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Snap counts: Super Bowl edition

Post by Todd Dybas / The News Tribune on Feb. 4, 2014 at 12:00 pm with 111 Comments »
February 8, 2014 5:39 pm

Three interesting things: A ton of Zach Miller, a dose of O’Brien Schofield at rush end/LB spot and very little Bruce Irvin.

Percy Harvin came into the game having played 40 total snaps. He played 31 in the Super Bowl, producing 137 total yards.

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  1. Now that we won the Superbowl I hope people will forgive Carroll and Schneider for drafting Irvin too high.

    They made a lot of moves and draft picks and not all of them worked out. But they also won a CHAMPIONSHIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Best coaching and front office in football: Your Seattle Seahawks!

  2. How does Tate always have so many snaps and produce so little?

    Is their room for Irvin on this team as a starter at any position?

  3. Between OTAs and September, Bruce Irvin needs to demonstrate whether he is a big play cover LB or a big play pass rusher. He’s too fast and talented to play only 17 snaps.

  4. Clearly the top 4 DL the hawks need to keep are Bennett, Clemons, McDonald, and Avril. Next comes Mebane, McDaniel, and then Bryant. Only Avril and Clemons are under contract next and resigning Bennett and McDonald has to be a priority. Restructuring Clemons 9 million is likely next yr if not this year, restructuring Bryants 8 million this offseason is inevitable. The truth is both may be necessary if we want to keep everyone, Clemons needs to reduce a little and Bryant a lot!

  5. jawpeace says:

    Thanks Todd. One thing I would really like is a list of everyone who gets a ring from the Hawks. The ones I am curious about is the bottom of the roster. Those that got cut. And practice squad guys who will get a ring.

  6. Tate was covered by Cromartie much of the time–the best corner Denver had. Also, the Safety was usually doubling him, or at least spying him. Tate was the guy Denver was most worried about aside from Harvin.

    2 of Tate’s 3 catches were very important, and the one yarder he got a helmet to helmet earholing and still bounced up. He was a great decoy and blocker.

    He’s shown what he can do if we focus on getting him the ball. The playoffs showed how much teams fear him; he isnt playing badly, he’s just getting a lot of attention–which opens things for Baldwin and Kearse.

    Irvin is still learning. He’s shown flashes, and isnt getting beaten in coverage. But with the way Smith and Wright are playing, he’s just getting aced out. Yeah, Seattle probably shouldnt have drafted him in the first, but they did and the guy isnt dumb and he’s busting his butt. I’ll take him. He will be fine.

  7. Irvin was drafted to make a presence on the DL and it was hard to know we’d add Bennett, Avril, and McDaniel. The time may come where he moves back to the line as we try to keep all our players. Or the time may come when we can’t keep all of Wagner, Wright,Smith and Irvin. If Irvin doesn’t put up the numbers he’ll be cheap to keep and the fact that he can play line and LB is a plus into the future. No he may not in the end be the best #1 but still a lot better than Carpenter.

  8. jawpeace says:

    Speaking of getting rings. I bet Antone Winfield is kicking himself for not signing with the Hawks when Browner and Thurmond both went out.

  9. Tate still led the team in catches and yards despite barely being targeted the last couple weeks of the season. He’s playing fine. This offense rarely forces the ball to a single player, they just adjust to the D and go with the best matchup/open guy.

    If Tate leaves, you guys will see what he can do with real opportunities.

  10. jawpeace–I think Seattle was looking at him as a fill-in during the suspensions, and likely would have cut him for the playoff stretch, and thats why he wasnt willing to come back. They werent interested in losing a young prospect like Simon, Shead, or anyone else to keep Winfield happy.

  11. And if Clemons leaves or is ineffective next year, Irvin may get a shot at playing Leo, at least on passing downs. Hard to say. I think Carrol and company can find a use for him, a place for him to excel.

  12. SlickToxic21 says:

    Gotta disagree tepug…..Mebane, Bennett and Avril are the top 3. What Mebane does is so underrated. Bryant is next. But guys like McDonald and McDaniel were got on the cheap, and I don’t see us paying too much to keep them. They fit our system very well…..and someone will pay more than we will for them. Clemons is valuable, but his age and his 2014 salary make it likely that he’s gone.

    I just finished watching the game again……5th time……and I have to say that one of the best parts of that game for me, were that the refs did a fantastic job. There were a few calls that could have been made, for and against us….but they really did a good job. I know a 43-8 game doesn’t often find too many officiating complaints…but again, they did a great job I thought.

  13. I think we need to restructure Rice rather let him go. Our window to win is now and wr typically take 2-3 yrs to become effective. This teams wr corps will be the best in the league if we reduce Rice and give that to both Baldwin and Tate. If a player wants to break the bank he’ll have to go if we want to stay competitive. If FA will want to come here you gotta believe existing players should want to give a discount to stay for the sake of all their team mates.

  14. Macabrevity says:

    From what I’ve seen of Irvin as a pass rusher, as soon as first contact is made, he’s pretty much done. As a LB he seemed to play well, but playing well isn’t enough to cut it on this defense. I like the guy, won’t consider him a bust but definitely over-drafted.

  15. I’m not saying we don’t need more than the top 4 DL I listed but this team can’t afford to keep both Mebane and Bryant unless Bryant takes a big hit. Ya he’s great but we can’t keep everyone unless they take a cut. This team needs Clemons (who plays almost every down)more than Bryant (who plays the run). McDonald won’t be that much to keep as we cut him once and he went nowhere. Now he’s had some success so if we cut him he will be picked up but I think he is more valuable than Bryant as he plays run and Pass just like Bennett, Avril, and Clemons. I hope Clemons will restructure but even if not I still think we keep him another yr regardless.

  16. Southendzone says:

    Right now, nobody on this team is a bust.

    Carp haters? Look up above, this guy played half the snaps as part of an O-Line that gave up zero sacks in the superbowl.

    Irvin detractors? Go find a play in the SB where he got beat and cost us a first down.

    Tate having little impact? STT explained it perfectly, 2 really big catches, he’s a superstar at punt returns, and tough as hell.

