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Post by Todd Dybas / The News Tribune on Feb. 4, 2014 at 2:22 am with 66 Comments »
February 4, 2014 9:55 am

Good morning.

Welcome to the day after the day after.

We posted some more parade information here. There should also be more details released today. Here are some transit options.

As expected the day after, lots happening with the Seahawks. Russell Wilson was courtisde with Jay-Z and Beyonce for a game in Brooklyn after making a visit to the David Letterman Show.

Super Bowl MVP Malcolm Smith — who wasn’t even invited to the NFL Draft combine — had a morning press conference in New York, then was on his way to Disney World.

Malcolm Smith waves to the crowd at Disney World. / AP photo
Malcolm Smith waves to the crowd at Disney World. / AP photo

The Super Bowl was the most watched television show in U.S. history, according to Fox Sports. On average, 111.5 million viewers watched. That surpassed the average viewership of Super Bowl XLVI (The Giant’s 21-17 upset of the Patriots), which was 111.3 million.

Much of the conversation around the Seahawks has already turned to what’s next, to borrow the phrase from the team. That’s just what Doug Baldwin asked when concluding his answer Sunday night about whether he was finally happy. The prevailing feeling from several players: This is just a step. To really entrench themselves and the organization, they will need to win again soon.

Las Vegas thinks they have a good shot next year. Depending on the sports book, the Seahawks are around 9-2 or 5-1 favorites to repeat. Their pals the 49ers are right behind them.

As we’ve discussed before and will discuss more today, the Seahawks have a lot of free agent decisions in front of them, most notably after next season.


> Our Dave Boling was with the team in New York on Monday. He says Pete Carroll has his win and is already pursuing what will come after.

> Cancelled flights stranded fans (and several media members) in New York on Monday. The bad weather everyone feared would hit Super Bowl day came the day after. It began snowing around 5 a.m.

> There was plenty of celebrating going on in Tacoma following the game.

> Richard Sherman said the real Super Bowl was the NFC title game.

> Sherman had a lot of positive things to say about Peyton Manning. Manning checked on Sherman’s health after the game.

> Peter King asks, “What about Russell?”

> A Super Bowl essay from ESPN’s Rick Reilly.

> Inexplicably, Wes Welker says the Broncos didn’t prepare well for the noise. At the Super Bowl.

> Bill Barnwell of Grantland on how the Seahawks stomped Denver.

> The Everett Herald says Malcolm Smith and the Seahawks are no longer overlooked.

> Photos from the Seahawks’ homecoming.

> 710 ESPN will re-air the entire Super Bowl this morning from 6-9.

> Denver does not have an easy path back to the Super Bowl.

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  1. CDHawkFan says:

    Looking back on the season, it seems on one hand that the stars were aligned for this to happen, very few injuries, pulled out some close games, home field advantage, key FA signing’s.

    BUT, for most of the year, they seemed to play down to the opponent, then RW seemed to ‘lose’ it a bit.

    Just glad we got one as anything can happen.

    I will say that I am amazed at how crappy a football team can be. All those years rooting for a mediocre team and you somehow talk yourself into thinking you have a chance. I have high expectations for this team, mostly born out of their 2nd half of the season last year (as in Chicago, Washington, Atlanta games), they played up to it at times this year, but again there were reasons for concern.

    I see the rosters of the Bills or Browns, I think of the Lions and their history of being losers (I grew up in Michigan so I know), I am just so happy that we have a team, we have back-ups, we have a FO with a plan. I am happy and proud that we won’t be mediocre for a long time.

    I wasn’t sure how I would feel, I along with you all have but a lot of time into following this team (many arguments with my wife to get off the laptop, to come to bed), deep down I think she hates this blog, but anyway, I want to keep this going, I want to talk FA and the Draft, I want another SB. So I guess the SB hasn’t dulled my obsession.

    BTW, who is going to put that sign up in San Fran, the one that says this is what a Lombardi looks like in this century? That is something I will put money in for, money I won thanks to my Hawks.

  2. I just want to ignore free agency and the draft speculation just for a few more days. This is fun.

  3. pabuwal says:

    Wilson never “lost it.” They played a ton of top 10 defenses at the end of the year. They have never excelled against these defenses.

    Where they do excel is against average to below average defenses making his performance against the Broncos fairly easy to predict.

  4. TallyHawk says:

    It got mentioned a couple times yesterday and I just want to echo it. This season was a hell of a ride and this forum is/was a great place to come discuss all things Hawks, especially for those of us not in the northwest. Todd thank you for all your hard work! Thank you fellow 12’s!! How sweet it is!!!

