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  1. montanamike2 says:

    For Real!

  2. Yes….yes you all are champs! Congrats Earl!

  3. Dukeshire says:

    Congratulations, Earl. You all deserved it.

  4. No better feeling when your team wins the SB and you have a mass of green and blue confetti showering down on you….

  5. i kind of know what the means – over the course of the day – as we’re all doing our jobs or whatever, it just dawns on you again – – we fricking won the Super Bowl . . . can never take that away.

  6. @pabs – – what % would you estimate were Hawks fans in the crowd yesterday? and just out of curiosity, what % broncos fans?

  7. Our quietest MVP. Why is Sherman so good? Why is Kam so good? Why do our LBs cover so well? Why can our D linemen rush the passer with abandon?

    Who pulled this D together 24/7? Its Earl.

    Thank you, Earl!!!!!!!

  8. pabuwal says:

    I actually thought it was 50/50 in terms of people. In terms of volume, it was 75-25.

  9. yeah, you could really hear, “beeeast” on the TV feed when Lynch got the ball.

  10. Any tweets from Kap? His prognostication wasn’t exactly spot-on. Maybe he will finally grow up and give RW a congrats. Probably not.

  11. MikeFromNewJersey says:

    I was there too and would say it was about 60-40 denver.. But we were much louder! Especially in the 2nd half.. Best time of my life:))

  12. pabuwal says:

    The orange makes people stick out more.

  13. Also – the Bronco fans were wearing a ton of orange but Seahawk fans they showed on TV were White, Blue and Grey

  14. CDHawkFan says:

    Someone came on a couple of weeks ago (this blog) and said they were out with Marshawn and his boys and then something when down., I think it was the night of ‘the tip’. Before it got bad someone stepped in. Person said they would explain this guardian angel story more after the season. Anyone remember who mentioned this?

  15. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Best weekend of my sports life! Seahawks win Super Bowl, big Walt gets in the HOF, and Stern retires. It can’t get any better imo.

  16. GeorgiaHawk says:

    12th man helped cause that bad snap on Denver’s first Offensive snap of the game imo.

  17. Are we dreaming?

  18. pabuwal says:

    Yes. Go wake up now.

  19. SandpointHawk says:

    Lord please, this can’t be a dream, I’ve waited too long for this.

    I told my wife several years ago that when the Hawks won the Superbowl, I’d be happy and ready to check out of this earthly existence.

    She came home last night and informed me the Hawks had to win four in a row before I could give up the ghost.

    So I’m sorry GeorgiaHawk we are going to need to co-exist for a few more years because I’m sticking around for this teams dynasty run…

    Go Hawks

  20. Southendzone says:

    CDHAWK, I remember that and was thinking about it myself.

    The poster was SeventiesHawkFan and I’m dying to hear that story. It was prior to the Saints game.

    He doesn’t post much, so not sure if he reads all the time but doesn’t post, or just comes in here occasionally. If anyone knows him get him back here, it sounds like a great story.

  21. But I don’t want to wake up! Just 10 more minutes!

  22. Skavage says:

    Just read this quote in a Denver newspaper (online) article. To me it says everything…

    “We’ve got to give credit to Seattle, you could tell they wanted it way more than us,” said Broncos cornerback Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie. “They were not going to take a loss. They definitely came out and punched us around.”

  23. wallinator says:

    Live sports talk tonight at 7p pst as we break down Super Bowl 48 w former Broncos Safety Nick Ferguson; & Coach Carroll’s good friend, Cornell Ward, joins the show to talk about the big game, his work as Executive Director for the Unity One Foundation, & his relationship with Pete Carroll. Join the Double S Xpress tonight at Go Hawks!

  24. doubter says:

    Peyton should have given us a shot when he was deciding where to go. I guess he didn’t do his homework well enough to see we were an up and coming team that had a hell of a defense.


  25. Skavage says:

    Here’s a link to the whole article. The perspective is so different reading the opponents media. Definitely worth the read.

  26. After the game I went to my local watering hole to celebrate. They were doing Karaoke. I asked the gal running it to play “We Are The Champions” by Queen. She played the song and the entire place, full of Seahawks fans, sang the song together. It was triumphant and glorious, and awesome!

  27. Dukeshire says:

    That Denver article called it the “Massacre at MetLife”. Love it.

  28. mocarob says:

    RWs agent said today that he will be attending Texas Rangers spring training.

  29. ChrisHolmes says:

    I’m sure the Rangers management team are even more happy now that RW has the ring. Now they can really sell that during spring training to the players and such: listen to what RW has to say, because he’s a world champion.

  30. SEA-D = Fast and Furious.

  31. ChrisHolmes says:

    I keep thinking, “So this is what it felt like to be a Patriots fan in 2001″.

    They won a SB, and they had a young Tom Brady, and they knew more Super Bowls could be coming.

    And now here we are. Young Russell Wilson, young defense… we’re poised for more. Sweet.

  32. GeorgiaHawk says:

    No problem with me SandpointHawk with regards to co-existing. No problem at all moving forward.