    Right now, even the guy who folds the Seahawks laundry at the VMAC is a world champion and so are all of us!

  17. My bigger worry is OL. Giacomini, McQuisten, and Carpenter all make 3m + or -. Heck I’d rather dump all 3 and sign the best OL in FA, then fill in with the rest and a draft pick or 2. 3 million is too much to pay for mediocrity.

    Miller is another place to save even though the 11 million he got this yr reduces to 7 next yr. 7 is still too much for Miller. I hope we draft 2 OL and a TE with our top 3 picks.

  18. The top 4 WRs next year will be Harvin, Baldwin, Kearse and Lockette. Unless Tate comes back for $1m or less, he’s gone.

  19. pabs–Thats funny! There’s no way Carrol and company value Tate so little. I do think he’s priced himself out of our affordability, but to say they are only willing to pay him $1 million is laughable.

  20. Your right south end zone and that’s why we can’t keep everyone. SF is going to try and steal our best towel! Now only the key core players offensive and defensive get the 7-10 million deals, starters who are left will be looking at 2-5 million and reserves are going to get the 500k-1 million. Some players we love are going to go as reality. The more greedy the key core players are, the lesser their role players will be. Thanks goodness Carroll and Snyder can draft and more important develop, cause that will be our depth into the future.

  21. South–Giving Fat Carp credit for zero sacks is funny and misguided. The line did not play well–and he was a big part of that. They were manhandled up front in the run game, and Lynch was getting the crap beat out of him. In pass pro, they did just enough for RW to scramble his butt off and bail them out. And Denver did not have much of a pass rush, our line just cant pass pro worth beans.

    Doesnt matter; we kicked butt and won a SB. But for next year, its got to be a major point of emphasis.

  22. There is 0 need for Tate on this team. Every extra million he gets takes away from that DL. I’d get rid of Tate before I get rid of anyone on that DL.

  23. I’s like to see the aprox 12 million we paid Rice Tate and Baldwin be restructured and divided between them to keep all 3. Rice has said that Seattle has become a desired destination for outside players and once you come here you never want to leave and will take less money to play in Seattle. I think he saw writing on wall that if he doesn’t reduce he’s gone. I’d keep him on a 3 yr 2-3 million deal and I’d resign either or both Tate and Baldwin for at or just over that price.

  24. Most of Bryants money is going to resign Bennett and McDonald. Clemons will need to be restructured to extend and Keep Avril beyond next yr.

    I for one would rather have Tate than Bryant if that was my choice.

  25. Pabs–Thats your opinion and you are certainly entitled to it. But I will remind you of your comment that Seattle would only offer Tate $1 million a year when they either sign him or offer him way more….

    Despite your views, in all likelihood Tate is worth quite a bit more than that to Carrol and Schneider. Now, as I said, he may be too expensive, but they dont see his value the way you do, and thats obvious from how they leaned on him in the Rams and first NO games, and by Carrols comments.

    And saying there is zero need for Tate on this team is ridiculous. That opinion is simply indefensible for anyone who isnt blind; I dont even know how to begin with that one…

  26. tepug–I have no idea what price Carrol and Schneider have on Rice, but its bound to be drastically reduced. I think a lot depends on whether we can lock up Tate, and how much he gets paid, and whether Rice can come back improved in TC. If he looks like he did last year, I think he gets cut and they wont want him at any price.

    Kearse is really stepping up, and this will be his third year–its likely he makes a big jump in his play next year.

  27. Southendzone says:

    They are going to put the franchise tag on that towel folding guy. Guaranteed average salary of the top 3 towel folders in the league.

    As for the O-Line, they looked pretty solid pass blocking on Sunday. You’re right the run game wasn’t going that great, but Denver clearly had that as their priority to stop it. Seattle adjusted and burned them passing, RW was clean as a whistle in the pocket, and had no trouble moving to get extra time when he needed. Sando even tweeted today that the majority of his 206 yards were from inside the pocket.

    I know you have a huge personal thing against Carp, but this week, right now, he is one of the guys that brought us to the promised land. I’d buy that dude a beer if I ran into him.

  28. HawkfaninMT says:

    I think Rice restructures and our WRs next year are:

    Rookie (Brandon Coleman or Travis Benjamin would look nice here IMO)

  29. Dukeshire says:

    Todd – Are you sure Okung played all snaps? Didn’t they pull him for Bailey on at least one play (as I remember)?

  30. pabuwal says:

    Someone tell me what the point of devoting cap space to Tate is when we have those 4 WRs I listed as well as the draft? Do you want to sacrifice anyone on that DL?

    Tate will go somewhere and get a 3 year $12m contract.

  31. South–Id make HIM buy ME a beer lol! But I probably wouldnt call him FatCarp to his face, he played hard in the biggest game of this franchises history. Getting deactivated and watching Bowie start a playoff game–and do well–hopefully woke him up.

    Still, Carp needs to lose 20 lbs minimum. His behavior thus far has not shown him to be a guy who feels grateful for being overdrafted, a guy who wants to be the best. He hasnt seemed to “get it”. Here’s hoping he does figure it out.

    Its nothing personal. Im just sick of bad LG play. And bad RG play. And bad RT play. They got the job done–barely–and for now thats good enough. But I cant believe anyone would want to see our line open up Game One next year with the same lineup. Im desperately hoping not only Carp, but Sweezy and Breno get outcompeted in camp, and we have three new starters at G and RT. Im also hoping McQ retires.

  32. pabuwal says:

    The OL wasn’t bad when healthy. It was average, sometimes even a little better, sometimes a little worse. And that’s all you need to have a decent offense.

  33. Pabs–Tate can win one-on-one jump balls. Kearse can too, but Tate was more consistent. We dont really have a guy who can play SE like Tate can. We have Baldwin and Kearse, who really are Slot/Flankers, and Harvin, who certainly isnt starting SE material. Lockette has shown nothing at WR; he catches one ball a week on the same route–a crossing pattern from left to right.