  5. Agreed pabs. It’s pretty much common sense that one won’t do great against the top defenses in the NFL and one WILL do much better when facing a mediocre defense.

    It’s also easier to do better when Kearse is healthy vs. when he was hurt. It’s even better for a QB when he has Harvin on the field, as evidenced by the first half against New Orleans versus the second half without him. The same applies to the Super Bowl with a healthy Harvin for the whole game, in addition to the Denver defense not being good.

    I think everyone would agree that it’s easier facing the Denver defense with all your guns loaded as opposed to going against San Francisco twice and Arizona, among others, with you don’t have all of your guns loaded (Kearse was hurting at the end of the regular season and there was no Percy).

    But we all know the spark of Michael Bowie at LG for the Saints game is the real reason that the Lombari has found a home in Seattle!

  6. The game is on NFLN tonight! I’m having a Super Bowl party!

  7. montanamike2 says:

    Bobby your self argument last night cracked me up. My friend was telling me about the last time he picked up a hitch hiker just because it was pouring rain, the guy looked a bit sketchy but soaked with rain. As they were driving the passenger started talking to himself as if my friend couldn’t hear him, but he was talking aloud and arguing with himself. He talked about what he was going to do with the “body” after he was done killing him. He then turned to my friend as if he never heard anything and insisted he pull over because he wanted to show him something that would blow his mind. My friend pulled over and acted like he was getting out, as soon as the passenger got out he took off and left him in the rain, as he was leaving he threw his bag out the window. Last time he picked up a hiker.

  8. Dukeshire says:

    Pretty short but a very cool piece with Wilson and Letterman.

  9. Vegas56 says:

    This was Cassius Clay knocking out Sonny Liston.

  10. GeorgiaHawk says:

    So many links, articles, videos, and comments to read that I can’t keep up with them all.
    By the time I catch up we will be playing the first game of next season.
    It’s like being a little kid in a candy store with unlimited access to all the candy.

  11. I hear ya! “It’s like being a little kid in a candy store with unlimited access to all the candy.”

  12. My credit card has gotten a pretty good workout with Super Bowl Champions stuff!

  13. Love that cover! I’m pretty sure that’s going to get framed somewhere in my house!

  14. Time to go inspire young minds…

  15. averagejay says:

    It will be interesting to see if all this talk of players not returning comes true. Paul Allen has deep pockets with a history of spending way too much on superstars (i.e Portland Jailblazers) Why would you not break the bank to keep this dynasty together?

  16. CDHawkFan says:

    Average Jay,

    Can you clarify what you mean by ‘talk of players not returning’?

    PA deep pockets don’t matter too much due to the salary cap, there is only so much you can spend per year, I think next year is roughly $124 million for 53 players.

  17. SandpointHawk says:

    Yep, totally different cap than the NBA and MLB. Paul Allen’s deep pockets only means he can afford to pay the full 124 million (if JS/PC need it all). Although our coaches are better compensated than most…

  18. Things would have been a little different had the Broncos not sustained so many key injuries this year. We would still have won, since they found Mannings tell. Seriously, why the hell didn’t they STFU about finding a tell?! Why explain it?! Now Manning will get rid of it…

    Bragging gets you into trouble; just as Sherm lol!

    Broncos lost Von Miller, Clady, their C, their starting CB, a G or two, the backup C, Vickerson the starting DT, the list goes on…

    Never doubt that hurt them as much as NE losing Wilfork Kelly and Talib.

    Still think we would have won big; that tell ruined them.

  19. Just as Seattle will lose players to mediocre teams willing to outbid for leadership, so too will second tier FA’s come calling, willing to take less to compete for a Title. This team will be just fine even if we lose guys I love like Tate, Bennett, McDaniels, Maxwell and even Sherm.

  20. CDHawkFan says:

    Slave, I didn’t find the tell all that telling. All they said was that they followed his eyes…doesn’t everyone?

    I assume I missed the telling point as it just seemed obvious in the end.

  21. Dukeshire says:

    averagejay – Because Paul Allen isn’t the GM, Schneider is. Carroll and Schneider will continue to bring in young talent to compete for opportunities to start, not hand out checks to players who have “earned it” somewhere else. Wilson, Thomas, Sherman: that’s your cornerstone, franchise list. After that, every practice you’d better win the day if you want to stick around. That’s been the blueprint so far.