  33. Good. It’s healthy to disagree but not in the way we sometimes do, myself included.

  34. Dukeshire says:

    ChrisHolmes – I thought about that too. And SF in ’81.

  35. Dukeshire says:

    Who here is going to be at the parade Wednesday? I’d love to meet up with some of you.

  36. montanamike2 says:

    I wish i was there.

  37. I hope the Rangers don’t lure RW away =(

  38. The CHAMPIONS have landed at SeaTac. The Lombardi trophy is in Seattle!

  39. EzraMelech says:

    RADEoN, you have No worries. RW is not going anywhere. He made up his mind awhile ago that he wanted to play football. He knows he could succeed at baseball, he chose football. He’ll go to their spring training to have a positive impact on others.

    Thats who he is, look at the kind of leadership he has displayed on the Hawks, the charity work he does in off time. The man is about having a positive impact on anyone and everyone he meets. PERIOD.

  40. ChrisHolmes says:

    Agreed @Ezra, there’s no way RW switches sports. Besides, he wasn’t a terribly good hitter in baseball. I think RW knows that football is his best sport, and his best chance to be a champion.

    And now that he has a taste of a Superbowl win, I am sure that has whetted his appetite for more. It’s a contagious thing. I think RW is a history and student of the game, and knows he can set his place in NFL history with a couple more rings.

    He’s here for the long haul. We’re blessed.

  41. seatowntp says:

    I know that this may be an odd question, but does anyone have recommendations as to where I can buy a full length DVD or Blu Ray of the entire Super Bowl? Just curious. Thank you for your suggestions.

  42. I don’t know, but NFLN is showing a replay of the game tomorrownight. I’ll be watching! Again! Just to make sure it was real the first time!

    I never knew jumping into a snow bank during the middle of the day could feel so good! I’m still giddy!

    I love this team! I love Sherm! I love Kam! I love ET! I love Smith! I love Wagner! I love Maxwell! I love Bennett! I love Avril! I love Mebane! I love that one guy that most of you probably haven’t heard about, some Russell Wilson guy! I love Doug Baldwin! I love lots of people! I love lots of you! I haven’t had anything to drink since last weekend but I’m still on a major high that started last night after kick-off started!

  43. pabuwal says:

    The Empire State building is lit up in Seahawks colors tonight.

  44. JZombie says:

    Is there a place where radio broadcasts for each game are archived for listening? Watching the game is one thing, but I’d like to go back and listen to Steve Raible and Warren Moon calling the games as opposed to the Tim Ryans of the world. Hearing the clips of the big plays on the radio the next day really isn’t enough.

  45. Dukeshire says:

    Boy, awfully thin threads for the day after the franchise’s first Super Bowl.

    pabuwal – Seems like they’ve been lit up like that most of last week too. Did you get the sense the city and energy was behind Seattle?

  46. pabuwal says:

    Today was specifically because the Seahawks had won.

    Walking through Manhattan yesterday, it was clear that the 12ths Took Over Manhattan pretty hard.

  47. I’m surprised, too, Duke. I’ve been pretty busy today with parent/teacher conferences tonight as well. I expected more comments.

    It’s kind of bad because there would be more comments on here if the team had lost a regular season game, IMO. That’s lunacy because the team just won the Super Bowl! Yes. That’s spelled correctly and is right: This team just won the Super Bowl!

  48. Manning probably wishes he’d met Mr. Happy and the Duke Boy at the airport in Denver a few years ago when they came to try to get him…

  49. mocarob says:

    I will be burning the game onto Blu-Ray. The entire season in fact.
    you can contact me at mocarob at hot mail

  50. The Seahawks-49ers game two weeks ago was like the 49ers-Cowboys games of the mid-90s. Everyone knew the winner of the Cowboys-49ers game would go on to win the Super Bowl against an inferior AFC opponent. Replace the Cowboys with the Seahawks in the near future and I think that’s where we’re at again! I like it!

  51. ChrisHolmes says:

    “Manning probably wishes he’d met Mr. Happy and the Duke Boy at the airport in Denver a few years ago when they came to try to get him…”

    I was wondering at what point in time during the game he was thinking that, but I was certain he WAS thinking it at least once…

  52. JZombie says:

    It’s probably quieter here since there’s really not a lot to argue about after the way things turned out.

    I’m not naming names, but I know someone’s going to have a thing or three to say after reading this:

  53. I guess we could argue about MVP? Maybe Wilson, Percy, or Kam could have gotten it? I would have won more than I ended up winning had Wilson been named MVP.

    We could argue that we should have scored more and tried to put up a 50 burger?

    We could argue the game should have been closer?

    We could just start calling people names and telling them they aren’t allowed to be fans if they were mad that our final score ended up being an odd number?

    I don’t want to think about FA yet and who we should keep, draft, etc. because I want to revel in this some more!

  54. raymaines says:

    I was so bummed out by the Miami loss in 2012 that I didn’t watch the Chicago game a week later. I regret that decision more than about anything else I don’t lately, and I vowed not miss even a moment of a game for the rest of that year or this year. Except for a potty break or two I’ve kept my promise and I’m glad I did.