    Tate is also the only guy that can catch a short pass in coverage, and bull through for 10 yards to pick up a first down, and get back up from an earholing. Harvin and Baldwin are tough, but they arent durable. Tate is. And without Tate, we are one Harvin injury away from pedestrian, unless Kearse takes that quantum leap Im hoping for. Baldwin is a fine player, but he’s a complementary piece, not a star who can take over a game.

    And considering what a lot of WR’s are making, I think $4 million a year for Tate is far lower than what he will actually command on the market. But time will tell…

  34. pabuwal says:

    Do you want to devote money to Tate that could go towards this DL?

  35. Pabs–if you read the advanced metrics sites like Profootballoutsiders all year, they made it clear Seattle’s offensive line was not even close to mediocre. They were bottom 5 in the league much of the year. Thats not even close to avg. Lynch’s toughness and RW’s scrambling ability was responsible for making them look that good–in reality, they were flat bad.

    And we won a SB despite them. Thats amazing. Im so relieved!

  36. Yes, Pabs, depending on how things shake out. I think McDaniels is replaceable, and if Bennett costs the moon, we’ll have to ride with Hill in his place next year and hope Williams can offer some run stuffing alongside Mebane.

    But its not cut and dried; it all depends on many factors; how much will the market for Tate and Bennett be? How much will it cost to resign McDonald and McDaniels? Will we have FA’s from elsewhere looking to take their place for less money than these guys will command?

    And the offensive line is an issue. Again, we should cut McQ and move on, and cut Giacomini as well, saving almost 8 million bucks. We can sign two better vets or pay a first round and second round rookie with money left over for Tate or whoever…And cutting Carpenter has to be a consideration…

  37. Southendzone says:

    My feeling is you shouldn’t call him Fat Carp here. The dude is a pro football player on our favorite team. Criticism of him is totally fair game, name calling I disagree with. And, here’s the BMI of all of our O-Lineman (based on Hawks roster info) so you might have to start calling others fat as well.

    Name BMI
    Bowie, Michael ….. 40.41
    Bailey, Alvin … 39.99
    Carpenter, James 38.06
    Jeanpierre, Lemuel 37.62
    Hauptmann, Caylin 37.49
    Okung, Russell . 36.76
    McQuistan, Paul 36.40
    Unger, Max …….. 36.16
    Giacomini, Breno 35.82
    Sweezy, J.R. …….. 35.33

  38. Pabs–All Im saying is I think you value Tate far less than our coaches and GM do, and obviously a great deal less than I do. Im not privy to what the staff really thinks, and its likely I value Tate more than they do. But again, your comments were that Tate wont be offered more than a $1 million dollar contract by the team, and thats simply ridiculous.

  39. I think Tate is an important re-sign for the right money. Electric as he is, we don’t know if Harvin can stay healthy. I’m assuming Rice is gone (no idea how he’ll be physically after a major knee injury like that, and he had health issues independently of the knee); and so if Harvin goes down again, w/out Tate, our WR corps becomes: Baldwin, Kearse, Lockette (maybe), and ??. Not good enough.

    Now if Tate gets an offer of $9-10M/year as some on here think, then I agree that we have to figure out a plan B.

    Agree that Bennett is an even higher priority (what he and Avril brought this year cannot be overstated), but i’m hoping it’s not an either/or situation.

  40. montanamike2 says:

    STTBM you get your due for calling on Kearse to step up. I think Rice’s knees might be shot, so getting him back might not be realistic. Pete’s always insisted Tate is part of his long term plan but he might have outplayed what we can afford. I’d like to see some better O-line too, now that we are the team to go get a ring we might see some surprises come our way. I still hoping for Fitz.

  41. chuck_easton says:

    I agree HawkfaninMT.

    Tepug, Miller’s Cap hit was 11.5 million this year. His salary was 7.8 million. The rest was the pro-rated portion of his signing bonus (money he already got).

    In 2014 Miller’s Cap hit drops to 7 million from 11m (drop of 4 million). His salary drops from 7.8 million to 4.8 million. If Miller is cut he still counts 2 million towards the cap. There is only a Cap savings of 5 million by cutting Miller.

    The team would have to then go out and sign another all purpose TE that can do everything Miller does (block, catch passes…) You won’t find that type of player for anything less than 3-4 million. Now you have lost a very valuable piece of the offense and saved a maximum of 1 to 2 million.

    Miller isn’t going anywhere. He may agree to some type of re-structure to lower the cap hit, but he’s on the team in 2014.

  42. chuck_easton says:


    My gut feeling on Rice is he seems to be very much the team guy. All the players love him. They all kept talking about how he is the leader of the WR group. Rice was at every game, every practice, and was on the sidelines Sunday. He will re-structure to stay.

    If he comes back from the ACL surgery with anything left in the wheels he will be a Seahawk.

  43. I’m assuming O-line will be addressed in the draft; probably D-line depth too.

    Question – – did we totally swing and miss on Jordan Hill and Jessie Williams in this past draft? Too early to tell?

  44. South–Carp is listed at what, 330?! There’s no way that dude is an ounce under 350 lbs. He actually got fatter through the season. And its fat too. He spent the whole year looking and playing like he was fat and out of shape and not in good condition.

    So Im betting their BMI is a lie. Just as they list Willson as being the same height and nearly the same weight as Miller–and there’s just no way thats true when you look at them.

    Out of curiosity, where did you find those BMI numbers?

    Regardless, it isnt just how Carp looks; its his play PLUS how fat and out of shape he looks that leaves him open for ridicule. And IMO, he’s getting overpaid drastically and so deserves any scorn directed his way. He was overdrafted, and showed his appreciation by getting very fat and out of shape during the strike instead of hiring a trainer and getting in the best shape of his life, as he should have. He has never played a single game where he looked or played as if he were in game shape. He’s on the bubble to be cut and out of football, and better have dedicate himself in the offseason if he wants to stick on the roster.

    But yes, he played well enough to help us win in the SB–as I said–so Im stoked and I appreciate his effort in that game. But there’s no getting around he’s still splitting time with the very much washed up McQuistan, in his third year as a first round pick. In no way shape or form is that acceptable. Even Bruce Irvin, after having an even more complex position switch, is outplaying Carp in his second year. And everyone but me and a couple others wants Irvin’s head on a pike it would seem..At least Irvin is in shape and seems to really care!