  22. thursday says:

    Yeah, all those games we struggled in and/or lost in the latter half of the season would have been broken wide open if Harvin had been in them. Was stalking Niners Nation the other day and even their fans are aware of it. Saying that they never had to face Harvin all year and if he has a healthy season next year, they’re in trouble.

    And there’s no reason why he can’t. He’s had three already.

  23. Dukeshire says:

    What is all this “tell” nonsense, here and in the national sporting press? This season, Manning got the ball out in under 2.5 seconds, on average, and in the playoffs had only 8 passes travel more than 20 yards in the air. That doesn’t give him time to look anyone off, or work any type of progression, so obviously he’s going to “stare down” his target. That’s not a tell, that a scheme issue. And one that’s like due to diminished arm strength and a o line that suffered significant injuries.

  24. kamikyo says:

    STTBM – I think that talk of a tell was part people looking for a simple explanation, part misdirection. Too many stories about it, too many players talking with slightly different versions (Kam on watching Peyton’s eyes, Sherman on deciphering hand signals). The LOB gave them a story about why Peyton was crushed so beyond expectations, and now every coach and player in the AFC (maybe the league) is going to be looking to try to see a QBs eyes from 20 yards away, or self-examine their own signal calling before they go up against us. The LOB just laid seeds of doubt that will cause teams to second guess themselves and slow down any offense they go against. For a Seahawks team that plays straight up defense based on execution and reaction speed, that’s an advantage. Talk about psychological warfare.

  25. SlickToxic21 says:

    If you didn’t see the whole interview with Wilson on Letterman lastnight, it was very entertaining. He even got 2 segments! A few good stories, and a few good laughs too. Proud to have him leading our team for sure!!

  26. All,

    I have been reading along side of you guys for years, going back to the Sando years. Just not a poster! Have maybe said 2 or 3 things over the years, but always enjoy the discussion.

    I was lucky enough to be there on Sunday; I moped around enough (“this isn’t how I saw it happening, I envisioned myself being there”) that my wife put me out of my misery and got seats for me and my buddy who have been fans for almost 30 years (his family have been season-ticket holders from Day 1). In New York on Saturday it was 12s everywhere. We hit the thing that Joe Tafoya organized at Copacabana (met Sherm’s dad, who was awesome!), Carlow East, Croton… 12s everywhere, chants ont the street, just tremendous. Same thing on the train in. Definitely seemed like more of us, and also that we were more intense than the Broncos fans.

    And that’s how it seemed at the game. Folks are right about the orange standing out more — I would agree with whoever said 75-25 on the noise, but I would say fan breakdown was 60/40. I have to say, I always hear superbowl crowds were lame and corporate, but it was LOUD. Not CLink loud, but unbelievably loud for a neutral site game. No doubt it was more knows than the Broncs expected. I was in the lower bowl and we rarely sat down, everyone around us was into it. Real fans, not corporate types (they must have all been in the club seats). That part of it was way better than I expected.

    And of course, the game — we all know it, but Percy just moves at a different speed. The tone setter really was Kam’s first hit — the whole stadium just went “Ooohhhhh.” Manning looked so uncomfortable and some of the throws just were so ugly — at times it looked like a rookie in a preseason game, he was so off. Unbelievable pressure and coverage. There were guys who looked open at times but he just couldn’t get there. And so the Broncos fans were quiet pretty quick. We (all of the Hawks fans around us) kept asking “is this real??? is this really happening??” And then after the Percy return it was just one giant coronation. The only downer was when Sherm got hurt — don’t know if you could hear on the broadcast but the fans were shouting “LOB, LOB, LOB.” Was very cool.

    And then we got down to field level after — right near the Fox booth, so Kam, Percy, Russell (with like 30 security people, a huge group — he looked totally drained) came by, Doug too eventually. Shook Bevell’s hand and told him “good game!” Credit where credit is due, that passing offense looked as good as we have seen it.

    Anyway, just some impressions to share. Was amazing.

  27. SlickToxic21 says:

    It’s slowly starting to sink in that we are SB Champs! After a few whiskeys, and shots every time Seattle scored…..which BTW was 8 times!…and about 1 1/2 hours sleep Sunday night, I’m finally lucid and sober….and it feels fantastic!!
    I think the 43-8 beatdown made it bizarrely surreal too!
    It might have sunk in “easier” if it was a last minute FG or TD to win it….but man was it nice to just sit back, kick back, and enjoy!

