next hour and a half that’s all the focus, I think it is fine to talk anything Seahawks right now…even salary cap things! I was bummed when XM NFL Radio wasn’t talking about the Super Bowl today on my way in, sheesh we only got two days then they move on?

  52. GeorgiaHawk says:

    1.417 could be the difference in re-signing Bennett.

  53. It will be awesome to watch the Competition at O-line this year I feel confident that Pete and John will bring in talent and the best players will play thats enough for me.

    GO HAWKS !!

  54. Chuck–I understood why Carp was kept on the team this year. I just cant understand why they drafted him so high. Also, I wont understand if they dont give Bailey, Bowie, et al the opportunity to outcompete him in TC next year.

  55. I dont see them bringing Breno back personally. Let the young kids fight for it, for way less $$.

    Most important UFA resign is Michael Bennet hands down.
    If you can afford to keep Tate, at a reasonable rate great.

    Baldwin is restricted, but a must, and should be affordable.

    Cuts: Miller, Rice, Clemmons all gone. This can hopefully free up enough cap room to resign/extend the players we need. Willson played pretty well for a rookie and will only improve. Cant keep Avril and Clem, Avril younger, cheaper, and better. We platyed the whole year without Rice really,he was never right this year.

    Hopefully they lock up Sherman and Thomas. The idea of them taking “less” for the team is not really the point I think. It is maybe taking less, but getting your contract set and guaranteed before another season where maybe you get hurt. It also will allow the team pro-rate the bonus over this coming low salary yera which helps down the lind.

  56. I’ve been indisposed the past few days. Congrats to everyone on here. I hope everyone truly got a chance to enjoy it!

    Has it been discussed whether or not this is the best defense in Hawks’ history in the wake of the SB? I’d say it certainly is for me. I didn’t watch ’84 in person, but I think they have to be tops. First on so many categories, winning a SB, and completely demolishing the top scoring offense in league history in said SB. It’s now very clear why they locked Kam down.

    That 2.2 mil in cap space is far from set in stone. It does NOT count our free agents, as Chuck said. The cap space will obviously depend on what the NFL sets the cap at. We know that the Hawks have approx. 126 mil committed to the 2014 cap right now. My guess is that the cap is around 128 mil. They also have approx. 3 mil to roll over. So, that would give them approx. 5 mil if the cap was set at 128 mil.

    I’ve said it many times, but I expect Rice to be cut. You can use that 7.3 mil to bring back Baldwin and hopefully Tate. I expect Clemons to be gone as well. That’s 7.5 mil in space from him. Red and Miller are possible candidates to be asked to restructure. I personally think they need to keep Miller. I’d really like to have Bennett back. I think you restructure or cut Red if you have to to bring Bennett back. Breno and McQ are gone IMO. Maybe Breno will be back if he signs for significantly less than he made in 2013.

  57. ChrisHolmes says:

    @bbmate Best defense in Hawks history? No, that hasn’t been discussed, because there’s really no question anymore.

    What’s been discussed is if this is one of the best defenses in NFL History. Seattle’s defense has been talked about a lot since Sunday, and a lot of that discussion has centered around comparing them to the 2000 Ravens and the ’85 Bears.

    I’ve seen a lot of stats and numbers in the past three days; people are really trying to figure out how to categorize this team. The Bears’ defense from ’85 certainly had the more impressive numbers.

    But what I am having a fun time with is this: Seattle’s defense didn’t just dominate a Superbowl (as those other two great defenses did), but it dominated the brand-new all-time greatest scoring offense in NFL history.

    If Denver would have won the Superbowl, all we would have heard about is how great that offense was, how it is better than the 2007 Patriots who went undefeated, how it was better than the Greatest Show on Turf Rams of 1999, etc. And rightfully so. Manning eclipsed the TD record, blew away the yards records and they scored over 600 points.

    All of which, to me, makes Seattle’s performance in the Superbowl more impressive.

    This wasn’t the Patriots kicking a FG to beat the Greatest Show on Turf; it wasn’t a close game. This was Seattle absolutely and completely dominating the highest scoring offense of ALL TIME.

    Think about that for a moment… it’s something to digest.

    I heard Shannon Sharp on the radio yesterday, the ex-Bronco, and he said that if Denver played Seattle 10 times, they’d lose 10 times.

    There’s simply no question that this defense is not only the best defense Seattle has ever produced, it’s one of the top 5, if not top 3, defenses of all time in the NFL. The body of work that Seattle put up this year proves that. And this defense had to do it in this “new era” of passing. The league has clearly become a passing league, the rules are geared for passing, and everything is tilted toward that style of offense, all of which I think lends even more credence to Seattle’s defensive might.