  45. Singularitarian says:

    Pabs. Golden Tate is a playmaker. We have a few on offense, but he is gold with the ball in his hands. I would not be surprised to see him go, but I won’t like it. He made a lot of great plays this year, and on top of that, he has stayed healthy, something that Rice and Harvin have not done. I will take Tate over Rice for the same money no questions asked.

  46. @chuck – yeah, I dont disagree w/any of that, but the guy has had concussion and other health issues, and now a significant knee injury. Just don’t think we can count on him. And honestly, if he loses any of the remaining speed/quickness he had, not sure how valuable he is – but we will see. As someone else said earlier, this front office is very unemotional when it comes to roster choices, so I trust their judgment when the time comes.

  47. pdway–I think its way too early to tell. They gambled on Williams; everyone knew his knee was thrashed, but Seattle felt he was such a talent it was worth a late-round flyer to see if he could push through and/or rehab the knee. Time will tell.

    Hill showed lots of promise, but tried to come back from injury too soon and it slowed his recovery. Then with the play of McDaniels, McDonald, and Bennett, there was just no room for him. But he’s one player I have no worries or doubts about; he’s gonna be a good one. But it will be a year or two before we really know what we have in him.

    Pass rushers and WR’s often take three years to reach full speed in the NFL. Williams gets another year because he missed all of preseason and the regular season.

    Thats my opinion, for what its worth.

  48. montanamike2 says:

    I was also thinking that Irvin might be a cheap replacement for Clemmons.

  49. freedom_X says:

    Baldwin’s 37 yard catch was a result of Tate clearing out the coverage. Also, on one play, Tate was wide open deep but Wilson didn’t pull the trigger for some reason. (BTW I heard that Wilson had the flu all week – I didn’t know that.)

    However, Seattle has potential options at DL (young players that they like) whereas they don’t seem to have many options at WR. So that might argue in favor of Tate, if he really could be signed for $4million/yr.

    Irvin is a work in progress. Remember how raw he was coming out of college. I don’t know if Seattle is shifting him back to DL permanently, but I suspect once one of the current Seattle LB’s leave for a bigger contract (Wright/Smith) then Irvin will be in position to step in.

  50. Southendzone says:

    I calcuated them, the formula is (weight/height in inches ^2) times 703, those BMI figures aren’t on, only the height/weight

    just for fun, lowest BMI? Richard Sherman! Highest, Mebane!

    again I don’t have any issue with criticism of his play but repeatedly calling him names isn’t right.

  51. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Regardless how it all plays out this year with Tate, Baldwin and Rice, We could benefit greatly by adding a big physical and fast WR to the mix on draft day.
    I haven’t looked into this years WR draft prospects yet however I have read on more than one occasion that this years draft is deep in WR talent.

  52. Singularitarian says:

    I also agree with STTBM that if a team reaches for you in the first round, you have an obligation to try your best and get into good shape. If you don’t, you deserve to get ridiculed

  53. MontanaMike2–Thanks. Kearse has a ways to go, but I feel he will make Rice redundant and irrelevant by next year Game one.

    As I said, I wont be a bit surprised if Tate gets a pretty hefty contract elsewhere that Seattle cant justify matching. But the guy isnt chopped liver as a few seem to think.

    I noticed no one even mentioned Lockettes idiotic spinning of the football after his one damned catch…same move cost us 15 yards when Rice did it early in the year. Thats a lot more egregious than Tate’s First Down motion, at least to me…

  54. Singularitarian says:

    I was never quite sure what happened with WIlliams after a great preseason. It seemed a shame to see a big fast strong handed receiver like him go. Never made sense to me

  55. Singularitarian says:

    Rice cost us 15 cause he spun it at a the other team’s player’s feet

  56. HawkfaninMT says:

    Well to continue with the prediction game…


  57. Southendzone–I hear what youre saying. And I respect your opinion.

    But I believe a major factor in Carpenters poor play is his immense weight, and since he appeared to get fatter–not just bigger, but fatter–over the last year or so, I have even less respect for him. He still seems to struggle with conditioning and he’s a third year player! There’s just no excuse for that.

    Notice that while I insist McQ is washed up I dont call him names. McQ is in as good a shape as he can get, and gives 100% every play. I respect his effort, even though his play is lacking.

    Carpenter was likely benched and deactivated not just for poor play, but for poor effort. I have very little respect for him.

    Week after week, even Dybas noticed that Carp seemed out of shape. And really, there is no excuse for that. ITs not like Seattle doesnt have tons of coaches/trainers/dieticians/etc to help him, and its not like he cant afford to eat right…No excuse.

  58. Singulitarian–Stephen Williams? He had two long passes early in the year, and dropped them both. In Seattle, you make your one play a game, you get another opportunity. You drop two in a row, you get cut. Thems the breaks…and of course Bradley snapped him off waivers, and a couple weeks later Williams went on IR…

  59. South–As I said, there’s just no way Carp is really only 330 lbs. And BMI is garbage–if you dont know his actual Body Fat % then its just a math exercise and really doesnt tell you much.

    I have a friend who just quit being a HotShot firefighter. He’s 5′-9″ tall and 175 lbs, and he’s skinny and probably should eat more protein. BMI says he’s OBESE. Seriously. The guy has a six pack and probably 5% or less body fat, he’s not overly muscled, and he can swing a pulaski for 15 hours straight…

    So to me, BMI is even more worthless than the Wonderlic.

  60. montanamike2 says:

    I still have memories of fat kids being dragged out of basic training for fat camp, they were crying and grabbing bed posts while they were being dragged out. It’s only funny because it didn’t happen to me, those guys exercised and starved for 3 months before they were “allowed” to go back to day 1 basic training.

  61. MOntanaMike2–Yeah, a guy I knew in HS got the FatCamp treatment. Its awful and wrong. Their stupid BMI makes almost everyone a candidate for FatCamp, if you piss them off or dont fit in. Its just an excuse to torture people for those that enjoy it…

    Ive met plenty of guys that got the treatment and there’s no way anyone sane would call them fat. BMI says bodybuilders are obese. Its so ridiculous as to be meaningless.