    Can’t take anything for granted….it looks like a team that could do some amazing things for the next 5 or 6 years….but ya never know, so appreciate this one right now!

  28. Southendzone says:

    Remember when AZ beat us at home and every stupid media personality said “Oh Look, this is the blueprint to beating Seattle”?

    Ok well now they have all been proven wrong, but as for the Superbowl, did the Hawks provide the blueprint to beat Manning? Did we show that he doesn’t have much of a deep ball threatening arm anymore? Going deep was the one thing that could have hurt our defense the way we were playing, and he just didn’t have the ability to get a quality ball downfield.. well or the time to do it.

  29. CDHawkFan says:

    Good story Pez.

    As far as the noise, the UK (as in England) TV guy first said that there was clearly more Denver fans, he said it again a few minutes before kick-off, but later in the game they acknowledged that the Hawks fans were loud, they even went down to their sideline reporter who talked about how much louder the Hawks fans were then Denver.

    I think the orange just stands out, and the white/blue/green all blends together. Either way, it was great hearing the ‘Sea..Hawks’, Beast and LOB, LOB chants. I do think the Hawks fans showed well at a typical ”corporate” event.

    Not sure how much PA paid/donated for the ’12th man’ rights from Texas A&M, but it was well worth it as it really has brought a lot of people on board.

  30. Dukeshire–Quinn himself described the tell in an interview. Did you read it? Or are you just discounting it out of hand since its not what you want to believe?

    It sounded to me like Manning would look at a part of the field where he was going to throw to BEFORE the snap–perhaps he was visualizing the throw as Wilson does? Regardless, a big deal was made out of it, and Im inclined to believe it was real since it came from Quinn.

    I would love to think it was misdirection or not all that important. I’d rather think they won by just being the toughest and fastest, but there’s nothing wrong with being the smartest either.

  31. CDHawkFan says:

    Doesn’t the QB look at the whole field (that is in front on him) before the snap to see where the D is lined up?

    Did Qwinn say he stared at it longer, get a twitch or did a bug eye to that side of the field?

    I read what Qwinn said but didn’t get anything out of it (even after the headline made it sound like big news).

  32. Let’s not put up a billboard in San Fransisco. The Seahawks beat the Broncos for the Championship of the National Football League. We don’t need to look backwards at the 49’ers and taunt them. They are irrelevant.

    When the Niners beat the Rams on thursday night football, their fans chanted “Seahawks suck”. They were thinking of us even though they didn’t even play the Hawks that week! We don’t need to be petty like that. We are the Champions!

  33. PEz–Glad you got to go and had a great time. I just wish I could be in Seattle to hang out with all the fans Wednesday.

    I too think Manning has lost a step and a half. Early in the year, his arm seemed better than last year, but by the playoffs his arm was a noodle. Many of his passes are noodles–he can no longer Favre it in there with sheer arm strength.

    Manning and the Broncos have to do exactly what Elway and his team did to win his two SB’s. They have to build a team around him–improve the run blocking of the line, and make that D stout. Manning has to let the team win the game, or at least keep it close, then win it at the end with a couple smart plays, not try to be the hero and take everything on his shoulders. Until Elway and the Broncos learned that lesson, they couldnt win the big game.

    Im more worried about the Niners than the Broncos moving forward. I hate those guys.

  34. We know that JS/PC are already planning for this off season and next year. Plan 1, 2 and 3 – all ready to go.

    We will see how good they are at managing the cap now that they have gotten to the point of getting the guys they drafted up to a high level.

    My guess is they will tend to let Defensive players walk and keep offensive players – It has seemingly been harder to replace offensive players with young guys in this league than it has with defensive players. Not to say they should just let the defensive guys go but that they will be more selective with who they keep.

    I feel you are going to see some restructures to stay – some guys who will get cut because they don’t want to take a cut and then hopefully a few guys who take a fair salary that may or may not be the record breaking type contract.

  35. Dukeshire says:

    STTBM – Thank you for your unwarranted sarcasm. Regardless, what you “detailed” is basically what I said. And if you’ve read any of my thoughts regarding this defense you realize how much respect I have for Quinn. So to answer your question, no, I am not discounting it, but I do believe it is more of a scheme issue than a “tell” (like Hasselbeck licking his hands befere every pass play, as he did for a long stretch). What I am discounting is the notion that somehow discussing it gives away a perceived advantage Seattle may have.

  36. jboard1 says:

    What a year folks. Still basking in this blowout. What is scary is this team can be even better next year. Just think about that. Let that sink in. Go Hawks!