  55. Super Bowl wins this century:

    Seahawks = 1
    49ers = 0


  56. raymaines says:

    Here is a fun link to the KJR web page that in turn leads to an audio link of the Denver radio sound track (18:45)

    Enjoy the despair:

  57. BobbyK (me) – You’re stupid for not mentioning Avril as an MVP candidate.

  58. I am not. You’re stupid.

  59. BobbyK (me) – You can’t be a fan. I said so.

  60. You can’t tell me what to do.

  61. BobbyK (me) – Yes I can.

  62. No you can’t.

  63. There… now people may feel more comfortable posting… we’ve got a good argument going filled with a personal attack!!!

  64. In all seriousness, guys, wow, what a ride this has been! It’s been a thrill and an honor to be a fan with you guys.

    All of you.

    You have no idea (maybe you do) what it’s like to live with and around NOBODY who cares about our team. You’re my little “escape from reality” family of rooting for the Hawks and I thank you all!

    Congratulations to you all for finally having seen our team win it all!

  65. On the plane… paid for wifi just so I could read the blogs and listen to some podcasts… what an experience that was! Holy Catfish!

    FWIW, I thought it looked about 65% 12s after the Denver fans cleared out.

  66. Congrats to Every-mutha-f’in person that has ever put their energy into the Hawks. Paul Allen, Petey, JS, every coach, every player, every fan. Like many of you I’ve been at this for over 30 years and to quote Clyde Drexler, “How Sweet it is!!!”

    If there were any atheists in the world yesterday morning they are all believers now! lol

    “And He shall wipe away all tears from their eyes; putting the Seahawks in their rightful place; and there shall be no more heartache, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain: for the Saints, 49ers and Broncos are passed away.

    I’m at peace with the Hawks now, everything from here on is gravy. Congrats y’all and see you in the crowd Wednesday.

  67. no turnovers in the post-season, that’s amazing. lot of things went very right this year. not too many injuries, special teams were great all year, from kicking (hauschka was great all year), punting, returns, coverage, to defense, and offense. a season to remember.

  68. as I was thinking back over the season, and the biggest moments – we really need to be a little grateful that the Niners are around – 2 of the 4 highest times of the year (week 2 and the NFC Championship) involved them – having a hated rival is a very good thing for us fans. my other big 2 were the primetime beatdown of the Saints, and of course, the BIG one yesterday.

  69. mocarob says:

    RW will be on Letterman tonight.

  70. The only disheartening thing is knowing so many key players probably won’t be back:

    maybe Red and Zack Miller

    It will be a good team next year, but not the same.

  71. That’s the same situation for all teams. The difference is that we get to bask in the glow of our Superbowl win. Enjoy this moment to the fullest.

  72. princeaden says:

    I wish I had something more profound to say, but I find myself speechless, just basking in the glow of the deliciousness that is. Go Hawks :)

  73. I don’t think all the other teams need to clear up some $35m in cap space to sign their top 3 players in the next 2 years. Yes, I am enjoying it but i need something new to stress about. :)

  74. Peyton should have given us a shot when he was deciding where to go. I guess he didn’t do his homework well enough to see we were an up and coming team that had a hell of a defense.


  75. I think Russell is a better, more successull fit than Peyton would have been given the offensive line struggles.

  76. vichawkfan says:

    RW was awesome on Letterman tonight. Can actually tell he has a sense of humour….and didn’t say Go Hawks at the end. Lots of 12’s in the audience too.

  77. No turnovers in the post season isn’t just amazing, it is probably unprecedented and absolutely decisive.

  78. Regarding the lack of posts on here…for me personally, i’ve leaned more towards twitter instead of here as of late. This blog has been so great for a long time, but lately it’s too much hatered towards each other and bickering. I have a better experience talking with people on twitter because you can see only people’s account that you want instead of having to shuffle through the BS that goes on around here. It’s sad, because this was my go to blog for the longest time. I still come here to read some of your great posts, but it’s just been hard.

    I can’t be happier about this win. We are Super Bowl champions and that will forever be a great feeling. We demolished the high and mighty Peyton Manning and his ridiculous offense. We were the better team, we ARE the better team and i guarantee if we played them 10 more times in the same setting, the same night with the same stakes, we’d win all 10 of them. There will be no feeling like this one, the first one. But honestly i see this team being in position to repeat. This coach/gm, these players, the mindset, the youth, it’s all coming along and they will be even better next year.

    Go Hawks!

  79. I have to say, this team was very frustrating to watch at times this season. The early offensive struggles, then after the first NO game when Carrol went with Martyball…it wasnt all that fun to watch, more like excruciating and heart-stopping.

    But you sure cant argue with the result, and the SB was awesome!

    For me, it was much more fun watching the 2005 Hawks. Nothing can top that year–until the SB debacle.

    Its going to be really interesting to see if Carrol can keep the D this dominant–or nearly so–or if he will open up the offense a little to compensate if the D drops a little.

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