    James Carpenter, on the other hand, is fat. Dude needs to have his food locked up and a trainer have the only key. And they need to get him moving and work on his pathetic footspeed.

  62. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I think Carp will be given one more year to get it together unless he comes into camp at 400 lbs. He is still 24 years old.

    I’m actually more concerned with Irvins play of late. He’s clearly getting less snaps as games move on, and even though he was drafted a year after Carp,(as a #1 pick) he is two years older than Carp at 26.

    He is also two years older than Wright and Smith and three years older than Wagner.
    At that age he clearly has some catching up to do regardless how much of a physical freak he is.
    If I had to let go of one of those four LBs it clearly would be Irvin at this time anyways.

  63. SandpointHawk says:

    @ Jawpeace I had the same thought about Antone Winfield…

  64. Todd Dybas says:


    As always, these are official snap counts from the league.

    Can you find me the play or something more specific? Drive or quarter? I’d be happy to go back and check it. I’m going to rewatch the game tonight anyway. I’m yet to see the TV version.



  65. chuck_easton says:

    My guess is that Carp is having ‘the talk’ with the Coaches soon about the expectations for him in the off-season. I’m sure it’s going to include the words vegetables, salad, lean meats, and will not have any mention of carbs, dessert, chips, McDonalds…

    Carpenter’s contract was fully guaranteed through 2013. The team would have had a bigger cap hit for him in 2013 if they cut him than it was to keep him. His cap hit for 2013 was $2,084,046.00. If they cut him this year his cap hit would have gone up to $3,098,410.00.

    That might answer some of the questions of why he was kept this season.

    Carp’s 2014 contract isn’t guaranteed but as it’s the last year of the deal there is almost no savings in cutting him than keeping him even as a backup. To have Carp on the team in 2014 the cap hit is $2,431,364 (1.417 million base salary + the final year on the signing bonus. If the team cuts Carp the cap hit is still $1,014,364.00 (Just the signing bonus).

    So cutting Carp in 2014 saves $1.417 million that is his 2014 base salary.

  66. Georgia–I agree, it would appear Irvin is regressing. Could be the enormity of playing LB for his first year in the playoffs and SB…

    I think you will see a quantum leap in his play, whether at LB or DE, with a whole training camp and no suspension looming over his head. He got his feet wet this year, next year I expect him to nail it down, somewhere.

    Fortunately, we can afford to keep him even if he gets benched. And as Malcolm SMith and Wright have proven, even if you get benched and/or struggle, the Seahawks will give you a chance to collect yourself and fix the problem, then work you back in the rotation…and if you improve, they will find a way to play you.

    Wright was simply awful early in the season in coverage–giving up 6/6 and 8/8 passes his way in consecutive games I believe. Then he figured something out, and for a month was the highest rated LB in coverage in the NFL, before getting hurt. He played well in the SB too! As did Smith, as we all know…

    With Carpenter, we’ve not seen one game where he looked even adequate. We just keep hoping Cable wasnt batspit over him, and that his size will turn out to be a positive…so far, no dice.

  67. pabuwal says:

    I’m puzzled how Jon Ryan got 8 snaps. Did he start covering kickoffs or something?

  68. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Chuck or anyone, what would be our draft compensation picks for our free agents if we lose any this year?
    What do you think we would get in compensation for Bennett or Tate ect… if we lose them?

    Final USA today NFL rankings-

  69. I don’t want to be like Mr. Happy and the Duke Boy and start meeting for next year… today. Can’t we just enjoy the ride until after the parade tomorrow? At least.

    Super Bowl Champions, baby!

    I don’t want to worry about the guys at the parade who won’t be back – I just want to celebrate THIS TEAM that just won the Super Bowl!!!

  70. Georgia–Its a complicated formula that takes into account who you sign as FA’s, not just who you lose. So if we sign replacements, or any other big money FA, we’d likely get nothing. If we lose big money guys, and replace them with second-tier FA, we’ll get something.

  71. vichawkfan says:

    Speaking of officials – overall they did a great job. Only question mark was the un-necessary roughness on Ricardo on the kick-off right after the safety. The guy he ran into was walking towards the sideline without keeping his head up….Ricardo was flying down 100 mph and had a large blocker screening him from even seeing the guy walking across. That 15 yards could have been costly….other than that, clean as a non-whistle.

  72. Bobbyk–Sorry Dude, my brain is too analytical, I cant help it!

    Dont blame you for wanting to revel. Its hard to fathom the phrase Seattle Seahawks 2014 Super Bowl Champions, isnt it?!

  73. Instead of worrying about next year, I’m going to kick back tonight with a few friends and watch the replay of the Super Bowl on NFLN. I’d rather have another day of fun bliss instead of focusing on 2014 and getting rid of people. I don’t want to think of adding people yet through the draft either.

  74. chuck_easton says:


    Ryan’s snaps: 1 punt + 2 FG holds + 5 PAT holds = 8 total snaps.

  75. Bobbyk–Im stuck working away from home, and its not as fun to watch the game by yourself. Perhaps thats why Im jabbering about next year…Or maybe Im just nuts…

  76. montanamike2 says:

    Your absolutely right Bobby, enjoy the moment.

  77. To STTBM… (“gotcha”) Not to the obvious – holding of kicks.

  78. The officials missed some serious O-line holds on Denver and the non-call on Offensive PI vs Sherm deep was ridiculous. That said, Im quite sure we got away with some stuff too, and the holds they called on us all seemed legit.

    The one-yard reception by Tate where he got ear-holed helmet to helmet should have been a penalty, and Ima be pissed if that fool doesnt get fined. And the personal foul on Lockette was really an overreaction of epic proportions.

    Overall, I agree that they did a credible job and let the guys play.

  79. chuck_easton says:

    Well, I’m already talking about next year because I still am not quite sure what happened Sunday was real. I’m afraid if I focus on Sunday someone will suddenly come in and find some obscure rule that allows the game to be voided, thus taking the trophy away from the team and us.