  37. chuck_easton says:

    The only priority FA’s coming off this season are:

    Tate, Baldwin, Bennett

    Tate may see some big $$$$$ offers from other teams that Seattle may decide they can’t/won’t match. Time will tell.

    Baldwin is an RFA. Team will tender him at least at 2nd round tender and possibly even a 1st round tender. While we don’t know the cost of the tenders for 2014 yet, we can quess they will be either the same or slightly higher than 2013. For 2013 a 2nd round RFA tender was $2.023 million and a 1st round tender was $2.879 million. Just putting the tender on him gives the team the opportunity to match any offers or receive the draft compensation. And Baldwin may jump at the tender (assuming they don’t agree to a long term deal) for the chance to stay with the team.

    Bennett is going to be tough. He’s going to get offers from other teams. Not sure Seattle will want to get into a bidding war for him given the number of quality DL’s on the roster. If they do make a run at Bennett it may be at the cost of Clemons. We’ll see.

    The team can negotiate new contracts with Thomas, Sherman, Maxwell, Okung this year, but they are all still under contract through 2014.

    Wilson and the team can’t even talk until after the 2014 season and don’t have to come to an agreement until 2016.

    So, things aren’t as dire as they seem in Seattle Cap land.

  38. wazzulander says:

    Wow, what an ending to such an incredible year! I’m probably a little bias, but what an awesome team to root for also. I feel so proud to be a fan of this team. The players all-out effort and commitment to the program day in and day out is incredible (still haven’t lost by more than one score in 2 years). We have such a great mix of explosive playmakers who combine dynamic physical skills with a commitment to getting better through film study and attention to detail as well as in the weight room. We have both the hardest hitting offensive player and the hardest hitting defensive player in the league. We have a coach who is loved by and gets the most out of his players. A GM with an uncanny knack for finding gems in the draft and value in free agency (Avril and Bennett – talk about back to back home runs). An owner who passionately supports his team without interfering. A fan base that actually makes a difference. And none of this is necessarily changing anytime soon. :-) Go Hawks!

  39. chuck_easton says:

    For anyone that wants to get the jump on NEXT year (I myself am still trying to get my head around the fact that my team actually has a Lombardi and it can’t ever be taken away!!!) here is the entire list of Seattle FA’s.

    Michael Bennett DE UFA SEA TBD 28 $4,800,000
    Breno Giacomini RT, T UFA SEA TBD 28 $4,750,000
    Paul McQuistan LT, T UFA SEA TBD 30 $3,375,000
    Chris Maragos S UFA SEA TBD 27 $955,000
    O’Brien Schofield OLB, LB UFA SEA TBD 26 $900,000
    Golden Tate WR UFA SEA TBD 25 $880,000
    Tarvaris Jackson QB UFA SEA TBD 30 $840,000
    Brandon Browner CB UFA SEA TBD 29 $773,756
    Kellen Davis TE UFA SEA TBD 28 $672,941
    Anthony McCoy TE UFA SEA TBD 26 $656,212
    Steven Hauschka K UFA SEA TBD 28 $620,000
    Walter Thurmond CB UFA SEA TBD 26 $607,639
    Tony McDaniel DT UFA SEA TBD 29 $605,000
    Clinton McDonald DT UFA SEA TBD 27 $592,941
    Doug Baldwin WR RFA SEA TBD 25 $560,833
    Jeron Johnson S RFA SEA TBD 25 $560,000
    Lemuel Jeanpierre C RFA SEA TBD 26 $555,000
    Michael Morgan DE RFA SEA TBD 26 $555,000
    Michael Robinson FB UFA SEA TBD 30 $326,470

    The majority of the list are guys that will either choose a team/cap friendly deal, or will be allowed to walk. Very few on that list can ‘demand’ the big payday with the exception of:

    Tate, Baldwin, Bennett, Hauschka (a kicker??), and possibly Thurmond.

    My thinking is Seattle is content to let the majority of this group head off to greener pastures while focusing on getting Thomas and possibly Sherman new deals.

    I still think Tate is gone. Not because I don’t like him, but because I think this is his chance to hit the big payday. I also think that if Tate goes, we see Rice stay (with an agreement of a reduced contract).

    Maybe Seattle chooses to Tag Hauschka. They have done it before.

  40. HawkfaninMT says:

    Interesting Chuck…

    I see no reason to not give a 1st round tender to Doug if they cant come to an agreement. 600K in order to basically guarantee he will be back? No brainer in my mind.