    When you put the whole thing in context… it’s pretty damn impressive.

  58. Keep in mind the great players make more money in endorsements than in salary, and my hope is that RW leads the way to that end. I’m hoping that the members of the LOB make be better collectively than individually. My hope is that they are loyal to each other meaning if RS breaks the bank so other members must go it won’t be good. Bam Bam got his deal last yr and hopefully that gives some sanity to the thomas Sherman negotiations.

  59. The first 8 million I save is letting Breno and McQuisten walk. Bailey and Carp can replace them with Bowie and JeanPiere able to back up both G and T. Rookies will fill the remaining depth.

    While much of the role players that are FA will resign for the similar 5-7k they got this yr, their are some who will get bigger offers elsewhere. I’m not that worried about Bennett as he gave us a discount but was still paid 5 million about 2.5 million short the market rate. Hawks were already 2 under and the cut above adds 8. After Bennett I’m still more than 7.5 under the cap.

    Thurmond will likely be playing corner somewhere else in our division as they know what he can do even as a non-starter. Balwin we match as a restricted FA and GT will likely get about 6 million to stay, and that will likely place me at the cap. But a cut of Rice will place us almost 10 million back under the cap. That alone gives us the money to extend RS.

    Rumor is Miller already got the word to renegotiate by the 3/10 bonus deadline or we cut him. With Wilson and McCoy I can live with the loss of Miller esp. if it means having the money to extend Thomas.

    Bryant, Clemons, and Okung, and even ML will ultimately need to take a cut if they want to stay sooner or later, but not necessarily this yr. But for now I believe the trade this offseason to be;

    loose- Giacomini, McQuisten, Rice, Miller
    extend for yrs- Tate, Sherman, Thomas, Bennett

  60. Why cut miller if you can trade him?

  61. reports the hawks have signed the entire practice squad to futures contracts except QB B.J.Danials who is expected to get anew contract!

  62. doubledink says:

    That is the very argument I’ve been making with folks in the leadup to the SB and after. This defense didn’t do this to Tony Eason, they did it to The Man, with the biggest year on the biggest stage with the greatest margin of victory.

    Greatest of all time – bar none.

    Not only that, but years from now the league will look back to the LOB as changing the way the game is played. Big, long DBs as the core of the D instead of the elite pass rushing front. That paradigm shift (along with another ring or two) will get Pete Carroll in the HOF one day.

  63. “The first 8 million I save is letting Breno and McQuisten walk.”

    That doesnt save you any money, they are free agents.

  64. bigmike04 says:

    Jaguars goal this off season is to improve their OL, now I am not saying Breno & Paul McQuisten are upgrade but since seahawks & jags have some what a relationship.. I think one or both will end up their as OL are kind of big deal as you need to protect your QB..

  65. bigmike04 says:

    I do think Chris Clemmons if cut will find another job in NFL.. the guy can still bring it but not at his price range & the same can be said for Sidney Rice who will be cut just because it all about the money with him as he was getting paid to be a number 1 receiver which in reality, he wasn’t & hawks got good dept in Harvin, Tate, Baldwin, Kearse, Lockett, Walters, Bates & Clark, Arceto on PS that dept, if they got out & draft WR in later round or Undrafted free agent..

    Any player who get cut like clemmons, Rice, Miller will find a job in NFL because, they can still play & have yet to shown that, they are slowing down in playing wise..

  66. I agree that hometown discounts will end up being wishful thinking for the most part. I hope it happens, but not counting on it.

    Breno and McQ are gone, Bailey and Bowie are younger and will be better.

    I believe mgmt will ask Clemons, Bryant, and Miller to restructure.
    If they convert base salary to a one time signing bonus, they can still get paid and we can offset the money over a few years so it won’t hit our cap as hard. We should also ask Percy to restructure, but I don’t have a good read on him yet, don’t know how he would respond to that request just 1 year after he signed the big deal.

    Rice will be released. 30 year old injury prone players coming off ACL surgeries are not in high demand. We can probably get him to come back for the vet min. after how much he has gotten paid so far by this organization and he’s been injured half the time.

    I believe Okung will be extended so his cap hit of $11M for next year can be spread out.

    And even though I believe Earl Thomas is more important to our D than Sherm, I think we should extend Sherm first. The reason being it costs more to franchise a CB than a FS. That’s if we can’t extend both of them, of course. Sherm and Bennett will get the big chunk of the money, $10M/yr for Sherm and $8M/yr for Bennett, with Golden Tate getting some decent change. $6M/yr should be enough to keep Tate around here.

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