    If we get next year started then the 2013 season is done and can’t be changed.

    Silly, I know, but Just as the game isn’t over until the final whistle, the 2013 season isn’t officially over until the 2014 season begins.

  80. I was talking to a student that I really like today and he told me that he’s getting a Coleman jersey. He’s a nice, shy and kind of smart kid who needs hearing aids (that seems ashamed/embarassed about). He actually already has a Russell Wilson shirsey, even though he’s a Jets fan, because he knows how much I like the Seahawks and therefore knows what a great human Russell is from me:) Awesome that Coleman has been a positive role model for kids like that, too.

  81. GeorgiaHawk says:

    This was one of the comments from Behind The Steel Curtin live Super Bowl chat-

    “I wonder if people at the Seattle website know how many Steelers fans are rooting for them.”

    For the most part Steeler fans were very impressed with our Super Bowl victory and many Steeler fans were reminiscing about how the Seahawks reminded them of their own successful Steeler teams.

  82. chuck – lol

    I’ll join in the 2014 season talk after the parade tomorrow or for sure by the end of the week. However, I have come to the conclusion that it’s really not a dream and really did happen… and I want to keep on living in the moment that began on Sunday.

  83. I didn’t jump into a snow bank at school today, but did give/get a few hugs! :)

  84. Schofield played 3 more snaps on D than Irvin, but Irvin did make a couple tackles. Seattle did a good job of getting almost everyone onfield for a play. Classy move by Carrol.

    I dont get all the anger at Manning, nor all the blame. Seattle gave him no time to throw the ball, nor anyone open to throw to. I guess too many idiots think Manning hikes the ball to himself, blocks for himself, and catches his own passes…

    If theres blame, it can be spread all over.

    And if Mannings poor play was the result of himself alone–and not our great D or his teammates and coaches choking–then how can they say RW’s fine play was the result of the rest of our team, but not him?! Thats anti-logic!

    Manning didnt play well, but no qb in his shoes could have, not even Brady or Tarkenton, or Montana or Marino…RW did play well, and I dont see very many qb’s doing better in his shoes. Maybe Tarkenton or Cunningham in his heyday…

  85. Georgia – It’s kind of funny, the Steeler talk. I don’t hate them anymore.

    It’s not the fault of the fans that the calls went the way they did, nor the players. Those guys aren’t the reason Stevens is a moron who couldn’t catch the ball either. Even though there may have been some bad calls, it is what it is and if we let that game continue to eat away at us it’s only going to affect our souls negatively.

    I’m good, boss.

  86. SeventiesHawksFan says:

    2014 Likely Roster Changes

    Contract Restructures and Cost Savings
    Sidney Rice $9,000,000 $2,000,000 $7,000,000
    Clemons $9,000,000 $2,000,000 $7,000,000
    Zach Miller $7,000,000 $5,000,000 $2,000,000
    Russell Okung $11,000,000 $9,000,000 $2,000,000
    Red Bryant $9,000,000 $3,000,000 $6,000,000

    Michael Bennett (expiring contract) $4,800,000
    Breno Giacomini (expiring contract) $4,500,000

    Cost Savings $36,675,000

    Contract Renewals
    Michael Bennett $7,500,000
    Earl Thomas $7,500,000
    Richard Sherman $7,500,000
    Breno Giacomini $4,000,000
    Golden Tate $4,000,000
    Doug Baldwin $3,000,000
    Steve Hauschka $2,500,000

    Total Cost $36,000,000

  87. SandpointHawk says:

    The afterglow of a Superbowl win only lasted 1 1/2 days. It took us 37 years to get here and my boys are snarky already…PFT is more positive than this….Enjoy the win my friends, wait at least until after the parade to solve the problems of the world….

  88. SeventiesHawksFan says:

    The contract renewal numbers are likely 2014 cap hits. Not salary btw. And all are just my guesses.

  89. After watching that Broncos team, it almost reminded me of the John Elway Broncos before Shanahan was hired to win some Super Bowls with Elway.

    The Broncos were clearly manhandled by the Seahawks, just as the 49ers of Joe Montana clobbered the John Elway Broncos.

    Basically, those two Bronco teams that got destroyed in the Super Bowl were brought to the Super Bowl by a great QB (thee times by Elway, and now by Manning). Their teams were clearly inferior to the 49ers and Hawks.

    The only reason each team made the Super Bowl was because of greatness at QB… but then that wasn’t good enough when they played a truly great team.

    I said it well before the Super Bowl a bunch of times for those of you who remember, but I basically said that aside from Manning and the Bronco receivers that the Broncos suck. There are a well below .500 team without Manning, IMO.

    If anything, I think more of Manning after the Super Bowl — which makes no sense if you look at it a certain way — but it’s pretty amazing that Manning and those receivers could lead a team that terrible to a Super Bowl game.

    As Sherman said, the Seahawks and 49ers were the two best teams in the NFL and the real Super Bowl was in Seattle a few weeks ago.

  90. Southendzone says:

    Pretty good assumptions 70’s fan. I think you’re being pretty optimistic on these 3:

    Clemons $7M pay cut
    Bryant $6M pay cut
    Sherman @ $7.5M/year

    All others are at least within reason.

  91. Southendzone says:

    Also, 70’s fan, you were supposed to tell us an amazing story of something that happened prior the the New Orleans game. Some of us are still waiting!

  92. Bobbyk–Thats a really cool story about the student with Hearing Aids and Derek Coleman.

    Coleman will be on the team next year, taking Mike Robs place. That makes me sad, as I feel Rob can still play at a high level. But you gotta go with Young and Cheap, and its Colemans time to shine.

    Sad how Sherms rant got a billion times more press than Derek Coleman and his treatment of those little girls with hearing aids that wrote him a letter. That was the single coolest thing I saw during SB week. It choked me up!