    I think Tate is gone, and I am ok with that. I hope he doesn’t go to SF though.

    I will take Bennett over Clemmons if that is the choice that needs to be made. I truly think Clem will take a large paycut to stay with the Hawks. He, and his family, are entrenched in the community. He is getting older, and is coming off the ACL restructure which will lower his price to ANY team.

    Earl Thomas will be extended, and we will have basically the same defense going into week 1. I believe McDonald and Mebane may be gone, being replaced by Hill and Williams along with another FA, but that is purely a guess.

  41. montanamike2 says:

    pez thanks for the personal experience for those of us that couldn’t make it, also i remember you well, you used to post quite a bit. We have hurt the Whiners and Broncos organizations. Instead of Peyton’s legacy, it’s Pete’s legacy, how long is it before Larry Fitzgerald is a FA?

  42. Even if I were to be struck down by lightning at this point(I don’t want to be) I can rest in peace as a Seattle fan. This is ALL I ever wanted for this city, our first Superbowl Championship.

    Goodbye Superbowl XL, goodbye Sonics. Mariners… eh. My anger is released. Let’s rock this thing tomorrow!

  43. montanamike2 says:

    I’m so stoked to be having a cousin in the Military move to JBLM, he’s already looking forward to going to a game. Because he’s been relocated so many times he has no team, i’ll lend him my other Wilson jersey and i’ll wear my Kam. As soon as he experiences a game i can begin with the assimilation of adding 4 more to the collective known as the “12”.

  44. It was decided to let Take walk the moment they signed Percy.

    It seems like every draft and free agent pick up JS/PC make is with an eye towards replacing a guy who’s going to be expensive to resign in 1 – 2 years (Harvin => Tate, Simon => Browner) or whose contract is getting too expensive (Willson => Miller / Harper => Rice, Jesse Williams => Red Bryant) or who might start running out of gas soon (Micheal => Lynch / Irvin => Clemens).

    Of course, they don’t all work out, but this is no “pick the best player available” draft philosophy. You have to manage the cap long term to stay competitive.

  45. ChrisHolmes says:

    Magic season.

    Players are going to leave. Sad part of the business, but that’s the salary cap era. But I trust in PC and JS to mine the draft and FA in a smart way and continue to bring in guys to compete. And now that Pete is the favorite coach for guys to play for, and Seattle is a championship town, I think we’re going to find that guys want to come here.

    We’ll be okay. Core will get held together. We have a lot of good years in front of us.

    It’s gonna be fun.

  46. I think Bennett re-signs. We’ll see about Tate. I’m not as sure as others that he’s going to get a big $ offer elsewhere. He’s not a #1 receiver, but was a very valuable guy for us at certain times this year. Not the least b/c so far in his career, he’s shown the ability to stay on the field.

    How about Percy? If there was one aaahhh play in the game for me, other than Kam’s big hit, it was Percy’s first run play. He just flies. If we can just keep him healthy, we are a different offense, and the team to beat again next year.

  47. doubledink says:

    I think it is time to update the banner photo at the top.
    What a game, what a season, what a team!

  48. TallyHawk says:

    I’m all for letting Tate walk. I appreciate his skills but he annoys the crap out of me. Just once I’d like to see him make a catch and go back to the huddle. He couldn’t even do that after the PI to set up the first TD. He was headed there but stopped to turn and give the first down signal.

  49. What’s wrong with giving the first down signal? It’s a game, let them have some fun.

  50. Southendzone says:

    The Hawks should hold Percy out all next year til the playoffs again to keep him blazing fast.

    He’s like the Gamma Ray Run from Star Blazers, remember they would only bust it out when they were in big trouble? And they had to charge the stupid thing up forever before they could shoot it, but baby, when that thing went off… LOOK OUT GAMALONS!

  51. Dukeshire–It was an honest question. It seemed to me you were missing some of the information I had read before forming my opinion, thats all. Occasionally you miss something that led to the formation of one of opinions, and so trash my opinion without enough information. It would seem this is not one of those occasions after all, just different opinions and miscommunication. Its sometimes hard to impart tone and the complexity of an argument in a paragraph or two.

    As Matt licking his hands before a pass play, if indeed there was a Tell from Manning, it would have been a good idea not to give away the info that the Tell had been discovered.

    As to how much it affected the outcome of the game, its impossible for any non-player or coach to know.