    I remember my Dad watching me play sandlot football when I was six-seven years old: He told me I could catch, that even though I was small I could be a Steve Largent. I didnt know who Largent was, but Dad told me about him and Curt Warner Zorn and Kreig and I began to watch football…and I began to believe that I could play football, I began to believe that I could not only make it in sports and life, but excel as the undersized underdog…Dad made me identify with Largent, and it was one of the best things he ever did for me. His belief made me believe that I could be a Largent too…

    Im not undersized now–Im pretty avg–but I still have the underdog mentality. And its pushed and pulled me through all kinds of character building events, got me through and made me the person I am today.

    And all because my Dad saw his kid struggling with his limitations, and made me see them not as limitations, but as opportunities to excel in my own way. He believed in me, and used his favorite Football Player as an example to inspire me, and it worked wonders for me.

    I can tell you reach your students in much the same way, and I think thats great. I have the utmost respect for your dedication and passion, and your ability to reach your kids. I wish I had been blessed with more than the tiny handful of teachers like you when I was in school…

  93. I met a LOT of Stealers fans in Montana and WA in 2005/2006, and there are still a bunch in MT. 95% of them are rude, obnoxious, and never would admit the calls were bad or affected the outcome of the game. I cant handle that. I still hate them. IMO, Stealers fans are nearly as bad as Raiders fans, worst in the league.

  94. MoSeahawk12 says:

    Good day to skip. Not even 48 hours after first Superbowl win ever, we’re already back to dwelling on the faults of the players and OLine. We didn’t actually win the Superbowl with the best O-line in team history, we won with this group regardless of who they played. That should count for something. Hope some of you enjoy the parade tom

  95. MoSeahawk12 says:

    Enjoy the parade tomorrow.

  96. Dukeshire says:

    Todd Dybas – I believe it was 3rd quarter, short yardage play, either 2nd or 3rd down. He was replaced by Okung the next play.

  97. chuck_easton says:


    I’m not dwelling on the faults of current players. I’m already actively trying to figure out how to keep everybody from this year’s team and still manage to stay under the Cap.

    This year has been special. Especially for those of us that have been fans for 37 years. I was beginning to think I would not see a Lombardi come to Seattle in my lifetime.

    It’s happened and I can be happy. But now that I know what it feels like to watch my favorite team win it all, I’d love to have that feeling some more! “Why not us?” Why can’t Seattle be the next NFL dynasty?

    Try to keep the core together (at a reasonable price…just like Larry Fitzgerald taking less money to allow more signings) and continue to find those late round draft steals and role playing FA’s to keep the ride going.

  98. Mo–No one is dwelling on faults. Some just look at everything closely, while others only look at the big picture and the immediate now. Different strokes. But its rude to imply there’s something wrong with someone just because they dont think/see things the way you do.

    I wont demonize the entire line, they were good enough to get the job done–with help from Beast and RW! But I wont whitewash them and pretend the sows ear is a silk purse either.

    I guarantee everyone here–even Pabs–is still high as a kite on life. Seattle won the Super Bowl!!

    Really wish I could be at the parade and have a few drinks with fellow Hawks fans in Seattle, just to bathe in the joy. We’re pretty thrilled in Montana, but there wont be such a concentration of people…

    I still remember the mellow incredulity that permeated the air in the hours after Seattle defeated Carolina to win the NFC Championship for the first time…I was in Seattle, and after the game we all went downtown and it was really special…people leaning out car windows to high-five pedestrians, cops everywhere in riot gear just watching to make sure nothing crazy happened..and it didnt. I was really proud of our city that night!

  99. “Clearly the top 4 DL the hawks need to keep are Bennett, Clemons, McDonald, and Avril. Next comes Mebane, McDaniel, and then Bryant…”

    ??? you get that from a snap count????

    The reason Bennett, Clemons, McDonald, and Avril had so many snaps is because we were playing with the lead against Manning and he was passing, passing, passing.

    When we play good rushing teams, or play from behind, then its clearly Mebane and Bryant who are the two most important D linemen.

    Figures lie, and liars figure.

  100. “Georgia – It’s kind of funny, the Steeler talk. I don’t hate them anymore… I’m good, boss.”

    Hahaha — winning cures everything!

  101. OMG – the anger on here today is CRAZY!!

    We don’t know who the twins favor and who they don’t – clearly they would like to keep “their” guys but we all know they can’t keep everyone! We will find out the priority as FA start shopping. We might love a guy who decides to leave. Thats the business side of it. We will find out how good they are at managing a top team with up and coming players.

    Lets hope they do it as well as NE has for the last decade or even lets see if they can do it longer.

  102. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Speaking of New England, fans over at their sports nation blog overwhelmingly agree that the Seahawks would have beaten them pretty bad too if they had made it to the Super Bowl.

  103. xcman–I dont think theirs a lot of anger.

    For me, I’d really be bummed to lose Bennett and/or Tate, but its looking like thats a possibility, even likely. Thems the price of winning I suppose.

    I just dont think losing Tate means he isnt wanted by the staff, or is only worth $1 million a year, or isnt a total stud, or that we dont need him. We do. But I guess we may have to get along without him.

    The upcoming changes are interesting to speculate about–at least for some of us. For some of us, its enough just to have won the big game–finally–and next year is a million miles away, and an unwanted intrusion of harsh reality into a nice dream. To each his own, and cheers!

    Seattle Seahawks–SB 2014 Champions!!! (Im not EVER gonna get tired of saying that)!

  104. Singularitarian says:

    The only bad calls I saw were:

    The no call on a pretty obvious PI by Earl Thomas,

    The fact that Wilson laid the ball right at the first down and that somehow lost a challenge,

    The non offensive PI call against Sherman.

    Now SF has some stuff to cry about in the NFC championship, though it doesn’t make up for the fact that Kapernick turned the ball over 3 times in the fourth quarter

  105. freedom_X says:

    On the Demaryius Thomas TD catch, Maxwell clearly interfered with him, but it didn’t matter because he caught it and scored. But the refs didn’t call the interference, so had Thomas been unable to hang on, it would have been a bad call against Denver.

    That was a great catch by Thomas BTW, and apparently he did it with a separated shoulder (probably delivered by the big early hit by Chancellor.) Denver was really beat up, by all accounts, after the game.