    I re-read my response to you, and it wasnt meant how it reads. Im usually very precise with my wording, but didnt take the time. It was unintentionally rude, and I apologize for that. Your first response to my comment sounded pretty grumpy as well. Perhaps it too came out differently than you intended.

    Regardless, I have no issue with you. We just won a Super Bowl, in grand fashion!

  52. Southendzone says:

    Just like when Matt Damon discovered Teddy KGB’s tell in Rounders.. in the end, Peyton had to say

    “He beat me, straight up….. Pay that man his money”

  53. TallyHawk–Since his waving at Jenkins vs the Rams, Tate has been very good about just handing the ball to the ref and not celebrating overly much after TD’s. Dont know how you could have missed it. He celebrates a lot less than Richard Sherman, for instance. Heck, even Kearse is celebrating more! Give the kid a break, he’s been our toughest WR and led the team in catches and yards, despite taking a real beating.

    Bennett is 29. He’s gonna go for the most money. He’s gone, IMO. He’s gonna have a chance to play on the same team as his brother. You cant pass that up. But we have Jordan Hill in the wings, so hopefully we’ll be ok. Dont think for a minute he will make us forget Bennett, Michael B is one of a kind. But we will adjust.

    drshort–Williams plays McDaniels and Mebanes position–DT. Specifically, he’s a run-stuffing DT next to Mebane. He is not in any way a replacement for Bryant. On passing downs, Williams will likely come out of the game for Jordan Hill if we lose Bennett. Thats if he can ever get his knee halfway right. Hill is the guy trying to learn to be Bennett.

    Yes, Tate is likely gone even though Rice is gonna get cut and/or take a huge paycut. ALthough, if Bennett leaves, we may spend the bucks to keep him. He is a different player than Harvin or anyone else. There’s no way Harvin can keep taking the hits Tate has taken this year and stay healthy, but Tate has proven his toughness and durability. Remember, Tate’s YAC and his strong hands and leaping ability, not to mention his badass blocking, are not easily replaceable and Carrol loves to collect guys with different attributes.

    I love Tate and want him to stay, but he has shown the ability to be a star WR, especially playing opposite another very good WR. He deserves a shot to be the guy for some other team that will give him 80-110 balls a year. Tate has the ability to be a perennial Pro Bowler for a bunch of teams. Unless he goes to a hated Rival, I plan on buying a Tate jersey and supporting his new team if he leaves–except when they play Seattle!

    I think Seattle should tender Baldwin at a first round level if they cant work out a longterm deal. He’s well worth the money, he’s already been vastly underpaid and IMO we owe him. Plus, the rumor is we’ve already been offered a second round pick for him, so its too risky to just tender him at a second round level.

    McDaniels should garner some interest, but I think we can resign him. If not, we will be ok if Williams can offer much. Also, Clinton McDonald is a guy we HAVE to resign. Whatever he costs, it should be well worth it. That guy turned into a beast, and Mebane isnt getting any younger, so we need him. But he’s a guy that Bradley and some others may want to steal…

    Maxwell is gone after next year, unless Sherm leaves. Theres no way we can pay two safeties and two corners big money, so barring injury he’s gonna get a fat contract elsewhere. No one’s gonna pay Thurmond with his weed and kidnplay hairdo, he’s one strike from a year ban, so I think he comes back on the cheap. Lane will be the next corner to step up, and Shead. Simon is just a rumor.

  54. I also think McQ and Breno have to go. There’s no freaking way Breno is worth almost five million a year! Insane! He’s ranked in the bottom 3 RT’s in the league. McQ has lost it, its time to move on without him and suck it up.

    All year long I was worried sick about the line being our downfall. I was right, it was a near thing, but somehow they held on and did just enough for us to win the trophy.

    The line is still bad. Okung wasnt totally healthy, and committed penalties in the SB–imagine how many he’d have had playing vs Von Miller! Our line barely held a mediocre pass rushing team in pass pro, and got their butts handed to them in the run game. There’s a lot of improvement needed there, but at least they held together just enough.

    Okung is going to get a stiff paycut when his rookie contract is up. There’s no way that guy is playing worth $10 million a year. I am excited at the prospect of seeing Bailey and Bowie and whatever rookies we bring in compete for the G positions and RT next year.

    And the silver lining of losing guys on defense or losing someone like Tate is that we’ll have some money to spend along the line to get a vet or high draft pick or two in there to fix this thing. We may not be quite as dominant along the D-line next year, but we have a good chance to put together a decent offensive line. And I would even sacrifice Tate to see that happen!

  55. Southendzone says:

    Disagree with you on Bennett, I think they make him more of a priority than Tate. He was instrumental in what the team did this year, he’s a cool guy, and from what he’s said, he would like to be here. I think they get a deal done somehow.

    I don’t count on a whole lot from Jesse Williams given his knee issues. He’s shown nothing yet, it’s pure speculation to expect him to be able to crack this awesome defensive group as a starter.

    It will hurt to lose Tate, no question. Especially given his toughness and instincts on punt returns.

    I absolutely agree with STT that him and Harvin are different players. They aren’t substitutes for one another. I wonder if Lockette has done enough on ST and as a receiver to earn himself a spot next year if he remains consistent or even improves?

  56. freedom_X says:

    When I heard about the Quinn “read Manning’s eyes” comments right after the Super Bowl, I wondered about that a lot. And now Sherman says they can read Manning’s hand signals.

    I have no proof, but I have a strong feeling this is all smokescreen junk that Seattle is pushing out. Quinn may be brilliant but come on – he’s figured out Manning’s eyes and his hand signals where Spygate Belichick and 12 other opponents couldn’t? Might as well have said they figured out “Omaha.”

    The smokescreen is in anticipation of any future rematches, IMHO.

    The real answer is that Manning wasn’t given time to look off his primary receiver or go to another option. So who Manning was looking at the snap was likely to be the target, because the D-line wasn’t giving him time to go to another option or set up a look-off route. The importance of the D-line’s performance cannot be underestimated.

  57. I don’t really want to get too caught up in the offseason chat yet either, Bobby. This celebration is to be savored for a few more days! Gonna be a great parade tomorrow in Seattle.

    That said, my FA priorities would be…

    #1 sign Bennett to multi-year contract.
    #2 extend Sherman’s contract before we get into 2015 and a bidding war.
    #3 extend Baldwin’s contract even though he’s restricted. He’s earned it.

    Tate is a gamer, but with Harvin and Baldwin on the roster, he should either move on or stay in Seattle for a home-town-discount.

  58. freedom_X says:

    The reason I think Bennett is probably going to be lost is because the Super Bowl automatically inflates the market value of players on the winning team. Some team like the Redskins, now with plenty of cap space, are likely to convince themselves a player like Bennett will sew up their D-line and give him a huge contract. Bennett is 27 and can’t be sentimental – he has to go with who offers him significantly more money. As an example, I don’t see him staying in Seattle for $8 million/yr. if the Redskins offer him $12 million/yr.

    Also, the Seattle front office is cold-blooded and unsentimental when it comes to personnel decisions, despite the image of kumbaya and hand-holding happiness. If they think the young guys can replace Bennett, they will let Bennett walk if the price is too high. Remember, they cut Michael Robinson before the season, and it wasn’t just because of the illness. Players will leave, because Seattle has the confidence they can be replaced.

  59. South–I too think Bennett will be a higher priority for Seattle than Tate; I just think he will command more money than they can match. He’s gonna get PAID. I think Tate is too. That means we should be able to resign ET AND Sherm though…

  60. Baldwin is not a better athlete or player than Tate. He needs a complement even more than Tate. But he has a knack for finding holes in the zone that Tate lacks, and with Harvin around, Baldwins ability to also play FL at a high level makes him a necessary part of the puzzle. He fits better than Tate now that we have so much cap space invested in Harvin. Plus, his toughness and leadership and precise route running make him unique on this team.

  61. Dukeshire says:

    STTBM – Fair enough and it’s all good. You’re right, sometimes the written word doesn’t convey nuance very well. Apologies if I jumped a little too soon.

  62. chkn_liddle says:

    The new DSM-V just came out (the diagnostic manual for psychiatrists) and look at this

    Asperger’s disorder

    1. Pretending that you are a savvy general manager or salary cap guru on an internet blog…

    2. Two days after your team WON THE FREAKING SUPERBOWL!!!!!!


    -Get a life!!!!

    obviously my time on this blog is done before it even started. Adios weirdos!

  63. Russell was so great on Letterman. He is such a pro and so easy going and confident. The real deal! A true champion.

    We are so lucky to have him!

  64. Remember that game in Houston early this season when the Hawks were down and couldn’t do anything on offense, and Lynch told Russell, “you should just take over Russ.”

    And so he did, and we won thanks to a couple huge runs from RW, and a huge pick 6 by Sherman.

    What a great championship run it was, lead by Russell Wilson! I cant wait to see the NFL films season recap.

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