    Though Demaryius Thomas did get a bit of payback. In the 4th quarter, it seemed like DB after DB was going down like flies after a Thomas pass play (Sherman, then Thurmond.) I have to watch the replay but I would have sworn I saw Malcolm Smith being used at CB on that side after Thurmond went down (for at least one play.) I have not seen a game where that many Seattle DB’s were on the turf.

    Of course, I think it was Earl Thomas, not Demaryius, who put Sherman out for the final time.

  106. Oldslow says:

    Duke, hopefully Todd will give a definitive answer about Bailey/Okung, but my memory was that Bailey played a few snaps at blocking TE, mostly on the right side, but once or twice on the left, outside Okung.

    Could be?

  107. It’s not that we don’t like the contributions of Bryant, it’s that we can’t pay 8 million to a DL that only play 1/3 of the snaps. As much as I’d like to keep all 7 DL I also want to keep 3 of the 4 LOB, so we can’t pay all 7 7-8 million a year. Someone has to go and so I choose to keep the ones who play a majority of the snaps rather than a Bryant who plays only a 3rd of the snaps. It’s not rocket science. Bennett, Avril, Clemons, McDonald, and Mebane play against the RUN and PASS so those 5 our my biggest DL priorities. We may have to get the depth for a 7 man rotation from this and next yrs rookies. Bryant is going to have to take a big cut or be let go. Clemons will need to take a cut this yr or next or be let go, but I doubt 2 million is enough. I’m thinking the 5-6 million Mebane gets will do it.

  108. Dukeshire says:

    Oldslow – That very well could be. Considering Todd doesn’t put these together (yet another’s content) I’ll go back and confirm or dispel land let you know.

  109. name position age ’13 cap/PFF performance rating/total (reg & post) snaps
    RFA, offense
    Doug Baldwin WR 25 $.56M/+11.0/773
    Lemuel Jeanpierre C 26 $.56M/-4.7/291

    RFA, defense
    Michael Morgan DE 26 $.56M/-1.4/90
    Jeron Johnson S 26 $.56M/-0.2/29
    UFA, offense
    Tarvaris Jackson QB 31 $.84M/+3.4/39
    Breno Giacomini RT, 28 $4.75M/-0.2/552
    Paul McQuistan LG, 31 $3.38M/-24.8/802
    Michael Robinson FB 30 $.33M/+0.6/138
    Kellen Davis TE 28 $.67M/-6.6/156
    Anthony McCoy TE 26 $66M/0.0/0
    Golden Tate WR 26 $.88M/+11.0/790

    UFA, defense
    Tony McDaniel DT 29 $.61M/+16.1/536
    Clinton McDonald DT 27 $.59M/+7.3/546
    Michael Bennett DE 28 $4.8M/+24.2/617
    O’Brien Schofield OLB, 27 $.9M/+2.7/145
    Brandon Browner CB 30 $.77M/+2.8/462
    Walter Thurmond CB 27 $.61M/+4.8/480
    Chris Maragos S 27 $.96M/-0.7/52

    UFA, special teams
    Steven Hauschka K 29 $.62M/+33.8/0
    players under contract thru at least ’14
    position name $cap/$dead/total snaps/PFF performance rating
    QB Russell Wilson $.82M/$.31M/1189/25.0
    OL Michael Bowie $.47M/$.03M/599/4.0
    OL Russell Okung $11.24M/$4.56M/627/1.4
    OL Alvin Bailey $.5M/$.004M/117/-0.3
    OL J.R. Sweezy $.56M/$.03M/1169/-5.4
    OL Max Unger $6.1M/$3.3M/958/-7.8
    OL James Carpenter $2.43M/$1.01M/844/-11.3
    OL Caylin Hauptmann $.5M/$0M/0/0
    HB Marshawn Lynch $7M/$3M/877/24.1
    HB Robert Turbin $.68M/$.23M/269/-0.5
    HB Chris Michael $.77M/$.81M/26/1.0
    FB Spencer Ware $.45M/$.07M/7/-1.0
    FB Derrick Coleman $.5M/$0M/147/-3.4
    TE Zach J. Miller $7M/$2M/909/4.1
    TE Luke Willson $.41M/$.13M/466/-2.2
    WR Jermaine Kearse $.57M/$0M/580/5.3
    WR Sidney Rice $9.7M/$2.4M/340/1.4
    WR Ricardo Lockette $.57M/$0M/99/0.9
    WR Percy Harvin $13.4M/$9.6M/68/0.8
    WR Bryan Walters $.57M/$0M/60/-0.5

    DL Brandon Mebane $5.7M/$.4M/634/36.0
    DL Jordan Hill $.65M/$.41M/65/1.9
    DL Red Bryant $8.5M/$3M/561/7.1
    DL Cliff Avril $9.25M/$2.25M/687/16.7
    DL Benson Mayowa $.5M/$0M/24/-0.2
    DL Chris Clemons $9.67M/$2.17M/726/-2.4
    DL Kenneth Boatright $.5M/$0M/0/0
    DL Jesse Williams $.31M/$.16M/0/0
    LB Malcolm Smith $.66M/$.01M/631/11.5
    LB Bruce Irvin $2.55M/$2.62M/600/7.9
    LB K.J. Wright $1.51M/$.12M/824/5.4
    LB Bobby Wagner $1.17M/$.79M/1082/0.1
    LB Heath Farwell $1.67M/$.17M/49/-1.9
    LB Korey Toomer $.42M/$0M/0/0
    DB Kam Chancellor $5.83M/$4M/1227/18.7
    DB Richard Sherman $1.43M/$.05M/1194/16.5
    DB Earl Thomas $5.47M/$.75M/1236/10.7
    DB Byron Maxwell $.67M/$.03M/694/9.5
    DB Jeremy Lane $.6M/$.06M/208/5.3
    DB DeShawn Shead $.57M/$0M/16/0.2
    DB Chandler Fenner $.42M/$0M/0/0

    special teams
    P Jon Ryan $1.4M/$0M/0/3.7
    LS Clint Gresham $.89M/$.14M/0/-5.5

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